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UJK ProGrip Clamps Precision Grooving Jig A beautifully engineered piece of equipment that allows you to cut grooves, dadoes (through or stopped) and rectangular cutouts. Primarily designed for use with a UJK Progrip Clamp, it offers far greater accuracy and precision than previously possible. It will run on any suitable straight edge between 10mm and 16mm thick and 45mm to 55mm wide. The only other equipment required is a router fitted with a 30mm guide bush. After setting up the jig, the router and guide bush fit into the 30mm aperture and cutting can proceed. The jig glides exceptionally smoothly along the clamp. The clamp housing has two bearings on one side and a low friction plate on the other. A lockable adjusting screw moves the low friction plate, to remove any play between the jig and clamp. A pair of stops supplied with the jig fit onto the Progrip clamp and perform two functions. Firstly, they lock the Progrip scale in position and secondly limit the length of the cut either side of the jig. A domed lens with a scale and crosshairs allow you to position the jig precisely both in relation to the scale on the Progrip clamp and a line marked on your workpiece. The 30mm diameter lens can be located in the place of the 30mm guide bush allowing the jig to be set in either plane if needed the lens can be located in the upper 30mm hole giving a highly accurate setting to the scale on the Progrip clamp. For greater precision a vernier scale with a micro adjuster, allows you to set the jig with an accuracy of 0.1mm. If you wish to cut a groove wider than the cutter, the scale and threaded adjustment provide the necessary control for the second pass. If after the first cut the groove is too narrow, you can always use the micro adjuster to shift it a smidgen for a second pass.

Pre-set the jig to required position with stops

When cutting an aperture the jig allows the same precision. It allows a crosscut length of up to 100mm and enables you to cut all four sides in one go. Deep cuts will obviously require more than one pass. The jig is made from anodised aluminium. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Precision Grooving Jig £119.95 £99.96 104780

Use the lens to accurately set the scale

Add further functions to your UJK Progrip guide clamps with these accessories Featherboard Minimise movement and keep those fingers safe. Featherboards hold the wood against the fence and the table and ensure that your workpiece doesn’t move about when in use. What’s more, they add another element of safety as they help to keep your fingers away from the router cutter. They feature adjustable, anti-kickback ‘fingers’ which serve as springs. This prevents any movement or bounce back, reducing the risk of injury. For additional safety in your workshop, it’s advisable to set up a number of featherboards against the table and the fence. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Featherboard £9.96 £8.30 103657

Wide Jaw Block

Progrip 90° Head

Back To Back Adaptor

Turn your Progrip guide clamp into a T square.

Clamp work directly to your workstation.

The 90° head fits around the Progrip’s fixed clamp head, the lugs on the moulding ensure correct alignment and are fastened securely with two screws. Attaching the 90º head greatly reduces the time taken to set up a square crosscut and also turns the guide clamp into a large square for marking out. The body is a strong glass fibre reinforced ABS moulding with a 175mm long face, 12mm deep. The textured face prevents slippage. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 90 Degree Head £5.94 £4.95 103889

Progrip Stop Block

Reduce clamping pressure marks on softer woods.

Ensure precise repeat cuts with your router with a stop block.

These wide clamping blocks fit easily over the jaws of your Progrip guide producing a more evenly spread clamping surface. Supplied in a pack of 2. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Wide Jaw Block £5.70 £4.75 103658

Mainly used when routing, the stop runs in the T-slot of your Progrip guide and locks with a simple threaded knob anywhere along the length. It is CNC machined from a solid block of engineering nylon and measures 125 x 50 x 20mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Stop Block £10.99 £9.16 103890

Using a pack of adaptors you can turn two pairs of clamps into an effective holding device. You can grip panels of sheet material across the top of your bench. The lower clamp grips your bench, while the upper clamp holds the workpiece. Adaptors are supplied as a pack of eight. Back To Back Adaptor

Inc.vat £11.99

Ex.vat £9.99

Code 103656

Progrip Side by Side Adaptors Keep your wood firmly in place. These adaptors lock into the clamp’s T-slot, allowing you to join clamps of different lengths. One clamp grips the top of your bench, in the normal position, while the second clamp is in an inverted position. This allows you to grip workpieces above your bench in the jaws of the second clamp. Supplied in a pack of 6, which is enough for 2 pairs of clamps. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Side by Side Joiners (6pc) £14.99 £12.49 103891

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