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11 March 2011

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HUA HIN THAILAND Niza Engdahl (below right)was kidnapped last Wednesday (2nd March) by her mother, Surat Enmak (below left), who left the family in 2009 and in April 2010 gave divorce and custody of their two children to Henrik Engdahl. 080 112 8003

GET RACING  FROM   ONLY  400  BAHT! HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN AND THIS LITTLE GIRL? Niza was in school on Wednesday, the Thai Somtawin school on Phetkasem Road, when a Thai woman came to pick her up, who claimed that she was Niza’s mother. The teacher who dealt with her has apparently admitted that Niza denied that the woman was her mother, but because the woman gave her Thai ID Card as guarantee, the teacher allowed the woman to stay and play with Niza while she went to a meeting. When she came back, both the woman and Niza were gone. Later, it turned out, that the woman, who exchanged her ID card for the

OPEN EVERYDAY  10.30AM  -­  7PM,   LATE  NIGHT  BY  APPOINTMENT Call  032  547  199  (Office)   or  081  817  3000  (Mobile) Soi  2,  Phetchkasem  Road   opposite  Hua  Hin  Airport


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Extensive Thai, E-san & European menu & beverage list.

child, was indeed Niza’s mother, Surat Enmak, and there has been no contact or sign of either of them since. The father, Henrik Engdahl, recognized the woman on the schools surveillance camera as his former wife, and is naturally very concerned at the intentions of his former wife. He has reported the kidnapping to the police but has been told that he must wait 15 days from the kidnapping before a thorough investigation can take place because of the police’s ‘stepby-step’ procedure. Henrik has travelled to Buri Ram, where he previously lived with his ex-wife, and Bangkok in the last few days in the hope of picking up their trail, as well as to speak to the Swedish Embassy. He will also go to Pattaya and Chonburi, places that he knows Surat has friends. Henrik told Swedish website ScandAsia. com, “Niza is a sentive girl, a daddys

Restaurant @the   %HHU2¶&ORFN&OXE

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Open noon-late Opposite Baan Lonsat & 7- 11 on Khao Takiab Rd.

Call us on 089-049-2141 (Tui) Email 089-548-8003 (Robert) Email Website

girl, where I go she goes and she must be feeling horrible now being with strangers, who don’t know her needs.” He is angry with the school who just accepted an ID in exchange for the girl to go with a stranger and is contemplating a law suit against them when he gets back to Hua Hin. Niza was wearing a kindergarten school uniform when she was abducted. A dark blue dress, with a light blue shirt and a west over the shirt. She understand and speaks both Swedish and Thai. Henrik has offered a reward of 50,000 baht for finding his daughter. If you see this girl please contact your local police department in Thailand. Or you can call directly to Henrik Engdahl: (+66) (0) 822433115

:HVWHUQ 7KDL)RRG Rumour has  it...

The best steaks in town at the best prices around The most succulent spare ribs to be found The place to check out when Khao Takiab bound

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PLAY PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY THIS WEEK AT PLAY SPORTS LOUNGE 33% discount on all drinks everyday from noon to 6pm EXAMPLE PRICES: Chang/Leo 35 Tiger/Singha/Local Spirits 40 Heineken/San Miguel Lite 50 Smirnoff 60 Captain Morgan 67 Bacardi Breezer 74 Soft Drinks 20 Gordons/ Jack Daniels/ House Wine (Gls) 80 SATURDAY LIVE! Australian and UK Rugby matches Tennis and Golf championships Scottish and Coca Cola Championship football throughout the evening Football: 7:45pm FA Cup Birmingham v Bolton SUNDAY LIVE! Tennis and Golf championships Football: 00:15 FA Cup Man Utd v Arsenal; 9pm FA Cup Stoke v West Ham; 11:45pm FA Cup Man City v Reading Ask for your favourite sports event and we will put it on if possible Staff wanted- Cashier and Bar Staff (Free accommodation, salaries negotiable)

?M6F=M ?:5M#N5G)P#‚[ &Z&Q>?f[AL:5M#N53MbC^7

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Sometimes contradictory, bewildering, revolutionary and hypocritical, Red-Light Nights, Bangkok Daze is a collection of articles on the complex and fascinating world of sex in Asia. About the Author William Sparrow is a journalist based in Asia. He has a regular column, “Sex in Depth,” in Asia Times Online, and is the editor of He loves to Play and co-sponsors Page 3. The book is available online or at local bookstores (such as Bookazine – above McDonald’s on Damnoernkasem Road). Join the AWOL forum



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Open Every  Day  from        7.30am Big  Breakfasts  -­  Low  Price Roast  Beef  Dinner  only  160  bt Tel:  089  797  1502 Phetkasem  Road,  near  Soi  80



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Condo Sales CALLING ALL HUA HIN CYCLISTS For many expats living in Hua Hin a common gripe is the lack of things to do during the day; well now a new option is available to those who like to get out and about and see the area from the comfort of their bicycle. Hua Hin Bicyclists is a new group of riders from the area formed to help get in contact with fellow riders. One of the group, Paul Hamon says “Many of us were looking for riding buddies, but didn’t know where to start”. Well it ended up that Facebook was the place to start, where they have formed a group (Hua Hin Bicyclists), and there is now a web site (www., email ( and with their advert in AWOL from this week (see page 16) they are hopeful to have a cavalcade of cyclists joining them in their regular rides very soon..

The group is open to bicyclists of varying types, road and mountain bike, fast and slow, thai and farang. Today they have about three rides per week with around fifteen

active members, and all particpants of the group are welcomed to list and lead rides or just join someone elses. Paul went on to say, “It’s a social group, we go for a ride and then usually end up somewhere for some food and a drink”. The ride details are listed on their facebook group which you can access through their website, and you should also be able to get more of an idea about the group from the ride photos hosted there, and the few examples here. Hua Hin Bicyclists Web: Email:

Please call 032 511624 for more details. See page 12 for map.

DRAFT TIGER BEER 85 baht/pint Sample one of the best beers in Asia Beer Lao


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C A v B ut W a li o uf t O h n f 17 d u L y a is o lo c /3 n u /1 t r T ou 1 il m av po e e n a r l o (d n f u r o ta in r k a nd s 10 p n % r o t d es in is e c co nt lu u a d n t e t d )




Public House and restaurant

all day breakfast from 8.30am

sunday roast available every day daily specials

childrens menu

draught english cider

happy hour 4.30 - 6.30pm

(bottled beers from 50 baht, wines and spirits at discounted prices) Luxurious suites overlooking the beach, large outside sun terrace and free WIFI /RFDWHGRQWKHFRUQHURI&KRPVLQ1DUHVGDPULUGE\WKHÀVKLQJSLHU Ample parking nearby For bookings or more information call 032 530087 or 086 603 5335



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA Smallest man in the world in trouble with police for not using child seat The world’s smallest man Khagendra Thapa Magar has had a run in with police in Australia, who wanted to know why he was not travelling in a child’s booster seat. At just 67cm high and weighing 5kg, Khagendra is around the size of a six-month-old baby. While on a trip to Oz to raise awareness about sex trafficking and get donations for his charity, cops pulled over the car he was travelling in for a random breath test. Officers then questioned the driver as to why 19-year-old Khagendra was not sitting in a booster seat, only letting them continue on their journey after seeing his passport. Khagendra, who is named in the Guinness Book of Records as

Hua Hin Game Fishing 081 010 3748 (Eng/Swe/Thai) or 081 686 8768 (Thai)

the world’s shortest man, suffers from a condition called primordial dwarfism. But despite the obvious challenges presented by being so small, the teenager says he doesn’t wish he were taller. ‘I am just happy being who I am. My family loves me just the way I am and this is more important than anything else. I see myself as a unique individual,’ he told the news provider. GDANSK, POLAND Man sets sail on ice sheet with only vodka bottle for company Drunk Michal Kawolski was rescued by astonished coastguards after floating out to sea on a sheet of ice while still clasping a bottle of vodka. The 23-year-old was spotted by coastguards as he floated past them

off the coast of Gdansk, Poland. Mr Kawolski had been drinking with friends when, naturally, he decided it would be a good idea to test the strength of the ice that was forming on the shoreline of the Baltic Sea. One of Mr Kawolski’s drinking pals said: ‘We dared him to do it and it seemed like a good idea. There was a loud crack and then he started to float away. We thought it was funny at first but then he started to scream for help.’ The powerful currents pulled him about a kilometre out to sea. A rather shaken Mr Kawolski was taken to hospital where he stayed overnight to be treated for hypothermia. Following the ordeal Mr Kawolski said: ‘Well, I won’t be doing that again.’

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Bobby’s British Breakfast Foods UK Sausages, Ham, Bacon, Pies, Teas etc.


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Do you wonder why we say certain things, or what they really mean? Each week we will examine a different word or phrase and tell you how it came about. This week it is.. When in Rome, do as the Romans do It is polite, and possibly also advantageous, to abide by the customs of a society when one is a visitor. Why should an English proverb single out Rome and Roman values as especially to be emulated? Couldn’t we have had a ‘when in Ipswich, do as the Ipswichians do’ for example? As it turns out, it’s all to do with the travel arrangements of a couple of early Christian saints. St Augustine: Letters Volume I was translated from the Latin by Sister W. Parsons and published in 1951. Letter 54 to Januarius contains this original text, which date from circa 390AD: Cum Romanum venio, ieiuno Sabbato; cum hic sum, non ieiuno: sic etiam tu, ad quam forte ecclesiam veneris, eius morem serva, si cuiquam non vis esse scandalum nec quemquam tibi. which was translated as: When I go to Rome, I fast on Saturday, but here [Milan] I do not. Do you also follow the custom of whatever church you attend, if you do not want to give or receive scandal. Januarius, who was later canonised as a martyr saint, was Bishop of Naples at the time. The above dates the source of the proverb to at least as early as the beginnings of the Christian church. The implied flexibility on dogma and acceptance of the religious and social practices of other cultures seems to be more akin to the contemporary Buddhist teachings of the Dalai Lama than those of present day Christian authorities.

The use of the proverb in English isn’t recorded until much later - well into the Middle Ages. Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy was first published in 1621. Burton makes oblique reference to the phrase, without using it explicitly: Mercury, the planet, are good with good, bad with bad. When they are at Rome, they do there as they see done, puritans with puritans, papists with papists He was slightly predated by Henry Porter, who came a little nearer to the present day version of the proverb in his play The pleasant history of the two angry women of Abington, 1599: Nay, I hope, as I have temperance to forbear drink, so have I patience to endure drink: Ile do as company dooth; for when a man doth to Rome come, he must do as there is done. The Interesting letters of Pope Clement XIV [a.k.a. Lorenzo Ganganelli] were published in 1777. Letter XLIV [to Prior Dom Galliard] contains the earliest version of the proverb as currently used in English that is found in print: The siesto, or afternoon’s nap of Italy, my most dear and reverend Father, would not have alarmed you so much, if you had recollected, that when we are at Rome, we should do as the Romans do - cum Romano Romanus eris. The proverb is so clichéd as to have been adapted to suit many other locations - a web search brings up thousands. Its familiarity, and the expectation that everyone knows the ending, has caused it also to be used in the shortened version - ‘when in Rome...’. This dates back to at least the 1930s when a play of that title, written by Charles Faber, was performed in New York.


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TERRACE 90 OFFERS Tuesday - International Buffet 299 Baht Friday - Steak Night; Special Deals Over 35 Items of Scandinavian Foods available in the Deli Daily Lunch Specials from 99 baht Famous for our Margaritas, Mexican, Steaks and Large Selection of Tequilas EUROPEAN BREADS BAKED DAILY

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If you are interested in these properties please email us on or call 081 614 8728 LARGE HOUSE AND LAND 5 MINUTES FROM HUA HIN Beautiful 4 bedroom two storey house and a one bedroom house on just under 2 Rai of land with a unique 15 metre swimming pool in an enclosed secured area, which includes lighted driveway only 5 minutes from Hua Hin centre with mountain views and 5/10 minutes from Asia’s finest golf clubs. Sale due to relocation. Ref. No.: 032513 t CFESPPNT t 4FQBSBUFCFESPPNIPVTF t -BOETJ[FTRN t NFUSF4XJNNJOH1PPM


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NEW OFFER! Two new main dishes; FISH VERACRUZ - White fish fillet grilled with green olives, black olives, cilantro, and capers, just like in Veracruz, Mexico. SHRIMP RANCHERO - Sauteed shrimp with home-made salsa, plus some tomatoes, onions, and chillies stirred in. Both served with refried beans and salad with home made cilantro/ lime vinaigrette dressing. Special promotion - get one of these plates plus a Margarita, for just 250 Baht by cutting and presenting the corner coupon below left. Open from 5 - 12pm every day

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Terrace 90

Scandinavian Deli now open

Each week we will present you with two Sudoku puzzles; an easy one and a hard one. Just fill in the empty squares so that each horizontal and vertical line has all the numbers 1 to 9, as well as each section.

Puzzle 1 (Easy)

see www.terrace-­ 032 516 587

Puzzle 2 (Hard)

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Last week’s solutions 11


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UÊ 7œÀŽÊ*iÀ“ˆÌÊ­ iÜÊ>˜`Ê,i˜iÜ>Ã®Ê UÊ …>˜}ˆ˜}Ê``ÀiÃÃ]Ê*œÃˆÌˆœ˜Ê /Þ«i]ÊœÀ“ÊœvÊ7œÀŽ UÊ ,iÈ}˜>̈œ˜Ê˜œÌˆwV>̈œ˜Ê UÊ 7œÀŽÊ«iÀ“ˆÌÊvœÀÊ ÕÀ“iÃi]Ê>œÃÊ EÊ >“Lœ`ˆ>Ê >̈œ˜>ˆÌˆià UÊ 7œÀŽÊ*iÀ“ˆÌÊvœÀÊ/>«Ã>Ž>iÊ >À`Ê >˜`Ê/…œ˜}…>“«…Õ“Ê >À` UÊ ÕÀ“iÃi]Ê>œÃÊ>˜`Ê


Visa Service UÊ £Ê9i>ÀÊ ÕȘiÃÃÊ6ˆÃ>à UÊ -«œÕÃiÊ>˜`Ê …ˆ`Ài˜Ê6ˆÃ>à UÊ ,ïÀi“i˜ÌÊ6ˆÃ>ÃÊ­ˆ˜ÊV>ÃiʜvÊ՘>Û>ˆ>LiÊv՘`ÃÊ«i>ÃiÊëi>ŽÊ`ˆÀiV̏ÞÊ̜Ê̅iʜvwVi® UÊ ,i‡ ˜ÌÀÞÊ-ˆ˜}iÊÉÊՏ̈«iÊ6ˆÃ>Ã


UÊ ˆVi˜ÃiÊvœÀÊvœœ`Ê`ˆÃÌÀˆLṎœ˜ UÊ œÕÃiÊ,i}ˆÃÌÀ>̈œ˜ÊÊ ­ ÕiÊ>˜`Ê9iœÜÊ œœŽÃ® UÊ >ÃÌÊ7ˆÊ>˜`Ê/iÃÌ>“i˜Ìà UÊ œ˜ÃÌÀÕV̈œ˜ÊˆVi˜Ãi UÊ Õˆ`ˆ˜}Ê iÀ̈wV>Ìi

Other Services

UÊ 7>ÌiÀÊiÌiÀʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ UÊ *iÀ“>˜i˜ÌÊ iVÌÀˆVÊiÌiÀʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜ UÊ /ii«…œ˜iÊ>˜`ʘÌiÀ˜iÌʘÃÌ>>̈œ˜Ã UÊ œÕÃiÊi>Ș}Ê œ˜ÌÀ>VÌà UÊ Õވ˜}ÊÉÊ-iˆ˜}Ê œ˜ÌÀ>VÌà UÊ 6i…ˆViÊ,i}ˆÃÌÀ>̈œ˜Ê/À>˜ÃviÀ

Contact us now for help E-Mail: Tel: 086 017 6121 (Rung) Tel: 089 413 7103 (Office Manager – Namwaan) Fax: 032 532417

RUNG OFFICE, 178/69 Hua Hin 80 Phetchakasem Road, Prachuap Khiri Khan

Condo Rentals Send your jokes to submissions@ and get your name in print! Brought to you by The Railway Tavern

PIG FARMER A pig farmer went to a vet to see about artificial inseminating his female pigs. Vet - “Well you have two options. The first we can do quite easily. Each of your pigs can be inseminated at a cost of £1000 per pig”. Farmer - “What?! ... £1000 a pig?! ... That sounds a tad expensive ... I’m only a poor pig farmer after all. What was the second option?” Vet - “Well, it’s quite simple really ... you just do it yourself”. Farmer - “Myself? How does that work? And more importantly how much will it cost?” Vet - “ It won’t cost you a thing. You simply have sex with the animal yourself” Farmer - “ And how do I know if it’s worked?” Vet - “ Well, after you’ve had sex with the animal, in the morning if it’s laid on it’s back with it’s trotters in the air ... you know it’s worked” Farmer - “ I’m not sure about this ... I’ll have a think about it” A few days go by and after weighing up all the options the farmer decides to go for it ... and try it himself. He gathers all the pigs up in his van and drives them to a small wood in the top field. After plucking up enough courage and trying to gain wood, he has sex with each of the pigs. Afterwards he drives them all back to the farm and retires to bed for the night. Next moring he hurriedly runs down stairs and out into the field to check his pigs ... nothing. They’re all just trotting around the sty eating and carrying on as normal. “Bugger” he thinks to himself. So he continues this for two weeks, but to no avail. “Right that’s it ... I’ll give it one last go” the farmer says. So off he goes in his van up to the top field, armed with viagra, stud delay spray, anal lube and a copy of the Karma Sutra. To help the process he even dresses



SOI 88

085 429 0378 the pigs up in stockings, suspenders and peep-hole bra and knickers. He downs the bottle of viagra, sprays his member with stud delay spray, props up the Karma Sutra on a tree on proceeds to shag every pig, in a variety and numerous postions, at least ten times each. After his ten hour pig sex fest he drives all the pigs back to the farm, locks them in their sty and, walking like John Wayne, wearily climbs the stairs and goes to bed. But before he closes his eyes he says to his wife “ Do me a favour ... let me know if the pigs are acting differently in the morning?” “Right you are love” replies his wife and off he went to sleep. Next moring his wife opens the bedroom curtains ... “Oh my! ... Quick quick come and have a look at this?!” the wife shouts excitedly. The farmer jumps up out of bed “ What?! What?! Are they all laid on their backs with their trotters in the air??” “ No “ replies the wife puzzled ... “They’re all in the van beeping the horn”. PROSTATE EXAM After experiencing the discomfort and embarrassment of a prostate test on the National Health Service, a friend of mine decided to have his next test carried out while visiting in Thailand where the beautiful nurses are rather more gentle and accommodating. As usual he was asked to strip off, he lay naked on his side on the bed and the nurse began the examination. “At this stage of the procedure it’s quite normal to get an erection” said the nurse. “I haven’t got an erection” said the man. “No, but I have” replied the nurse.


If you  want  to  drink,   that’s  your  business, if  you  want  to  stop,  we  can  help. Meetings  every  day  in  Hua  Hin.  

Call to  speak  to  an  AA  member:  

www.aathailand. org


Davies -­  0870  620  098 Henrick  -­  0879  083  285 Peter  -­  0847  371  545 Join the AWOL forum



Health (up  to  85),  Car,   Motorbike,  House,  Commercial.   Full  medical  cover  for  expats  worldwide Travel   insurance   specialist   (including   as   required  for  Schenghen  visas) Soi 94, last unit on left before railway

085 962  2232  or  032  512075




Soi 94    Curries from only 65 baht

Eat in or Takeaway 081 455 5298 CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 19 Someday in the future, humanity will have a healthy attitude toward sexuality, but until then, you have an idea that could make you incredibly rich. AQUARIUS JAN 20 – FEB 18 You are about to embark on a great journey across an infinite ocean of possibilities, unless of course the more cynical theories about the afterlife are correct. PISCES FEB 19 – MAR 20 Your confusion over the exact meaning of the term “elope” will become apparent this week when parts of the bodies begin to turn up in the desert. ARIES MAR 21 – APR 20 Venus, the Herald of Love, passes into your sign this week, but it’s so creepy in there that She only takes about six minutes to get out again.

TAURUS APR 21 – MAY 21 Just keep telling yourself it’s all going to be alright until you finally get it through your head once and for all that you can’t trust anything you say. GEMINI MAY 22 – JUNE 21 Although it’s true you can successfully hide certain things in plain sight without anyone noticing, it turns out not to be true of a whole Girl Scout troop’s worth of corpses. CANCER JUN 22 – JUL 22 You tend to think of yourself as a big neurotic mess, but don’t sell yourself short. You’re also a big psychotic mess on top of it all. LEO JUL 23 – AUG 22 The stars don’t believe they actually have to say this, but just because you find a recipe that makes pancakes for 1,500 people doesn’t mean you actually have to make that many.

VIRGO AUG 23 – SEP 22 You will die alone, unmourned, and unloved, but because you do it on live television, you’ll still manage to be considered a success. LIBRA SEP 23 – OCT 23 Your problem, if you’re honest with yourself, isn’t that you love too much. It’s that you make love to people’s mailboxes too frequently. SCORPIO OCT 24 – NOV 21 Don’t worry: You’re more than just a collection of annoying, loosely bundled neuroses. There are some tightly wound and dangerous psychoses in there, too. SAGITTARIUS NOV 22 – DEC 21 It’s true that your heart is mature beyond your years, which is nice, except in the case of your rapidly aging mistrial and aortic valves.


XBox Kinect  Games  on  50”  TV Live  sports  via  satellite


Bob & Noks Bar

Home of Khao Takiab Golf Society Motorbike / Car Rentals Club hire 089 586 1700

International Wines, Bottled & Draft Beers Two satellite systems showing live sports Tel 032 511624


032 536970 or 087 599 1913

Restaurant @The  Beer  O’Clock  Club

Legal Services




Bar Soi Selekam Open 11am - late

Why blow your own trumpet? Parties, special offers, regular events, celebrations and more; if you want it in AWOL email info@ or contact Noi at Noi’s Kitchen (Tel: 086 174 6165) by Wednesday noon every week. Or join the AWOL forum (www. and post details of events there. RECENT AND COMING SOON s K.O.K Shop, Amnayusin Road Every Saturday from 6pm European barbeque and buffet only 299 baht. Svenska Isterband, Dillstovard Potatis & Rödbetor. s Beer O’ Clock Club, Khao Takiab Sausage Sizzle every Tuesday from 5 - 8pm; get one free Sizzle with every alcoholic drink purchase. REGULAR EVENTS s Beer O’ Clock Club, Khao Takiab Every Sunday afternoon from 2pm, Aussie Barbeque: Pork sausages, beef patties, chicken, salad and more. 150 baht per serving. s Bobby’s Bar, Soi 102. (p 31) Free Buffet Dinner, Monday to Friday 4 - 6pm. Leo Draft, glass 49 bt, English pint 69 bt, Jug 135bt or 3 litre Tower 399 bt. Leo Draft prices are all day everyday (from open till close). British Breakfast all day, Only 99 bt. s Cheap Charlie, Soi Sarakam Happy Hour 9am - 6pm, buy 2 get 1

free s Curly’s Bar, Phetkasem Road Everyday Happy Hour - 1 - 6pm all beers only 50 baht per bottle plus all day English breakfasts from 95 baht. s Dick’s Office, Soi 80 (p 24) Fridays - open darts 7.30pm s Dizzy Dolphin, Samorphong (p32) Happy Hour 3 - 7pm; buy three beers get one free; gin, vodka and rum mixed drinks only 55 baht s Down Town Bar, Soi Selakam Buy 2 get 1 FREE any time, everyday. s Headrock, Soi Selakam Mon - Fri -10am til 8pm - 55 baht all beers/selected spirits s Terrace 90, Soi 90 (p 5/11) 99 Baht Margarita on Tuesday (Try the rest and then sample the best) Large Buffet of BBQ, Ribs, Roast, Italian and of course Mexican every Tuesday just 299 baht Sunday is Steak Night s White Swan Pub & Restaurant Every Friday from 7pm Farang BBQ Buffet, all you can eat, ONLY 99 baht, Pool competition, Parties of 6 or more please reserve table call 08958 76743. On the A4 Petchkasem Rd just before Pranburi Flyover s William Tell Restaurant, Canal Rd All day breakfast 99 baht s Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern, Chomsin Road (p 6) Happy Hour 4.30 - 6.30pm

All Welcome  in  at  

Delicious Thai  &   International  Food


Restaurant &  Shop Thai  style  -­  Thai  prices Large  Chang  45  baht Large  Leo  50  baht Well  stocked  shop  for  all   your  grocery  needs Tel.  085  216  5369  (Eng.) or  085  405  6976  (Thai)


2 KM




BRITISH STYLE SUNDAY ROASTS: s Dick’s Office, Soi 80 (p 24); s Jungle Juice, Soi Selekam; s Lin’s Cafe, Phetkasem Road between Sois 80/78 - (p4); s Palm Bistro and Wine Bar, Soi 88 (p 17) s Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern, Chomsin Rd (p 6)








COD &  CHIPS...................  ࡚220 HALIBUT  &  CHIPS...........  ࡚230 JOHN  DOREY  &  CHIPS...  ࡚190 BARRACUDA  &  CHIPS....  ࡚190 SNAPPER  &  CHIPS..........  ࡚160 SCALLOPS  &  CHIPS........  ࡚160 BATTERED  SAUSAGES  (3  PCS)   &  CHIPS............................  ࡚180 JUMBO  SHRIMPS   &  CHIPS............................  ࡚200 HAMBURGERS,  FRIED   ONIONS  &  CHIPS.............  ࡚120 CHIPS  &  GRAVY...............  ࡚100 MUSHY  PEAS  AVAILABLE






YOUR 8 DAYS A WEEK GUIDE TO LOCAL EVENTS. If you want your performance featured here on Hua Hin Live, send your information to: DON’T MISS THIS WEEK Hua Hin Kiteboard World Cup 2011 from Monday 14th to Saturday 19th March, preceded by an Asian Event from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th March. Taking place at the Intercontinental Hua Hin and organised by the Professional Kite Riders Association and Extreme Events Asia, the top riders in the world will compete in this Grand Slam event, featuring Freestyle, Course Racing, and Board Off disciplines. Last year this was the first ever professional kiteboarding event in Asia, and proved to be one of the best events of the entire world tour and therefore establishing itself as the new standard of kiteboarding competition.. As far as we can tell admission is free.


Fringe Festival 2011 - Paper Cut Saturday, 12th March 2011, 7.30 pm From Israel Fringe Festival hosts the talented Yael Rasoolys Paper Cut!. An award-winning solo performance of paper and object theatre, Paper Cut! is as imaginative as it is deadly hilarious. Yael Rasooly transforms herself into a lonely secretary, playing with cut-outs from old black and white magazines to escape into a world of glamour and romance, falling into a rendez-vous that turns out to be a Hitchcock nightmare! The performance is supported by the Embassy of Israel. Tickets 500, 400 and 300 Baht (50% off for students) from Vic Hua Hin: 032-827-814 to 815 Souay Vista Social Club Live music every night! Sundays & Wednesdays - Eddi & the Joker Band. Tuesdays - The Stone Band. Fridays - Feature

night. Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays - Jam sessions /pot pourri; audience participation welcomed! Every day - Classical guitar sets during dinner. (see ad page 17) Hua Hin/Cha-Am Jam Sessions: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday! Monday at Ray’s Place Restaurant, Wednesday at Chez LouLou, Sundays at Baan Chang in Cha-Am. Fun starts at 8pm and wraps up about 11pm. See Venue Guide for locations. UPCOMING 7th Annual Silpakorn Summer Music School. On 9 April 2011 there will be a free full-scale symphony orchestra concert at the Dusit Thani Resort, featuring the first-ever performance in Thailand of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D major (aka The Titan Symphony), under the baton of Hikotaro Yazaki. The concert is the culminating event of the 7th annual Silpakorn Summer Music School, which has been held for each of the last several years at the Silpakorn University’s Cha-am campus just off the bypass road. ONGOING Cicada Market and Performing Arts Fair. The Venue@Suansri. Fri/ Sat evenings from sunset to 12 pm, Sundays from 4pm; Dining, shopping, art, performances, and films in a beautiful park-like setting. A great place to spend an evening. SASIDinnerTheatre.SASIRestaurant. Nightly at 7:00 pm, Dinner with Thai Contemporary theatre performance. Recommended. Hua Hin Magic Show, Hilton Hotel. Thur. to Sat. at 8:00 pm; A full professional magic show. Adults 400 Bt. Children 200 Bt. Tel. 083 503 0999 Cabaret Show, Blue Angel Cabaret. Every night 8pm and 9:46pm.

Midnight show on weekends. ART EXHIBITIONS Alisa Art Gallery Naresdamri Rd 032 533385 Aourd Art Gallery 74 Poolsuk Rd. 084 862 3994 email: aourd_artgallery@ Arkom Gallery Dechanuchit Rd. 085 292 1359 Art Jacky Gallery 178/115, Soi 80 (Soi Sarawat) 089 249 1018, 081 912 9490; email: www. Art My Home Gallery 6 Chomsin Rd. 086 308 6747 Baan Sillapin 81 Moo 14 (Hua HinPala U Rd., Rt. 3218), Hin Lek Fai 032 534830, 087 047 7125 email: Chorn Art Gallery 999 Poolsuk Rd. 089 255 5654, email chorn_gallery@ Chub Cheeva Gallery Naebkehardt Rd. Cicada Market Gallery NongkaeTakiab Rd. Dok Kaew Gallery 43/1 Poolsuk Rd. 081 197 6787 Furich@Fur Gallery Petchkasem Rd. Galerie Boonchuay Soi 72 (Night Market Street). 081 566 7008 email Green Gallery 3 Soi 51 (Damrongrat Rd) 032 530487, 083 791 0222, www., email: info@ Pekko Gallery Night Market 089 890 2642 See Nam Gallery Petchkasem Rd. opp. Hin Nam Sai Suay 085 189 7108 Tumagon Art Gallery 2/2 Panja Plaza, Poolsuk Rd. 085 298 8706 email: Ton Khaow Art Gallery 53 Dechanuchit Rd. 086 075 8233 email: Unity Art Gallery 15 Naresdamri Rd. 081 006 1612, 087 046 3222 email: World Gallery Petchkasem Rd. CONTINUED ON PAGE 18

Mars 2011

Lire et respirer en français

Rubriques: Le nez  dans   le  guidon Regard  de  femme Les  grands   du  Jazz L’art  à  la  tête Ambiance  jeux Ambiance   de  la  table Ambiance  santé Ambiance  golf

Gastronomie italienne MARKET VILLAGE (1er niveau passerelle vers FUJI) PIZZAS, PATES,  FROMAGES  ET  CHARCUTERIES

TEL 085  26  26  600

Le nez dans le guidon Une  montagne   de  souffrance

KM  12   :   Sans   transition,   le   plat   laisse  place  aux  forts  pourcentages   d’inclinaison   :   courts   mais   raides   !   Ceux  qui  sont  partis  trop  vite  ont  dĂť   le  sentir  passer. KM  25  :  Je  rejoins  mon  pote  David,   le   restaurateur   du   ‘’VĂŠlo   rouge’’   de   Hua-­Hin  qui,  lui  aussi,  monte  à  son   rythme  (vĂŠlo  de  route  !).  Nous  rest-­ erons  ensemble,  au  coude  à  coude,   pendant  5  bons  kms...  

KM  30  /  09h00  :  Les  choses  sĂŠrieus-­ es   vont   vraiment   commencer...   Le   fort  dĂŠnivelĂŠ  augmente  par  tronçons   de  2  à  3  kms.  Alors  que  David  est  un   Alexis  DESTRIBOIS-­COUDROY peu  juste  niveau  braquet,  je  contin-­ ue  seul  à  mon  rythme.  Personnelle-­ Point  culminant  de  la  ThaĂŻlande,  le   ment,  je  ne  regrette  pas  d’avoir  pris   Doi   Inthanon   se   situe   Ă    100   km   au   l’option  VTT.   sud-­ouest  de  Chiang  Mai  et  s’Êlève   Ă   2’565  mètres  d’altitude.  AccrochĂŠe   KM   40   :   L’inclinaison   de   la   route   au  ‘’calendrier  du  bonheur  2011’’,  la   VÂśLQWHQVLÂżHGHSOXVHQSOXV-HPH course   cycliste   qui   n’est   autre   que   concentre   dorĂŠnavant   sur   ma   roue   l’ascension  du  Doi  a  donc  eu  lieu  ce   avant  !   dimanche   13   fĂŠvrier   2011   :   fameux   week-­end  des  romantiques  !  Ce  ne   KM  42  :  Tout  premier  passage  vrai-­ sont   pas   moins   de   681   coureurs   PHQWWUqVGLIÂżFLOHDYHFFHULVHVXUOH (189   vĂŠlos   route   et   492   VTT)   qui   gâteau,  le  vent  de  face  !  Atroce...  Le   s’Êlancent   en   ce   tout   dĂŠbut   de   moral   prend   le   dessus   sur   la   force   dimanche   matin,   prĂŞts   pour   le   cal-­ physique  et  la  vitesse  chute  (8  à  10   vaire...   km/h).   A   partir   de   maintenant,   les   pourcentages  ne  seront  jamais  infĂŠ-­ KM  00  /  07h30-­07h35  :  Chom  Thong   rieurs  à  12%.   city  /  305  mètres  d’altitude  :  point  de   dĂŠpart  des  ‘’routiers’’  suivi  des  ‘’vĂŠ-­ KM   48   /   03h03   :   Franchissement   de   tĂŠtistes’’.   Et   quel   dĂŠpart...   Super   la  ligne  d’arrivĂŠe,  me  classant  par  la   rapide  ! mĂŞme  occasion  treizième  au  gĂŠnĂŠral   VTT.   David   arrivera   12   minutes   plus   KM   05   :   MalgrĂŠ   un   dĂŠcalage   de   5   tard   se   classant   35e   de   la   course   minutes,   nous   rattrapons   dĂŠjĂ    les   “vĂŠlo   de   routeâ€?.   Un   autre   choix   de   derniers   ‘’routiersâ€?...   et   premiers   lâ-­ braquet  se  serait  avĂŠrĂŠ  plus  judicieux.   chĂŠs.  Pour  eux,  la  route  sera  longue.   Les  5  derniers  kms,  eux,  se  sont  fait  

au  moral.   Personnellement,   j’ai   rare-­ ment  souffert  à  ce  point.   Dans   la   catĂŠgorie   ‘’Route’’,   c’est   le   tout  jeune  Alexis  DESTRIBOIS-­CO-­ UDROY   (un   Franco-­Laotien   de   20   ans  avec  qui  j’ai  roulĂŠ  durant  3  ans   au   sein   de   l’Êquipe   nationale   laoti-­ enne)   qui   remporte   l’Êdition   2011   avec,   Ă    la   clef,   un   nouveau   record   ĂŠtabli  :  02h20  !!!  MalgrĂŠ  la  fatigue  et   le  froid  du  sommet  (8  degrĂŠs),  la  de-­ scente,  elle,  a  ÊtĂŠ  et  restera  un  pur   rĂŠgal.   Plus   de   30   kms   sans   mettre   quasiment   un   coup   de   pĂŠdale,   et   je   ne   suis   pas   de   Marseille,   cong   !   Dès   que   nous   lâchions   les   freins,   la   vitesse   avait   une   fâcheuse   tend-­ ance  à  s’emballer...  mais  puissance   1’000  !  La  preuve,  au  cours  de  no-­ tre  retour  en  vallĂŠe,  la  vitesse  maxi-­ mum  atteinte  a  ÊtĂŠ  de  84.7  km/h  !!!   Le  rendez-­vous  est  pris  pour  2012‌  

Actu  VĂŠlo Concernant  l’actu  cycliste,  notons  le   beau  dĂŠbut  de  saison  de  notre  “vĂŠlo   d’or   françaisâ€?,   Thomas   Voeckler,   qui   vient   de   remporter   le   Tour   du   Haut-­ Var. Les  choses  sĂŠrieuses  ont  commencĂŠ   avec  Paris-­Nice,  du  6  au  13  mars,  et   vont   continuer   avec   la   “primaveraâ€?   (Milan  –  San-­Remo)  le  19.

Ambiance Kite

Coupe  du  Monde   de  Kitesurf

Que  le  spectacle  commence‌ Hua  Hin  accueille  pour  la  2ème   annÊe  consÊcutive  une  des  14   Êtapes  de  la  coupe  du  monde  de   Kitesurf  (grand  cerf  volant  colorÊ   qui  permet  à  un  petit  bonhomme   de  s’envoyer  en  l’air  en  faisant  des   acrobaties)  .   Tous  les  meilleurs  riders  du  monde   vont  pouvoir  s’affronter  du  10  au  20   mars  à  partir  de  14h  sur  la  plage   face  à  l’Intercontinental  Hôtel,  au   cours  d’Êpreuves  de  Freestyle,   Wave,  Speed  et  Race.  A  ne  surtout   pas  ratez,  sensations  garanties  !


Takiab,  à  côtÊ  du  marchÊ  Cicada            Tel:  08  70  377  126

Spa Massages Soins  et  produits   pour  la  peau


Regard de femme

minutes,  moi,   j’ai   mal   aux   pieds.  Alors   qu’elles,   elles   ar-­ rivent  à  se  balader  partout,  toute  la  journÊe,  comme  si    de   rien  n’Êtait‌  Ça,  messieurs,  vous  ne  pouvez  pas  vous  en   La  mode  à  Hua  Hin,    ce  n’est  pas  comme  en  Europe,  oÚ   rendre  compte,  mais  c’est  vraiment  très  fort  ! toutes  les  femmes  sont  habillÊes  pareil.   En  effet,  en  France  par  exemple,    comment  pouvons-­nous   nous   diffÊrencier,     Êtant   donnÊ   que   pour   un   �paraÎtre   so-­ cial’’,  nous  devons  suivre  �la  mode�  imposÊe  par  la  presse   fÊminine.

Pour  le  shopping,  c’est  sur  les  marchÊs  que  vous  trouverez   les  vêtements,  chaussures  et  accessoires  les  plus  sympas   et  les  moins  chers.  Des  petites  robes  colorÊes,  des  t-­shirts   super  mignons,  des  jupes,  des  shorts,  de  toutes  les  formes,   de  toutes  les  longueurs,  de  toutes  les  couleurs.  Des  bijoux   fantaisies,  des  chaussures  à  partir  de  60  bath  !  

Ici,  à  Hua  Hin,  il  n’y  a  pas  de  mode  à  proprement  parler.   Chacun   y   va   de   son   propre   style   en   fonction   de   son   hu-­ On  trouve  de  TOUT  ! meur  matinale. Du  plus  extravagant  au  plus  sobre,  nous  savons  que,  dans   tous  les  cas,  quel  que  soit  ce  que  nous  allons  porter,  nous   ne  saurons  pas  jugÊes.  Personne  ne  nous  regardera  de  la   tête  aux  pieds  avec  un  regard  qui  en  dit  long  :    oh  !  T’as  vu   celle-­là,  la  manière  dont  elle  s’habille,  elle  n’a  pas  honte  !   ,FLWRXWHVWSHUPLVRXSUHVTXH(Q¿QVXUWRXWSRXUOHVWRXU-­ istes   farangs‌   car   les   femmes   thaïes,   elles,   ne   se   per-­ mettraient  pas  de  se  promener  en  ville  en  haut  de  maillot   de  bain‌  Encore  mieux  :  alors  que  j’Êtais  en  train  de  choi-­ sir  mon  fromage  à  Tesco,  un  farang,  juste  à  côtÊ  de  moi,   avait  un  serpent  (un  vrai  de  vrai)  en  guise  d’Êcharpe  !!  

Alors,  à  vous  de  faire  votre  choix  et  quand  le  choix  est  trop   GLI¿FLOH OH PLHX[ HVW GH WRXW SUHQGUH 'H WRXWH  IDoRQ avec  la  chaleur,  autant  avoir  plusieurs  tenues  par  jour‌  ;͞-­) Pour   conclure,   juste   un   petit   conseil   pour   Mesdames   les   Farangs   :   quel   que   soit   ce   que   vous   voulez   acheter,   je   vous   recommande   vivement   de   l’essayer   au   prÊalable.   Pour  l’anecdote  :  en  France,  je  m’habille  normalement  en   taille   S   ou   M‌   Me   voilà   partie   pour   acheter   un   short,   je   demande  donc  à  la  vendeuse  une  taille  M  :  impossible  de   rentrer  dedans...  Taille  L  :  impossible  de  fermer  le  short‌   Je  suis  sortie  du  magasin  avec  une  taille  XL  !!  Le  seul  et   unique  conseil  que  je  peux  donner  sur  la  mode  à  Hua  Hin   sera  donc  :  FAITES  VOUS  PLAISIR,  mais  NE  VOUS  FIEZ   PAS  AUX  TAILLES  !

Mais,  que  voulez-­vous,  c’est  ça,  les  vacances  au  soleil  ! En  habitant  ici,  vestimentairement  parlant,  nous  avons  tous   les  choix  possibles.  D’une  robe  traditionnelle  en  soie  à  un   Bon  shopping  !! micro-­short  en  jean,  tout  est  imaginable  et  à  portÊe  de  tout   le  monde.   Toutefois,   en   gÊnÊral,   les   jupes   se   portent   courtes.   D’ailleurs,   savez-­vous   que   la   règle   de   la   mini-­jupe   est   qu’elle   ne   doit   pas   dÊpasser   les   10   cm   en   dessous   des   fesses  ?   4XDQWDX[WRSVLOVVRQWYDULpVVRXYHQWWUqVFRORUpVÀHXULV avec   des   froufrous,   des   paillettes‌   on   aime   quand   ça      brille    et  quand  c’est  sexy. 3RXUOHVFKDXVVXUHVGLI¿FLOHGHWURXYHUGHVSHWLWVWDORQVLO n’y  a  pas  trop  d’intermÊdiaires.  On  passe  directement  des   tongs  aux  talons  aiguilles.  Et  là,  je  tire  mon  chapeau  aux   femmes  thaïes,  car  personnellement,  au  bout  de  5  

Morning Bread SOI 94 (dans le 3e bloc de boutiques, en partant de Petchkasem Rd.)


Les grands du Jazz Histoire  de  Sax Quand  on  dit  saxophone,  on  pense  jazz  ou  blues,  mais   En  1870,  Adolphe  Sax   jamais  musique  classique.   enseigne  dans  une  classe   de  saxophone  au  Con-­ Et  pourtant,  cet  instrument  fut  entendu  la  première  fois   servatoire  de  Paris.  La  dĂŠ-­ en  public  le  3  fĂŠvrier  1844,  à  une  Êpoque  oĂš  le  jazz   faite  de  l’armĂŠe  française   n’existait  pas  encore.  D’après  les  historiens,  l’apparition   lui  fait  perdre  ce  travail,   du  saxophone  dans  le  jazz  date  de  1916.   l’enseignement  du  saxo-­ phone  ayant  ÊtĂŠ  supprimĂŠ.   L’inventeur  du  saxophone  est  un  certain  Antoine-­Jo-­ La  situation  Êconomique   seph  Sax,  dit  Adolphe  Sax,  nĂŠ  le  6  novembre  1814  à   dans  le  pays  est  grave  et   Dinant  sur  Meuse  (Wallonie,  Belgique),  au  sein  d’une   le  marchĂŠ  des  instruments   famille  aisĂŠe  de  constructeurs  d’instruments  de  mu-­ d’Adolphe  Sax  se  dĂŠtĂŠri-­ sique.    Adolphe  est  ÊduquĂŠ  dans  les  domaines  musi-­ RUHUDSLGHPHQW,OOXWWHGLIÂżFLOHPHQWSRXUVDVXUYLH caux  de  fabrication  d’instruments  et  il  Êtudiera  plus  tard   ÂżQDQFLqUHHWGRLWGpFODUHUIDLOOLWHHQHWYHQGUHOD ODFODULQHWWHODWHOHFKDQWHWOÂśKDUPRQLHDX&RQVHUY-­ plupart  de  ses  instruments.  Il  mourra  à  Paris  en  1894   atoire  de  Bruxelles. dans  la  solitude.   Ce  fut  un  homme  assez  Êtonnant,  tour  à  tour  profes-­ seur,  Êditeur,  musicien  et  organisateur  d’ÊvĂŠnements   publics,  en  plus  d’être  un  inventeur  renommĂŠ...  Il  ne   dĂŠposa  pas  moins  de  46  brevets  (le  premier  en  1846)   et  a  inventĂŠ,  entre  autres,  une  machine  pour  rĂŠpandre   le  goudron,  un  appareil  pour  la  gymnastique  pulmo-­ naire,  une  bombe  à  fragmentation,  divers  objets  pour   la  coiffure  fĂŠminine,  le  chemin  de  fer  à  propulsion  

Hector  Berlioz  fut  le  premier  compositeur  à  introduire   le  saxophone  dans  une  de  ses  œuvres.  Plus  tard,   *HRUJHV%L]HWQRXV¿WHQWHQGUHGDQVOœ$UOpVLHQQH XQPDJQL¿TXHVRORGHVD[RSKRQHDOWR4XDQWDX saxophone  classique,  il  doit  ses  lettres  de  noblesse   à  une  femme  saxophoniste,  Élise  Hall,  qui  au  dÊbut   du  XXe  siècle  a  commandÊ  des  œuvres  pour  saxo-­ phone  à  des  compositeurs  renommÊs.  Debussy,   Vincent  D’Indy,  Caplet,  Florent   Schmitt  lui  ont  Êcrit  les  premi-­ ères  grandes  œuvres  pour  saxo-­ phone  solo  et  orchestre. 'HPrPH5DYHO3URNR¿HY Richard  Strauss,  Alban  Berg,   Rachmaninov,  Gershwin  et  Be-­ rio,  pour  ne  nommer  qu’eux,  ont   Êgalement  utilisÊ  le  saxophone   dans  leurs  œuvres.

KpOLFRwGDOHHWDXVVLOHVĂ€HXUVDUWLÂżFLHOOHV,ODDXVVL inventĂŠ  beaucoup  d’instruments  de  musique,  dont  la   famille  des  SaxhornsÂť  (Tuba,  Baryton,  etc.),  mais   aucun  n’a  atteint  la  rĂŠputation  du  saxophone. Au  dĂŠpart,  l’Êcart  tonal  entre  bois  et  cuivres  le  dĂŠ-­ rangeait  et  il  chercha  un  instrument  de  basse,  qui  pui-­ VVHVÂśDIÂżUPHUGDQVOHVFRQFHUWVHQSOHLQDLU&ÂśHVWDLQVL qu’il  inventa  un  nouvel  instrument  :  le  saxophone.  C’est   lui  le  gĂŠnial  inventeur  !   Adolphe  Sax  a  inventĂŠ  deux  familles  de  saxophones.   L’une  pour  l’orchestre  militaire  (en  Si  bĂŠmol  et  en  Mi   bĂŠmol)  et  l’autre  pour  l’orchestre  symphonique  (en  Do   et  en  Fa).  La  famille  â€?Symphoniqueâ€?  fut  abandonnĂŠe  et   les  saxophones  que  l’on  connaĂŽt  aujourd’hui  sont  issus   de  la  famille  “Militaireâ€?.


Dans  la  musique  classique,  il  y   a  tout  un  rÊpertoire  de  sonates,   concertos,  quatuors  et  autres   grandes  œuvres  pour  saxophone  qui  n’a  rien  à  envier   au  rÊpertoire  des  autres  instruments,  si  ce  n’est  qu’il   UHVWHDXSXEOLFjOHGpFRXYULU$X[eWDWV8QLVLO¿W ses  premiers  pas  en  1888. C’est  ainsi  que  le  saxophone  est  devenu  un  des  instru-­ ments  les  plus  expressifs,  Êmotionnels,  personnels   et  reprÊsentatifs,  surtout  comme  instrument  des  plus   grands  virtuoses  et  des  solistes  de  jazz  et  d’autres  do-­ maines  musicaux.  

EN  COUVERTURE: Space-­O-­Dizzy  au  Vic  Hua  Hin

L’art à la tête Une  VICtoire  pour  mon  village

SDUODSUROLÂżTXHFRPpGLHQQHDPpULFDLQH+LODU\&KDS-­ lain.  Pièce  hilarante,  rythmĂŠe  par  les  soubresauts  d’une   Il  y  a  un  an,  le  Vic  ouvrait  ses  portes.  Jusqu’alors,  l’art  et   cĂŠlibataire  qui  s’invente  une  vie  conjugale  avec  l’aide   ODFXOWXUHIDLVDLHQWÂżJXUHGHSDUHQWVSDXYUHVj+XD+LQ d’une  lampe  et  de  quelques  bouts  de  chiffon. ville  balnĂŠaire  trop  tranquille  et  avide  de   faux  chic. Le  Fringe  a  aussi  accueilli  une  collaboration   entre  deux  troupes  de  danse,  B-­Floor   Le  Vic  se  veut  un  vĂŠritable  “hubâ€?  culturel   (ThaĂŻlande)  et  Wangnin  Bunmei         avec  non  seulement  un  programme  sco-­ -DSRQ ODPDJQLÂżTXHHWFKDRWLTXH laire  exceptionnel,  mais  aussi  une  pano-­ “Space-­O-­Dizzyâ€?.  Accompag-­ plie  d’activitĂŠs  Êducationnelles  et  de   nĂŠs  de  musiciens,  la  vingtaine   spectacles  contemporains. d’artistes  utilisent  de  main  de   Hilary   Chaplain   maĂŽtre  la  danse,  la  performance   De  par  son  envergure  et  son  calme,   et  l’art  sous  forme  d’installation,   au  VIC l’endroit  charme  au  premier  coup  d’œil,   DÂżQGHUHSUpVHQWHUOÂśLPDJLQDLUH mais  il  recèle  tout  de  mĂŞme  sa  part  de   les  relations  et  les  sentiments   fĂŠbrilitĂŠ  et  de  dynamisme  adolescent. vĂŠcus  par  tous  un  chacun  dans   l’espace  urbain.  Parfois  lyrique  et   La  directrice,  madame  Patravadi  Mejudhon, souvent  percutant,  “Space-­O-­Dizzyâ€?   y  a  crĂŠĂŠ  une  Êcole  secondaire  bien  particulière  : est  un  vĂŠritable  chef-­d’oeuvre  visuel. une  institution  offrant  non  seulement  un  cursus  classique   encadrĂŠ  par  des  professeurs  chevronnĂŠs,  mais  aussi  une   $OÂśDIÂżFKHFHZHHNHQGOHGHUQLHUVSHFWDFOHDXFDOHQGULHU gamme  de  cours  visant  à  dĂŠvelopper  la  crĂŠativitĂŠ  chez   Fringe  2011:  “Paper  Cutâ€?,  ouvrage  solo  mis  en  scène   ses  Êtudiants,  y  compris  des  leçons  d’acrobaties. par  Yael  Rasooly  d’IsraĂŤl.  “Paper  Cutâ€?  sera  prĂŠsentĂŠ  à   l’amphithÊâtre  du  Vic  Hua  Hin  le  samedi  12  mars  2011  à   /HJUDQGSXEOLFDODSRVVLELOLWpGHSURÂżWHUGHODJDOHULH 19:30.  Les  billet  seront  disponibles  à  l’entrĂŠe. d’art,  de  la  boutique  de  vĂŞtements  et  peut  mĂŞme  mar-­ quer  une  pause  au  petit  cafĂŠ.  Mais  il  peut  aussi  participer   Madame  Patravadi  promet  de  faire  de  Vic  Hua  Hin  un   aux  nombreux  ateliers  du  weekend  :  danse,  thÊâtre,  pei-­ atout  culturel  pour  la  ThaĂŻlande  et  pour  le  monde  des  arts   nture,  sans  oublier  les  nombreuses  soirĂŠes-­spectacles   en  gĂŠnĂŠral.  Je  crois  bien  que  nous  y  sommes  dĂŠjĂ . que  l’amphithÊâtre  accueille. 62/70  Soi  Moobaan  Huana  (sur  votre  droite  sur  la  Petch-­ RĂŠcemment,  le  Vic  a  prĂŠsentĂŠ  son  “Fringe  Festivalâ€?.   NDVHPNPDSUqVOHĂ€\RYHUHQGLUHFWLRQGH3UDQEXUL  Parmi  les  cinq  spectacles  de  calibre  international, notons  “A  Life  In  Her  Dayâ€?, Tel:  032-­827-­814,  032-­827-­815    web:

Ambiance Jeux COMMENT JOUER AU KAKURO ? En fait, c’est comme (et aussi simple que) les mots croisÊs ! $XOLHXGHGpÀQLWLRQVRQDGHV nombres-totaux (à un ou deux chiffres) dans les cases grises barrÊes d’une diagonale.

 un  autre  Kakuro Solution du Kakuro d’Ambiance fÊvrier

Il faut simplement trouver et mettre dans les cases blanches en regard de ces totaux (à droite ou en-dessous) les chiffres qui composent ces totaux. C’est tout ? C’est tout ! Seule contrainte : un même chiffre ne peut pas être utilisÊ deux fois pour composer un total. Pour dÊmarrer, cherchez les �cas Êvidents� : 3 (1+2), 4 (1+3), 16 (7+9) et 17 (8+9) !!

Solution dans le prochain numĂŠro... V

Ambiance de la Table De-­ci,  de-­là,  cahin-­caha,  va  trottine,  va  chemine,   va  petit  âne,  va  de-­ci,  de-­là,  cahin-­caha,  le  picotin   te  rÊcompensera.  C’est  en  faisant  comme  l’âne  de   l’opÊrette  VERONIQUE  que  j’ai  imaginÊ  de  dÊambul-­ er  de  table  en  table  parmi  les  restaurants  de  HUA   HIN  oÚ  l’accueil  se  fait  en  français.


La  rĂŠputation  de  l’endroit  n’est   plus  à  faire  et  les  cĂŠlèbres   ‘’barbecues’’  du  vendredi  soir,   tous  les  quinze  jours,  sont   l’atout  majeur  du  luxuriant  Êtab-­ lissement  de  Kao  Takiab. Au  son  du  blues  et  des  conver-­ sations,  animĂŠes  parfois,  mais   toujours  conviviales,  LE  VELO   ROUGE  propose  ses  spĂŠcial-­ itĂŠs  de  terrine  de  campagne   ou  de  poissons  pour  des  prix   attractifs  (Ă   partir  de  100  THB)

Les  spaghettis  à  la  façon  PUK  sont  un  rÊgal  (150  THB).

CHEZ  LOULOU Il  est  aux  baguettes  tous   les  mercredis  soirs  pour  de   fameux  moments  de  jazz  et   au  piano  pour  vos  papilles  du   lundi  au  dimanche. SituÊ  face  à  la  très  belle  gare   ferroviaire,  CHEZ  LOULOU  est   l’endroit  qui  convient  pour  les   voyageurs  francophones,  tout   juste  descendus  du  train  et  gourmands  de  plats  aux   bonnes  odeurs  de  France.   Du  Sandwich  Kebab  au  Bœuf  Bourguignon,  en   passant  par  la  Blanquette  de  Veau,  sans  oublier  la   Bavette  aux  Echalotes,  tout  y  est  pour  saliver.  Pour   l’accompagner,  en  musique  ou  au  bruit  des  four-­ chettes,  MOO,  la  maÎtresse  des  pâtÊs  et  des  bonnes   salades  thon-­tomate  ou  encore  de  la  soupe  aux   lÊgumes  pour  le  soir  en  plateau  TV.

OUVERT  TOUS  LES  SOIRS  (SAUF  LE  DIMANCHE)   OUVERT  TOUS  LES  JOURS  A  PARTIR  DE  9H A  PARTIR  DE  19  H.                   TEL  08  900  89  484 TEL  08  207  08  699

Le Zuber coin d’humour Histoires  d’enfants Deux  bÊbÊs  viennent  de  naÎtre  à  l’hôpital.  L’un  dit  à  l’autre  :

Tous les Samedis soirs Diner à thème

Il  baisse  son  drap....

Couscous Choucroute Bouillabaisse Vol  au  vent  ‌etc


79/5 Petchkasem Rd. Tout les jours de 7 Ă 20 h Ă  deux pas de la Banque Ayuttaya ...


Tous les Dimanches CompÊtition Simple – double – triple


“Le meilleur cafĂŠ de Hua Hinâ€?

Hua  Hin  PÊtanque  Club

Hua  Hin  PÊtanque  Club Les  vainqueurs  des  rencontres  de  fÊvrier:     6  fÊvrier   Serge  -­  Jean   13  fÊvrier   Mike  -­  Michel   20  fÊvrier   Serge   27  fÊvrier   Michel  -­  Helmut A M B I A N C E Lire et respirer en français

Ambiance SantÊ Hygiène     alimentaire  thaïe   [ou  comment  j’ai  perdu                  9kg  en  45  jours] Comme  vous  avez  pu  le  constater,  les   Thaïs,   et     les  Asiatiques   en   gÊnÊral,   sont  beaucoup  plus  minces  que  nous.   Pourquoi  ? Cela   tient   uniquement   à   leur   rÊgime   alimentaire   traditionnel.   La   preuve   :   les   enfants.   Depuis   15   ans,   suite   à   l’occidentalisation   du   rÊgime   alimen-­ taire   (yaourts,   plats   prÊparÊs,   bois-­ sons   sucrÊes,   hamburger,   frites‌),   les  petits  Thaïs  ont  pris  du  poids. Retour   sur   les   traditions   et   adapta-­ tions,  avec  les  connaissances    scien-­ WL¿TXHVDFWXHOOHVEDVpHVVXUODFKUR-­ no-­nutrition   du   Dr   Delabos   (   Mincir   sur  mesure  grâce  à  la  chrono-­nutrition   ),  les  recherches  du  Dr  Seignalet  (   Alimentation   ou   la   3e   mÊdecine   )   et   l’Êtude   comparÊe   des   rÊgimes   ali-­ mentaires  asiatiques  et  occidentaux. Si   vous   adaptez   votre   alimentation   aux   règles   de   base   du   rÊgime   asia-­ tique,  votre  perte  de  poids  se  fera  de   manière   progressive   et   durable,   ce   qui   permet   d’Êviter   l’effet   yoyo   et   la   reprise   des   kilos,   effets   indÊsirables   que   l’on   constate   frÊquemment   dans   la  plupart  des  rÊgimes  restrictifs.

-­  et  surtout,  depuis  combien  de  temps   le   surpoids   est   installÊ.   Dans   mon   cas,   la   prise   de   poids   (+   9   kg)   a   ÊtÊ   effective  en  seulement  3  mois,  suite  à   des  excès  en  France.  Plus  la  prise  de   poids  est  rÊcente,  plus  il  est  facile  de   retrouver  son  poids  de  forme.

-­  Mâcher   10X   chaque   bouchÊe   :   très  important  car  cela  facilite  grande-­ ment  la  digestion  (production  de  sucs   digestifs  et  les  aliments  bien  mâchÊs   Êvitent   les   ballonnements   et   les   gaz   postprandiaux)     et   le   corps   a   besoin   d’environ   20   minutes   pour   informer   le   cerveau   qu’il   est   repu.   Il   convient   En  effet,  le  corps  a  une  mÊmoire  tissu-­ donc   de   manger   doucement,   sinon   laire  et  est  intelligent.  Si  on  lui  donne   on   stocke   le   surplus   sous   forme   de   la   possibilitÊ   de   retrouver   son   Êquili-­ graisse. bre,   il   le   fera   automatiquement   (Ho-­ mÊostasie). -­   Manger   à   heures   rÊgulières   :   votre   corps   a   besoin   d’habitudes,   cela   A  60  ans,  il  convient  donc  de   le   rassure.   Si   vous   mangez   ir-­ ne  pas  viser  le  poids  de  ses   rÊgulièrement   ou,   pire,   si   vous   20  ans,  mais  le  poids  de  ses   sautez   un   repas,   votre   corps   55   ans,   dans   un   premier   stockera   au   maximum   les   ÊlÊ-­ temps.   Ce   n’est   pas   la   ments   du   prochain   repas,   perte   de   poids   qui   est   car   il   ne   sait   pas   si   vous   importante,   mais   vo-­ allez  recommencer‌ tre  ressenti.  Si  vous     vous   sentez   bien   -­   Boire   de   l’eau   ou   du   dans   votre   corps   jus   d’ananas   frais   en   à   75   kg,   pourquoi   dehors   des   repas   dès   vouloir   perdre   du   qu’on  a  soif  ou  faim. poids  ?   -­   Se   faire   masser   en   pal-­ Pour   correspondre   à   un   pÊ-­roulÊ   sur   l’ensemble   idÊal  ?  L’idÊal  n’est  il  pas   du   corps   2   à   3   fois   par   d’être  heureux  ? semaine,   pour   casser   la   graisse   et   libÊrer   les   tox-­ MÊthodologie  : ines.

Il  est   en   gÊnÊral   as-­  7UDQVSLUHU  LO VXI¿W GH sez   facile   de   perdre   vivre  ici,  en  Thaïlande  ;͞-­) les   2-­3   premiers   kilos.   Les  reprendre  aussi  ! -­  1  cafÊ/jour  maximum,  mais  prÊfÊrer   Pour  que  votre  perte  de  poids  soit  ef-­ le  thÊ  vert  (menthe  ou  jasmin). Il   ne   s’agit   pas   d’un   rÊgime,   mais   ¿FDFH HW GXUDEOH QRXV YRXV FRQVHLO-­ -­   Limiter   l’alcool,   surtout   après   17h   d’une   hygiène   alimentaire   avec   des   lons  de  : (c’est   du   sucre,   donc   stockage,   de   règles  simples  basÊes  sur  le  bon  sens   'p¿QLUYRWUHSRLGVGHIRUPH HWQRQ SOXV OœDOFRRO EU€OH OD ÀRUH LQWHVWLQDOH et  les  dernières  synthèses  en  matière   votre  poids  idÊal). ce   qui   favorise   diarrhÊe,   ballonne-­ d’alimentation. ment,  gaz,  prise  de  poids,  etc.). Sachez  toutefois  que  votre  espÊrance   -­   Vous   peser   une   seule   fois   par   se-­ de  perte  de  poids  dÊpend  de  plusieurs   maine   (les   effets   sont   plus   ou   moins   -­  Avoir  une  activitÊ  physique  minimum:   rapides   suivant   les   personnes   pour   1   heure   de   marche   active,   de   prÊfÊ-­ facteurs  :   les  raisons  ÊvoquÊes  prÊcÊdemment. rence  nordique,  par  jour  est  excellent   ou  alors,  30  min.  de  natation,  10  min.   -­  votre  âge  (plus  on  est  jeune,  plus  on   de  corde  à  sauter  pour  les  pressÊs  ou   brÝle  vite  les  calories) /DGpWR[L¿FDWLRQ 30  min  .de  course  à  pied  pour  les  plus   jeunes.   Toutes   les   activitÊs   permet-­ -­   votre   sexe   (la   mÊnopause,   les   dÊ-­ règlements  hormonaux    et  les  œstro-­ /D GpWR[L¿FDWLRQ HVW XQ PpFDQLVPH tant   de   crÊer   un   hyper-­mÊtabolisme   progestatifs   [pilules,   TSH]   peuvent   qui   va   dÊsactiver   et   Êliminer   les   dÊ-­ sont   bonnes   car,   en   transpirant,   on   gÊnÊrer  des  prises  de  poids  momen-­ chets   de   l’organisme.   Elle   se   fait   sur   VHGpWR[L¿H6LRQIDLWFHVDFWLYLWpVj une  semaine  et  permet  de  nettoyer  le   jeun,  on  va  apprendre  petit  à  petit  au   tanÊes) corps  tout  en  posant  les  bases  d’une   corps  à  puiser  dans  ses  rÊserves. -­  votre  environnement  (le  stress  est  gÊnÊ-­ nouvelle  hygiène  alimentaire. -­   Se   coucher   au   plus   tôt   1h30   après   rateur  de  dÊsÊquilibre,  source  de  prise  ou   Principes  de  base  : le  dÎner.   de  perte  de  poids  selon  la  nature  de  cha-­ cun)   -­  Boire  ½  litre  d’eau  plate  ou  gazeuse   avant  chaque  repas.   Suite  le  mois  prochain... -­  l’activitÊ  physique,  ‌   -­  Manger  thaï.


Ambiance Golf Courriers  des  golfeurs  de  Hua  Hin

Et   de  savoir  pourquoi  le  prix  moyen  du  green  fee  est  le  tri-­ ple  en  2011  (2500  THB)  alors  que  les  services  à  l’intĂŠrieur   Ils   sont   de   plus   en   plus   nombreux   Ă    nous   ĂŠcrire   pour   du  site  ne  sont  pas  meilleurs  ? exprimer  leurs  mauvaises  sensations    et  AMBIANCE  pro-­ A   l’extĂŠrieur   des   golfs,   c’est-­à-­dire   au   sein   des     ‘Driving   pose  un  rĂŠsumĂŠ  de  leurs  diffĂŠrentes  lettres. range‘  la  leçon  d’une  heure  par  un  pro  Êtait  de  800  THB  il  y   a  dix  ans,  elle  est  de  1000  THB  en  2011,  cherchez  l’erreur  ! Faut   il   s’inquiĂŠter   de   savoir   si   les   autres   lieux   de   golf   en   THAILANDE  sont  plus  performants  que  ceux  de  HUA  HIN,   ou  doit  on  s’organiser  pour  montrer  aux  gourmands  ‘’mar-­ keteurs  ‘’  que  les  ‘’tapeurs  ‘’  de  balle  de  HUA  HIN  peuvent   imaginer  des  propositions  concrètes  pour  que  chacun  re-­ trouve  le  sourire  ? Savez  vous  que  PATTAYA,  CHIANG  MAI    proposent  des   formules  pour  les  rĂŠsidents,  leur  permettant  de  jouer    sur   plusieurs   parcours     pour   un   budget   raisonnable,   et   cela     une  fois  par  semaine. A   HUA   HIN,   cette   possibilitĂŠ   n’existe   que   durant  Aout   et  

LE  PARCOURS   DES   GOLFS   DE   HUA   HIN   Septembre,  c’est  le    golf  festival  ! DEPUIS  L’AN  2000  ! Le   moment   est   venu   de   se   poser   des   questions   sur   le   GU{OHGHMHXTXHOHV¾œPDUNHWHXUVœœGHVSDUFRXUVJROÂżTXHV proposent  aux  amoureux  de  la  petite  balle. UN  JOUEUR  ANGLAIS  ECRIT‌  Il  y  a  dix  ans,  il  Êtait  pos-­ sible  de  jouer  (sans  rĂŠserver  son  dĂŠpart)  sur  l’un  des  cinq   parcours  existants  à  cette  Êpoque.  (Prix  moyen  du  green   fee=  800  THB) UN  JOUEUR  SUEDOIS  ECRIT‌  Avec  le  double  de  pos-­ sibilitĂŠs  de  jeu  au  quotidien,  (10  parcours)  les  règles  ont   changĂŠes  et  bien  malin  celui  qui  va  pouvoir  dĂŠcider  le  ma-­ tin  au  moment  du  cafĂŠ  avec  ses  potes,  de  taper  dans  la   balle  l’après  midi. Cela  ne  veut  pas  dire  que  la  potentialitĂŠ  des  joueurs  vient   de  doubler  en  dix  ans. Il  s’agit  de  savoir  a  quelle  sauce  les  gentils  golfeurs  vont   ĂŞtre  manges  par  les  gourmands  responsables  des  GOLFS     DE  HUA  HIN  ? UN   JOUEUR   BELGE   ECRIT‌   A   l’identique   de   la   stra-­ tĂŠgie  mise  en  place  depuis  des  dĂŠcennies  en  EUROPE  ou   ailleurs,  le  système  ‘’Member  ship  ‘’est  de  mise  pour  ces   4  golfs. -­   -­   -­   -­  


UN  JOUEUR  FRANÇAIS  ECRIT‌  La  trÊsorerie  gÊnÊrÊe     est  bien  sur  le  point  essentiel  et  l’objectif  de  cette  stratÊgie.   Et  le  gentil  membre  de  ces  golfs  prÊdateurs,  que  devient-­ il   ?   Ces   tÊmoignages   recueillis   auprès   de   personnes   de   nationalitÊs   diffÊrentes     prouvent   que   le   respect,   le   ser-­ vice  et  l’ensemble  des  petits  dÊtails  qui  font  qu’un  membre   est  bien  dans  sa  peau  lorsqu’il  pÊnètre  sur  le  fairway  de   VRQFOXEVHVRQWGLOXpVDXFRXUVGHVDQQpHVJRO¿TXHVGH HUA  HIN.  (voir  tableau  fourni  par  un  membre  de  SPRING-­ FIELD,  en  Annexe  **).

**ANNEXE‌‌ Pour   info    l’explosion  des  prix,  pour  les  annÊes  2550,   2551  et  2552  le  maintenance  fee,  cotisation  demandÊe   à  tous  les  membres  pour  participer  à  la  conservation  en   bon  Êtat  de  leur  club,  s’Êlevait  à  8,560  baht  pour  moi  et   2,140  baht  pour  mon  Êpouse  puisque  mon  membership   est  familial,  soit  un  total  famille  de  10,700  baht  par  an.   Je  viens  de  payer  le  maintenance  fee  pour  cette  annÊe   2554  et  il  s’Êlève  à  10,700  baht  pour  moi  et  7,490  baht   pour  mon  Êpouse,  soit  un  total  de  18,190  baht  pour  la   famille,  soit  une  augmentation  de  près  de  80%  en  2  ans.   Et  cette  somme  à  multiplier  par  les  10  annÊes  à  courir   pour  mon  membership  de  15  ans  va  pratiquement  dou-­ bler  le  prix  d’achat  du  membership.   &RPPHQWOHVPHPEUHVSHXYHQWVHIDLUHHQÀHUFRPPH cela  et  se  sentir  bien  dans  leur  peau  de  membre  en   même  temps??

Boutique Â

G  &  K

SHORTS pour hommes Vaste choix VĂŞtements pour Prix modĂŠrĂŠs femmes Gildas & Kaew, TĂŠl. 0859065635 Soi 94, Ă 60m de Petchakasem

Restaurant & Pub Open daily from 5pm ‘til late For information call 086 002 9368 (Eng: Paul) or 087 988 4385 (Thai: Kong)

7-11 7-11

Soi 94,Hua Hin 1 km westofthe railwayline

LIVE music every night Sundays & Wednesdays - Eddi & the Joker Band; familiar pop, rock and blues with a twist! Tuesdays - The Stone Band; Cartoon and the boys are Hua Hin’s veterans of classic rock Fridays - Feature night; could be blues, country, folk or something else! Mondays,Thursdays & Saturdays - Jam sessions /pot pourri; audience participation welcomed! Every day - Classical guitar sets during dinner

“It may be hard to find, but it’s impossible to forget”


Soi 94

Soi 88

P H E T C Market H Village K A S E M R O A D BKK Hosp.


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NIGHTLY MUSIC 4 Bands in Rotation, playing pleasant Thai pop-jazz and bossa nova nighty from 9 pm @Absorba Pub 100 Pipers Band. 100 Pipers Pub. Nightly exc Mon., 11 pm; Highenergy Thai country and rock. Ben Bamboo Saxophone at Joy Restaurant, Petchkasem at Soi 78. Nightly. Bossa Nova and Thai Popular Music. Every night@Thonglor Pub Classic Thai Peau Chiwit (Songs for Life). Nightly from about 10 pm @ Usapasang Pub Do-Re-Mi at Milestones Pub, Hilton Hotel. Every night except Tuesday. Classic pop. Highly entertaining. Jazz 4 Dinner with the Hua Hin Ensemble: Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10 pm @Rest Detail Hotel Live Jazz and Popular Music. Dusit Resort. House band play nightly in the Polo Bar, exc.Tues, starts 8pm. Live Music at Terrace 90 Restaurant. Every Fri/ Sat Night from 7 PM - No Cover Charge. LukNam Band, LukNam Pub. Thai Country and Rock. Nightly 10pm until very late. It rocks. Modern Thai Popular Music, Thonglor Pub. Every night, from 9 pm ‘til closing Piano Duo, Standards and Thai Songs Nightly from 8pm @Leelawadee Pub and Restaurant. Great fun, expect a crowd. Piano Duo, Elvis and other popular music. Nightly @Livanto Restaurant Popular, Country, and Oldies. Nokkachan Restaurant and Pub. Nightly from 9pm Rock and Pop at Jimmy’s Bar, Soi Bintabaht Smoriang Band, Smoriang Pub. Thai Country and rock. Nightly 10pm. Great fun, expect a crowd. Soft, Sophisticated Jazz with Mr. Uri (guitar) and Marayah (vocal). Coco 51 Restaurant. Nightly 7-10 pm; Soft vintage and contemporary jazz. These guys are good. Solo jazz with “Dr. Jazz” (Sverre Bey) Nightly 7-10 pm at the Fat Cat Guest House. Stoned Head Band. El Murphy’s Hotel, Irish Bar, and Restaurant. Nightly from 10pm. Classic rock

with Hua Hin’s most venerable band. Thai Acoustic Music, TauMai Restaurant. Nightly from 7pm. Tunes from talented singers and guitarists. Thai Acoustic Music, Plearnwan Vintage Village. Fri/Sat from 8 pm. Khun Oh and Chat come down from Bangkok to regale us all. They are quite good, and often have guest artists. VENUE GUIDE 100 PIPERS PUB. Petchkasem Rd at soi 68. The door is about 60 metres north of the intersection. 100 PIPERS PUB. Petchkasem Rd at soi 68. The door is about 60 metres north of the intersection. ABSORBA PUB AND RESTAURANT. 8/110 Petchkasem Rd. Just before the King’s Palace, next to the cable TV office, and across the street from the Golden Place shop. Live Music nightly from 9 pm. BAAN CHANG. Soi 9 North, Cha Am. Next to Methavalai Hotel. BLUE ANGEL CABARET. Soi Sarakam off Soi Bintabaht. CHECK CHEU CLUB. Soi 86/1, next to the Grand Hotel CHEZ LOULOU. Next to the 7-11 by the railway station. COCO 51 RESTAURANT. Soi 51 at the beach. Tel 032 515597. DUSIT RESORT. 1349 Petchkasem Rd. Just north of the ‘underpass’ near the airport. Tel. 032 520009. EL MURPHY’S HOTEL. 25 Soi Selakam, at ‘Little 5 Points’. Tel 032 511525 FAT CAT GUESTHOUSE. 8/3 Naresdamri Road. Near the fishing pier. HI4 PUB. At Hin Nam Sai Suay condominium, Petchkasem Road Soi 7. http://www.hi4pub. HILTON HOTEL. Naresdamri Rd. Tel 032 538999. JIMMY’S BAR. Soi Bintabaht JOY RESTAURANT. Petchkasem Road at Soi 78 near the downtown ‘crossroads’. LEELAWADEE PUB AND RESTAURANT, Petchakasem Soi 68/1. Hua Hin’s upscale men’s club. LIVANTO RESTAURANT AND PIANO BAR. 19 Damnerkasem Rd. Near Burger King, etc. Pianist and singer every night. Website www. LUKNAM PUB. On the road to Pala U waterfall. Opposite Phoenix Bar. NOKKACHAN RESTAURANT AND PUB, Khao Takiab. Khao Takiab road corner of soi 83. PLEARNWAN VINTAGE VILLAGE. Petchkasem Road at Soi 40.

THE “QUEEN’S GARDEN” PARK. A lovely public space on the ocean at Soi 19. RAY’S PLACE. Corner of Sa Song/Amnuaysin Roads, south of night market and west of Petchkasem Rd. REST DETAIL HOTEL. Soi 19 at the beach, just North of the 19 Rai fairgrounds. 19/119 Soi Hua Hin 19. Tel: 032 547 733 http://www. SASI RESTAURANT, Khao Takiab. Next door to The Venue@Suansri, on soi Khao Takiab 83. Tel 032 512488 or 081 880 4004. Web www., email sasi@sasi-restaurant. com. SMORIANG PUB. In the small soi that runs between San Paolo Hospital and the Grand night market. You’ll find Smoriang on the left, shortly before you hit the railroad tracks. SOUAY VISTA SOCIAL CLUB. Soi 94. About 1km up from railway crossing after a twist in the road. STONE HEAD TAVERN. On the south east corner of Petchkasem and Chomsin Roads (at the traffic light), 2nd floor. Enter from Chomsin. TAUMAI RESTAURANT. Petchkasem Rd on the ocean side. Two doors north of Index Living Mall. TERRACE 90 RESTAURANT. Soi 90 (just before Market Village when heading north on Phetkasem Road) about 250 metres up on the right. Tel. 032 516587 email terrace90@gmail. com www; THE DUKE’S RESTAURANT. Soi 51 (aka Damronrat Rd.) at the beach. Just off Naebkehardt Rd. Tel 03 251 5787. www.theduke51,com THE LORD WEBB, RESTAURANT & BAR, Khao Takiab Road, Hua Hin. Opposite Baan Lansat. Contact English 089-5488002. Thai 0890492141. Web THE VENUE@ SUANSRI, Khao Takiab. On the corner of Khao Takiab Road and ‘Soi Hyatt’ (soi 83). Tel. 080 536 606. Email THONGLOR PUB. Soi 51, between Petchkasem and Naebkehardt Roads. USAPASANG PUB (sign in Thai only). Petchkasem Road, inland side, south of Market Village. VIC HUA HIN THEATRE AND PATRAVADI PERFORMING ARTS CENTER. An astonishing complex on 30 rai of land just 5 minutes south of Hua Hin center. Go south on Petchkasem Road past Market Village shopping mall. Take the ‘flyover’ to Prachuab Kirikhan and Pranburi, past the Centennial Park and night market on your right. The entrance is on the right, about 500 metres past the flyover. The sign at the entrance says “Patravadi High School”. The theatre itself is the large black building. Tel. 032 827815. GET CLUED UP ON COFFEE AT NET CAFÉ

Net Café on Soi 94 We serve real Columbian Coffee Hi-­Speed Internet/ Free Wi-­Fi

Open 8 AM -­ 8 PM. Phone 032 512 948 DOWN 1. Turned away or aside (7) 2. Similar (5) 3. Kitchen tool (7) 5. Commissioned military officer (5) 6. Unfathomable (7) 7. Periodic rise and fall of sea level (5) 8. Deceive by

mock action (5) 14. Assemble in proper sequence (7) 16. Scoundrel (7) 17. Promote (7) 18. Prolonged period of time (5) 19. Undefined (5) 20. Live (5) 22. Sum of money offered as a prize (5) Last week’s solution

ACROSS 1. Counting device (6) 4. A forceful consequence (6) 9. Deport (5) 10. Relished (7) 11. Act of deliberate betrayal (7) 12. Movable staircases (5) 13. Easily handled or managed (6) 15. Lithe (6) 19. Device in a brass wind instrument (5) 21. Oval (7) 23. Slowly moving ice mass (7) 24. Large artery (5) 25. Throws out (6) 26. Sternutation (6)


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If you are interested in these properties please email us on or call 081 614 8728 '"#6-064(0-'$0634&)0.& We have a beautiful 4 bedroom home alongside the famous Black Mountain Golf club for an immediate closure, hence price reduction. This needs a few things adding to make this a true unbelievable home. For investment purposes, this would be ideal for rentals for the Golf community as it’s 50 yards from the course. Phase Two of Black Mountain is now underway and this will only add value once completed. Ref No.: 032512 CFECBUIBMMFOTVJUF -BOETJ[FTRN *OUFSOBMMJWJOHTJ[FTRN #MBDL.PVOUBJO(PMGDMVC WJFXTPGUIFUIIPMF 'BCVMPVT.PVOUBJOWJFXTBMMBSPVOE )VB)JODFOUSFNJOTESJWF 1SJDFNJMMJPOCBIUXPVMEOFFEBSPVOENJMMJPOUPmOJTI PGGUIFMBOETDBQFHBSEFOT JODMVEJOHQPPM $BMMPSFNBJMGPSNPSFEFUBJMT &9$&--&/50110356/*5:*/8&--&45"#-*4)&%%&7&-01.&/5 This wonderful three storey home is only a stones throw away from the beach and walking distance to all restaurants and shops in this local scenic village. Within a well established development of 70 homes, 35 each side. Part furnished with outside gardens.This also has the largest communal swimming pool in Hua Hin. Ref No.: 03256



Tel: 032 532904


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Intelligent indoor, outdoor, text and video LED displays Suitable for almost any business or event, including: ‡ Partys ‡ Shops ‡ Exhibitions ‡ Concerts ‡ Airports ‡ University ‡ Railway ‡ Movie / Theatre ‡ 7UDIÀF ‡ Restaurants announcements ‡ Sports events Prices start from 2,500 baht. We offer customized solutions where the contents are updated automatically and remotely.

For all info, prices and orders please contact us at : EMAIL:


TELEPHONE: 085 292 3170 (English)

089 415 1217 (Thai)

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Property Marketplace

If you are interested in these properties please email us on or call 081 614 8728 Hua Hin Condos with great views and facilities A beautiful condominium where the focus is on functionality, family friendly, quality and value for money. Facilities & services at this Golf Condominium Resort are such as indoor putting greens, lobby lounge area, kids pool and big swimming pool, cafĂŠ, exercise room, golf booking service, wireless internet, laundry service, maid service, security service, transportation etc. 22

One bedroom condos with spacious living, kitchen – balcony with mountain views 72 sqm price ranging from 3.5 million depends on level of floor. Two bedroom condos with spacious living and open kitchen area, 112 sqm price ranges from 6 million again on floor status. Ref No.: 03252 Phuket properties for sale and rental, please contact

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English & Thai Language Courses

‡Visa Service ‡Translations ‡TEFL Courses 032-­470681 www.insightenglish-­

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BUSINESS MASSAGE BUSINESS, OR shop contents for sale Located Phetkasem Road 100 metres south of Beach road on left side going south. contact Colin (English) on 0870395980, or Yui (Thai) on 089 225 5474 or email Offers around 450,000 bt. RESTAURANT FOR SALE Well established, popular Thai/Western restaurant for sale. Good location, all year round business, Four and a half years lease remaining, easily renewed. 650,000 Baht o.n.o. including all equipment and stock. Telephone 081 018 0558 or 084 945 0827 for more details. BAR/RESTAURANT FOR SALE. Good location on Petchkasem Road, close to main intersection. Recently refurbished throughout, fully air conditioned on 2 floors. including 2 bathrooms. Upstairs is ideal for accommodation and further business premises. Leased until 2014 and easy to renew. Price includes all fixtures and fittings. For further details email property@ or telephone 081 649 8361. CHEAP CHARLIE BAR and food for sale. In Soi Sarakam, price now 850,000 baht or near offer for quick sale. Rent paid until May 2011, renewable lease to Nov 2013. Full working kitchen, staff room with bathroom, two TVs, UBC, pool table, all white goods and stock. Move in start trading, Call Jim 083 784 7455, or Ying 084 156 3592.



WAITRESS - RESTAURANT outside Hua Hin close to Palm Hills. Looking for staff waitress and cook. English speaking. Email or call 080 654 0315 BAKER TRAINEE NEEDED. Terrace 90 will Train. 032 516 587 INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE HOUSE with dev office in Hua Hin is looking for staff; 1: HIGHLY SKILLED Developers (PHP & MySQL) Essential skill in PHP (OO), MySQL, JS, with specific experience in (a) a MVC Framework like CodeIgnitor/ CakePHP or (b) a JS Framework like JQuery/ MooTools. Experience with advanced ALM tools and processes (we use Atlassian and SubVersion) an advantage, as would be DB Modelling, UI/UX, Java or Linux experience. 2: PART-TIME talented GUI/UX Designer. We have several large projects almost completed need a UI specialist to make them look better. Essential skills are xHTML & CSS, with JS/JQuery, Web 2.0 UI Design Patterns/Styles an advantage. Tools Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks etc. 3: PA/ Secretary Essential skills are Windows & MS Office and a good memory. Accounting skills with QuickBooks or MYOB would be an advantage.Open to all nationalities with good English. Work Permits can be organised. Contact Shayne 0822 838 902 or SUNSHINE BAR OPPOSITE La Vallee resort after Elephant Village Hua Hin, General bar staff required, preference to those with waitress/cashier experience and those who can cook and speak English. Accommodation available for right person. This is a family bar NOT a girlie bar. Phone Arun 0852233620 CASHIER, WAITRESS NEEDED for Bobby’s Restaurant and Bar, on Soi 102, must speak some English, good wages plus tips. Need full or part-time, good place to work, not a girlie bar. Call Nam 089 985 7473 (Thai) or Bobby 087 155 7737 (English)

GENERAL CHILD’S BED AND desk combo for sale. Bought at Index Mall and never used. Like new. Will sell for 15,000 baht obo. Contact ted at 0890288042 or ted@

THAIPROPERTYDIRECT.COM The best  place  to  satisfy  all  your   property  needs  and  more

COLLECTION OF 47 vinyl albums for sale from 80/90’s. Offers around 10,000bt. Call Paul 0861 604 261 FOR SALE INDUSTRIAL stainless steel Fridge Freezers one single and one double door,double deep fat fryer and large stainless steel ice box. Call 0870117080 PEDIGREE ENGLISH BULL Terrier Puppy Needs A Urgent Home. A lovely 5 month old EBT puppy (bitch) that I need to find a new family for urgently. Bought from a dog show in bkk, cost over 28,000 bt. The puppy (Roxy) recently broke her leg in 2 places and will make a full recovery but I need to give her up, to a loving home as she wont be able to get the rest she needs due to our other dog. All shots up to date and is a wonderful dog. A very hard decision and we only want to see her go to a safe loving home. Please email me in regards to this at or call/text 082 248 2214. FUJI DIGITAL CAMERA Model S5700. 7.1 Mega Pixels, Telescopic lens, all singing and dancing, all leads etc 18 months old. 6000 baht. Call Peter on 084 753 6252 for more details HEWLETT PACKARD 2100N Colour Laser Printer for sale. 3000bt will get you the printer and a brand new black cartridge. You will need to purchase 3 individual colour cartridges but they last forever in any business or home office. Call Paul 0861 604 261 DOGUE DE BORDEAUX (French Mastiff) puppies for sale. Beautiful pups available early February.We have 4 dogs and 5 bitches. Both parents have champions in their pedigree and are UK KC registered and soon to be Thai KC too. Viewing from the New Year. 30,000 baht. Contact Phone 082 297 4175


Option 1 email to; Option 2 write the details clearly in BLOCK capitals on paper and deliver to Noi at Noi’s Kitchen, Soi Selekam; Option 3 register at and place your advert there. All options must be by 6 pm on Tuesday to be guaranteed inclusion in that week’s issue. All adverts are free and will be included for at least four weeks automatically, except adverts for business, which are charged at the following rates: Up to 50 words: 500 baht for 13 issues (3 months) 51 words and over charged at 500 baht plus 20 baht per word over 50 for 13 issues. Example: 60 words charged at 500 plus (10 x 20)=700 baht for 13 issues. Please contact classifieds@awolonline. net for further information or to make a booking.

KING SIZE BED complete with Mattress and compartmentised head board (with lights and storage etc.)Brand new condition. 4,500baht. Phone Terry on 0885422918 ITEMS FOR SALE – (either new or used once only). Lego minstorms robotics invention system 2.0 bt5000; Lego mud n street racer bt1000; Bach selmar trumpet + extras Bt5000; Pc dance mat & cd bt500; Golf launchpad usb gold simulator for pc bt3000; Full set ram golf clubs plus bag (new) bt14000; as new English fiction bestselling authors hardback books (Amazon) 5 books for bt 750 (over 200 available). Following items are not new - Yamaha classical guitar bt 4500; Furrari iata dog kennel 40”l x 30”w x 30”h bt3000. Only genuine parties interested please contact tel. 084 004 9862 WASHING MASHINE FOR sale. Toshiba, 2 y, spin, good condition, Hua Hin center 3,900 baht Call 089 066 7516 or Email

GENERAL - SPORTS BRAND NEW SPURS shirts - 2 very high quality Spurs shirts for sale, 1 medium and one xl. unopened,brand new. Bought to take home as presents but staying in Hua-Hin now so need to sell. 450 baht each or 800 baht for both. call Julian on 08740 89512 or email LOOKING FOR A Lake View Membership? I have 4 memberships available at good prices ready for immediate transfer. Contact Paul on 0861 604 261 WANTED: PALM HILLS Golf memberships. If you are looking to sell your golf membership then I have two separate buyers looking for one. Please contact me asap to discuss the price. Contact Paul 0861 604 261 TAYLORMADE RAC MUSCLEBACK forged irons 3-SW with S300 shafts. 17000bt and will include Taylormade R7 golf bag. I will also have the loft and lie adjusted to suit you so they are indeed Taylor Made for you. Call Paul 0861 604 261 SELECTION OF GOLF clubs for sale. Callaway Fusion 3 rescue 21degree with regular carbon shaft. Perfect condition 2500bt Ram 3 rescue 19degree with regular carbon shaft offset for slice problems. Perfect condition 2000bt Call Paul 0861 604 261 SPRINGFIELD FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. 25 years and 6 months remaining. Reduced price for quick sale. Does not include transfer fee. Price 195,000 baht. Email: Phone 083 617 5777 GOLF CLUBS AND bag for sale: Taylor Made R80 Bubble irons: 4,5,6,7,8,9,pw,sw; (10 years old, not used for all years). Ping offset G10 driver (3 years old, also underused), Ping 22 degree Rescue club (5 yrs old, underused). Callaway Big Bertha 5 wood. Maxfli brass head putter (old). Plus: Benross blue/black carry bag, with back straps, stand (2 yrs old, excellent condition). Black zip-up Travel Bag (4 yrs old, excellent condition, used three times). The lot: 13,000 baht. Call Colin, on: 0870395980 POOL TABLE FOR sale Pool table in good condition. 246 cm x 116 cm (inside). Cushions, cloth, slate replaced/renovated 2 years ago. View at Nancy’s, Soy Cattareya, Cha Am. Price neg. 32,000.baht. Email erik., Phone 089 836 0081 (Thai/Eng) GIANT XTC MOUNTAINBIKE for sale. Top of the range model, silver and red. 17 inch 6000 series super light aluminium alloy frame, RockShox Dart 3 front fork, Shimano Deore Lx 27 gears, XC Lite wheels with Alex trims, tyre size 25 x 2.10, saddle Selle Italia. New price 50,000 baht, now secondhand but as new price 22,000 baht. TEL 089 206 1422 Email

Trust PALM HILLS GOLF Membership for sale. 23 years. Price negotiable. Phone 081 088 5313 MULTI SPORT AQUAGLIDE (6 left). Lanai inflatable sailboat/ windsurfer/ kayak/ towable for 2 or 3 people. Plus 1 Big Sister for up to 8 people. Brand new, USA made. Currently stored in Pranburi. For sale, everything or individually, 10-12,000 THB each ono. Urgent sale. Contact Jumbo 086 071 6827 or email jumbobkk@ POOL CUES FOR sale! Brand new and second hand. Contact Andy on 086 178 1550 or at Lucky Shot bar. GOLF CLUB SET for sale. I have available a set of Ben Hogan forged GCD irons with regular steel shafts, Olyo Driver with regular shaft, 3wood and 5wood railers and 60 degree lob wedge. Includes a stand bag. This can be your set for 10,000 bt Tel Paul 0861 604 261 GOLF LESSONS AVAILABLE. Have an issue with your golf swing and just can’t put your finger on it? Let us put you right. Proven EGTF technique has reduced a player from 1.7 to 0.9 in just 3 weeks!! Call 0861 604261

MOTORING - 4 WHEELS PLUS TOYOTA TRD FACTORY sports suspension kitas new just. 14000km. Cost 30K sell 15,000 BHT. Shane 082 283 8902 or ask at Bobby’s Bar in Soi 102. CARS & PICKUPS wanted for CASH!!!! CASH PAID for all late model (2004/2009) Cars and Pickups,in reasonable condition. Call Udo now :089 667 1312. 07 TOYOTA HILUX Diesel PreRunner. new model one owner 4 door, manual. Beautiful condition, service history, low mlg. A bargain at 585,000 THB. Tel Thai 085 284 8059 English 082 790 4596 MAZDA TRIBUTE SUV. 2004 MAZDA TRIBUTE SUV V6 AUTO ,112000 kms, many extras ,taxed and fully insured to September 2010. Test drive available,good condition. 499000. Baht. Call :0871 633394/ 089 667 1312.

MOTORING - 3 WHEELS & LESS 2010 TIGER BOXER 250cc Red Low mileage, excellent condition, anti puncture tyres, extra gear cog, spare tyre. Reg till Feb 2012. Cost 78,000 bt new, will sell for 55,000 bt Phone Tony, 087 367 3422 or 087 664 1697 YAMAHA FINO GREEN/BLACK color 2010 Only 1200 km,as new,taxed & book.excellent!Ask for pics.36000 baht.Great deal. Call 086-2845055 SUZUKI STEEP FOR sale,2006,km really well and fast.taxed and book. Price 22,000 baht. Call 086-2845055 HONDA SHADOW 750CC for sale in Hua Hin. Deep dark green color with custom paint on tank. Powerful 750cc, less than 41,000 km, 1990, in good condition. Very reliable and powerful V Twin engine. Bike is located Hua Hin, comes with the green book. New front tyre, just changed oil and water, front fork o-rings, battery. Price 130,000 baht. Email or call 085 351 8402 YAMAHA NOUVO ELEGANCE for sale. 135 cc, 2008, 12000 km, black-red color.taxed & insured,green book. perfect. 38,000 baht Call 086-2845055 KAWASAKI KLX 125CC 2010 Brand New green/black KLX 125cc dual purpose on road/off road motorcycle. Fully road legal with only 400KM on the clock. Paid Baht 84,000 with 2 years transferable theft insurance. 75,000 baht. Email or Phone 086 166 9880 HONDA STEED 400CC for sale. Cherished bike that I want to replace with CBR or similar. Steed has 19500km on the clock and is fully serviced every 2mths. Comes with invoice papers from local Big Bike dealer and the Green book is available to you from that same dealer. Currently the bike is electric blue in colour. Only 90,000bt. Contact Paul 0861 604 261 FOR SALE HONDA SCOOPY. Like new honda scoopy 10 months old with 5,000 kms on it , dont need two motor bikes will sell for 34,000 baht contact darrell at 0810158007 or nok at 0810146426 in hua hin

AVAILABLE NOW! OFF road 4 speed 125cc Fun bikes in two sizes. Priced at 29,999 and 32,999 baht respectively. Have a test ride at Go Kart Hua Hin - call 032 547 199 (office) or 081 817 3000 to arrange one or for more information. TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE-675 cc. Only 2,000 miles and one owner from new. Supplied by Triumph main dealer in Bangkok (BRITBIKE Co Ltd) with Thai registration and number “1” plate. Full Triumph service history and many additional Triumph accessories. Only THB 445,000 incl registration book. Call Craig on 081 193 6230. FOR SALE YAMAHA XIR 135cc 3yrs Old, 27,000klm. 20,000Bht No offers reason for sale bought bigger bike. test drive welcome contact Mick 085 297 3464 or email for futher details MOTORBIKE 4 RENT daily-montly. We are located in the centre of Hua Hin and we are competitively priced, we have Fino’s, Scoopy’s, Gelato’s, Nouvo, Wave and Clicks all for rent 200 baht per day, 3000 baht per month. We can do a cheaper deal for long term, they are all in good condition, taxed & insured.

PERSONAL & SERVICES COMPUTER NEED FIXING? Dodgy software playing up? Get it fixed quickly and professionally - call 086 600 5114 or visit GET YOUR SERVICE or items for sale noticed with a classified advert in AWOL. Email classifieds@awolonline. net to find out how to place your ad.

PROPERTY CHA AM LAND SALE - 19 RAI. Located just off km 17 on the Cha Am-Pranburi bypass hwy in Ban Chang Thaeng Krachat, near Silpakorn University. Has water and electric. Offered for sale at 450,000 baht per RAI. For additional info e-mail or

TIRA TIRAA LUXURY 1 bedroom condo for Rent or sale [44 sq mtr ] 2.8 mil bht. Please email for details tel 085 930 8952 PROPERTY WANTED IN Hua Hin. Two/Three bedroom townhome wanted in Cha Am, Hua Hin. Any condition taken into consideration, would like walking distance to beach Please email me with pictures, price and information to VERY NICE LAND for sale. 2 rai of land, 3 kms from Black Mountain. Near Sunny Valley project. Has water and electric. Land is split into 4 half rai plots and price is 400,000 per plot. A 5 year old fully paid up company can be purchased with the land. Please call 089 586 1700.

RENTALS CONDO FOR RENT at Taweeporn Condotel Resort. 28sq mtre condo for long term rent at Taweeporn condotel just behind kings hospital near soi 10. Beautiful perfectly maintained gardens, 25mtre swimming pool, bar, restaurant, fully equipped gymnasium. 10,000 baht per month or if condo is rented for 6 months or more with payment up front , owner will take 9,000 baht per month, please contact or Phone 08740 89512 BRAND NEW HOUSE 5kms from Hua Hin centreSpanish style, fully furnished, summerland residence. 2 bedrooms with air, 2 baths, European kitchen, living room, cable tv, LCD tv, private swimming pool, security, available by weekend, week, month or long term. RENTALS AVAILABLE IN Hua Hin / Phuket. If you are relocating for business/ pleasure or just fancy a long vacation we have various private/serviced apartments/ homes in our portfolio on many Soi’s in Phuket /Hua Hin. Short and long term available ranging from 20,000 - 140,000 Baht PCM. Take away the stress and time factor of finding the right location/accommodation for

Dolphin Bar

082 243 3115 082 244 1911

HD Satellite TV

Hua Hin’s ONLY Original Full size Brunswick Pool Table We arrange Public or Private Pool Tournaments daily upon request for 6 to 16 players

Food available

Swimming Pool outside the bar call khun Wan at 085 911 1378. DESIRABLE POOL VILLA Somorpong Tippawan 4, 3bd 2b, Fully furnished, 10M Swimming pool, gazebo, air con, private home security alarm, house 87 sq m, property 89 sq wah. 4.35 Mill. bht (negotiable) Email or Phone O86 758 4774 CONDO FOR SALE at Taweeporn Condotel Resort. 28sq metre condo, great for investment or for rentals, resort behind Hua Hin hospital near soi 10, 25 metre pool, gym, bar restaurant, beautiful gardens , very cheap yearly service charge, condo has balcony overlooking Black Mountain, on the middle floor so cooler and at the end so extra windows for air and light. Condo fitted with blackout blinds so can be made very dark for good nights sleep. Owner has blue book and title deeds with owners name on them and full english translations. BARGAIN PRICE at only 1.2 million baht. email juliankosmar@ to arrange a viewing. Thai number 08740 89512 UK number +44 7531 652 314.

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yourself or your family. We are independent brokers with unlimited experience/expertise in this market and a network of developers/clients ready and waiting. Tell us with your requirements and we guarantee to find you the right choice. Email ROOM FOR RENT in guesthouse off canal road, close Soi 6. Great security system (Fingerprint scanner), Air con, Water heater, Television, Refrigerator, Wardrobe, Dressing table. Large car park, Free highspeed Internet, Minimart, Free swimming pool. 4500 baht per month excl. electric and water. Email ROOMS FOR RENT. Air con, En-suite incl. water & electric. TV, DVD, UBC available, Free Wi-Fi. From 6000 BHT per month. Pool, Tennis, Crazy Golf, Restaurant, Bar, Pool table, Darts. 5 km/ 10 mins from Hua Hin on Pala U Road. Tel: 083 311 1787 (Eng), 087 902 2076 (Thai)

WANTED RELIABLE VEHICLE WANTED. Age/make/ appearance are unimportant,as long as it goes! Up to 40,000 baht. tel Paul on 0853806770



ACROSS 1 Consuming ground I’ve made (9) 6 Reptile company supporter (5) 9 Official officer? (7) 10 Top dog awake in ‘Morse’ alternative (7) 11 Extra sleep (more than once), that’s in fifty-second surroundings (3-3) 12 About employment journalist made anew (8) 15 Test weapon up at Maidenhead (4) 16 Variation if French queen’s in retreat with church (10) 19 Application of science for cogent holy development (10) 21 Competent sailor left England... (4) 24 nearly make hay with wife for years inside weapon (8) 25 Unusual exit? (3,3) 27 Sorted pure God out (7) 29 Doorman for a ball? (7) 30 Fabric returning river with time (5) 31 What could happen to one planet, perhaps (9)

HUTSADIN ELEPHANT  FOUNDATION Help the Elephants of this area - many are now unable to be kept by their owners due to ill health, age or being unable to work any more. The Foundation will take care of these animals but needs both volunteers and donations to do so. Please help these gentle giants, or just visit them at the Foundation on the Pala-U Road 3.5km from Hua Hin centre. Rides  are  1hr,  1/2hr  (2  people  per  Elephant)   or  for  2hrs  and  1.  1/2  hrs  (1  per  Elephant). Tel: 032 827098 or 081 199 0798. email: website:

DOWN 1 Softening of French animal books caught inside (9) 2 Type of word, in French a plant (7) 3 Release a French worker (6) 4 Not doing anything, I led astray (4) 5 Fuel for a tennis player without a second identity at first (3) 6 100-up, reportedly tired of storage space (8) 7 Succession of pots in burglary (5-2) 8 Refrain from a five-nil ideal start with bad end (5) 13 Image of fruit in eastern heartless fairy (6) 14 Edge up and down cushion (6) 17 Strange celery - almost a lot of voting? (9) 18 Good from weapons happened without writer and without form (8) 20 Come out of cannabis dessert (7) 22 British inch or new tubes (7) 23 South African bird, reportedly god! (6) 24 Starts to take innocent Germans - how terribly mean! (5) 26 Assist a stake (4) 28 Princess and Prince go down (3) The solution is on page 28.


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If you are interested in sponsoring this or any other section, please contact us on or call 081 649 8361.


Noi’s Kitchen

Thai and Isaan Food

Soi Selekam, Hua Hin - from the Hilton go north along Naresdamri Road, take the first left and then first right, and we are 40m along on the left.

Call Noi 086-174-6165 or Kevin 089-913-7926 email Drop your AWOL Classifieds in here

Cheap, cheerful & effective. Advertise in AWOL

Pat’s Greeting Cards

ENGLISH cards, gifts and coffee shop Genuine Clintons/Hallmark cards for ALL occasions -� Anniversaries, Birthdays, Age cards, Mum, Dad etc Have a coffee while you browse! Railway Plaza Today (main entrance, right of 7-�11) Tel. 080 436 5446 (English) 088 329 7984 (Thai)

Property Marketplace

If you are interested in these properties please email us on or call 081 614 8728

An opportunity has arisen to acquire this last remaining 160 sq m condo with 100% private access to a stunning white sand beach with sweeping coastline. Ref No.: 2730 NJOESJWFUP)VB)JO$FOUSF #FE#BUI -JWJOHTRN $BMMPSFNBJMGPSNPSFEFUBJMT 27 This magnificent two storey house is located 15 minutes drive to the south of Hua Hin.The property stands in its own spacious, tropical garden and benefits from beautiful and peaceful views of the surrounding green hills. Ref No.: H070982 #FE#BUI -BOETRN-JWJOHTRN


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RESULTS Week 1 7th March 2011 Bobby’s Bangers Ldys 5 - 7 Bob/Nok’s Ladies Garden Bar Ladies 5 - 7 Sunset B’vard Ladies Dara Bar Ladies v Talk of the Town Ldies n/a Lord Webb Ladies v Red Bar Ladies n/a Railway Tavern Ladies v Thaiwaii Ladies n/a LEAGUE TABLE Team Bob and Nok’s Sunset B’levard Dara Bar Lord Webb Railway Tavern Red Bar Talk of the Town Thaiwaii Bobbys Bangers Garden Bar

P 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1

W D 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L +/- Pts 0 2 2 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 -2 0 1 -2 0

NEXT WEEK’S FIXTURES Week 2 14th March 2011 Bob and Nok’s Ladies v Dara Bar Ladies Red Bar Ladies v Railway Tavern Ladies Sunset Boulevard Ladies v Lord Webb Ladies Talk of The Town Ladies v Garden Bar Ladies Thaiwaii Ladies v Bobby’s Bangers Ladies




RESULTS Matchday 29 4th March 2011 Curly’s Bar 5 - 3 Dick’s Office A Dick’s Office B 3 - 5 Lucky Shot A Eagle B 4 - 4 JW Black JW Red 1 - 7 Eagle A Lucky Shot B 2 - 6 Thaiwaii Bar Play Sports Lounge 6 - 2 Sunset Boulevard Sugar Cane 5 - 3 Return Bar Talk Of The Town 4 - 4 Oasis LEAGUE TABLE Team Eagle A Lucky Shot A Oasis Eagle B Play Sports Lge Sunset B’levard JW Black Thaiwaii Bar Sugar Cane Lucky Shot B Talk of the Town Curly’s Bar JW Red Dick’s Office A Return Bar Dick’s Office B

P 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 28 28

W 22 22 19 17 18 13 12 12 11 11 9 11 8 3 3 2

D 6 3 8 6 4 5 5 5 7 5 7 3 6 3 1 2

L 1 4 2 6 7 11 12 12 11 13 13 15 15 23 24 24

+/102 86 68 44 44 8 12 8 -4 0 -14 -18 -46 -90 -102 -98

Pts 50 47 46 40 40 31 29 29 29 27 25 25 22 9 7 6

THIS WEEK’S FIXTURES Matchday 30 11th March 2011 Curly’s Bar v Lucky Shot B Dick’s Office A v Talk Of The Town Eagle A v Sugar Cane JW Black v Play Sports Lounge Lucky Shot A v Thaiwaii Bar Oasis v JW Red Return Bar v Eagle B Sunset Boulevard v Dick’s Office B UPCOMING EVENTS The regular season ends on 11th March. 18th - 20th March Individuals 8 Ball 8pm 25th - 27th March Individuals 9 Ball 8pm 1st April Cup presentation 8pm 8th April Start Season 7 Please contact Andy 0861781550 or at Lucky Shot every evening from 8pm for any queries or information.

Hua Hin’s only pool bar with THREE 9’ tables Ask about our drinks specials and other special offers Contact Andy on 086 178 1550 27/3 Poolsuk Road, Hua Hin

Dick’s Office

Bar/restaurant open  daily

Best Sunday  Roasts  now   with  NZ  Lamb  every  week,   extensive  menu,  good  music,   pool  &  darts  competitions,   big  screen  projector  for  live   sports,  Nintendo  Wii,  quiz   nights,  parties  and  more! Located  on  Soi  80  (Sarawat)   Tel:  089-­‐046  9505,  085-­‐930  7232   email:


The AWOL Ladder is a new individuals only pool competition which is free to join at awolpoolladder - you will be contacted when the ladder is ready to start, planned to be when enough players sign up. The idea of the ladder is to provide all levels of pool players the opportunity to play over a longer period of games than the team leagues allow, thus giving a better chance to both improve and enjoy a longer stint at the table. You will be able to play at a time and place of you and your opponents choosing. You challenge players above you in the ladder and if you beat them you swap positions (maximum positions above that can be challenged is two). Once the ladder is established a knockout competition will also be introduced. If you are having any problems accessing or signing on to the website or for more information please email info@awolonline. net. More details next week. Go to myleague/awolpoolladder to sign up now!



NEXT WEEK’S FIXTURES Week 1 16th March 2011 BLUE DIVISION Billys v King Bar B JW Black v Billy’s Babes PP v Lazy Daze Red Bar v U-Turn Sabai v TNT Bar

GREEN DIVISION International Butterfly Bar v Pink Panther Jungle Juice B v Headrock King Bar A v Limelight London Bar v JW Red Mai Tai v Jungle Juice A



Team Billy’s Babes Billys JW Black King Bar B Lazy Daze PP Red Bar Sabai TNT Bar U-Turn

P W 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

+/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Team Headrock Int/l Butterfly Bar JW Red Jungle Juice A Jungle Juice B King Bar A Limelight London Bar Mai Tai Pink Panther

P W 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

LEAGUE TABLE +/0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Pts 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0



RESULTS Week 6 9th March 2011 Bob & Noks 11 - 7 Bobby’s Bar Dara Bar 12 - 6 Beach Hut Bar Railway Tavern 10 - 8 Dizzy Dolphin Sinatras v Beer O’Clock Club n/a LEAGUE TABLE Team Beach Hut Bar Railway Tavern Beer O’Clck Club Bob & Noks Dara Bar Dizzy Dolphin Sinatras Bobby’s Bar

P 6 6 5 6 6 6 5 6

W 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 1

D 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0

L +/- Pts 2 20 8 2 2 8 1 12 7 3 -14 6 3 2 5 3 2 5 2 -6 5 5 -18 2

NEXT WEEK’S FIXTURES Week 7 16th March 2011 Beach Hut Bar v Railway Tavern Beer O’Clock Club v Bob & Noks Bobby’s Bar v Sinatras Dizzy Dolphin v Dara Bar

RESULTS Week 1 9th March 2011 Eagle Bar 12 - 6 Dick’s Office Garden Bar v The Lord Webb n/a Oasis Bar 12 - 6 Thawaii Play Sports Lounge v Talk of The Town n/a Sunset Boulevard 13 - 5 The White Swan

Keep your eye in between (and during) seasons - join the AWOL Pool Ladder, a free, individuals only, 8 and 9 Ball challenge. See page 28 for more details or go to www.freeonlineleague. com/myleague/awolpoolladder

Team Sunset Boulevard Eagle Bar Oasis Bar Garden Bar Play Sports Lnge Talk of the Town The Lord Webb Dick’s Office Thawaii The White Swan

P 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1

W 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L +/- Pts 0 8 2 0 6 2 0 6 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 -6 0 1 -6 0 1 -8 0

NEXT WEEK’S FIXTURES Week 2 16th March 2011 Dick’s Office v Garden Bar Talk of The Town v Sunset Boulevard Thawaii v Play Sports Lounge The Lord Webb v Oasis Bar The White Swan v Eagle Bar


The Hua Cha Hikes is on the ground and hiking in the Hua Hin / Cha Am area. They have just begun and do not yet have a website but do have an e-mail address which is hua_chahikes@ E-mail if you are interested in becoming a part of a hiking/ trekking group that requires no dues at all. All you need is a want to go out in the woods for a hike of maybe 5km+ a couple times a month. All nationalities and ages welcome.

Do you want your sports league or local event featured in AWOL? Then tell us about it by sending an email to

Join the AWOL forum

LAND FOR SALE 13/15 Rai next to Black Mountain Golf Course. Excellent location, only 250m from Clubhouse.

1 & 2 Rai plots also available

Call 089 914 2314




RESULTS 8/3/2011 Division 1 CAT A 18 - 0 Paradise JW Red 10 - 8 Buddy Bar Jungle Juice 12 - 6 JW Black Lucky Shot 16 - 2 Lazy Daze No match Scandic Bar B

Division 2 Dick’s Office B 5 - 13 CAT House Jaew Bar 12 - 6 Sabai Bar Play SportsLounge 7 - 11Dick’s Office A Robin’s Rest 8 - 10 CAT Jiggapik Scandic Bar A 9 - 9 Muan Ladies

DIVISION 1 LEAGUE TABLE Team CAT A Lucky Shot Jungle Juice JW Red Scandic B Buddy Bar JW Black Lazy Daze Paradise

P 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1

W 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


DIVISION 2 LEAGUE TABLE L 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1

+/- Pts 18 2 14 2 6 2 2 2 0 0 -2 0 -6 0 -14 0 -18 0

FIXTURES 15/3/2011 Division 1 CAT A v Scandic Bar B Jungle Juice v Paradise JW Red v Lazy Daze Lucky Shot v JW Black No Match Buddy Bar

Team CAT House Jaew Bar Dick’s Office A CAT Jiggapik Muan Ladies Scandic Bar A Robin’s Rest Play Sports Lge Sabai Bar Dick’s Office B

P 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

W 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

D 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1

+/- Pts 8 2 6 2 4 2 2 2 0 1 0 1 -2 0 -4 0 -6 0 -8 0

Division 2 CAT House v Muan Ladies Dick’s Office B v Play Sports Lounge Jaew Bar v Robin’s Rest Sabai Bar v Dick’s Office A Scandic Bar A v CAT Jiggapik Individual tables will be printed in the next couple of weeks



For all your darts supplies 087 155 7737

RESULTS: 8TH MARCH - BANYAN. A group stableford. 24 entrants. 1st. Tom Tucker 15hcp 38 pts. 2nd. Pekka Hogman 9hcp 37 pts. 3rd. Tim Dixon 8hcp 36 pts. 4th. Peter Good 18hcp 35 pts. B group stableford. 20 entrants. 1st. Tum Ringnalda 29hcp 38 pts. 2nd. Nid Byrne 19hcp 36 pts. 3rd. Neil Bradley 22hcp 36 pts. 4th. Marjorie Sherlock 25hcp 34 pts. Near pin No. 3 Michael Sherlock. No. 15 John Anstee. Mystery prizes. A group. best back nine. Peter Good. B group. most holes under par. Jim Dale.

5TH. MARCH - SEA PINES. 3 hole Throw out stableford 75% of hcp. 43 entrants. Division 1. 0 - 16 hcp. 1st. William Porter (9hcp) 34 pts. 2nd. Kjell Herbertson (11hcp) 33 pts. 3rd. Luciano Folzini (9hcp) 32 pts. Division 2. 17 - 36 hcp. 1st. Mario Biccai (14hcp) 37 pts. 2nd. Eric Taylor (13hcp) 31 pts. 3rd. Peter Wyler (13hcp) 30 pts. Near pin No. 8 John Koster. No. 17 Thomas Pagdon. NEXT WEEK’S FIXTURES: Tue 15th Kaeng Krachan Medal & Stableford Fri 18th Black Mountain 2 Ball Best Ball


RESULTS: MONDAY 7TH MARCH Lake View AB strokeplay 25 players entered 1st Barry Fitzgerald nett 70 2nd Chris Roper nett 71 Bryan Mcleod nett 73 4th Paul Frampton nett 73 WEDNESDAY 9TH MARCH Royal Ratchaburi 3 man texas scramble 8 teams entered 1st M Ford, J Pritlove, C Miller 2nd P Newman, C Roper, G Bach THURSDAY 10TH MARCH Dragon Hills stableford 21 players entered 1st Steve O’Brien, 2nd Doug Miller, 3rd John Pritlove, 4th Bryan Mcleod FORTHCOMING EVENTS 14th Lake View AB Stableford & Skins 16th Lake View AB Strokeplay (Order of Merit) 20th – 2011 AGM & BBQ - Mon & Bryans Bar at 4pm


(all times Thailand)

FA Cup Quarter Finals Saturday, 12 March 2011 Birmingham v Bolton, 19:45 (True Sport 1/HD) Having already reached and won one cup, the home side will feel they have a good chance at getting to Wembley again (as the semi finals are being played there). Bolton however are not an easy team to brush aside, and this will be a very close contest, despite the Blues recent performances in the league. Having only played the previous Wednesday Birmingham may not have the energy required to win this, and we think there is every chance of a replay. Sunday, 13 March 2011 Man Utd v Arsenal, 00:15 (True Sport HD & ?) All the attention will be focused by the media on this one, but to the two managers involved it could almost be seen as an unnecessary distraction from the Premier League and Champions League. We think it is highly likely that both will pick teams that are not regarded as their strongest, which will inevitably be criticised and called an insult to the competition. However even their second strings will put on a good match, and for United, possibly a better one than their first team has lately. These games are always heated exchanges, and with the likely youthful lineups, this may be even more so. Arsenal have not had the best of times at Old Trafford over the years but this time we think they have the edge and will continue their quest for another League and Cup double. Stoke v West Ham, 21:00 (True Sport HD & ?) This will be the fourth time these clubs have met this season, and the second time at the Brittania Stadium; that one was a draw, but the other two games have been wins for the Hammers, including last week’s comprehensive league game. Stoke will surely put on a better show than that this time, but West Ham are on an impressive run right now and have been saving their best performances for Cup games. The first goal in this game will be crucial; if it goes to the home side they will dig in and West Ham will find it tough, but if the away side get it we feel it could be another battering for Stoke. Based on form and past results, we have to predict an away win here.

And Restaurant

PREMIER LEAGUE TABLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Team Man Utd Arsenal Man City Chelsea Tottenham Liverpool Bolton Sunderland Newcastle Everton Fulham Stoke Aston Villa Blackburn Blackpool West Brom West Ham Birmingham Wolverhampton Wigan

155 Bobby’s Bar 087 7737 or

P 29 28 29 28 28 29 29 29 29 28 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 27 29 29

GD Pts 33 60 30 57 20 53 27 51 7 48 3 42 2 40 -2 38 3 36 0 36 1 35 -6 34 -13 33 -12 32 -15 32 -15 32 -13 31 -12 30 -15 29 -23 27

Tables do not include result of Everton v Birmingham match Man City v Reading, 23:45 (True Sport HD & ?) The only match involving a team outside the Premier League, with Reading from the Coca Cola Championship facing moneybags Manchester City. Nothing to lose for the underdogs and we expect a plucky and spirited performance from them. City have not been at their best recently and we expect multiple changes to their last team but it will be a gamble by Mancini if he does that. However with such riches at his disposal (and no we don’t mean Gareth Barry or Joleon Lescott) he has quality back up in every position. We think this will be decided by the odd goal, but unfortunately for the football romantics it will be in the home side’s favour.

Darts,Pool, All Day Breakfasts Soi 102,  Hua  Hin  (200m  on  right  after  railway)

Do you  need  a  meeting  place? Bobby’s  Bar  now  has  a  lounge/meeting   room  for  private  engagements. Call  087  155  7737  or  089  985  7473 FANTASY LEAGUE & I KNOW THE SCORE

AWOL CHALLENGE TOP 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Team mongkolmuppets Beeblebrox Mr ChaAming Pride Of Africa Wanderlust United play it again Event Horizon FC Hua Hin United Waslington Rovers LOST CAFE

1 2 3 4 5

Player tonyh29 lostcafe triplepeel sfirish awol99

Tot 1525 1520 1506 1471 1470 1465 1465 1458 1438 1421

Tot 1700 1035 1020 760 665

TW +60 +20 +50 +75 +65

Pranburi Land For Sale 85 sq. wah (340m2)

300,000 baht

For information call Jeab on 081 614 8728

The first farang establishment in Borfai Relaxing & friendly Pool table

Join the AWOL forum

TW 25 35 49 37 45 33 29 21 27 30


BOAPA’S PLACE Open from 11am 085 425 1185 (Pa)

089 985 7473

Garden bar and restaurant



FORMULA ONE IS RUBBISH, ADMITS ECCLESTONE LONDON, ENGLAND BERNIE Ecclestone has confessed that Formula One is dull and he’s sick of looking at it. The world’s longest midlife crisis has spent the last 30 years somehow managing to convince people to gawp at a 200mph rollerskate that weighs less than your dinner and costs more than your house. The deception has made him one of the world’s richest men under four foot tall and has been described by financial experts as ‘a sporting ponzi scheme with lots of big-titted blonde women milling around for no apparent reason’. Now Ecclestone has finally admitted that Formula One is not so much a spectacle as it is an unremitting procession of eye-clawing dreariness enjoyed by people who need to have a right good word with themselves.

F1 SUPREMO CONFESSES TO BEING BEHIND BAHRAIN PROTESTS IN BIZARRE ATTEMPT TO SPICE UP THE SPORT “You want 5 million dollars for a herd of kangaroos to jump across the track? You’re ‘avin’ a larf, and no, I do not look like Andy Warhol””

He said: “Even if we make it rain spacehips onto the track every five minutes and tune the engines to sound like Kylie Minogue reaching a spectacular climax it’s still going to be like staring at a stretch of the M25 but with an even higher concentration of tedious men with too much money sitting in pointlessly expensive cars. “You can carry on watching in the hope of a really good pile-up but you

may as well watch Eastenders in the hope that Arthur comes out of his allotment shed with Dirty Den’s head on a stick.” Earlier this year Ecclestone drew up a series of ideas to make the sport more exciting, including the use of agent provocateurs to provoke a revolution in Bahrain and then attempting to stage grand prix right in the middle of it. But the plan was abandoned when a feasibility study showed motor racing was better at quelling unrest than a job-lot of tranquilser darts. Ecclestone now hopes to spice up this year’s British grand prix by stopping it halfway through for a poetry reading by Sir Ian McKellen.

“The local establishment with local prices” Happy Hour Every Day from 3 - 7pm Buy three beers get one free Gin, vodka and rum mixed drinks only 55 baht


To find us, travel north on the canal road past the traffic lights and turn left at the bridge after the petrol station and right immediately over it. We are on the right. Tel. 032-522 418, 083-317-3008 12/10 Soi Samoprong, Hua Hin

Excellent Thai & Western food Cajun/Louisiana style & Nightly Specials Pool Table, Darts Thai & International Satellite channels Our regulars recommend the BBQ Spare Ribs & King Pork Chops

AWOL Issue 122  

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