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You Are Plan To Move Dubai - 08 Law You Should Know It’s essential for every expat visiting or moving to Dubai to know these local laws so they can stay out of legal trouble.

Adultery Sexual relations between two people who aren’t married are strictly prohibited.

Punishment can be a year of imprisonment and eventual deportation.

Live in Relation Unrelated men and women can’t live in the same house if they aren’t married.

Punishment is similar to Adultery.


relationships The Shariah law doesn’t permit same-gender romantic and sexual relations

Punishment can be 10 years of imprisonment or worse

Drugs UAE has a zero-tolerance policy for all drug-related activities.

Anyone found guilty of drug abuse and/or trafficking can be sentenced to death.

Alcohol Non-Muslims are allowed to drink at licensed venues with a special liquor license.

People drinking in public are fined and face jail time.

Public Displays of affection Married couples can hold hands but kissing and cuddling are discouraged in public.

Public nudity is punishable by death.

Prohibited items Weapons and ammunition require a special license before entering the UAE.

All e-cigarettes are banned and will get confiscated.

Public Photographic Posts ridiculing/abusing the local government on social media are a criminal offence.

Pictures of landscapes are permitted and buildings are permitted.

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You are plan to move dubai 08 law you should know