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Not Alone By Christopher Francis Far away in a distant land, Free from oceans, forests and sand, A place full of bricks, concrete and glass, Surrounded by tarmac, no flowers, no grass. A concrete jungle towering buildings and all, Full of libraries, museums and even a mall, A massive sewer full of rubbish and rats, And meters above it giant masses of flats. In one such flat sat a girl at the window, Once again she was alone, her friends were a no-show, She gazed out the window and looked at the sky, She blinked, looked down and let out a sigh. Her name was Emily, an interesting child, Inside her head, her imagination ran wild, From a young age she was buried in books, If you passed her by you would've gave her weird looks. Her jet black hair, ponytail and glasses, Back in school she was in the top of her classes, She did have friends I think you will find, (And not just the ones that lived in her mind). 'Where are they?' she asked and looked at the ground, But still her friends were nowhere to be found, She wiped under her eye and got rid of a tear, And let out a sound that no-one could hear. She leant out the window and wind brushed her cheek, All in all she has had a very bad week, She leant out some more and not in like she should, And she started to tumble, 'Oh no, that's not good!' She screamed and wailed as she began to drop, And closed her eyes for that big sudden stop, It eventually happened and she hit the ground, Surprisingly though she was all safe and sound. 'I'm okay!' she exclaimed, looking around with surprise, Dusting her dress off as she did rise, 'Where am I?' questioned the curious teen, For no buildings or concrete were there to be seen.

In their place stood lots of flowers and trees, And the humming and singing of the birds and the bees, Out of a bush came an interesting creature, Rushing out to Emily, rushing out to meet her. 'Hello there young lady!' The creature had said, 'Wait a minute,' said Emily, 'You're from out of my head!' The creature gave her an interesting look, Well at least, thought Emily, From one of my books. 'You're Bobble, a fairy! The last of your kind!' 'Not the last, one of many, I think you will find!' He was short but made up for it with his giant heart, Until someone was helped, he dared to not part. 'Do you need help?' he said with a smile, Her answer only took a short while, 'Where am I?' she asked walking next to the fairy, He was odd for sure, but definitely not scary. 'You're in the forest of Goldenwater, a beautiful place,' 'You're stumbling behind, come on, pick up the pace!' She caught up with Bobble and heard a loud shout, From behind some big trees a troll did jump out. 'ROAR! Who disturbs me from out of my slumber?' 'Making me fall out of my bed made of lumber?' Obviously this creature doesn't smile or say hi, Thought Emily as the troll stared her right in the eye. 'Gomba,' said Emily 'That evil, smelly troll.' He roared and he grunted but only her eyes did roll, 'You don't scare me.' said Emily out loud, Beside her stood Bobble, oh boy was he proud! The troll looked surprised and even defeated, His ego, his power was surely depleted, 'Gomba is the greatest.' he started to say, But his eyes welled up and he ran away. 'That was amazing!' said Bobble, 'Your new claim to fame!' 'Tell me brave maiden, what is your name?' 'My name is Emily, and I live in a flat...' 'I sure miss my parents, my friends and my cat.'

Emily turned around and started to cry, Avoiding the gaze of Bobble's sad eye, 'If you want to go home, as you have wished,' 'I'll help you young lady, but you will be missed.' 'Oh thank you kind Bobble!' Emily did respond, To the little kind fairy of whom she'd grown fond, He smiled, bowed and did a quick twirl, 'So long! Farewell!' he said to the girl. Emily opened her eyes and she was back home, Except for this time, she was not alone, She was surrounded by all of her friends, Not long now, I promise, it's almost the end... 'There you are Emily!' said her friend called Chris, 'It's your birthday, get up! Time to make a good wish!' She was lying on the floor, on tarmac no less, She sat up and realised she looked like a mess. 'We came to find you, we knocked on your door,' 'We went round the building and you were on the floor.' From her flat her mother gave a loud shout: 'Come in Emily, It's starting to get cold out!' Chris and the rest ran into her home, Leaving Emily once again all alone, She pushed her glasses back up her nose, And slowly and carefully, Emily rose. She looked back down and saw a fresh daisy, She picked it up, her memory still hazy, She rolled it around in her delicate hands, Did I really travel to faraway lands? She sighed, turned around and went in her flat, Put the daisy on the table and petted her cat, She went in the kitchen, joining her friends, Making her wish, now here is where our story ends.

Not Alone  
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