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Axcaliber Router Cutters Router Cutter Bearings

Router Collet Extension (1/2” Shank)

Don’t get stuck in the middle of a project without replacement ball bearings, stock up now!

Eliminate the dangerous temptation of withdrawing the shank from the collet in order to raise the bit and to provide the full depth of cut.

Choose from a range of quality ball bearings suitable for bearing guided cutters and many other applications. D X C Inc.vat Ex.vat 6.35 9.525 9.525 9.52 12.7 12.7 15.87 15.88 19.05 19.05 28.58

3.175 3.175 4.76 6.35 4.76 6.35 6.35 4.76 6.35 12.7 12.7

2.38 3.96 3.175 3.18 5 4.76 5 5 7.14 5 7.94

£3.49 £3.49 £3.49 £3.49 £3.49 £3.49 £4.39 £3.95 £4.80 £4.80 £4.80

£2.91 £2.91 £2.91 £2.91 £2.91 £2.91 £3.66 £3.29 £4.00 £4.00 £4.00

Code 666234 666235 666236 666237 666238 666239 666240 666241 666242 666244 666245

We’ve all been there. Making a tricky router pass and you need just a bit more reach from your cutter. Pulling the shank out a little further from the collet can make for a dangerous routing situation because not enough of the bit’s shank is firmly held in place by the router’s collet. To overcome this problem we’ve produced a very accurate and precise collet extension using standard ER20 engineering collets. With the unique ability to grip over a diameter range of 1mm without any loss of accuracy, the Axcaliber extension is supplied with a collet suitable for 1/2” shank cutters with collets available for 8mm and 1/4”(6.35mm) shank sizes. A much improved grip all round the cutter shank is provided giving safer routing with less vibration, and the collet nut incorporates an ejection ring to release the shank for easy cutter changes. Dimensions are 75mm overall with body length of 40mm. N.B. Collet nut requires a 27mm spanner (423927).

Router Bearing Retaining Collar

Collet Extension 4.0mm - 3.0mm Collet 7.0mm - 6.0mm Collet 8.0mm - 7.0mm Collet 13.0mm -12.0mm Collet 27mm Spanner

Inc.vat £39.95 £7.30 £7.30 £7.30 £7.30 £9.35

Ex.vat £33.29 £6.08 £6.08 £6.08 £6.08 £7.79

Code 211367 910206 910209 910210 910215 423927

Cutters not included

Designed to keep your bearings in place on your router bit shank. Our replacement bearing retaining collars are supplied with a grub screw and suitable hex key. Available in 1/4”(6.35mm) or 1/2”(12.7mm) shank diameters.

1/4”(6.35mm) Shank 1/2”(12.7mm) Shank

Inc.vat £3.19 £3.00

Ex.vat £2.66 £2.50

Code 666040 666041

Router Cutter Presenter Keep your cutters in good un-chipped order and prevent the tips from knocking against each other with this helpful foam cutter presenter.

Anti-Slip Mat Works like magic with many and varied uses, this nonslip material makes clamps unnecessary. The open weave of this special material allows dust or chips to fall through preventing a build-up of waste causing a loss of grip. Ideal for freehand routing or orbital sanding. Size 600 x 900mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Anti-Slip Mat £7.98 £6.65 340208

The tungsten carbide edge of a router cutter is an immensely hard, brittle material and, once chipped, the cutter is useless. Foam cutter presenters have the advantages that they grip the tool, display the cutters for easy selection and can be sprayed with thin oil (i.e. MetalGuard Spray) to protect the cutters. Use the presenter complete or cut to fit into cabinets, drawers, racks etc. The size is 275 x 325mm and there are 50 x 1/2” and 50 x 1/4” storage holes. Also available as an A5 foam router cutter presenter. The size is 305 x 150 x 35mm and there are 30 x 1/2” and 20 x 1/4” storage holes. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Foam Presenter £15.98 £13.32 810029 A5 Foam Router Cutter Presenter £9.90 £8.25 506623

Router Bit Holders (Pkt 6) Keep often expensive tooling tidy, separated and out of harm’s way. Although produced with router cutters in mind, these advanced polymer mouldings are equally useful to securely grip any 1/4” or 1/2” shanked bit such as Forstner or sawtooth bits. The holders can be mounted using a single screw, either horizontally or vertically on shelves, in drawers or cabinets. Supplied in packs of 6. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 1/4”(6.35mm) Shank £2.30 £1.92 202399 1/2” Shank £3.35 £2.79 202401

Dry Lubricant PTFE based lubricating film formulated to minimise wear and reduce corrosion. Ideal for all woodworking machinery and recommended for woodturning chucks. Unaffected by water, oil or solvents and will not attract dust. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Axcaliber Dry Lubricant £9.55 £7.96 503468

Router Collet Reduction Sleeves Universal split-type precision sleeves allow you to use a range of cutters in 1/2” collets. These collet reduction sleeves enable 3/8”, 8mm or 1/4” shanked cutters to be used in 1/2” collets. 1/2”-8mm 1/2”-3/8” 1/2”-1/4”


Inc.vat £2.89 £2.89 £2.94

Ex.vat £2.41 £2.41 £2.45

Code 340306 340305 666079

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