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No. 51 Shooting Board Plane Nothing cuts like it. This single purpose plane is designed to trim mitres and other end grain cuts on a shooting board. It performs its intended function perfectly, resulting in square ultra-smooth end grain cuts. Obviously it is just as good cutting with the grain. The No. 51 utilises a standard 60mm bench plane blade and frog and, at a smidge over 4kg has the necessary mass. It is 380mm long, 90mm wide, with a shoulder height of 54mm. It will fit the original Stanley 52 shooting board, if you just happen to have one lying underneath your bench. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code No. 51 Shooting Board Plane £496.96 £414.13 951036

Small Bronze Spokeshaves The spokeshave equivalent of a smoothing plane. Based on an Edward Preston tool from the 1930s, this is LieNielsen’s first spokeshave. Finely cast in bronze with an A2 steel blade cryogenically treated and hardened to Rockwell 60-62. The blade is supplied with a 25° bevel and bedded at 40° to the sole bevel down. The spokeshave is designed for removing fine shavings and precise shaping. A very solid feeling tool, available with either a flat sole for convex or a curved sole for concave work. 170mm long with a 16mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Flat Base £94.50 £78.75 421060 Curved Base £94.50 £78.75 421061

Spokeshave Wallets Class protection for precious tools.

Boggs Spokeshaves Spokeshaves have never been this good. The result of collaboration between Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Kentucky Master Chair Maker Brian Boggs. The body and cap are solid bronze and the spokeshave is fitted with hickory handles. The sole is 25mm wide, the blade a 50mm x 3.2mm piece of A2 tool steel. The curved base version has a base with a radius of 125mm and is intended for use on concave surfaces. It is possible for the user to modify the sole for tighter radii. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Flat Base £134.00 £111.67 260319 Curved Base £134.00 £111.67 260920

A multitude of decorative edge possibilities.

From broom handles to Windsor chair spindles. The Boggs Concave Spokeshave has a 67mm diameter sole that is concave making it suitable for working chair spindles and other round parts. It weighs 225g and overall is 245mm long fitted with an A2 blade 28.5mm x 3.2mm thick, bronze body and cap with hickory handles. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Concave £134.00 £111.67 701422


The old ways are still the best. Socket chisels are not as common as they used to be, mainly because they are more expensive to make than the common tanged chisel of today. Socket chisels are far stronger, and the handles less likely to split than those fitted to tanged chisels. At 230mm long, these chisels from Lie-Nielsen are particularly comfortable in the hand and have excellent balance. The blades are made of A2 tool steel, hardened to Rockwell 60-62, cryogenically treated and double tempered. The edges are square, parallel along the length and very narrow so you can get into tight places. The backs are ground flat and finished by hand. The bevel is flat ground at 30°, little additional honing is required. Lie-Nielsen chisels have hornbeam handles, prized for its toughness. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 3.2mm £69.50 £57.92 202201 4.8mm £54.50 £45.42 202202 6.3mm £54.50 £45.42 202203 8mm £54.50 £45.42 202204 9.5mm £54.50 £45.42 202205 11mm £54.50 £45.42 202206 12.7mm £54.50 £45.42 202207 16mm £54.50 £45.42 202208 19mm £54.50 £45.42 202209 25mm £69.50 £57.92 701420

The perfect companions to your top quality Lie-Nielsen spokeshaves - top quality leather wallets to keep them damage free and in pristine condition. Super-soft leather stitched and riveted and with a press stud for fastening. Two types are available, one for the small bronze spokeshave and the other for the Boggs pattern. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Leather Wallet - Small Bronze £23.20 £19.33 100656 Leather Wallet - Boggs £29.00 £24.17 100657

No. 66 Bronze Beading Plane

Concave Boggs Spokeshave

Bevel Edge Socket Chisels

This beading tool has a polished cast bronze body, curved and straight fences, and brass blade clamp. It is handy and fun to use for making a wide variety of decorative mouldings, beading, reeding, fluting and routing with a minimum of fuss. The beading tool is supplied with 7 double ended blades, giving 14 profiles in all, also included is a blank blade which can be worked with files to create your own profile. Two fences are included, one for straight work and one for curved workpieces. 16mm(5/8”) wide blades. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code No. 66 Beading Plane £173.95 £144.96 421026

Bevel Edge Socket Chisel Set Complete with quality leather tool roll. The set of 5 sizes comprises: 3mm(1/8”), 6mm(1/4”), 9.5mm(3/8”), 13mm(1/2”) and 19mm(3/4”) in a soft leather tool roll. The set of 10 includes: 3mm(1/8”), 4.8mm(3/16”), 6mm(1/4”), 8mm(5/16”), 9.5mm(3/8”), 11mm(7/16”), 13mm(1/2”), 16mm(5/8”), 19mm(3/4”) and 25mm(1”) with a soft leather tool roll. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 5 Piece Set in Leather Roll £327.50 £272.92 100802

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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