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Save Your Life By Knowing The Common Kidney Disease Symptoms Have you ever wondered why you have two kidneys instead of one? It is mainly because your kidneys are very important parts of the body. So even if your other kidney fails to perform its function, there is still one kidney left for you to live a normal life. Why are kidneys very important then? They are the ones managing and controlling the fluids in the blood and the body and also filter all the wastes and toxins. When the kidneys stop functioning, your life will be endangered as your blood and body will be loaded with waste materials and toxins. Having only one kidney is enough to survive in this life; however the problem starts when both kidneys fail to perform their functions. It is very important to take care of your kidneys and spot any signs and kidney disease symptoms. But how do you know when you have kidney failure symptoms? Here is a checklist of the common kidney disease symptoms that you will likely experience when you have a kidney disease. Sudden change in behavior. People who have kidney disease are very prone to hallucinations, confusion, delusions, and mood swings. Blood in stools. Having bloody stools is an obvious indication that a person has developed a severe kidney disease condition. Decrease in urination. There is a decrease in urination with pale urine color. When one has a kidney failure (renal failure) urination is totally diminished. Seizure. Another common kidney disease symptom is having seizures (the involuntary shaking of some parts of the body, or the whole body). Shortness of breath. This condition is mainly caused by hypertension or high blood pressure. Foul smelling urine. One of the most common kidney disease symptoms is having acidic or too sweet smelling urine. Severe flank pain. When you have a kidney symptom you will feel pain in one flank of your body, which has a tendency to move to the labia/testicles, lower abdomen, or groin. Hematuria. This condition is made obvious with the presence of blood spots in the urine. Oedema. This kidney disease symptom is characterized by the swelling of your legs or feet initially, and eventually throughout your body. This condition is caused by the increased water retention in the body instead of disposing it off the body. Anemia. Aside from filtering waste materials, your kidney symptoms are also responsible in regulating the production of red blood cells in the body. As your kidneys fail, the production of red blood cells decreases as well which causes a very low red blood cell count, a condition called anemia.

Sleepiness or fatigue. This is another result of the drop in the production of red blood cells. When this happens your brain and your muscles will become tired, even if you don’t do anything. Itching or skin rashes. This is another common symptom of kidney disease. This is due to the buildup of wastes in the blood or the body. Bad breath or metallic taste in the mouth. This is a common problem with people suffering from kidney disease. Oftentimes the food they eat tastes differently which cause them not to enjoy the food they eat anymore. Bad breath is also another major problem with kidney disease. Seeking the care of a qualified health professional is necessary if you experience any of these kidney disease symptoms. Being diagnosed with a kidney disease is definitely difficult to deal with. But don’t lose hope, not all kidney diseases need dialysis or kidney transplant to continue to live. There are ways you can do to slow down the progression of kidney disease. You can start by changing your lifestyle and maintaining a positive outlook in life. Follow a healthy diet which is good for your kidneys, and exercise a lot to keep your mind and other parts of the body in good condition. About The Publisher: Kidney is one of the most important organs in our body, And having the right solution for the problem in one’s kidney is very hard to find due to different ideas about it. Kidney Disease Symptoms have many ways in treating them and we just need to know and to perform them correctly. For more information visit my site at

Save Your Life By Knowing The Common Kidney Disease Symptoms  
Save Your Life By Knowing The Common Kidney Disease Symptoms  

Any loss of kidney function can impair red blood cells counts and cause many other kidney disease symptoms. A person with kidney disease can...