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ECOLOGICAL BUILDING, SUSTAINABILITY AND PERMACULTURE DESIGN an Environmental Design Project at the Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS)

The Goal The ‘Green Campus’ project aims to create a long term vision, together with a staged development plan, for an educational sustainable campus at EMIS School, to reduce the campus' ecological footprint and increase positive environmental impact and productivity. In addition, it will create an aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound environment which can serve as an inspiration for visitors as well as the EMIS community while demonstrating intensive use of space for urban sustainability. The ‘Green Campus’ is envisaged to be, as is living nature, in constant change and evolution, providing diverse opportunities for the study of natural habitats, the practice of organic agriculture and permaculture techniques, the application and testing of water retention and recycling methods, energy conversation and the creation of alternative energy, the implementation of ecological building projects as well as for creating arenas for artistic practice like outdoor painting and performances. In this sense the ‘Green Campus’ project has the potential for bringing about a true synthesis of ‘culture’ and ‘agri-culture’ in an educational setting.

The Need: The Eastern Mediterranean International School promotes peace, sustainability and leadership that can address ecological issues on a local and global scale. As an educational institute that lives by the values it educates turning its home base into a ‘Green Campus’ is a logical and necessary step. As ecologically aware citizens of the world, we believe that sustainability should be the guiding code for any institute and human system today. This project will also answer the educational need for practical learning opportunities concerning ecological and permaculture design, site assessment and environmental design processes. Beyond the acquisition of formal knowledge, the hands-on involvement in the practical implementation of the project will equip students with practical, artistic and social skills essential for their future leadership roles across the globe.

Green campus project  

proposal for a green campus at an international school in Israel

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