Act to inspire & inspire to act 2020

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Former CEO of the Stockholm Environment Institute, Johan Kuylenstierna is today adjunct professor and honorary doctor at Stockholm

“Major changes are underway that will fundamentally transform our societies in the coming decades. Environmental concerns increasingly drive everything from energy and transport-systems planning to the transformation of the global food system. Axfoundation operates in the midst of all this and builds its strong engagement on the basis that environmental and societal challenges can only be addressed by focusing on positive vision of development in which people and society are at the center and where broad collaboration is the key success driver. With the clear ambition to be a partner-oriented problem solver, and always action and result oriented, Axfoundation contributes to the development and implementation of knowledge-based solutions within four activity areas: sustainable food systems, efficient circular economies, sustainable consumption and production, and inclusive societies.”

Photo: Thorleif Robertsson / Stockholm Environment Institute

University and vice chair of the Swedish Climate Policy Council. He is an prominent lecturer, debater and is active in several organizations working with issues related to the environment, energy and climate. He has been a board member of Axfoundation since 2019.

Senior advisor for market transformation at WWF Sweden, Margareta Renström is the former convener of the Swedish Soy Dialogue and has been involved with Axfoundation as a steering committee member of the Soy Dialogue since January 2018.

Photo: WWF

“Axfoundation has professional competence and high credibility both with the corporate sector and with NGOs. It has played an important role in coordinating the Swedish Soy Dialogue, attracting new members and mustering them to engage, learn and commit to environmentally and socially responsible soy in the Swedish food market. The recent interaction with other European soy networks has been particularly beneficial on a mutual level.”