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BUILDING STRONGER COMMUNITIES We can provide your community with an affordable mobile application that leads to greater engagement, increased economic activity and increased revenue opportunities.


We’ve created a sample prototype of your mobile app and would love to schedule a time to visit with you and show you how you can get started within 45 days.

NO COST Let us show you how this will cost you nothing and generate ATLEAST $300 annually CALL TODAY 218-210-7873 or email

VISITORS GUIDE FORMAT When people visit your community they are looking to experience what you do best; dining, lodging, activities, shopping, culture, events, etc. The Community Builder mobile app is designed to be user friendly and intuitive to help visitors and residents take advantage of all that your community has to offer.

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Search Businesses

DIRECTORY SEARCH SHOWCASE YOUR BUSINESSES TO THE COMMUNITY Accurate business listings not only ensure customers can find your businesses, but also increase the chances of driving revenue in your community. Sounds like a smart first step to engage.


Users can get directions using their default device map program, they can place a call if viewing the app on a smartphone and they can visit the business website all with the click of a button.

Basic and Enhanced listings provide your businesses the options they need to extend their reach. Rich photos, video, links, Google maps and more.

Business check-ins. When a user checks in they can leave a comment or tip for other app users. They can share their checkin on either Facebook or Twitter.


Users can locate businesses on a map. They can pinch, zoom and pan within the map to locate business. By tapping the balloons on the map, a business name is displayed.

EVENT REGISTRATION INCREASED REGISTRATIONS AND ATTENDANCE All of your events and your members’ events can be accessed using The Community Builder App. Based on your community makeup, we can also display other events such as association or chamber members, non-profit, community, school and/or political events.

Register for Event

FILTER BY CATEGORY When viewing an event log, users can filter the events being displayed. Event filtering is designed to be temporary and an applied filter can easily be removed.


By clicking on a hot deal from either the list view or the map view brings you to the Hot Deal detail page.

Hot Deals created by your participating businesses are displayed in the app in both a list view and map view. The detail page contains a detailed description of the offer and a photo if available.

Users can comment on a hot deal and share on Facebook, Twitter or by email.

ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY This area is used to highlight your community or region. Links may include, chamber news, local news, town or city staff, and local groups. The “about” page contains a description of your community. There is a photo gallery at the top that contains multiple images loaded by our staff.

At the bottom of the “about” page are links to place a call to specified agencies when using a smart phone, the community website and social media pages.


The social feed provides your app users an opportunity to engage with other members of their community in a fashion similar to other social platforms they use everyday.


Users can check-in from the social feed to a business. Other users can then comment or like their posts. You can also click on a persons profile picture to view their profile.

ACCOUNT CREATION Users can create an account in the app or connect their social profiles to the app in order to take advantage of personalized services within the app like commenting, liking, check-ins and friending.

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USER PROFILES From an individual user’s profile you can choose to “friend” other users of the app, which opens up specific activities within the app like viewing activity and friends of friends.

FILTER BY FRIENDS Once a user is logged in they can filter the social feed in order to quickly see the posts of the people they friend.

SOCIAL POSTS Users can post directly to the social feed. They can also share their post on the social media sites Facebook and Twitter

PHOTO POSTS Posts can include photos either from their gallery or their camera. Examples of status updates could be attendance at our events, a grand opening, new menu item, new property listings and more.


Here you can update your display name, location, website and brief personal bio.

Here you can view your own personal profile. You can view your own personal activity, view your friends list, logout of the app and edit your personal profile within the app.

You can also update your profile picture using your camera or an existing photo.


Assist your local businesses in retaining customers and increasing revenues. Accumulation of points will unlock rewards on the points meter based on the earned levels.

FREE Dessert with Purchase

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The most powerful tool to draw attention and engage with your community. Engage our users where they are, on their smart phones. Provide them with an app loaded with useful features and send messages they will actually read.

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Community App Builder Galveston  

Community App Builder Galveston

Community App Builder Galveston  

Community App Builder Galveston