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Soundtrack of My Life ~Aditi Jain

This cover art symbolizes me because I love Indian Food and food is the best thing in the world known to me. I cannot live without food and this is my favorite dish ever, called Paneer Makhani.

Table Of Contents Theme Song: Here I Am Poem: The End Thinking Map#1: Titanium Thinking Map#2: On Top of the World Written by Me: America Free Song#1: Perfect Day Free Song#2: Jiya re Explain Why#1: Aal Izz Well Explain Why#2: Deep Shadows Future Song: Year 3000

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Theme Song: Here I Am by Barbie

My theme song is Here I Am. The chorus of this song is, ‘Here I am, being who I want, giving what I got, never a doubt now, Here i go, burning like a spark, light up the dark again.’ This is my theme song because I am here, right now and I know what I am doing and what I want to do and what I will do. I am confident, and sure of what I'm doing, giving a 100% of myself. I am on my way of showing everyone who I am. ‘There’s a star that’s right inside you, so come one and let it out, find out what you're about and just shout, Here I am......,’ are some more words that are said throughout the song. These words are words that I believe are true and should be followed by everyone because there is a star inside everyone and they should show it to us, and we should accept it. This is my theme song because it describes me perfectly.

Poem: The End by Alan Alexander Milne When I was One, I had just begun. When I was Two, I was nearly new. When I was Three, I was hardly Me. When I was Four, I was not much much more. When I was Five, I was just alive. But now I am Six, I am as clever as clever. So I think I'll be Six now for ever and ever.

I chose this song, because when I was Six, and my mom told me that we were moving to America, I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay in India where my friends were. All those years before my mother told me the news, I had no idea what was going on with my life. I didn't even know my address, but now I knew about what was happening. The first few months after I turned seven, I felt as if I knew nothing, but even though I got through it and know what is is happening now. I knew that the noe place where we were going, would be really different, and I am happy that I was what I was and am what I am but now, I wonder what would happen if I stayed Six forever. This poem describes the sixth stage of the Hero’s Journey.

Thinking Map: Titanium by David Guetta

Thinking Map: On Top of the World

Written by Me: America I was moving, on and on and on and on I was running, as fast my feet would take me When I got there I couldn't see them When I turned around They had some news for me ‘We're moving,’ they said ‘Pack your bags and come back outside....’ Then we were flying, me and my family I said, ‘Where are we going?’ And they said, ‘America’ So I went with them, not knowing.... What was America? What is America, today? I don't know.... Why are we here right now? When we could be somewhere else, in the world...

Free Song: Perfect Day by Barbie

Free Song: Jiya re from Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Explain Why: Aal Izz Well from 3 Idiots

In Stage 9, the outer journey is the reward and the inner journey is accepting the consequences of new life. I gained no reward for all of the losses I had to face, but I was okay with it because everything in my life was well, and I was happy about it. The lyrics for the song that made me choose this song are, “Jab life ho out of control, Honthon ko kar ke gol, Honthon ko kar ke gol, Seeti bajaa ke bol, Aal Izz Well,” and the lyrics from later in the song, “Honth Ghuma, Seeti Bajaa, Seeti bajaa ke bol, Bhaiya Aal izz well, Are Bhaiya Aal izz well, Are Chachu All izz well, Are Bhaiya aal izz well...” To Translate, this means, “When life is out of control, make your lips circular, make your lips circular, whistle and then say, Aal izz well....,” and the lyrics later in the song translate to, “Form your lips (circularly), whistle, whistle and then say, brother All izz well, c'mon brother all izz well, c'mon uncle all izz well, brother all is well....” Just to clarify, this song was originally written in Hindi, which is why, the lyrics (translated by me) may be off. This song is all about what I thought of in my head. I knew that I had made big sacrifices in my life, but I didn't care about what I had done and what I deserved. I accepted life for what it was and me for who I am, and decided that all was well in life.

Explain Why: Deep Shadows Trailer Music

In Stage 5, the outer journey is crossing the threshold, and the inner journey is committing to change. I crossed the threshold when I first moved to America, and I stayed there (mainly because my parents gave me food and I was seven) committing to the change, and am still in America now. The tone of this song is foreboding. I knew that something was wrong about the place where I lived when I got there because there were no trees whatsoever, and everybody actually talked about me as though I were a celebrity in school, just because I was new. I faced challenges, but they weren't so intense in that stage as the second half of the song inferred that they would be. The first half of the song has both the sense that something important is happening and as well as the excitement of something new, and that is just what I thought would fit the description of when I moved to America.

Future: Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers

Expository Paper Flashforward: The year was 2027. I was walking driving down the highway, passing billboards after billboards, filled with the same woman again and again. The air smelled of roses in my ferrari as I watched the different pictures of the same women over and over again, dressed differently, looking different. One had her dancing with her curly hair flying around her face, one had her as an engineer with her hair tied up typing on something on her computer, in another one she was a doctor measuring the heart rate of an injured patient. Even her graduation photo was there; she went to Stanford for four years. In the last one, she was girl, sitting on her bed, in a room with at least twenty people in there all at once, talking to them, laughing............ I was the girl. Everyday, people ask, what do you want to be when you grow up? Every time, I say that I don't know. But now I really know, that I want to be everything. I want to be an engineer/chemist, to make change in the world, to invent something that has never been invented. I have thought about what would really change the world and I have found it. It is part of my big, enormous dream to create and invent a White Sharpie. However, creating a White Sharpie involves hard work. For example, the measurements for the part of it that hold the liquid have to be precisely correct which involves engineering and the liquid itself, involves making and mixing chemicals which is chemistry. A White Sharpie is worth being a chemist and engineer. I want to help people who are injured and need help. I want to save lives. So I have also decided to be a doctor and charity sponsor/helper. When I am a doctor, I will be able to heal people in many different ways, to any extent that is available. I will open a charity to help the homeless all around the world so that with the donated money I can create apartments for the homeless, and I also want to be able to donate food to charities like ones for the hungry. It is worth it to help people in times of great need to make the world a better place. I want to be educated, yet to have fun. My dream is to make it to Stanford, which I am working on, and to have fun while doing it. I love to dance, and sing, and jump on trampolines, and I will practically do anything if I know I will have a good time doing it. I want to enjoy life as it is and listen to the phrase, ‘You Only Live Once’ because it is true. You only have one life. It should not be wasted. Last but not least, I want to spend a lot of time with my friends and family. After we part, I want us all to see each other again, all at once, at the same time, in the same gigantic room. I want us all to see each other again in 20 years and to tell each other that we never forgot one another and I want us to share recollections of our life, together. I want us to have a ball and to laugh as hard as we can. Nothing is more important than laughter. I have learned that even though you may not be good at them, you should know how to do many different things so that when you need a skill, you’ll be prepared. In the future, what if my 7-year-old daughter had collapsed into a coma in the middle of a thunderstorm and couldn’t be taken to the hospital? Then, I would be able to help, being part-doctor myself. What if, while making the newest rocket, there had been a slight measurement mistake, and I fixed it, saving a whole mission? What if, I met a kid, who didn’t know the definition of fun, or what laughter is? Then I would be able to help them. There are many reasons for wanting to be everything and because of those reasons, I can never stick to one thing forever.

Soundtrack of my life  
Soundtrack of my life