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A growing concern for cyber security threats By Atul Rajput, Regional Director, Northern Europe, Axis Communications

Welcome to the third edition of the Axis Northern Europe partner magazine #AxisInnovates. Smart connected devices are already transforming our world, whether it be a smartwatch, fitness tracker or even a refrigerator, we are entering a new era where billions of devices will be able to collect and transmit data via the Internet, so much so Gartner recently forecasted that there will be 6.4 billion connected “things” used world-wide in 2016. While the vision of IoT is enticing for the convenience, capabilities and flexibility vast networks of connected devices offer, there is a growing risk for security threats and breaches as the number of entry points into a network dramatically increases. In a recent survey by Cisco, 73 percent of business decision makers said they expect the IoT to cause security threats to increase in severity over the next two years. More worrying, 78 percent of IT security professionals are either unsure about their capabilities, or believe they lack the visibility and management required to secure new kinds of network connected devices. As a general rule of thumb, as you increase availability and access to any network device, it potentially increases exposure to cyber threats. Because security camera systems will become increasingly internet connected with the rise of the Internet of Security things, offering benefits such as remote access and third party integration, just as with other network connected devices, it is critical to do a risk assessment and implement security polices in the design and implementation of a network video system.

Risk assessments have been common practice in the design of physical security systems for years, particularly for enterprise installations. Integrators should apply the same thought process to the configuration of network video devices, even though unlike other devices on the networks such as laptops, desktop or mobile devices, a network camera is not exposed to the common threat of users visiting potentially harmful websites, opening malicious email attachments or installing untrusted applications. However, as a network device, a camera or other connected physical security devices may expose risk. Consequently it is important to reduce the exposure area of these risks and minimizing the attack surface area is a common cyber protection measure. If devices, services and applications do not need to interact you should try to limit connectivity between them. Additionally segmenting the video system from the core network is a good overall protection measure, thereby reducing risks of video resources and business resources adversely effecting each other. The process of securing a video security system – or hardening it – is an increasingly necessary one for installers and IT personnel to understand. A good hardening guide provides a configuration strategy suited to specific user requirements to deal with the evolving threat landscape. Axis uses the SANS Top 20 Critical Security Controls as a baseline for its hardening guide. A first step is an understanding and use of industry standard security protocols, including multi-level user authentication/ authorization, password protection, SSL/ TLS encryption, 802.1X, IP-filtering and certificate management.

In addition, camera suppliers, like Axis continuously update their cameras firmware with new features, bug fixes and security patches. To deal with the increasing risk, variety and volume of security risks, security systems users will need to stay on top of updates from their suppliers and take heed of best practices for preventing attacks through network camera-based systems.

Read more about Axis Product Security work at: product-security



AXIS P1435-E & AXIS P1435-LE These new P-series cameras offer high image quality with full HDTV 1080p resolution at frame rates up to 60 fps, and feature Axis’ Lightfinder technology as well as Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) - Forensic Capture, allowing them to master even the most complex and challenging light conditions. The new cameras are ideal for video surveillance of city squares, railway platforms, cargo loading bays, airport terminals and retail showrooms with large window fronts.

res Featu finder and

> Light WDR – Forensic Capture > Axis’ Zipstream Technology > HDTV 1080p at up to 60 fps > I/O support > Edge storage ith > Built-in IR LEDs w OptimizedIR, 30 meters ly) (AXIS P1435-LE on

AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE also feature Axis’ Zipstream technology that lowers bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50 percent or more compared to standard H.264 compression. “With AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE we are introducing two compact and costeffective bullet-style IP cameras offering the latest image processing technologies for clear identification even in the most challenging light conditions,” says Daren Lang, Regional Manager Business Development, Axis Communications. “Both cameras can be installed indoors as well as outdoors, preferably with our new weather shield, designed to protect the camera against heavy rain.” AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE feature a compact low-weight casing and integrated bracket for wall or ceiling mount. To further simplify installation, a wide range of mounting accessories are available.


AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE offer easy installation with remote zoom and focus for fine-tuning the picture from a computer as opposed to at the camera itself. Furthermore, a pixel counter assures that the required pixel resolution is met.

AXIS P1435-LE additionally features Axis’ OptimizedIR, a power-efficient IR LED technology, automatically illuminating any scene taking place in complete darkness and is perfect for discovering objects at a range of up to 30 meters.

Axis’ Corridor Format allows for full use of the 16:9 aspect ratio when monitoring narrow view areas such as staircases, hallways, aisles or tunnels. P-Iris control ensures optimal depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clarity. AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE offer an I/O port that can be used for simple notification to an alarm panel or control of a relay or similar. Power over Ethernet supplies power to the cameras via the network, which eliminates the need for power cables and reduces installation costs.

AXIS P1435-E and AXIS P1435-LE are supported by the industry’s largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) Program, and AXIS Camera Station. The cameras also include support for AXIS Camera Application Platform and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

Visit the product pages:


AXIS Site Designer Powerful tool for efficient product specification and solution design.

> AXIS Site Desi gner can be accessed fo r free at sitedesigner.a > Can be used w ith tablets, laptop s or PCs > Visit the tool: sitedesigner.a

Axis provides system integrators and installers with an intuitive new web application that reduces the time and effort needed to design complete security solutions. AXIS Site Designer works online and offline to recommend cameras and recording solutions for small and mid-sized systems. It includes easy to use templates for a variety of security requirements and gives interactive guidance on the selection of cameras, recording products and accessories needed for a complete surveillance solution. This tool offers systems integrators and installers a highly efficient way to design complete surveillance solutions for smallto medium-sized installations. The tool saves time when specifying and designing end-to-end solutions for sites with up to 100 cameras.

The app features a selection of templates for common installation scenarios. A visual camera selector recommends cameras based on operational requirements such as required resolution, camera coverage and light conditions. It is easy to find the right mounts and other accessories for any camera, since the tool only presents compatible components. A storage calculator provides recommendations for suitable recording solutions based on typical scenarios. Finally, the tool produces a complete bill of materials that includes all components in the system.

“We know that for our partners, time and efficiency is key to running their businesses. This is why we have developed AXIS Site Designer. It is a time-saving and easy to use tool that helps our partners design and implement an optimized security solution for their customers, without requiring indepth knowledge of Axis products. The intuitive interface eliminates guesswork and makes professional site design much faster and more accurate, ensuring higher customer satisfaction,� says Peter Friberg, Director of System and Services, Axis Communications.

AXIS Site Designer is a web application that works online and offline. It is ideal for quick and easy on-site system design using tablets or laptops, even without an Internet connection. It allows installers and integrators to work on multiple projects on the go, and to sync them through the MyAxis portal when online.



Axis is strengthening its VMS offering with the introduction of AXIS Camera Station 5 AXIS Camera Station 5 is a full-featured VMS for mid-size installations comprising from 4 to 50 IP cameras. Together with the AXIS S10 Series of network video recorders and Axis’ IP products it offers a complete video surveillance monitoring and recording solution. Other security and video surveillance solutions from Axis such as door stations for easy identification and remote entry control or horn speakers for remote speaking in video surveillance applications can be used with AXIS Camera Station 5 as well. To meet specific needs, the new version also supports integration of third party IP cameras. “System reliability is fundamental in any video surveillance installation” says Peter Friberg, Director Solution Management, Axis Communications. “AXIS Camera Station 5 together with our market leading portfolio of IP security products offer a proven and easy to use security solution for installations such as schools, manufacturing sites and more.” A free mobile app for Android and iOS allows the user to easily access the system remotely.

The new ‘Scrubbing’ function allows users to quickly search through video footage from multiple cameras at the same time.

The new version of AXIS Camera Station introduces hardware decoding, integration of third-party IP cameras and Axis Optimized Rendering for high-definition identification and smooth videos with up to three 4K video streams. A new mobile viewing app allows for easy remote monitoring.

A free mobile viewing app available for Android and iOS-based mobile devices allows users to view live video from cameras as well as recorded video footage. AXIS Camera Station 5 allows users to take full advantage of Axis’ wide range of video surveillance cameras and technologies. It supports 360º overview recording, H.264 compression, multi-view streaming, Axis’ Corridor Format, Axis’ Zipstream technology and advanced camera-based video motion detection. Additional functionality can easily be added with ACAP applications.

The user interface of AXIS Camera Station has been designed for ease of use. The ’Operator Mode’ provides a dedicated interface for efficient operation that meets the requirements of the occasional user as well as the more active user in installations such as larger retail stores, schools and manufacturing facilities. AXIS Camera Station 5 introduces support for hardware decoding and Axis Optimized Rendering.


Existing AXIS Camera Station customers with up to 32 devices and all AXIS S10 Recorder customers regardless of system size will benefit from a free upgrade to AXIS Camera Station 5.

AXIS Camera Station 5 offers a 30-day free trial period and can be downloaded from:

View how to save snapshots directly to your mobile device with Axis Mobile App for AXIS Camera Station 5:

Machine washable.

Even heavy storms can’t stop Axis outdoor cameras. That’s because they’ve passed water tests for IP and NEMA 4X ratings. And, while we don’t put them in washing machines, we do blast them at close range with at least 100 liters of high-pressure water. Beat that, Mother Nature. It’s just one of the tough tests Axis cameras face, so you can be sure you’ll always get the best image quality and high performance – no matter what the conditions.

Learn more about Axis’ quality assurance work at



27 ways to make your life easier By Viktor Svärm, Sales Engineer, Axis Communications

Did you know we’ve developed 27 tools to make your job simpler?

When systems integrators and installers talk to us, they invariably mention the fact that they’re ‘time poor’. Try as they might, they never seem to have enough time to devote to the important things – like staying on top of innovation and winning new business. In response, we’ve developed our Tool Portal: We’ve brought together over 25 useful tools and features designed to help all your projects run smoothly and efficiently – and give you some of that valuable time back. Here are some examples:

AXIS Lens calculator

This tool will help you pick cameras with the correct resolution for the distance required. All you have to do is select your preferred model of camera, adjust the distance and focal length to get the achieved pixel resolution, or, input a desired resolution and get the resulting distance and focal length.

Storage, sorted

Then there’s the Axis Design Tool, which will help you estimate the storage and network bandwidth of your customers’ systems. Using the performance of each camera and sample videos as a guide, the tool delivers a bill of material that perfectly fits your customer’s project. Better still, it will help you avoid overor under-specifying a system’s network capabilities.


SketchUp® your cameras…

To help you and your customers visualize the monitoring areas of their cameras, we’ve created a free extension tool for SketchUp. Now you can insert 3D CAD camera models, complete with interactive functionality, into any SketchUp model and see exactly what is covered by their field of vision.

…and visualize their coverage

We’ve also developed a Coverage Shapes tool that works with Microsoft® Visio®. The tool will help you verify that you’ve got the right number and right type of cameras for your surveillance system. With the help of visual representations of the areas covered by the cameras, you can help your customers get a better understanding of how their final project will look.

Work anywhere – with or without a network connection

With AXIS Site Designer, you’ll be able to pick just the right cameras for any surveillance scenario. Adding accessories and picking a recording solution is quick and easy. When done designing your project, AXIS Site Designer prints a comprehensive bill of materials that includes everything you need to complete your installation. AXIS Site Designer is a web application that is easily accessible on from your tablet or PC with no additional software to download or install. Once you have started the application, it can be used even when offline.

AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP)

Finally, ACAP is an open platform for users to add analytics and other applications to Axis products to meet specific security and business requirements. Software companies have already developed a wide range of applications such as cross-line detection, people counting and license plate recognition, and many more are in the pipeline.

From efficiency comes profitability

So, if you haven’t had a look at our new tool portal yet, why not have a browse now? With 27 tools in all, you’re bound to find some useful ways to make designing and installing systems simpler and quicker. And that means a greater profit for you.

Find out more:

Let’s get this job started...

...and finished. Having the right tools to hand can make a big difference to the time spent on surveillance jobs. That’s why we’ve brought over 20 Axis tools and features together in one place to help you in the design, installation, configuration and maintenance of your projects. The Axis tool portal hosts everything you’ll need to make projects run as smoothly as possible. There you’ll find quick links to frequently used tools, plus there’s information on tools you may have not yet discovered.

Find the right tools for the job at



The power of distribution One-stop-shops of the future By Björn Callenfors, Distribution Manager, Nordics, Axis Communications The cornerstone of Axis’ business models has always been our close relationship with distribution. But Axis’ distributors are so much more than logistics partners. The logistics part of an indirect sales model is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from stock keeping and deliveries, today’s market puts high demands on the ability to give recommendations on products that actually fit into different types of solutions. Axis is operating in an industry that to a large extent is built on open standards and the ability to integrate and connect different devices from a number of manufacturers. Axis are, of course, experts on Axis products, as our competitors are experts on their products. But there is definitely a need for a player with the expertise to make it all come together. When an integrator or installer works together with a distributor that sits on expertise in many product fields it can make their life much easier. A distributor can recommend and consult partners in their choice of components when creating a solution.

In many cases, distributors themselves have testing and demo facilities where they can validate the performance of a solution, making purchasing easier for installers and integrators. As the surveillance industry is maturing, the way surveillance equipment is sold is changing. Historically one solution was only applicable for one installation. There was a high level of customization even in smaller installations. Today we see more and more pre-defined solutions and bundles of components with the purpose to make the selection process easier for installers. Availability can sometimes be more fundamental than a large product portfolio. Here the distributor plays a natural part as they can build stock on a number of core items. Items that they know work together in a solution. Apart from maintaining high availability of products the most integral part of a distributor is letting the market know about the solution. For Axis, this means working closely with the distributor to market different solutions through the distributors’ communication channels.

In the spirit of simplicity and Internet of things the increasing maturity of the market is slowly changing the purchasing behavior in the security industry. Just like in our non-professional life, internet shopping is becoming more popular. The IT industry has since long heavily relied on the web shops as their main purchasing interface, even for large and complex orders. We can now see the same trend in the security industry. More and more security integrators and installers choose to purchase security components from distributor’s web shops. Some even have personalized log-ins where the distributor has picked a number of core products for the integrator to choose from. In the future it is not enough to be a true one-stop-shop, purchasing must be simple as well.

Axis is working with the following distributors in Northern Europe


ADI is the leading global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products with more than 200 worldwide locations to serve you.

Axis Distributor in: UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Anixter is a leading global supplier of communications and security products and electrical and electronic wire and cable.

Axis Distributor in: UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

EET Europarts is part of the EET Group, founded in 1986, and today one of Europe´s leading distributors within IT, security and surveillance, home entertainment and lifestyle electronics.

Axis Distributor in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Elektronix AS is known for its high quality products, fast delivery and good prices. The company is professionals in customizing products according to customer requirements.

Axis Distributor in: Norway

Mayflex is owned by Sonepar, an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in B2B distribution of electrical products and related services.

Axis Distributor in: UK and Ireland

Norbain is the successful UK-based distributor of IP, CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Detection solutions.

Axis Distributor in: UK and Ireland

Tech Data is one of the world’s largest technology distributors, helping companies bring their products to market, and offering a wide range of technical and business support services.

Axis Distributor in: UK and Ireland


The Internet of Security Things: Intelligent solutions for mid-size markets Lars Hansson, Key Account Manager at Axis Communications, looks at how the Internet of Security Things is helping mid-sized firms increase business intelligence. We are entering a new era, whereby billions of devices will be able to collect and communicate data through the internet. To quantify this development, Gartner recently forecast there will be 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ in use worldwide this year . The hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) is phenomenal, with smart, connected products representing a very real step forward in connecting disparate machines and widely dispersed data. The IoT is set to have profound ramifications on the security and video surveillance industries. 20 years ago, Axis Communications introduced what many consider to be a pioneering IoT device, long before the term existed, launching the security industry’s first networkconnected camera. Little did we know at the time that this would ultimately spawn a tidal wave far beyond security. Going forward, the IoT will allow network cameras to think independently and make smart decisions on their own. At Axis, we call this increased intelligence the Internet of Security Things (IoST).

Supporting medium-sized markets – because size matters

What do educational facilities and manufacturing plants have in common? Both are medium-sized system users that are looking for more than just video surveillance. We’ve noticed that mid-sized businesses and schools are increasingly looking for active surveillance to protect their property and people, while maintaining focus on their primary business or educational goals. Customers are therefore looking for reliable, intelligent end-to-end solutions that are easy to install and use. This is where smart connected devices come in. As the mid-sized market increasingly searches for intelligent solutions for its surveillance needs, Axis’ end-toend video technologies have evolved to

become easy to install and out-of-thebox ready. An Axis end-to-end solution provides a business with everything it needs to confidently monitor its premises. In addition, all of our solutions are designed with open IP standards, meaning they can easily connect with existing IT infrastructure. Their flexible and scalable nature means an end-to-end solution will work with a firm’s network, routers, screens, computers, tablets and smartphones. Of course, surveillance isn’t the only important aspect for medium-sized markets, and intelligent security can easily be incorporated with a range of tools and applications: > AXIS Entry Manager: IP-based access management system that can easily manage access credentials and schedules to control who has access to a location > AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP): Analytical tool enabling businesses to choose from a range of applications > Identification and entry: Adding remote entry to a basic surveillance system dramatically increases the security of a premises. With an Axis network video door station, users can communicate with and identify people with high-quality video at the door before granting access


Audio: Enhancing a security system with the addition of microphones and speakers for two-way audio communication allows clear communication in both video surveillance and public address (PA) applications

Certainly, the Internet of Things is poised to disrupt businesses within all industries. For organisations looking to reap the benefits of IoT within their mid-sized business, active surveillance will be key to adding intelligence to their surveillance network. The Internet of Security Things will ensure organisations’ premises are secure; and enhanced intelligence will help improve operational efficiency, therefore driving increased ROI. With the adoption of IoT in our industry only set to rise; getting in soon will be critical to medium-sized organisations’ future success.

System components

Visitor management

Input and output integration

Network cameras AXIS A8004-E

Security analytics Business analytics

Access control

AXIS P8221 Voice challenge and alert

AXIS Camera Station AXIS S10 Series AXIS A1001

AXIS C3003-E



Focus on Axis technologies By Peter Dempsey, Key Account Manager Ireland, Axis Communications

At Axis we continuously develop new technologies and smart solutions with the purpose to add value to our customers security and surveillance installations. Here we have summarised some of the latest innovative technology inventions launched by our highly skilled development teams.

LightFinder Technology

Lightfinder technology is a combination of Axis’ expertise in image processing, inhouse system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components. Cameras with Axis’ Lightfinder technology have extreme light sensitivity. Cameras with Lightfinder technology implemented can deliver color images in as little light as 0.18 lux or lower. Compared with any analog or network cameras, the Lightfinder technology will give more life-like colors in low-light conditions. The noise reduction of the Lightfinder technology is vastly improved compared with any surveillance camera on the market, which in combination with the light sensitivity of the sensor gives a superior image quality.

distance will be reduced. Depending on camera model, the IR illumination with OptimizedIR can reach over 40 m (131 ft.) with low, environmental-friendly power consumption, supplied by standard Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af). When the field of view is adjusted at the installation of an Axis camera with remote zoom and OptmizedIR, the angle of illumination automatically adapts to the zoom level. The illumination angle follows the camera’s zoom movements to always provide the maximum amount of light in the image. Another adaptation performed by Axis’ OptimizedIR technology is visible when the subject is far away from the camera and the whole area is illuminated. When the subject is approaching the camera, the exposure is adapting. When the subject is by the camera, it is illuminated and not overexposed. Link to demo video:

Link to demo video:

Zipstream technology


Axis’ OptimizedIR technology is based on new, smart, power-efficient and patented LED technology. It is designed for easy, cost-efficient and environmental friendly installation. It results in highquality, low-noise video, even when the environment is completely dark. A too narrowly illuminated area will produce ‘white out or glare’ in the middle of the scene, and some areas will not be correctly illuminated. On the other hand, a too widely illuminated area means that light will shine on objects outside the area of interest, and also that the viewing


Optimized for video surveillance, Axis’ Zipstream technology is a radically more efficient H.264 implementation, lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by an average 50 percent or more for many common 24/7 surveillance use cases. Axis’ Zipstream technology analyzes and optimizes the network camera’s video stream in real time. Scenes containing interesting details are recorded in full image quality and resolution while

other areas are filtered out, to optimally use available bandwidth and storage. Important forensic details like faces, tattoos or license plates are isolated and preserved, while irrelevant areas such as white walls, lawns and vegetation are sacrificed by smoothing in order to achieve the better storage savings. Customers can use Axis’ Zipstream technology alongside other Axis network camera technologies such as Wide Dynamic Range - Forensic Capture and Lightfinder. Axis’ Zipstream technology is fully compatible with the H.264 compression standard and can be used with the latest Axis cameras, AXIS Camera Companion and third-party video management software without additional investment. Link to demo video:

Wide Dynamic Range - WDR

Wide dynamic range is a feature in some Axis network cameras that handles a wide range of lighting conditions in a scene. In a scene with extremely bright and dark areas or in backlight situations where a person is in front of a bright window, a typical camera would produce an image where objects in the dark areas would hardly be visible.

WDR solves this by applying various techniques to enable objects in both bright and dark areas to be visible.

WDR – Forensic Capture

Electronic Image Stabilization

A surveillance camera mounted in an exposed location such as on a high pole or a street sign near a busy road, can be shaken by winds or passing traffic, which will blur the video. In these situations, Electronic image stabilization, a feature in Axis network cameras which greatly improves video quality in situations where a camera is subject to vibrations, provides smooth and comfortable live viewing. Axis’ Electronic image stabilization is designed to cover a wide range of frequencies, as well as coping with high and low amplitudes, provides clear images - even in scenes with lots of motion. With Electronic image stabilization activated, the vibrating effect in video is reduced and thus providing a smoother and steadier image - even on windy days when vibrations otherwise would have affected the video quality. Link to demo video: -01dcNboMcg

Axis’ WDR – Forensic Capture optimizes video for forensic purposes by enabling an extremely high level of detail to be visible in both dark and bright areas of a scene. It is the result of years of development at Axis combined with the best imaging components on the market. An Axis camera with WDR – Forensic Capture applies advanced algorithms to optimize image quality and includes the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR and low-light mode. WDR – Dynamic Range With Axis’ WDR – Dynamic Contrast, the camera performs an advanced tone mapping, where some brightness levels are dropped to decrease the bit depth to a format that a computer screen can handle. In this tone mapping, both the darkest and the brightest parts are taken into account, resulting in more details on both ends. WDR – Dynamic Capture Axis’ WDR – Dynamic Capture works by acquiring several images with different exposure times for each image. These pictures are then combined in a composite, where both the brightest and the darkest parts are kept, resulting in an image with exceptional clarity and sharpness. Link to tutorial on Wide Dynamic Range: web-articles/widedynamic-range/

Sharpdome technology

Sharpdome technology offers innovative mechanics that make the entire dome rotate, in contrast to a conventional dome where the camera rotates inside the dome. The mechanics and the ideal placement of the camera module together with the unique design of the outdoor dome enable the same optimal image sharpness and full scene fidelity in all pan and tilt positions. This provides clear identification of objects as much as 20° above the camera horizon making these cameras suitable for uneven terrain.

The Sharpdome technology includes Axis’ unique Speed Dry function that helps to provide sharp images in rainy weather. It can also simplify dome cleaning, allowing for more efficient methods such as high pressure cleaning. With the Speed Dry function activated, the dome vibrates at high speed. It breaks the surface tension of the water and removes the drips. Link to demo video:

Corridor Format In many surveillance situations you want to monitor an area that is more vertical than horizontal in shape. This includes staircases, hallways, aisles, roads, runways, tunnels, and many other applications. In these situations, the traditional landscape format is not the optimal solution since it creates video streams where a large part of the field of view – specifically the sides of the image – is redundant. In turn, this means that the image quality is not maximized because the full area and resolution of the camera’s image sensor is not utilized. In the process, bandwidth and storage is also wasted. Axis’ unique and simple solution to this problem is the Corridor Format. The new format allows you to get a vertically oriented, “portrait”shaped video stream from the camera. The video is adapted perfectly to the monitored area, maximizing image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. Axis’ Corridor Format is even more useful for modern HDTV network cameras that deliver a 16:9 aspect ratio since the resulting image will have a 9:16 aspect ratio – just the right thing for narrow corridors, hallways or aisles. Link to demo video: QMpmVS84OOA

Supported products: support/faq/ FAQ115405



Happy birthday AXIS 200! Celebrating 20 years of the network camera Martin Gren, co-inventor of the network camera and co-founder of Axis, looks back at the camera’s launch and its 20 year journey from a new concept to what we know today

Developing the first network camera

We celebrate many birthdays at Axis, and not just those of our 2,000 employees. We’ve brought many new and exciting solutions to the market and 1996 was a particularly productive year in our history. 20 years ago we launched the world’s first network camera, AXIS 200, and pioneered ‘ThinServer’ technology – that would later to become the enabling concept behind Internet of Things (IoT). The original network camera provided low performance – around one Common Intermediate Format (CIF) image every 17 seconds, but with significant investment, we developed the first generation of our ARTPEC chip, enabling our cameras to reach 30fps – an impressive achievement at the time. Our early focus was to make networks smarter, enabling a range of hardware to be connected simply and economically to IP networks. Starting as a print server company, and with everyone talking about the dying mainframe, we knew we had to innovate to survive. We started to attach printers to networks, then we began to attach anything, including network-based optical storage; we called this ‘ThinServer’. This climate and framework allowed us to develop the first network camera, which given its nature, seemed only natural to refer to as a ‘camera server’.

Shift from surveillance to intelligence

Axis’ network cameras have come a long way since their introduction. In 1999, we were the first to offer a Linux-based network product, AXIS 2100, and in 2009, we launched the first network camera with HDTV capabilities. It wasn’t an easy journey, and our engineers persevered to make it work on what was a severely handicapped version of Linux.


We did get it working, however, and within ten years of the introduction of the first network camera, we reached one million installations worldwide, revolutionising the industry and transforming video surveillance from analogue to digital. Today, this is referred to as part of the Internet of Security Things (IoST) and we offer over 200 network camera models providing intelligent capabilities, such as 4K and HD resolution, wide-dynamic range, infrared and Lightfinder - all of which ensure a crystal clear picture. As analytics becomes increasingly important for businesses, our cameras are also facilitating a shift from a pure surveillance approach, to one of business intelligence. IP cameras are no longer just about producing a video feed - we provide facial recognition, cross line detection and other intelligent solutions.

Evolution of the network camera

Today, Axis is the market leader in network video, increasing the security of millions of people worldwide. This hasn’t always been the case. When we developed the first network camera, we didn’t fully understand the potential applications; we did it because we could. We were an IT company that happened to land in the security industry. We spotted an opportunity in an industry that was all analogue and waiting to go digital – and seized the opportunity to innovate. 20 years on from the introduction of the AXIS 200, innovation remains key in our goal to create a smarter, safer world. Two years ago, we returned to our roots of attaching anything to a network, including Physical Access Control and some new additions – the Network Horn Speaker and an IP-based video door station (an IoT-based intercom).

”I had a deal with management – if we could sell more than 10,000 units of the original network camera, we would create an independent camera business unit. I got my camera business unit.” Martin Gren, Axis co-founder and co-inventor of the network camera With the technology’s continued improvement, integrators and their customers are looking to supplement traditional surveillance with innovative business intelligence applications. Smart cities, transportation, retail and healthcare are just some of the sectors expected to benefit from the next IoST revolution, where intelligent technology is responsible for driving operational efficiencies.

20 years



Axis cameras and Streamdays boost visitor numbers and conservation support By Kristina Tullberg, Communications Specialist, Axis Communications

Whether it’s providing a sneak peek at the visitor experience or providing an insight to the habits of a protected species – networked cameras are now a vital part of raising awareness for wildlife conservation projects and helping tourist venues boost visitor numbers. But to be potent and help attract support and paying customers, a live stream of images needs to be reliable and of a high enough quality to showcase the location clearly. Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, works closely with partner NW Systems Group who have developed a service called Streamdays. It’s a smart solution to deliver live-streaming, HD video content to websites at up to 30 frames per second and it’s proving popular with tourist attractions and animal conservation organisations around the world.

Axis cameras are installed at the location to capture the action and then Streamdays provides a full hosting service for the live streaming. The camera view can be easily inserted into existing websites and the service is delivered for as little as £29 per month. Streamdays provide full technical support and even provide social media support to promote the feed.


Paul Sandford, Digital Marketing Manager at NW Systems Group explained: “Streamdays is a smart hosting service that is very popular with wildlife tourist attractions because it gives a clear view of what the visitor can expect to enjoy when they go. It’s a great taster. We provide the hosting and the client can just drop the camera window into existing websites. It’s fast and reliable and it really does boost visitor numbers.” Paul added: “Good cameras are the bedrock of this solution. They need to be the right cameras for the job, they need to provide crystal clear images, they need to be easy to install and they need to be reliable. That’s why we choose to partner with Axis Communications.” And Nick Platt Higgins, Key Account Manager from Axis added: “This is an innovative and flexible service that relies on quality camera images and we are delighted to be working with NW Systems Group on this innovative Streamdays project. We have a wide range of Axis cameras which offer the flexibility to be able to watch everything from wild bats at night to feeding times at the zoo. Combined with the technology of Streamdays, it’s a winning formula.” One of the organisations already using the solution is Chester Zoo. The zoo is one of the largest in the UK with more than 12,000 animals and 400 different species. It boasts 125 acres of award-winning zoological gardens and attracts 1.6 million visitors every year. It is involved in many conservation projects. Chester Zoo now has three cameras focused on the flamingos, giraffes and penguins – the product used is AXIS Q7401 video encoder. Chester Zoo’s Alex Knight said: “We had struggled in the past to ensure that our camera streaming was resilient enough to be live without significant downtime. We started working

with Streamdays and have been delighted with how robust the solution has been. They made the whole process very smooth and set our cameras live without a hitch.” The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon are also using the solution with six cameras and say the camera in the main barn attracts scores of visitors and provides a vital line of communications with their many supporters around the UK and the world. Their mission is to transform the quality of life for donkeys, mules and people worldwide through greater understanding, collaboration and support, and by promoting lasting, mutually lifeenhancing relationships. At Christmas, the charity turns on the sound for the live stream in the main barn and holds a carol service which is enjoyed by people across the globe. The Donkey Sanctuary’s Jennifer Tucker said of the installation: “The professional service has been a massive improvement. We’ve had all the cameras upgraded and a new camera installed recently. The level of care and service the engineers have provided on site go beyond expectations. Because of the distance of some of the cameras, line of sight has been an issue, but no stone was left unturned by the engineer and at the end of the day, we have all the cameras streaming.”

Cumbria Wildlife chose Streamdays to broadcast their live Foulshaw osprey footage. Their camera attracted a great following and viewers watched the osprey chicks grow throughout the summer months. Charlotte Rowley at Cumbria Wildlife said: “We chose Streamdays to broadcast our live osprey footage as we know it had performed well for other Wildlife Trusts. Knowing the quality and service was good in advance was a good incentive for us to go ahead without any worry. The footage we got from the service was excellent and kept people watching our ospreys for hours. Being able to see the ospreys go from eggs to fully fledged birds in such great quality video was brilliant.� For further information, visit:



Safer bus travel with Nobina thanks to Axis network cameras A scalable and modern camera system has generated significant savings in terms of both time and money. Nobina buses have been rolling on Swedish roads for over 100 years – in the early 1900s under the name “Postens diligenstrafik”. Today, one out of every three bus trips in Sweden is taken with Nobina, which operates in over 100 locations in Sweden. The public transportation companies driving Nobina buses include SL in Stockholm, Västtrafik in Västra Götaland, and Skånetrafiken in Skåne. A well-functioning security system is an important part of making buses a more attractive choice of public transportation. Nobina wanted to increase safety and security for both its passengers and bus drivers. Nobina’s main demand was a reliable system with cameras that produce very high image quality. The cameras had to be vandal-proof, able to handle difficult and changeable light conditions (both bright sunlight and night darkness), and able to produce sharp images with high recognition of faces and details from a shaky environment since the buses vibrate, make turns, and drive over bumps. The system also had to be highly reliable, scalable, future-proof, and easily expanded with new add-on services in the future. It had to be easy to use and capable of being managed and administrated remotely from a central location.

Manual handling

Previously, the driver of each bus had to check whether the cameras were working by looking to see whether the lamp was lit red or green. After any bus trip involving an incident or suspected crime, the hard drives had to be manually retrieved from the bus to be able to provide the image recordings to the police. This process was not reliable, cost effective or environmentally sustainable.


Reliable turnkey solution

Nobina has been working with Observit since 2011. Nobina installed network cameras from the AXIS M31 and AXIS P39 series together with Observit’s BOT system for security surveillance, built on open standard and specially designed for transportation vehicles. The system is currently installed on Nobina buses in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Observit BOT is an effective system that makes it easy to install and manage a large number of vehicles and cameras centrally with a high level of reliability –24/7. The system continuously performs self-checks of systems, cameras and functions. All incidents are detected immediately when they occur and are reported to Nobina’s traffic control center. The image material is available to authorized users both in real time – even when the buses are rolling and in service – and in recorded form for later analysis. Axis network cameras are easy to install and maintain. The cameras are of HDTV quality and can produce sharp color images, even in complicated environments and light conditions. The design is discreet, with cameras that have won awards for their design. They are robust and can withstand vibrations, temperature changes, dust and moisture, and have an anti-tampering alarm that signals if someone blocks them or sprays them with paint. Observit is an Application Development Partner of Axis. “Axis has extremely reliable products of very high quality, and their cameras can handle all technically difficult environments. Not only is it easy to work with Axis products, it’s also very easy to work with Axis employees,” says Lars Flodén, CEO of Observit.

”Observit offers a turnkey solution that gives you complete control of the entire process, from simple installation to monitoring of the cameras in each bus and the collection of image material.The entire process is covered in a highly functional and quality manner.” Bram Lauwers, Product Manager Digital Services at Nobina.

Safer in service

Nobina has received a scalable and modern system for its buses and obtained significant savings in terms of both time and money. “We are extremely pleased with Observit BOT and Axis cameras. We received a reliable solution that increases security for both our passengers and our bus drivers. In the event an incident does occur, the happenings in the bus are recorded and we can quickly and more efficiently provide better images to the police,” says Bram Lauwers, Product Manager Digital Services at Nobina. “The solution and cameras have also helped to reduce the amount of vandalism in the buses.”


The Royal College of Surgeons is safe and secure with Axis Cameras provide superb flexibility and functionality during the refurbishment of one of the UK’s oldest Grade A listed institutions. Entering its sixth century, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (College) is an historic professional member’s organisation that pursues excellence and advancement in surgical and dental practices. The College is spread over a number of buildings around Hill Square, including The Playfair Building, designed by Scottish architect William Henry Playfair, which houses Surgeons Hall Museums and Scotland’s oldest medical museum. In addition, the College boasts offices for over 150 staff, a modern surgical skills training facility called Quincentenary Hall, and a Symposium Hall - a tiered auditorium with adjoining exhibition space. In addition, the College also houses a four-star Hotel, Ten Hill Place, providing accommodation for visitors and tourists. All buildings serve both important professional and commercial functions. The College commits to providing the best services and facilities to those who work and visit its main campus situated in Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. The nature of the campus layout means that, when it comes to selecting an integrated security solution, one size does not fit all. As such, the project required more than one camera type. Considerations also had to be given to the various buildings, their function and design, including the Grade A listed Surgeon’s Hall building, which contains collections of important international significance. Axis was chosen as the preferred supplier because of the reliability, flexibility and inconspicuousness of its cameras.

Adaptability for all requirements

The project included a series of AXIS M3007-PV Network Cameras. These fivemegapixel fixed mini dome cameras can be discreetly mounted on walls or ceilings, providing four feeds of detailed, high quality panoramic views. They were chosen primarily because of their flexibility; they could be re-positioned to move along

with refurbishment works with few time or fitting constraints. The cameras were predominantly positioned within offices and moved from one to another as the refurbishment progressed. In the case of the hotel and its exterior support, AXIS P3364-LVE fixed dome network cameras offered superb video performance to produce high-quality, low-noise video, even when the environment was completely dark. AXIS P3364-LVE integrates Axis’ unique Lightfinder technology, which makes the camera extremely sensitive to light, while maintaining colours in very poor lighting conditions. This is obtained through a combination of Axis’ expertise in image processing, system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components. Lightfinder-enabled cameras were strategically positioned inside the hotel reception area, over the main entrance and also around the car park, in areas where street lighting was poor. It was agreed that the discreet and covert AXIS P1204 Network Camera, which enables easy integration into very limited spaces, would be the most appropriate camera type to install. The device offers HD-quality video and comprises a main unit and a separate sensor unit that allow them to be mounted up to eight meters (26ft.) apart.

Maintaining open communication

Although the College recently celebrated its 500th anniversary and is seen as a prestigious and traditional institution, it has always been at the ‘cutting edge’ of surgical education, training and in setting standards at home and abroad. As adoption of any technology can provide challenges, it was imperative that the system capabilities were discussed at great length with the client in order to assure them of

”We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Axis’ camera offering – they’re easy to install, easy to reposition and easy to use. The system we’ve got now is already making a positive impact on the College and will, I’m sure, have an even bigger impact as the refurbishment progresses. We look forward to continuing to work with Arthur McKay and Axis over the coming months to complete this very important initiative and, on conclusion, to fully exploit the capabilities of this new IP-based video and monitoring system.” Kenny Ryan, IT manager, Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. the camera’s quality and ease of use when setting up and maintaining. Kenny Ryan, IT manager, at Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, commented: “We have been very impressed with the flexibility of Axis cameras, and how unobtrusive they are. The have been a great benefit during a time of such change for the campus.” Development works are set to continue for the foreseeable future. It is estimated that over 170 Axis cameras will eventually contribute to the safe and successful refurbishment of the College’s iconic buildings.


Any bus.

Not just any camera. Axis has launched its third generation cameras for buses and trains. They’re vibration-, dust- and moisture-resistant and come with a camera tampering alarm. They’re extremely compact, with no sharp edges, but very sharp HDTV images. So you can quickly find out exactly what happened and get clear evidence. Get the details at



Classroom trainings Network Video Fundamentals Professionals working with system integration and network video design will appreciate this comprehensive course that covers the essentials of network video. These essentials include: Camera installation, optics, image usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics. Designing Network Video Solutions Product selection and camera placement ultimately effect system usability. This course discusses achieving surveillance goals, camera placement, light considerations and video analytics. Axis system design tools will be introduced. AXIS Camera Station This technical course will give you the skills to successfully deploy and manage AXIS Camera Station. Register for our courses here Denmark: Finland: Norway: Sweden: UK & Ireland: Discover our online courses! The course calendar is subject to changes. For updated course information please visit our website.

Training Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals AXIS Camera Station Network Video Fundamentals Physical Access Control Network Video Fundamentals Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Designing Network Video Solutions Network Video Fundamentals Designing Network Video Solutions Axis Pre-Certification Physical Access Control



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River Island attends Retail Solutions Workshop Axis has designed and delivered a network video “Retail Solutions Workshop” for River Island’s Profit Protection team. Ben Deeks has steered the project and said, “it is crucial that the team are on point with the technology and can maximise the benefits from day one. Axis training is industry renowned and excellent for the team’s personal development”. The one day course at the Axis Academy in Watford is the first step in developing the team’s skill base and an acknowledgment that the “internet of things” will play a significant part in retail operations. “It is clear that network video will play a part in improving our customer experience and reducing our losses, and we have committed to integrating it with other complementary technologies” said Jon Wright who heads up the function.

If you have attended one of our classroom trainings and would like to keep up to date with what is happening in Axis Northern Europe Training Community – Join our LinkedIn Forum. Axis Communications Academy Forum – Northern Europe:



Come and meet the Axis Northern Europe team! Below is a selection of the events that Axis will participate in during 2016 quarter 2, 3 and 4. If you are planning to visit any of the below events don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make sure your visit becomes worthwhile.




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Description This event is designed to be the place to find the full breadth and depth of learning needed to stay at the top of the profession for the year ahead. Security & Counter Terror Expo (SCTX) is the event for any professional tasked with protecting assets, business, people and nations from terrorism.

Retail Risk is the latest offering of what has now become the biggest risk and loss prevention conference series in the world.

IFSEC International is the largest event for the security industry, bringing together the entire security buying chain in one place. SKYDD gives you a chance to meet the decision makers and professionals face to face in the most important fair of the branch in Sweden. The meeting point for suppliers. Installers, consultants and end-users within the field of security.

Keep your eyes open for our new pod!

We have recently launched a station for smaller exhibitions and conferences. At this very intuitive demonstration station you will experience the seamless integration between various Axis products including AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, AXIS C3003-E Horn Network Speaker, AXIS A8004 Video Door Station and Axis IP cameras. Our skilled sales and engineering staff will walk you through this comprehensive installation using AXIS Camera Station video management software. The demonstration will give you a full understanding of how our integrated mid-size offering can meet your security needs.



Axis Regional Connections Events You are invited to meet your regional Axis account manager and the wider team at a venue near you.

CLAUDIA COPELAND our Channel Marketing Coordinator welcomes you to our regional connection events!

These half day events are designed for you to get to know the team and how we can help grow your business moving forward. During the morning you will discover the many benefits to partnering with Axis and also get a look at what we think the future holds for Axis. Kind regards, The Axis UK events team

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Networking Lunch

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