AWP Wood Products

Little Rock, Arkansas, US

With the need to successfully interact within a global economy and support sustainable and ethical business practices, joining a professional organization where peers and industry experts become valuable resources and contacts is essential. For AWP, there are four well-recognized associations where the company maintains active memberships. These are: Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen's Association National Hardwood Lumber Association Hardwood Distributors Association Cabinet Makers Association The Products of AWP Business Solutions Between the product offerings of BuildProud and the AWP operations, consumers find more options with hardwood and speciality woodworking. In addition, the diverse inventory accommodates needs for both standard and rare items. Still, the in-house millwright and moulding program allows skilled artisans more control over the products and customizations requested. This is a significant advantage over the competition in the industry, as the work does not get outsourced to a third party and results in cost savings passed along to the consumer. It's a big reason that over the last two years, sales were up 62%, and the company added more than 300 new accounts.