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ODYS–Digital Graphic Pen–Quick Start Icon

Description Digital Graphic Pen is Connected Memory FULL Pen battery low Base battery indicator Note Mode

Mouse Mode Number of saved notes in memory

A. Mounting your base unit at the top center of the paper is recommended for single paper usage:

Off-line Mode In the Off-Line mode, note can be recorded and stores without being connected to a computer. a. Switch the device on by pressing the button. b. Use the clips on the back of the device to connect to a piece of paper c. Write on the paper using the pen (Note: hold the pen in such a manor to insure that the point is not covered) d. If you wish to store the current page, press the button of the unit. The number shown in the display indicated the number of stored pages. When connected to the computer the notes may be viewed, edited or sent per E-Mail. e. To switch the device off, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. Transferring Notes to the Computer a. Start the “Note Manager“ program. b. Select “Upload“from the dropdown menu “File“ to start the transfer. All notes stored on the device will be transferred to the computer and stored according to the date and time. c. Once all notes have been transferred to the computer a message will appear indicating whether the notes are to remain stored or be deleted from the device. Notes transferred from the unit to the computer will be stored according to the date and time they were transferred.