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Triad –  making  SharePoint  work  for  you     Microsoft’s  SharePoint  platform  provides  organisations  with  a  comprehensive   suite  of  tools  with  which  to  improve  performance  and  effectiveness.    Triad’s   expertise  lies  in  the  successful  exploitation  and  implementation  of  these  tools  to   ensure  that  customers  fully  realize  the  anticipated  benefits.     This  short  paper  introduces  Triad  as  a  provider  of  Microsoft  SharePoint  expertise   and  implementation  services.    We’ve  been  around  a  while,  since  1988  in  fact.   We  are  providers  of  IT  services  and  solutions  and  a  specialist  supplier  of  contract   and  permanent  recruitment  services.         Customer  first  approach     We  genuinely  put  our  customers  and  their  users  at  the  heart  of  everything  we   do.    We  do  not  enter  into  engagements  with  preconceived  ideas,  instead  we   place  an  emphasis  on  listening  intently  to  your  needs,  hopes  and  fears.     We  are  passionate  about  delivering  results,  and  stake  our  reputation  on  making   our  clients’  lives  easier  through  the  delivery  of  outstanding  SharePoint  solutions.     People  are  our  number  one  priority,  but  we  never  lose  sight  of  the  fact  that  we   are  a  technology  company.    We  understand  that  architecture  is  key  to  successful   SharePoint  projects.    We  help  our  clients  to  express  what  they  want  to  build  and   how  to  plan  for  long-­‐term  success.       As  a  Microsoft  Partner  we  can  we  can  help  you  prepare  for  the  future  by   introducing  cloud  solutions  that  complement  your  on-­‐premises  solution  to   reduce  infrastructure  costs  and  give  you  flexibility  in  your  licensing  model  as   well  as  increased  resilience.     The  SharePoint  platform  offers  a  dazzling  array  of  components  and  capability.     Triad’s  extensive  experience  with  successful  SharePoint  implementations  means   that  we  can  advise  you  regarding  the  optimal  combination  for  your  particular   business  solution.         ©  Triad  Group  Plc.  Private  and  Confidential.  

We know  that  by  working  together  we  achieve  more     This  document  aims  to  give  you  an  insight  to  Triad  and  SharePoint.    We  have   included  a  number  of  case  studies  to  illustrate  the  various  projects  and  services   we  have  delivered.       We  don’t  believe  in  hard-­‐hitting  sales  pitches,  instead  we  have  given  you  the   contact  details  of  the  consultants  who  led  each  of  these  projects.    Please  feel   free  to  get  in  touch,  our  consultants  will  be  delighted  to  speak  to  you  about  our   experience  on  these  assignments.       If  you  want  to  meet  us  to  find  out  more  about  our  overall  offering,  please   contact  Martin  Bonner                        


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in a  way  that  meetings  alone  cannot.  We  will  share  our  ideas  and  views  on  the     applicability  of  SharePoint  for  you  with  no  commitment  on  your  part.  Obviously,   we  hope  that  this  is  the  start  of  a  relationship  where  we  can  help  you  with  your   SharePoint  implementation.    Irrespective  of  us  working  together  or  not,  you  will   have  something  useful  to  help  inform  your  plans  and  decision-­‐making.  

Is SharePoint  right  for  you?     Although  SharePoint  is  being  used  by  78%  of  Fortune  500  companies  it  should   not  be  considered  a  product  just  for  large  organisations.  It  is  the  fastest  growing   product  in  Microsoft’s  history  gaining  over  100  million  client  access  licences  in  a   few  years.  It  has  many  benefits  for  smaller  organisations.     The  investment  required  to  begin  your  SharePoint  journey  can  be  quite  modest.     It  really  depends  on  your  requirements.      Many  of  our  engagements  fall   between  £20,000  and  £60,000  with  clients  seeing  a  return  on  investment   within  a  few  months.     We  have  been  Microsoft  partners  since  2004  with  a  gold  competency  in  Digital   Marketing,  that’s  SharePoint,  and  four  related  silver  competencies.  We’re   uniquely  qualified  to  assess  if  SharePoint  is  for  you.    

Did you  know  that  SharePoint  Foundation  2010  is  free?       If  you  already  have  a  Windows  Server  2008  R2  you  can  download  it  and  use   it  for  departmental  solutions  or  technology  pilots.         By  taking  our  free  Intranet  audit  we  can  deliver  you  an  objective  view  on   whether  SharePoint  is  right  for  you.     Standard  and  Enterprise  versions  are  available  with  many  additional  features  to   help  you  introduce  additional  productivity  tools  to  your  organisation.  With   support  for  intranet,  extranet  and  Internet  solutions  there  are  specific  licences   needed  depending  on  what  capabilities  are  used.        

We’ll audit  your  Intranet  for  free     SharePoint  can  be  used  in  numerous  different  ways,  one  of  the  most  popular   being  to  deliver  organisational  Intranet  sites.    We’re  so  convinced  of  the  benefits   that  SharePoint  can  deliver  you  that  we  will  undertake  a  high  level  assessment   of  your  Intranet  for  free!       We  will  objectively  assess  what  SharePoint  can  do  for  you.    We  have  a  maturity   assessment  model  that  will  show  you  our  view  of  your  Intranet  strengths  and   weaknesses  and  compare  these  with  the  benefits  that  SharePoint  can  bring.     We  understand  how  busy  you  are.  All  we  ask  is  for  some  of  your  time  to  answer   our  questions  and  show  us  your  existing  Intranet.    

This chart  is  an  example   output  from  our   complimentary  audit   service.    It  shows  the  as-­‐is   capability  as  blue  and  the   improvement  potential   SharePoint  brings  as   orange.           This  helps  determine   business  and   implementation  priorities          

So what’s  the  catch?     There  is  none.     We  consider  this  a  pre-­‐sales  activity  that  helps  us  demonstrate  our  capabilities     ©  Triad  Group  Plc.  Private  and  confidential  


Why Triad?  

We have  the  relevant  IT  experience  

We deliver  results  quickly  

We  are  results  driven.  The  majority  of  our  SharePoint   projects  deliver  customer  benefits  within  3  months.       We  can  build  our  relationship  from  an  initial  low  risk   engagement  where  we  can  prove  our  value  to  you.   From  here  we’d  be  happy  to  build  on  the  value  we   deliver  across  more  exciting  initiatives.  Most  of  our   longer  engagements  begin  this  way.  

We believe  that  together  we  can  achieve  more.  Our  experience  shows  that   clients  in  different  business  domains  face  the  same  problems  and  that  specific   experience  in  a  sector  is  not  a  barrier  to  a  successful  SharePoint  project.     Experienced  SharePoint  professionals  are  vital  to  ensure  that  you  can  get  the   most  out  of  the  product.    Success  is  having  an  IT  supplier  with  the  SharePoint   know-­‐how  to  complement  your  business  knowledge,  jointly  creating  an  effective   collaboration  platform  for  your  business.       Triad  has  that  SharePoint  experience.    Our  SharePoint  portfolio  spans  across  the   following  range  of  business  sectors:  

We design  with  the  future  in  mind    

When we  undertake  SharePoint  assignments  we  help  set  the  vision  and  build  a   roadmap  around  the  people,  processes  and  technology.  This  is  crucial  to  aligning   the  SharePoint  solution  to  meet  the  needs  of  your  business  strategy.         One  of  the  challenges  is  managing  user  expectations  around  when  features  will   be  available.    Sharing  the  roadmap  gives  the  business  a  better  appreciation  of   what  is  happening.    It  is  an  invaluable  input  to  detailed  planning.    We  will:       • Elicit  and  define  your  requirements   • Validate  and  map  the  requirements  to  the  SharePoint  architecture.   • Create  an  implementation  roadmap  to  show  what  user  requirements  will  be   delivered  in  what  phase.      

Media &  Entertainment  


This shows  when  the  majority  of   our  SharePoint  project  complete.  




Having helped  you  identify  that  SharePoint  is  right  for  you  we  take  the   next  step  together  to  establish  the  foundations  required  for  successful   implementation.  

IT &  Telecoms  


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What do  your  users  need?     SharePoint  provides  a  rich  palette  of  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  capabilities.    Indeed,  it  can   be  an  overwhelming  list  to  choose  from.    We  really  want  your  business  to  go   from  strength  to  strength  and  we  will  work  with  you  and  your  users  to   determine  the  right  priorities  for  them  and  the  business.     Our  analysts  can  help  you  validate  business  requirements  against  the  features  of   SharePoint  to  define  an  implementation  plan  that  delivers  the  best  value  for  the   investment  being  made.     If  we  have  already  performed  an  audit  of  your  existing  Intranet  we  will  have  a   good  understanding  of  where  SharePoint  can  deliver  value.    The  next  step  is  to   dive  a  little  deeper  to  identify  the  right  capabilities  for  your  users.    

The Business  Social  Network     Social  networks  have  transformed  business  behaviours  and  expectations,   providing  a  new  set  of  norms  in  terms  of  efficient  collaboration  and  day-­‐to-­‐day   business  interaction.     Never  has  there  been  a  greater  opportunity  to  break  down  organisational   barriers  and  drive  through  business  process  changes.     Increased  visibility  of  information,  improved  talent  deployment  and  active   employee  contribution  throughout  all  levels  of  the  organisation  is  a  desirable   goal  for  any  company.  At  last,  technology  is  providing  the  tools  to  make  this  a   reality.      

This chart  shows  the  analysis  output  from  requirement  workshops  asking   users  what  they  needed  most  to  help  them  perform  their  job  better.       This  insight  helps  to  identify  the  key  SharePoint  features  that  should  be   considered  first  to  prove  business  value.              

SharePoint Server  2010  has  the  social  computing  tools  such  as   collaboration  sites,  Enterprise  wikis,  My  Sites  and  social  content   capabilities  such  as  blogs  and  wikis.  

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Start your  SharePoint  engagement  …..  

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...With Triad  today  

Our implementation  approach  covers:     • Developing  a  plan  based  around  a  core  set  of  SharePoint  capabilities  and   building  from  there.    This  is  driven  by  our  roadmap  activity.  

SharePoint is  the  enterprise  glue  that  brings  together  the  tools  to  increase   employee  productivity.    Staff  can  communicate  in  real  time  to  keep  informed   and  collaborate  on  important  initiatives.    

• Engagement of  business  users  extensively  and  throughout  a  project.    Users   can  sometimes  struggle  with  change.    We  overcome  this  by  involving  them  in   the  decision  making  process.    We  find  that  this  delivers  a  system  that  the   users  have  a  strong  sense  of  ownership  for.  

Get the  most  out  of  your  investment  in  Microsoft   SharePoint  is  the  logical  choice  for  customers  already  using  Microsoft  products.   However,  small  and  medium-­‐sized  organisations  don’t  always  have  the   resources  and  time  to  understand  fully  the  SharePoint  capabilities.    This  can  lead   to  slower  implementation  times  and  poor  user  adoption.       We  help  our  clients  overcome  this  by  defining  a  roadmap  and  plan  that  will   enable  them  to  get  the  most  out  of  their  investment.          

• Conducting low-­‐risk  prototypes  to  demonstrate  value  to  users  and  executives   and  identifying  opportunities  to  integrate  other  ICT  technologies  to  maximize   return  on  your  ICT  investments.    

      Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Search




, Get better answers, faster and connect with the people and expertise you need


Manage all of you corporate assets consistently

Automate business processes and execute them in parallel

Work with expertise anywhere, anytime

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A typical  journey  with  Triad    

5 4   Initial  Deployment    

1 Intranet  Audit   The  key  to  success  is  planning.  Implementing  SharePoint  at   the  centre  of  your  content  management  solution  can  be   complex,  especially  if  you  want  to  maximize  the  benefits.         We  will  help  establish  the  foundations  for  a  successful   SharePoint  deployment.  

3        Proof  of  Concept   Collaboration  and  Enterprise  Search  are  typical  initial  d eployments   and  really  help  users  work  effectively  with  colleagues.       These  initial  deployment  usually  evolve  to  accommodate  user   requested  features  and  start  to  become  widely  adopted  throughout   the  organisation.  

2 SharePoint  Vision   At  this  p oint  in  our  journey  we  will  have  established  your  broad   objectives  and  shown  you  how  SharePoint  helps  you  to  meet  them.     A  checkpoint  and  decision  point  for  further  work.    The  outcome  of   this  phase  will  support  the  business  case  for  full  deployment   investment.     ©  Triad  Group  Plc.  Private  and  confidential  


9 Integration  

6 Personalisation  

The next  efficiency  gains  come  from  the   creation  of  business  forms  that  drive   business  processes  from  line  of  business   solutions.  

The ability  for  users  to  personalize   their  experience  is  essential  for   supporting  individuality,  security  and   social  networking  capabilities.  


10 Business  Intelligence  


By now  SharePoint  is  the  place  where  things  get  done  but   business  reports  are  still  derived  from  external  systems.     Introducing  PerformancePoint  Server  to  SharePoint   enables  interactive  dashboards,  scorecards  and  analytics   components  to  drive  business  intelligence.  

Business processes  begin  to  be  automated  to   eliminate  dependencies  on  individuals.    The   administrative  burden  on  staff  is  reduced  as   workloads  are  distributed  evenly.  

8 Content  Management   As  users  begin  to  collaborate  the  need  to  introduce   workflows  and  content  creation,  review  is   necessary.    In  addition  to  documents,  content   extends  to  records  management  and  web  content.  

You have reached your destination

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Wondering if  you  should  upgrade  to  SharePoint  2010?    


2 3 4


 Here  are  10  reasons  why  you  should…      

6 7

Better content  organisation     Remove  the  problem  of  users  adding  content  to  the  root  of  a   list/library  by  routing  documents  to  specific  locations.    The  Content   Organiser  allows  you  to  dictate  where  documents  get  routed  and   when,  doubling-­‐up  as  your  corporate  retention  policy.      

Document sets     You  can  now  define  sets  and  manage  version  control,  security,   metadata  and  workflows  on  a  set  of  documents  and  files.    

8 9

Workflow visualisation   If  you  have  invested  in  the  Microsoft  technology  stack  you  will  benefit   from  the  ability  to  use  the  Visio  Graphics  Service  to  view  workflows.     Once  you  have  created  a  workflow  in  SharePoint  you  can  chose  to   show  that  workflow  visually  and  edit  it.    

Filter search  results  by  metadata    A  significant  improvement  in  search  is  the  inclusion  of  web  parts  to   enable  search  results  to  be  filtered  by  various  metadata  dimensions   (“refiners”)  such  as  file  type,  modified  date,  author  etc.    Furthermore   this  is  configurable  so  other  metadata  dimensions  identified  as  part  of   the  information  architecture  can  be  added  to  the  list  of  refiners  to   speed  up  the  location  of  required  content  


Facebook like  news  feed   The  dynamic  activity  feed  aggregates  the  content  you  track  and   publish  as  a  configurable  and  dynamic  listing  in  the  style  the   Facebook  news  feed.    

Knowledge mining   The  overview  tab  of  a  user’s  profile  includes  a  simple  and   effective  ‘Ask  Me  About’  web  part  to  help  employees  connect   and  ask  question  of  other  with  the  relevant  skills.    

WYSIWYG Editor  for  Site  Pages   Improvement  to  the  editor  for  site  pages  enables  you  to  make   changes  on  the  fly  and  quickly  test  and  create  new  pages.  

Seamless  integration  of  video  content   You  now  plug  a  video  right  into  a  page  using  the  Asset  Picker  and   Silverlight.    You  can  preview  the  video  before  insert.      

Improved  cross  browser  support   In  SharePoint  2010  almost  all  of  the  things  you  can  be  performed   using  other  browsers  due  to  the  JavaScript  and  AJAX  support.      


Maintaining data  integrity   In  2007  the  deletion  of  data  can  leave  orphaned  data  that  cause  errors   on  site  pages.      In  2010  the  relational  data  concepts  of  protected  fields,   joins,  enforced  relationships,  restricted  deletions  and  cascade   deletions  are  supported  to  keep  data  integrity.    


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SharePoint Case  Studies  

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Order of  Malta    

Information in  an  instant  


We  are  creating  the  foundations  for  a  global   solution  to  provide  situation  reports  for   countries  at  the  push  of  a  button.  A  central   SharePoint  repository  for  uploading  information   is  being  created  that  supports  several  languages.    

The  Sovereign  Military   Hospitaller  Order  of  St.   John  of  Jerusalem  of   Rhodes  and  of  Malta   also  known as  the  (Order   of  Malta) is  a  global   organisation  dedicated  to  medical   and  social  care  and  humanitarian  aid  in   over  120  countries.         Formed  964  years  ago,  it  is  the  world’s   smallest  extra-­‐territorial  state  with  its  own   constitution,   passports,  stamps  and  public  institutions  but  with  a  large  global  footprint.  It   operates  in  59  locations  around  the  world  and  has  13,500  knights  and  dames,   80,000  volunteers  and  20,000  medical  personnel.  It  is  non-­‐political  and  holds   registered  charity  status.    

This  content  will  be  searchable  to  find  specific   information  quickly  and  data  is  filtered  to  enable   specific  country  snapshots  to  be  presented.   Country  data  from  the  CIA  World  Factbook  is   being  automatically  imported  into  the  system  to   provide  background  on  politics  and   demographics  etc.  A  reporting  solution  has  been   developed  to  enable  information  on  projects  to   be  aggregated  across  all  countries.  

Mission  control       We  intend  to  introduce  touch  screens.  Users  will  be  able  to  view  projects  on  a   map,  through  a  bespoke  web  part,  which  integrates  with  the  Bing  maps  API.     Up  to  date  information  provided  through  a  mixture  of  content  queries  RSS,   feeds,  fixed  query  search  and  federated  search  will  be  displayed.        

Context   The  Order  of  Malta  is  a  decentralised  organisation  with  data  held  in  many   different  locations  and  different  formats  including  paper  records,  archived   documents  and  emails.    Collating  information  is  dependent  on  local  team   knowledge  and  resources  to  track  down  information  required.         The  process  of  presenting  a  comprehensive  overview  of  activity  in  a  region  to   the  Grand  Master  is  onerous.  Requests  are  urgent  to  support  the  Grand  Master   receiving  Heads  of  State.       ©  Triad  Group  Plc.  Private  and  confidential  


Hosted development  


The Department  of  Energy  &  Climate  Change  (DECC)  is  focused  on  saving  energy   and  delivering  a  low  carbon  energy  future.  With  over  1,100  staff  spread  across   two  locations  in  London  and  one  in  Scotland  they  depend  on  their  intranet  for   corporate  communications.    Their  legacy  intranet  was  no  longer  meeting  the   needs  of  the  business  and  required  redevelopment.    


Triad was  first  engaged  to  create  a  corporate  branding  template  for  a  SharePoint   2007  solution.    We  were  able  to  rapidly  move  from  concept  to  implementation   within  a  matter  of  weeks.  We  held  a  number  of  workshops  and  produced   wireframe  designs  to  refine  the  structure  of  the  intranet.    

Social business  engagement    

Custom Web  Parts  were  developed  to  integrate  with  Twitter,  Flickr,  YouTube,   The  Met  Office  and  DECC’s  Internet  blog.    For  a  subsequent  engagement  we   replaced  to  customer  Web  Parts  with  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  functionality  that  was   released  for  SharePoint  2010.  Some  development  was  undertaken,  however  we   extended  the  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐box  capabilities  by  applying  small  code  fragments   directly  in  the  user  interface.    This  enables  DECC  users  to  take  forward  future   development  without  relying  on  3rd  parties.     The  intranet  structure  and  configuration  involved  the  integration  and   presentation  of  data  from  many  different  sources.    

Triad are  hosting  the  development  environment  for  DECC.    This  allows  DECC  a   sandbox  to  configure  and  populate  their  intranet  in  a  flexible  manner  without     incurring  additional  costs  associated  with  their  outsourced  ICT  provider  when   testing  many  changes.     The  final  approved  site  will  be  scheduled  for  deployment  on  DECC  production   servers  in  conjunction  with  their  ICT  provider.    

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Established in  1936  and  with  an  endowment  of  around  £13  billion,  it  is  the  UK's   largest  non-­‐governmental  source  of  funds  for  biomedical  research.  With  its   mission  to  foster  and  promote  improvements  in  human  and  animal  health,  the   Trust  directly  supports  £600m  of  grant  giving  activities  each  year.       Triad  has  successfully  delivered  two  SharePoint  projects  to  the  Trust  to  improve   stakeholder  engagement  and  enable  a  portfolio  view  of  their  projects.  After   being  showcased  to  other  business  areas  the  portfolio  view  site  was  adopted   and  replicated  in  other  departments  by  the  Trust.    

Improving stakeholder  engagement  

Portfolio  view  of  projects  

Triad delivered  a  divisional  site  that  combines  the  roles  of  intranet  and  extranet   helping  the  Trust  improve  their  engagement  with  internal  and  external   stakeholders.  This  site  was  required  to  follow  the  look  and  feel  of  other  Trust   publically  accessible  web  sites;  hence  the  standard  SharePoint  pages  were   heavily  styled.       The  divisional  intranet's  primary  purpose  is  to  communicate  divisional  funding   outcomes  and  achievements  within  the  Trust  and  to  an  external  user  community   of  over  250  people.  We  encouraged  interaction  within  the  division  and  wider   user  community,  through  the  provision  of  comments  functionality  against  the   published  content  and  the  ability  to  promote  specific  articles  from  across  the   division  to  the  site's  home  page.     Dynamic  date  searches  of  content  was  also  a  key  requirement  as  much  of  the   output  from  the  Trust's  division  are  events.  The  ability  for  a  user  to  search  for   events  across  the  site  was  essential  and  was  delivered  through  bespoke  calendar   controls  and  dynamic  web  page  components.    

The second  SharePoint  delivery  was  for  a  project  management  team   collaboration  system.    This  system  provides  two  distinct  views;  team  pages  and   management  information.       The  team  pages  provide  project  teams  with  a  central  repository  for   collaboration,  including,  document  libraries,  document  approval  workflows,   tasks  lists,  risk  and  issues.  Management  information  is  provided  for  each  project   with  a  summary  status,  project  roadmap  and  financial  information.  Individual   project  information  is  aggregated  to  provide  management  with  a  portfolio  wide   view  of  current  budgetary  position  and  a  graphical  overview  of  each  projects   respective  stage  in  the  project  lifecycle.  The  site  has  been  successfully   introduced  into  the  IT  department  and  is  in  use  by  over  200  people.       In  both  instances  an  iterative  approach  was  taken  to  the  delivery  and  user   training  was  supplied.  

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SharePoint Skills  Database    

Triad were  asked  to  extend  a  client’s  SharePoint  Intranet  to  include  a  skills   database.    The  requirement  was  expressed  in  terms  of  extending  the  user’s   profile  to  enable  users  to  record  their  skills  and  expertise  by  entering  some  free   text  and  by  selecting  terms  from  a  list.   Triad’s  experience  of  knowledge  management  and  of  building  intranets  using   SharePoint  suggested  that  this  might  not  be  the  best  approach.    The  reasons  for   this  were  as  follows:   • •

Several hundred  staff  had  already  completed  online  CVs  which  were   available  on  the  organisations’  website;   The  SharePoint  intranet  contained  a  significant  amount  of  content  in   various  forms,  for  example  documents  held  in  team  sites  built  to   support  project  activity;   A  internet  document  repository  already  existed  containing  a  large   number  of  documents  summarising  the  output  of  employee’s  research   activities;   People  find  it  difficult  to  summarise  their  experience  by  picking  items   from  a  pre-­‐defined  list.    Furthermore  maintaining  the  list  itself  can  be  a   significant  task.  

1. 2. 3. 4.

Consequently the  approach  taken  was  to  make  a  number  of  enhancements  to   SharePoint  in  order  to  link  existing  content  together  in  a  way  that  allowed  this  to   signpost  experts  within  the  user  community.    These  changes  are  summarised  in   the  diagram  opposite:  

5. 6. 7.

This enabled  the  expertise  location  requirements  to  be  met  in  a  way  which   exceeded  the  client’s  expectations.    Users  were  not  required  to  spend  time   describing  their  skills  and  the  enhanced  search  functionality  greatly  improved   the  users’  perception  of  the  SharePoint  intranet.     The  numbers  in  the  diagram  refer  to  the  enhancements  which  comprise  the   solution.  


User profile  amended  to  include  link  to  external  CV  (where  one  exists)   User  profile  amended  to  include  link  to  user’s  documents  in  Research  Document   Repository   People  search  results  amended  to  include  link  to  external  CV  (where  one  exists)   People  search  results  amended  to  include  link  to  user’s  documents  in  Research   Document  Repository   People  search  results  amended  to  include  link  to  recent  SharePoint  content  (to  indicate   the  kind  of  work  the  user  is  currently  undertaking)   SharePoint  configured  to  index  CVs  on  external  websites   New  custom  core  results  webpart  built  to  enable  Author’s  name  in  search  results  to  act   as  hyperlink  to  profile.    This  required  mapping  of  crawled  properties  from  several  to   sources  to  common  managed  metadata.   Implementation  of  faceted  search  to  simplify  identification  of  potential  experts  from   keyword  searches  (this  was  SharePoint  2007,  so  Codeplex  faceted  search  webparts  were   used).  

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We began  by  validating  the  information  architecture  requirements  against  POC   to  help  use  refine  the  design  of  the  production  system.  

A multi-­‐billion  dollar  hedge  fund  

Eliminating  paper-­‐based  processes    

Triad implemented  an  automated  ‘Pre-­‐Trade  Approval’  capability  using  InfoPath   electronic  forms  and  SharePoint  workflow  capabilities  to  replace  a  paper-­‐based   process.    This  improved  the  oversight  of  trading  impact  with  speed  and   transparency.    


Improved insight  on  Net  Asset  Values  

A leading  hedge  firm  had  grown  rapidly  in  recent  years  and  has  in  excess  of  US   $15  billion  of  assets  under  management  and  over  three  hundred  and  fifty  staff.   To  improve  their  document  management  and  reporting  processes  they  chose  to   implement  a  Microsoft  SharePoint  portal  as  a  replacement  of  their  bespoke   intranet.  

The daily,  weekly  and  annual  calculation  of  all  fund  securities  from  different   markets  around  the  world  was  a  manually  intensive  process  with  multiple   approval  steps.  A  SharePoint  solution  was  implemented  that  enabled  the  Net   Asset  Values  to  be  uploaded  and  an  approval  workflow  initiated.    This  expedited   the  process  of  publishing  NAVs  and  delivered  a  quicker  view  of  the  fund’s  assets   and  liabilities.    

Developing the  solution    

We began  by  validating  the  information  architecture  requirements  against  the     POC  to  help  us  refine  the  design  of  the  production  system.  Triad’s  consultants   worked  with  a  wide  range  of  client  staff,  from  fund  managers  and  analysts   through  to  IT  support,  to  develop  a  ’Proof  of  Concept’  (POC)  system  to  showcase   SharePoint’s  strengths  to  the  HR,  legal,  compliance  and  front  office  staff.     Following  a  successful  demonstration  of  the  POC,  the  client  immediately   commissioned  Triad  to  implement  a  full  SharePoint  system  to  be  utilised  across   the  firm.    The  production  solution  has  the  following  capabilities,  which  utilise   key  SharePoint  strengths:     • Intranet   • Collaboration   • Search   • Content  Management    

Master data    

To encourage  adoption  across  the  business  departments  we  configured  basic   service  sites  for  each  department.    This  enabled  them  to  publish  corporate   policies,  standards  and  procedures  but  retain  ownership  over  the  material.     We  also  configured  user  profiles  to  pull  data  attributes  from  the  master  sources,   for  example  Active  Directory  or  the  HR  system.     Technologies  used  include  SharePoint,  InfoPath,  Active  Directory,  ASP.NET,  C#,   SQL  Server.  

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Hedge fund  business  intelligence       Building  on  an  existing  SharePoint  intranet  site,  Triad  developed  a  business   intelligence  proof  of  concept  around  PerformancePoint  Server.         Fund  analysts  were  dependent  on  Excel  spreadsheets  that  were  becoming   increasingly  time  consuming  to  generate  from  data  held  in  an  Oracle  database.    

Designing for  the  future    

Performance point  uses  ‘data  cubes’  to  mange  the  information  being  collected.     As  the  source  database  was  did  not  have  any  data  marts/cubes  to  reference   directly,  a  solution  to  extract  data  from  Oracle  was  developed.       A  number  of  data  marts  were  designed  and  SQL  Server  Analysis  Services  to  load   550MB  of  data  to  them  each  day,  200GB  annually.    This  created  a  foundation  for   preparing  fund  performance  data  for  representation  within  a  number  of  value   added  dashboards.    

Dynamic and  interactive  reports    

A suite  of  dashboards,  scorecards  and  analytics  components  were  developed   that  were  dynamically  created  based  on  a  number  of  user  filters  and  data  drill-­‐ down  capabilities.     Did  you  know  that  PerformancePoint  Server  is  available  as  part  of  the   SharePoint  Server  Enterprise  CAL?     If  you  already  have  this  you  can  benefit  form  b usiness  intelligence  initiatives   with  little*  or  no  capital  expenditure.         *  If  you  don’t  have  existing  data  marts  to  exploit  some  additional  storage  maybe  required.    

  ©  Triad  Group  Plc.  Private  and  confidential  


Corporate law  firm     This  client  has  a  number  of  customers  for  which  a  relatively  large  number  of   legal  matters  are  created.    In  order  to  add  further  value  to  these  customers,   Triad  were  appointed  to  implement  a  SharePoint  2010  extranet  where  details  of   legal  matters  can  be  shared  with  their  clients.    

Effective client  engagement    

An extranet  was  developed  for  the  business  banking  division  of  one  of  the   world’s  largest  banks  to  support  the  process  of  creating  a  quotation,  opening,   editing  and  closing  matters.     Selective  bank  users  were  imported  into  Active  Directory  to  ensure  access  to  the   extranet  was  secure  and  a  new  SharePoint  server  farm  was  delivered  to  host  the   extranet  in  a  DMZ.    


Fee quotation  

Reporting functionality  was  provided  using  Excel  Services  connecting  through  to   the  matter  data  held  in  SharePoint  lists.  Reports  could  continue  to  be  authored   in  Excel  and  presented  to  users  in  their  browser.    To  ensure  the  solution  scaled   to  support  large  number  of  matters,  a  regional  filter  and  caching  mechanisms   were  implemented.    In  addition  to  detailed  matter  data,  a  dashboard  report  was   delivered  to  show  all  key  metrics  on  matters.        

A fee  quotation  system  was  created  to  enable  the  bank  to  obtain  quotation  for   legal  work.    Reference  data  was  held  in  SharePoint  lists  and  functionality  added   for  additional  costs  and  breakpoint  was  defined  to  control  the  amount  of  dual   and  single  instruction  fees.    

Elite integration  

Triad’s approach  to  delivery  

Sets of  matter  data  was  managed  and  mastered  within  the  Elite  Enterprise  line   of  business  solution,  but  some  specific  matter  data  was  mastered  in  SharePoint.   Business  Connectivity  Services  and  Web  Services  were  used  to  ensure  the  data   in  Elite  and  SharePoint  remained  synchronized.            

An iterative  approach  was  taken  to  create  and  deploy  versions  of  the  solution   for  review  by  the  client.    These  early  deliverables  demonstrated  how  SharePoint   features  met  the  requirements  and  enabled  EMW  to  guide  the  implementation   to  their  specific  requirements.            

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A showcase  multi-­‐branch  SharePoint   intranet  development  that  provided  a   single  place  for  the  latest  news,  the  CEO   blog,  their  event  calendar,  announcement   and  staff  noticeboards.    The  ability  to  find  and  access  corporate  documents  was   introduced  and  approval  workflows  created  for  some  business  activities.     Triad  built  a  workflow  solution  to  enable  HDS  to   improve  their  management  of  proposals  through   a  review  and  approval  process.    SharePoint   designer  workflows  were  built  to  ensure  information  about  the  proposals  was   held  in  linked  SharePoint  lists  and  libraries  to  enable  reviewers  to  view  all   relevant  content  throughout  the  review  cycle     We  took  an  iterative  approach  to   demonstrate  the  capabilities  of   SharePoint  for  precise  audience  targeting   of  content  and  external  data  feed  to  users.    We  incorporated  support  for  their   legal  taxonomy  that  enabled  new  content  to  be  incorporated  with  the  right   classification.    Once  the  efficiency  of  knowledge  sharing  proven  we  began  an   exercise  to  migrate  content  to  the  new  solution.  

  Delivery  of  a  SharePoint  2010  solution  to  allow   Bluecube’s  finance,  development,  new  business   and  technical  teams  to  collaborate  more   effectively  across  their  two  existing  sites.    The  solution  supported  40  users  and   100GB  of  content.  The  outcome  enabled  Bluecube  users  to  have  rapid  access  to   their  client  details  that  increased  the  effectiveness  of  their  client  engagement   activities.    

Close Bank  Guernsey  Limited     Triad  delivered  a  corporate  intranet  enabling  the  bank  to  present  new  products   and  branding  their  500  employees  to  keep  them  informed  of  post-­‐merger   changes.    By  providing  online  access  marketing  literature,  staff  could  quickly   access  the  latest  version  of  key  products.    Each  operating  division  and  each   office  was  set  up  with  a  site.  Contact,  location  maps  and  wiki  pages  were  used  to   create  online  help  and  how-­‐to  guides.    Workflows  were  implemented  to   automate  some  key  business  processes  to  aid  audit  and  compliance  activities.  

Triad  delivered  a  pilot  site  to  demonstrate  to  features   of  SharePoint  Server  2007,  specifically  the  workflow   capability.    We  developed  a  visual  Web  Part  that   interfaces  to  the  council’s  waste  collection  database.     This  was  deployed  online  to  enable  residents  to   determine  the  day  of  the  week  and  type  of  bin  that  would  be  collected.     Triad  provided  a  number  of  enhancements  to  Friends   of  the  Earth  SharePoint  Intranet.    These  included   improving  the  implementation  of  the  SharePoint   content  management  and  search  features  and  integration  with  a  SQL  database   of  contacts.    Improvements  were  also  made  to  the  People  Directory  and  to  the   implementation  of  Ontolica  search  web  parts  from  Surfray.   .      

Development  of  a  5,000  user  internet  site  to  share  information  with  public   sector  employees.    Content  from  departmental  SharePoint   sites  was  indexed  and  made  searchable.  Triad  incorporated   some  interactive  collaborative  elements  such  as  discussion   forums  and  a  bespoke  Buy,  Sell,  Exchange  site  (based  on   SharePoint  discussion  forums).  The  home  page  requires   very  little  maintenance  as  the  majority  of  the  content  is   maintained  on  sub-­‐sites,  with  summarised,  filtered  versions  being  presented  on   the  home  page.  

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A deployment  of  an  Intranet  based  on  the   Triad  standard  SharePoint  configuration.    This   was  achieved  in  five  days.  

A SharePoint  intranet  branding  assignment  where  we  worked  with  Lebara’s   marketing,  public  relations,  human  resources  and  IT  department  to  create  an   uncluttered  design  to  showcase  corporate  values.  

  As  a  Microsoft  partner  Triad  provided  the  SharePoint   Deployment  Planning  Services  (SDPS)  over  four  days  to   help  assist  the  agency  with  their  SharePoint  planning.    

We  delivered  a  number  of  middle  and   back  office  process  automations  using   SharePoint.     An  Implementation  of  an  Intranet   containing  team  specific  sites  and  content   for  150  users.  The  outcome  improved  the   sharing  and  visibility  of  information  across   the  association  with  results  controlled  by   the  access  rights  of  the  individual  users.     An  intranet  site  for  all  museum  staff  to  access   information  on  the  museum.    We  undertook   workshops  and  modeled  wireframe  screen   designs  and  worked  closely  with  their  marketing   department  to  define  the  appropriate  language   for  the  site.    The  system  will    be  deployed  on   kiosks  in  staff  common  areas.  

We  supported  Virgin  Media  with  SharePoint  administration   support  for  setting  up  a  new  corporate  intranet.    

  We  delivered  a  multi-­‐lingual  Internet  site  and  a  thousand   user  collaborative  extranet  site  for  the  YJB.  The  Internet  site   is  delivered  information  sharing  to  give  a  public  view  of  the   agency's  purpose,  activities,  news  and  upcoming  events.  The   Extranet  is  an  interactive  and  collaborative  site  and  for  use  by   subject  practitioners  across  the  country.  As  well  as  sharing  subject   documentation  it  is  used  as  a  forum  for  ideas  and  information  exchange,   feedback  and  event  booking.  Discussion  groups  and  blogs  make  up  a  significant   part  of  the  sites  content.       Triad  delivered  a  SharePoint  Intranet  using   SharePoint  Online,  as  there  was  no  integrated   network  which  could  be  used  across  all  YMCA   offices.     For  an  on-­‐premise  implementation  of  SharePoint  2003,  Triad  migrated  content   to  a  new  2007  site  for  one  of  the  larger  YMCA  offices.    

An  extranet  site  allowing  the   school  to  control  the  provision  of   information  to  degree  programme   participants  with  advance  information  about  their  programmes,  opportunities   for  greater  collaboration,  profile  of  faculty  members,  as  well  as  general   information  about  Oxford.    We  delivered  a  solution  that  combined  a  number  of   out  of  the  box  capabilities  with  bespoke  components  but  was  able  to  be   maintained  by  the  school  themselves.      

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  About  Triad     Triad  Consulting  &  Solutions  (Triad)  is  part  of  Triad  Group  Plc.,  a  UK  company  with  a  full  listing  on  the  London  Stock  Exchange.     Triad’s  principal  business  activities  include  bespoke  application  development,  web  design  and  development,  COTS  product  selection  and  implementation,   systems  integration,  support  and  maintenance,  systems  architecture  and  business  analysis.           Triad  is  a  trusted  supplier  to  the  public  and  private  sectors  and  has  been  helping  its  clients  achieve  business  improvement  through  the  use  of  IT  for  over   24  years.  Triad  has  developed  business  critical  systems  since  its  formation  and  has  more  recently  delivered  many  browser-­‐based  applications  to  help   clients  improve  the  effectiveness  and  efficiency  of  their  business  operations.     Triad  operates  a  Quality  Management  System  (QMS)  that  is  certified  for  the  provision  of  IT  services  including  software  development  as  certified  by  the   ISO:9001:2008  and  BSi  TickIT.     Triad  Consulting  &  Solutions   Huxley  House     Weyside  Park     Catteshall  Lane     Godalming     GU7  1XE     Tel  +44(0)1483  860222      

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Triad SharePoint Solutions  

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