Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020

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Sustainability manager at Unil, Katrine Karlsen interacted with Axfoundation as part of the Nordic Initiative.

Photo: Unil

”When working to find innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure that workers in our supply chains have their rights respected and access to decent jobs, close collaboration with stakeholders is crucial. Axfoundation’s role in creating and facilitating collaborative spaces to address the number of human right issues found in the supply chains of Scandinavian businesses is critical to increasing our leverage and delivering real impact on the ground in supporting the improved livelihood of thousands of workers in our supply chains.”

Professor at the Department of Animal Nutrition and Management / Aquaculture at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Anders Kiessling collaborates with Axfoundation on the project "Five tons of green fish", producing fish with feed that does not compete with the human food supply.

Photo: Private

“The collaboration with Axfoundation offers a direct connection to both primary producers and retailers in the Swedish food industry, facilitating both project implementation and enabling researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to connect with the practical side of the challenge. Our collaboration with Axfoundation also offers a direct exchange with some of the best chefs in Sweden, helping us not only to produce sustainable fish, but also of the highest culinary quality."