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Axiom Homeless Action Annual Report 2016/17

“Our mission is to reduce the symptoms, causes and effects of homelessness throughout our areas of operation, through direct action and awareness raising activities.”

‘Helping to put the building blocks in place to help break the cycle of homelessness’

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According to the homeless charity Crisis (August 2017) nearly 160,000 households, estimated at just under a quarter of a million people, are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness across Britain, with rough sleeping forecast to rise by 76 per cent in the next decade. Launched as part of Crisis’ 50th anniversary year, and drawing on the most up-todate sources available, a report written by the Heriot-Watt University estimates that at any one time in 2016 across Britain:-

9,100 people were sleeping rough, compared to previous estimates placing rough sleeping at 4,134 households for England

  

68,300 households were sofa surfing 19,300 households were living in unsuitable temporary accommodation 37,200 households were living in hostels

26,000 households were living in other circumstances, including:

  

8,900 households sleeping in tents, cars or on public transport 12,100 households living in squats 5,000 households in women’s refuges or winter night shelters

Homelessness is on the increase; Axiom Homeless Action is committed to help break the cycle of homelessness and help those requiring temporary and permanent accommodation.


Axiom Homeless Action Values Breaking the cycle of homelessness through practical and tangible support in pursuit of sustainable communities. Breaking the cycle of homelessness through reasoned debate with policy makers and raising of awareness. Promoting collaboration and partnership throughout all areas of activity. Ensuring that stakeholders and service users needs and views remain central to the work we undertake. Operate efficiently and with financial prudence. To research sustainable sources of income.

Axiom Homeless Action Vision Axiom Homeless Action (AHA) is committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness through practical support and direct action and through raising awareness throughout the wider community. We want to be regarded as taking a lead on homelessness issues throughout our areas of operation and exerting influence and pressure wherever we may come across barriers that compound individuals’ homelessness. 3

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Axiom Homeless Action Values Axiom Homeless Action Vision

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Message from Chris Wood trustee and chair


Axiom Homeless Objectives


Key achievements 2016/2017


Profile: Homes for Cathy Profile: Holly’s Story Profile: Axiom celebrates 50 years of Cathy Come Home

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Prevention: St Martin-in-the-Fields Prevention: Working in Partnership

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Fundraising: Fundraising: Fundraising: Fundraising:

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Lincolnshire Co-op Axiom staff The new Haven day of giving Inter-faith Council

Intervention: The power of cardboard! Intervention: Homelessness receives a windfall

Public Benefit Structure, governance and managements Financial review and case study And finally ‌

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About Axiom Homeless Action Axiom Homeless Action Limited is a company limited by guarantee, company registration number 2626686 and registered with the Charity Commission, Charity Registration number 1005310. The company is governed by the provisions contained within the Memorandum and Articles of Association. 4

Chris Wood

Message from Chris Wood Trustee and chair

“Axiom Homeless Action has continued to support a large number of individuals with a wide range of donations and assistance to help people with their everyday lives. The charity continues to be recognised locally for helping those most in need, at the point of need.

How our activities deliver pubic benefit Thirty-nine people were helped during 2016/17 with a total expenditure of £5,400. Axiom Homeless Action has continued to support individuals with donations such as furniture and white goods. As a Trustee of the charity, I am proud that we have continued to assist local homeless people; the charity makes a real difference to people’s lives and general social value for the commissioners of homeless services and for the wider community. With our parent organisation, Axiom Housing Association Limited, we continue to assist in the provision of temporary, emergency accommodation and related services for single homeless people over the age of 17. I am delighted to report that during 2016/2017 the charity benefitted from donations of £9,395 from various sources1. Finally, on behalf of the Trustees, I would like to thank Cllr John Holdich (OBE) for his continued support as Patron to the charity.”


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Who we are Axiom Homeless Action is a homeless charity which was re-launched in 2007 with the principal aim of relieving poverty, hardship and distress among homeless people. We operate within the City of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire providing grants to both individuals and organisations working with homelessness. We are committed to treating everyone fairly and with respect.

What we do We provide grant funding to individuals and organisations to assist them when obtaining accommodation with essential household items. The charity aims to make a positive impact and where necessary take measures to reduce the damaging, social, economical and other effects of homelessness in the communities in which we operate. With the help of our parent company, Axiom Housing Association Ltd, the company continues to use its knowledge, experience and influence to help shape the political agenda through regular consultation with service users and stakeholders. We also undertake awareness activities to ensure that the public are aware of the nature, causes and effects of homelessness.


Camp discovered in Peterborough 2013

Axiom Homeless Action Our objectives Profile:

We aim to raise the profile of homelessness issues throughout all our areas of operation through reasoned debate with local stakeholders, providers and policy makers.


We aim to prevent the causes of homeless through education, raising awareness and exerting pressure in the political arena by working in partnership with our stakeholders.


We aim to secure sustainable sources of funding to support our areas of activity.

Intervention: We aim to reduce the negative effects of homelessness through direct action and support.


Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to raise the profile of homelessness issues throughout all our areas of operation.

‘Homes for Cathy’ It’s 50 years since the seminal drama Cathy Come Home was aired on BBC TV.

Hilary Lindsay Axiom Chair [centre] at the House of Lords event 27 February 2017

Over the last year Axiom has been working hard, with other likeminded housing associations, to raise awareness of the plight of homelessness and together have created the ‘Homes for Cathy’ group.


The ‘Homes for Cathy’ group believe that housing associations need to continue to work to end homelessness and help local authorities to fulfil their statutory duties to house homeless families. The group are unique in that they are made up of twenty-two original charitable housing associations from the 1960/70s. Together they are creating an ‘education pack’ to help teachers to involve young people and teenagers in discussions and learning about the problems of homelessness.

Alan Lewin Axiom Chief Executive

Alan Lewin, Axiom CEO, said: “Working with the Homes for Cathy Group has given us a platform where we can work together to continue our work to house homeless people and families, like Cathy, fifty years ago. We were delighted to have been invited to the House of Lords in February by Lord Kerslake, who sponsored the event. A commitment was made to continue to campaign on homeless issues; keeping them high on the political agenda.”

Meet the face of the Homes for Cathy Facebook page, Axiom’s very own Holly on page 8 7

Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to prevent the causes of homelessness through education, raising awareness and exerting pressure in the political arena by working in partnership with our stakeholders. Holly, ex-resident—Young Parents Project, Tait Close

‘Homes for Cathy’ Holly’s story Holly is the face of the ‘Homes for Cathy’ Facebook page and is an exresident of Axiom.

At just 17, alone and pregnant, Holly faced living on the streets of Peterborough. Her relationship with her mum had broken down and she had no one to turn to. Fortunately for Holly, housing associations like our parent, Axiom Housing Association, are able to help young and vulnerable people faced with homelessness. Holly was referred to our Young Parents’ Project at Peterborough Foyer where she lived for a year and received full support to start her own tenancy within the local community.


Living at the project gave Holly the opportunity to settle in her own space while preparing for the birth of her baby. With the right emotional support and stability from her key worker, she made significant progress and was able to access additional help. Holly attended a young mums’ course run by social justice charity, Nacro, and continues to go to a postnatal group run by Peterborough Women’s Centre. Her key worker also put Holly in touch with a local representative for the National Careers Service to help with future employment opportunities. Axiom support workers helped Holly to gain budgeting skills and to apply for benefits so she could financially support herself, maintain her tenancy and provide for her child. Axiom was also able to help furnish her first home and she’s been offered additional support from her new social landlord. Today, Holly, is able to maintain her own tenancy, is stronger and has aspirations of becoming a teacher.

@cathy_homes #homesforcathy homesforcathy Axiom as part of the Homes for Cathy group:

 will strive to keep the issue

of homelessness in the hearts and minds of housing association boards and employees, as well as our local communities and stakeholders;

 will seek to work with

partners in our local areas to find long term solutions that reduce homelessness.;

 will be honest with each other in sharing our successes and failures in preventing homelessness through tenancy failures; and

 will publicise our

commitment to ending homelessness, for example by identifying with the Homes for Cathy group through our social media platforms.

‘making a positive difference to people’s lives’


Key achievements in 2016/17 Axiom celebrates 50 years of Cathy Come Home In November 2016, Axiom celebrated the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s seminal drama Cathy Come Home to help raise the profile of homelessness in its areas of operation.

Board members, staff and guests meet to see a special private viewing of Cathy Come Home at Wildwood Cinema, Peterborough.

Fifty years ago, 12 million people tuned in to watch a powerful drama Cathy Come Home, which was written by Jeremy Sandford and directed by Ken Loach Many people who work in the housing sector know all too well that the story follows a young working class girl, Cathy, whose optimism upon moving to London, finding a job and falling in love spirals into despair when a series of unfortunate, but painfully plausible setbacks leaves her homeless.


Firstly her husband Reg loses his job as a lorry driver after sustaining an injury, which, coincided with the birth of their first child and ultimately forced them to leave their fancy rented studio. Reg and Cathy’s financial situation fails to improve and Cathy has another two children. They move between overcrowded accommodation, caravans, squats and homeless shelters, all at the mercy of heartless landlords and judgemental locals, and in the vain hope that council housing might become available. Eventually, in a devastating final scene, Cathy seeks shelter at Waterloo Station with nowhere else to go. Social Services turn up and forcibly take the children away from her amidst a cacophony of heartbroken screams.

Chris Wood, chair of Axiom Homeless Action, said: “What an amazing evening it was. I remember watching Cathy Come Home when it first aired. Sadly, homelessness is still a major problem in the UK, so by holding these types of events, I hope that they will make a real difference to our city’s most vulnerable people! I cannot believe that in 2016, 120,000 children were homeless at Christmas. As the chair of Axiom Homeless Action, I am keen to work harder to raise more funds and awareness; making a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Making a positive difference to people’s lives 9

Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to prevent the causes of homeless through education, raising awareness and exerting pressure in the political arena by working in partnership with our stakeholders.

St Martin-in-the-Fields


In June 2016 Axiom were delighted to hear that, following a bid for funding to become a partner within the St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity Network, a grant of £25,000 was approved to run a special project from The New Haven in Peterborough. Over the last nine months staff have been working closely with St Martin-in-theFields, who support those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The funding is for two key areas of work: 1.

To provide grants to support homeless or vulnerable people. This will mainly be for rent deposits to assist people into the private rented sector.

2. To support the St Martin Network, to collate data around the issues of homelessness and to hold networking events to build a resource base for others to access. Fay Moore, Head of Supported Housing said: “This has been a very exciting opportunity for us. We have been developing and building on our excellent reputation with our key partners and funders. We have been working together to harness the ideas, energy and experience of those working alongside vulnerable people and to make a positive change in reducing homelessness in the UK.” Find out more please visit St Martin-in-the-Fields website

Fay Moore, Head of Supported Housing

About the special project: Since the start of the project Axiom has assisted 26 people with grants for rent deposits, landlord administration fees and medical certificates, totalling £4,537.46 and helped 59 people into private rented accommodation. Networking events have been held in partnership with West Lindsey District Council, Adaction, P3 Floating Support, NACRO, Framework, Lincolnshire County Council, South Kesteven District Council as well as various agencies including Citizens Advice Bureau and the Private Landlords Forum. We have also been working with Foyer Federation members to raise awareness of Youth Housing and the impact of the benefit cap for move-on and the issue of unaccompanied young people with no recourse to public funds.

“Prevention is often better than cure!” 10

Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to prevent the causes of homeless through education, raising awareness and exerting pressure in the political arena by working in partnership with our stakeholders.

Working in partnership Message from Cllr John Holdich OBE Leader PCC


To that end I set up a cross-party rough sleeping task and finish group, led by Independent-Werrington First Councillor Stephen Lane, which in February 2017 began its investigations by going on a walkabout of the city centre to see the issues first hand. After hearing about the support our housing team currently provides and the shelter accommodation offered by Axiom Housing Association and faith groups as part of the Light Project, they went out onto the streets of the city centre to speak to people who are sleeping rough. The people that they came across knew about the night shelter accommodation and had used it and also shared their experiences of how they had found themselves in the situations they were in. Our rough sleeper outreach worker regularly goes out onto the streets in the early morning to talk to people who are sleeping rough to offer support. This is achieving good results with 27 rough sleepers swapping the streets for a better life since April 2016. The sad fact remains that some people refuse to accept help for a number of different reasons. We never give up on those people and persistently try and work with them. There are a range of services and options that are made available and offered to every rough sleeper, including the winter night shelters run by Axiom Housing Association and the faith groups.

LtoR: Cllr John Holdich OBE Leader of PCC and David Fowler Axiom board member

Homelessness is an emotive issue and one that requires a different approach for every individual. We’ve helped 27 rough sleepers to leave the streets in the past nine months and I’m confident that our approach and the work of the crossparty group will allow us to continue changing lives for the better.

At the beginning of the year I made a commitment to look at whether there is anything further we could do to prevent people becoming homeless or to encourage rough sleepers to accept our support.

Please note that above is an edited version from the 6.2.17: PCC Leader’s Blog

Andy Rawlinson, Axiom Service Manager (left) from the New Haven Homeless project, delivered professional boundaries training to 14 volunteers who support guests of the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter. Andy ran the sessions in local churches across Peterborough in November 2016. The Winter Night Shelter ran from 12 December 2016 to 17 March 2017. 11

Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to secure sustainable sources of funding to support are areas of activity.

Lincolnshire Co-op raises £7,715 for AHA Homeless people benefitted from an extra £290,000 worth of support thanks to a threemonth fundraising campaign by Lincolnshire Co-op; £7,715 of which has gone to Axiom Homeless Action.


From December 2016 to February 2017, fourteen organisations tackling homelessness were chosen by the Co-op’s Community Champions. Pete Middlemiss, Axiom Senior Service Manager (Market Rasen House and Gainsborough Foyer) and his teams, were instrumental in securing funding Axiom Homeless Action. Pete Middlemiss said: “I was contacted in October 2016 by Sam Turner, Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Engagement Manager who asked if I would like to do something to help raise awareness of homeless. I agreed. Whilst I was doing a reading to a 500 strong congregation in Gainsborough All Saints Church, I thought it would be a good opportunity to start to raise awareness. I particularly spoke to local councillors and encouraged them to visit Gainsborough Foyer and Market Rasen House.

Co-op Lincs cheque presentation

Axiom staff raise £760.62 Over the last 12 months Axiom staff have raised £760.62 through various fundraising activities (see page 18 for total income) including: Every Step Counts (ESC) (Using the Rio Olympics as inspiration, staff walked, scaled the 02 dome, ran, hopped, sailed, skipped, swam over 5,000 (virtual miles) from Peterborough to Rio in Brazil—much fun was had by all). Football Euro 2016 Sweepstake Purchase a Christmas letter and/or reindeer food from Santa! (the brainchild of Rachel Groarke from the Housing Operations Team)

I cannot believe that such an amazing amount of money has been raised from shoppers just using their Co-op membership cards. I feel honoured to have been involved.” Sam Turner, Co-op Engagement Manger said: “We were blown away by the generosity of our members, customers and colleagues. Together, we have been able to offer a huge amount of support – both financial and practical.”

TOP LtoR: Sam Middlemiss ran the Rutland Half Marathon for ESC; Rachael Groake writes letter to Santa and sold reindeer food, Dannii Duckmanton scaled the 02 in London for ESC, Derek Hart completes 155 nautical miles for ESC. Bottom: LtoR Kelly Mee dressed up for Rainbow Day and staff walked to the Little Miracles Centre in Peterborough from Axiom House for ESC.


Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to secure sustainable sources of funding to support are areas of activity.

On Tuesday 29 November 2016, The New Haven homeless project received a visit from members of Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community (PLJC).

The PLJC regularly make donations to worthy causes for their Mitzvah day (day of giving) and decided in 2016 to help The New Haven residents.

Interfaith Council visit The New Haven In May 2016 an event was held at The New Haven where members of the Inter-Faith Council cooked a meal for residents from Axiom’s two homeless services, The New Haven and Fair View Court (FVC). Pupils from St. John Fisher School also attended and spent time talking to staff and residents from both services. A number of residents attended one of whom said: “The food was delicious and freshly cooked by Mrs. Singh. It was great to interact with residents’ from Fair View Court and the school children from St. John Fisher. “The atmosphere was relaxed and a good time was had by all. Thank you.”

Graham & Janet PLJC

Geraldine Britton Project Worker

All items donated to date have been gratefully received; they will enable residents to have a more positive move-on when their time comes to leave The New Haven.

We would like to thank Dr Singh, Mrs Singh and everyone else involved; we have now invited them to host a future event at Fair View Court as it was such a success.

Making a positive difference to people’s lives and our communities Interfaith Visit at The New Haven


Janet Berkman (Honorary Secretary of PLJC) and her husband Graham, donated a cheque and took a car full of items along to The New Haven, which were donated by members for the project’s residents.

Google images

The New Haven and a day of giving


Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to reduce the negative effects of homeless through direction action and support.

The power of ‘cardboard!’ Peterborough Foyer residents benefited from a visit by Di Goldsmith, a Champion from Cardboard Citizens. Cardboard Citizens are a group of professional performers who have previously experienced challenging circumstances, including homelessness and are based in East London.


The group have previously worked with 17 students from Stanground Academy and also presented a workshop at the Axiom Peterborough Foyer. The workshops are delivered in various guises across the country and were created to promote collaboration and awareness of a broad spectrum of emotional topics, including homelessness, the impact of zero hours employment contracts on families which create unstable incomes and affect a families’ ability to budget. The group involve the audience who are asked what they would like to change within the play in order to create positive outcomes. With the support and suggestions from the audience, the actors then re-run the scene to improve the conclusion. Thoughts, behaviours and choices are then analysed to improve the lives of the characters. At the recent workshop our Foyer residents were able to express their own opinions on the topics and were then invited to reflect on their own experiences of studying drama in school. Residents also engaged in a game of nominating a famous person and ‘being’ that person for 60 seconds, highlighting what their personality traits and preferences were.

The aim was to identify that we can all sometimes jump to the wrong conclusions about a person, based on first impressions or media influence. IMPACT of the visit by the Citz Champion, Di Goldsmith: HEIGHTENING AWARENESS OF HOMELESSNESS THROUGH DRAMA, THE ONGOING PROMOTION OF THE STORY OF ‘CATHY COME HOME’

Anon resident: “I would like a ticket to see the Cardboard Citizens play at our local theatre.” Anon resident “This is really good. It reminds me of when I used to study drama.”

14 Cardboard Citizens Workshop—Google Images

Key achievements in 2016/17 We aim to secure sustainable sources of funding to support are areas of activity.

Homelessness receives a £500 windfall!


Over the last two years Axiom Homeless Action (AHA) has built up some really positive relationships with The New Covent Garden Soup Company who are part of the Hain Daniels Group. In 2015 AHA was chosen as Hain Daniels charity for our local area. Since AHA were nominated as their local charity this has meant that staff have been able to organise various events, with all money raised going to AHA, which will continue into 2017. Not only do AHA benefit from monetary donations they also receive soup, jam, marmalade and toiletries throughout the whole year. This has meant that Axiom’s Mental Health Outreach Service team have been able to distribution these goods across the whole of their service. The money received will assist many of Axiom’s homeless clients in starting a new journey in their lives and providing them with that second chance they so desperately need.

Sue Farrow, Pat Gracey and Alex Faulkner

In addition, the continuing donations of soup have enabled us to assist Axiom’s SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Provision) over the winter months as Axiom has been able to provide mugs of soup to many individuals who are street homeless. Pat Gracey, Senior Service Manager said: “I would like to thank the New Covent Garden Soup Company for this generous donation. Their generosity will assist Axiom Homeless Action hugely, especially as we are able to maintain funds, whilst still being able to make funds available to assist individuals that need our support. I am confident that this all helps with providing a stepping stone to independence for many of our vulnerable service users.”


How our activities deliver public benefit In the financial year ended 31 March 2017, the charity continued its excellent work in assisting local homeless people. Here’s a timeline of success:



Cambridgeshire Community Foundation (CCF) were engaged to give greater weight to fundraising with corporate donors and to administer the grant approval process to local bodies who in turn assisted homeless people.

 Collected 247 kg of food for local Foodbanks

Public Benefit:

The approach to fundraising and giving of grants changed during 2010.


During 2011 the charity introduced the ability for teams within the parent organisation to apply for funds directly through their team. This has proved to be successful and widened the reach and numbers of recipients.


Over the year, the charity has continued to support a large number of individuals and made a difference to the lives of homeless people.


The charity continues to be recognised locally for helping those most in need at the point of need. At the end of the year, Axiom are exploring fundraising opportunities through partnership working with CCF in the hope that this mix of creativity, energy and networking will result in a successful brand. Axiom Homeless Action has continued to support individuals with the following donations:  Welcome packs; food parcels  Training costs  Clothing, support with travel for job interviews  Documents and ID  White goods and one off donations  Santa Special Community Sleigh

As well as the events already mentioned, we continued during 2014 to raise funds and good as follow:

 Supported the furniture refurbishment project with unwanted old furniture and tools for Fair View Court (Axiom’s supported homeless project).

 Helped with donations for a pamper evening of nail varnish, massage oils, lotions etc. for The New Haven (direct access single homeless hostel in Peterborough).

 Held at cook off competition and first aid training for residents at the Bala House, Grantham and Red Lion Street, Boston (below) direct access single homeless hostels)

 Held a residents’ forum meeting at Bala House, Grantham


We continue to be 100% totally committed to raising funds and awareness of Axiom Homeless Action and the devastating effects of homeless. We have raised £4,772.38 during 2014/15 and assisted and continued to support with the following donations and assistance to the value of £7,788.08:

      

White goods including fridges and cookers Food parcels Bedding, beds and towels Floor/door mats Help with removal costs Travel costs to help with job interviews And even help with the purchase of a new bicycle wheel to help someone get to a job interview


Axiom Homeless Action secures £9,300 of income thanks to some fantastic partnership working with:

      

Axiom staff The Homes for Cathy Group St Martins-in-the-fields The Co-operative Society Peterborough City Council Cardboards Citizens and The Hains Daniels Group


Structure, governance and management Axiom Homeless Action Limited is a company limited by guarantee, Company Registration Number 2626686 and registered with the Charity Commission, Charity Registration Number 1005310. The company is governed by the provisions contained within the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The secretary and registered office of the company is: Louise Platt Axiom Housing Association Limited Axiom House Cottesmore Close Peterborough PE3 9TP

Chris Wood Chair and Trustee

Appointment of Trustees The trustees are also directors of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act.

The trustees who served on the board during the year were:

The trustees are elected by and from the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

   

Trustees are appointed to ensure a good mix of business and care skills and are also selected to be representative of both the community served by the charity and its beneficiaries.

Christine Wood (chair) Karen Chambers Louise Platt Stuart Fort

One third of the trustees retire and offer themselves for re-election by rotation each year at the Annual General Meeting. In 2016/2017 those trustees were Louise Platt and Karen Chambers. The company is limited by guarantee and, as such, has no share capital.


Chris Wood Chair

Karen Chambers

The trustees may derive no benefit or income from or have any capital interest in the company’s financial affairs.

Induction and training There is a Trustee Induction pack in development which is based on information from various Charity commission Publications, which covers the obligations of directors as well as information specific to the charity. Stuart Fort

Louise Platt Company Secretary


Financial Review The company seeks to assist in the provision of temporary, emergency accommodation and related services, for single homeless people over the age of seventeen. The company has given direct help to homeless hostel residents through making grants, and by assisting them to accumulate rent deposits, thereby helping them back into mainstream accommodation.

INCOMING - Axiom Homeless Action 01.04.16 - 31.03.17 Donations

During 2010 the company established the Axiom Homeless Action Fund, which is managed and administered the Board of Trustees.

Lincolnshire Co-op

During the financial year ended 31 March 2017, the charity benefitted from donations of £9,395. This sum provided a strong foundation for the charity’s work over the course of the year. Employees of the parent company have continued to support the charity in small fundraising initiatives, which are planned to expand in the forthcoming year. At 31 March 2017 the company had a balance on its unrestricted funds of £17,596 and restricted funds of £1,500.

Axiom Homeless Action CASE STUDY

Amount £7,715.77

Various staff fundraisers


Daniels Chilled Foods


Thorney Abbey


Residents (fundraising events)


Donation (Friend of Axiom) TOTAL

£50.00 £9,394.68

OUTGOINGS - Axiom Homeless Action 01.04.16 - 31.03.17 Items Cookers x 21

Amount £3,160.00

Washing Machines x 6


Refrigerators x 7


Beds x 3


Microwave x 1




Vacuum Cleaner




This is the story of a 28 year old male who moved into The New Haven (Axiom’s homeless hostel) in June 2016, had been ‘sofa surfing’ for several months, was on a downward spiral due to substance and alcohol misuse and had also suffered a breakdown in his family relationships. Staff at the New Haven made contact with local landlords and letting agents and, as a result, he was successful in securing accommodation. His rent deposit was applied for through Peterborough City Council, and an application submitted to the Vicars’ Relief Fund for a grant to cover the cost of the rent in advance and arrangement fees. An application was made to Axiom Homeless Action for a fridge/ freezer and ongoing support has been offered by the staff team. He is now looking for full time work. 18

And finally ... We’ve looked at homelessness over the last half century: so what’s really changed?


1966 

Across Britain there were approximately 1,000 rough sleepers. 37 per cent of the homeless population of England and Wales could be found in inner London.

3,569 rough sleepers across England

8,096 people slept rough in London over a year

15,170 households were accepted as homeless between April and June of 2016.

Four in 10 cases of homelessness in London were caused by an eviction or the end of a tenancy.

There are just over 35,000 bed spaces for single homeless people across the UK.

27 per cent of Londoners live in poverty.

Council housing accounted for a quarter of all households in 1961. Across the UK, 567 establishments provided 31,932 beds for men and 2,664 beds for women.

Eliminating unlawful discrimination Advancing equality of opportunity Fostering good relations


Axiom Homeless Action Annual Report 2016/2017 The charity would like to sincerely thank all of the people that have supported the charity during the last 12 months, there are too many to mention personally. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and we hope you continue to support the charity with your time, support and sponsorship.

Axiom Housing Association Limited Axiom House, Cottesmore Close, Netherton, Peterborough PE3 9TP

01733 347135  

VALUE FOR MONEY: this report has been produced and designed in house by Axiom’s Communications Manager Axiom Housing Association Limited a registered society under the Co-operative & Community Benefits Society Act 2014 (No. 17971R) and is registered by the Homes & Communities Agency (Reg. No. L0395). Axiom Homeless Action is a registered charity with the Charities Commission—Registration No. 1005310

For other formats please call customer services  01733 347135


Axiom Homeless Action Annual Report 2016/17  

Annual Report for the Axiom Homeless Action Charity