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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Building alliances and innovating solutions throughout the value chain A prerequisite for the survival and prosperity of the planet and its inhabitants is sustainable production and consumption. This applies to everything: from the food we eat to the clothes we wear; from the technology we use to the items with which we decorate our homes. By joining forces with partners across sectors and industries, Axfoundation tests new methods, builds knowledge and makes good examples visible, to fast forward a transition towards all aspects of a more sustainable society. Axfoundation collaborates with both Swedish and international companies, as well as public and international bodies to improve working and living conditions of employees, migrant workers and smallholder farmers in the global production chain.

A case in point is the public-private partnership “Sustainable Rice in Pakistan”, which gathers together representatives throughout the basmati rice value chain in an attempt to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and their workers. Another is the digital training efforts in China, Thailand and Bangladesh designed to increase knowledge about rights and mobilize employees to defend them. Axfoundation also tests and develops novel methods for increased transparency and traceability, including possibilities within blockchain technology. Increased transparency makes it possible to detect and address problems, to place responsibility where it belongs and to provide accurate product information to customers.

The customer is always right but doesn’t always make the right choices. We help them make more sustainable decisions.

Viveka Risberg, Program Director, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Axfoundation