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UJK Technology Compact Router Table Now watch the video online!

If you have room in your workshop to accommodate a router table, you will soon wonder how you managed without one. Essential for more complex routing applications such as stile and rail jointing, fielded panels and curved work or even to simply run out a section of moulding. A professional router table in the workshop opens up a whole new range of projects that you can tackle and the compact option would make taking a router table on site a viable proposition. Compact Router Table with Laminated Top A compact set up for bench top or site work. Available with a cast iron or laminate worktop. The laminate is made of high-grade birch ply with a hard wearing, low friction, with a phenolic laminated surface. The ply core ensures the top will remain flat throughout its working life, while the laminated top ensures workpieces glide smoothly. It measures 600 x 400mm. The benefits of a cast iron option are well known, especially where vibration damping and stability are paramount. The quality of the surface grinding top is superb, offering little resistance when passing stock across the table during use. It measures 686 x 406mm. Both options come with router fence, leg stand and mitre fence and will accept any of the router table inserts as well as the UJK Router Elevator. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Compact Router Table with Laminated Top £311.50 £259.58 719241 Compact Router Table with Cast Iron Top £416.88 £347.40 717126 Laminated Router Top 600 x 400mm £107.99 £89.99 102544 Cast Iron Top 686 x 406mm £196.96 £164.13 502532 Leg Stand Only £99.96 £83.30 502533

Metric Threaded Guidebush Set Whether you are carrying out template or inlay work, this is an essential set for your router. Highly accurate, these bushes fit most UK routers with the addition of a threaded guide bush adaptor. Just select the correct adaptor for your router and enjoy the precision and accuracy of this great set. They will also fit many router table insert plates that have a stepped central hole to accommodate them. Set includes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30mm guide bushes plus a locking ring, all neatly contained in a robust storage case. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Guide Bush Set (Metric) £32.98 £27.48 502571

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Compact Router Table Fence

Double Horizontal Featherboards Minimise movement and keep those fingers safe. Featherboards hold the wood against the fence and the table and ensure that your workpiece doesn’t move about when routing. What’s more, they add another element of safety as they help to keep your fingers away from the router cutter. They feature adjustable, anti-kickback fingers which serve as springs. This prevents any movement or bounce back, reducing the risk of injury. For additional safety in your workshop, it’s advisable to set up a number of featherboards against the table and the fence. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Horizontal Featherboards (Pair) £26.95 £22.46 502750 Vertical Featherboards (Pair) £13.93 £11.61 502751


Featuring the same build quality as the professional router table version, this fence will help produce repeatable precise cuts. Made from accurately machined aluminium, it features a standard 63mm transparent dust port for efficient extraction from above the table. Guards and accessories are easily accommodated with a T slot groove at the top and front of the fence. Adjustable scales feature either side of the cutter opening allowing you to accurately lock the fence into place. The infeed and outfeed fences are adjustable to accommodate a range of cutter sizes. Fence measures 789 x 90mm. Optional extras include the UJK Flip Stop and UJK Off Set Bars. The flip stop allows a stop position for the creation of stopped chamfers or rebates. The clever design of the of set bars means you can rotate each extrusion by 180° and reinsert them in position to achieve an exact 2mm offset. Compact Router Table Fence Quick Stop Off Set Bars for Router Tables

Inc.vat £109.96 £19.93 £13.98

Ex.vat £91.63 £16.61 £11.65

Code 508272 502569 103561

Aluminium Router Table Insert Plate Get the most out of your router table. An insert plate is a great addition to your collection of router table accessories. We offer three versions, a 6 and 10mm aluminium and a 10mm phenolic. They are designed to fit the UJK cast iron, phenolic or MDF router table tops. It is unusual in that it features a circular universal base attached to the underside of the plate with four machine screws. The pre-drilled base accommodates many different types of router. This means that you are able to mount your router easily without the need to drill the insert plate. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 6mm Aluminium £69.96 £58.30 502749 10mm Aluminium £114.96 £95.80 502748 10mm Phenolic £52.93 £44.11 502747

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Axminster Tools & Machinery Catalogue 2018/19  

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