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唹 prepared by michael tai 23 Feb 2013

詩篇 大衛逃避掃羅... 57:7 上帝啊,我心堅定,我心堅定;我要唱詩,我要 歌頌! 57:8 我的靈(原文是榮耀)啊,你當醒起!琴瑟啊, 你們當醒起!我自己要極早醒起! 57:9 主啊,我要在萬民中稱謝你,在列邦中歌頌你! 57:10 因為,你的慈愛高及諸天;你的誠實達到穹 蒼。 57:11 上帝啊,願你崇高過於諸天!願你的榮耀高過 全地!

有關會眾吟唱聖詩的態度,衛 理公會的創始人約翰衛斯理 (John Wesley)提出五項建議: 1.毫無選擇地唱 2.精精神神地唱 3.適中地唱 4.準確地唱 5.最重要的,用心靈誠實地唱

約翰.貝爾(John Bell)在 The Singing Thing 一書中 告訴我們,為何要唱詩的十個 理由,包括: 1.因為我們能唱(Because we can)、 2.為產生認同感(To create identity)、 3.為表達情感(To express emotion)、 4.為表現文辭(To express words)、 5.為重溫過去(To revisit the past)、

約翰.貝爾(John Bell)在 The Singing Thing 一書中 告訴我們,為何要唱詩的十個 理由,包括: 6.為訴說故事(To tell stories)、 7.為型塑未來(To shape the future )、 8.為促進事工(To enable work)、 9.為發揮創造力(To exercise our creativity) 10.為自我實現(To give of ourselves)。

Seven Remin ders.

1. 4 areas of concerns (at least)

a. pitch b. diction c. rhythm d. delivery

2. Get to know about yourself a. personality b. attitude c. habits for practice and worship d. capabilities and weaknesses

3. Have a complete understanding of the song a. style (the type of articulation required by the song vs the style and capability of the singer) b. emotional curve i. how dose it start? ii. where is the peak? iii. how does it end?

3. Have a complete understanding of the song c. lyrics i. central theme ii. central character iii. time and place

workshop 耶穌我需要你-約書亞

4. communication is everything (with the leader and musicians) a. silence can be golden but also deadly b. finding and conveying a key word or emotion within a line of lyrics c. knowing when to push and when to stop

4. ex. 如鷹展翅上騰 他已聽見我的呼求,他也明白我的渴望, 放下重擔,脫去一切纏累,恢復神造我的榮美形象, 永在的神,創造萬物的主,他的智慧無法測度, 疲乏的他賜能力,軟弱的他加力量, 等候耶和華必從新得力, 如鷹展翅上騰,翱翔在神的國度裡, 飛越所有艱難和風暴,單單注視你榮耀寶座, 如鷹展翅上騰,翱翔在神的國度裡, 領受聖靈恩膏和大能,活出美好自由的風采

5. be well prepared a. lyric b. heart c. health/ voice

6. harmony a. clear & harmony b. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) c. Mechanistic 機械性 d. Fill in the gap e. facilitating, uplifting, rich, varied

7. techniques a. know your voice and body b. breath c. practise methods d. more stable, powerful, longer.. e. diction, Resonance ĺ…ąĺ—š (aeiou) f. microphone & voice & setting g. choosing song, capabilities and weaknesses h. sing with band and leader

Finally... My Life, My Love, My All Kirk Franklin


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