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March 2019

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT This month we have two significant events happening! An International Women’s Forum, which is a joint venture between AWO and Damas Latinas on March 13 and our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 20. In celebration of Women’s Day, two phenomenal women’s organizations decided to come together to celebrate our members with an International Women’s Forum, followed by a brunch then a fashion show. This will be a great opportunity to network with other women and enjoy a day dedicated to us. On March 20, we will have our Annual General Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm. We hope to see everyone there as we will be voting in our Executive board, review of the AWO year followed by lunch. No regular meetings this month at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel but two other amazing events to look forward to. Michele

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Special Oers for AWO Members

Your 2018-2019 AWO Board

Invitation to International Women’s Forum

7 Invitation to AWO AGM 8 Happy Birthday to Nastenka!


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Review: AWO Movie Night

Join this Unforgettable Trip in Russia

Message from the FAWCO President

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Updated List of Interest Groups

March 2019 // !2

No Coffee Morning for March! April 3 and 17

International Women’s Forum

O2 Longue The Ritz-Carlton, Tverskaya Ulitsa 3.

The AWO and Damas Latinas would like to invite you to an International Women’s Forum on Wednesday, March 13th at the Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park. Join us for a day of celebrating women with interesting speakers, brunch, fashion show, fashion market and many prizes to be won.

from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

To register please use the link below. Registration closes on Monday, March 11th.

Annual General Meeting March 20, 2019 at The Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park Please check your inboxes soon for the invitation where you’ll be asked to RSVP with a separate link!

March 2019 // !3

LET’S BURN SOME DOLLS Maslenitsa, or the Pancake Festival for the culturally illiterate, is one of the most beloved holidays in Russia. There’s an indefinite amount of pancakes available at every corner of the city. There are drinks, music, dancing, and tons of games to enjoy at the main squares and the parks for ten whole days! And then there’s the famous bonfire. But, wait… My overcritical feminist mind cannot get past the image of burning a female figure to celebrate the end of winter! Why do women get to be blamed for all the tough and nasty days of winter? Weren’t they

manage the burden of professional life in addition to taking care of kids and housework when they get back home? Yet, we still rejoice the tradition of burning women. And it’s done during the very week of the International Women’s Day. Hmm…

stuck in the house, taking care of all the housework, lighting up the fire, doing all the chores all through winter in the old days? And during modern times, don’t they also

you read all the suggested events and invitations in the following pages. Happy International Women’s Day!

But of course there’s more to Maslenitsa than burning women and there’s more to the International Women’s Day than partying with your female friends. If you are interested in enjoying the two major events more, there’s quite a good selection of events waiting for you this month. Make sure


March 2019 // !4

Events of the Month “ VIVA LA VIDA . FRIDA KALO AND DIEGO RIVERA. Painting and graphics from museum and private collections » Exhibition - until March 12, 2019 // Central Manege Due to popular demand, the exhibition at Central Manege is extended until March 12th. If you haven’t visited it yet, do not miss the masterpieces created by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera presented together for the first time in Moscow. This is a well-organized, large-scale and must see event for all art lovers! For more information: Moscow Maslenitsa Festival - March 1- 10, 2019 // Various Locations Maslenitsa will be celebrated in 23 different locations across the city this year. Throughout the festival, there will be over 350 performances and concerts, 1,500 workshops, including 700 cooking and 800 handicraft and creative classes. For more information: The Art of Sculpture: New Romanticism at Bourganov House - until March 15, 2019 // Bourganov House museum The exhibition dedicated to new romanticism will be open to visitors until March 15th at the Bourganov House Moscow State Museum. Visitors will get a chance to view works by artists including Alexander Burganov, Zurab Tsereteli, Dmitry Tugarinov, Gennady Pravotorov, Anatoly Smolenkov, Viktor Korneyev, Alexander Tsigal, and Maria Burganova. For more information: 52038088/ “500 Years of Da Vinci Heritage” Inventions Exhibition - until April 7, 2019 // Exhibition Hall Gallery Belyaevo The unique inventions of the Renaissance Epoch recreated according to Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings will be available for the Muscovites from February 19  to April 7, 2019. It might be an interesting event to enjoy with your kids. For more information: “Old Future” Exhibition by the American Photographer Eric Madigan Heck - until March 31, 2019 // Multimedia Art Museum Young American Photographer Eric Madigan Heck’s portfolio includes a number of awards in professional prestigious competitions. His photographs are regularly published in TIME, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and other prestigious publications. You may visit the critically acclaimed photographer’s exhibition at the Multimedia Art Museum until the end of March, 2019. For more information: exhibitions/old-future/

March 2019 // 5!

March 2019 // !6

Invitation to AWO Annual General Meeting 2019 Dear Members, We will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 20, 2019 at The Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park. During the AGM we are required to vote in the Executive Board for the 2019 year. At this time it is our responsibility to let our current membership know we have vacancies on the Executive Board. Executive Board members must hold a North American Passport, whereas the rest of the Board is made up of both Members and Associate Members. At this time we are seeking a dedicated member to fill the Vice President (Executive role) position. Please submit your candidacy at your earliest convenience for this position.  At our 2019 AGM, we will also be voting on a change to our Constitution, which will allow our Associate Members the right to vote for the Executive Board.  Please check your inboxes for the invitation where you’ll be asked to RSVP with a separate link soon. 

March 2019 // !7

Happy Birthday to Nastenka! by Daniele Kuznetsov

That being said, the foundation has been busy working on quite an interesting new project. This online project is called “A Million Hearts”.  The goal is to raise awareness and money to help pay for the cost of treatment. Check out their website and learn more about the children who will benefit from the donations: 17 years and counting! February 27th marked the day that Nastenka and AWO have been serving children who are battling cancer. We celebrated Nastenka’s birthday with Jamila Alyeva, founder of Nastenka, and Mariam Kocharian, the Nastenka Fundraising representative. As a birthday gift, AWO presented a donation of 300,000 Rubles that will go directly to purchasing much needed medications. The hospital was on quarantine this past month and so the pictures and events are few to speak of.

March 2019 // 8!


A wonderful article was published in the La Personne Ballet magazine on the experience of one ballerina's gift of time to the children at the cancer hospital. Unfortunately, it is not in English. For those not proficient in Russian, find someone who can translate it for you. It is worth the read! https:// charity-children?

Finally, Nastenka was awarded the Best Fund of the year by cancer patients and the Association RUSSCO, supported by the administration of social funds the Russian President. The ceremony took place at the Kremlin Palace.

March 2019 // 9! March 2019 // 9!

Review: AWO Movie Night by Kelley Jackson

It was a fun and festive night in the Bibliotech room at the Ararat Park Hyatt on February 9th. Overlooking Moscow with all the twinkling lights, we had a great time mingling and eating. Then we sat down to watch the 80s hit film “Top Gun”. It was fun to hear the classic lines and the music and the roar of the jet engines. It was hard not to say the lines out loud.  In all, it was a fun night with a great group of people.


AWO Date Night Saturday, February 9th From 7:00pm Screening of Top Gun Dinner Buffet and movie snacks 2,500 rubles / person Tomato mozzarella shots, basil Mini prime beef burger, bacon, cheese, tomatoes Currywurst Fish and chips, green peas, lemon Mini pizza with different toppings Club sandwich, coleslaw Popcorn, spicy cashew nuts, chips salty crackers marshmallows, chocolate rochers, cut fruits

March 2019 // 1! 0

Join this Unforgettable Trip in Russia! by Fabienne Degreve

If you have lived in Russia for a year or more and curious about other regions or fond of cultural discoveries in nature, with a possible short climb to Mount Elbrus (the highest peak in Europe 5642 m), then this trip is for you! Join us on our trip to THE CAUCASUS between June 5 -15! In 12 days we will be visiting 5 republics, 2 territories, 2 seas, and dozens of ancient cultures, going up 4200 meters of altitude, making 1500 km, consuming hundreds of drinks and dishes! It will be an ocean of emotions and experience. But these are just a few of the highlights of this trip.

The Caucasus region takes its name from the mountain range of the same name which rises to more than 5000 meters above sea level. It is located between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, straddling Russia to the north and Turkey and Iran to the south. The Caucasus is divided into two large regions: the North Caucasus, called Ciscaucasia, entirely located in the Russian Federation and includes several autonomous regions, and the South Caucasus (which is not part of our trip), called Transcaucasia and includes three independent countries (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan).

March 2019 // !11

See also the following link identical program if not day 11 and day 12 Sochi: http:// 193

Price options are as follows (not including plane tickets): 1486 € based on 10 people 1385 € based on 11 people 1312 € based on 12 people Closing of Registrations March 22! English speaking guide! With so many discoveries in the sun, we can only crack this trip! let me know to sign up!

March 2019 // !12

Message from the FAWCO President In Memoriam - Lucy Stensland Laederich December 8, 1944 - February 1. 2019

One of the brightest stars in the FAWCO firmament is no longer with us. Past FAWCO President (1999-2001) and longtime FAWCO US Liaison, Lucy Stensland Laederich, left us peacefully last Friday morning, February 1, at her home in Bordeaux, surrounded by her family.  Lucy was an institution, an icon, a role model, mentor and inspiration to countless people. She was a resolute leader, an articulate and compelling advocate, a brilliant thinker, and a wise counselor. To many of us in FAWCO (as well in my home club, AAWE Paris, where she also served as President), she was a cherished friend as well.

Lucy's unstinting advocacy for overseas Americans made her greatly admired and appreciated far beyond FAWCO. She was instrumental in setting up the Americans Abroad Caucus in Congress, and was the motor behind establishing the annual Overseas Americans Week. She also served two terms as President of the Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO), FAWCO's frequent partner at OAW and in other endeavors on behalf of Americans abroad. Plans are in the works to establish a FAWCO memorial fund to honor and perpetuate Lucy's advocacy on US issues. There will be a tribute to Lucy at the Biennial Conference in Edinburgh as well as in the Summer 2019 issue of The FORUM. However, mere words cannot quite express how profoundly saddened I am to announce Lucy's passing or how great the void is that she leaves. All of us in the FAWCO family extend our deepest sympathy to Sarah and Jeremy, Lucy's children, and to her husband Olivier. Sallie Chaballier AAWE Paris FAWCO President March 2019 // !13

New Interest Group: Dinner with a Cause We are very excited to announce our new interest group: Dinner with a Cause. The idea of the dinners is simple: A host will invite a minimum of four people to their house for dinner. Dinners may either be closed events where the host invites her friends or open events where people from within the AWO and the wider expat community are invited. The host will cover all dinner expenses. Each guest will pay 2500 roubles. Hosts may also hold larger events (game nights, cocktails etc.), .but the minimum amount is set as 10,000 Roubles. The 10,000 roubles (or more) raised at each dinner will go to Nastenka. Masha Melgrelis is heading this new opportunity for AWO members to host dinners that make an impact in the lives of others.  SAVE THE DATE: May 17, 2019  Cocktail event at the Megrelis home in downtown Moscow. Open to AWO members and their friends. We are hoping for 38 guests to come and kick off this new endeavour to raise funds. Tickets are 2,500 rubles per person with all the proceeds going to Nastenka. Following this celebration, there will be an online sign-up form to host your own “AWO Dinner with a Cause”.

March 2019 // !14

Updated List of Interest Groups AWO Interest Groups (AWO members only) Club


Cultural Outings


Explore Moscow’s museums Occasional, usually Fridays Learn, inspire, create photography together


Bimonthly - Wednesdays (10:00am - 12:00pm OR 11: 00am - 1:00pm)



entrance fee




Help with activities for Monthly - 3rd Thursday free Nastenka Nastenka children's hospital Wine tasting and fun with Wine Lovers Monthly cost of wine varies other couples Visit new restaurants with Lunch Bunch Monthly - Wednesday cost of meal varies AWO members Read books and share with Starbucks on the Book Club Monthly - Wednesday 10am cost of book friends old Arbat,19/2 Share cooking and recipes Cooking Club Monthly cost of meal various and enjoy lunch together Watch English Movies in Theater ticket + Movie Buffs Bi monthly Various theaters enjoy lunch lunch afterward Tour the markets of Moscow What's in My Market Monthly free Various and share your favorite with the group Enjoy a coffee with friends Preschool Playdate group while children play in a kid Monthly cost of coffee various friendly venue Semi private (2 ppl) Active exercise combining Metropol Hotel rubles each OR NEW: Kickboxing Weekly, 1.5 hour session 2,500 cardio, aerobics, strength & Mini group (4 ladies) gym endurance w private trainer 1,500 rubles each Spread Sunshine

NEW: Tennis

Play tennis with friends

Weekly-Monday 9:30am

Rosinka Tennis court


Friends of AWO (Open to AWO and nonmembers) Golf

Play golf at City Golf, lessons available

Thursday morning

2400 rubles/2 hours

Bersenevskiy Pereulok, 5 стр. 2,

Dinner for a cause

Host a dinner in your home for charity

Your choice

Cost of food / beverage

your home

For the Sake of Traveling

Explore Russia and other bordering countries

3 trips: Nov / Feb / May

by trip


depends on visit, from 500 rubles


History-Art- Design

See the best Moscow sights Mondays & Fridays 11:00 in the context of Russian 1:00pm history (Excursions, lectures and workshops)

Russian Textile doll making

Learn to make traditional Russian dolls, no sewing

2500 Mon,Wed, or Fri 10:00am - rubles/lesson & 1:00pm includes materials

Central Moscow locations

International Women's Bible Study

Join women to study the Bible, book of Mark

Tuesdays 10:30 - 12:00pm

Metro Kropotkinskaya


March 2019 // !15

Special Offers for AWO Members 

GallaDance is a Lifestyle Dance club offering the most trendy way to learn how to dance. Join us and experience professional teachers ∙   wide selection of dance styles for adults and children ∙   regular club parties   Contact us at : +7(495)786 76 36 Visit our website for more details at:   You may also buy raffle tickets at the upcoming AWO meetings for a chance to win the gift of two individual classes and seven days of unlimited group lessons!

March 2019 // !16


As a part of International Women's Day celebrations, provides a special offer on ZOOM Whitening for AWO members! The offer includes special price for ZOOM Whitening procedures of 30.000 Rubles, including initial consultation and a home bleaching set. Zoom whitening system will help to restore the natural whiteness of the teeth. Before you make an appointment for whitening, our doctors will conduct a full examination of the oral cavity and strengthen the enamel of your teeth, carefully prepare your teeth for the whitening procedures. The offer is valid for the period: MARCH 8-15, 2019.

On International Women's Day, the O2 Lounge restaurant will welcome guests to the dazzling Latina rhythms by Julio Iglesias Jr., the son of the iconic Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. On the 8th of March, Julio Iglesias Jr. will sing together with Manolo Alayeto for O2 Lounge guests with fascinating views of Red Square and the Kremlin in the background, while Bar Manager Filipp Glushakov will prepare a welcome cocktail by his exclusive recipe for all Ladies this evening. The events starts at 8 pm. Minimum spending requirements of 40 000 rubles apply to tables by the window, other seating options are available at 30.000 rubles. Advanced reservations are highly recommended at +7 495 225 81 81. Julio Iglesias Jr. was born in one of the most talented and world-famous families. His father Julio Iglesias is the legendary Latin music’s figure, whose work has been recognized all over the world and attracted fans of more than one generation. Once Julio Iglesias Jr. had released his debut album, he immediately became a young idol in America. Famous CHER invited Julio to open her national tour across 27 cities in the United States. After his incredible success, Julio was awarded as the “Best New Artist” by the American Music Awards and FAMA Awards. Now Julio continues to conquer the rest of the world, in 2017 he released the Latin Lovers album which was recognized as the gold one in France. Last year Julio Iglesias made the single Te Extrano in collaboration with the Russian composer Elena Iourova. The song represents a fusion of two cultures, where the Spanish text and music created by the author with the Russian soul complement each other. Te Extrano is a hit which won hearts of both Spanish and Russian listeners.

March 2019 // !18

The Expat Salon offers 15% off for first time visitors and 10% discount for AWO members in following visits.

Thanks to our sponsors:

March 2019 // 1! 9

Your 2018-2019 AWO Board

Michele Kuhlen President, Charity Liaison

Irem Sunar Newsletter

Vice President, Facebook

Dawn Biyashev Interest Groups

Danielle Kuznetsov Spread Sunshine, FAWCO REP

Michelle Rowe

Salma Nurmohamed



Beth Osowski Monday Updates

Kelley Jackson Special Events and Fundraising

Eugenie Tsesarenko Membership

Wendy Soucy Ex-OďŹƒcio

March 2019 // !20

Photo Credits: Page 1 & 2: via Mos.Ru Page 4: Anton Ulatov via Page 5: Vladislav Falkov via CONTACT US: awomoscow/

Profile for The American Women’s Organization of Moscow

The American Women's Organization of Moscow - Newsletter for March 2019 (redacted copy)  

The American Women's Organization of Moscow - Newsletter for March 2019 (redacted copy)  

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