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TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Contents 02 Outline 03 About TrustMark 04 Presenting TrustMark 05 Use of the logo - Approved scheme operators 06 Use of the logo - Registered firms 07 Examples of use - Registered firms 08 Examples 09 Use of Logo - Official partners 10 Exclusion zone and minimum size 11 Colours 12 Typefaces 13 What not to do 14 Contact details


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

This document has been produced to give guidance on the presentation of TrustMark and the use of the TrustMark logo. The TrustMark identity consists of two logos: The first logo is designed to be used by approved scheme operators (trade associations, certification bodies and other such organisations). It is also provided via scheme operators to all TrustMark-

registered firms, including limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Please note: Scheme operators have strict obligations imposed under the terms of their licence regarding the use and promotion of the TrustMark logo. These brand identity guidelines also

Official Partner

Strapline Here

constitute part of that licence agreement with TrustMark. The second logo is designed to be used by TrustMark’s official partners – commercial organisations and patrons that are providing high level strategic and practical support or sponsorship to TrustMark.


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

About TrustMark TrustMark is an initiative between Government, consumer groups and industry to help people find reputable firms to do repair, maintenance and improvement work inside and outside the home TrustMark is based around a set of Government Endorsed Standards for trade associations, certification bodies and other organisations that wish to become approved scheme operators. Only approved scheme operators are allowed to award the TrustMark to registered firms. When a firm displays the TrustMark logo it signifies that: • A scheme operator has checked the firm’s technical skills, trading record and financial position; • The firm has signed up to a code of practice that includes insurance, good health and safety practices and customer care;

• The scheme operator has checked and will continue to monitor the firm’s quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction; • The firm will tell customers about any building regulations they must meet, and may also be able to give the certificates they need; • If a customer has a problem or disagreement with the firm, there will be a clear and userfriendly complaints procedure to help sort out the problem; • If the firm doesn’t automatically provide insurance cover, the customer has the option to buy a warranty in case it goes out of business.


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Presenting TrustMark Promotional materials should be based on, and consistent with, the messages contained within the TrustMark website ( In addition, a useful explanation is included on page 3 to help you describe what TrustMark is and what the logo stands for. If you’re producing new promotional material (printed or online) about TrustMark and want to create new messages, straplines or other content not drawn from the website, this copy must be checked by TrustMark before its publication. Also check the website for guidance and ideas on how to promote your TrustMark status and to get in touch with the marketing and PR team.

For the trade:

For consumers:

If you do a good job, at a fair price… join TrustMark today.

I’ve found a reputable tradesmen through TrustMark.

I’m winning more business through being with TrustMark.

TrustMark, your way to find a reputable tradesmen.

Proud of your Work?… Join TrustMark today.

TrustMark, your route to a job well done.


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Use of the logo Approved scheme operators The ‘Government Endorsed Standards’ logo may be used by approved scheme operators on their own stationery, literature, web pages and other materials relating to TrustMark. The logo can be used alone, or with the TrustMark website address printed underneath in Helvetica Roman (55) font. It should not be joined to or merged with the scheme operator’s own name or logo. Approved scheme operators must make clear their association with TrustMark. However, where an approved scheme operator is running a scheme where only some of its members are TrustMark-

registered, this situation must be made clear to reduce any risk of confusion among consumers. Websites Scheme operators must provide a clear and prominent link to their database of TrustMark registered firms from their website. The listing of TrustMark registered firms on a website or searchable online database must include the TrustMark logo reproduced on an equal scale and prominence as any other logo. There must be no promotion of non-registered firms in the same database or website pages where consumers are receiving information about TrustMark.

Logos for firms Approved scheme operators are responsible for providing registered firms with the artwork and guidelines for proper use of the TrustMark logo – see pages 6 and 7.


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Use of the logo Registered firms The ‘Government Endorsed Standards’ logo may be used by all TrustMark-registered firms on their stationery, signage, literature, vans, in advertising etc. Registered firms will receive the correct logo to use from the scheme operator, not from TrustMark itself. Do not download logos from the TrustMark website, scan from publications etc. because these will not give you the correct logo. All TrustMark traders must use the logo with text underneath which explains which approved scheme operator has registered the firm. If a scheme operator abbreviates its name or approves use of an acronym (for example, the HVCA or NICEIC), this acronym can be used in the text. If the scheme operator’s branding requires the name to be spelt out in full (for example, the Glass and Glazing Federation), this should be reflected in the text. The text should be in Helvetica Roman (55). Arial can be used by smaller firms and sole traders who create their stationery on PCs.

Registered through: Approved scheme operator’s name/s in here


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Examples of use Registered firms TrustMark-registered firms can use the ‘Government Endorsed Standards’ logo on their business stationery, signage, van livery, advertising and other promotional materials. The logo must state underneath which approved scheme operator has awarded the firm its TrustMark status.

Registered through: NAPIT

The TrustMark logo must not be joined to or merged with any other logo. It should be shown on a similar scale to other logos, and certainly no smaller.

Registered through: FMB MasterBond


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Examples ABC Builders building & property maintenance 123 Any Street Anytown AB1 2CD 012 3456 7890

ABC Builders building & property maintenance

Registered through: HVCA

• • • • • • • •

All external works Office design and build Specialists in listed buildings Project management d Refurbishment projects he lis s Loft conversions tab year s e 7 Underpinning experts 1 Extension specialists

FREEPHONE 0800 156 876 Registered through: HVCA

123 Any Street, Anytown, Anywhere AB1 2CD



TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Use of the logo Official partners Where TrustMark has entered into a formal contract with an official partner, that organisation may use the ‘Official Partner’ logo. This may only be used by TrustMark’s key sponsors and patrons who are granted exclusive use of the logo within their business sector for an agreed time. The logo may be used on stationery, publications, web pages, advertising and other materials that relate to the Official Partner’s support for TrustMark. Precise conditions on the use of the logo will be agreed within the terms of the contract.

Official Partner

Strapline Here


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Exclusion zone and minimum size 0.25 x

The TrustMark logo has a minimum width of 17.5mm.


The logo should have an exclusion zone of half the height of the lozenge. The TrustMark logo must never be joined to or integrated into another logo.

Registered through: Approved scheme operator’s name/s in here Keep your text within this width

Registered through: Approved scheme operator’s name/s in here



TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Colours These logos are available as digital files (jpeg & eps) for all media The colour references for reproducing these colours are listed opposite. Please do not reproduce the TrustMark in other colours, except as prescribed in these guidelines. Exceptions In cases where the logo needs to be used on single colour applications, or white out of a black or dark coloured background, the following reversed out logos may be used: For single colour printing (not reversed out), the Mono version of the logo must be printed in black.

TrustMark orange PMS: Pantone 179 CMYK: C0 M79 Y94 K0 RGB: R255 G54 B0 WEB: E13600

Colour Pantone and CMYK


TrustMark blue PMS: Pantone 5405 CMYK: C72 M15 Y0 K56 RGB: R58 G90 B111 WEB: 3A5A6F Black & White mono

Reversed out


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

Typefaces Consistent typography is an essential part of the identity. The Helvetica family is used for all TrustMark publications because of its ease of use and readability. Use different weights within the font to gain emphasis. For web application or other electronic media, if Helvetica is not available, Arial is a viable alternative. Helvetica Thin (35)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 Helvetica Light (45)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 Helvetica Roman (55)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 Helvetica Medium (65)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789 Helvetica Bold (75)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0123456789


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

What not to do Incorrect usage

The TrustMark logo has been specially drawn and must not be re-created or stretched in any way. The original logo colours must not be altered, except when used on mono applications (explained on page 10). The ‘Government Endorsed Standards’ or ‘Official Partner’ straplines must not be removed or covered up. Don’t write different text in this area of the logo, even if you are concerned about its legibility when the logo is reproduced at its smallest permitted size. If you’re a TrustMark trader, don’t use the firms’ logo without the text underneath which says which scheme operator has registered you with TrustMark – see page 6. When referring to TrustMark in text, please use the uppercase ‘T’ and ‘M’, joined as one word i.e. TrustMark. Do not use different colours to highlight ‘Trust’ or ‘Mark’.

Correct usage


TrustMark | Brand Identity Guidelines

If you have any queries about TrustMark’s brand identity, please contact: TrustMark Englemere, Kings Ride Ascot Berkshire SL5 7TB Tel: 0870 163 7373 Email: Website:

Logo and Brand Guidelines for Tradesmen  

Guidance for Tradesmen and member firms on the correct use on the presentation of TrustMark and the use of the TrustMark logo.

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