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Future Food

Torsåker farm Axfoundation’s test farm and development center for sustainable food production of the future. Producers, researchers, food processers, chefs, entrepreneurs, representatives of municipal bodies and industry associations all come together at Torsåker farm to explore potential solutions to complex problems. Situated some 30 kilometers north of Stockholm, Sweden, the farm consists of arable land, forest, meadows and a restaurant kitchen, which gives us the ability to grow, raise, breed and develop new methods, new food products and new meals together with others. The merging of different skills is one of the many actions necessary to make tomorrow’s products both better and tastier.

Axfoundation wants Torsåker farm to be the place where sustainability, nutritional content and taste overlap and amplify each other. Projects explored at the farm are at the intersection of research and practice and test what the producer or the market – and everyone in between – often is unable to test on their own. The needs are enormous and we are merely an island in a great sea, yet by being open for collaboration and, above all, transparent, we hope that Torsåker can help make a difference to the world.

We aim for Torsåker to be a catalyst that contributes to the development of sustainable food production, innovation and knowledge sharing.

Photo: Johan Marklund

Madeleine Linins Mörner, Program Director, Future Food, Axfoundation