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25 January 2013

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gone Victor with the wind?

guesthouse open 24/7

Naresdamri Rd. opposite Brasserie de Paris

Rooms/family suites in heart of Hua Hin a/c, lcd tv, dvd player, fridge, free premium wifi, cable TV

mystery of the disappearing film festival

hua hin, THAILAND This time last year Hua Hin was gearing itself up to welcome the great and good of the film world to the first Hua Hin International Film Festival, with the expectation that this would become an annual event, and a sign of the higher profile the town was getting. However, so far this year there is absolutely no sign of the festival being repeated, with both the dedicated website ( and the Facebook page having no information since last year’s event and emails to the organisers bouncing back. National daily newspaper The Nation made a very brief mention of a 2013 festival in a look ahead to Thai films for the coming year but this appears to be more of an assumption than firm information. It will be a great shame if another high profile event disappears from the calendar, as the Jazz Festival did last year and possibly permanently, especially at a time when Hua Hin is experiencing expansion and improvements at a rate of knots. The area needs keynote festivals and events to broaden it’s appeal and to encourage visitors, as well as to provide variety for those that live here. It may be that the festival will take place at a different time than last year, but given the publicity drive that accompanied the first one and the lack of any mention anywhere for a follow up, the fear is that this has indeed gone with the wind..

GET RACING FROM ONLY 400 BAHT! OPEN EVERYDAY 10.30AM - 7PM, LATE NIGHT BY APPOINTMENT Call 032 547 199 (Office) or 081 817 3000 (Mobile) Soi 2, Phetchkasem Road opposite Hua Hin Airport


ON THE PIER ! Naresdamri W E Road N

near Chaolay Restaurant



Profitable walk-in business in up and coming Khao Takiab 10 room guesthouse,large bar/restaurant with long lease. Rent paid to Aug 2013. Offers considered around 2.2m baht. Call 085 651 1098 for more information.


aussie bar

Tel. 032 530242 Email:

Khao Takiab

breakfast - cocktails - food air con/fan, free wi-fi, lcd tv, cable tv - open 24/7



We’ll supply the heat if you bring the meat! B Y O BBQ any time

Right fork past the police station and we are 100m further on the left over the bridge

Tel. 089 586 1700

Guesthouse & Restaurant

Daily food specials from 6pm Takeaways/Bookings Call 087 599 1913

Live sports on cable/ satellite Aussie Rules, Rugby Union and League

Accommodation from 700 baht/ Day Big Discounts for Weekly Monthly rates available

Online Room bookings via, Agoda, Asia Rooms and Late Rooms


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Advertise here from only 40 baht per week


sponsored by return bar where you will want to come again and again


Cold Beer - Two Pool Tables - Friendly Welcome Located on the Canal Road between the traffic lights and the 7-11 AWOL with Rose Photos courtesy of

Sometimes contradictory, bewildering, revolutionary and hypocritical, Red-Light Nights, Bangkok Daze is a collection of articles on the complex and fascinating world of sex in Asia.

About the Author William Sparrow is a journalist based in Asia. He has worked as a contributor and editor for Asia Times Online, and is the editor of The book is available online or at local bookstores (such as Bookazine – above McDonald’s on Damnoernkasem Road).

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World weather (25-1-13)


CITY Amsterdam Ankara Athens Auckland Beijing Berlin Buenos Aires Cairo Chicago Copenhagen Dubai Dublin Geneva Helsinki Ho Chi Minh City Hong Kong Islamabad Jakarta Jerusalem Johannesburg Karachi Kuala Lumpur London Madrid Manila Mexico City Moscow Mumbai New Delhi New York Oslo Paris Perth Phnom-Penh Rio De Janeiro Riyadh Rome San Francisco Seoul Shanghai Singapore Stockholm Sydney Taibei/Taipei Tokyo Vancouver Vientiane Yangon Zurich

Min. Max. Weather -7 -1 Overcast 5 9 Rain 8 14 Thunderstorms 18 26 Cloudy -7 0 Fine -9 -6 Cloudy 23 34 Thunderstorms 11 22 Cloudy -9 -7 Snow -11 -3 Cloudy 14 24 Partly Cloudy -1 6 Showers -4 -1 Cloudy -7 -4 Fog 22 32 Bright 18 20 Clear 4 18 Clear 24 29 Thunderstorms 10 20 Cloudy 15 28 Showers 12 27 Fine 24 32 Thunderstorms 1 1 Cloudy 2 9 Rain 19 29 Thunderstorms 5 19 Smoke -15 -11 Snow 15 31 Cloudy 6 21 Fine -11 -7 Cloudy -13 -9 Partly Cloudy -1 1 Mist 19 34 Clear 24 32 Partly Cloudy 18 30 Thunderstorms 15 29 Partly Cloudy 4 12 Rain 8 13 Cloudy -11 -7 Fine 1 8 Fine 24 32 Cloudy -11 -9 Fog 22 28 Cloudy 12 17 Rain 4 10 Fine 3 6 Overcast 22 29 Mostly Cloudy 18 34 Partly Cloudy -3 -1 Cloudy

Lin’s Cafe

Open Every Day from 7.30am Big Breakfasts - Low Price Roast Dinners from 180 baht Tel: 089 797 1502 Phetkasem Road, near Soi 80

Local Forecast AND TIDES Rain Conditions Temp. °C Tides (mm) High Low High Low Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

1 7 16 9 1 0 0

Sunny to partly cloudy Perhaps a shower Periods of rain A couple of showers A couple of showers Increasing clouds Mostly sunny

31 31 30 30 30 32 32

23 24 23 22 22 23 24

7:01 7:26 7:50/ 16:31 8:09/ 17:28 8:21/ 18:24 8:30/ 19:19 8:36/ 20:16

23:04 23:42 13:43 00:14/ 14:02 00:43/ 14:17 1:09/ 14:31 1:34/ 14:52

thailand weather (24-1-13) Place Temp. Hum. Conditions Aranyaprathet 35 °C 30% Clear Bangkok 33 °C 55% Mostly Cloudy Bhumibol Dam 33 °C 29% Clear Bua Chum 36 °C 28% Mostly Cloudy Chaiyaphum 32 °C 33% Haze Chanthaburi 31 °C 62% T-storm Haze Chiang Mai 32 °C 26% Partly Cloudy Chiang Rai 29 °C 29% Partly Cloudy Chumphon 30 °C 64% Clear Hat Yai 31 °C 58% Mostly Cloudy Kam Paeng Phet 33 °C 49% Haze Kanchanaburi 34 °C 36% Haze Khanom 31 °C 66% Mostly Cloudy Khlong Yai 28 °C 71% Thunderstorm Khon Kaen 32 °C 46% Clear Ko Lanta 31 °C 62% Mostly Cloudy Ko Samui 31 °C 66% Mostly Cloudy Ko Sichang 33 °C 55% Mostly Cloudy Krabi 31 °C 62% Mostly Cloudy Laemchabang 33 °C 55% Mostly Cloudy Lampang 33 °C 34% Scattered Clds Lamphun 32 °C 30% Partly Cloudy Loei 30 °C 45% Scattered Clds Lop Buri 33 °C 59% Light Rain Mae Hong Son 31 °C 27% Clear Mae Sariang 29 °C 42% Scattered Clds Mae Sot 32 °C 57% Clear Mukdahan 32 °C 33% Mostly Cloudy Nakhon Phanom 32 °C 33% Mostly Cloudy Nakhon Ratch. 32 °C 45% Clear Nakhon Sawan 36 °C 29% Partly Cloudy Nakhon Si Tham. 30 °C 74% Partly Cloudy Nan 31 °C 35% Scattered Clds

Place Temp. Hum. Conditions Narathiwat 31 °C 58% Mostly Cloudy Nong Khai 31 °C 52% Haze Pattani 31 °C 58% Mostly Cloudy Pattaya 24 °C 96% Rain Phayao 29 °C 29% Partly Cloudy Phetchabun 33 °C 49% Haze Phetchaburi 31 °C 70% Mist Phitsanulok 33 °C 49% Haze Phrae 32 °C 40% Scattered Clds Phuket 30 °C 66% Mostly Cloudy Prachin Buri 33 °C 59% Light Rain Prachuap K.khan 31 °C 70% Mist Ranong 30 °C 68% Thunderstorm Rayong 31 °C 62% T-storm Haze Roi Et 32 °C 35% Clear Sakon Nakhon 32 °C 33% Mostly Cloudy Sattahip 24 °C 96% T-storm Haze Satun 31 °C 58% Mostly Cloudy Songkhla 30 °C 66% Mostly Cloudy Suphan Buri 33 °C 59% Light Rain Surat Thani 31 °C 75% Scattered Clds Surin 34 °C 32% Clear Tak 34 °C 30% Clear Takua Pa 30 °C 66% Mostly Cloudy Tha Tum 34 °C 31% Clear Tha Wang Pha 31 °C 35% Scattered Clds Thong Pha Phum 34 °C 37% Haze Trang 31 °C 62% Mostly Cloudy Ubon Ratchathani 33 °C 43% Clear Udon Thani 32 °C 33% Clear Uttaradit 32 °C 40% Scattered Clds Wichian Buri 35 °C 28% Partly Cloudy

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C A v B ut W a li o uf t O h n f 3 d L y a is u 1 o lo c /1 n u /1 t r T ou 3 il m av po e e n a r l o (d n f u r o ta in r k a nd s 10 p n % r o t d es in is e c co nt lu u a d n t e t d )


Public House and restaurant

all day breakfast from 8.30am sunday roast available every day childrens menu new ciders in stock now! Luxurious suites overlooking the beach, large outside sun terrace and free WIFI

Located on the corner of Chomsin/ Naresdamri rd by the fishing pier Ample parking nearby For bookings or more information call 085 291 8685, 080 727 4710 or fax 032 530087

Motorbikes For Rent, Sale or Trade Soi 112 6

Call 080 630 5740 (Eng/Swe) 087 138 0221 (Thai)

Cheapest and largest selction of rentals in town!

Rentals (up to 125cc) from: 130 baht daily 700 baht weekly SOI 4km 112 1900 baht monthly TO PRANBURI Also Cars for rent


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refuse centre


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Bobby’s British Breakfast Foods UK Sausages, Ham, Bacon, Pies, Teas etc. Call 087 155 7737 or 089 985 7473


A section for all you budding etymologists where each week the origin of a word or phrase is investigated. This week it is.... Know your onions To be experienced in or knowledgeable about a subject. every aid and comfort. Of course! Why not? Governor The English grammarian and lexicographer C. T. Donahey knows his onions...” (Charles Talbut) Onions was an editor of the Oxford Other phrases that refer to knowing - ‘know the ropes’ English Dictionary from 1895 and continued to write (see below), ‘doesn’t know shit from Shinola’ etc. reference works throughout a long and distinguished allude to specific items as the focus of the knowledge. career. His last work was The Oxford Dictionary of Other 1920s variants of ‘know your onions’ are ‘know English Etymology, 1966, which was published a year your oil/oats/apples’ etc. The only one that caught on after his death. Someone who knew as much etymology and is still in common use is ‘know your onions’. So, as he did could certainly claim to ‘know my onions’, and why onions? Well, as the citation above asks - why not? it is tempting to assume that this is where the phrase Explanations that relate the phrase to knowledgeable vegetable gardeners, or even to C. T. or S. G. Onions, originated. If the ‘onions’ referred to in the phrase is indeed human are just trying too hard. 1920s America was a breeding rather than vegetable, there is another Mr. Onions that ground for wacky phrases (the bee’s knees being one could be our man. S. G. Onions (they were strong on example) and this is just another of those. initials in those days) created sets of coins which were As referenced above...Know the ropes issued to English schools from 1843 onwards. These To understand how to do something. To be acquainted were teaching aids intended to help children learn £.s.d. with all the methods required. (pounds, shillings and pence). They looked similar to There is some doubt about the origin of this phrase. real coins and had inscriptions like ‘4 Farthings make 1 It may well have a nautical origin. Sailors had to learn Penny’ or ‘12 Pence make 1 shilling’. We can imagine that which rope raised which sail and also had to learn a ‘knowing your Onions’ might be coined, so to speak, in myriad of knots. There is also a suggestion that it comes from the world of the theatre, where ropes are used to those circumstances. The first known use of ‘know your onions’ in print, in raise scenery etc. the 1920s, tends to argue against either of the above men The first citation comes in Richard H. Dana Jr’s Two being involved. While it is true that the phrase originated years before the mast, 1840: “The captain, who had at a time when C. T. Onions had established a reputation, been on the coast before and ‘knew the ropes,’ took the the match between the phrase and his name is just a steering oar” coincidence. ‘Know your onions’ is in fact an American That clearly has a seafaring connection, although it phrase. There are many references to it in print there appears to be using the figurative meaning of the phrase, from the 1920s onward, but none in the UK or elsewhere i.e. ‘the captain was knowledgeable’, but without any until the middle of the century; for example, this from specific allusion to ropes. Harper’s Magazine, March 1922: “Mr. Roberts knows his There are also early citations that come from the theatre. J. Timon, in Opera Goer, 1850 includes this: “The belle of onions, all right.” Another example comes soon afterwards, in The Lima two weeks standing, who has ‘learned the ropes’.” News, May 1923: “The Columbus statement declares The nautical derivation seems more attractive and that the league is ready to give the Donahey boom convincing, but the jury has to remain out on this one.

Mighty Mike’s Partystarter Specials from 6 - 9pm

A small beer and a shooter* or ANY Cider 120 Baht *Try our Homemade Turkish Pepper shot, a happy customers opinion – BRUTAL! (other selected shots available)

Open from 5pm ‘til late - please call 086 392 3557 to come earlier BAR with Dartboard Swedish Delicacy/ Svenska Delikatesser • Kalles Kaviar • Kavli Spread cheese • Bostongurka • Lingonberry • Bullens Pilsnerkorv • Slotts Senap • Nyponsoppa mm


Wholesale/Retail Koskenkorva Vodka and Hartwall Gin Long Drink

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Day trip to Cha-am Ceramics Pick up 9am, return 4pm 50 Baht/person (max. 4)

Spend 1,000 Baht on Thai ceramics and transportation is free. English & Thai spoken. Booking essential 085-3263219



AWOL codeword

an a to z of good food at let’s eat

Let’s Eat RESTAURANT Open 9am to 9pm English Breakfast and Thai Food Soi 3 Khao Takiab (next to 7-11) Call 082 248 0345 or 089 450 5755

Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a number 1-26. Can you crack the code and solve the crossword? Every letter of the alphabet is used at least once. Three letters are already in place to get you started. Use the 1-26 small grid to keep track.

Last Week’s Solution


Yummy, Yummy PFF is coming soon!

Tik’s Place

Tik 086 173 0956 David Family run Guesthouse & Restaurant 089 872 9746 Prices (in baht) from: Nightly: Rooms 399 Apartments 800 Weekly: Rooms 2000 Apartments 5000 Monthly: Rooms 3500 Apartments 8000 Secure off road parking

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Sauna Rooms In Hua Hin Sawo is the world famous Finnish sauna manufacturer now available in the Hua Hin area and the rest of Thailand in many different models/sizes. These rooms are built from your choice of Cedar, Aspen, Spruce, Heat treated wood or Pine. You can also have a sauna with a combination of these woods, or Outdoor sauna rooms, with other sauna products/accessories available.

For more information: Tel.: 080 630 5740 E-mail: Website: Join the AWOL forum



AWOL Sudoku

Jungle juice

solve your food and drink puzzle at

Breakfasts from 9am Daily food specials Sunday Roast Pool and Darts nights

Each week we have an easy and a hard Sudoku puzzle. Just fill in the empty squares so that each horizontal and vertical line, and each section, has all the numbers 1 to 9.

Puzzle 2 (Hard)

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 (Easy)

Last issue’s solutions

Soi Selekam 087 153 2259


EXPAT INSURANCE SOLUTIONS Health (up to 85), Car, Motorbike, House, Commercial. Full medical cover for expats worldwide Travel insurance specialist (including as required for Schenghen visas) Soi 94, last unit on left before railway

085 962 2232 or 032 512075

Power of Love Church Held at the Hilton Resort on Naresdamri Road each Sunday Morning at 10am. Everybody welcome. Snacks/ refreshments after the service.

A Charismatic Holy Spirit Driven Love FILLED Church

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Andrew 080 999 3603 เอก 087 351 6156

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weird NEWS

Motorbike/ Scooter Wanted for Private Buyer Call 083 851 8226 (Eng/Thai)

massachusetts, usa Scientist seeks female surrogate in order to make a Neanderthal baby A scientist is hoping to recruit a woman he hopes will be the surrogate to a Neanderthal baby he plans to clone. Professor George Church argued by reintroducing this species we could find cures to certain cancers and HIV. ‘I have already managed to attract enough DNA from fossil bones to reconstruct the DNA of the human species largely extinct,’ he told German magazine Der Spiegel. ‘Now I need an adventurous female human.’ The ‘adventurous female’ would be implanted with a cloned human stem cell that had parts of the Neanderthal genome in it. The process of cloning a Neanderthal would be illegal in a lot of countries, including Britain, but the genetics professor of the Harvard School of Medicine is confident if he is allowed to do so he could be successful. He added: ‘We can clone all kinds of mammals, so it’s very likely that we could clone a human. ‘Why shouldn’t we be able to do so?’ The distinguished professor, who helped create the Human Genome Project, said the cavemen could have been more intelligent than humans and had larger craniums. ‘When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet or whatever, it’s conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial,’ he said. ‘They could maybe even create a new neo-Neanderthal culture and become a political force.’ The professor discussed his ideas in his book Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves.

pembrokeshire, uk Tesco: Pranksters dressed as pantomime horse kicked out of store A pair of practical jokers were hoofed out of Tesco after entering a store dressed as a pantomime horse in the wake of the contaminated burger scandal. The prank was staged amid increasing consumer anger over the discovery of horse meat in the supermarket chain’s value beefburgers. Heading through the frozen food section at a store in Bierspool, Pembrokeshire, the pair pretend to be looking for their parents. One of them can be heard screaming: ‘Mum! Daddy! They’ve gone!’ as shocked customers picking up their weekly groceries look on. After sprawling to the floor, the duo are soon told to leave by a security guard who appears less than amused by their antics. The 84-second clip has since gone viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of hits on video-sharing website YouTube. Tesco has also come under fire for a series of PR gaffes on its official Twitter feed this week, responding to one customer’s joke request for Red Rum. It followed this up with an ill-advised ‘hit the hay’ tweet which soon went viral.


EXPATriate health care

Up to $1 million worldwide coverage per year Monthly payment available by Debit Card 085 962 2232 or 032 512075 franckracinesiamconsulting@

gardening services available

Three days a week gardening service from 1500 baht per month for average size garden. Lawnmowing, watering, trimming, weeding and all general gardening. Special treatments or services on request. We have our own equipment but please supply your preferred fertilisers or chemicals.

Call 081 614 8728 or E-mail

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Advertise here from only 40 baht per week For more information Call 081 649 8361 Property Marketplace Email Exclusive Luxury House for Sale/ Rent Stunning luxury home North of Hua Hin within large electric gated grounds. Infinity pool allowing sea breeze on 2nd level. European kitchen and lounge on 2nd floor, 1st floor comprises of 2 bedrooms and car port for 5 cars at the back. Sea and spectacular 3 Storeys mountain views. Land size 3 rai

Separate maid’s room Air conditioned throughout Fully furnished

Last available condo in superb location An opportunity has arisen to acquire this last remaining 160 sq m condo with 100% private access to a stunning white sand beach with sweeping coastline.

3 Bed/ 3 Bath 15 min drive to Hua Hin Centre Living: 150 sqm.

Ref No. 03214 Call/ email for details

Ref No.: 2730 Call/ email for details

new beachfront condo close to town centre Luxurious one bed beachfront condominium and a magnificent five star gateway onto a 90m beachfront located in the heart of Hua Hin. It’s colourful, innovative blend of authentic and contemporary features of Morocco sets it apart with its enchanted private garden and extravagant lagoon. Just 2 minutes from the Night Market/ Hua Hin Centre. Facilities include a Fountain island with spa seating, multiple pools including children’s pool with slider, Driveway Car Park and Underground Parking, 24 hrs Security System with CCTV, Floating garden, Fitness room

Hua Hin Condos with great views and facilities A beautiful condominium where the focus is on functionality, family friendly, quality and value for money. Facilities & services at this Golf Condominium Resort include indoor putting greens, lobby lounge area, kids pool and big swimming pool, café, exercise room, golf booking service, wireless internet, laundry, maid and security service, transportation etc.

Ref No.: 03252 1 Bed 72 sqm. from 3.5m baht 2 Bed 112 sqm. from 6m baht Call/ email for details

Ref No.: 03227 Call/ email for details

the emerald Contemporary thai style homes starting from

2.39 m baht

completed show house


located off soi 112, hua hin

free fitted european kitchen, hot water system amd more first 20 plots get free air conditioner in main bedroom

call 081 5723996, 090 796 2427 or 080 959 3995 e-mail Join the AWOL forum


Are you having problems with your


Open 10am - 6pm Closed Sundays

Part time resident? Running a home based business? Need a secure place for deliveries? Then you need the New


@Makro, Hua Hin, Soi 4 Tel. 082 298 0500 E-mail: Order online at (15% of all profits donated to charity)

E-mail for more details Get the full range of funky products from TTTM via AWOL

• Parachute Hammocks • Eco-friendly bags • Beach blanket • Nautical ropes

• Pocket frisbee • Hammock tarp • Carabiner • Mosquito net 360° • Hammock Chair



Games, discussions, jokes, videos, information, sports, local and international topics and more Join up, log in and tell us what you think! Register and log in with Facebook and Twitter or create a unique AWOL account free Sell it fast with AWOL Classifieds

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Send your jokes to submissions@ and get your name in print! Brought to you by The Railway Tavern

horsemeat burgers Some of our readers may not be aware that several UK supermarkets, including Tesco and Lidl, have been found selling beefburgers with horsemeat in them. Cue the jokes... I went to a Tesco café yesterday and ordered a burger. They asked me if I wanted anything on it, and I said: ‘Yes — a fiver each way.’ Does anyone have a tooth pick? I had a Tesco burger last night and there’s still a bit between my teeth. I’ve got some Tesco burgers in the fridge. But . . . THEY’RE OFFFFFFFFF! My doctor told me to watch what I eat, so I went out and bought tickets for the Grand National. I won’t eat Tesco burgers. They may be low in fat, but they have a very high Shergar content.

Railway Tavern

PUB & CAFE HUA HIN SOI 88 085 429 0378

Motorbikes for Rent

Daily, weekly or long term A motorist gets pulled over by a police officer, who asks him to blow into a breathalyser. The machine beeps. ‘I’m sorry Sir,’ says the officer. ‘You’re over the limit. Can you tell me what you have had tonight?’ ‘Nothing Officer,’ replies the man. ‘Just a burger from Tesco.’ ‘That explains it,’ says the policeman. ‘I knew I could smell Red Rum.’ I bought an ‘award-winning’ Tesco burger. I didn’t realise they meant it had won the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Last night I ate a Tesco burger, an Iceland burger and an Aldi burger to find out which had the best taste. Tesco won by a short head.

Björn and staff welcome you to

Larry’s Fondue House Swedish Restaurant & Bar

European & Thai food Breakfasts served all day Daily Swedish Dish Fondue ฿590 for two people Swedish channels/music available on 60 inch TV Open 9AM - 12pm Closed Sundays Located on Naresdamri Road 88

(turn left at the bottom of Dechanuchit Road)

Tel. 090 138 9361 Facebook: LarrysFondueHouse Web:

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hua hin

guesthouse and bar 12 rooms from 350 baht a night free wifi for guests 032 512747

allnationshuahin@ Drop your AWOL Classifieds in here



Under offer from

Bars / Pubs Telephone E-MAIL/WEB Beer O’Clock Aussie Bar 087 599 1913 Bobby’s Bar 087 155 7737, 089 985 7473 Hua Hin Miss You 086 760 2538 or 085 837 1205 Jungle Juice 087 153 2259 Lucky Shot 086 178 1550 Mighty Mike’s 086 392 3557 Noi’s Pit Stop/ Cha Am Rentals 032 433608 or 084 893 5482 Railway Tavern 085 429 0378 The Lord Webb 089 049 2141, 089 548 8003


Restaurants / Food Baan Bua 96 British Breakfast Foods Buffalo Tavern Crepes & Co Heaven’s Kitchen Hua Hin Ham & Bacon Karoon Restaurant Larry’s Fondue House Let’s Eat Lin’s Café Lost Cafe Margaritas Maya’s Bistro Net Cafe on 94 Ob-Oon S & S Indian Restaurant The Dutchman Zab Wer

Telephone E-MAIL/WEB 080 8905479 087 155 7737, 089 985 7473 032 530087, 086 603 5335 032 827248 - 9 084 386 1777 032 513144, 086 161 9342 08 45 72 71 90 090 138 9361 082 248 0345 or 089 450 5755 089 797 1502 032 511624 088 670 5404 084 322 7129 085 911 1378 032 531 470 #777 081 455 5298 080 246 2640 089 490 0092

accommodation All Nations Guesthouse & Bar Karoon Guesthouse Tik’s Place Victor Guesthouse

Telephone E-MAIL/WEB 032 512747 032 530 242 086 173 0956 or 089 872 9746 032 511564 or 089 914 2168

Services and other Hua Hin Pest Control Insight English Mailbox Shop Red Light Nights, Bangkok Daze Siam Consulting Insurance

Telephone E-MAIL/WEB 087 473 7217 032 470 681 or 081 846 9193 082 298 0500 Contact via 085 962 2232, 032 512075 0861 604 261

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Advertise here from only 40 baht per week

Under offer from

Property and related services Baan Warin Century 21 CN Pool Service Gardening Services Hot Property Hua Hin Property and Land Sopha Land and Houses SPS Building Services The Emerald

Telephone E-MAIL/WEB 087 019 8548 or 082 245 0302 032 532904 081 572 3996 or 086 802 5951 081 614 8728 032 533 533 080 100 4194 083 324 0907 082 252 0917 081 5723996, 090 796 2427, 080 959 3995

sports and leisure Day Trips Cha Am Ceramics The Dartman Go Kart Hua Hin Hua Hin Golf Shop Lawn Bowls Hua Hin Motorbikes For Rent Sauna World Scooters For Rent X-Plode Football Arena

Telephone E-MAIL/WEB 085 326 3219 087 155 7737, 089 985 7473 032 547 199, 081 817 3000 089 911 1559 090 790 5778 080 630 5740 or 087 138 0221 080 630 5740 083 851 8553 or 086 857 9250 081 944 9372

cha am Telephone E-MAIL/WEB Big Bike Rentals 0831 604 249 or 0835 924 789 Blue Lagoon 0904 353 287 Cha Am Pub 0822 510 871 or 0847 632 319 Cha Am Spa and Beauty Center 0822 420 841 0825 924 789 Ital Thai Cafe Restaurant 0890 086 562, 032 470344 or 0895 047 253 Thannaphatson Art 17

it’s cheaper than you think! this advert costs from only 400 baht per week* Contact us on 081 649 8361 or email *when booked for 13 issues

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make an event of it at ob-oon boulangerie - patisserie YOUR 8 DAYs A WEEK GUIDE TO LOCAL EVENTS. If you want your performance featured here on Hua Hin Live, send your information to: or submit your event to our new events page on www.awolonline. net Don’t Miss This Week Java Jazz Cafe and Wine Bistro has begun putting on live jazz every night from 7.30pm at their new location on the second floor of Market Village next to KFC. Vivaha Pra Samut, a Thai play at the Vic Hua Hin. Every Saturday at 7.30pm until 2nd February 2013. Souay Vista Social Club on Soi 94 is open for music nights again. You can turn up most nights to find something going on but latest information on their regular offerings is that there is a Tuesday and Friday night jam session, normally focusing on blues, Wednesday and Thursday nights finds Eddi and his band there, while there will be guest appearances and jams at almost any other time. Upcoming


Ongoing The Beat (formerly Music Station); live music every night in this good sized venue. Rock and pop, Thai and Western music. Cicada Market and Performing Arts Fair. The Venue@Suansri. Fri/ Sat evenings from sunset to 12 pm, Sundays from 4pm; Dining, shopping, art, performances, and films in a beautiful park-like setting. A great place to spend an evening. SASI Dinner Theatre. SASI Restaurant. Nightly at 7pm, Dinner with Thai Contemporary theatre.

Hua Hin Magic Show, Hilton Hotel. Thur. to Sat. at 8:00 pm; A full professional magic show. Adults 400 Bt. Children 200 Bt. Tel. 083 503 0999 Art Exhibitions Alisa Art Gallery Naresdamri Rd 032 533385 Aourd Art Gallery 74 Poolsuk Rd. 084 862 3994 email: aourd_artgallery@ Arkom Gallery Dechanuchit Rd. 085 292 1359 Art Jacky Gallery 178/115, Soi 80 (Soi Sarawat) 089 249 1018, 081 912 9490; email: www. Art My Home Gallery 6 Chomsin Rd. 086 308 6747 Baan Sillapin 81 Moo 14 (Hua HinPala U Rd., Rt. 3218), Hin Lek Fai 032 534830, 087 047 7125 email: Chorn Art Gallery 999 Poolsuk Rd. 089 255 5654, email chorn_gallery@ Chub Cheeva Gallery Naebkehardt Rd. Cicada Market Gallery NongkaeTakiab Rd. Dok Kaew Gallery 43/1 Poolsuk Rd. 081 197 6787 Furich@Fur Gallery Petchkasem Rd. Galerie Boonchuay Soi 72 (Night Market Street). 081 566 7008 email Green Gallery 3 Soi 51 (Damrongrat Rd) 032 530487, 083 791 0222, www., email: info@ Pekko Gallery Night Market 089 890 2642 See Nam Gallery Petchkasem Rd. opp. Hin Nam Sai Suay 085 189 7108 Tumagon Art Gallery 2/2 Panja Plaza, Poolsuk Rd. 085 298 8706 email: Ton Khaow Art Gallery 53 Dechanuchit Rd. 086 075 8233 email: Unity Art Gallery 15 Naresdamri Rd.

Open Daily 8.00 am - 6.00 pm Breakfast • Lunch • Afternoon Tea • Ice Cream Tasting • Wedding & Special Occasion Cakes • Deliveries 22/65 Naeb Kaehat Road Hua Hin 77110 Tel: 032 531 470 #777 E-Mail:

081 006 1612, 087 046 3222 email: World Gallery Petchkasem Rd. Nightly Music 4 Bands in Rotation, playing pleasant Thai pop-jazz and bossa nova nighty from 9 pm @Absorba Pub 100 Pipers Band. 100 Pipers Pub. Nightly exc Mon., 11 pm; Highenergy Thai country and rock. Ben Bamboo Saxophone at Joy Restaurant, Petchkasem at Soi 78. Nightly. Bossa Nova and Thai Popular Music. Every night@Thonglor Pub Classic Thai Peau Chiwit (Songs for Life). Nightly from about 10 pm @ Usapasang Pub Do-Re-Mi at Milestones Pub, Hilton Hotel. Every night except Tuesday. Classic pop. Highly entertaining. Java Jazz Cafe and Wine Bistro - Live Jazz every night from 7.30pm Jazz 4 Dinner with the Hua Hin Ensemble: Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10 pm @Rest Detail Hotel Larry & Susan (plus others) Thursdays to Sundays from 8 ‘til late at Cha Am Pub; easy listening, pop and more. Live Jazz and Popular Music. Dusit Resort. House band play nightly in the Polo Bar, exc.Tues, starts 8pm. Live Music at Terrace 90 Restaurant. Every Fri/ Sat Night from 7PM. LukNam Band, LukNam Pub. Thai Country and Rock. Nightly 10pm until very late. It rocks. Modern Thai Popular Music, Thonglor Pub. Every night, from 9 pm ‘til closing Piano Duo, Standards and Thai Songs Nightly from 8pm @Leelawadee Pub

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Local News Cha Am Bikers

CHA AM issue 14

25 January 2013 Advertise here from only 40 baht per week

Local Sports Street Map


ChaAm news The Blue Lagoon Trophy The Blue Lagoon Trophy is a darts match between a team from Cha Am Darts League and a team from Hua Hin Darts League. The first challenge match was played at T-C Restaurant in Cha Am on Saturday 3rd March 2012. It was a fantastic afternoon of darts with 2 well matched teams, a great venue and some excellent food. Dave and Noi were incredible hosts and the venue was very well prepared. While setting up in the morning Dave had to be told to calm down, as he was asking “shall I do this, shall I do that.” We couldn’t have asked for more from a host and a great sponsor for the event, so many thanks to all at T-C.

Hua Hin stormed into a 3-0 lead taking all the mixed doubles matches although Cha Am had chances to win 2 of those matches. During the break for food a Hua Hin player said his team would win the first 2 singles matches and toddle off down the road back to Hua Hin with the trophy. A very subdued Cha Am captain said he would prefer to play all the matches but was dreading a 9-0 defeat. Each singles match was on a knife edge, and with Stuart waiting to clean up at the tail for Hua Hin, Cha Am had to come out on top in each of the next 5 singles matches to claim the 5 points needed for victory. A magnificent fight back ensued with Cha Am indeed winning the next 5 singles matches to claim

a memorable and unlikely victory. The event was held in Hua Hin later last year at Jungle Juice where the home team gained revenge and there were equally good games and hosts; now Cha Am have the chance to recapture the trophy with the next match scheduled for 9th February (see darts page for details). contact us Please direct any enquiries to Darren at the Cha Am Pub (see ad below), or you can of course also contact us direct by email on info@ or any of our other contact methods shown on page 32. Please contact us if you have an event or special offer as we will feature them on this page even if you do not advertise with us.


LIVE MUSIC now six days a week


Undercover Al Fresco Dining & Entertainment Featuring the best Everyday Special entertainers in Cha Am Roast Lamb, Beef, Every day except Pork or Turkey Wednesdays 8pm - Late 250 baht Ph: (Eng) 0822 510 871 252/6 Jai Ai Road, Cha Am (Thai) 0847 632 319 Join the AWOL forum





sponsor This section! Contact 081 649 8361

Authentic Italian Cooking Pizza 199 Baht or Pasta

Free Delivery

0890 086 562

032 470344

Soi Bus Station Cha Am

0895 047 253

Get AWOL in these Cha Am places 1. CHA AM PUB AND RESTAURANT 2. BLUE LAGOON 3. SCANDIC BAR 4. PARADISE CORNER BAR 5. TC CHOPPERS BAR & REST’RANT 6. CHA CHA BAR 7. LUNG DEE GUESTHOUSE 8. CHA AM MY HOUSE HOTEL 9. TOMS CAFÉ 10. AJ’S RESTAURANT 11. BIG BIKE RENTALS 12. SANG THONG CONDOS 13. CHA AM SPA & BEAUTY 14. THE BEACH BAR 15. OK SUPERMARKET 16. NESHY’S RESTAURANT 17. Chaam Motor Bike Rentals 18. Pimjai Beauty salon 19. U-Turn Bar 20. cha am newsagent 21. tee time bar 22. windy bar 23. long beach hotel 24. Travelers Bar 25. Chang Thai Hotel 26. Beehive Cafe 27. perfect house hotel 28. ital-thai cafe restaurant Would you like to have AWOL delivered to your business in Cha Am, and be featured on this map? Contact Darren by visiting him at the Cha Am Pub (location 1 on the map) or by calling him on 0822 510 871 You can also ask him about advertising in AWOL, or you can request our price guide by emailing

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“Look Twice And Save a Life”

Upcoming bike Events January 26 County and City of Week # 2 (Series quest in Thailand and the world) behind Lotus. Lopburi contact me at 084-4490066 0818271758 Sergeant Tu. February 2 The rice was YODLAM RIDER NIGHT PARTY Contact 084-3755211, K. at 086-4652232. February 15/16 Burapha Pattaya Bike week March 16 5-year anniversary Horm Huan corn Contact 081-2909905. April 19/20 Phuket Bike week 2013 May 4 The 20th Anniversary VAMPIRE NIGHT PARTY at Wat Khao Pin Thong district, Ratchaburi province Chom Bueng. VAMPIRE 081-1989621

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To advertise FREE your Club’s event or party, call Darren on 0822 510 871 or email

Big Bike Rentals 400cc - 1100cc

Ph: 0831 604 249 Ph: 0835 924 789

, lish n g n E a eak dinavi p s n We Sca & i Tha

Narathip Road, Cha Am

it’s cheaper than you think!

this advert costs from only 500 baht per week* Contact us on 081 649 8361 or email *when booked for 13 issues Join the AWOL forum


Thannaphatson Art By Local Thai Artist Displaying Contemporary and Abstract Works At


cha am leagues/results

This section available for sponsorship!

cha am darts fun LEAGUE

division 1 results Week 10 16th January 2013 Blue Lagoon 2 10 - 8 Buddy Bar “A” Buddy Bar “B” 10 - 8 T-C Choppers Paradise Corner Bar 6 - 12 Blue Lagoon 1

division 2 results Week 10 16th January 2013 Pink Flamingo 10 - 8 Buddy Harley Scandic Bar 18 - 0 Paradise 2 No game - Cha Am Dart Flyers

division 1 League table

division 2 league table

Team Blue Lagoon 2 Buddy Bar “A” Buddy Bar “B” Paradise Corner Blue Lagoon 1 T-C Choppers

P 10 10 10 10 10 10

W 8 7 5 5 4 1

D 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 2 3 5 5 6 9

+/32 58 6 4 -30 -70

Pts 16 14 10 10 8 2

division 1 fixtures The season is over. Details of the new season will appear here when available.

Team Pink Flamingo Buddy Harley Scandic Bar Paradise 2 ChaAm Dart Flyers

P 8 8 8 8 8

W 8 6 3 2 1

D 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 2 5 6 7

+/- Pts 66 16 50 12 -16 6 -48 4 -52 2

division 2 fixtures The season is over. Details of the new season will appear here when available.

BLUE LAGOON TROPHY The third installment of the Blue Lagoon Trophy will be taking place in the Blue Lagoon Guesthouse and Bar on Saturday February 9th starting at 3pm. More details on the front page of the Cha Am section.

Cha-am Spa & Beauty Center Traditional Thai Massage & Body Treatment Hair & Nails (Gell & Acrylic)

Contact 081 649 8361 cha am POOL LEAGUE

results Week 8 17th January 2013 Birdy Bar v Blue Lagoon 2 n/a Blue Lagoon 1 v Corner Bar n/a Fiesta Bar 1 v Cha Cha Bar n/a Lung Dee Guest House v Fiesta Bar 2 n/a Paradise Corner Bar v Cha Am Pub n/a League table Team Fiesta Bar 2 Fiesta Bar 1 Paradise Corner Cha Am Pub Blue Lagoon 2 Lung Dee GH Birdy Bar Cha Cha Bar Corner Bar Blue Lagoon 1

P 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

W 5 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 0

D 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 1 0

L 0 0 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 5

+/- Pts 22 10 14 9 12 7 -4 6 -6 5 -4 4 -4 3 -4 3 -12 3 -14 0

fixtures Week 10 31st January 2013 Blue Lagoon 2 v Cha Cha Bar Corner Bar v Cha Am Pub Fiesta Bar 2 v Fiesta Bar 1 Lung Dee Guest House v Birdy Bar Paradise Corner Bar v Blue Lagoon 1

Tel. 0822 420 841 0825 924 789 247/51 Ruamjit (Beach) Road, Cha Am


Blue Lagoon Guesthouse and Bar Soi Plaza Cha am

POOL Thursday Evenings

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday DARTS

Now Presenting a Quiz Night every Monday at 7pm Coffee

Cold Beers


Daily from 9am until late

Telephone 0904 353 287

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and Restaurant. Great fun. Piano Duo, Elvis and other popular music. Nightly @Livanto Restaurant Popular, Country, and Oldies. Nokkachan Restaurant and Pub. Nightly from 9pm Rock and Pop at Jimmy’s Bar, Soi Bintabaht Smoriang Band, Smoriang Pub. Thai Country and rock. Nightly 10pm. Great fun, expect a crowd. Soft, Sophisticated Jazz with Mr. Uri (guitar) and Marayah (vocal). Coco 51 Restaurant. Nightly 7-10 pm; Soft vintage and contemporary jazz. Solo jazz with “Dr. Jazz” (Sverre Bey) Nightly 7-10 pm at the Fat Cat Guest House. Stoned Head Band. El Murphy’s Hotel, Irish Bar, and Restaurant. Nightly from 10pm. Classic rock with Hua Hin’s most venerable band. Thai Acoustic Music, TauMai Restaurant. Nightly from 7pm. Tunes from talented singers and guitarists. Thai Acoustic Music, Plearnwan Vintage Village. Fri/Sat from 8 pm. Khun Oh and Chat come down from Bangkok to regale us all. Quite good, and often have guest artists. Venue Guide 100 Pipers Pub. Petchkasem Rd at soi 68. The door is about 60 metres north of the intersection. Absorba Pub and Restaurant. 8/110 Petchkasem Rd. Just before the King’s Palace, across the street from the Golden Place shop. Live Music nightly from 9 pm. Baan Chang. Soi 9 North, Cha Am. Next to Methavalai Hotel. cha am pub, 252/6 Jai Ai Road, Cha Am Tel. 0822 510 871 Check Cheu Club. Soi 86/1, next to the Grand Hotel Chez LouLou. Next to the 7-11 by the railway station. Coco 51 Restaurant. Soi 51 at the beach. Tel 032 515597. Dusit Resort. 1349 Petchkasem Rd. Just north of the ‘underpass’ near the airport. Tel. 032 520009. El Murphy’s Hotel. 25 Soi Selakam, at ‘Little

5 Points’. Tel 032 511525 Fat Cat Guesthouse. 8/3 Naresdamri Road. Near the fishing pier. Groovin’ Jazz Bar Soi Selakam Hi4 Pub. At Hin Nam Sai Suay condominium, Petchkasem Rd Soi 7. Hilton Hotel. Naresdamri Rd. Tel 032 538999. Java Jazz Cafe and Wine Bistro. 2nd floor, Market Village, next to KFC. Tel. 032 532799 Jimmy’s Bar. Soi Bintabaht Joy Restaurant. Petchkasem Road at Soi 78 near the downtown ‘crossroads’. Leelawadee Pub and Restaurant, Petchakasem Soi 68/1. Upscale men’s club. Livanto Restaurant and Piano Bar. 19 Damnerkasem Rd. Near Burger King, etc. Pianist and singer every night. Website www. lost cafe, Khao Takiab Road, Hua Hin. Just before Cicada Market. Contact 032 511624. Web: Luknam Pub. On the road to Pala U waterfall. Opposite Phoenix Bar. the beat, Dammoen Kasem Road, Hua Hin opposite the railway station. Nokkachan Restaurant and Pub, Khao Takiab. Khao Takiab road corner of soi 83. Plearnwan Vintage Village. Petchkasem Road at Soi 40. Putahracsa Oceanside Beach Club & Restaurant 22/65 Nahb Kaehat Rd. Hua Hin Tel. +66 (0)32 531-470 www. The “Queen’s Garden” Park. A lovely public space on the ocean at Soi 19. Ray’s Place. Corner of Sa Song/Amnuaysin Roads, south of night market and west of Petchkasem Rd. Rest Detail Hotel. Soi 19 at the beach, just North of the 19 Rai fairgrounds. Tel: 032 547733 Sasi Restaurant, Khao Takiab. Next door to The Venue@Suansri, soi Khao Takiab 83. Tel 032 512488 or 081 880 4004. www.sasi-restaurant. com, email Smoriang Pub. In the small soi that runs between San Paolo Hospital and the Grand night market. You’ll find Smoriang on the left, shortly before you hit the railroad tracks. Souay Vista Social Club. Soi 94. 1km up from railway crossing after a twist in the road.

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Stone Head Tavern. On the south east corner of Petchkasem and Chomsin Roads (at the traffic light), 2nd floor. Enter from Chomsin. TauMai Restaurant. Petchkasem Rd on the ocean side. Two doors north of Index Living Mall. Terrace 90 Restaurant. Soi 90 (just before Market Village when heading north on Phetkasem Road) about 250 metres up on the right. Tel. 032 516587 email terrace90@gmail. com www; The Duke’s Restaurant. Soi 51 (aka Damronrat Rd.) at the beach. Just off Naebkehardt Rd. Tel 03 251 5787. www.theduke51,com The Lord Webb, Restaurant & Bar, Khao Takiab Road, Hua Hin. Opposite Baan Lansat. Contact English 089-5488002. Thai 0890492141. Web The Venue@ Suansri, Khao Takiab. On the corner of Khao Takiab Road and ‘Soi Hyatt’ (soi 83). Tel. 080 536 606. Email Thonglor Pub. Soi 51, between Petchkasem and Naebkehardt Roads. Usapasang Pub (sign in Thai only). Petchkasem Road, inland side, south of Market Village. Vic Hua Hin Theatre and Patravadi Performing Arts Center. An astonishing complex on 30 rai of land just 5 minutes south of Hua Hin center. Go south on Petchkasem Road past Market Village shopping mall. Take the ‘flyover’ to Prachuab Kirikhan and Pranburi, past the Centennial Park and night market on your right. The entrance is on the right, about 500 metres past the flyover. The sign at the entrance says “Patravadi High School”. The theatre itself is the large black building. Tel. 032 827815.



balloon chasers

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Parties, special deals, regular events, celebrations and more; to get it in AWOL email info@awolonline. net, contact All Nation’s Bar and Guesthouse or join the AWOL forum and post details of events there. recently added and coming soon


Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102.; Superbowl Breakfast - Watch the Superbowl between the San Fransisco 49’s and Baltimore Ravens on Monday 4th February 2013 at 6.30am. 250 bt. includes Big Man Breakfast, bottomless coffee and or tea, Bobby shots and a free beer or cocktail. Open at 6am. Come early and pick your Superbowl Square. Call Bobby or Nam for more info 089 985 7473. mighty mike’s, Soi 80; Every day Partystarter - Specials from 6 - 9pm A small beer and a shooter or ANY Cider for 120 Baht (see ad p7) sunset boulevard, Khao Takiab; Pub Quiz every other Thursday from 7.30pm. Teams of up to 4. Next quiz 31st January. For reservations call Mike 084 376 9438 putahracsa, Naebkahardt Road; Blue Crab Delights…Fresh from the depths of the Ocean, nothing can be compare to the unique and exquisite light white meat of the Blue Crab.Our talented Chef Top and his team have prepared several dishes to highlight it from 1st to 31st January 2013. Wine promotion of the month: Enjoy wine from Argentina Vista - Red wine: Vista Flor Malbec sangiovese and malbec. Aromas of red fruit, fresh and fruity with a nice structure; White wine: Vista flor Sauvignon Chenin Blanc Young wine and greenish yellow. Price 699++per bottle Ob-Oon Bakery - During January, our Pastry Chef, Frederic Paris invites you to try the colourful and crispy homemade fruit tarts and mini tarts.

English & Thai lessons, Visas & Translations

032 470 681 or 081 846 9193

Regular Events

Beer O’ Clock, Khao Takiab; Happy Hour From 9pm Daily. Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102.; Every Friday from 5pm. Free Bar B Que when spend 180 bt. Free Sunday Dinner with purchase of 200bt of drinks or plus an added cash amount up to 200bt. p p. Two sittings, at 4 and 6pm, call 087 155 7737 or 089 985 7473 to book. Try our Home made Apple Pie and Ice Cream only 65 bt. Special prices on Leo Draft all day everyday (from open till close). British Breakfast all day, Only 99 bt. Dizzy Dolphin, Samorphong; Draft Chang 35 bt glass, 90 bt/litre, Bottled beer - Leo, Tiger, Chang 45 bt, Singha 50 bt, Tiger Light, Heineken, San Mig Light 60 bt. Wine - 80 bt per glass. All day, every day. Headrock, Soi Sarakam; Mon Fri -10am til 8pm - 55 baht all beers/ selected spirits hua hin ham bacon and meat co., Soi 41; Christmas turkeys order yours now! Other traditional Christmas treats available plus Terry’s Chocolate oranges! 11 British beers now available in 500ml bottles, plus Magners Cider and Pear Cider in 568ml bottles. Available per bottle at 180 Baht. Old Speckled Hen will also be in draught and available in some of the bars in Hua Hin. hua hin miss you, Soi 80; Barbeque every Sunday from 7pm, all you can eat 150 baht; Small beers 50 baht at selected times. Live music every night except Wednesdays. larry’s fondue house, Naresdamri Road; Fondue for 2 just 599 baht. Daily Swedish dishes. Now offering breakfasts too. lazy daze, Poolsuk Road; Happy Hour 3 - 8pm, 20% off on all beers London Bar, Poolsuk Road; Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday live music with the Londoners playing songs from the sixties to the present.

Free, regular drink prices. Margaritas, Night Market Every Sunday All You Can Eat Buffet just 290 baht. “Taco Tuesday” 100 Baht Chicken Burritos, Chicken Taquitos, or Chicken Chalupas. Happy Hour 10pm ‘til close. Terrace 90, Soi 90; Large Buffet of BBQ, Ribs, Roast, Italian and of course Mexican every Tuesday just 299 baht. Sunday is Steak Night. Daily Lunch Specials. the beat, Dammoen Kasem Road (opp. Railway Station); Live music every night, large Leo/Chang Export 90 baht, 10pm - midnight one free drink for ladies. the dutchman, Railway Plaza, Railway Road; Every Friday is Steak Night only 120THB! Daily specials updated every week - see ad on p5 for details. the lord webb, Khao Takiab; All you can eat and drink for only 690 Baht per person between 7 and 9.30pm (conditions apply). Also ALL drinks bought between 4 and 7pm enjoy a 12% discount. Uncle Bryn’s (2km past Palm Hills north along klong road. Turn left and 200m on left.); Large Chang 45 baht, large Leo 50 baht, restaurant and general store. Open daily 7am10pm. 085 405 6976 (T) 085 704 8210(E) Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern, Chomsin Rd; Happy Hour 4.30 - 6.30pm. British style Sunday Roasts:

Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102 ChaAam Pub & Restaurant EVERYDAY Roast Lamb, Beef, Pork & Turkey Dinners Hua Hin Miss You, Soi 80 Jungle Juice, Soi Selekam Lin’s Cafe, Phetkasem Road between Sois 80/78 Palm Bistro, Soi 88 (080 110 2839) Sinatras, Soi 102 Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern, Chomsin Rd

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zab wer Restaurant on Soi 112

Thai, Isaan and European Food


Contact Khun Noi on 089 490 0092

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ZA 10% B W OF VO ER F F U WI OO V D 1s ali CH T tF du E H eb nt R T AT 20 ru il H 13 ar IS y

• Near Floating Market • Large car park • Children’s playground • Family friendly • Beautiful rural setting • Large groups easily accommodated 080 100 4194 Visit

Property - Golf Memberships 0861 604 261

get a great deal with

Business mailboxes now available - Mailbox Shop at the Makro Hua Hin store by Soi 4. Fax, copy, laminating and mail forwarding also available. Call 082 298 0500 or E-mail for information Khao Takiab Restaurant for sale or partnership. Robin’s Rest is an established and successful restaurant/ bar in Khao Takiab. We would like a partner, but will sell for the right price. Four floors with two fully equipped kitchens, bar area and two dining areas, plus five bedrooms, four bathrooms and lounge fully furnished. Long term lease contract and rent is paid for the next year. Our valuation is 1.2 million baht and are flexible on the payment terms for either sale or partnership. Serious enquiries only, please contact Howard on 0837 889938 or email restaurant for rent 8000 baht a month located in Khao Takiab. Call 089 586 1700. wanted: furniture, appliances and more for a new guesthouse. We require a drinks fridge, chairs, tables, pool table and any relevant accessories. Please call 081 817 3000 or 087 155 6115. wanted guesthouse/hotel within 400m of beach near central Hua Hin. Call 081 817 3000



part time staff wanted for restaurant in Soi 80. Hours 9am to 2pm. Please call 083 109 1156 for more details office and delivery staff wanted for new business in Hua Hin. Please call 081 817 3000 (Eng or Thai) or 081 649 8361 (Eng only) STAFF WANTED ChaAm: Waiter/Waitress & Kitchen Hand Part Time or Full Time. Very good wages and excellent tips & YOUR chance to work in The best “Pub Restaurant in ChaAm”. Accommodation is available with cable TV & Hot water. 100% of our staff have been with us for more than two years. We are not a Beer Bar & we do not have ladies for rent. Your workplace is safe, pleasant & a fun place to be, with mainly Farang customers. Please call (Thai) FON 0847 632 319 (English) 0822 510 871 Translation Website in Chinese. Urgent! Looking for a person for translate our website in Chinese. Maternal language appreciated. Please contact: JC by phone 08 43 15 29 89 or email info@planeteballoon. com. Company is located in Hin Lek Fai. LOOKING FOR COMMERCIAL Assistant from Higher education, with experience in marketing - Management, speaking Thai and English (French). You will be responsible for negotiating with partners, manage and assist the store manager during the project launch. Rigorous, good presentation, leadership, teamwork. I would agree to motivate young graduate with a first position of responsibility. Post to be filled before 15/12. Send CV /Photo to JC Brassart Tel 08 43 15 29 89 guesthouse requires staff - maid, daytime and nighttime staff and security guard. Please call 081 817 3000 or 087 155 6115 staff wanted for day and night shifts at bar/ restaurant in Soi 102. Call Colin on 089 238 8397

Staff wanted Female waitress staff wanted full training given; MUST HAVE A BRAIN!! Email info@ or call 080 727 4710

Wanted motorbike and scooter wanted for private buyer. Call 083 851 8226 (English and Thai) top loading or twin tub washing M/C wanted. Contact Peter Clarke on 085 769 6895

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Option 1: register or log in at and place your advert there; Option 2: email to; Option 3: write the details clearly in BLOCK capitals on paper and deliver to staff at All Nations Hua Hin, Dechanuchit Road. The deadline for guaranteed inclusion in that week’s issue is 6pm on Tuesday. All adverts are free except adverts for Property For Rent or Sale, Business or Services. Free ads will be included for at least four weeks automatically. Please use our online Classifieds to enhance your chances of a successful ad. Paid ads are charged at the following rates: Up to 50 words: 500 baht for 13 issues. Additional words charged at 20 baht per word for 13 issues. Example: 60 words charged at 500 plus (10 x 20)=700 baht for 13 issues. Please note that paid ads placed online can have up to 1000 words and up to 8 images depending on which plan is selected. Contact for further information or to place an advert.

General driving in thailand? International driving licence valid 5 years 1800 bt. Call 089 5308771 (eng) Teak Wardrobe, solid old teak will last for generations to come. Lots of hanging space and drawers. 200cm L. X 200 cm H. X 60 W. Bereavement sale. Absolute bargain 28,000 baht. Tel Keith 0890702423 Central Hua Hin Brand new chest freezer for sale 8,000bt 089 530 8771 (eng) 089 128 9556 (thai) Yamaha Electric Piano for sale. Full size key board with style, song and voice. 40.000 Baht new will take 17.000 Baht ono. Tel 087 773 6053 NOKIA N8 Mobile THB 7,500 Richard 089 551 8561 Graco Kids Booster seat for 3 to 12 years of age. or 15 to 36 kilos new 7.000 Baht rarely used will take 4.500 Baht ono. Tel 087 773 6053 Queen Size bed for sale Used 5 days only. New, it cost 7,425, I sell just 3,500. Mattress not included. Please collect from Khao Takieb. Contact Monti at O89 771 1683

General - sports thermal surfing wetsuit with separate arm sleeves, med/large 40/42 brand new 5,000 baht. Soi 126 John 085 427 3542. Mountain bike vgc 4,000 baht. Soi 126 John 085 427 3542. 42ft roach pole with fittings, floats etc, plus professional seat box, octapus tray rests, rollers, etc, 25,000 baht. Soi 126 John 085 427 3542. Assortment of professional fishing rods, (english) offers. Soi 126 John 085 427 3542. Assortment of lefthanded golf clubs, drivers, irons, putters, etc offers. Soi 126 John 085 427 3542. Palm Hills Golf Membership For Sale 155,000bt inclusive of transfer fee. 10 years remaining from November 2012 - October 2022. Please call Paul 0861604-261 or email Looking for any Golf Memberships for sale. I have sold over 15 memberships in the last two months. I need more to sell. If you are looking to sell yours, I have buyers waiting. Call Paul 0861-604-261 Golf Bag Ping Latitude V2 Standbag for sale, pretty good condition, looks nearly like new, green and black colour, 1,000 THB, phone Thomas in Hua Hin Soi 88 on 085 502 8939 wanted springfield golf membership. 086 893 2926

Property and Business for sale or rent can also be featured on a commission basis - contact property@awolonline. net, or go to property for more details.


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auto: 4 wheels pluS Nissan Frontier Navara Calibre pickup. 4 door, black colour, automatic,2010 model. 60,000 km, very good condition. 590,000 baht. Please call 089 0055369 As new Fortuner for sale Black Fortuner for sale. VSC D4D, Full time Four Wheel Drive. One year old, only 22,000 km. Fully Serviced, as new. 1.1 million baht. Please call Belle on 084 893 9135 or email harl2006@ for more details

auto: 3 wheels & LESS 1996 Kawasaki ZX9R sports bike in red for sale. Has green book, tax and insured to September 2013. Am looking for younger model. Running great and have updated electrics. Regular servicing with all paper records. sale price 140,000bt. Call Paul 0861-604261 or email for pictures and info motorbike and scooter wanted for private buyer. Call 083 851 8226 (English and Thai) Honda Steed 600 cc for sale, Hua Hin. 1995 model, unknown kms., good condition. Colour black. This year: New piston rings, clutch, alternator, chain and sprockets, steering-column bearings, grips, saddle, tyres. 150,000 baht. Contact Craig Dunn 081 98 101 92 or admin@

Property for sale land for sale in Kaeng Krachan/ Hua Hin area. Beautiful area surrounded by mountains and nature. Call K. Surat on 087 169 9204 or K. Natthaphong on 089 547 9843 Luxury lakeside villas in Pranburi area. Lake Hill is located a minute from the beach, 10 mins from Pranburi, 30 mins from Hua Hin and three hours from Bangkok. Surrounded by mountains, a lake and by the sea: Lake Hill meets the wonders and beauty of each location plus the exclusivity of luxury Thai Villas. Perfect place for a holiday home where the entire family can relax and enjoy the seaside and privacy of the Thai countryside. Two villa types with living area from 209 to 229 sqm, 2/ 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and built in European kitchen, pool, garden pavilion, private parking. Prices from 3.99 MB, Pre Sale promotion for first 5 units 50% off land price! Contact Somkid Piyathanawiwat Phone: +66 (0) 85 198 9911. lovely four year old property, 15 mins from Market Village, surrounded by hills/ woodland, wide street for parking. 24hr Security. Large open L-shaped plan, lounge dining and European style kitchen, two large bedrooms both en suite, powder room, hobby room, large Sala, car port. Discreet aircons + fans, alarm system. Living 208 sqm, Land 788 sqm. Price 7m baht.




Big Bikes and Cars available on request

For a fast and friendly service call Kay or Paul on 083 851 8553 or 086 857 9250 (Eng & Thai) PERSONAL & SERVICES 5000bt reward for successful information on a stolen Go For It Yamaha Fino in Orange White Black reg plate 940. Call Paul 0861-604-261 Missing Dog - Thai dog named ‘Rover’ went missing from Palm Hills on 17/12/2012. Reward offered for information leading to his recovery or whereabouts. Please call James on 081 013 8619 LOCAL PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR. Unsure about your partner? Hua Hin Private Investigators can help you find out whether someone is really being faithful to you while you are apart. Let us investigate if your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband is cheating or telling the truth! For all of our services please visit private english tuition by TEFL qualified teacher. All ages. Location to suit. Rates negotiable - please contact Loren on 081 007 6856 or email gardening services available. Three days a week gardening service from 1500 baht per month for average size garden. Call 081 614 8728 for more details Do you need a meeting place? Bobby’s Bar now has a lounge/meeting room for private engagements. Call 087 155 7737 or 089 985 7473 thai lessons at your place. Call 081 346 1046

Call Nev on 080 788 4690 condo for sale in the popular Condochain Hua Hin. 13th floor, one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, fully furnished. 3.1 m baht. Call John on 085 296 9113 Fully furnished 3 bed, 2 bath house for sale. Air con and fans in all rooms except the Western style kitchen. Situated just off the canal road in Hua Hin on a well established housing complex. Security maintained with a communal swimming pool (15 x 5.5m). Land area 156 sqm, living area 132 sqm. Will sell for 2.6 million baht (negotiable). Call Richard (English) 081 017 1417 or Kitar (Thai) 082 232 2257 Studio in Condochain Fully furnished studio with balcony on high floor with both sea and mountain views in the popular Condochain block. Facilities include communal swimming pool, gym, direct access to the beach, 24 hour security, keycard entry system, minimart etc. Close to Market Village and only about one kilometre from the centre of town. Price 1.6 m baht. Contact David Phone: 085 662 0994 Email:

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property for Rent budget accommodation at Tik’s Place. Rooms from as little as 399 baht a night. Big discount for long term stay. Call Tik 086 1730956 or David 089 8729746 two bed borfai Villa for rent. Minimum three month rent. 428 sqm land, 150 sqm living, two bath fully furnished, fully equipped Westerm kitchen, washing machine, air con and fans, cable TV, telephone and wifi internet. 25,000 baht per month negotiable on longer term rents. Call 032 523604 or 090 915 6384. Also see pictures and more information on www.awolonline. net/classifieds. Rent Free Houseshare. Top floor room in a threestory townhouse available - must like and be able to take care of my dogs when I am away, pay a share of utilities, and help out in the house. For complete details, go to The contact information is provided in the relevant advert there. House for rent in Soi 102 600 meters over the railway track on the left. 3 bedrooms, TV, air con, fully furnished; 10,000 baht p.m. Call 087 169 8440 or 085 293 3843 or email for more information house for rent in beautiful Borfai. One storey, 3 bedrooms (1 en suite incl. separate bath and shower), second bathroom, aircon in main bedroom, fans throughout remainder, 43” plasma TV, DVD, Satellite TV, internet, microwave, oven, hob, washing machine, water filter tap, fridge freezer, pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc. Large garden and house is located in a small and secure development of only 37 houses. Nice communal pool and gym. Available monthly for 24,000 baht. Call 081 649 8361 or email for details. Condos for rent at Taweeporn Condotel Resort. Two identical 28sqm studios near soi 10. WiFi, TV, DVD player, air-con, fridge, kettle, toaster. Beautiful perfectly maintained gardens, 25m pool, bar, restaurant, fully equipped gym. From 12,000 baht/ month incl. utilities. Email to arrange a viewing or call 081 649 8361 brand new house 5kms from Hua Hin centre Spanish style, fully furnished, Summerland residence. 2 bedrooms with air, 2 baths, European kitchen, living room, cable tv, lcd tv, internet, private swimming pool, security, available short or long term. franckphuket@

Property wanted Wanted Beach Front Villa Looking for a 4+ bedroom, pool villa on the beach, with a good size plot of land. Between Cha Am and Takiab. Cash waiting!! Genuine replies only. Contact Nigel on 080-100-4194 Wanted Condo for rent Wanted for long term rent: 1/2 Bedroom Condo, with good cooking facilities close to the center of Hua Hin. Contact Nigel on 080-100-4194 share townhouse in Hua Hin for single person close to town & beach. Rent 4000 baht per month. Contact Frank on 089 916 9910




Useful Numbers

overseas calls information


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REVERSE CHARGE CALLS The list below is the free number you need to call to connect to an operator of that country to request the reverse charge call. ARGENTINA 001-999-54-1000/ 2000 AUSTRALIA 001-999-61-1000/2000 AUSTRIA 001-800-28787421 BAHRAIN 001-999-973-1000 BRUNEI 001-999-673-1000 CANADA 001-999-15-1000/2000 DENMARK 001-999-45-1000 FRANCE 001-999-33-1000 GERMANY 001-999-49-1000 HAWAII 001-800-865-8424 HONG KONG 001-999-852-1086 INDONESIA 001-999-62-1000/2000 ISRAEL 001-999-972-1000/ 2000 ITALY 001-999-39-1000 JAPAN 001-999-811-0051 KOREA 001-999-82-1000/2000/2001 MACAU 001-999-853-1000 MALAYSIA 001-999-60-1000/4000/4001 MALTA 001-999-356-1000 MEXICO 001-999-52-1000 NEPAL 001-800-977-1-9999 NETHERLANDS 001-999-31-1035 NEW ZEALAND 001-999-64-1066 PHILIPPINES 001-999-63-1000/3000/6000 PORTUGAL 001-999-351-1000 RUSSIA 001-999-7-1000 SINGAPORE 001-999-65-0000/2008 SOUTH AFRICA 001-999-27-1000 SPAIN 001-999-34-1066 TAIWAN 001-999-886-1000 U.A.E. 001-999-971-1000 U.K. 001-999-44-1066 U.S.A. 001-999-1-1111/2001/2002 AWOL would like to thank the staff at CAT in Hua Hin for providing the above numbers. FREE CALLS If your mobile phone or device and that of the person you are calling supports it, you can use a number of apps to make free calls anywhere, with the best known being Skype and Viber. cheap calls The mobile phone operators offer special numbers to prefix an international number to get cheap rate international calls. More information call True 1331 AIS 1175 DTAC 1678

Police 191 Crime 195 Fire 199 Traffic Control Centre 197 Highway Police 1193 Tourist Police 1699 Tourist Service Centre 1155 Missing Persons 02 282 1815 Hua Hin Police Station 032 511 027 Cha-Am Police Station 032 471 321 Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin 1719 Hua Hin Hospital 032 511 743 San Paulo Hospital 032 532 576 to 585 Hua Hin Red Cross 032 512 567 Hua Hin Municipality 032 532433 Hua Hin Tessabahn 032 511 047 Hua Hin Immigration Of. 032 522 656 Hua Hin Bus Terminal (non air-con) 032 511 230 (air-con) 032 511654, 512543 Hua Hin Railway Station 032 511 073 Tourist Information 032 513 885 Hua Hin Electricity 032 512 215 Electricity Call Centre 1129 Hua Hin Water 032 511 677 TOT 032 519 000/001 TT&T 032 532 018 CAT 032 511 350 Local Consular Representatives CANADIAN Rick Pomerleau 087 153 3817 or e-mail on FINNISH Mr. Sipi Siljamaeki 087-911 8119 or e-mail: AMERICAN Mr. Christopher Byrd 081-173 4469 or e-mail:

Contact 081 649 8361

Exchange Rates (23-1-13) TT Buying rate Currency Baht US Dollar 29.68 Pound Sterling 46.88 Euro 39.38 Japanese Yen 33.50 Malaysian Ringgit 9.29 Singapore Dollar 24.03 Brunei Dollar 23.30 Chinese Yuan 4.74 Indonesian Rupiah 2.81 Indian Rupee 0.50 Korean Won 0.03 Australian Dollar 31.17 New Zealand Dollar 24.86 Swiss Franc 31.84 Danish Krone 5.27 Norwegian Krone 5.28 Swedish Krona 4.53 Canadian Dollar 29.72 UAE Dirham 6.56 Bahrain Dinar 56.26 Omani Rial 55.42 Qatar Riyal 6.53 AWOL makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding these rates and shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in connection with them.

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS If you want to drink, that’s your business, if you want to stop, we can help.

Meetings every day in Hua Hin.

Call to speak to an AA member: Davies - 0870 620 098 Henrick - 0879 083 285 Loren - 081 007 6856

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get across town and down great coffee at net café

on Soi 94 & Net Café now Soi 102 We serve only real Columbian Coffee Hi-Speed Internet/ Free Wi-Fi

19. Exclamation to express joy 22. Tomb inscription 24. Eskimo canoe 26. Weeps 27. Folds

Last issue’s solution

Across 6. Highest singing voice in women 7. Engender 8. Recurring series 10. Unsettle 12. Take or receive 14. Metallic element 16. Sin 17. River in South America

Down 1. A corpse 2. Cosmetics 3. Simpleton 4. Broken-down 5. Never 8. Salt of cyanic acid 9. Cacao powder 11. Violently frenzied 13. Cardinal number 14. Exclaim 15. Opium flower 18. Musical instrument 20. Yorkshire moor 21. Inquire into 23. Knitting stitch 25. Once more

8 AM - 8 PM. Tel. 085 911 1378 K.Wan


All articles are published in good faith and based on information available to us at publication. Some articles are satire or ‘spoof’ stories intended as humour. No responsibility is accepted other than that stipulated by law. Although the information in this publication has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, AWOL cannot guarantee accuracy in all cases. Any opinions expressed are those of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. All materials copyright. All rights reserved and no part of this publication may be reproduced in part or in full without the previous written consent of the publisher. Neither can any part be stored in a retrieval situation, nor transmitted by electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or any other means. AWOL is printed by Petchpoom Printing, and we can be contacted on info@ or 081 614 8728. Please send any other communications to Mrs Chukamol James, Managing Director, AWOL Co. Ltd., 136/229 Emerald Hill, Soi 6, Mooban Borfai, Hua Hin, Prachuap Kiri Khan, 7110, THAILAND.

Professional Maintenance for your Swimming Pool • • • • • • • • •

Twice weekly service (more for extra fee) Test water for correct chemical levels Add chemicals as required Clean and scrub tiles Vacuum pool/ spa Adjust water level Backwash filters Empty pump and skimmer baskets Inspect and maintain equipment Example price: 6 x 3 metre pool just 1500 baht a month Contact us NOW for a free inspection and quote for your pool or spa

Call 081 572 3996 or 086 802 5951 Email Website

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Visit For more information Call 081 649 8361 Property Marketplace Email live the dream - perfect golf course home Lovely home nestled in the breathtaking setting of the panoramic green mountains and lake within the development, your ownership comes with lifetime membership at this 18-hole championship golf course and residence. Facilities include: Clubhouse, Tennis, Badminton and Squash courts, Restaurant, Sauna, plus much more. 3 bed/ 4 bath

Ref No. 03258 Call/ email for details

Ref No.: 032531

Call/ email for details

large garden villa A family villa featuring a beautiful large landscaped garden and outside cooking facilities. Inside a European kitchen with all white goods including washing machine and cooker/oven. The property comes completely furnished, with private dining and a garage, ready to move in. Freehold and chanote title, two water supplies. 3 bed/ 3 bath (2 Ensuite) Full satellite service free.

Location! Location! Location! 3 different styled homes, which have been designed to suit your lifestyle. All these fantastic homes come with or without a pool, large covered terraces and share communal clubhouse. This development is built on a 44,800 sqm of land divided into 69 different sized plots giving you a choice most suitable to the house, garden or Lot areas: 320 to 600 swimming pool you opt for. sqm, or more as desired

lovely villa with pool for sale or rent This villa on a good sized plot is well equipped and furnished; all bedrooms have fitted mirror wardrobes with 1 King and 2 Queen size beds. Living and dining rooms with large sofa, dining table and 6 chairs, tv and cabinet, European kitchen with all white goods including washing machine and 3 bed/ 3 bath (2 Ensuite) cooker/oven. Landscaped garden Land size 530sqm and swimming pool 8x4. Living space 212sqm

former show house from quality developer The final house available on this development west of Hua Hin is the former show house and it has many upgraded features included. This is the fifth project from this well established developer who has a great reputation for quality homes.

Ref No. 03255 Call/ email for details

Air conditioned Fully furnished 30

Living area 480 sqm Swimming Pool

beautiful house on huge plot in samorphong This lovely house is immaculately presented and will be an immediate home for whoever snaps it up. Featuring a European kitchen, separate dining, living and lounge rooms, a maid/ guest house, air-con throughout, a two car port, a 25,000 litre water tank and a 50’ x 30‘ pool, it also has beautiful English style gardens and is located on a very 3 Bed Living: 250 sqm. popular, well established development. Land: 1000 sqm.

Land size 800+ sqm Living area 200sqm

Ref No. 03254 Call/ email for details

stunning borfai bungalow New L shaped bungalow in Bor Fai, on huge corner plot, All bedrooms ensuite overlooking patios. Open plan with bright, spacious rooms. Full European kitchen with island. Outdoor Thai kitchen. All cabinetry teak with granite countertops. Large teak /granite bar adjoining 3 Bed 4 Bath Living area: 430 sqm. lounge. Must view. House + 2,304 sq m (1.5 Rai) land, 3 Chanotes 13.9 MBT House + 1,244 sq m land, 2 Chanotes 10.9 MBT House + 864 sq m of land, 1 Chanote 9.7 MBT Ref No.: HPA0321

Ref No. 03253 Call/ email for details

Only 2 minutes from central Hua Hin

3 Bed/ 4 Bath Pool Laundry Garage plus Store 1 Bed en suite Guest House Land: 750 sqm.

Ref No.: 032533 Call or email for price and details

hillside breezes and stunning sunsets This development has properties with European style fitted kitchen, Private pool, Hot water system, High-speed Internet, Full airconditioning, 24 Hr Security. The area is surrounded by mountains with astonishing sunsets. The hillside area is on slightly higher land which has a steady cool breeze coming from the sea. 3 bed /2 bath

Air conditioned throughout Underground electricity

Ref No. 03257 Call/ email for details

Buy, sell or rent your property at Sell it fast with AWOL Classifieds

Advertise here from only 40 baht per week

Soi 80

European Restaurant

99 baht Specials!

Homemade soups (Pea, Lentil, Chicken), Goulash, Chili Con Carne all served with either white bread/toast or steamed rice Bratw端rst served with French fries

Beer Bucket Special!

Buy four bottles of Chang Export for 150 baht (offer runs from 21st to 31st January; each set of four for one person only)

Breakfasts from 85 baht served between 9.30am - 1pm

Open from 9.30am - 1pm and 5pm - late

Please note we are closed 18 - 20 Jan

We are located here just off the main Soi 80

S O I 80

PHETKASEM ROAD Tel. 084 322 7129 (Ger, Eng, Thai) Website: Like Us on Facebook! Join the AWOL forum



cryptic crossword Across 1 Thousands in a position to mix preserve (6) 5 Product of this of that and this of that and this of that is that (4,4) 9 Vessel’s container for stylist’s art, I heard (8,7) 10 Involved cutter in slit I used (8) 11 Shed’s no good in a fog (6) 15 Make Celt a success (5) 17 Cheers up on points (6) 19 Scion, maybe, takes iron for milker (6) 21 Trace element starts generating electrons (5) 24 Chase money, saying it’s fake (6) 28 Controller cooks the roast (8) 29 Involved god in new speed studies happening at the same time (15) 30 Specialist shortly to replace doctors’ leader - after dinner, perhaps? (8) 31 Boiler drum? (6)

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Down 2 No single alien in my half (6) 3 Award a small amount and no end of orange jam (8) 4 Survey of resources indicates flower (5,4) 5 Fortification delicately restructured without altered line (7) 6 Sure sounds like composer took note (5) 7 Dither in race - do it again (5) 8 Eggs Dad beat for magnum opus (5) 12 Flyer loses wing - flight leader fills in the gap (4) 13 Maybe Venus’s favourite instruction - make dangerous again! (5) 14 Relax, say, it’s lighter than air (5) 16 Self-centred amusement area? (5,4) 18 Slam herbivore (4) 20 Cap sounds warm after cool period (8) 22 Hazy sun over wreck, perhaps? (7) 23 State replacement for normal starter, in passing (6) 25 Time to go round vessel (5) 26 Free nut that’s crushed (5) 27 One short ton - go! (5)

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Soi 94 Indian restaurant Curries from only 75 baht

Eat in or Takeaway 081 455 5298 Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19 Financial experts know that a number of factors are to blame for the downturn, but they won’t be able to shake the hunch that it was all your fault somehow. Aquarius Jan 20 – Feb 18 Your uniqueness as a human being is threatened when you find a person who enjoys ham just as much as you do. Pisces Feb 19 – Mar 20 Remember: No matter how bad things get, or how hopeless life may seem, you can always go home again and take it out on your family. Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20 Your marriage will soon erode to the point where you’ll be sorely tempted to turn her in for the reward money.


Taurus Apr 21 – May 21 The stars find that the time has come for you to put away childish things. Yes, that includes your three small children. Gemini May 22 – June 21 If there is more to life than fishing, you don’t want to know what it is. This will help explain your death from malnutrition and dehydration next week. Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 22 You will be shocked to learn that, due to a legal fluke, your longterm houseguest is now your commonlaw wife. Leo Jul 23 – Aug 22 Try as you might, you will not be able to improve your mediocre putting game. Wow, don’t you have some big problems, you asshole.

Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22 After 14 long years, you will be admitted to the Baseball Hall Of Fame when you finally come up with the $11.50 admission price. Libra Sep 23 – Oct 23 Start childproofing your house now, as a pack of bloodthirsty feral children is headed your way. Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 21 Telling the waitress that you could make a better cup of coffee from the sweat on your balls won’t do her any good. Show her how. Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21 You never thought anything could ever replace sex in your life, but that was before you tried pouring yourself a nice stiff drink, putting on some music, and having sex.

Don’t tell anyone but I live in an area just like Hua Hin used to be 20 or 30 years ago

We have miles and miles of empty beaches. Wherever you live you are surrounded by trees and tropical shrubs and the sea may be at your doorstop or only a few minutes away. Living is peaceful - no traffic jams, condos or pollution. All necessities are here but for special things we have Hua Hin or Chumphon to the North or South.

So why don’t you think of joining us in this little Paradise by buying inexpensive land for a holiday home,weekends or permanent move?

We are Sopha Land and Houses At Suang Luang Beach

Available land and prices: Sopha 083 324 0907 (Thai or English) e-mail Join the AWOL forum



the awol website

AWOLonline Forum Classifieds Single registration and log in using most Directory social network or email identities Chat in the forum - Free listing in the directory Shop Place a classified - Submit a property - Comment Property on latest posts - Contribute your events Travel and more... EVERY ADVERT IN AWOL IS SEEN BY UP TO 4000 people, online and in print every week

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Perfect Opportunity Land For Sale!

5.3 Rai 10 min walk from Black Mountain Golf Course. Sweeping mountain views, next to road with electricity and water.

2 m baht/ rai or offers. Telephone 081 614 8728


The only, all year, all weather, synthetic grass bowling green in Thailand

• Beginner friendly • Floodlit for evening play • Family friendly, bring the kids • Swimming pool/ sun terrace for non players • Full restaurant and bar facilities available • Membership available; Non-members welcome • Lessons and coaching available • Very low cost, from 200 baht per person • Bowls equipment for hire and sale



Booking and more Information


Tel.: 090 790 5778 LAWN BOWLS Email: HUA HIN Address: Sea Jays Resort, Tamarind Gardens, Hua Hin Sell it fast with AWOL Classifieds








Advertise here from only 40 baht per week

Motorbikes For Sale

Tel. 032 512919 Mobile 089 911 1559 (Thai)


Airblade 2006 Click 2006 2009 2012 Wave 2007 2010

25,000 23,000 27,000 33,000 17,000 26,000

• Equipment Sales And Rentals ขายอุปกรณ์กอล์ฟทุกชนิด และเช่ารายวัน

• Sizes For Adults And Kids มีขนาดไซด์สำ�หรับผู้ใหญ่และเด็ก

• Regripping เปลี่ยน grip • Putter Head Replacements เปลี่ยนหัวพัตเตอร์


Serpico 1995


Skydrive 2009 Jelato 2009

26,000 26,000

• Shafts Shortened And Replaced ตัดต่อก้าน



Mio 2008 24,000 2010/11 27 - 32,000 Nouvo 2005 19,000 Fino 2006/09 19 - 25,000 2010/11 26 - 33,000 And many more... Tel. 080 630 5740 (Eng/Swe) 087 138 0221 (Thai)

Rieb Tang Rod Fai Rd, Hua Hin Soi 68 - 70, Prachuapkhirikhan, 77110

HUA HIN GOLF Butterfly Rock Golf society

RESULTS 18th January 2013 Lake View AB Stableford 16 entered 1st Chris Roper 35 pts (07) 2nd Bill Malone 35 pts (18) 3rd Doug East 31 pts (15) 4th Deborah Rawlings 31 pts (36) Upcoming Fixtures 28th Jan Lake View AB Stableford 30th Jan Lake View AB 2 Ball BB

Hua Hin Golf Society

Results: 22nd January 2013 Kaeng Krachan L - V Stableford 40 entered 1st Beate Wallace 37 pts (20) 2nd Renu Phokchaturat 37 pts (20) 3rd Peter Morgensen 35 pts (18) 4th Oon Heath 35 pts (14) 18th January 2013 Majestic B - C (new) 58 entered Stableford A group 1st Terry Chard 34 pts (12) 2nd Oon Heath 34 pts (14) 3rd Michael Edwards 34 pts (06) 4th Rene Bernard 34 pts (12) Stableford B Group 1st Ayyub Mian 45 pts (16) 2nd Nigel Chatfield 40 pts (19) 3rd ‘Relai’ Mannikko 38 pts (28) 4th Richard Heath 38 pts (22)

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Contact 081 649 8361

forthcoming fixtures 29th January 2013 Springfield Stableford 1st February 2013 Majestic Medal / Stableford 35

robin’s roll up

Held every Friday at Palm Hills. Thanks to Robin Heath for organising and results. Results: 18th January 2013 Front 9 - R. Thorley 18 pts Back 9 - R. Thorley 18 pts Overall - R. Thorley 36 pts


hua hin/kao takiab ladies Pool League

results Week 18 21st January 2013 Bobby’s Birds 4 - 8 Muan Bar Casanova Bar 4 - 8 Jungle Juice Dara Bar 5 - 7 Jaew Bar The Clansmen 5 - 7 Sunset Boulevard The Lord Webb v Scottie’s Bar n/a The Squealing Pig 3 - 9 Railway Tavern TK Roadhouse v The Beat n/a Team Jaew Bar The Lord Webb Railway Tavern Muan Bar Sunset B’vard Casanova Bar Bobby’s Birds TK Roadhouse Jungle Juice The Clansmen

P 18 17 18 18 18 18 18 17 18 17

W 12 10 9 10 9 8 9 8 8 7

D 2 4 5 3 2 3 1 2 2 2

L 4 3 4 5 7 7 8 7 8 8

+/- Pts 22 26 26 24 30 23 28 23 0 20 12 19 8 19 14 18 -14 18 -4 16

Dara Bar







The Beat



1 10 -14


Squealing Pig



2 13 -42


Scottie’s Bar



1 13 -62


36 cryptic Crossword Solution

Hua Hin’s only pool bar with THREE 9’ tables

results Week 23 18th January 2013 Clansgirls 3 - 5 Return Bar Dolphin Bar 2 - 6 Maria Bar 2 Eagle B 3 - 5 Oasis JW Black 3 - 5 Eagle A Lucky Shot A 8 - 0 Clansmen Maria Bar 1 8 - 0 Hua Hin Miss You Play Sports Lounge 5 - 3 JW Red Sunset Boulevard 6 - 2 Scottie’s Bar

League Table

fixtures Week 19 28th January 2013 Jaew Bar v TK Roadhouse Jungle Juice v Dara Bar Muan Bar v Casanova Bar Railway Tavern v Bobby’s Birds Scottie’s Bar v The Squealing Pig Sunset Boulevard v The Lord Webb The Beat v The Clansmen


Hua Hin Pool Billiard League

Ask about our drinks specials and other special offers Contact Andy on 086 178 1550 27/3 Poolsuk Road, Hua Hin

League Table Team Maria Bar 1 Lucky Shot A Eagle A Maria Bar 2 JW Black Eagle B Dolphin Bar Oasis Sunset B’vard Clansmen Play Sports

P 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

W 18 17 16 15 14 11 12 13 8 5 8

D L +/- Pts 3 2 76 39 3 3 56 37 4 3 54 36 4 4 74 34 6 3 64 34 6 6 22 28 4 7 18 28 1 9 30 27 5 10 4 21 7 11 -30 17 1 14 -30 17

JW Red

23 5


14 -42


Scottie’s Bar

23 3


12 -50



23 5


15 -42


Return Bar

23 3


18 -76


1 22 -128


HHin Miss You 23 0

this week’s fixtures Week 24 25th January 2013 Clansmen v Play Sports Lounge Dolphin Bar v JW Black Eagle A v Sunset Boulevard Hua Hin Miss You v Clansgirls JW Red v Eagle B Maria Bar 2 v Oasis Return Bar v Lucky Shot A Scottie’s Bar v Maria Bar 1 next week’s fixtures Week 25 1st February 2013 Clansgirls v Scottie’s Bar Eagle B v Clansmen JW Black v Maria Bar 2 Lucky Shot A v Hua Hin Miss You Maria Bar 1 v Eagle A Oasis v JW Red Play Sports Lounge v Return Bar Sunset Boulevard v Dolphin Bar


results Week 18 17th January 2013 Doubles Trebles v Phrae n/a JJ Hunters 10 - 1 AN 55 Popular 7 - 5 AN The Hackers 2 - 10 Dartists No game - JP league table Team JJ Hunters Dartists Popular Phrae AN 55 JP Doubles Trebles The Hackers AN

P 15 16 16 14 15 14 14 16 16

W 11 8 9 10 6 4 6 3 2

D 1 3 1 1 3 3 1 2 3

L 3 5 6 3 6 7 7 11 11

+/45 24 14 32 -7 -4 -6 -32 -66

Pts 112 108 103 100 86 82 81 80 63

fixtures The season is over! There are a few unplayed fixtures so we will bring you a final league table once they have been played, and details of the new seaosn when we have it.

Live music everyday from 9 except Weds URANT Thai and Western RESTA ND




in - H You THAI FOOD ed iss lugg EUROPEAN FOOD



POOL, DARTS, ROOM FOR RENT, BIG SCREEN PROJECTOR SOI 80 Tel. 086 760 2538 (Thai) Tel. 085 887 1205 (Eng.) TOREE@ONLINE.NO

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results Week 27 23rd January 2013 All Nations 55 4 - 15 Jungle Juice B Billys A 7 - 12 Billys B JW Black 11 - 8 Limelight Jungle Juice A 10 - 9 P P Bar King Bar A 13 - 6 All Nations GH Moonlight 10 - 9 Atlantis Pink Panther 10 - 9 King Bar B Sabai 14 - 5 SO Bar Tiger Bar 8 - 11 JW Red Fixtures Week 28 30th January 2013 All Nations GH v Billys A Atlantis v JW Black Billys B v Pink Panther Jungle Juice B v Tiger Bar JW Red v Sabai King Bar B v All Nations 55 Limelight v Jungle Juice A P P Bar v King Bar A SO Bar v Red Bar

hua hin property Pool League

league table Team Moonlight Jungle Juice B P P Bar Red Bar Pink Panther King Bar A Atlantis JW Red Limelight Jungle Juice A Sabai Tiger Bar Billys B All Nations GH Billys A King Bar B JW Black All Nations 55 SO Bar

P 24 26 25 24 26 26 25 25 24 25 24 25 25 24 26 24 26 23 25

W 22 21 20 20 18 16 15 14 12 12 11 11 8 8 8 7 7 5 1

L 2 5 5 4 8 10 10 11 12 13 13 14 17 16 18 17 19 18 24

+/110 118 131 92 54 51 35 39 -16 -19 -22 -47 -21 -72 -84 -58 -68 -72 -151

Pts 44 42 40 40 36 32 30 28 24 24 22 22 16 16 16 14 14 10 2

hua hin/khao takiab Fun Pool League

results Week 19 23rd January 2013 Bobby’s Bar 5 - 13 Sunset Boulevard Dara Bar 8 - 10 Bobby’s Bangers Lanla Bar 10 - 8 The Bridge Maria’s Bar 12 - 6 Beer O’Clock Railway Tavern 11 - 7 Beach Hut Bar Sinatras 7 - 11 The Squealing Pig Fixtures Week 20 30th January 2013 Beach Hut Bar v Bobby’s Bar Beer O’Clock v Railway Tavern The Bridge v Maria’s Bar Bobby’s Bangers v Lanla Bar Sinatras v Dara Bar The Squealing Pig v Sunset Boulevard

league table Team Sunset B’vard Maria’s Bar Beach Hut Bar Bobby’s Bar The Bridge Bobbys Bngers Railway Tavern Squealing Pig Dara Bar Beer O’Clock Lanla Bar Sinatras

P 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19

W 17 16 13 8 6 7 7 6 7 5 5 2

D 2 1 2 3 6 4 2 3 0 2 2 3

L 0 2 4 8 7 8 10 10 12 12 12 14

+/110 108 74 -8 -24 -28 6 -26 -22 -32 -66 -92

Pts 36 33 28 19 18 18 16 15 14 12 12 7


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results Week 2 23rd January 2013 Dolphin Bar 1 - 7 Lucky Shot Maria 2 6 - 2 Muan Play Sports 5 - 3 The Dutchman Scottie’s Bar 4 - 4 The Lord Webb The Clansmen v Eagle Bar n/a Fixtures Week 3 30th January 2013 Dolphin Bar v The Clansmen Eagle Bar v Scottie’s Bar Lucky Shot v Play Sports Muan v The Dutchman The Lord Webb v Maria 2 league table Team Maria 2 The Lord Webb Lucky Shot Eagle Bar The Clansmen Play Sports Muan Scottie’s Bar The Dutchman Dolphin Bar

P 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2

W 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0

D 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0

L 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 2 2

+/- Pts 6 4 2 3 4 2 4 2 2 2 0 2 -2 2 -2 1 -4 0 -10 0





hash house harriers


A drinking Club with a running and walking Problem! The Cha-Am and Hua Hin Hash House Harrier Clubs meet on alternate Saturdays for around an hours run/walk in the countryside followed by a social gathering with beer, soft drinks, water and snacks then later to a nearby restaurant for a meal. If you would like to come along then visit the Cha-Am website at, the Hua Hin website at or the Hash Facebook page at H2H3CAH3 for full details and directions. NEXT RUN Saturday 26 January 2013 @ 4 pm HUA HIN H3 Run #245 Exit EAST (Left) off the South Bound Carriageway of the By-pass onto dirt road between Km Markers 23 & 24 signposted to Sunny Valley. Look for HHH sign. Travel 1.2 Km to hash location HARES – Brambles Bill & Scotch Tape Run Fees - Male Drinkers ฿200, Female Drinkers ฿150, Teetotalers ฿100, kids over 7 years ฿50, under 8’s Free.

results Week 16 22nd January 2013 All Nations 55 8 - 10 Robin’s Rest 2 Blue Lagoon 13 - 5 All Nations Guesthouse Buddy Bar 10 - 8 Hua Hin Miss You 2 CAT Jiggapik v Robin’s Rest n/a Hua Hin Miss You 1 0 - 18 Play Sports Jaew Bar 8 - 10 Jungle Juice B Jungle Juice A 7 - 11 Paradise JW Black v CAT Karaoke n/a fixtures Week 17 29th January 2013 All Nations 55 v CAT Jiggapik CAT Karaoke v Blue Lagoon Hua Hin Miss You 2 v JW Black Paradise v Jaew Bar Play Sports Lounge v Jungle Juice A Robin’s Rest v Hua Hin Miss You 1 Robin’s Rest 2 v All Nations Guesthouse Some matches have been played early and are reflected in the league table

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league table Team Buddy Bar Play Sports Jungle Juice A JW Black HHin Miss You 2 Paradise CAT Karaoke Blue Lagoon All Nations GH Robin’s Rest 2 HHin Miss You 1 Jaew Bar Jungle Juice B CAT Jiggapik Robin’s Rest All Nations 55


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P 16 16 16 15 16 16 15 16 16 16 16 15 16 14 14 15

W 15 13 11 11 10 9 9 8 7 6 6 5 5 3 2 1

D 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

L 0 3 4 4 6 6 5 8 8 10 10 9 11 11 12 14

+/138 154 104 98 42 26 10 -8 0 -52 -92 -24 -58 -76 -126 -136

Pts 31 26 23 22 20 19 19 16 15 12 12 11 10 6 4 2

Advertise here from only 40 baht per week

football news

Bobby’s Bar

kicked off by bobby’s bar


Varje Lördag från 19:00 V75 Meny Boka Bord 032 513 805

Soi 55 (Chomsin Rd) english premier league table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Team Man Utd Man City Chelsea Tottenham Everton Arsenal Liverpool West Brom Swansea Stoke Sunderland West Ham Norwich Fulham Southampton Newcastle Aston Villa Reading Wigan QPR

P 23 23 23 23 23 22 23 23 23 23 23 22 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 23

GD 27 26 25 12 9 15 12 1 7 -5 -4 -3 -15 -7 -10 -13 -25 -15 -18 -19

PTS 56 51 45 41 38 34 34 34 33 29 28 27 26 25 23 21 20 19 19 15

fixtures (all times Thailand) Saturday 26th January 2013 THE FA CUP - FOURTH ROUND Millwall v Aston Villa 02:45 Stoke v Man City 19:45 Bolton v Everton 22:00 Brighton v Arsenal 22:00 Derby v Blackburn 22:00 Huddersfield v Leicester 22:00 Hull v Barnsley 22:00 Macclesfield v Wigan 22:00 Middlesbrough v Aldershot 22:00 Norwich v Luton 22:00 QPR v MK Dons 22:00 Reading v Sheff Utd 22:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Bristol City v Ipswich 22:00 Burnley v Birmingham 22:00 Charlton v Sheff Wed 22:00 Nottm Forest v Watford 22:00 Wolves v Blackpool 22:00 SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE Dundee Utd v Ross County 22:00 Sunday 27th January 2013 THE FA CUP - FOURTH ROUND Man Utd v Fulham 00:30 Brentford v Chelsea 19:00 Leeds United v Tottenham 21:00 Oldham v Liverpool 23:00 SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE Aberdeen v Hibernian 19:30 Dundee v Kilmarnock 22:00 Wednesday 30th January 2013 PREMIER LEAGUE Aston Villa v Newcastle 02:45 QPR v Man City 02:45 Stoke v Wigan 02:45 Sunderland v Swansea 02:45 CHAMPIONSHIP

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Soi 102, Hua Hin (200m on right after railway) Barnsley v Millwall 02:45 Bristol City v Watford 02:45 SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE Motherwell v Dundee Utd 02:45 Thursday 31st January 2013 PREMIER LEAGUE Arsenal v Liverpool 02:45 Everton v West Brom 02:45 Norwich v Tottenham 02:45 Fulham v West Ham 03:00 Man Utd v Southampton 03:00 Reading v Chelsea 03:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Huddersfield v Crystal Palace 02:45 SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE St Johnstone v Aberdeen 02:30 Celtic v Kilmarnock 02:45 Hearts v Dundee 02:45 Ross County v Hibernian 02:45 St Mirren v Inverness CT 02:45 friday 1st february 2013 CHAMPIONSHIP Leicester v Wolves 02:45 League table does not include the result of the Arsenal v West Ham game played on Wednesday night Fantasy League table will appear again when space is available.

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New in town Karoon Guesthouse & Tel 032 530 242 Restaurant with sea view Visit 08 45 72 71 90 80 Naresdamri Road

backpeddle Lance Armstrong stripped of cancer victory

atlanta, georgia In response to disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s admission that he had used performanceenhancing drugs, the American Cancer Society announced today that it had stripped Armstrong of his 1997 victory over cancer, and the 42-year-old would immediately revert to having Stage 3 cancer of the testicles, lungs, and brain. “Mr. Armstrong’s disturbing revelations have disgraced the struggle against cancer,” a statement from the A.C.S. read. “In light of these developments, the American Cancer Society’s board of directors has voted unanimously to strip Mr. Armstrong of his cancer victory. We hope that this action will maintain the integrity of the disease for future cancer sufferers.”

Lance ‘Pinnochio’ Armstrong denies doing absolutely anything

While banning Armstrong for life from competing against cancer was not mentioned, sources inside the A.C.S. say the possibility is “under consideration.” Armstrong, who is alleged to have appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show confessing to his

misdemeanours, is now in fact denying that he ever appeared on the show. He said, “As long as I live, I will deny it. There was absolutely no way I forced people, encouraged people, told people, helped people, facilitated. Absolutely not. One hundred percent.”

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AWOL Issue 216  

Free weekly newspaper for the Hua Hin, Cha Am and Khao Takiab areas of Thailand

AWOL Issue 216  

Free weekly newspaper for the Hua Hin, Cha Am and Khao Takiab areas of Thailand