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Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saws Safety Speed H5 Panel Saw

1,600W, 13A industrial duty motor

The H5 Panel Saw offers full-sized vertical panel saw productivity in an economical machine. It cuts within 0.8mm(1/32”) on a wide variety of panel materials up to 44.5mm thick, and has a crosscutting width of 1,625mm. Spring loaded counter Vertical operation makes handling of the sheets much balance system easier as well as saving valuable floor space. The saw can be secured permanently to a wall or moved around with the aid of the optional wheels and either the fixed or the folding stand. The saw unit with its 44.5mm depth of cut and 1,600W motor is fixed to a mounting plate which slides Adjustable vertical up and down the two guide bars, supported by a spring and horizontal rulers recoil device. Vertical cuts are made by positioning the sheet in the correct position on the frame and moving the saw blade down through the sheet; horizontal cuts are made by rotating the saw unit through 90°, locking it in the correct vertical position and moving the sheet through the blade. Rollers on the lower rail ease the passage of the sheet through the saw and there are wheeled extensions available for the bottom rail to allow 2,440 x 1,625mm(8’ x 5’) sheets to be safely processed.

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Zinc plated 44.5mm steel guide tubes

The saw comes fitted with a mid-way fence which makes the handling of narrower width boards much more convenient. The two horizontal timber supports on the mid-way fence are secured in place with quick release cam clamps which allow the supports to be removed in a few seconds when full depth sheets are to be cut. The mid-way fence is fitted with a precision stop for accurate repeat length cutting. Other accessories available are: (a) a sliding dust extraction kit with a 6.5metre hose which slides over the rollers at the top of the machine as the saw moves up and down, (b) a multiposition length stop which allows for up to eight preset lengths to be set and (c) a hold down bar with support fingers and non marring rollers for use when cutting thin materials such as Perspex. H-Series saws are used in all kinds of panel processing applications. A fine toothed blade is now supplied as standard with the saw. An additional blade suitable for cutting non ferrous materials is also available. When ordering this saw for shipment to offshore islands or overseas you must purchase the fixed stand (110074) to enable the item to be sent safely.

Thin material pressure guard as optional accessory

H5 Vertical Panel Saw 230V Axcaliber Blade 205 x 1.8 x 16mm 64T Wood Axcaliber Blade 205 x 2 x 16mm 64T Non Ferrous Metal

Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting

Inc.vat Ex.vat Code £3,299.96 £2,749.97 500464 £20.94






4 Nylatron roller bearing system

Voltage Blade Dia/Bore Bore Size Max Depth of Cut @ 90˚ Max Crosscut Overall L x W x H Weight

230 V 205 mm 5/8” 44.5 mm 1,625 mm 3,050 x 915 x 2,286mm 135 kg

Extension Set for C4, H4 & H5 Saws For cutting sheets over 3m long Extensions come as a pair and add 500mm to each side of the material handling roller fence allowing for easy processing of larger panels. They enable full sized panel saws to easily cut panels larger than 3m in length, quickly, accurately and safely, with just a single operator. Can be fitted to the C4, H4 and H5 panel saws. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Extension Set £199.96 £166.63 500459

H440 Hold Down Bar for C4 & H4 Saws Safer cutting for thin materials Keeps thin and flexible materials firmly against the panel saw’s frame for accurate, easy and safe cutting. Features spring steel fingers with non-marring rollers to reduce vibration and flex while cutting thin materials. H440 Hold Down Bar

Folding Stand for C4 Saw Stability and mobility Allows the panel saw to free stand anywhere in your workshop. It will fold back out of the way, allowing for easier transporting or storage of the panel saw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Folding Stand (C4 Only) £189.96 £158.30 030011

H6460-EX Quick Stop for H4 & H5 Saws For consistent cutting length Inc.vat £209.94

Ex.vat Code £174.95 500462

Safety Speed H550 Hold Down Bar for H5 Saw Gentle pressure for thin sheet materials Easily fitted to the H5 panel saw. H550 Hold Down Bar

Inc.vat £209.50

Ex.vat Code £174.58 500465

Includes scale and an adjustable aluminum stop block. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code H6460-EX Quick Stop £329.96 £274.97 500466

C6460 Quick Stop for C4 Saw Easily adjustable repeat cutting. Using an 200mm long heavy extrusion with an embedded scale and an adjustable machined aluminum stop block. Can be fitted to the C4 panel saw. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Quick Stop £269.96 £224.97 341174

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