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issue 2 66 17 January 2014

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laboured work permits: have you got one, do you need one?

hua hin, THAILAND There is an increasing number of business ventures being undertaken by non-Thais in Hua Hin and in Thailand generally, and correspondingly more and more foreigners requiring work permits. There are also increasing numbers who have skilled jobs working for companies that obtain these vital documents for them, and they should be thankful as the process and paperwork required is long and hefty. Consequently there are often some who either don’t know they require a permit, or a few who take a chance of not being caught. That risk is too high for most, as it can lead to large fines and deportation in the worst cases, but there are still regular visits made by police to businesses where they think they might catch someone out, and this week it appears as though another round of these visits has started. Sometimes the police will have had a tip off, other times it will be a visit to a place where a permit was previously held, and even for those who have all their paperwork in order there can be an intimidatory air about proceedings, similar to that when other checks are made such as on music licences in bars. The puzzling thing for many foreigners running businesses here is that no matter how hard they try to abide by the rules, and how many local people get gainful employment from their efforts, they feel as if they are being picked on because they are ‘farang’; however Thai run businesses also get these visits, under suspicion of perhaps employing someone from Myanmar without the required paperwork. However tempting it may be to try and ‘beat the system’ ultimately it behoves all of us to abide by the rules, and when the Asian Economic Union is formed in 2015 there will be even greater scruting on those working inside it who come from countries outside of it.


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thailand weather (16-1-14) Place Temp. Hum. Conditions Aranyaprathet 25 °C 47% Haze Bangkok 24 °C 47% Clear Bhumibol Dam 20 °C 62% Mist Bua Chum 22 °C 37% Haze Chaiyaphum 22 °C 34% Haze Chanthaburi 22 °C 60% Haze Chiang Mai 20 °C 68% Partly Cloudy Chiang Rai 18 °C 88% Clear Chumphon 25 °C 59% Mist Hat Yai 24 °C 78% Mostly Cloudy Kam Paeng Phet 21 °C 64% Haze Kanchanaburi 23 °C 41% Haze Khanom 26 °C 74% Mostly Cloudy Khlong Yai 26 °C 38% Haze Khon Kaen 20 °C 56% Clear Ko Lanta 25 °C 74% Partly Cloudy Ko Samui 26 °C 74% Mostly Cloudy Ko Sichang 24 °C 47% Clear Krabi 25 °C 74% Partly Cloudy Laemchabang 23 °C 63% Clear Lampang 23 °C 69% Clear Lamphun 20 °C 84% Partly Cloudy Loei 23 °C 35% Haze Lop Buri 24 °C 50% Clear Mae Hong Son 21 °C 60% Partly Cloudy Mae Sariang 21 °C 69% Mist Mae Sot 23 °C 36% Clear Mukdahan 22 °C 51% Haze Nakhon Phanom 22 °C 49% Haze Nakhon Ratch. 23 °C 44% Clear Nakhon Sawan 23 °C 48% Haze Nakhon Si Tham. 24 °C 89% Mostly Cloudy Nan 16 °C 94% Clear

Place Temp. Hum. Conditions Narathiwat 26 °C 69% Scattered Clds Nong Khai 21 °C 49% Haze Pattani 25 °C 64% Mist Pattaya 25 °C 23% Clear Phayao 18 °C 88% Clear Phetchabun 21 °C 64% Haze Phetchaburi 25 °C 50% Clear Phitsanulok 21 °C 64% Haze Phrae 22 °C 59% Mist Phuket 26 °C 65% Mostly Cloudy Prachin Buri 24 °C 50% Clear Prachuap K.khan 25 °C 50% Clear Ranong 26 °C 56% Scattered Clds Rayong 22 °C 71% Haze Roi Et 23 °C 42% Haze Sakon Nakhon 21 °C 51% Haze Sattahip 22 °C 60% Haze Satun 24 °C 78% Mostly Cloudy Songkhla 26 °C 60% Mist Suphan Buri 24 °C 50% Clear Surat Thani 25 °C 83% Overcast Surin 23 °C 43% Haze Tak 22 °C 47% Haze Takua Pa 26 °C 65% Mostly Cloudy Tha Tum 21 °C 66% Mist Tha Wang Pha 16 °C 94% Clear Thong Pha Phum 23 °C 56% Haze Trang 26 °C 79% Scattered Clds Ubon Ratchathani 23 °C 53% Clear Udon Thani 19 °C 52% Haze Uttaradit 23 °C 55% Mist Wichian Buri 23 °C 46% Haze

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stories running to stand still By Roger Norwood Every now and again I feel it is my duty to give not just my opinion on matters in Thailand, but also some useful information for both expats and tourists visiting the country, and this week’s column is one of those occasions. The ‘visa run’ can be an enjoyable trip when only needed occasionally, but it can become a chore, so anything that reduces the time and expense required to carry it out is always welcome news. For many years foreigners in the Hua Hin area have really only had one viable option for their run, which is down to Ranong (on the way to Phuket), and go across the border to Myanmar, which is a good 14 hour plus round trip depending

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on the form of transport taken. There have been rumours for years that the Myanmar border at Dan Singkhon near Prachuap Kiri Khan would be opened for foreigners, and while the prospect is edging closer, it is still not possible to do a visa run there yet. Another alternative has appeared now though, and this is the crossing at Nam Ron, west of Kanchanaburi. While I have not been there myself, all the reports say that unless you already have a visa for Myanmar, this will cost a fee of 700 baht paid at the Thai side, and you will not physically cross the border yourself, but an immigration officer will take your passport across for you and do the necessary. By all accounts this is about a 250

kilometre drive from Hua Hin taking around 4 hours in each direction, so a decent saving of time and money, despite the more expensive border fee, which is normally 500 baht. No doubt someone will start a visa run service to this border from Hua Hin in due course, if they haven’t already, while others can combine the run with a trip to Kanchanaburi, as this has more and better accommodation options than are at the border itself, and be warned that there is very little either side of the border! If you have been to this crossing why not share your experience and information on the AWOL Forum at, along with any other tips that others would find useful.


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v a A b li W u d ff t O o a o L n l 2 ly o 4 ta /1/ (d v 14 r e a in r t k n s n o t in c lu d e d )



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weird NEWS


pennsylvania, usa Police pull four bracelets, four necklaces, 11 rings and bag of weed from man’s rectum Even the most experienced police staff on one force were left stunned by this unusual case of stolen jewellery. A drink-drive investigation took a strange turn when an implausible amount of stolen were goods were discovered in a teenager’s rectum. A total of four bracelets, four necklaces, 11 women’s rings, a socket for a smoking wrench and a bag of weed were found to be hidden inside Christopher Scheller. The 18-year-old was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries after crashing his car in Heidelberg, Pennsylvania, in December, according to a police report. ‘The officer found evidence that the driver may be intoxicated and responded to York Hospital to meet with Scheller,’ it added. ‘When medical staff performed a medical X-ray of Scheller, they found an abnormality in his rectum. Scheller at first did not want the object removed- but eventually consented. ‘After the officer investigated this strange occurrence, it was determined that the items were stolen from a residence in Heidelberg.’ The teen was arrested on a host of charges including theft, receiving stolen property and driving under the influence.

england Woman tries to sue lawyers because they failed to tell her a divorce settlement would end her marriage A British woman tried to sue her former lawyers because they failed to tell her the divorce settlement she wanted would cause the end of her marriage. Jane Mulcahy attempted to take action against two law firms that she had used, saying they did not make it clear what the outcomes of her divorce proceedings would be. It is believed Ms Mulcahy is Catholic and that her lawyers had not taken her faith into account, the Independent reported. She claims that judicial separation, which is less severe than divorce, should have been recommended instead. The details of the attempted legal action were revealed at an appeal court hearing after Ms Mulcahy objected to the outcome of her original case. Lord Justice Briggs, who presided over the appeal proceedings, said that Ms Mulcahy’s claim was a ‘striking’ one and her case was rejected by the court.

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A section for all you budding etymologists where each week the origin of a word or phrase is investigated. This week it is..... Get off on the wrong foot Make a bad start to a project or relationship. This has the sound of an old expression - from Shakespeare, the Bible or similar. Shakespeare did use the notion of a ‘better’ foot (which implies a wrong foot) in King John, 1595: KING JOHN: Nay, but make haste; the better foot before. O, let me have no subject enemies, When adverse foreigners affright my towns With dreadful pomp of stout invasion! Be Mercury, set feathers to thy heels, And fly like thought from them to me again. Richard Harvey, in Plaine Perceuall the peace-maker of England, 1590, is the first to record the wrong foot in print: “Thou putst the wrong foote before.” Despite the implication otherwise in the phrase put your best foot forward we only have two choices, so if there’s a wrong foot there has to be a right one too and get off on the right foot is also in common use. How did these phrases originate? Well, we don’t know. It may be that it comes from the long-standing preference people have for the right. Most people in all cultures are right-handed and in English at least the bias is part of the language. We have right and left and right and wrong, tends to associate left and wrong. That association is built into the language in the way that we have taken the Latin for left - sinister, to mean dark and suspicious. There are various disparaging terms for use of the left that demonstrate this bias - cack-handed, goofy-footed etc. There is a suggestion that it in ancient Greece it was considered unlucky to put the left foot on to the floor, or into one’s shoe, first. Brewer records this in his Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, 1898. There’s no supporting evidence for that view, so here is what Brewer had to say here:

It was thought unlucky to enter a house or to leave one’s chamber left foot foremost. Augustus was very superstitious on this point. Pythagoras taught that it is necessary to put the shoe on the right foot first. “When stretching forth your feet to have your sandals put on, first extend your right foot” (Protreptics of Iamblichus, symbol xii.). Iamblichus tells us this symbolised that man’s first duty is reverence to the gods. Another suggestion is that the concept of a right foot and a wrong foot comes from the military, where in order to march in step soldiers all have to start with the same foot. Is there an English phrase or saying that you would like to know more about? Email it to us on

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Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a number 1-26. Can you crack the code and solve the crossword? Every letter of the alphabet is used at least once. Three letters are already in place to get you started. Use the 1-26 small grid to keep track.

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Dai the hill farmer A hill farmer named Dai was overseeing his stock in a remote mountain valley in Wales when suddenly a brand-new BMW 4x4 advanced out of the nearby wood. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, RayBan sunglasses and a YSL tie, leans out the window and asks the old farmer, ‘If I tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf?’ Dai looks at the man, obviously a yuppie, then looks at his peacefully grazing animals and calmly answers, “Sure, why not boyo?” The yuppie parks his 4x4, whips out his Dell notebook computer, connects it to his Cingular Bluetooth cell phone and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet, where he calls up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location which he then feeds to another NASA satellite that scans the area in an ultra-high-resolution photo. The young man then opens the digital photo in Adobe Photoshop and exports it to an image processing facility in Hamburg , Germany . Within seconds, he receives an email on his Palm Pilot that the image has been processed and the data stored. He then accesses a MS-SQL database through an ODBC connected Excel spreadsheet with email on his Blackberry and after a few minutes, receives a response. Finally, he prints out a full-color, 150-page report on his hi-tech, miniaturized HP LaserJet printer and finally turns to the farmer and says, “You have exactly 1,586 cows and calves.” “That’s right. Well boyo, I reckon you can take one of my calf’s,” says Dai. He watches the young man select one of the animals and looks on amused as he stuffs it into the boot of his car. Then Dai says, “Look you, if I can tell you exactly what your business is, will you give me back my calf?” The young man thinks about it for a second and then says, “Okay, why not?” “You’re a Member of Parliament with the British Government,” says Dai. “Wow! That’s correct,” says the yuppie, “but how did you guess that?” “No guessing required boyo,” answered the farmer, “you showed up here even though nobody called you; you want to get paid for an answer I already knew, to a question I never asked. You tried to show me how much smarter than me you are and you don’t know a thing about cows ... this is a flock of sheep ... now give me back my Border Collie!”

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the law (thanks to Terry) A young Law student, having failed his Law exam, goes up to his crusty old professor, who is renowned for his razor-sharp legal mind. Student: “Sir, do you really understand everything about this subject?” Professor: “Actually, I probably do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a professor, would I?” Student: “OK. So I’d like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my mark as it is. If you can’t give me the correct answer, however, you’ll have to give me an “A”. Professor: “Hmmmm, alright. So what’s the question?” Student: “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal?” The professor wracks his famous brain, but just can’t crack the answer. Finally he gives up and changes the student’s failing mark into an “A” as agreed, and the student goes away, very pleased. The professor continues to wrack his brain over the question all afternoon, but still can’t get the answer. So finally he calls in a group of his brightest students and tells them he has a really, really tough question to answer: “What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal?” To the professor’s surprise (and embarrassment), all the students immediately raise their hands. “All right” says the professor and asks his favourite student to answer “It’s quite easy, sir” says the student “You see, you are 75 years old and married to a 30 year old beautiful woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 22 year old lover who wants to marry her, which is logical, but not legal. And your wife’s lover failed his exam, but you’ve just given him an “A”, which is neither legal, nor logical.”

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death of the high street Is big really beautiful? As another new year picks up speed yet more major UK retailers lick their wounds and announce falls in profits over the Christmas period. This is becoming as much of an annual occurance as the queue for Harrods sale. Last year saw the demise of HMV music stores, Comet electricals, Jessops photographic stores, and Blockbuster video rentals, while doom and gloom forecasts for 2014 include the likes of Debenhams department stores and Mothercare.

It is fair to say that those of you who haven’t been back to the UK for a few years would probably be shocked to see your old High Street again. Even when I returned to England 9 years ago (how time flies!) the change was already noticeable. Pound shops and Charity shops seemed to be everywhere, interspersed with betting shops and a growing number of Starbucks and Costa Coffees. Fortunately Woolworths was, at that time at least, still trading, and was one of the first British stores I visited on arrival for a long overdue Pick & Mix fix.

Call: 0805626735 Swe/Eng 0915094729 Thai/Eng

The changing face of our High Streets continues unabated. Despite Government pep talks about signs of improvement in the economy, Pay Day Loan companies and Cash Converters (the modern version of Pawnbrokers) have added to the mix. Empty shop premises are often rented short term to what are known as ‘pop up shops’ - which at least provide opportunities for people to try out new business ideas, or in some cases to offload cheap dodgy merchandise. But of course people are still spending. It is impossible not to. For many the cost of Christmas 2013 will simply be repaid off credit cards during 2014, until the whole process begins again. Nothing new there either. Others will have bargain hunted or, like yours truly, slaved over a hot stove to produce home made seasonal treats, which still require some shopping for ingredients. What is changing radically is the way we shop, and ‘online’ is now the way to go. Amazon at least had a bumper Christmas. With easy ordering, fast and efficient deliveries, and a wealth of product choice, it is hardly surprising that shoppers are increasingly avoiding those traditional High Street stores which once had the monopoly over what we bought. Despite my reservations about Amazon, and its’ much publicised working environment, the fact is that our High Streets now often can’t compete. None of our old music, electrical, photographic, or indeed any specialist retailers could ever stock such a full range of goods in what have become premium rate premises. Big retail chains were once considered beautiful. Now they are at best struggling to survive, and somehow High Streets as we once knew them will have to adapt. The perverse thing is that what was once considered ‘big’ in terms of retail, is now rapidly becoming one humungous global supplier.


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Car rental from 5,000 baht/week

Business restaurant for sale in Soi 94, only 3 months old with new fully fitted kitchen, feature barbecue, and furniture in a large open dining area (over 400 sq.m) currently with over 50 seats. Next to two hotels and near several others with easy parking outside. Two bedrooms plus bathroom in addition to restaurant bathrooms. Our reliable Thai chef able to cook international food is also available for a new owner. 800,000 baht or offers. Call 092 472 4805 or email farm bed and breakfast - Beautiful Thai countryside, ideal for walking or bird watching or just relaxing in a riverside setting. Very reasonable rates. On the way to Kaengkrachan National Park - can arrange pick up for you if needed. Contact or, telephone 0867 971957 Restaurant. Good location on main road. Very low rental. All equipment etc 5 months old. Easy convert to any food style or Bar/Food. Equipment cost only. Owner going home. 080 948 2926 Shop for rent in good area on Phetkasem Road. Please call 089 761 5903 for details. For Sale Sabai Restaurant Bar soi 116. 5 year 8 months lease, Rent paid up to August 2015. 6 tables room for more. Selling due to baby. 350,000 baht. Tel Thai Toom 082 364 4740, Eng. Steve 085 930 8952 restaurant equipment sale Gas charbroiler 70cm x 70cm free standing works great 11,000 baht or offer; flat top gas grill 80cm x 80cm free standing or counter top 10,000 baht or offer, 2 basket french fryer, free standing or counter top works good 7,000 baht or offer. Call 087 662 4408 wanted guesthouse/hotel within 400m of beach near central Hua Hin. Call 081 817 3000



Childcare/Kindergarten available for children 2-6 years old. International English speaking staff. 800 am to 5:00 pm Check our website at or call 085 287 5424. Swimming pool available for swimming instruction or parental use. Highland Seaview location. Fun and nurturing environment. private english tuition by TEFL qualified teacher. All ages. Location to suit. Rates negotiable - please contact Loren on 081 007 6856 or email

Employment Staff wanted: Full time restaurant service staff, good behavior, basic English is required. Experince in service is an advantage. Good salary, bonus and gratifications. Management trainee for restaurant service. Experience in restaurant service, good spoken and written English, experience In restaurant management is required. Full training will be provided. Full or half time office staff. Basic experience with Windows office, organization is an advantage. Good English is required. Cleaner, one day a week 8 hours. Basic English is an advantage. Salary THB 600 – 800 / day.Please contact: K. Nuch 089 742 58 25 or 032 530 067

Tel. 080 630 5740 (Eng/Swe) 087 138 0221 (Thai) staff wanted. Friendly Locals Bar Soi 88 please Call 032511825 or 0854290378 Thai lady, English speaking is looking for job, 1 day/week on Saturday or Sunday as maid, waitress, cook or anything else. Reliable and hard working. Tel 0842397551 guesthouse requires staff - maid, daytime and nighttime staff and security guard. Please call 081 817 3000 or 087 155 6115 staff wanted for day and night shifts at bar/ restaurant in Soi 102. Call Colin on 089 238 8397

Wanted Coffeemachine (fully automatic), cake counter, refrigerators and coffee dishes for bakery wanted - please call 083 275 5096.

General Electrolux tumble dryer, 8,500 baht never used. Call 081 142 6293 or 085 427 3542. Expat moving sale~ Hitachi Fridge - 22.cubic silver - 19,000B warranty; LG- 7kg front-load washer - 18,000B warranty; Samsung 52” 3D T.V. with hand & voice recognition - 95,000 B. w/warranty (Includes wireless surround system with bluetooth, subwoofer + +); L-shape sofa - 19,000 B. Call - 081-919-7769 Thai Ridgeback puppy 6 Months Female color (blue) Pure breed with Reg Thai Kennel Club. Call 081919-7769 10,000 Baht special offer! collection of CDs, Classic and Pop, all genres from the fifties to the present day. Over 300 in the collection. Offers invited. Call 087 088 2586. Shop dummies and display units for sale. Call 089 530 8771. Solid Hardwood Dining room chairs. I have 5 Hardwood Dining room chairs for sale, 2,500 B each. They are brand new, never used. Made of Mai Dang hardwood. Very sturdy. Contact Dave on 083 692 8050

General - sports SPRINGFIELD GOLF LIFETIME membership for sale 195,000 baht + transfer fee 107,000 baht. Email or Tel. 089 539 7283 Golf clubs for sale. Taylor Made Burner Irons 4-SW. RH, Steel R shafts. Nike SQ Fairway Woods 3 & 5. RH Graphite R shafts. Wilson Staff 7 wood. RH Graphite R shaft. For quick sale 19,000 Baht. Tel. 08-30138132. roach pole 42 ft @ box with all fittings, floats etc. 10,000 baht. Call 081 142 6293 or 085 427 3542. oddments lefthanded golf clubs/woods. Call 081 142 6293 or 085 427 3542. Palm hill golf ticket 20 years left, 130,000 baht transfer fee not included. Call 081 142 6293 or 085 427 3542. Looking for tennis partner – medium level Robert tel 0866097470 pool table for sale 7 feet long. 38,000 baht. View in Atlantis Bar or call Pascal on 080 244 0008.


Childcare Centre

Soi 102

Motorbikes & Cars For Rent Unmade Over 60 Bikes Road For Sale X Golden Teak House Buy or Rent Bikes Here!

Phetkasem Rd.

king cobra baffler rescue club 1r 16deg still shaft. Like new 3500 baht. 086 893 2926. wanted vokey wedge. 086 893 2926 Brand new Nike 4 H Hybrid club for sale. Fubuki graphite R flex shaft. Never been used. 3500baht. Call 0838133585. SPRINGFIELD GOLF LIFE Membership for sale 200,000 baht plus 107,000 baht transfer fee telephone 084 884 0547 Golf woods and irons for sale; Ping Driver Rapture V2, R Flex 6,000 Baht; PING 5 wood Rapture V2, S Flex 5,000 Baht; PING Irons ISI Copper 3-SW, Cushin Steel Shaft 7,000 Baht; Titleist Driver 907 D1, S Flex 5,000 Baht; TailorMade Driver Ti Bubble2 2,000 Baht; Callaway 3 Wood Great Big Bertha 2,000 Baht. Contact Jan Fridberg 086 997 4572

auto: 3 wheels & LESS For sale Yamaha Nouvo Elegance oct 2008 white Alloy wheels back box Serviced every 4000 kl regardless Insurance and tax one year 23000 kl mint condition Price 33000 bht Contact steve 085 930 8952 Toom. 082 364 4740

auto: 4 wheels pluS toyota vigo double cab 4 door, 4 months old, 2.5 litre turbo petrol, white, automatic, 2 wheel drive, complete TRD fitted kit, 750,000 baht or 25,000 baht per month rental. Call 081 817 3000.

commercial property centrally located guesthouse for sale. Please contact 089 530 8771 for details. *modern shop and apartment for sale. 3.5 m baht Fully owned, no lease. Contact owner on 085 542 2918 or 2919. More details on or popular restaurant business for sale in Hua Hin; 2.4m baht. More details on central hua hin bar for sale. Great opportunity in the heart of the nightlife area. Rent paid until December 2013 and locked in at the same rate for five years. Well established for over 8 years this has often been one of the busiest bars in town. Offers in the region of 3 million baht wanted - contact 081 649 8361 if you are a serious buyer. sunrise coast commercial properties - we have a variety of land, resorts and other commercial opportunities available in the Bang Saphan area. Contact 089 530 8771 for details.

property for Rent lovely House for rent on Palm Hills golf course; 20,000 baht per month (min. 6 months). More details on or call 089 530 8771

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We look forward to enjoying your company!!

Souay Vista Social Club Restaurant & Pub - Live Music

Open 6 nights a week (Tues thru Sun) Blues, Rock & Unplugged SV apologizes for the recent inconvenience of Acoustic Sounds the road work outside the Club. The soi is now open with some work ongoing. Our kitchen is now open, so come on over and enjoy one of our famous burgers – The Southwest Barbecue Burger is a favorite. And this year’s music line up is not to be missed!! We have some new faces as well as familiar ones all contributing to a great depth of talent & variety (possibly the best yet). Enquiries (Thai or English): Freddy 084 720 8013 Ghong 087 817 8169 email: or check out the daily updates on our Facebook page

Property for sale More listings in Property Marketplace on p 25. HOUSE FOR IN-LAWS? Exceptional opportunity to build house in large garden of 3 bedroom 2 bathroom bungalow with European kitchen, without spoiling mountain view. Location 4 km South of Hua Hin centre. Total plot area 864 m2, can split. Existing house and land 5.4m baht. Must see! Phone 0916086428 great value canal road home; 2.6m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. large bungalow near town centre; 4.5m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. villa on large plot near Cha Am; 3.5m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. POOL VILLAS on small development at great prices in Hua Hin; from 3.49m baht. Go to or call 089 530 8771 for details. beautiful new houses on quiet project;from 3m baht. Go to or call 089 530 8771 for details.

attractive house on small gated village; 3.6m baht. Go to or call 089 530 8771 for details. Delightful small house in Hua Hin; just 1.8m baht. Go to or call 089 530 8771 for details. Four Bed Villa On Stilts 4.9m baht. Go to www. or or call 089 530 8771 for details. Stunning House In South Hua Hin 7.9m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. two bed apartments in Hua Hin with great facilities; 3.2m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. Fully furnished villa 3 bed off Canal Road; 5.7m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. pool villa overlooking lake in Hua Hin, 2 bed; 6.9m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. european style villa, 3 bed, 2 bath between Hua Hin and Cha Am; 5.2m baht. Go to www.awolonline. net/property or or call 089 530 8771 for details.

7-11 7-11


Soi 94

Soi 88

P H E T C Market H Village K A S E M R O A D BKK Hosp.

Soi 94, Hua Hin 1 km west of the railway line large house/land near Palm Hills, 4 bed; 4.5m baht.Go to or luckyhuahin. com or call 089 530 8771 for details. stunning L shaped Borfai bungalow; 9.9m baht. Go to or or call 089 530 8771 for details. Beautiful two storey house in Hua Hin; 12.5 m baht. Go to or luckyhuahin. com or call 089 530 8771 for details.

Property wanted WANTED TO BUY: 3 Bed 2 Bath 1 level Villa Furnished/ Unfurnished Takiab area Please call/email me if you know of a villa like this for sale. Must be peaceful as selling existing home in Hua Hin as Russian neighbours from hell. 083 593 8987 or House and land wanted. Does your Thai friend or family have a dilapidated house on land to offer? In or somewhat close to Hua Hin? I need something that I can rebuild slowly on my small monthly pension. Please call Martin at 084 757 1483

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Rates: Items priced up to 10,000 baht, 13 issues for 500 baht. Items priced over 10,000 baht, 13 issues for 1000 baht. Maximum 50 words for all ads; unpriced items pay the higher rate.

property for sale or rent - Due to reader requests we have reintroduced standalone classified property ads*

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kaoz bar restaurant


REVERSE CHARGE CALLS The list below is the free number you need to call to connect to an operator of that country to request the reverse charge call. ARGENTINA 001-999-54-1000/ 2000 AUSTRALIA 001-999-61-1000/2000 AUSTRIA 001-800-28787421 BAHRAIN 001-999-973-1000 BRUNEI 001-999-673-1000 CANADA 001-999-15-1000/2000 DENMARK 001-999-45-1000 FRANCE 001-999-33-1000 GERMANY 001-999-49-1000 HAWAII 001-800-865-8424 HONG KONG 001-999-852-1086 INDONESIA 001-999-62-1000/2000 ISRAEL 001-999-972-1000/ 2000 ITALY 001-999-39-1000 JAPAN 001-999-811-0051 KOREA 001-999-82-1000/2000/2001 MACAU 001-999-853-1000 MALAYSIA 001-999-60-1000/4000/4001 MALTA 001-999-356-1000 MEXICO 001-999-52-1000 NEPAL 001-800-977-1-9999 NETHERLANDS 001-999-31-1035 NEW ZEALAND 001-999-64-1066 PHILIPPINES 001-999-63-1000/3000/6000 PORTUGAL 001-999-351-1000 RUSSIA 001-999-7-1000 SINGAPORE 001-999-65-0000/2008 SOUTH AFRICA 001-999-27-1000 SPAIN 001-999-34-1066 TAIWAN 001-999-886-1000 U.A.E. 001-999-971-1000 U.K. 001-999-44-1066 U.S.A. 001-999-1-1111/2001/2002 AWOL would like to thank the staff at CAT in Hua Hin for providing the above numbers. FREE CALLS If your mobile phone or device and that of the person you are calling supports it, you can use a number of apps to make free calls anywhere, with the best known being Skype and Viber. cheap calls The mobile phone operators offer special numbers to prefix an international number to get cheap rate international calls. More information call True 1331 AIS 1175 DTAC 1678




Soi 94

overseas calls information

Phetkasem Rd. Useful Numbers Police 191 Crime 195 Fire 199 Traffic Control Centre 197 Highway Police 1193 Tourist Police 1699 Tourist Service Centre 1155 Missing Persons 02 282 1815 Hua Hin Police Station 032 511 027 Cha-Am Police Station 032 471 321 Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin 1719 Hua Hin Hospital 032 511 743 San Paulo Hospital 032 532 576 to 585 Hua Hin Red Cross 032 512 567 Hua Hin Municipality 032 532433 Hua Hin Tessabahn 032 511 047 Hua Hin Immigration Of. 032 522 656 Hua Hin Bus Terminal (non air-con) 032 511 230 (air-con) 032 511654, 512543 Hua Hin Railway Station 032 511 073 Tourist Information 032 513 885 Hua Hin Electricity 032 512 215 Electricity Call Centre 1129 Hua Hin Water 032 511 677 TOT 032 519 000/001 TT&T 032 532 018 CAT 032 511 350 Alcholics Anonymous 0870 620 098 Narcotics Anonymous 084 314 1928

Räkfrossa varje tisdag kl 19,00, Tacobuffe varje fredag kl 19,00, välkommen att prova vår utsökta ala carte meny: Plankstek, File mignon black & white, File oscar, Sjötunga “waleska”, Och glöm inte våran genuina husmankost : Isterband/stuvad potatis, Kalops, Ungstekt falukorv, Stekt fläsk/ löksås, Skomakarlåda, och givetvis ärtsoppa med mammas pannkakor

Exchange Rates (15-1-14) TT Buying rate Currency Baht US Dollar 32.73 Pound Sterling 53.66 Euro 44.55 Japanese Yen 31.19 Malaysian Ringgit 9.39 Singapore Dollar 25.63 Brunei Dollar 24.88 Chinese Yuan 5.40 Indonesian Rupiah 2.52 Indian Rupee 0.49 Korean Won 0.03 Australian Dollar 29.09 New Zealand Dollar 27.21 Swiss Franc 35.99 Danish Krone 5.96 Norwegian Krone 5.34 Swedish Krona 5.06 Canadian Dollar 29.68 UAE Dirham 7.31 Bahrain Dinar 63.24 Omani Rial 62.28 Qatar Riyal 7.20 AWOL makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding these rates and shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in connection with them. cryptic Crossword Solution

Local Consular Representatives CANADIAN Rick Pomerleau 087 153 3817 or e-mail on FINNISH Mr. Sipi Siljamaeki 087-911 8119 or e-mail: AMERICAN Mr. Christopher Byrd 081-173 4469 or e-mail: Local radio hua hin skyweb 98.25 FM and online at www. featuring English DJ.Phil Keekuee from 11am - 1pm and 4 - 6pm Monday to Friday and 11am - 2pm and 3 - 6pm Saturdays

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your ad here from ฿66 a week Call 081 649 8361 Email

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20. Roman god of war (4) 22. About (5) 23. You (archaic) (2) 24. Small island (4) 25. At the present time (3) 26. Monks collectively (8) 27. Water (4) 28. Language elements (5) 29. Flower parts (6)

Down 1. Reporter (7) 2. Move by degrees (7) 3. Soft-nosed bullet (3-3) 5. Spectre (7) 6. Astonishing (7) 7. Irritate (4) 11. Join in wedlock (5) 15. Capital of Ontario (7) 16. Drunk (7) 18. Crosswise (7) 19. Instrument for showing direction (7) 21. Parody (4,2) 22. Used to untangle the hair (4)

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Professional Maintenance for your Swimming Pool • • • • • • • • •

Twice weekly service (more for extra fee) Test water for correct chemical levels Add chemicals as required Clean and scrub tiles Vacuum pool/ spa Adjust water level Backwash filters Empty pump and skimmer baskets Inspect and maintain equipment Example price: 6 x 3 metre pool just 1500 baht a month Contact us NOW for a free inspection and quote for your pool or spa

Call 081 572 3996 or 086 802 5951 Email Website

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If you want to drink, that’s your business, if you want to stop, we can help.

Call to speak to an AA member: Davies - 0870 620 098 Henrick - 0879 083 285 Loren - 081 007 6856 Meetings every day in Hua Hin



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Parties, special deals, regular events, celebrations and more; to get it in AWOL email info@awolonline. net, contact All Nation’s Bar and Guesthouse or join the AWOL forum and post details of events there. recently added and coming soon

555 bar & restaurant, between sois 94 and 88; Last Tuesday of every month sports quiz from 7.30pm; Last Sunday of every month Pool Competition from 7.30pm. Baan Silapin artist village, Pala U Road; Jazz Jam Session every Sunday from 7pm. zab wer restaurant, Soi 112; Sunday 2nd February 2014 from 9am to 1pm, Car Boot Sale the BOGOF edition; free for any seller who has attended any previous Hua Hin Car Boot Sales. Anyone buying a ticket gets free entry to the next one. Book your space now just 300 baht (cars/ trucks) or 100 baht (motorbikes). (see ad p9 for details) Regular Events


Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102.; Free Bar B Que every Friday from 5pm. when spend 180 bt. Sunday Roast - spend 200 baht on drinks and get it free!. Special prices on Leo Draft all day everyday (from open till close). British Breakfast all day, Only 99 bt. margaritas, Soi 61; Every Friday from 8pm Mexican Jam Night

English & Thai lessons, Visas & Translations

032 470 681 or 081 846 9193

- specials on Mexican food, beer and Margaritas Blue Lagoon Guesthouse & Bar, Soi Plaza; Quiz Nights Every Monday from 7pm. Dizzy Dolphin, Samorphong; House wine 50 baht, Vodka or Gin 60 baht every day. just like mom’s, Soi Wat Khao Noi (near Dinosaur Market); Daily specials just 110 baht - every day a different dish with mash,vegetable and dinner roll. Now serving breakfasts from 8.30am. le pimiento,Naresdamri Road; Every day between 12-3pm, Snack Set Menu just 119 baht, and Lunch Set Menu 3 courses just 199 baht. sinatras, Soi 102; Tuesday & Thursday 5 - 9pm A meal & a drink for 99 baht! Sunday Roast for 99 baht! Two sittings every Sunday at 2pm and 6pm. Roast Pork plus roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, 3 veg, apple sauce and gravy. No drink requirement - what have you got to lose? Bookings only Terrace 90, Soi 90; Every Tuesday - Large Buffet featuring our Famous BBQ Ribs and Chicken, Roasts, Pasta, Tex Mex, Breads, Salads, Soup, Desserts and more, just 359 baht (Kids 199 baht). See ad p23. Uncle Bryn’s (2km past Palm Hills north along klong road. Turn

left and 200m on left.); Large Chang 53 baht, large Leo 55 baht, restaurant and general store. Open daily 7am10pm. 085 405 6976 (T) 080 197 2072(E) urban fuzion, Soi 61; Happy hour every day 3 to 8pm; Beer Buckets - 5 local beers 350 baht; Mondays - free bar snacks; Tuesdays - Pint nite with Leo 90 baht, Fosters 120 baht and Magners Stout 140 baht all day; Whisky Wednesdays with up to 25% off all whiskies. British style Sunday Roasts:

Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102 ChaAam Pub & Restaurant EVERYDAY Roast Lamb, Beef, Pork & Turkey Dinners Coco Beach Club, Naresdamri Road (reservations, call 032 908080 after 4.30pm) Hua Hin Miss You, Soi 80 Jungle Juice, Soi Selekam Lin’s Cafe, Phetkasem Road between Sois 80/78 Palm Bistro, Soi 88 (032 828144) Sinatras, Soi 102 Seajays Resort, Tamarind Gardens off Pala-U Road. 083 311 1787 Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern, Chomsin Rd Zab Wer, Soi 112; Every day roasts available - Beef, Chicken, Pork or Lamb.


RE/MAX Harmony

Hua Hin 032-511 740, 086-392 3557

Khao Tao, beachfront Khao Takiab, near beach Sea view 2.9m Near golf course 2.2m 1 bed condo 62 sqm Studio condo 45 sqm MLS 920071001-98 MLS 920071001-70

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Hua Hin, near beach Sea view 4m Studio condo 42 sqm MLS 920071001-117

Advertise here from only 40 baht per week Call 082 298 0500 or 081 649 8361 Property Email or Marketplace gated community with great facilities

Price: from 2.7m baht

Ref No. 032583

great value canal road home

Price: 2.6 m baht

3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Fully Furnished Full Air Con & Fans Western Kitchen Security Guards Communal Pool

Underground utilities Private pool 8km from town 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms Living: from 91 sqm Land: from 300 sqm

new pool villas in south hua hin

Price: from 3.9 m baht for 2 bed to 6.8 m baht for 3 bed Ref No. 032553

Ref No. 032544

peaceful 3 bed villa in s/w hua hin

Price: 9.3 m baht

7 design options Sun Roof Decks Easy access to town Full Air Con Packs Clubhouse 24 hour security new developments

Ref No. 032582

Euro fitted kitchen Private pool Convenient location 3 bedrooms Separate Annexe Land: 600 sqm

Under 3m baht

DELIGHTFUL SMALL HOUSE with 2 bedrooms just off RESORT TOWNHOUSES from 1.9m baht with all facilities Pala-U Road. 1,9m baht. Ref. 032555 in West Hua Hin. Ref. 032584 BARGAIN PRICE HOUSE with 2 bedrooms in quiet area POOL VILLAS with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms in West Hua Hin near bypass. 1.9m baht. Ref. 032542 from just 2.7m baht. Ref. 032583 FIVE BED VILLA CENTRAL HUA HIN at a great price of HIGH QUALITY 2 and 3 bed villas in good location 3m baht; just needs some TLC. Ref. 032571 available from 2.35m baht. Ref. 032574 WELL EQUIPPED TWO BED HOUSE in convenient BEAUTIFUL NEW HOUSES in quiet area in 7 different location for sale (2.6m baht) or long term rent (12k per designs of between 2 and 4 bedrooms. Prices from 3m month). 2 bathrooms, fully furnished. Ref. 032567 to 5.4m baht. Ref. 032558 NEW HOUSES ON PALA U ROAD from 2.2m baht with 5 3m to 6m baht designs of 2 and 3 bed homes. Ref. 032554 POOL VILLAS AT GREAT PRICES only 9 plots in West Hua FOUR BED VILLA ON STILTS with great mountain views Hin from 3.5m baht. Ref. 032559 in small and well maintained village, quiet and private. ULTRA MODERN LUXURY PROJECT in SW Hua Hin all with 4.9m baht. Ref. 032549 pools, choice of designs, from 7m baht. Ref. 032583 POOL VILLA NEAR CENTRAL HUA HIN with 3 beds, 2 PEACEFUL MODERN DEVELOPMENT near Banyan GC bath in small gated community. Furniture included in with a choice of up to 5 bed designs. Prices from 7 realistic price of 4.8m baht. Ref. 032566 15m baht. Ref. 032564 LOVELY HOUSE ON HUGE PLOT near Palm Hills - over NEW POOL VILLAS IN SOUTH HUA HIN 2 bed, 2 bath 900 sqm for this 4 bed two storey house only yards from 3.9m baht up to 3 bed, 2 bath at 6.8m baht. All from the rear entrance to the golf course. Furnished facilities expected of a gated community. Ref. 032553 and with a pool/jacuzzi, just 4.5m baht. Ref. 032538 Exclusive Villas On New Project from 4.1m baht. 3 and 4 bed designs in a perfect location. Ref. 032551 We have many, many more properties in Hua Hin, Cha Am, Bangkok and the rest of the Sunrise Coast available on our website and that of our real estate partners Lucky Real Estate - go to or call 089 530 8771 for details, or visit You can also email either or

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Power Of Love Church


We are working to help the Slums of Hua Hin and would love to have you deliver your goods with us, so you know your donation is going directly to those who need it. Why not join us and come to the slums with us? We leave from our offices at 17:20 Every Tuesday evening. Visit us any day, on Soi 88, over the railway, 200 m up on the left on the 2nd floor above IQ hair dressers Facebook @ Power of Love Church Tel Khun Andrew 080 999 3603 Thai: Khun Panaya on 092 592 3604 (Services every Sunday 10 am at Hilton Resort and Spa) Across 8 Entreaty certain to produce agreeable sensations (8) 9 Some Scandinavians we descry (6) 10 Bible story about fellow deserving forgiveness (10) 11 Fools pass out (4) 12 Not seen but heard in light fog? (6) 14 Swift traveller (8) 15 Gets bastion rebuilt (7) 17 Mischievous child learning to beg (7) 20 Two music-makers dance for sailors (8) 22 Sleuth forced to earn money illicitly (6) 24 Ravel’s sandpiper (4) 25 Wholly novel great hotel (10) 27 Sunk at the end of round one (6) 28 Red conspirator in Rome meets obstacle (8)



All articles are published in good faith and based on information available to us at publication. Some articles are satire or ‘spoof’ stories intended as humour. No responsibility is accepted other than that stipulated by law. Although the information in this publication has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, AWOL cannot guarantee accuracy in all cases. Any opinions expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. All materials copyright. All rights reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced in part or in full without the previous written consent of the publisher. Neither can any part be stored in a retrieval situation, nor transmitted by electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means. AWOL is printed by Petchpoom Printing, and we can be contacted on or 081 614 8728. Please send any other communications to Mrs Chukamol James, Managing Director, AWOL Co. Ltd., 136/229 Emerald Hill, Soi 6, Mooban Borfai, Hua Hin, Prachuap Kiri Khan, 7110, THAILAND.

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Down 1 Compound such as chalk a litmus test reveals (6) 2 Settled in Pennsylvania and Idaho (4) 3 Stimulated and knocked out in round ten (6,2) 4 Grass present round container (7) 5 Ace - groovy, too (2,4) 6 French palace - one with bad poetry written about it (10) 7 Again be seen to harvest fruit (8) 13 Country excluding women showing lack of progress (10) 16 Poet acquiring a tan (8) 18 Many a greedy person devoured wood (8) 19 Leaves permitted by cute cook (7) 21 One sorcerer’s idols (6) 23 General method for making a margin? (6) 26 Drink left for duck (4)

The solution is on page 18

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081 649 8361 (Eng) or 081 614 8728 (Thai) AWOLexpat awolhuahin 136/229 Emerald Hill, Soi 6, Borfai, Hua Hin, 77110, Prachuap Kiri Khan

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Soi 94 Indian restaurant Curries from only 75 baht

Eat in or Takeaway 081 455 5298 Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 You never thought you’d end up a billionaire, living in a palatial mansion, and jet-setting around the world. So it’s no real disappointment, when you don’t. Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18 Your lucky compound modifiers for this week are: long-term, hardfought and military-history. Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20 Lately it seems like nobody respects your feelings, but why don’t you just shut up for a second and let the stars worry about it. Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20 While it’s true that love has no boundaries, no limits, and no rules, your court-appointed restraining order has all three.

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 Avoid making any important decisions this week. And, come to think of it, next week as well. In fact, assume this is always the case unless the stars tell you otherwise. Gemini May 22 – June 21 You’ll continue to sweat the small stuff this Thursday, thanks to a set of abnormally large exocrine glands. Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 22 Remember: Sometimes in life you just have to roll the dice, move your wheelbarrow to St. James Place, and pay the $70 dollars in total rent. Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22 Possessed by satanic forces, your dog will soon order you to murder all those squirrels.

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22 There’s no worse fate than dying alone. Thankfully, you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of airline passengers when it happens. Libra Sep 23 – Oct 23 A cleansing fire will sweep across the land, purifying countless souls, purging all guilt and sin, and defrosting a number of delicious HungryMan dinners. Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 21 You’ll feel like a kid again this week, thanks to an unexpected visit from your Uncle Joe. Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21 If you can’t smile and laugh at work occasionally, then you’re clearly doing something wrong, Mr. Surgical Oncologist.

Tuesday Buffet from 6 PM

032 516587 e mail 250/133 Soi 90 Hua Hin Authentic American BBQ & Tex-Mex Homemade Breads and Desserts from Our Bakery Great Steaks and Chops Thai Food Best Margaritas West of California

Every Day Reasonable Prices 11am - 11pm Kitchen closes 10:30pm

featuring our Famous BBQ Ribs and Chicken, Roasts, Pasta, Tex Mex, Breads, Salads, Soup, Desserts and more Just 359 baht (Kids 199 baht) Reservations suggested Sunday Is Steak Promotion


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hua hin/kao takiab ladies Pool League

results Week 5 13th January 2014 JNB Bar 7 - 5 Jaew Bar Monicas 8 - 4 Dara Bar Muan Bar 8 - 4 Bobby’s Birds Railway Tavern 4 - 8 The Squealing Pig Sa Sa Bar 2 - 10 The Lord Webb Somatch (3D+1) Bar 5 - 7 The Clansmen Sunset Boulevard 6 - 6 TK Roadhouse League Table Team The Lord Webb Muan Bar Squealing Pig The Clansmen Jaew Bar JNB Bar TK Roadhouse Sunset B’vard Railway Tavern Sa Sa Bar Monicas Bobby’s Birds Dara Bar Somatch Bar

P W D 5 4 0 5 3 2 5 3 1 4 3 1 5 2 2 5 3 0 5 2 1 5 1 2 4 2 0 5 2 0 5 1 1 5 0 2 5 1 0 5 1 0

L 1 0 1 0 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4

+/- Pts 20 8 10 8 20 7 12 7 8 6 -10 6 -2 5 0 4 -2 4 -10 4 -16 3 -10 2 -10 2 -10 2

Fixtures Week 6 20th January 2014 Bobby’s Birds v Railway Tavern Dara Bar v Muan Bar Jaew Bar v Monicas The Clansmen v Sunset Boulevard The Lord Webb v Somatch (3D+1) Bar The Squealing Pig v Sa Sa Bar TK Roadhouse v JNB Bar 24


OPEN DARTS COMPETITION Each week you can join in a fun knockout competition at a different venue every Friday at 7.30 pm. Current venues are All Nations 55, Johnny’s 56, Jungle Juice and Hua Hin Miss You. Please contact Martin 090 498 7511 or Oil 087 153 2259 for the latest information.


Hua Hin’s only pool bar with FOUR 9’ tables

Hua Hin Pool Billiard League

results 10th January 2014 Cup Sunset Boulevard 1 v 7 Maria Bar

Ask about our drinks specials and other special offers

this week’s fixtures Week 1 17th January 2014 Clansmen v Lord Webb 1 Dolphin Bar 1 v Dolphin Bar 2 Hua Hin Miss You v JW Black Jaew Bar v Lucky Shot A Lord Webb 2 v Sunset Boulevard Maria Bar 2 v Maria Bar 1 Pa’s Beer Garden v Oasis TK Roadhouse v Chill Out

Contact Andy on 086 178 1550 Email: 27/3 Poolsuk Road, Hua Hin

thursday friendly Pool League

results The season is over final League Table

next week’s fixtures Week 2 24th January 2014 Chill Out v Maria Bar 1 Clansmen v Dolphin Bar 1 Dolphin Bar 2 v Lord Webb 2 JW Black v TK Roadhouse Lord Webb 1 v Pa’s Beer Garden Lucky Shot A v Sunset Boulevard Maria Bar 2 v Hua Hin Miss You Oasis v Jaew Bar League Table Team Chill Out Clansmen Dolphin Bar 1 Dolphin Bar 2 HHin Miss You JW Black Jaew Bar Lord Webb 1 Lord Webb 2 Lucky Shot A Maria Bar 1 Maria Bar 2 Oasis Pa’s Beer Grdn Sunset B’vard TK Roadhouse

P W D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

+/- Pts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Team Maria’s Clansmen Lanla Bar Jaew Bar Railway Tavern Squealing Pig J Sports Bar Dara Bar Hut Bar Sasa Bar Casanova’s Sinatras

P 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22

W 19 19 15 12 12 9 8 8 7 7 3 1

D 2 2 1 3 3 2 2 2 3 0 2 2

L 1 1 6 7 7 11 12 12 12 15 17 19

+/120 114 74 48 18 -32 2 -40 -32 -66 -94 -112

Pts 40 40 31 27 27 20 18 18 17 14 8 4

Fixtures Details of the new season will appear here when available.

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hua hin/khao takiab Fun Pool League

results Week 15 15th January 2014 Beer O’Clock Club 6 - 12 TK Roadhouse Bobby’s Beauties 9 - 9 Beach Hut Bar Casanova’s 9 - 9 Bobby’s Bangers Hey Hua Hin 10 - 8 Sunset Boulevard Jaew Bar 11 - 7 Muan Bar Maria’s Bar 12 - 6 The Bridge TK Roadies 7 - 11 Clansman League Table Team Maria’s Bar TK Roadhouse Beach Hut Bar Hey Hua Hin Jaew Bar Muan Bar Sunset B’vard Clansman Bobbys Bngers TK Roadies Casanova’s Bobbys B’ties Beer O’Clock The Bridge

P 14 15 15 14 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

W 14 13 10 10 10 8 7 7 6 4 3 2 0 1

D 0 0 1 1 0 1 2 1 1 0 2 2 5 2

L 0 2 4 3 5 6 6 7 8 11 10 11 10 12

+/114 94 60 46 10 20 28 -2 -34 -56 -78 -48 -58 -96

Pts 28 26 21 21 20 17 16 15 13 8 8 6 5 4

Fixtures Week 16 22nd January 2014 Beach Hut Bar v Casanova’s Bobby’s Bangers v Sunset Boulevard Clansman v Beer O’Clock Club Jaew Bar v TK Roadies Muan Bar v Bobby’s Beauties The Bridge v Hey Hua Hin TK Roadhouse v Maria’s Bar cha am POOL LEAGUE

results Week 18 9th January 2014 Birdy Bar 3 - 3 Butterfly Bar Cha Cha Bar2 2 - 4 Cha Cha Bar1 Fiesta Bar 3 - 3 Blue Lagoon FIXTURES Week 20 23rd January 2014 Birdy Bar v Cha Cha Bar1 Butterfly Bar v Fiesta Bar Cha Cha Bar2 v Blue Lagoon League tablE Team Fiesta Bar Cha Cha Bar1 Birdy Bar Butterfly Bar Cha Cha Bar2 Blue Lagoon

P W 17 14 17 8 17 9 17 5 17 3 17 1

D 2 5 2 3 5 5

L 1 4 6 9 9 11

+/58 4 18 -24 -22 -34

Pts 30 21 20 13 11 7

hash house harriers

A drinking Club with a running and walking Problem! The Cha-Am and Hua Hin Hash House Harrier Clubs meet alternate Saturdays for around an hours run/walk in the countryside followed by a social gathering with beer, soft drinks, water and snacks then later to a nearby restaurant for a meal. If you would like to come along then visit the websites at or or the Facebook page at www.facebook. com/H2H3CAH3 for full details and directions. People attending and participating do so entirely at their own risk. NEXT RUN Saturday 18th January 2014 @ 4pm CHA-AM H3 Run #222 The Huai Sai Development Research Centre GPS Coordinates: N 12.697517, E 99.903550 (N 12 41.851, E 99 54.213) Google Map link: FROM HUA HIN: Google Map link using Chom Phol Road (Route 1010) NF6L9 1) From the Phet Kasem Road make your way to the by-pass via either Soi 112, the Pala-u Road or Chom Phol Road, Route 1010 (on the Left close to the 220 km marker). 2) When you reach the by-pass head NORTH towards Cha-am and shortly after you pass the 14 km marker exit LEFT into the Huai Sai Development Research Centre (HHH Sign) 3) Enter through the gate and drive about 200 m and find car park on the LEFT (HHH sign). FROM CHA-AM: Google Map Link Using Springfield Road (Route 1001) maps/2Ilcb 1) From the Phet Kasem Road make your way to the by-pass via Springfield Road, Route 1001 (close to the 215 km marker). 2) When you reach the by-pass head SOUTH towards Pranburi and after you pass the 13 km marker get yourself into the RIGHT hand and turn RIGHT at the next possible turning point. You will then be facing the entrance to the Huai Sai Development Research Centre. 3) Take care crossing the south bound carriageway and enter through the gate and drive about 200 m and find car park on the LEFT (HHH sign). HARES – Brambles Bill & Scotch Tape, Snacks by Miss Snickers. ON ON ON: The Thai Kitchen close to Silpakorn & Webster University’s Fees: Male Drinkers ฿200, Female Drinkers ฿150, Teetotalers ฿100, kids ฿50, under 8’s Free.

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results Week 33 15th January 2014 All Nations 55 11 - 8 Billys A Billys B 10 - 9 All Nations GH JW Red 7 - 12 King Bar A Jungle Juice B 7 - 12 Sabai King Bar B 12 - 7 JW Black Pink Panther 13 - 6 O’Neills Sports Bar SOMatch Bar 7 - 12 Moonlight Tiger Bar 8 - 11 Buckleys No match - Jungle Juice A Fixtures Week 34 22nd January 2014 All Nations GH v JW Red Billys A v SOMatch Bar Buckleys v Pink Panther Jungle Juice A v King Bar B JW Black v All Nations 55 King Bar A v Jungle Juice B Moonlight v Billys B Sabai v Tiger Bar No match - O’Neills Sports Bar league table Team Buckleys Moonlight King Bar A King Bar B Pink Panther Jungle Juice B JW Red Tiger Bar Sabai All Nations GH Jungle Juice A JW Black Billys B O’Neills Sports Bar SOMatch Bar Billys A All Nations 55

P 31 31 31 31 31 31 30 31 31 29 30 30 31 28 30 31 29

W 29 27 25 22 21 18 18 18 15 15 12 11 9 7 5 5 1

L 2 4 6 9 10 13 12 13 16 14 18 19 22 21 25 26 28

+/187 139 105 79 77 41 32 27 30 1 -18 -42 -77 -114 -106 -146 -215

Pts 58 54 50 44 42 36 36 36 30 30 24 22 18 14 10 10 2



cha am darts fun LEAGUE


results Week 11 15th January 2014 Blue Harley v Blue Lagoon Ladies n/a Buddy Bar v Scandy Dart Flyers n/a Paradise Corner Bar v Scandic Bar n/a Scandy Resort v Blue Lagoon Men n/a

division 1 results Week 11 14th January 2014 Blue Lagoon 1 15 - 3 Buddy Bar CAT Jiggapik 5 - 13 Blue Lagoon 2 Jungle Juice 16 - 2 Moon Light Livingroom 4 - 14 Paradise

League table

division 1 fixtures Week 12 21st January 2014 Blue Lagoon 2 v Jungle Juice Buddy Bar v Livingroom Moon Light v CAT Jiggapik Paradise v Blue Lagoon 1

Team Scandic Bar Buddy Bar Blue Lag Ldies Blue Lag Men Scndy Drt Flyrs Blue Harley Scandy Resort P’dise Corner

P 10 9 9 9 9 10 10 0

W 8 7 5 4 4 3 1 0

D 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

L 1 2 3 5 5 7 9 0

+/- Pts 46 17 48 14 22 11 -10 8 -12 8 -20 6 -74 2 0 0

fixtures Week 12 29th January 2014 Blue Lagoon Ladies v Buddy Bar Paradise Corner Bar v Scandy Resort Scandic Bar v Blue Harley Scandy Dart Flyers v Blue Lagoon Men

division 2 results Week 11 14th January 2014 All Nations GH 8 - 10 Hua Hin Miss You 1 Hua Hin Miss You 2 18 - 0 Chill Chill Bar Johnny’s 56 10 - 8 Robin’s Rest O’Neills v The Clansmen division 2 fixtures Week 12 21st January 2014 Chill Chill Bar v Johnny’s 56 Hua Hin Miss You 1 v O’Neills Robin’s Rest v Hua Hin Miss You 2 The Clansmen v All Nations Guesthouse

Darts supplies 087 155 7737 Brisal Dartboard now available!


division 1 league table Team Jungle Juice Paradise Blue Lagoon 1 Moon Light Buddy Bar Blue Lagoon 2 Livingroom CAT Jiggapik

P 11 11 11 10 11 11 11 10

W 10 10 6 5 5 3 2 1

D L +/0 1 102 0 1 84 0 5 26 0 5 6 0 6 -10 1 7 -6 0 9 -110 1 8 -92

Pts 20 20 12 10 10 7 4 3

division 2 league table Team HHin Miss You 1 Johnny’s 56 HHin Miss You 2 All Nations GH Robin’s Rest O’Neills The Clansmen Chill Chill Bar

P 11 10 10 11 10 9 9 10

W D L 7 1 3 7 0 3 6 1 3 5 1 5 5 1 4 4 0 5 3 0 6 1 0 9

+/- Pts 38 15 40 14 52 13 12 11 6 11 -16 8 -36 6 -96 2

HUA HIN GOLF Hua Hin Golf Society


Butterfly Rock Golf society

Results 14th January 2014 Banyan Texas Scramble 13 teams entered 1st Kake (Guest), Paul Kelly, Wij Wijesena, Michael Wilson 64 - 06.3 = 57.7 2nd Jorgen Bjorke, Peter Good, Dawn Hyde, Paul Moran 66 - 07.2 = 58.8 3rd Michael Edwards, Kaethe Hollman, Tien Prudon, Ken Wilkie 67 - 07.1 = 59.9 4th Renu Phokchaturat, Alan Simpson, Jo Sims, Rob Weisbard 67 - 07.0 = 60.0 10th January 2014 Majestic A - B Stableford 30 entered 1st Ulla Hockert 37 pts (24) 2nd Erkki Makkonen 37 pts (19) 3rd Ayyub Mian 36 pts (19) 4th Anja Thissen 36 pts (11) forthcoming fixtures 21st January 2014 Springfield Stableford 24th January 2014 Majestic Medal/ Stableford

RESULTS 15th January 2014 Palm Hills Stableford 27 entered 1st Nick Page 36pts (14); 2nd Ronnie Thorley 36pts (19); 3rd Steve Crawford 35pts (14); 4th Ben Krahe 35pts (06) 13th January 2014 Lake View CD Stableford 22 entered 1st Michael Snakebite 40pts (09); 2nd Alan Rawson 38pts (16); 3rd Ben Krahe 38pts (07); 4th Geoff G Batt-Rawden 36pts (08) 10th January 2014 Lake View CD Stableford Yellow Tees 10 entered 1st Gary Engleman 35pts (18); 2nd Geoff G Batt-Rawden 35pts (08); 3rd Michael Snakebite 33pts (09); 4th Ben Krahe 33pts (07) Upcoming Fixtures 20th January 2014 Lakeview A & B Stableford 22nd January 2014 Lakeview C & D 3BBB cha am golf club

Contact: FIXTURES 24th January 2014 Golf + AGM at Palm Hills

robin’s roll up

Held every Friday at Palm Hills. Thanks to Robin Heath for organising and results. Results: 10th January 2014 Front 9 - A. Byrne 18pts (Countback M. Flynn) Back 9 - S. Seymour 17pts (Countback N. Guest) Overall - N.Guest - 34 pts. Hole in One !!! - W. Henderson . Hole 3. Par 3. lake view members club

10th January 2014 A&B Stableford 1st David Rawlings 35pts (19); 2nd Doug East 34pts (11); 3rd Brent O’Bell 33pts (7); 4th John Anstee 33pts (22) 13th January 2014 A&B Stableford 1st Steve O’Brien 34pts (13); 2nd David Leaver 30pts (20); 3rd Fred Kroll 30pts (22); 4th Peter Tucker 29pts (12) 15th January 2014 A&B Team Scramble 1st C. Roper/P. Trim/G. Williams/D. Rawlings 71 (8.5) 62.5 net (*4-Ball); 2nd B. Welsh/J. Friedberg/F. Kroll 71 (7.2) 63.8 net; 3rd D. East/R. Lunstrum/D. Rawlings 72 (6.9) 65.1 net; 4th C. Miller/S. O’Brien/D. Leaver 71 (5.4) 65.6 net FIXTURES Lake View every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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football news

Bobby’s Bar

kicked off by bobby’s bar english premier league table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Team Arsenal Man City Chelsea Liverpool Everton Tottenham Man Utd Newcastle Southampton Hull Aston Villa Stoke Swansea West Brom Norwich Fulham West Ham Cardiff Sunderland Crystal Palace

P 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

GD 22 36 21 25 15 1 11 2 4 -5 -7 -13 -4 -5 -18 -24 -9 -19 -15 -18

fixtures PTS 48 47 46 42 41 40 37 33 30 23 23 22 21 21 20 19 18 18 17 17

Featured Game

Saturday 11th January 2014 PREMIER LEAGUE Cardiff v West Ham 22:00 A relegation six pointer if there ever was one, this game sees under pressure manager Sam Allardyce take on the Premier League’s newest boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Given that the West ham board have given Big Sam their full backing then this isn’t a make or break game for the manager, but it is for the team. We can’t see anything but more misery for the Hammers fans, who are calling for their manager to be sacked, mainly because of the style of play.

Karoon La Terrasse

(all times Thailand) Saturday 18th January 2014 PREMIER LEAGUE Sunderland v Southampton 19:45 Arsenal v Fulham 22:00 Crystal Palace v Stoke 22:00 Man City v Cardiff 22:00 Norwich v Hull 22:00 West Ham v Newcastle 22:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Leeds v Leicester 19:15 Barnsley v Blackpool 22:00 Birmingham v Yeovil 22:00 Bournemouth v Watford 22:00 Burnley v Sheff Wed 22:00 Derby v Brighton 22:00 Doncaster v Wigan 22:00 Middlesbrough v Charlton 22:00 Millwall v Ipswich 22:00 Nottm Forest v Blackburn 22:00 QPR v Huddersfield 22:00 Reading v Bolton 22:00 SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP Aberdeen v Inverness CT 22:00 Celtic v Motherwell 22:00 Hibernian v St Mirren 22:00 Partick Thistle v Kilmarnock 22:00 Ross County v Dundee Utd 22:00 St Johnstone v Hearts 22:00 Sunday 19th January 2014 PREMIER LEAGUE Liverpool v Aston Villa 00:30 Swansea v Tottenham 20:30 Chelsea v Man Utd 23:00 Tuesday 21st January 2014 PREMIER LEAGUE West Brom v Everton 03:00

Home of the Free Sunday Roast & Free Bar B Que every Friday Call 089 985 7473

Soi 102, Hua Hin (200m on right after railway) fantasy premier league AWOL CHALLENGE TABLE 2013/2014 Team GW 1 Mr. ChaAming 67 2 I am...Sasha Fierce 59 3 Hua Hin United 68 4 Destroyers 83 5 Lost Cafe 51 6 Penshioners 60 7 Red and Blue Bangers 54 8 Wanderlust United 72 9 Portsmouth City FC 64 10 FreeBradleyManning 50 11 Highland Dykes 70 12 Beeblebrox 71 13 Khao Noi All Stars 59 14 Event Horizon 52 15 Debbies11 73 16 AWOL Wanderers 62 17 Dans Demons 44 18 Tahitian Queen 40 19 FC OK 54

TOT 1,309 1,263 1,248 1,245 1,229 1,205 1,179 1,126 1,115 1,110 1,100 1,097 1,035 998 990 948 879 838 837

wednesday 22nd January 2014 SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP Partick Thistle v St Johnstone 02:45 CAPITAL ONE CUP - SEMI-FINAL 2nd LEG West Ham (0) v (6)Man City 02:45 Thursday 23rd January 2014 CAPITAL ONE CUP - SEMI-FINAL 2nd LEG Man Utd (1) v (2) Sunderland 02:45

Restaurant & Lounge bar breakfast cocktails food happy hour 3 to 7pm we can also host your private party

80 Naresdamri Road near Chaolay Restaurant Tel. 08 45 72 71 90 Email:

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Karoon La Terrasse



a nice kipper tie Thomas Hitzlsperger comes out as ‘Brummie’

birmingham, england Former Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger has ended years of speculation amongst fans by revealing he is actually from Birmingham. Hitzlsperger revealed that he was Brummie in an interview with Birmingham newspaper the Express & Star. Fans agreed that anyone who had heard the German international speak during his time in England would easily have mistaken him for a midlander, but today’s announcement finally puts an end to the ongoing debate. The now retired footballer told the paper, “I’ve waited until retirement to announce the fact that I’m a Brummie due to the stigma attached to other Brummies in the media.” “People will perhaps call me brave, but it’s just who I am and I hope the fans can accept me as the player I was, and the Brummie I continue to be.”

Left: Hitzlsperger scored a few bostin goals during his career

The former footballer went on to explain why he concealed him Brumminess throughout his career. He went on, “It’s difficult to get ahead in this game if people think you’re a Brummie, and being German sounded quite exotic so I decided to go for that.” “I honestly thought my German accent was quite convincing, so it’s a bit embarrassing after all these years to hear everyone say they knew I was Brummie all along.” “I hid the truth because I was frightened of

what the opposition fans would shout at me if they knew I was from Shard End.” “But I’m absolutely delighted with the response I’ve had from the fans, 99% of which has been positive – there’s always a few idiots, but they’re in the small minority.” “I look at the response now and think that perhaps I should have come out as Brummie earlier in my career. Maybe this will lead others to do so?” “If only it had been this easy when people found out I was gay.”

P.S. Legal Group (Cha Am)


Family, Commercial, Property and all other law handled by our specialist lawyers with over 40 years of legal experience Real Estate and Domestic/ International Investments

One Stop services: Company Set Up, Work permits, Visas, Ticket Booking Contact us: We speak English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Thai Tel/Fax: 032 890156 Mob: 080 307 5517 or 089 981 0004 E-Mail: Line: Skype : pslegal1 Address: 245/7 Narathip Road, Cha Am, Petchaburi

We also have three offices in Chonburi

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AWOL Issue 266  

Free weekly newspaper for the Hua Hin, Cha Am and Khao Takiab areas of Thailand

AWOL Issue 266  

Free weekly newspaper for the Hua Hin, Cha Am and Khao Takiab areas of Thailand