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Axiom’s Local Standards as at April 2015

‘making a positive difference to people’s lives’


Introduction As part of the Homes & Communities Agency framework of standards, we consulted with all residents on the services that we offer. The information contained within this booklet is the results of those conversations These local standards will help us to improve your neighbourhoods and services and help us to make sure that your requirements are met

Tenant Involvement & Empowerment Get Involved Get Heard:

We will

 

make tenant involvement a top priority

 

support and assist tenants who want to get involved

consult tenants in the early stages of all planned services activity so that they can help us to get it right

ensure we use tenants’ feedback to improve services

support tenants on all our estates to check our performance

assist our residents to produce a quarterly newsletter for tenants support Axiom Residents Forum (ARF) with resources

give all tenants the opportunity to get involved in a way they feel comfortable encourage a diverse and broad range of tenants to be involved offering all tenants the opportunity to scrutinise our performance


Tenant Involvement and Empowerment continued:

Customer Service and Choice We want to provide you with a high quality, personal service

To do that we will:

 

make sure appointments are kept

  

answer all enquiries politely and quickly

 

respond to your enquiries within 24 hours

encourage our staff to put themselves in your shoes do what we say we will do ensure our services are easy to reach offering easy access to our staff and a 24 hour emergency repairs service do what we say we will do

Equality and Diversity: We will:

 

not discriminate on any grounds

 

support tenants who are vulnerable

maintain current knowledge of tenants’ needs and preferences

provide homes and services suitable for our tenants diverse needs provide, where possible, a translation/audio services of key information for residents when needed


Tenant Involvement and Empowerment continued:

Tenants with additional support needs We will:

provide a personal service respecting the individual needs of residents

 

provide welfare rights advice and support

ensure tenant satisfaction with support staff and support services

provide assistive equipment and adaptations to homes to meet tenants’ needs

Complaints We will:

review our complaints policy and procedure every year, ensuring it is clear and easy to use

provide advice and support to anyone with a complaint and offer mediation where appropriate

acknowledge any complaint within three working days and respond in full within 10 working days, wherever possible

monitor satisfaction levels of how well we deal with complaints

publish the outcomes of complaints


Home Repairs and Maintenance We will:  provide clear information of what can be expect from our repairs service  aim to complete all repair jobs ‘right first time’  complete repairs in line with our targets:  emergency repair 24 hours  urgent repairs 5 working days  routine repairs 20 days  operate a 24 hours a day emergency repair service  give tenants choices on specific improvements, fixtures and fittings/decorations where applicable  have a code of conduct for our maintenance staff and ensure it is put into practice  monitor tenants satisfaction with our repairs service via text, phone, or written surveys  carry out checks on the quality of our repairs  offer a choice of appointment for when we will complete a repair  consult with residents regarding any major works to their property  publish a programme of major works showing where and when we will be carrying out work

Quality of Accommodation We will:  keep all our homes to the ‘Decent Homes’ standard  maintain details of the Axiom Home Standard  undertake reviews of all of our homes which are unpopular or expensive to maintain  improve the overall energy efficiency of our properties every year


Tenancy Allocations We will:   

participate in local choice based lettings schemes offering prospective tenants the choice of where to live assist with moves via exchanges or transfers let properties quickly and to our agreed letable standard

Rent We will:      

charge rents in line with our current rent policy provide clear information about what rent and service charges pay for provide quarterly clear written rent statements provide choices on ways to pay rent or service charges provide advice and support if tenants fall into arrears check resident satisfaction with the value for money of our services

Tenure We will:    

provide tenancies and licences in line with regulations and government standards provide information about different housing options; for instance, shared ownership provide a separate standards booklet for leaseholders recover the cost of any damage to our properties where caused


Neighbourhood and Community Neighbourhood Management We will:

 check tenant satisfaction with our local housing management service  work with ARF on community projects to undertake improvements to estates, schemes or projects  check if residents are happy with our gardening and cleaning service  carry out regular walkabouts with local tenants  visit tenants in their homes at least once a year  keep our estates clean, safe and well-maintained with good lighting, fencing and maintained car parks  develop local standards with residents for our neighbourhoods

Local area co-operation We will:  work with the Local Authority and other providers of housing locally to improve the quality of the neighbourhood  work with local policing groups

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) We will: provide clear information about our ASB policy, who is responsible for dealing with ASB and what action can be taken  respond to reports of ASB within two working days  if there is a serious incident of ASB we will respond in 1 working day  monitor tenant’s satisfaction of how well we deal with ASB  give prompt feedback about what is being done  keep tenants informed of progress following reports of ASB  listen, respond in an unbiased way and will always try to solve the problem  have local housing staff who have strong links with the local council departments (refuse, cleansing, lighting etc), and other agencies to enable a joined-up response


Value for Money : we will

Governance : we will:

 charge rent and service charges that are value for money  clearly explain to tenants our approach to value for money  consult residents on the content of their service charge and provide an annual statement showing the costs of the services  provide information on where we spend tenant’s rent  compare our spending with other housing associations and publish the results  work with tenants to provide services they would like  involve tenants in tendering our contracts to get best value  carefully monitor and report on our spending in our annual report

 involve tenants in running Axiom at every level  provide training information and support to tenants  check every policy with tenants  ensure the Board of Management reflects the local communities we work in Financial Viability : we will  ensure homes and services are top priority for spending  keep Axiom a low risk business  always look to improve our value for money  invest carefully in new homes and services

We can provide copies in large print, Braille, audio format and other languages on request

Axiom Housing Association Limited Axiom House, Cottesmore Close, Peterborough PE3 9TP

 01733 347135 Axiom Housing Association Limited a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 (No. 17971R) and is regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency (Registered No. L0395). Updated April 2015 (replaces previous leaflet): to be reviewed in line with policy reviews.


Axiom local standards february 2015 a4  
Axiom local standards february 2015 a4  

Axiom Local Standards as at February 2015