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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Results In 2019, launched the largest climate labeling of food items ever done, comprising approximately 3,000 products that are purchased frequently and in large quantities. A unique climate database used to produce the climate data was developed in collaboration with the research institute RISE, Axfoundation and Axel Johnson. Climate-impact information on products works according to the same principle as the comparative price per kilogram. The CO2e per kilogram figure illustrates what one kilogram of the selected food corresponds to in carbon dioxide equivalents, i.e. emissions of greenhouse gases. Clear climate-impact marking on product level, combined with innovative

nudging solutions made it easier for consumers to compare the impact of different food items. Through nudging, rather than coercion, consumer behavior moved gradually towards more sustainable habits. Nudging tests clearly indicate that customers are interested in and willing to adapt their purchases based on the food’s climate footprint. For example, by showing potatoes, rice and pasta next to each other, customers could compare the climate impact of different products. In total, the climate impact of food purchases reduced an average of 7% among the consumers who participated in the test.