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April 2019

LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT As we enter into a new AWO year after a successful AGM, I am once again honored to be able to serve as your President. Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Executive Board Danielle Kuznetsov (Vice President), Meg Aw (Treasurer), Salma Nurmohamed (Secretary)! Thank you also to our Board, for volunteering to serve for another year, your time and contributions has held this club together. A huge thank you to all our members who attended the AGM as two significant things happened, the vote was passed allowing Associate Members to now vote at our AGM and rewriting sections of our Constitution. Also we raised 80,000 rubles for Jamilia the founder of Nastenka who recently lost her home due to a fire incident. Thank you all for your continued support and for choosing to be members of this amazing organization. We have a lot in stored for you this year! So stay tuned to our Facebook page, Monday Updates, our beautiful monthly newsletters and of course our Coee Morning meetings! Michele

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Support to Nastenka's Founder Jamila

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Your 2018-2019 AWO Board

April 2019 // !2

April 3 The meeting has moved to Cube! This will be a special coee morning with a tour and lecture about the contemporary art on display at the venue followed by our regular meeting. Cube can be found on -2nd floor of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel. from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

April 17


O2 Longue The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Tverskaya Ulitsa 3. from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

April 13, 2019 (see page 9 for more information)

April 2019 // 3!

HAPPY SPRING! April seems to be a slow month for festivals compared to March. Still, the city offers many exciting event options, if not festivals for us to make the best of the spring days that we deserved so much after putting up with the winter! There’s a great event for book lovers, for example. Private publishing houses, bookstores, and authors of independent magazines from different countries will take part in a unique book fair called “DEFICIT” this month. The stands will feature books that include works by famous photographers and artists, collections of exclusive illustrations, as well as art magazines, design publications, art catalogs, author prints, and monographs. The fair will take place in one of my favorite places in Moscow: Flacon

Design Factory. If you haven’t visited the place so far, it would be a great opportunity. The “World Dance Olympiad” is certainly one of the other interesting events of the month. As an individual with two left feet and no sense of musicality, I find people who attend dance shows quite extraordinary. This event definitely goes on my “must-check-out” list. As the temperatures climb back into a reasonable range, you may find yourself strolling the parks and enjoying them without snow or noisy festivals. There’ll be more events and parades to conquer the tranquil parks in May, so enjoy this quiet month. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find few hidden Easter eggs in the park. Happy spring everyone! Irem

April 2019 // 4 !

Events of the Month Exhibition “Masks of the World” - until April 28, 2019 // Club-Museum Lecture Hall An interesting exhibition on ritual masks and figures from African, Mesoamerican and Asian civilisations will be open to visitors at the Club-Museum Lecture Hall at Izmailova A special section is dedicated to the masks from Russia, as well. If you’re interested, visit this webpage for more information on how to get to the exhibition venue: Exhibition "Treasures of the Imperial Palace of Gugun” - until May30, 2019 // Kremlin Museums The exhibition “Treasures of the Imperial Palace of the Gongun. The era of prosperity of China in the XVIII century “ will take place at the Kremlin Museums until the end of May 2019. The exhibition is dedicated to the life of Emperor Qianlong, his rule, political and military achievements in particular, and the activities of the Qing dynasty in general.  For more information: World Dance Olympiad - April 27-May 12, 2019 // Sokolniki World Dance Olympiad in Sokolniki is the biggest dance marathon in the world! It will encompass more than 50 international competitions in different styles. You can book your tickets here: Free Museum Day - April 20, 2019 // Various Locations The best museums of Moscow offer free admission on April  20th. For more information, please visit: https:// Festival “Indian Bazaar in Arbat”- April 12-14, 2019 // Old Arbat Street On April 12–14, the noisy and crowded Delhi Bazaar will be open on Old Arbat. Visitors to the Bazaar will wind various goods from India - original decorations in the style of ethno, natural Ayurvedic cosmetics, health products, cashmere and silk stoles, tunics and dresses made of organic cotton. The festival will include cooking classes, film screenings and other entertainment for its visitors For more information: https:// International Fair of Art Books “DEFICIT” - April 19 - 21, 2019 // Flacon Design Factory Private publishing houses, bookstores and authors of independent magazines from different countries of the world - Russia, Estonia, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile and others will take part in the “DEFICIT” book fair. The stands will feature books that include works by famous photographers and artists, collections of exclusive illustrations, as well as art magazines, design publications, art catalogs, author prints and monographs. For more information please visit:

April 2019 // 5!

Review: AWO Annual General Meeting 2019 by Eugenie Tsesarenko We held our Annual General Meeting at The Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park Hotel on March 20. The meeting went wonderfully. We were greeted warmly by the hotel staff with a glass of sparkling wine as our dear members poured into the bright and cozy room, a total of 39 ladies attended the event. AWO President Michele Kuhlen called the meeting and introduced the treasurer, Michelle Rowe, to give the highlights of AWO's state of financial affairs. The members were then presented with the amendments to the constitution and the new Executive Board members to be voted in. Following Michelle’s presentation, I reviewed the past year's social calendar with photos. Danielle Kuznetsov then gave a summary of FAWCO and its role within the expat community worldwide.

Danielle also showed a short and poignant visual presentation about Jamilia from Nastenka, who has recently lost her house in a fire. All the proceeds from the event's special raffle went towards Jamila's family, who are now raising funds to rebuild their home. A big “Thank You” to everyone who contributed, 80,000 roubles was raised at the AGM.

April 2019 // 6!

A very special “Thank You“ was given to three incredible women, who were selflessly dedicated to AWO during their time in office, Wendy Soucy (ex President), Rebecca Zenkevich (ex Vice President) and Michelle Rowe (ex Treasurer). It was a particularly bittersweet moment with Wendy Soucy as we said goodbye to her and her time in Moscow. The voting was closed by Dawn Biyashev and an unanimous vote for constitution amendments and new Executive Board were announced. Meeting called to an end by Michele Kuhlen as the delicious aroma of the complimentary luncheon started to fill the room. Meet your new Executive Board: President - Michele Kuhlen Vice President - Danielle Kuznetsov Treasurer - Meg Aw Secretary - Salma Nurmohamed 

Support to Nastenka’s Founder Jamila by Daniele Kuznetsov

“I was alone at home, taking a shower. When I came out of the bathroom I smelled something burning. Within minutes a poisonous gas had filled the kitchen, I realized I couldn’t breathe and ran out of the house immediately. I grabbed a pair of rain boots and an old jacket. That is all that I have left. I called the fire fighters, it took them a long time to stop the fire, there was trouble with the water supply. After 3 hours all that was left were the charred walls. I am very sad that two of my cats died in the fire.”

The women of the American Women's Organization Moscow ROCK! Not only did we show up for our year in review, enjoy a wonderful lunch, but also we showered Jamila Alieva, the founder of Nastenka, with love and support!

Jamila and her family back on their feet. 80,000 rubles were raised at our raffle during our AGM, which showcased two handmade quilts, exclusive tea, gift certificates to the Kremlin ballet, Curly Sue Beauty Salon, and Expat Salon. Jamila sends her deep gratitude to AWO for not only the continued support of Nastenka, but also supporting her personally as she moves forward with a new place to call home.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to help rebuild Jamila's house which burned down on March 9, 2019. Left with only her robe, slippers, and phone, Jamila escaped to her neighbor's house while her own house burned to the ground. Unfortunately, the fire fighters showed up to find a problem with the water source! Thankfully, her husband and son were not home at the time. Jamila and her family are left to rebuild-but AWO has made their contribution to getting

April 2019 // 8!

Invitation to Karaoke Night Out!  

Save the date on your calendars and join us for a night of fun and singing on Saturday, April 13th!.

April 2019 // 9!

Review: The International Women’s Forum by Michele Kuhlen

Our first International Women’s Forum, which was a joint venture with the Damas Latinas Club, took place on March 15 at The Hyatt Regency Petrovsky Park. The event was a celebration of women, for women and by women, bringing together women of all nationalities to highlight the true meaning of International Women’s Day. The event focused on areas of business, health and fashion and highlighted key women speakers who were seen as trendsetters and leaders within their profession. The event was opened by the presidents of both organizations and the spouse of the Ambassador of Argentina. There was a fashion market which showcased a variety of goods such as bags, clothing and jewelry all designed or created by women. There were also a few other vendors who had goods or services related to beauty and health.

The first speaker of the forum was Ekaterina Dukhina an advocate and lawyer who is one of the leading lawyers in Russia in the field of civil, administrative, family and criminal law. Ekaterina who is also a member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates and is a frequent guest of television programs, one of the soughtafter and quoted experts in the field of law for radio and print media.

April 2019 // 1! 0

The second speaker Émilie Georoy Ponson, is the CEO of Emilie Digital Agency. Her areas of expertise are in editorial strategy, content creation, PR and handling of social networks.

end of the 90s, fashion media houses like Vogue and the Cosmopolitan began writing about her. The closing speaker for the forum was Natalya Volodina, of Mineral Water Roussequelle a premium natural spring water from Russia. Natalya is the Head of the Marketing department and wife of the first water sommelier of Russia. She is also a Certified business coach, motivational speaker and practicing psychologist.

The third speaker Svetlana Tegin, of Tegin Fashion House opened which opened in 2001, is one of the most recognized Russian brands worldwide. Originally from Kiev, the constructor and visionary designer started her career creating costumes and decorations for art performances and fashion shows. By the

April 2019 // !11

The forum was followed by a tasty brunch then fashion show featuring designers such as BVLGARI, LA NEIGE, HELEN YARMAK, and SEP Jordan. The show took on a feel of Moscow Fashion week as each designer had their own segment of about 15-20 minutes

showcasing their latest designs and trendiest pieces. The event was well supported by both clubs including women from other organizations giving us a total of about 120 attendees.

April 2019 // 1! 2

Review: FAWCO 2019 Biennial Conference by Daniele Kuznetsov

When I took over the role of Representative for FAWCO from Becky (AWO’s former and fabulous VP/ FAWCO Rep), I had no idea what the organization was about. Even though I read through everything on their website and shared information with our members, it seemed to me far and away in terms of understanding what they did and why they did it. Attending the 2019 Biennial Conference in Endinburgh this past month helped me tremendously to grasp the spirit and energy these women have for creating peace and making a dierence in the world. FAWCO, founded in 1931 by Caroline Curtis Brown, then President of the American Women's Club in London, believed that enlightened women, working cooperatively throughout the

world, could do much to help achieve international peace. Its objectives, defined at a meeting of seven clubs in London, were to "work towards international goodwill and the preservation of world peace, to help one another solve problems common to them all and to aid women whose citizenship rights were being ignored or restricted."

April 2019 // !13

And so it began. "In its early years, the Federation was mainly concerned with "big" issues: furtherance of international peace, the Equal Rights Bill in the United States and citizenship status for U.S. women married to foreigners, as well as the creation of a scholarship program. All activities were suspended from 1939 to 1949, but in the ten post-war years, the Federation grew from 8 to 18 member clubs, established a Citizenship Committee to work on questions of absentee voting, reinstated its scholarship program and made its first "Mutual Aid" donation to earthquake victims in Thessaly." Fast forward to March 24, 2019 and our own former FAWCO rep and AWO club VP, Becky Zenkevich was selected to receive the FAWCO Foundation Education Grant of $5000, to assist with her graduate Gerontology programhas received a 5,000 scholarship to enter into a Graduate

Gerontology program to gain a deeper understanding of elderhood, improve her language when talking about ageing and become an advocate in “Disrupting Ageism” no matter where she lives or works. Her goal is to change the public perception about how much this population can do. What an honor and a privilege it is to be a member of such an organization as FAWCO. ALL AWO members are automatically members of FAWCO - so sign up and reap the rewards!

April 2019 // !14

Special Offers for AWO Members KEUNE Beauty Day Special Offer from Expat Salon!

April 2019 // 1! 5

MEETINGS OF THE SENSES Delegate package The Ritz-Carlton Moscow introduces a new delegate package which aims to unite the cultural heritage of Russia with the modern world of business through the embodiment of local folk arts and crafts.

Initially, Gzhel used to be multicolored reflecting the wealth and magnificence of Tsarist Russia. Only after the revolution, masters began to use the cobalt blue which is now the signature of Gzhel on white background.

The introduction to Russian hospitality traditions will begin from your arrival to your event. Accompanied by a culturally important musical instrument “Balalika”, Ladies in national costume and colorful headdress “Kokoshnik” will greet guests with freshly-baked bread and salt according to the old-fashioned Welcome C e r e m o n y. S i n c e o l d e n t i m e s , b r e a d represented prosperity and wealth, whilst salt protected against hostile charms and evil forces.

As for beverages, guests will find the traditional juice “Mors” made from wild berries as well as “Sbiten” with honey and spices. Herbal Ivan-Tea which abroad is called “Russian Tea” will also be available. Rich in beneficial properties, it earned popularity across the whole country: from lower classes to higher and Tsar families. According to the best local traditions, the tea will be served from a samovar with gingerbread and various delicacies.

Guests will savour different local delights such as pies with sturgeon, patties with various fillings, blinis, cakes with cottage cheese, bread rolls and much more. All dishes are served in traditional porcelain with a cobalt painting, wellknown as Gzhel. Each piece is handcrafted, some ornaments are represented by nature such as wheat ears, birds, wildflowers, whilst others are inspired by contemporary geometric patterns.

The world of The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow enlivens the senses. Explore the Russian culture and traditions with us whilst our highly-experienced Banqueting and Culinary teams take care of your event from the detailed planning to the perfect execution, whether it is a business meeting, large conference, corporate celebration or presentation of a new product.

April 2019 // !16

US Dental Care is happy to offer a special discount for the members of AWO – 15% on the first visit and 5% thereafter.

Thanks to our sponsors:

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