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Engineer’s Vice

125mm All Purpose Engineer’s Vice

A European made heavy cast-iron vice.

An all-purpose, multi-function vice is a great addition to any workshop.

Manufactured from spheroidal graphite cast iron, chosen for its wear resistance and high compressive strength, these vices are exceptionally robust. The main screw has a trapezoidal thread fully protected from dirt and debris inside a precise cylindrical guide. Adjustment is smooth over the full working range. These high quality vices feature a swivelling mount allowing 35° movement left and right. With 70° of movement virtually any workpiece can be clamped in a good working position. Two zinc-chrome-plated locking nuts with tommy bars secure the vice in your chosen position. The high quality, steel hardened steel jaws (45 HRC ± 5 HRC) are replaceable. At the rear, the vice features an anvil, providing a surface for a variety of tasks. Below measurements are jaw width and jaw opening. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Engineers Vice 80 x 70mm £59.95 £49.96 103278 Engineers Vice 100 x 105mm £88.96 £74.13 103279 Engineers Vice 125 x 115mm £138.96 £115.80 103280 Engineers Vice 150 x 125mm £207.96 £173.30 103281

This versatile mechanic’s vice is capable of providing rock-solid stability, while performing any of its various functions. It has 2 full 360° rotating options: rotating jaws and swivelling base. You can rotate and position your workpiece to whatever angle or position you wish, for ease and convenience. The All-Purpose vice has 3 jaw-type options, allowing you to take on a wide variety of tasks. A standard flat jaw 125mm wide opening to 130mm is fitted with hardened steel jaws. Rotating the jaws by 180° offers 2 more options. An integral pipe jaw grips round section up to 50mm and a third jaw is for small gripping square or round section in a vertical position. An anvil, just behind the rear jaw, gives you a flat area of 60 x 80mm for hammering. The covered lead screw reduces maintenance to a bare minimum; just a little lubrication is needed now and again. The vice has 4 mounting holes for bolting onto your bench. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 125mm All Purpose Engineer’s Vice £121.00 £100.83 103698

Moxon Vice The Moxon Vice clamps to any supporting work surface, transforming it into a workbench. When fitted to an existing workbench, the Moxon vice raises up a workpiece to a more convenient height. It comes complete with solid beech wood jaws and is especially effective when cutting dovetails or hand sawing tenons. At 45mm thick, 430mm long and 140mm deep, the jaws guarantee a rock-solid work holding. European made, our Moxon vice features 2 rolled screw threads 20mm diameter with a 4mm pitch and 2 x 130mm diameter cast iron hand wheels. The mass of the hand wheels and the polished acme screw threads allow the wheels to spin freely, drawing the jaws together effortlessly. A large brass washer behind each hand wheel spreads the load on the front jaw. The 350mm gap between the screw threads allows work on the ends of wider boards and is able to clamp tapered workpieces. Moxon Vice

Inc.vat £136.96

Ex.vat Code £114.13 103290

The screw thread runs in quality grey cast iron flanged nuts and the handle socket is 28mm in diameter. The thread is precision rolled to give extra strength and has a 5mm pitch. It has a 28mm diameter thread with an overall length of 535mm and an open capacity of 390mm. European made.

535mm Turned Wooden Handle

Inc.vat £29.95 £6.46

Ex.vat £24.96 £5.38

Universal Vice Screw

Front Vice Screw

Tail Vice Screw Designed for the manufacture of traditional tail vices.

Code 102474 210538

Mechanic’s Vice A no-nonsense, swivelling mechanic’s vice. This vice will satisfy the needs of every mechanic, amateur or professional. The swivelling action is locked with 2 tommy bars; the tightening handle is fitted with rubber bump stops and there are additional semi-circular serrated jaws underneath the main jaws for holding circular items. The bases are equipped with 4 x 10mm diameter securing holes. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 100 x 70mm £47.95 £39.96 505553

A universal bench screw for the manufacture of vices or presses. Manufactured to the very same specification as the tail and front vice screw with a round vice nut, 24mm x 5mm thread, an overall length of 400mm and a usable threaded stroke of 320mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 400mm £29.95 £24.96 102478 Turned Wooden Handle £6.46 £5.38 210538

This vice screw can be incorporated into any workbench, especially the front vice assembly, or made into a small press. With 30mm diameter handle socket and recessed back nut, the thread is precision rolled to give extra strength and has a 5mm pitch. The thread diameter is 28mm with an overall length of 330mm and a screw travel of 165mm. European made. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 330mm £28.96 £24.13 102475 Turned Wooden Handle £6.46 £5.38 210538

Quick Release Vice Guides Woodworker’s Vice with Table Clamp

Plain Screw Vice Guide

A portable woodworking vice you can clamp almost anywhere.

Made for woodworkers wanting to make their own vice assemblies.

A useful, robust vice with a maximum jaw opening of 114mm. The body and front plates are made from close grained cast iron. Body and sliding jaw have provision for attaching wooden liners to protect the vice, workpiece and working tools. The steel main screw has an acme thread for smooth and responsive adjustment. The steel main screw, guide rods and handle are chrome plated for increased resistance to corrosion. The vice can either be bolted directly to the bench or secured with the clamping screw to benches of up to 50mm thickness. The jaws have the toe-in feature. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 150mm Vice £28.80 £24.00 505557

Exceptionally sturdy, very easy to use and totally distortion free, these vice guides are most impressive pieces of engineering. They have strong precision rolled threads with twin guides and 30mm cast iron handle socket. The 350mm capacity guide incorporates a sturdy 28mm x 5mm thread with an overall length of 550mm. The 220mm capacity guide has a 24mm x 5mm thread and an overall length of 390mm. European made. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Plain Screw Vice Guide - 390mm £39.96 £33.30 102476 Plain Screw Vice Guide - 550mm £65.95 £54.96 102477 Turned Wooden Handle £6.46 £5.38 210538

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Two European made vice guides are fitted with an ingenious quick release feature for rapid re-setting of the jaws. The mechanism is hidden underneath so it is difficult to work out exactly how it operates but take our word for it, it does work and very efficiently too. All you have to do is apply a half turn to the screw and the vice jaws slide in or out in no time. Construction of both models is impressively strong with only steel and cast iron being employed. The overall size of the smaller one (excluding the protruding handle socket) is 310mm x 175mm with a 24mm diameter screw while the larger one is 470 x 265mm with a 24mm diameter screw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 310mm £67.96 £56.63 102469 470mm £87.96 £73.30 102470 Turned Wooden Handle £6.46 £5.38 210538


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