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Axminster Engineering Milling and Accessories

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500W DC brushless motor with high torque

SU1 Universal Mill Work either vertically or horizontally. A horizontal mill excels at making linear cuts such as slots, shoulders, grooves, splines, keyways and gear teeth. This machine is compact yet powerful. It is fitted with the proven 500W DC brushless motor and electronic control from the SX2 mill which gives very high torque, even at the lowest spindle speed. Belt driven and extremely quiet, the belt serves as a shock absorber in the event of a mishap. In vertical mode, the headstock is held in a sliding overhead arm, which allows the spindle to be placed over the bed to the required positions. The headstock also tilts 45° left or right. The spindle has a speed range of 200-2,000rpm. Unusually, the table has a vertical rise and fall, allowing ample clearance under the spindle. The table surface is precision ground and has 12mm T-slots. To change from vertical to horizontal mode takes around 2 minutes and an arbor is provided to take slotting cutters etc. All sliding faces are dovetailed and adjustable for accuracy, ensuring a long life.

Easy function change makes a versatile machine

Rigid cast iron construction with dovetailed slideways

Power 500 W Voltage 230 V Spindle Speed 200 - 2,000 rpm Spindle Taper 3 MT Nose of Spindle to Table (Max) 150 mm Head Tilt 45° - 0° - 45° Drilling Capacity 16 mm Longitudinal Table Movement 300 mm Lateral Table Movement 92 mm Table Size 460 mm x 120 mm Overall L x W x H 594 mm x 740 mm x 596 mm Weight 95 kg Engineer Series SU1 Universal Mill 12mm Clamp Kit Set 1.5mm - 16mm 3MT ER32 Collet Holder

Inc.vat £1,099.96 £49.96 £107.00 £38.99

Ex.vat £916.63 £41.63 £89.17 £32.49

Knee type table construction with precision ground surfaces

Code 505104 951675 910216 910252

Perfect for slotting, grooving, splines and gear cutting

Axminster Super Precision Machine Vices If you’ve invested in a milling machine it’s vitally important you have a high quality, precision machine vice. These are some of the best available and are so accurate we recommend them for use with our CNC machines. They are made from close grained high tensile seasoned cast iron and have a scratch and rust resistant finish. The jaws, made from steel hardened to 55+/-3 HRC and ground with a parallelism of 0.0012” (30 microns), hold the workpiece dead square for perfect results. The vice bodies rotate horizontally 360° against a scale and can be locked securely in the set position. Two slots secure the vice to the machine table as well as a slot milled across the base to assist in accurate location. The main bodies of the vices are de-mountable from the circular bases. Available in 3 jaw sizes: 50mm wide by 25mm deep with 50mm opening, 75mm wide by 33mm deep with 75mm opening, 100mm wide by 38mm deep with 100mm opening. Precision work holding and absolutely superb! Inc.vat Ex.vat Code Machine Vice 50mm £87.50 £72.92 220094 Machine Vice 75mm £135.95 £113.29 951565 Machine Vice 100mm £187.50 £156.25 220095

12mm T Slot Clamp Kit for Mills A milling vice is wonderful for clamping work which is true, square, parallel etc, but when it comes to odd shaped items like castings then the only answer is to clamp it. This very useful piece of equipment consists of 24 studs (4 each 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7” and 8”), 6 T-nuts, 4 coupling nuts, 6 flange nuts, 6 step clamps and 6 step blocks. All parts are heat treated, black oxide finished and accommodated in a wall mounting steel rack. Will suit most machines with 12mm table T-slots, especially the Model Engineer Series SX2 and the Engineer Series SU1 and SX3 Digi machines. Inc.vat Ex.vat Code 12mm Clamp Kit £49.96 £41.63 951675

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HSS Slitting Saw Kit A set of three accurate, high quality high speed steel (HSS) 1.3/4” slitting saw blades, with a flat chisel edge. Supplied with a 3/8” pin type mounting arbor. The widths are 1/32”, 1/16” and 3/32”. Best suited for use in a mill, but can be used in a lathe when the workpiece is held in a vertical vice/slide. HSS Slitting Saw Kit

Inc.vat £25.90

Ex.vat £21.58

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