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Axminster Engineering Milling and Accessories For the serious home engineer or small professional workshop

Quiet, belt driven head provides a range of speeds

ZX30M Mill Drill A traditional belt driven mill that will go on and on and on and... A well made machine with good capacities and plenty of power, a good choice for the serious home engineer, school D&T department or small professional workshop. The belt driven head provides a useful range of 12 speeds, 100-2,080 rpm and is quiet in operation. The head can be re-positioned on the column with the aid of a handle driven rack and pinion drive; fine height control is achieved by a low geared control wheel, whilst the drilling downfeed is achieved with the 3-arm control wheel on the right of the head. The fine downfeed control can be locked firmly in position when milling and the mill also features an easy-to-read inboard depth stop. The spindle is driven by a powerful 1.5kW induction motor via a 12 speed belt drive system, which is smooth running and very reliable. The table has three 14mm T-slots to allow the mounting of work directly or in a milling vice, and is positioned with two large diameter control wheels with metric calibrations for the horizontal axis. There are two moveable stops to control the traverse length of travel and the table can be locked into position in either axis. It is supplied with a 13mm drill chuck and arbor, ER32 collet holder, tools and interlocked chuck guard. Power 1.5 kW Voltage 230 V Spindle Speed 100 - 2,080 rpm (12) Spindle Taper 3 MT Nose of Spindle to Table (Max) 475 mm Drilling Capacity 30 mm Longitudinal Table Movement 500 mm Lateral Table Movement 175 mm Throat 202 mm Diameter of Column 115 mm Table Size 730 mm x 210 mm Overall L x W x H 1,095 mm x 1,010 mm x 1,125 mm Weight 270 kg Engineer Series ZX30M Mill Drill

ZX30M Floor Stand

Lockable fine downfeed control for milling



Heavy duty optional steel stand (795mm high, 580mm wide, 750mm deep)

Optional powerfeed provides smooth variable speed drive to longitudinal travel

Axminster Self Centring Precision Machine Vices

Inc.vat £269.94

Ex.vat Code £224.95 700094

Axminster ZX Series Power Feed A power feed system for the X axis to provide a smooth, variable speed drive to the traverse of the table. This will enable control of the cut finish to a much greater extent than achievable by hand. With simple controls for left/right movement, auto stop in any position on the table provided by movable stops, overload protection and a fast traverse button giving 1m per min speed. Simple to fit and powered by a standard 230V 3-pin plug, so no wiring is required. Designed for ZX series mills. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code ZX Series Power Feed £279.96 £233.30 700095


Rack and pinion control for head height

Inc.vat Ex.vat Code £1,249.96 £1,041.63 505109

Axminster ZX30M Floor Stand It’s imperative that you minimise movement and vibration when milling. This lockable storage drawer and large storage cupboard has been designed specifically for the ZX30. Made of heavy duty steel sheet and measures 795mm high, 580mm wide and 750mm deep. Finished in a matt paint and supplied with mounting bolts for the mill and provision for bolting to the floor. No assembly required.

3-arm control wheel controls chuck travel for drilling

These high precision vices are made of close grained high tensile cast iron with the jaws ground and hardened to 55 + HRC. Its swivel base is provided with positive locking screws and is adjustable through 360° automatically adjusting the workpiece to its centre. We’ve been so impressed with these we are using and recommending them with our Axminster CNC mills. Available in three jaw sizes: 50, 75 and 100mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Self Centring Vice 50mm £82.00 £68.33 507107 Self Centring Vice 75mm £124.99 £104.16 507108 Self Centring Vice 100mm £155.50 £129.58 507109

14mm T Slot Clamp Kit for Mills A milling vice is wonderful for clamping work which is true, square, parallel etc,but when it comes to odd shaped items like castings then the only answer is to clamp it. This very useful piece of equipment consists of 24 studs (4 each 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8”), 6 T-nuts, 4 coupling nuts, 6 flange nuts, 6 step clamps and 6 step blocks. All parts are heat treated, black oxide finished and accommodated in a wall mounting steel rack. Will suit most machines with 14mm table T-slots. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 14mm Clamp Kit £51.95 £43.29 211588

Drill Vice - 120mm Made by engineers for engineers, these vices are suitable for all users of large pillar drills or vertical mills. They are perfect for continuous workshop use; practical and with a large jaw opening capacity for their size. A number of details make these vices a worthy addition. The solid, high tensile cast iron body has a ground base, and the moveable jaws have CNC machined slideways. The design ensures smooth, consistent jaw movement and accurate precise operation. The precision ground jaws align perfectly with no racking of the moving jaw along its travel, plus they are parallel to the base. The fixed jaw has horizontal and vertical V-grooves for holding round material and both jaws have a seat for retaining small, flat or low height workpieces. A cold rolled steel ACME thread screw offers easy winding and rock solid clamping. The arrangement of the mounting slots allows you to position and bolt the vice onto a milling machine, drill press table or workbench. Durable, reliable and made to last, these vices are perfect for general drilling requirements. Jaw widths between 60-150mm. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Drill Vice - 120mm £158.95 £132.46 103675

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