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Outdoor Screws When building timber structures, timber framing and wooden outdoor projects this is the screw for you. They are available in a large gauge and longer lengths suitable for their intended use. These screws are made from AISI 410 stainless steel and have self-countersinking reinforced heads to prevent shearing. This is a nickelmartensitic stainless steel that provides high corrosion resistance. In addition, it combines high strength and hardness, making it an ideal choice in this application. For even greater corrosion protection, the screws have a Dacromet coating. This passes the salt-spray test of 500 to 1,000 hours, which far exceeds the resistance of common yellow passivated screws. Dacromet is the leading coating specified by automotive companies worldwide in situations where corrosion protection is vital. Other benefits include a lower friction coefficient, a useful property when using battery-powered screwdrivers. It is easily over-painted; unlike Teflon, paint sticks to the Dacromet. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Outdoor Screws 6 x 80mm Qty 50 £7.96 £6.63 102502 Outdoor Screws 6 x 100mm Qty 50 £9.96 £8.30 102503 Outdoor Screws 6 x 120mm Qty 50 £11.95 £9.96 102504

Miller Dowel has revolutionised the speed and ease of making glued joints for your furniture and cabinets. These joints are quick, easy and precise, and sacrifice nothing in the quality of the joint produced. Available in 3 sizes, the starter packs are complete with a unique stepped drill bit for an exact fit and a supply of birch dowels. The innovative stepped and ribbed form of these dowels (or maybe they should be called wooden nails) keeps the glue where you want it, in the joint, without the problem of compression experienced in ordinary dowel joints. The ribs grip the sides of the stepped pockets as they swell with the glue to lock them in place. Mini Kit (6.5 diam. x 41.5) for timber 12 14mm thick. Standard Kit ‘1x’ (10.5 diam. x 70mm) for timber 16 - 25mm thick. Large Kit ‘2x’ (12.8 diam. x 90mm) for timber up to 32mm thick. Further packs of dowels are available for each size in birch, oak or walnut.


Collated Drywall Screws For fixing plasterboard to battens, rafters or light steel frames. Screwing is the preferred method of securing board materials and dramatically reduces the possibility of the skim coat blowing as with conventional nails. The bugle shaped head ensures that they recess well into the board. Each screw is hardened, twin threaded, rustproof and has a black phosphate finish. Supplied in 1,000 in collated strips.

Inc.vat £12.35 £13.94 £15.50

3.5 x 35mm Qty 1000 3.5 x 45mm Qty 1000 3.5 x 55mm Qty 1000

Ex.vat £10.29 £11.62 £12.92

Code 501599 501600 503301

Drywall Screws Packs of individual drywall screws. 3.5 x 25mm Qty 500 3.5 x 32mm Qty 500 3.5 x 38mm Qty 500

Inc.vat £3.14 £3.60 £4.39

Ex.vat £2.62 £3.00 £3.66

Code 501596 501597 501598

Drill with required size Miller bit

Glue and insert stepped dowel

Miller Birch Dowel Joinery Kits The procedure is simple: Clamp or hold together the pieces to be joined. Drill the stepped hole with the Miller TruFit bit for the selected dowel size. Spread a thin layer of glue (Titebond II is recommended) on the ribbed section. Tap the dowel into the hole until fully seated. Trim off and sand level - Miller dowels are self capping - so job done! Please remember - good and accurate surface preparation of the mating surfaces is essential to the strength and neatness of the joint.

Mini Kit c/w 100 Birch Dowels Standard Kit c/w 40 Birch Dowels Large Kit c/w 50 Birch Dowels Mini Dowels Birch (100) Mini Dowels Oak (100) Mini Dowels Walnut (100) Large Dowels Birch (40) Large Dowels Oak (40) Large Dowels Oak (100) Mini Stepped Drill Bit Large Stepped Drill Bit Standard Stepped Drill Bit Standard Dowels Birch (40) Standard Dowels Walnut (40) Standard Dowels Birch (100) Standard Dowels Oak (40) Standard Dowels Oak (100)

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

Back by popular demand, the ALL NEW Axminster Tools & Machinery 2018/19 Catalogue is now available! Our new look catalogue concentrates sol...

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