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Cabinetmaker’s Mortice Chisels First cut the mortice. Designed for the cabinetmaker, these well balanced mortice chisels are ground with parallel sides and are taller than they are wide to help keep them straight in the cut. The Lie-Nielsen mortice chisels have handles made from tough durable hornbeam. The blades are cryogenically treated and hardened to Rockwell 60-62. Available in 5 sizes. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 4.8mm £64.50 £53.75 202223 6.3mm £64.50 £53.75 202224 8mm £64.50 £53.75 202225 9.5mm £64.50 £53.75 202226 12.7mm £64.50 £53.75 202227

Cabinetmaker’s Mortice Chisel Set Ready for any size of joint. This complete set of 5 chisels is supplied with a leather tool roll. It comprises: 4.8mm(3/16”), 6.3mm(1/4”), 8mm(5/16”), 9.5mm(3/8”) and 12.7mm(1/2”). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Set of 5 £366.50 £305.42 718075

Reaching the spots other chisels miss

Fishtail Chisels Shaped for reaching into difficult spots. These Lie-Nielsen Fishtail Chisels are perfect for reaching the back corners of half-blind dovetails and paring or fine tuning in other hard to reach areas. Their unique shape offers versatility for right and left hand recesses. The edge is ground with a 25° bevel. A special O1 tool steel was chosen due to its ability to hold a keen edge at lower bevel angles and for ease of sharpening. The chisel is hardened to RC 6062 and fitted with a socket style hornbeam handle. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 9.5mm(3/8”) £74.50 £62.08 210944 12.7mm(1/2”) £74.50 £62.08 210945

Tapered Dovetail Saw Tapered for better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your timber, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side, which reduces the risk of sawing past your line. In addition, the taper introduces an angled approach to your work (when holding the saw back parallel to the bench), enabling faster cuts with less effort. The Lie-Nielsen Tapered Dovetail Saw has 6.35mm taper along the length of the blade. The cutting depth is 35mm at the toe and 42mm at the heel. The saw plate is 0.38mm thick. Teeth are filed rip cut, 14tpi, set at .0.075mm per side. Overall length, including handle, is 475mm, with a blade length of 250mm. Overall height is 108mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Dovetail Saw 250mm x 15tpi £124.00 £103.33 506422

Carcass Saw An ideal complement to the Dovetail Saw. The Carcass Saw is used for precise cuts across the grain, cutting tenon shoulders and defining the edges of a dado. It has 14 points per 25mm, filed crosscut, for cutting quickly, yet accurately and smoothly. The blade is 0.5mm thick, with a 0.075mm set. Overall length, including handle, is 480mm, with usable blade dimensions of 350mm long with a 57mm depth of cut. Based on an English pattern from the 1830s. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 400mm x 13tpi £139.00 £115.83 600183

Corner Chisels It’s good to be square. The Lie-Nielsen Corner Chisel is used after a mortice has been roughed out by hand. It is most useful when the mortice has been cut with a router or slot morticer producing round edged mortices. It helps square corners easily and precisely. It should not be used to cut directly into solid stock. Made from O1 tool steel, the cutting edge is hardened to Rockwell 60-62 and ground razor sharp. It is a paring tool, do not strike with a steel hammer. Fitted with hornbeam handles, blade length 146mm (5-3/4”), overall length is 245mm (9-5/8”). Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 6.3mm(1/4”) £74.50 £62.08 210955

Tapered Crosscut Saw Leather Cases for Lie-Nielsen Dovetail & Small Crosscut Saws Protect your newly acquired L-N Saw. The leather is both soft and very durable and there are 2 large press studs to keep the flap down. A smear of CP grease inside the wallet will prevent any possibility of corrosion forming on the blade of the saw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Leather Case for Dovetail/Small Crosscut £34.80 £29.00 100654

Better control when cutting tenon shoulders. The Tapered Crosscut Saw has a blade of 355mm and thickness of 0.38mm. It tapers 6.35mm along the length of the blade, with a cutting depth of 50mm at the toe and 57mm at the heel. This design results in a saw that cuts extremely fast and precisely, leaving an excellent surface finish. Teeth are filed crosscut, 13tpi, set at 0.075mm per side. Overall length, including handle, is 482mm Overall height is 125mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Tapered Crosscut 14”(350mm) x 13tpi £139.00 £115.83 506421

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