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r e b a t d a lF Free-range

Organic C O M P A N Y

Primative clay and stone oven

781-275-8200 213 Burlingtom road, Bedford MA

Flatbread 781-275-8200

213 Burlington road, Bedford MA

START OFF WITH AN ORGANIC NO B O U N D A R I E S S A L A D Organic mesclun and organic sweet leaf lettuces tossed with organic celery and carrots, toasted sesame seeds, organic Arame seaweed and our homemade berry vinaigrette

T H E F L A T B R E A D S Our dough is made fresh daily from 100% organicly grown wheat that is milled into white flour and the wheat germ restored



Every week we have two of our favorite veggie and carne pizzas added to our menu. (Specials change weekly)

the Carne A zesty mexican pizza topped with fresh organic homemade salsa, our special seasoned chorizo and the tortila chips for that taco cruch. Then we cover it with our organic mozzarella and fresh organic chedder cheese and finish it off with shredded lettece and sour cream.

the Veggie A delicious Italion pizza topped slices of fresh mozzerella and fresh grown tomatoe slices and then finished off with fresh shredded mozzerella and parm.

Fresh Ideas Try our new .

Order your pizza online before you leave work with our at Throwing a party has never been easier with Flatread’s


Sean Toomey

FlatBread Bedford Farm Partnerships

Ladybug Farm

Produce began as business in 2008 in Concord, Mass., by Cathy Hansgate. In the desire to grow; Jim and Cathy Hansgate purchased Windridge Farm, 143 Williamsville Rd., Hubbardston in April 2011 as a sole proprietorship. The farm has been certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers as of October 30, 2011. The vegetables, flowers, herbs, jams, jellies, and vinegars are direct sales at farmers’ markets, our umbrella roadside farm stand, and to restaurants. In 2011, Ladybug Farm is running a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program with a scheduled Flatebread pickup day, ask your server for a

Pastor Blacksmith

Based primarily in Concord, Massachusetts, Farm owned by husband and wife operates on 1 acre in Dracut and 1/2 acre in Concord. A few facts about Pastor Blacksmith Farm: no chemicals are used and they start with heirloom or open pollinated varieties & organic seed beneficial bugs, frogs & toads, bats, and birds are used and they wash and cool produce in fresh cold well water and put it directly in the cooler to preserve freshness.

Wilson Farm

is a 127-year-old family-run farm harvesting over 125 different crops year-round. Their 8,500 square-foot barn in Lexington is bursting at the seams with perfect produce.

New Flatbread menu  
New Flatbread menu  

I did a flatbread menu for the FLatbread company restaurant.