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r b t a lF ead Catering Menu Primative clay and stone oven

781-275-8200 213 Burlingtom road, Bedford MA

T H E F L A T B R E A D S Our dough is made fresh daily from 100% organicly grown wheat that is milled into white flour and the wheat germ restored

NO B O U N D A R I E S S A L A D Organic mesclun and organic sweet leaf lettuces tossed with organic celery and carrots, toasted sesame seeds, organic Arame seaweed and our homemade berry vinaigrette Our Organic Family salad: A LArge version of our .... 30.00 organic salad that feeds 6-10 adults Goat Cheese Salad Bleu Cheese Salad

.... add 5.00 .... add 5.00

D E S S E R T S Barbara’s Hommade Cookie Tray: A seasonal medley of homemade cookies straight from Barbara’s Kitchen in Hampton, NH .... 20.00 feeds 10-20 Adults

B e v e r a g e s

An assortment of Polar soda cans and bottled water. .... 1.50 each Premium Local Beverages: An assortment of Spindrift real-fruit sodas from Charleston, MA, Nantucket Nectar Juices, Sparkling, water. .... 3.00 each

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Flatbread Catering Menu  

Cater Menu for Flatbread Bedford

Flatbread Catering Menu  

Cater Menu for Flatbread Bedford