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Axminster Engineering Bandsaws

Variable blade speed, enables a speed to be chosen to suit the task

Built-in coolant system to prolong blade life and give a cleaner cut

Double row ball bearing blade guides, holds the blade securely

WV-275DS Bandsaw Daddy cool! The biggest of our saws with built-in coolant system. This machine has an inverter drive to the motor, allowing variable speed via a simple control knob. This feature enables the correct cutting speed for each material to be easily selected, greatly extending blade life. The chassis and bow are made from robust cast iron mouldings and incorporate a swivel base to allow mitre cuts up to 60°R and 45°L. The cast iron vice has a clever slide action to allow the mitre cuts to be made easily with the work being closely held near the blade. The vice also has a quick release cam action clamp. An adjustable hydraulic downfeed controls the cutting pressure. You can also select manual or automatic operation, the manual setting allowing the cutting of delicate materials. There is a hydraulic blade tension gauge and a safety cut-off switch in the event of a blade breakage.

Whole arm/motor assembly swivels for accurate mitre cuts

The welded steel base houses the coolant pump and provides support for the heaviest cutting tasks. A material support roller is also fitted. All the controls are grouped together on a panel, including a digital blade speed meter. This is a very well made bandsaw and one which will be able to carry out almost any cutting task within its overall capacities. Power 1.1 kW Voltage 230 V Blade Speed 20 to 85 m/min (var) Blade Length 2,460 mm (96.3/4”) Blade Width 27 mm Max Capacity Round 227 mm Max Capacity Rectangular 110 mm x 260 mm Max Cap @ 45 150 mm round Overall L x W x H 1,550 mm x 740 mm x 1,050 mm Weight 278 kg

A rugged machine for fabrication and general engineering workshops Fully adjustable downfeed hydraulic damper with gate valve

WV-275DS Bandsaw 230V 7 Bar Heavy Duty Roller Stand Premium Blade 2,460mm(97”) x 27mm(1.1/8”) x 10-14 Ambersil Tufcut Aqua - 5 litre

Inc.vat £2,999.94 £199.98 £35.15 £63.50

Ex.vat £2,499.95 £166.65 £29.29 £52.92

Inc.vat £32.95 £40.30

Ex.vat £27.46 £33.58

Code 103630 501282 951600 952139

There are two main types of blade available for metal cutting bandsaws, High Carbon or M42 High Speed Steel. Most new band saws come fitted with a variable pitch M42 HSS blade. These offer exceptional performance over a wide range of materials coupled with a long life span. The Axcaliber Premium Blade range offers a wide selection of M42 HSS blades. They are available to fit all Axminster bandsaws, plus most other common lengths from stock. Axcaliber Premium blades consist of two types of material, permanently joined by electron beam welding. These are a strip of M42 HSS for the teeth and a high strength spring steel alloy backing material. The spring steel backing adds flexibility and fatigue resistance. Milling the teeth into the M42 HSS strip results in blade with resistance to heat and abrasion and has a long working life. The M42 HSS variable pitch blade, (commonly 10-14 tpi), is in practically all respects a “fit and forget” blade. The variable pitch blade will cut a wide range of materials and profiles. It will handle solid bar or square, box, angle or tube, in any material. The variable tooth profile cuts fast, rapidly clears waste and has far less tendency to snag on thin edges. Used with a cooling system, the correct cutting speed and feed rate, the blade life can be extraordinary. Axcaliber Premium blades will cut all types of steels extremely well, especially stainless and other exotics. Axcaliber High Carbon blades are a good choice for the occasional user of a small machine, offering a smooth cut and a good life expectancy. With a fixed tooth pitch, best performance may require matching a blade to a specific task. All production of Axcaliber band saw blades takes place in Axminster. The blade stock comes from a manufacturer in South Yorkshire. Completely UK made, guarantees the quality, performance and value for money. No forgetting all Axcaliber bandsaw blades have an unconditional warranty on the weld. If it breaks, we will replace it, no quibble. The list below covers all of the bandsaws listed on these pages, offering a quick reference for your Axminster machine. Key: HC = High Carbon, PR = Premium M42 HSS Length 1,784mm(70.1/4”)

To fit Axminster MB115, MCB115, RF115DR. Draper 30736, 53040. Sealey SM65, SM5. SIP 7288

To fit Axminster UE-153DV1. Record Power BS250, RSBS10.


TPI 10 14 24 10-14

Width 12.7 mm (1/2”) 12.7 mm (1/2”) 12.7 mm (1/2”) 12.7 mm (1/2”)

Inc.vat £9.20 £8.65 £8.50 £25.00

Ex.vat £7.67 £7.21 £7.08 £20.83

Code 340685 340686 340687 951593


TPI 10 14 10-14 6 14 6 10 6

Width 12.7 mm (1/2”) 12.7 mm (1/2”) 12.7 mm (1/2”) 6.35 mm (1/4”) 6.35 mm (1/4”) 9.5 mm (3/8”) 9.5 mm (3/8”) 12.7 mm (1/2”)

To fit Axminster UV-180DS Type PR PR

TPI Width 10-14 19 mm (3/4 “) 6-10 19 mm (3/4 “)

Code 104154 104155

Length 2,362mm(93”) To fit Axminster MCB210HD, RF712CE, UE-712SB, UE812C Type HC HC PR

TPI Width 10 19 mm (3/4 “) 14 19 mm (3/4 “) 10-14 19 mm (3/4 “)

Inc.vat £12.90 £12.90 £33.90

Ex.vat £10.75 £10.75 £28.25

Code 340834 340835 951599

Inc.vat £35.15

Ex.vat £29.29

Code 951600

Inc.vat £50.50 £50.50 £50.50

Ex.vat £42.08 £42.08 £42.08

Code 508341 508342 508343

Length 2,460mm(97”)

Length 1,640mm(64.1/2”)


Length 2,285mm(90”)

Inc.vat £9.60 £26.80 £26.80 £8.80 £8.80 £8.95 £8.95 £9.20

Ex.vat £8.00 £22.33 £22.33 £7.33 £7.33 £7.46 £7.46 £7.67

Code 508218 508219 508220 950656 950657 950658 950659 950660

To fit Axminster WV-275DS Type PR

TPI Width 10-14 28.6 mm (1.1/8”)

Length 3,035mm(119”) To fit Axminster UE-916A Type TPI Width PR 4-6 27 mm (1.1/16”) PR 6-10 27 mm (1.1/16”) PR 10-14 27 mm (1.1/16”)

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