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July 15 – 28, 2016

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Middletown residents seek traffic relief


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Craft beer and heritage pair up

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(l to r) Sharon Singleton, Mike Singleton and Kurt Carlson, the three principals at KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architecture in Hillcrest. (Courtesy of KTU+A)

Hillcrest firm leaves its mark on America’s Finest City By Delle Willett The folks at KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architecture use their hands and minds to create award-winning, creative and sustainable projects locally and beyond. But their hearts belong to Uptown. Founded 47 years ago this July by landscape architects Frank Kawasaki and Michael Theilacker as Kawasaki Theilacker & Associates (KT&A)

Regal meals for everyone

➤➤ COMIC-CON P. 16

and joined shortly thereafter by Don Ueno, the firm’s first official office was at Fourth and Robinson avenues in Hillcrest. Outgrowing this office, the firm moved in 1988 to Governor Business Park and changed its name to KTU+A. These days, their office is located at 3916 Normal St. in a building that was once the Farmer Brothers’ Coffee warehouse and distribution center (1944), and more recently, home of the San Diego LGBT Community Center. All three original principals retired in the mid-2000s; today, the principals are Kurt Carlson, Sharon Singleton and Mike Singleton, who have been with the firm since 1981, ‘85 and ’87, respectively.

“Since 1999, this has been our community. Our offices have been in the Uptown area going back to the ’70s and we’ve always been involved in the community, whether its providing design input or volunteering for local boards and committees,” Mike said. For example, KTU+A works to activate the space around their office every year with Bike-to-Work Day, Parking Day and CicloSDias events. They were instrumental in getting a crosswalk and traffic light at the intersection of Normal Street and University Avenue and also designed the median in front of their building.

see KTU+A, pg 19

Woof! Woof!

No ticket, no problem

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Vegan dogs treats are good enough for humans By Margie M. Palmer

World premiere in La Jolla

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Shaded Trails isn’t your average dog treat company. Not only does the Hillcrestbased pet snacks provider specialize in all natural, 100 percent vegan dog treats, they’ve also committed to donating 5 percent of their website orders to their Helping Paws Program, which will help support no-kill animal shelters throughout the U.S. The company was founded about two years ago, Shaded

A Hillcrest company sells vegan treats for dogs. (Courtesy of Shaded Trails) Trails founder and CEO J.R. Starlin said, adding that his “vegan dog treat adventure” began when he got his English bulldog puppy,

Luna. His little girl had stomach issues, he said, which prompted him to begin making his own, all-natural dog treats.

Ken Williams | Editor Drivers speeding down India Street looking for the Interstate 5 entrance ramp. Tourists confused and lost. Pedestrians running for their lives just to cross the street. That’s what Middletown neighborhood residents say they have observed since Jan. 20, 2016, when the consolidated Rental Car Center opened at San Diego International Airport. For months, residents as well as business and property owners have noticed a major increase in traffic and speeding along India Street as tourists try to find their way in and out of the Rental Car Center, located at 3355 Admiral Boland Way. The center is west of India Street, I-5, Kettner Boulevard and Pacific Highway. Concerned about safety for local motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, children and the elderly, Middletown residents for months have appealed for help from the

see Traffic, pg 15

“If you take a look at what they sell in the stores, it’s all filled with meat, fillers, artificial flavors and a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce — so we started making treats for her. Then we started giving them to our friends. It really grew from there.” Starlin felt that since dogs are already getting so much meat, lamb, chicken and beef in their regular food, that if he was going to treat her, “a treat should be a treat, not more meat.” He began to wonder; if humans can make conscious choices of the foods they eat on a daily basis, why do they have such limited choices when it comes to what they feed their dogs? “There aren’t too many vegan options out there. We are trying to lead the way in that,” he said. Suffice to say, the concept has been very well-received.

see Vegan treats, pg 23


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Explaining the new budget Notes from Toni Toni G. Atkinss Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state budget June 27. It is good news for Californians because it continues to invest in our future and our people. Gone are the stressful days of late budgets, borrowing, and IOUs. This budget is on time, fiscally prudent, and forward thinking. It bolsters our reserves and restores programs that help Californians who are struggling to make ends meet. We also are adding $2 billion for the rainyday fund that was proposed by the Assembly and approved by the voters of California in 2014. We will have $8.6 billion set aside to help withstand the economic downturn. Specifically, this budget: ● Increases funding for public schools and community colleges by $3.5 billion ● Adds $143.9 million more for the University of California in ongoing funding —including $18.5 million if UC enrolls 2,500 more California students by 2017-18 and adopts a policy that caps nonresident enrollment — plus an additional $20 million in one-time funding ● Raises ongoing funding for the California State University by $160.8 million, plus $50 million in one-time funding, $35 million of which

is contingent upon the CSU adopting a plan to meet certain graduation and enrollment targets ● Boosts childcare and preschool funding by a total of $145.3 million for a childcare rate increase and 2,959 new preschool slots (the increase will rise to $527 million by 2020, creating nearly 9,000 new preschool slots) The budget also includes money for the minimum-wage increase, a restoration of hours for In-Home Supportive Services workers and the recent agreement to increase funding for Developmental Disability Services One provision in the Legislature’s budget that wasn’t in the governor’s revised budget in May is a repeal of what’s known as the maximum family grant in the CalWORKS program. This has rightfully received a lot of attention; it punishes children in families struggling in poverty, and I have wanted to eliminate it for some time. Speaking of CalWORKS, its Housing Support Program is near and dear to my heart. I was proud to have spearheaded the effort to launch what is, essentially, a rapid rehousing program for families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It started with $20 million in 2014 and helped more than 2,000 families. Then it rose to $35 million last year and was expected to help

roughly 4,500 families. This year, it increases to $47 million. And speaking of housing, the budget includes the framework for a large investment in affordable housing. It provides $400 million for new affordable housing, as long as the legislature passes a bill that makes it a little easier to develop market-rate housing that includes affordable units and is close to transit. I have been working hard to find a permanent source of funding for affordable housing. I’m thrilled that so many of my colleagues have joined the fight. As my time in the Assembly draws to an end, I can’t help but recall my first year in the Capitol and the $26-billion deficit we faced. Through tough decisions, hard work by the legislature — in conjunction with our very focused governor, Jerry Brown — and with the support of the public, we’ve turned the corner and put California back on solid ground. It has been an eye-opening experience with both highs and lows — always keeping in mind the impact on you, my constituents. To be the first San Diegan to serve as Speaker of the California Assembly was an incredible honor. It gave me a unique opportunity to work with the governor and the Senate leader to shape the budget for this great state and the nearly 40 million people who call it home. I assure you, I will continue to use the experience

San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

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see Toni, pg 5


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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

Pride and prejudice Congressional Watch Andy Cohen June 22 turned out to be quite a historic day. It was the day that House Democrats decided to stop talking about gun violence and do something about gun violence. “Thoughts and prayers are not enough,” they’ve repeatedly insisted after each massacre. “Thoughts and prayers” won’t do anything to prevent the next massacre from happening. And yet “thoughts and prayers” are all that have been offered up by this Congress — both the House

and the Senate — after Aurora, Newtown, Charleston, San Bernardino, and now Orlando. A week prior, Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut — where 20 first-grade students and six teachers/administrators were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary — took to the Senate floor for a 15-hour filibuster to demand action on gun violence. It led Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to schedule a vote on four different gun violence bills, two sponsored by Republicans and two by Democrats. All four went down to defeat, but at least there was a vote and everyone was on record as to where they stand.


Now it was the House This would be the House Democrats’ turn to do someof Representatives’ version thing — anything — to push for of a filibuster, since no such a vote on “no fly no buy” legismechanism exists in the lower lation — a bill that states that chamber. someone on the terror watch list It is an issue that has occucannot legally purchase a gun pied a special place in the con— and an expanded mandatory science of Scott Peters (D-52). background check bill, which As reported here in February’s ensures all who wish to legally edition, Peters began a ritual of purchase a firearm must go taking to the floor of the House through a background check, no each week to read just some exceptions. of the names of those who had Speaker Paul Ryan and been killed by gun violence since House Republicans are, shall the Sandy Hook Elementary we say, somewhat less than enmassacre on December 14, 2012. thusiastic about such legislation. “Thoughts and prayers are not Led by civil rights icon John enough,” he said from the floor Lewis (D-GA), House Dems of Congress. “Moments of silence decided to stage a good old are not enough. Maybe, Mr. fashioned sit-in to try and force Speaker, instead of a moment of their Republican colleagues to silence, the American people can hold a vote on gun legislation. get a moment of action; a moment Free Parking Behind Store.

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* Based on a peer-reviewed clinical study partially funded by Vionic on people experiencing moderate, non-traumatic heel pain. Vionic contoured sandals were shown

Enc Encinitas 123 N. El Camino Real | 760.991.1221 University City/La Jolla 3310 Governor Dr. | 619.233.1221 Uni Rancho Bernardo 16646 Bernardo Center Dr. | 858.613.1221 Ran Mis Mission Hills/Hillcrest 127 W.University Ave. | 619.230.1221 UTN701 | 1.800.720.0572 w

of action that might keep their community from being next.” As the Democratic protests began, Speaker Ryan, having no intention of bringing any gun measure to the floor, decided to shut his colleagues from across the aisle down and adjourned the session of Congress. It was a strategic decision: The majority party, and thus the House Speaker, controls the CSPAN cameras, which are the only cameras of any kind allowed on the chamber floor, and those cameras are only allowed to operate while the House is in session. By terminating the session, Ryan cut the cameras and thus the only way for Democrats to draw attention to their cause. Or so he thought. House rules do not allow any cameras or recording devices on the House floor, but Scott Peters decided that it was a rule that needed to be broken in this instance, and began live-tweeting the sit-in, complete with photos and short videos. His staff then strongly suggested he download the Periscope app, allowing him to stream the sit-in its entirety. Word spread, and eventually CSPAN began televising Peters’ feed live. “If they will turn the cameras on, we will turn our cameras off,” Peters said in one of the first speeches from the House floor during the sit-in. “When they turned the cameras off, we thought that was wrong that they would not let the American people know what was going on here. Turns out there’s an app for that.” The sit-in, Peters said, was about two things: Making sure people who buy guns over the internet or at gun shows are subject to the same background check that purchasers at stores such as WalMart are subject to; and to make sure suspected terrorists are not legally allowed to buy guns. “I want to tell my Republican friends to not harden your hearts,” said Juan Vargas (D51). Vargas then began to describe the events of July 18, 1984, in San Ysidro, in what was then the worst massacre in U.S. history, where 21 people were gunned down and 19 others injured in a McDonald’s restaurant by a mentally disturbed James Huberty. “These weapons have no place in society,” Vargas said. “They’re built for one thing: To kill human beings quickly by people who are not trained to

see Watch, pg 5


TONI I’ve gained to help create and support a sustainable budget for our city, our state, and my constituents. Around the District: Stand Down, which offers a full range of services for homeless veterans, takes place from July 22-24. We’ve had a tremendous response so far. Thank you! … Looking forward to spending more time in the district in July


WATCH use them.” He was referring to the uzi used in that attack and the type of assault rifle used in Newtown and most recently in Orlando. Susan Davis (D-53) told the story of Willie James Jones, the valedictorian of his 1994 graduating class at Lincoln High School who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting while at his graduation party. “How anybody could need a weapon of mass destruction is beyond me,” Davis said in her speech. “But some of my Republican friends tell me it’s very complicated, we shouldn’t try to simplify this issue.” The sit-in ended after 25 hours and zero votes taken on gun issues. But ironically Paul Ryan’s determination to shut the Democrats’ protest down may have backfired, as the social media broadcasts probably drew more attention than it ordinarily may have. It remains to be seen what effect the protest will have in the long term. Darrell Issa (R-49), who is facing his biggest reelection challenge yet, saw a bill he sponsored become law last month. The Freedom of Information (FOIA)

for our summer legislative recess. I plan to attend San Diego Pride and several community meetings to offer my update on what we’re working on in the state Assembly. —Toni G. Atkins is the Speaker of the California State Assembly. For more information, please visit her website, asmdc. org/speaker/ where you can sign up for her e-newsletter or get the latest news on legislation and other activities. You also may follow her on Twitter, @toniatkins.v

Improvement Act will embed in federal law the notion that a “presumption of openness” is the rule, making business conducted by government agencies available for all to see and making it more difficult for government officials to deny the release of information requested under FOIA. The legislation also creates an online portal to submit FOIA requests, creating a more streamlined and accessible process. The bill was pushed by major media organizations across the country. Duncan Hunter (R-50) is facing even more scrutiny over his use of campaign funds. Finance records contained multiple charges at Ki’s restaurant in Cardiff by the Sea — 21 transactions in all. Ki’s restaurant provides catered school lunch delivery to Christian Unified Schools, and Hunter’s children are enrolled in an affiliated school in El Cajon. All charges occurred during the school year. Hunter opposes increased spending on public school lunches, and supports legislation that would loosen nutrition standards for public school lunches. —Andy Cohen is a local freelance writer. Reach him at

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016



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Tips for staying cool during a heat wave Jennifer Margulis White When summer comes to mind, we often imagine spending our days lounging on the beach, having a picnic, and enjoying the outdoors. But warm summer weather has some miserably hot days as well. Days of intense heat can make it impossible to be comfortable and in some cases potentially dangerous. Most of the year Southern California has a rather mild climate, but we do see days that creep into the triple digits making it hard to stay cool, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your home. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat: ● Stay out of the sun. Take advantage of A/C by having lunch in a restaurant, visiting the library, walking through a mall, going to a museum, or seeing a movie. If you are outside, try to find shade and a cool breeze to relax in. You can also visit a “Cool Zone,” of which there are over 100 locations in the San Diego region. To find a location, visit San Diego Network of Care’s list at ● Hydrate properly. Drink 6 to 12 ounces of water every 15 minutes. Avoid caffeine, and instead drink a sports drink that contains electrolytes, which will help hydrate you properly. ● Take it easy. Wear light-colored clothing that breathes, like linen, cotton or silk, and add a hat to keep you cool. If you’re exercising or working outside, know your limits and be sure to take breaks. Rest during the hottest part of the day. ● Act quickly. Be sure you know the signs of heat illness: dizziness, headache, muscle cramps and nausea. More serious symptoms, profuse sweating, convulsions and chills, confusion/mumbling and vomiting, indicate a possible

heat stroke. Recognize the signs early, rest and drink water. If symptoms become severe, you may need medical attention. Cover your body in cool water and use icepacks to lower your body temperature. SDG&E offers these conservation tips for saving on summer utilities. ● Set your thermostat to 78 degrees when at home, health permitting. Changing the A/C thermostat from 72 to 78 degrees can save up to 12 percent of your cooling costs. ● Use fans, like a ceiling or portable fan, instead of A/C. ● Power down equipment. Unplug TV, cable, DVD or gaming devices when idle or use a smart power strip. Powering down, especially when you aren’t home, can save up to $300 a year. ● Turn off unnecessary lights, hold off on doing laundry, running your dishwasher, etc., especially from 4 to 9 p.m. ● Close blinds, shades or drapes during the hottest part of the day to block out the sun’s heat. ● Cleaning or replacing A/C filters regularly will help it run more efficiently. ● Weatherstrip and caulk drafty doors and windows to keep conditioned air in and save up to 5 percent on cooling costs. For more money saving tips visit If you are looking to replace or service you’re A/C system, visit bbb. org to find an Accredited Business you can trust. Read customer reviews, learn more about the business, see complaints, and more. Or give us a call at 858-496-2131. —Jennifer Margulis White is public relations and web content coordinator for the Better Business Bureau for San Diego, Orange and Imperial counties.v

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

LETTERS ‘Rabbi Laurie’ praised

[Re: “Meet ‘Rabbi Laurie’ — North Park resident to head United Way,” Volume 8, Issue 14 or] Congratulations to a wonderful neighbor! All of us at The Studio Door wish Rabbi Laurie great success in her latest venture with United Way. —Patric Sillman via Congratulations Rabbi Laurie! You’re a San Diego treasure! —Benny Cartwright via our website

Greed, greed, greed

[Re: Letters to the editor, Volume 8, Issue 14 or] No one has been stopping new development. The developers could have been building to 65 feet all this time, higher than anything else in Hillcrest. Pure greed has raised its ugly head. The residents who are objecting to the 100-foot-plus heights are not worried about their property values but the quality and character of the neighborhood. You can kill the golden goose. [City Councilmember] Todd Gloria said we need more density so we can have more restaurants. We will have more density, of course, but do we need more restaurants? You could eat at a different restaurant every night for six months right now. How about some other services and amenities like other neighborhoods have? The library? A pool? —Deirdre Lee via our website

Wondering about Tamarindo

[Re: “Ole! What’s replacing Claire de Lune,” Volume 8, Issue 14 or]

Excited for this! —Benny Cartwright via our website But will they have coffee, live music and delicious desserts? —Sista Moon via our website How much is the rent? $10,000/$20,000? —Jack Goldstien via our website As long as they don’t goof up the facade/building by slapping in those roll-up garage doors. —Gregory via our website

41 RESIDENCES. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Coming soon to Bankers Hill, a boutique collection of residences perched 260஫above sea level with sweeping views of the bay, park and downtown skyline. Join the priority interest list today to be among the first to discover distinctive living just steps from Balboa Park.

SALES STUDIO PREMIERES ON 7/23 Priority interest list now forming at

[Editor’s note: Steve Blasingame, a principal with the Moose Restaurant Group, said in the article that he would not install roll-up “garage doors” but wanted the bank of windows facing University Avenue to open up to take advantage of San Diego’s near-perfect weather. “I want them to tilt and go up,” he said. “I won’t touch those beautiful arches!”]

No more trash

If you were a kid, would you like to play in a filthy park? Imagine you are 8 or 9 years old and you’re begging your parents to go to the park. They finally say yes, and when you get there you don’t want to be there!

see Letters, pg 11

Modern Residences on 5th & Maple / Bankers Hill The developer/seller reserves the right to change features, amenities, and pricing without notice. The information presented herein is representative only and not intended to reflect any specific feature, amenity, unit condition or view when built.




San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

Reviving the neighborhood, one beer at a time Craft beer and Craftsman architecture come together at North Park Beer Company WALK-INS WELCOME OPEN 7 DAYS - 10AM TILL 10PM NO MEMBERSHIPS



HouseCalls Michael Good

There are do it yourselfers. And there are DO IT YOURSELFERS. Kelsey McNair is the all-caps kind of DIY guy. When I first met him four years ago, he was looking for advice about the woodwork in his Craftsman bungalow in North Park. Most of the wood trim was intact — bookcases, china cabinet, fireplace mantle — but a small piece of picture rail molding had been painted. We talked about what needed to be done to restore it, and the next time I saw him, he’d done it. Himself. “That looks pretty good,” I said. “What’d you use?” “Shellac.”

“Interesting,” I said. Shellac is what they used back in the day. It’s made from a naturally occurring substance found only in India. “You know, I don’t use shellac very much,” I said, because I thought I needed to say something to demonstrate my vast knowledge on the subject of wood refinishing. “It has a short shelf life. When I buy it from Home Depot, it’s usually gone bad.” “I didn’t buy it from Home Depot. I made it up myself, from flakes.” “Impressive,” I said, because I didn’t know what else to say. I run into people all the time who pretend they know how to make their own shellac, because they saw a video about it on YouTube. But I’d never actually met a homeowner, other than Kelsey, who had done it.

But that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Now that I’ve gotten to know him (I’ve done a couple wood refinishing projects for Kelsey and his wife Amanda over the years), I realize he’s not unlike the go-to guys who made their own shellac and built their own house 90 years ago. Additionally, he’s pretty familiar with the whole concept of mixing natural ingredients with alcohol. Kelsey had been brewing his own beer since 2004, after his future wife bought him a brew kit for Christmas. A couple weeks ago he officially made the transition from hobbyist to professional when his North Park Beer Company opened on the corner of University Avenue and Ohio Street in North Park. As it turns out, it’s been a long row of hops to hoe. Kelsey first started thinking about making his avocation his vocation back

see Beer, pg 9



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Fitting into the neighborhood: North Park Beer Company’s 1946 Art Deco exterior. (Photo by Michael Good)

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BEER in 2010, when he won two prestigious homebrewer awards. The first, in March, was from Stone Brewing. The second, that summer, was a national competition for homebrewers. He took home a gold medal for his “Hop Fu” IPA. “Those two events made something click for me,” he said. “I started thinking that maybe I have the ability to do something more than brew a beer to share with my friends and family. I started to put together a business plan. The whole time I was set on putting a brewery in North Park. That was the challenge.” The two basic elements of success — a building and financing — seemed to be at war with each other. “At the same time I was trying to sign a lease, I was also trying to raise capital. That was a Catch-22,” he said. Basically, the investors wanted to see the lease, and the landlords wanted to see the money. “It was hard to convince both sides. I kept beating my drum until I found the right landlord to make it happen.” That landlord was willing to invest in the future of North Park by buying the building where Kelsey wanted to build his brewery. It’s another example of how North Park has become a neighborhood revived by beer. “Obviously, for me, I just wanted a cool place where I could make beer and live my dream.” Simple as this might seem, it wasn’t an easy sell, considering how Kelsey’s business resume was a little skimpy. “I never owned my own business. I dealt in comic books and collectibles in high school. I would go to different comic book conventions and set up and buy comics and sell comics. I always had aspirations to be an entrepreneur. I spent the last 16 years in the video game industry, much of it in a leadership role. I left that career as an art director,” he said. Kelsey’s entrance into the video game industry was as improbable as his adventure in beer making. A comic book colleague got a job in San Diego working in customer service for a videogame maker. He asked Kelsey to join him. Kelsey dropped out of college and moved to San Diego from Florida to take a customer service job. After a year he became a game designer. “I was pretty much self-taught throughout my entire career. I like to figure things out, I’m pretty pragmatic, pretty thorough, sometimes to a fault,” he said. Now that his dream has come true, how does it feel? “It’s been challenging. I hired a really great staff to manage and operate the front of the house. But I walked into this with, basically — I’m basically the guy who makes all the beer. I don’t have an assistant. At the same time, I’m writing checks, managing the books. It’s overwhelming. I’m not getting much sleep,” he said. “My wife has stepped up. She’s become office manager, and I don’t think she knew that was going to happen six months ago. I’m figuring out how to delegate and who to bring

For now North Park Beer Co. offers only its own selections. (Photo by Michael Good) in to help. I need to figure that out and everything will be fine.” From the drinker’s perspective, everything is fine already. NPBC’s focus is on the basics. Ales and lagers without the foo-foo frills: no berry flavors, peanut butter or added fruity zest and zing. The building, too, leans to the authentic. The ambience and design honors North Park’s Craftsman heritage and identity, in a way that no other local brewery does. And that’s not by accident. “My wife and I really fell in love with the neighborhood in 2006. We were living in North County. We became really interested in what was happening in the area — in the restaurants and bars, the craft beer and farm-to-table restaurants, like Hamilton’s and the Linkery. There wasn’t anything like that in North County. We found ourselves here Friday night and Saturday night. And as we did that, we were parking in the neighborhood and walking. And I was immediately drawn to the architecture and the charm. It didn’t take too long until we were saying, why are we even living up here? So we started

looking at rentals and thinking about buying. We discovered that the charm of these homes wasn’t just on the outside. They were even more beautiful on the inside than the outside,” he said. “With the design of the brewery, I really want to give the patrons a feeling of the North Park that they don’t see. So much Craftsman charm — if you don’t live in the neighborhood, you miss it. I wanted to put that esthetic inside.” The building, which had last been used as a martial arts gym, had lost most of its original features, with the exception of the original Craftsman-style board and batten staircase wainscot. “It was a blank canvas,” Kelsey said. He hired Hauck Architecture, the firm responsible for nearby Modern Times and Thorn Brewing Company. For the interior, “We worked with Basile Studio. They’re incredibly talented. You give them a creative idea and they come back with something you never thought of. And that’s arts and crafts at its core.” (The design also incorporates quotes from William Morris and Elbert Hubbard.)

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016 Like the still-revitalizing commercial district around it, North Park Beer Company is still a work in progress. It will be a couple months before food is served. And, for now, only North Park Beer Company beer is on tap. (Once the kitchen is up and running, the liquor license will allow Kelsey & Co. to sell beer from other brewers.) The upstairs mezzanine is not yet built-out. The concept is for it to be more cozy and residential, with a fireplace and inglenook, to counter the downstairs open, cityscape feel, with its globe streetlights. Beer names will continue to recognize local people and places, such as historian Don Covington, who chronicled the story of North Park’s

neighborhoods and business district. Kelsey plans to bring in other historic elements, with the help of the North Park Historical Association. “I’d like to install a number of historical framed photos. Create a North Park theme park of sorts. That’s kind of our vision for it. We want this to be for the community. From top to bottom,” he said. Then, remembering the still-unfinished mezzanine, he added, “Or from bottom to top.” You can do your part to bring back the neighborhood by raising a glass at North Park Beer Company, located at 3038 University Ave. —Contact Michael Good at

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


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LETTERS Why? Well, because there is trash everywhere. Wherever you step, you step in trash. Now you are begging your parents to go home. I believe that we need more trash cans and ones with lids at Ward Canyon Park. One reason I think we need more trash cans and ones with lids at Ward Canyon Park is because the trash makes the park dirty. People won’t come, and when tourists come they will think we’re a sloppy city. We don’t want a reputation as a messy city, do we? When my friends and I went to the park many times over spring break, every time it was dirty and we felt uncomfortable. Kids deserve an enjoyable clean place to play and hang out. As a kid, I don’t want to play in a messy park. In a park I want to have fun and not worry that I’m going to step in dirty trash. Parks should be as clean as a new house. That is one reason why I think Ward Canyon Park needs more trash cans and ones with lids. Another reason is that a dirty park attracts animals. It may attract wild, aggressive animals like raccoons or opossums, not cute kittens or puppies. Animals can choke on balloons, they can get trapped in cans or hurt by sharp edges. Also they can suffocate in plastic bags or choke on them. In addition, some animals like this as a good breeding ground. This can result in overpopulation of one species, especially when lots of other species are dying out because of all the litter. We don’t want marine life and other animals to die out and only have insects like cockroaches and spiders left. That is another reason we need more trash cans and ones with lids at Ward Canyon Park. Finally and most importantly I believe that there should be more trash cans and ones with lids at Ward Canyon Park because the trash will end up in the ocean. The ocean animals will eat the trash, die, and then the species will eventually go extinct. When fish eat the trash, it blocks the stomach so they can’t digest food and this causes them to starve. The ocean animals can get tangled up in the litter. They get trapped and can’t get free. The only way they could get free is if divers cut them loose. If they don’t get free, they die! Also, large debris will sink to the bottom of the ocean. This will cause the seabed to be smothered. It can be carried away by strong currents but that tears up the very fragile habitat of the seabed. In addition to that, when people go to beach clean-ups they use rakes to clean up. What they don’t know is existing nests can be disturbed. Compacted beaches are difficult or impossible for nesting. Another example is 1.9 billion tons of litter ends up in the ocean every year — that is more than the amount of trash generated every year, which is only 250 million tons. My request is simple: There should be more trash cans and ones with lids at Ward Canyon Park. I think this because every time I got there it is full of trash. —Olivia Hackworth, fourth-grader at Alice Birney Elementary School in University Heights v





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Square footage/acreage shown is only an estimate and actual square footage/acreage will differ. Buyer should rely on his or her own evaluation of useable area. Plans to build out this neighborhood as proposed are subject to change without notice. The estimated completion date of the Civita multi-level park is 2016. The date of actual completion could substantially differ from the estimated date. Prices, plans and terms are effective on the date of publication and subject to change without notice. Depictions of homes or other features are artist conceptions. Hardscape, landscape and other items shown may be decorator suggestions that are not included in the purchase price and availability may vary. CalAtlantic Group, Inc. California Real Estate License No. 01138346.




San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

Howõ ng þ rgŠitŒ Come On Get Happy!

Café Coyote 2461 San Diego Ave. (Old Town) 619-291-4695 Happy hour: 3:30 to 6 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; all day on Tuesdays

D r. I n k

Don’t be deceived by the rope lines that often form outside of Café Coyote in Old Town, at least when they’re small. The wait time to be seated is generally brief if you’re not picky about taking a table in the main dining room, the courtyard patio or the roomy cantina, which features a modest-size bar. And until gaining entry, there’s plenty of tortilla-making to watch at the front of the building to help kill the time. Anchored within the pulse of San Diego Avenue, directly across the street from equally

Open-air tortilla making is a longtime tradition at Café Coyote. (Photos by Dr. Ink) bustling Fred’s Mexican Café, the establishment is divided into multiple sections bursting with colorful banners and classic Mexican tilework.

Pineapplechipotle margarita

Al pastor taco

Tourists love it, and to a lesser degree, so do I when the hankering strikes for jumbo margaritas and uncomplicated tacos made with tortillas fresh off the grill. Happy hour is available only in the cantina and courtyard, except on “Taco Tuesdays,” when it runs all day and extends into the main dining room. The bargains include $2 tacos (add $1 for fish or shrimp), plus $4 drafts, $6 tequila shots and $6.95 margaritas. For a buck more, I chose the pineapple-chipotle margarita served with ice cubes in a glass sporting the circumference at the rim of a medium-size tortilla. A straw was necessary for drinking it. Otherwise a good deal of liquid would have inevitably sloshed onto my lap.

Cthelebrate Our 30 Anniversary!

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Serving vegetarian food since 1986

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3351 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116 (619) 282-4116

The bar uses El Toro Tequila Gold, an inexpensive brand that blended adequately with the pineapple juice and the faint zing of chipotle hidden within the simple syrup used in the recipe. It was a stimulating diversion from the standard, lip-puckering concoctions I usually order. I sat in the cantina, alongside open doors facing the courtyard. The space filled quickly as the opening ceremonies of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game at Petco Park blared over several flat screens. At a few nearby tables, baseball-capped Padres fans slammed down the discounted tequila shots, some of them infused with pomegranate. Indeed, I wasn’t the only San Diegan in the place. After polishing off more than a single basket of so-so table chips with tomato-y salsa, I proceeded to an al pastor taco. Though tiny, the generous plops of fresh guacamole and tender pork in it suited my taste buds and left room for tackling the high-volume margarita. v



If you’re of the “more-is-better” mindset, the margaritas are large but without the hefty price tag.



The street tacos are small but tasty. Available in several varieties, they’re made with tortillas rolled and cooked onsite.



Expect a 15 percent savings on domestic and Mexican draft beer, margaritas, tequila shots and tacos.



Despite a full house in the cantina, the wait staff hustled proficiently in delivering food and drink orders while promptly refilling the complimentary table chips and salsa when they depleted.



In classic Old Town style, colorful décor flows throughout the establishment, which accommodates the steady influx of customers with a full dining room, a courtyard patio and an airy cantina.


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


Regal meals for everyday people Restaurant Review Frank Sabatini Jr. Let’s start with the negatives of my dining experience at Royal Stone, a newcomer to the Bankers Hill dining scene: I devoured too much table bread, thanks in part to the addicting lemon butter served alongside, and I sneezed a few times from summer allergies. That’s it. If you’re looking for a neighborhood gem that sends out dishes fueled by an obsession for detail and freshness, this unpretentious bistro with its stay-a-while ambiance fits the bill. Royal Stone was launched about four months ago by John and Jackie Stone, a married couple who share a love of food, wine and entertaining. They also each grew up in households where European styles of cooking ruled the day; hers by a French mother, his from an Italian mother. “I feel like we just ate dinner at somebody’s home,” my companion said upon exiting Royal’s intimate confines, which is located in a historic corner-lot building at First and Upas streets and adjoining the long-established Royal Food Mart. Iron railings with flower planters bestow charm to a wrap-around outdoor patio. Inside, most of the seating is along a banquette against large windows. A curved granite-top bar, serving craft beers and eclectic wines, dominates the room while the small kitchen in the back appears like an afterthought to the layout. But it’s a culinary powerhouse utilized proficiently by Executive Chef Chase Edrington, who earned his chops at Whiskenladle in La Jolla after working on farms across Europe and training in a few Michelin-star restaurants along the way. Sous chef Sara Shannon also came from Whiskenladle. It was her meatballs in tomato ragu that we had as an appetizer, which brought forth wisps of cayenne pepper, paprika and cinnamon. Slow braised and ultra tender, the meatballs are an admirable departure from standard Italian recipes. Edrington’s succotash is a must while the corn season lasts. It begins with a traditional coupling of creamed corn and fava beans before turning deliciously complex with the additions of roasted squash, pickled onions and bell pepper puree. The crowning jewels are bits of crispy chicken skins, a welcome contributor of fat and salt to the summer-fresh medley. For his fennel-garlic sofrito bruschetta, he uses a softly fried egg and shaved Parmesan as protein zaps. The garlic was more understated than we expected, but the overall composition was novel as far as bruschetta goes.

Edrington will have the luxury of returning to the soil in the near future after the Stones finish cultivating an acre of land in La Mesa given to them by a family friend. The goal is to grow everything they can for Edrington’s upcoming seasonal menus. For now, the kitchen sources its vegetables from Specialty Produce. From the entrée list, we ate two of them onsite and ordered one to go. The Atlantic panseared scallops were artistically plated, with each bivalve nesting in dollops of sweet, charred eggplant puree, plus corn relish, radish and fresh basil. It was a treasure chest of flavors that stood up to the presentation — not always the case when dishes look this pretty. Although more

3401 First Ave. (Bankers Hill) 619-738-8550 Starters, $10 to $15; entrees, $14 to $29 Dinner: Wednesday through Sunday Breakast: daily Brunch: Saturdays and Sundays

ng, th he than anything, the scallops weree marvelously seared, with their crispy gexteriors vergy ing faultlessly into tender, pearly flesh. Whole fingerling potatoes oes dressed simply ply k in buttermilk accompanied the ork chop, pan-seared pork fy green along with a leaf leafy niquee peach salad and unique ve the plainplain mustard thatt gave h a deserved d d ly seasoned chop fruity and tangy essence. It’s an excellent dish with fewer frills that paired nicely to the young cherry notes of 2013 Tineta Tempranillo we stuck to through most of our dinner. After one of Edrington’s excursions to Italy, he was inspired to duplicate gnocchi he ate in a restaurant. Indeed, he figured out the technique for making them as lightweight as possible, and seemingly with minimal flour. But they’re decadent nonetheless, as each barrel-shaped dumpling felt like a teaspoon of luxurious mashed potatoes in our mouths – and made all the better with salsa verde, warm cherry tomatoes, pickled yellow peppers and walnut pieces adorning them. We got the dish to go, but not after jabbing our fork into it before closing the lid on the box.

Housemade desserts i l d “S “Sara’s ’ N Nutella t ll include b b d ” a deliciously d li i l banana bread,” non-traditional recipe because of its discernable chocolate-hazelnut component. Our favorite, however, was “peaches ‘n cream” featuring thin slices of the macerated fruit glued to grilled sourdough bread with sweet cream and then drizzled with peppermint vinaigrette. Really fantastic. And like everything that preceded it, this is the kind of thoughtful and meticulous cuisine that

(clockwise, from top left) Succotash, seared Atlantic scallops, beef meatballs

t ik a strikes rare balance between homey and exclusive.

—Frank Sabatini Jr. is the author of “Secret San Diego” (ECW Press), and began his local writing career more than two decades ago as a staffer for the former San Diego Tribune. You can reach him at v

T H E B A J A K I T C H E N | brunch•wine•bazar (bwb)

A BAJA WINE & CULINARY ADVENTURE Experience the new brunch•wine•bazar (bwb) Sunday series at Tres Estrellas farm in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. The day includes: • Round trip transport to/from San Diego • Valle de Guadalupe wine tasting & hors d’oeuvres • A farm-fresh gourmet brunch • Time to relax, tour the farm and shop • Games like cornhole & horseshoes

Sunday, July 31, 2016 $180 per person

More upcoming 2016 dates: August 14 September 18 November 20 December 4

For reservations and future dates visit or call:

T H E B A J A K I T C H E N . C O M

| 800-443-7565


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


Taking the place of Tapas Picasso Spanish Restaurant in Hillcrest is Two Paddles Fish & Grill, which opened in late June with a concept similar to Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill in Mission Hills. Customers choose from seven types of fish served in either tacos, salads, sandwiches or meal plates. Six marinades are also available, and the fish is grilled but can be requested fried. The menu also features oysters, wings, burgers and steaks. Owners Bryan Chavez and his father, Jose, previously operated Santa Fe Café in Encinitas for 10 years. They’re open for lunch and dinner, and offer happy hour from 2 to 7 p.m. daily featuring $2 off all beer and wines by the glass, and $3 off appetizers. 3923 Fourth Ave., 619-431-5202.

Salmon (left) and blackened swordfish plates at Two Paddles Fish & Grill (Photo by Amy Chavez)

Ralph’s Grocery & Pharmacy at the HUB shopping center in Hillcrest is nearing completion of a major remodel that has already included an extensive olive bar and a section devoted to hundreds of different cheeses from Murray’s, a company established in Greenwich Village more than 75 years ago that recently partnered with Ralph’s. Store manager Tom Coleman said additional changes are coming soon, likely by the “regrand opening” on July 22, when purveyors will be doling out samples to the public. “We’ll soon start cooking pizzas in our service deli and offering dry-aged beef in our meat department,” he said, adding that the store will also begin carrying 2,600 new items to its inventory, many of Curds galore in a new cheese outlet them organic and GMO-free. at Ralph's supermarket in Hillcrest 1030 University Ave., 619-298(Photos by Frank Sabatini Jr.) 2931,


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Acclaimed Chef Giselle Wellman returns home to open a restaurant in a familiar building on Pacific Coast Highway. (Courtesy of H2 Public Relations)

2 1 S T


WINE TASTING to benefit

TUESDAY AUGUST 2, 2016 6-9 PM PARK & REC 4612 PARK BLVD Hosted by

For tickets & information visit or call 619-233-6262

Giselle Wellman, a Bravo “Top Chef “contestant from season 13, is due to open Pacific Standard Coastal Kitchen by mid-July in the Art Deco structure on Pacific Coast Highway that was formerly home to Fat City Steakhouse. Wellman, a San Diego native, spent the last eight years working in Los Angeles and New York City alongside renowned chefs such as Thomas Keller, Jean George and Mario Batali. The menu at Pacific, she said, will reflect Little Italy’s storied past as a fishing community. It will be complemented by a “playful” selection of craft cocktails, punch bowls and local craft beers. 2137 Pacific Coast Highway,

Maine lobster season has begun, and King’s Fish House in Mission Valley and Carlsbad turns the occasion into a “festival” each year by offering the sweet crustaceans in four different preparations. Through at least the end of August, they’ll appear steamed in whole form; in bisque and classic rolls; and mixed with clams, mussels, corn and potatoes in New England-style clam bakes. 825 Camino del la Reina, 619574-1230, and 5625 Paseo del Norte, 760-431-3474; kingsfi —Frank Sabatini Jr. can be reached at fsabatini@san. v


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016



TRAFFIC Airport Authority, the City Council, the Five Points business group, and even the Uptown Planners, a local planning committee composed of volunteers who act as advisers to city planners. On July 5, the Uptown Planners brought together almost 100 Middletown residents with several airport officials, including Keith Wilschetz, director of airport planning and noise mitigation for the Airport Authority. Dozens of people — many giving emotional testimony — pleaded with airport officials to work with them to improve the traffic situation along India Street. Matt Ramon, a 10-year resident of Middletown who is general manager of Urban Mo's in Hillcrest, said the speed limit is 35 mph on India Street but motorists treat it as an extension of the I-5 freeway and drive 50 mph or more. Ramon produced a large chart that documented accidents which have occurred along India Street since the Rental Car Center opened in January. A key complaint of residents is that traffic signs, Rental Car Center directions and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices all direct motorists to use India Street to access the Rental Car Center via Sassafras Street. As a result, India Street is impacted from the I-5 North off-ramp at Laurel Street to Sassafras Street because of returning rental cars. But India Street is also affected by rental cars leaving the center, sent via Sassafras Street to India Street to reach the I-5 North on-ramp at Washington Street. Here are some of the issues raised either at the meeting or on an petition found at Speeding and increased traffic have created safety issues for those who use the pedestrian bridge at Palm Street at India Street. The train and trolley tracks pose a danger to tourists who are unfamiliar with the local terrain. Tourists illegally stop at the Sassafras/Kettner intersection, trying to figure which direction to go, impeding traffic. County Supervisor Ron Roberts, who has lived in the area for 50 years, urged the addition of traffic signals on India Street

at Palm and Redwood — but got blowback from some audience members who wanted stop signs instead. “There needs to be long-term and short-term solutions,� Roberts said. “The Airport Authority’s excuse that they can’t do anything outside their property is a bogus argument. They need to be held responsible for this problem. In the long term, we need a flyover to connect to the freeway. In the short term, signalize Palm and Redwood.� Wallied Shirzoi, who created the petition, and other residents said the simple solution would be to reroute traffic from the Rental Car Center to Pacific Highway and to the Washington Street entrance to I-5. For returning rental cars, Middletown residents want drivers to exit at Hawthorne Street or Washington Street to Pacific Highway. Several speakers questioned why the Airport Authority hasn’t been pushing for public transportation connections to the Rental Car Center as well as the airport. Bob Bolton, director of airport design and construction, had earlier in the meeting made a presentation to the Uptown Planners about plans for the Terminal 2 Parking Plaza. The close-in parking structure would provide almost 3,000 spots for vehicles in a three-story structure covering 1 million square feet. “Why build a garage and not look at mass transit?� one man asked, getting loud applause from the audience. After hearing from residents, Wilschetz from the Airport Authority responded to the various issues that were raised. “I understand your point,� he said. “When we started thinking about the facility, we wanted to get traffic off city streets. It addressed traffic issues on the other side of the airport. [The audience exploded, yelling that it created

traffic issues on their side of the airport. Uptown Planners chair Leo Wilson told the audience to quiet down and let the speaker have his say.] “We’ve never had issues on the north side of the airport,â€? Wilschetz continued. “The facility was designed not to awaken a sleeping giant. “We didn’t expect this. We knew there would be some unexpected problems ‌ like no left turn on Sassafras at Pacific Highway. We agree with just about everything said tonight,â€? he said. Wilschetz promised to work with residents to fix the problems and to change the directions for accessing the Rental Car Center. “We agree on the ramps,â€? he said. “We are working with SANDAG and Caltrans on that for the future. As far as [redirecting traffic to] Pacific Highway, that can’t happen immediately.â€? The audience again groaned loudly and collectively. The chair then allowed members of the Uptown Planners to weigh in on the matter. Jennifer Pesqueira, the Middletown representative, said street stamps might help direct drivers how to move left to get to the freeway. Bob Daniel, who represents Western Slopes and Middletown, called all the suggestions made by residents as “viable.â€? “We want to remove facility traffic from India Street,â€? he said. Wilschetz said the GPS devices are a “big problemâ€? and wondered how difficult it would be to get GPS makers to change the software to fix those directions. He also noted that improvements would be needed at the intersection of Washington and Pacific Highway, and that would take time. The crowd again exploded verbally.

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016

No ticket? So what! Get the most out of Comic-Con, even without a coveted pass By Alex Owens The hottest ticket this month is definitely a four-day pass to Comic-Con, which officially starts July 20. But if you haven’t purchased a ticket yet, you’re out of luck. All the available tickets for Comic-Con have been sold, and new security measures using RFID codes will keep people from sharing passes the way they have in previous years. Even though you need a ticket to get into the San Diego Convention Center, there are still ways to get into the ComicCon spirit without a ticket — and some don’t cost a cent. For instance, just by walking down Fifth Avenue, especially on the Friday and Saturday Comic-Con days, there will be lots of photo ops of people in costumes, or galleries with comic-centric window displays. In addition, there are always lots of people handing out cool swag of all shapes and sizes. For instance, last year, a threeblock stroll yielded some free stickers, a poster or two, a special Comic-Con edition of the Hollywood Reporter, ice cream and a Sharknado hat.

Oh, and sometimes you can get passes for free movie screenings. This year, there are rumored screenings for Paramount’s world premiere of “Star Trek Beyond” and also “Sausage Party,” a R-rated animated comedy written by and starring Seth Rogen. The hottest free ticket for an event outside of ComicCon may be for talk show host Conan O’Brien, who is taping Comic-Con shows for the second year in a row. This year, he will be taping shows on Wednesday, Thursday and two on Saturday, at the Spreckels Theatre, located at 121 Broadway, Suite 600, Downtown. Other shows worth checkde the Aquabats, ing out include and that prea rock-ska band tends to be a team of ng supercrime-fighting heroes. They will ouse be playing House 55 of Blues (1055 Fifth Ave.) on Saturday night. Cult filmmaker Kevin Smith will be at the American Comedy Club (818 n Sixth Ave.) on d Thursday and ghts Saturday nights is films, discussing his nd any other films and damn thing he feels like. ght expect, loAs you might cal businesses are getting


into the Comic-Con spirit with a wide variety of promotions. The Hard Rock Cafe is holding a “True Hero” comic book drive to send to U.S. Marine Corps serving overseas. Starting July 18, the Monday of Comic-Con week, the restaurant will offer a special lanyard to the first 400 people who drop off comic books to the restaurant (801 Fourth Ave.) Besides being a limited edition collectible, the lanyard gives the wearer 20 percent off all retail, food, and non-alcoholic drink purchases at the Hard Rock Café during Comic-Con week. Restaurants are also using Comic-Con to get creative with the menu.

Puesto at the Headquarters (789 W. Harbor Drive) has created a Comic-Con inspired taco duo. On one hand, The El Heroé taco mixes Maine lobster, filet mignon, crispy melted cheese, avocado, crispy onions and chipotle heroé sauce. Its counterpart, El Villain (the evil villain) has duck carnitas, black bean purée, whipped avocado and habanero pickled onion. Tajima Ramen (901 E St.) is celebrating the Con with a Naruto Ramen, which is based on a popular Japanese anime character named Naruto who is always eating miso ramen. The Blind Burro (639 J. St.) is doing a “Game of Thrones”themed hot dog, called Wun Wun’s Giant Dog, that is made with a half pound h half-pound hot dog, candied bacon, pinto b bean puree among other iingredients. Bake Sa Sale (815 F St.) has two “Star Wars” Wars”-inspired goo goodies: Wo Wookiee C Cookies, w which are chewy coconut macaroons, and Dagobah soup, a w white bean a and summer ve vegetable soup insp inspired by Yoda’ Yoda’s swampy home pl planet. There w will be a big “brew-hah “brew-haha” on July 23, at Waterfront Park (1600 Pacific Pacific Highwa Highway) thanks “Naruto Ramen,” to be offered to the Heroes Brew Fest, during Comic-Con (Courtesy Tajima Ramen)

Conan O’Brien will tape four shows at Spreckels Theatre during Comic-Con. (Courtesy TBS)

a beer event with nearly 40 breweries and lots of people dressed in superhero costumes. For complete details, check out For more information, visit for Con-related info and for offsite events. —Alex Owens is a San Diego-based freelance writer. He can be reached at

Pride weekend yields millions, new study finds By SDCNN Staff The annual San Diego Pride Parade and Festival, the city’s largest civic event attracting more than 100,000 people, produces major economic benefits to the city, a new study finds. The parade is Saturday, July 16 and the festival is Saturday and Sunday, July 16-17. Pride Guide inside today’s newspaper has complete details about the festive weekend. On Thursday, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, Pride organizers and civic leaders announced the results of an economic impact report that shows thousands of visitors spend millions of dollars in San Diego each year during Pride. The report was conducted by San Diego State University’s Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research. It examined Pride visitor spending in 2014 to show that the weekend generates nearly $11 million in economic impact. “This study reveals that San Diego Pride is an important cultural celebration as well as an economic driver that supports jobs, tourism and local businesses,” Mayor Faulconer said. “SDSU’s economic impact report shows that even though other cities may have their own celebrations, San Diego remains a premier destination when it comes to Pride festivities.” v


Morphing with Comic-Con On July 21 the San Diego Symphony will feature “Final Symphony,” which has music from “Final Fantasy VI,” “VII,” and “X.” Producer Thomas Bocker wanted to create a video game concert, with no visuals, and By David Dixon only contain music. “Our approach is to retell the Last summer, the San Diego stories of the games through Symphony got a lot of worldmusic, without the need for wide attention for performing video screens and game footunannounced live music from age,” he said. “You don’t have “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to be familiar with the ‘Final for 6,500 fans during ComicFantasy’ franchise in order to Con International. enjoy the music.” This year during the annual Conductor and non-gamconvention, the Symphony has er, Eckehard Stier, is even more on its plate, amazed at the emocontributing to an tional power of open-air movie the melodies premiere and two from Nobuo video-game-reUematsu lated evenings and at Copley Masashi Symphony Hamauzu. Hall. “The use On July of classical 20, timed for elements, the 50th annithe intelliversary of Gene gent combinaRodenberry’s “Star tion of the muTrek” television sesic and its deep ries, Paramount emotional Link from “The Legend of Zelda” impact is just Studios — in (Courtesy San Diego Symphony) breathtaking,” partnership with IMAX he said. Corporation and the San Diego Bocker and Stier have travSymphony — will present the eled around the world to help world premiere of “Star Trek present “Final Symphony.” Beyond.” For Bocker, a perforTaking place at the mance at the Tokyo Bunka Symphony’s Bayside Kaikan made for a memorable Summer Nights venue at the experience. Embarcadero Marina Park South, Paramount has hired the San Diego Symphony to perform the film’s score, written by Michael Giacchino, live during the screening. This will be the first time an IMAX film has played outdoors. “Star Trek Beyond” stars John Cho, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin and Idris Elba. Director Justin Lin and cast members will appear at the special screening. The night is expected to be a bittersweet one for all those in attendance, since Yelchin died tragically June 19, after being crushed by his own vehicle outside his Los Angeles home. Expect a tribute to the talented young actor. The film will be released to theaters and IMAX on July 22.

The Symphony’s fantastical adventures with live music

“Final Symphony’ was so well received that our concert became the first ever performance of orchestral video game music in the country to be honored with standing ovations,” he said. “Final Fantasy VII” is considered to be one of the best role-playing video games of all time. Fans should be excited for the second half of the event, which is a 45-minute symphony based on “VII.” The musical composition is the highlight for Stier. “The symphony is demanding for everybody — orchestra, conductor, and the audience,” he said. “But it is a fantastic experience. Even for the regular listener, it will be an absolute surprise.” Friday, July 22, includes the third installment of “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” at Copley Symphony Hall. Unlike “Final Symphony,” music from Koji Kondo, Hajime Wakai, and other composers, is used with clipss from popular games ome of the in the series. Some famous entries acknowlarina of Time,” edged are “Ocarina “A Link to the Past,” and cess.” “Twilight Princess.” What makess “Symphony es-Master of the Goddesses-Master Quest” unique is rom that melodies from S Nintendo’s 3DS ce game, “Tri Force art Heroes,” are part of the evening. “Symphony

San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016 of the Goddesses” has received a lot of acclaim and was a part of an episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Conductor Amy Andersson and musically gifted artists are trying to give audiences an epic experience. Symphony musicians are continuing to show their versatility by undertaking three extremely unique presentations. Given that the attendance for Comic-Con has risen to over 130,000, fans should buy tickets to these stand-alone events in advance. With the convention becoming increasingly difficult to get into, it’s refreshing that the orchestra allows the ability to enjoy the festivities for those not fortunate enough to have scored a badge. The world premiere of Paramount Studio’s “Star Trek Beyond” will be shown July 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Embarcadero Marina Park South, located directly behind the San Diego Convention Center.

Link from “The|Legend of|Zelda” (Courtesy San Diego Symphony)


Eckehard Stier, composer for “Final Symphony” (Photo by Philippe Ramakers) Information on tickets for this special screening has not yet been made available but is expected in the coming weeks. A number of tickets were distributed at a recent “Star Trek” fan event in Los Angeles. “Final Symphony: A Final C Fantasy Concert” and “The o Zelda: Symphony of the Legend of Goddesse Goddesses-Master Quest” will be performe on July 21 and 22, reperformed spectively at Jacobs Music Center, spectively, Sy Copley Symphony Hall, located at 750 B St., Downtown. For tickm ets or more information, visit san or call 619-235-0800. —A fan of film and theater from a you age, David Dixon has very young r written reviews and features for p various print and online publicaYo can reach him at dations. You viddixon v

Parenting in the Digital Age: Internet Safety Tips


Lovely, highly upgraded Plan 3 in the highly desirable and centrally located community of Serramar. This 4 bedroom plus loft, 3 full bathroom home features a formal dining room and living room, open concept floor plan with great room and eat-in kitchen. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances (including Electrolux built-in refrigerator), granite counter tops, high-end hidden hinged cabinets, 5 burner cook top, and double ovens for the aspiring gourmet!


Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom, is a preeminent voice on safety, wellness and healthy living and a Cox Communications partner. From environmental toxins and healthy eating to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children of all ages, as well as the entire family. Here she provides cyber safety tips for parents just in time for the summer months when kids may be home alone more often. • Know your child’s passwords and review their social media sites weekly. Ask them how they know new friends or connections and if they don’t know them, do not allow them to follow.

• Kids often have numerous accounts. Along with reviewing who is following them, look at their activity. If there isn’t a lot of activity, they may be using a different account. Investigate further.

• Cyberbullying over the weekend spills into school on Monday. Inform school officials if your child was involved in a cyberbully incident so that they can monitor the situation during the day.

• Be sure that geo-tagging is off on all social media sites, which prevents someone from identifying where your child is posting from.

• Don’t dismiss the issue. Whether your child plays it down or is seriously upset, get involved. Parents of “bullycide” victims (kids who have committed suicide due to bullying) frequently comment that they wish they had taken the issue more seriously.

• Teach them never to post the name of their school, home address or areas where they frequently hang out. • Assume that status updates, photos and videos posted on social networks are permanent. Just because a profile is deleted or information is removed, older versions can continue to exist on other sites. • Never allow your child to arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they’ve met online by themselves. • Teach kids to not respond to messages that are inappropriate. Encourage children to tell an adult if they ever encounter anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. • Parents and guardians should consider downloading a monitoring service app that allows them to view the child’s smartphone activity.

• If necessary, get law enforcement involved. Many school districts around the country have a police officer or several assigned to the school who are always on campus. This would be the first law enforcement personnel to approach. Ask him/her for their suggestions on handling the situation. • Teach your child to get involved. It has been shown that the best person to help stop bullying is a peer who intervenes. If your child witnesses someone getting bullied online encourage her/him to tell you. For more information on safe behavior in the digital world, including valuable tools and information to empower parents and caregivers to protect loved ones while getting the most out of their technology, visit


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


“A match made in

musical theatre heaven!”


The Daily Herald

‘Tiger’ debuts at Playhouse

Brittany Bellizeare and Andy Lucien in La Jolla Playhouse’s world premiere (Photos by Jim Carmody)

Theater Review Charlene Baldridge

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Paul Gordon Directed by Barbara Gaines Based on the Novel by Jane Austen Presented in Association with Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Now Playing! Limited Engagement Through August 14 Tickets Start at $39 (619) 23-GLOBE (234-5623) Wayne Alan Wilcox and Sharon Rietkerk. Photo by Liz Lauren, courtesy of Chicago Shakespeare Theater.


JASON GRAAE Thursday, August 4

Grammy Nominated

SACHA BOUTROS Thursday, July 28




Who are these people in Jeff Augustin’s “The Last Tiger in Haiti,” these young Haitians living in tentlike shelter in 2008? They are restaveks – child slaves who live out a sanctioned tradition in which poor families give children they cannot provide for to wealthier families, where they will have a better life until they’re 18. Or at least, that is the hope. This particular group comprises Rose (Brittany Bellizeare), 13, the youngest; Max (Andy Lucien), the eldest at 18; Emmanuel (Clinton Roane), Laurie (Jasmine St. Clair) and Joseph (Reggie D. White). Max, the de facto protector of the others, in particular Rose, plans to leave for the mountains early in the morning, the day after the end of kanavel, the celebration that precedes Lent. In the first scene of the play, Max discovers that the money he’s squirreled away and buried outside the shelter, likely to be used for his transition, has been stolen. Before bedtime, all gather to tell tall tales in a competitive game called Krik (Shall I tell a story?) Krak (Yes). One particularly disarming tale is punctuated by Jay Adana’s charming original folksong, “The Orange Tree.” The stories become more and more horrifying, until fear is palpable (and audible), and the demarcation between reality and fantasy is

obliterated. Max leaves to investigate the threat and returns covered with blood. End Act I. Act II is set 16 years later in a palatial, ocean view condo in Miami. Rose, who learned her storytelling well, has written and published a best-selling book about the restavek experience, in which Max is the hero. At her request, Max visits her. Their exchange solves enigmas, but new doubts are created. Can storytellers ever be trusted to be truthful? And who gets to tell others’ stories? The lavish La Jolla Playhouse world premiere moves on to co-producing Berkeley Repertory Theatre later this year. Despite its inscrutability, the play is beautifully acted and meticulously directed by Joshua Kahan Brody, currently in residence at the Playhouse with a Princess Grace Award fellowship. Augustin and Brody are alumni of UC San Diego’s MFA program in theater, and “The

“The Last Tiger in Haiti” By Jeff Augustin Directed by Joshua Kahan Brody Tuesdays — Sundays through July 24 Mandell Weiss Forum La Jolla Playhouse 2910 La Jolla Village Drive (La Jolla) Tickets start at $20 858-550-1010

Last Tiger” was in part developed in La Jolla Playhouse’s DNA New Work Series. Artistic Director Christopher Ashley apparently was so moved by the piece that he programmed it in this season.

Scene from "The Last Tiger in Haiti" As is common in the Mandell Weiss Forum, dialogue – even as delivered by an experienced company – tends to waft away into the wings and upper reaches of the venue. Coupled with French-tinged Haitian accents, the acoustics decreased comprehension of the text and prevented deeper understanding, involvement and appreciation. There is much to admire in Takeshi Kata’s contrasting scenic designs. Costume designer is Dede Ayite; lighting designer, Alexander Nichols; sound designer, Nicholas Drashner; hair and wig designer, Cookie Jordan; dialect coach, Chantal Jean-Pierre; and dramaturg, Gabriel Greene. —Charlene Baldridge has been writing about the arts since 1979. Follow her blog at or reach her at charb81@gmail. com.v

Thursday, August 18

MOLLY RINGWALD Thursday, September 1


3940 Fourth Ave | Second Floor | San Diego, CA 92103 | 619.400.4500

(l-r) Clinton Roane, Andy Lucien, Reggie D. White, Jasmine St. Clair and Brittany Bellizeare in La Jolla Playhouse’s world premiere (Photo by Jim Carmody)


KTU+A Most recently, KTU+A played a major role in visualizing, planning and implementing “Reimagine Normal Street,” a fourday event in May that demonstrated how Normal Street (and other streets) can be transformed from one that is dominantly auto-centric to a place that offers people the opportunity to safely and pleasantly live outside of their home, office and car. “We’ve never had a business model that’s just based on profits; we think more along the lines of: What do we want to accomplish? Are we doing things that are really interesting to ourselves and our staff? How are we positively changing the environment? What are we doing for the community?” Mike explained.

Giving back

Volunteering is a KTU+A core value, with all three principals serving on so many local committees and national professional organizations it’s a wonder they get any work done. “You need to be part of the community; you have to give something back by being involved and contributing,” Mike said. Some of the local organizations Mike has been involved with include Uptown Planners, Balboa Park Committee, Hillcrest Business Association and Hillcrest Community Development Corp. In addition to her service on a number of architecture and engineering boards and committees, as well as volunteer positions with her children’s schools in Uptown and Point Loma, Sharon has also volunteered side-by-side with her daughters through MADCAPS, a local philanthropic group. And Kurt is involved in his own community as well where he sits on the Carmel Mountain Ranch Community Council, an appointed member of the city of San Diego Municipal Golf Committee, a judge for the California Landscape Contractor Association Beautification awards, and the ACE mentoring program at Kearny High School, which introduces high school students to careers in architecture, construction management, engineering, landscape architecture and other disciplines.

With 38 employees, KTU+A is a collaboration of planners, transportation specialists, landscape architects, GIS analysts, irrigation designers and graphic artists who work together in three primary departments: Landscape Architecture, Planning and Federal Planning. The Federal Planning department offers planning services primarily to the Navy and Marine Corps, with the majority of their work in the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southwest and Southeast footprints. Federal plans address the physical, social, environmental and economic requirements for military and civilian personnel, their families, and the neighboring communities. The land-use and facility requirements include training, administration, maintenance, housing, schools, community support, roads, bridges and utilities. One of KTU+A’s largest projects was converting NAS Miramar to a Marine Corps station — a $1.5 billion construction project. They did all of the initial site planning, land-use planning, designing guidelines and way-finding programs.

Landscaping projects

Under the direction of Kurt, the Landscape Architecture department establishes a vision, develops a design and produces construction plans for projects that are built, including theme parks, housing, K-12 and higher education; hotels and resorts; mixed-use office buildings; retail; health care; assisted living and senior housing; and public works, including streets, libraries, and public safety facilities. The landscape staff enjoys working in collaboration with architects, engineers, designers and general contractors to see the projects from conception through construction. You can see their touches at The Grand Del Mar, USD’s Maher Mall and Fowler Field, Aquatica Water Park, SeaWorld, Mission Trails Park and many other parks throughout the county.

KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architecture 3916 Normal St. (Hillcrest) Recent award-winning projects:

● Box Spring Mountain Reserve Trails Master Plan for the County of Riverside Regional Parks and Open-Space District ● Downtown Santa Ana Complete Streets Plan for the city of Santa Ana ● Urban Trails Mobility Action Plan for the city of La Mesa ● Connect Main Street for the city of Lemon Grove

Planning tasks

Much of the work of the Planning Department, under the direction of Mike, is visionary in nature. “We are creating the larger-scale plans for our public agencies and private developers,” Mike said. These plans include bicycle, trail and pedestrian master plans to improve non-motorized connections; transportation and transit plans that analyze regional transportation options; land-use plans that identify areas for living, working, learning and playing; recreation plans that analyze existing and identify future park and open space areas; and resource plans that focus on habitat restoration, aesthetics, visual assessments, water conservation, and historic preservation and interpretation. Sharon is responsible for business development and marketing, developing complex proposals, and competing with landscape architecture firms from around the country. Building and keeping good solid relationships also means repeat business with many of the private developers, public agencies, architects and engineers in the region.

Thank you for voting us Best Antiques Gold!

Going greener

Mike and Sharon Singleton have lived in North Park and Mission Hills for 30 years and recently moved to Bankers Hill, where they are restoring a historic home designed by Louis Gill. With one car between them, they bike and walk as much as possible. And with a good 60 percent of the staff living nearby, many also walk or bike to work. “I feel good when we have more bikes on our bike rack than cars in our parking lot,” Sharon said. Landscape architects have historically been defined as stewards of the land. However, in today’s world, this definition is not sufficient. Landscape architects and planners have a much broader role to play — that of advocates for complete communities and the people who live in these communities. “We take this responsibility very seriously through the professional services we offer,” Sharon said.

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2361 India Street, Little Italy 619-231-3004 Open Daily: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016 The firm encourages its staff, including the firm’s principals, to seek out matters of the heart – projects they will grow professionally in by doing. For Mike, it’s “mobility planning” — safe bike paths, trails, public transportation. A big current project is the Mid-Coast Trolley Extension that will run from Old Town to University City via the University of California San Diego. Another is the Lemon Grove Promenade and trail projects, which include the award-winning Main Street Promenade, and a recently envisioned 2.5-mile linear park and trail system along the trolley rail corridor that will run from the edge of Lemon Grove’s city limits to the Promenade, which is located in the downtown area along the rail corridor. For Sharon, it’s creating exciting environments and healthy places to get people outside, out of their cars, away from their computers, off their cell phones, and enjoying time with their family and friends. She is inspired by the next generation of landscape architects and planners in the office who are putting their creativity to work by implementing tactical urbanism principles in their projects and volunteer efforts. For Kurt, who always imagined he’d be a sports professional, it’s designing exciting environments — outdoor spaces like parks, golf courses and sports fields. A favorite project is The Grand Del Mar, a five-star resort in Del Mar. Others include the Del Mar, Loma Santa Fe and Carmel Mountain Country Clubs.


Leaving a ‘legacy’

With so many successful years in business, KTU+A has “legacy” projects, which include Shelter Island, segments of the Embarcadero, the ferry landing, University of San Diego, UCSD and San Diego State University, the Gaslamp Quarter and habitats at the San Diego Zoo. A legacy project within walking distance of their office is a park created by Michael Theilacker in the early ’80s at the entrance to Scripps Mercy Hospital. “It’s such a joy to see how it’s used. There are always people enjoying the water feature and using the park, people looking down from the rooms into the park … and the trees have matured beautifully,” Sharon said. Projects KTU+A is looking forward to seeing completed in the near future: the reconfiguration of the North Course at Torrey Pines Golf Course; Colachis Plaza at USD; the waterfront hotels at Liberty Station; the Mid-Coast Trolley extension; parks along the Chula Vista Bayfront; Connect Main Street in Lemon Grove; portions of the Coastal Rail Trail; the Mission Trails Regional Park Master Plan; and someday, maybe . . . a new master plan for Fiesta Island. —Delle Willett has been a marketing and public relations professional for over 30 years, with an emphasis on conservation of the environment. She can be reached at dellewillett@


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort & Spa 800-443-7565





The cuisine of Baja California, Mexico, has exploded on the international food scene in the past 15 years, garnering accolades from all who travel to the most delicious, and experimental, culinary frontiers anywhere in the world. Anthony Bourdain has said that Baja’s wine country — known as Valle de Guadalupe — “feels like Tuscany.” On July 31, The Baja Kitchen will kick off a new monthly Sunday event series called “brunch • wine • bazar” that celebrates farm-to-table cuisine, robust reds, and icy whites. Held on the farm at famed Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort & Spa, the day includes roundtrip transport from San Diego to Tecate, Mexico (an hour drive); a gourmet brunch; a Guadalupe Valley wine tasting; games, like corn hole and horseshoes; an optional farm tour; and a finely curated bazar. Expect innovative dishes — from white fish ceviche with tropical fruit and chiles, to grilled tostadas de pulpo (octopus) topped with apple parsley slaw, to cooling aguas frescas. All dishes will be prepared by Rancho La Puerta and La Cocina Que Canta’s Executive Chef Denise Roa, whose seasonal recipes have graced the pages of People magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and various other media outlets. For dates and reservations, visit or call 800-443-7565.






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Puzzle from page 21


Making Capital?

Crossword from page 21



Experience Corps volunteers – people age 50 and older – help children in kindergarten through third grade learn to read. Join us at one of the following information sessions to learn how you can become an after school reading tutor and transform the lives of students in City Heights, Normal Heights or Lemon Grove.

Monday, July 18th | 3:00pm City Heights/Weingart Library (3795 Fairmont Ave.) Tuesday, July 26th | 3:00pm Valencia Park /Malcom X Library (5148 Market St.)

Sign up today! Email Kristin Shea at: or Call: 858-581-5880


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


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Puzzle answers on page 20

Uptown Crossword Making Capital?

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San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


DIGITAL GYM GEMS Friday, July 15 – Thursday, July 21: The film “Neon Bull” takes a fictional look behind the scenes of the Brazilian rodeo circuit. Described as “wild” and “sensual,” this film is for mature audiences only. Unrated. 101 minutes.

Live music: Sue Palmer Friday, July 15

Mission Hills Concerts in the Park summer concert series continues tonight from 6 – 8 p.m. at Pioneer Park (1521 Washington Place, Mission Hills). One of seven weekly concerts will feature Sue Palmer. Known as the “Queen of Boogie Woogie,” Palmer’s career has taken her around the world playing styles from blues to jazz and more. Attendees are invited to bring blankets and picnic baskets and enjoy the music with neighbors and friends. Visit for the full lineup.

Mission Hills Branch Library events July 16, 21, 27 and 28

This library location (925 West Washington, Mission Hills) has several events to finish up the month. There will be a book sale by the Friends of the Mission Hills Branch Library on Saturday, July 16 from 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The library’s summer reading program will continue with an event by Pacific Animal Production on Thursday, July 21 where kids can get up close with real wild animals; and a puppet show by Gaston Morineau on Thursday, July 28. The mystery book group will meet on Wednesday, July 27 to discuss a new book. Visit for more information.

Friday, July 15 – Thursday, July 21: Directors of the documentary “Lucha Mexico” were given unprecedented access to all major lucha organizations to make this film about the decades-old spectacle of lucha libre. Unrated. 103 minutes. Friday, July 22 – Thursday, July 28: “Equals” is a romantic sci-fi thriller starring Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult as co-workers in a future society where relationships are forbidden. Rated PG-13. 101 minutes.

Summer camps at San Diego Art Institute Monday, July 18 – Friday, Aug. 5

San Diego Art Institute (1439 El Prado, Balboa Park) has several summer camps with morning and afternoon sessions for kindergarten – third grade and fourth – eighth grade. From Monday, July 18 – Friday, July 22 the “Trash Mash Up Camp” will teach about indigenous cultures and conservation with lessons on making ceremonial costumes from non-recyclable materials. Monday, Aug. 1 – Friday, Aug. 5, the “Fiber Arts Camp” focuses on fiber as an art material utilizing different techniques to create various pieces. There are four other types of camps that will be offered in coming weeks. Visit for full details and to register your children.

Visit for show times and tickets and information on additional films.

Live music: Liquid Blue

Select dates:

Friday, July 22

Mission Hills Concerts in the Park summer concert series finishes tonight from 6 – 8 p.m. at Pioneer Park (1521 Washington Place, Mission Hills). The last of seven weekly concerts will feature Liquid Blue. The dance and party band is known for their high-energy shows featuring covers from every era. Attendees are invited to bring blankets and picnic baskets and enjoy the music with neighbors and friends. Visit for more information.

Live music: Three Chord Justice Saturday, July 23

Three Chord Justice will perform as part of the Bird Park summer concert series presented by the North Park Community Association. The local female-fronted band combines rock ‘n’ roll with classic country twang. Bird Park is located at Upas and 28th streets in North Park. Concerts are from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. and continue every other Saturday throughout the summer. Visit for more information.

Art lecture series with Stephen Morris Tuesdays from July 26 – Aug. 16

This free series at The Studio Door (3750 30th St., North Park) will take an in-depth look at the history of art and its current condition along with painting practices. Irish artist and tutor Stephen Morris will present these lectures from 6 – 8 p.m. each week. The lecture series topics are as follows: Tuesday, July 26: “Tracing a genealogy of American painting” Tuesday, Aug. 2: “A contemporary position for abstract painting” Tuesday, Aug. 9: “A contemporary position for figurative painting” Tuesday, Aug. 16: “Painting in the expanded field” Visit for more information.

Sacha Boutros in ‘Roman Holiday: A Musical Journey Through Italia’ Thursday, July 28

Songstress Sacha Boutros returns to Martinis Above Fourth (3940 Fourth Ave., Hillcrest) with special guest vocalist Salvador Padilla for a performance of the music of Italy through the ages. The duo will take the audience on a journey through Italy’s beloved songs from pop to classic opera and more. Tickets are $30-$35 for reserved seating with a $15 food/drink minimum per person. Doors open at 6 p.m with the show at 8 p.m. Visit for more information. v

RECURRING EVENTS Cinema Under the Stars: Films presented at an outdoor viewing space on various nights of the week. Upcoming films:

●“An American in Paris” Friday, July 15 ●“Midnight in Paris” Saturday, July 16 – Sunday, July 17 ●“The Big Sleep” Thursday, July 21 – Friday, July 22 ●“Pretty Woman” Saturday, July 23 – Sunday, July 24 ●“The Big Chill” Thursday, July 28 – Friday, July 29 Films start at 8 p.m. $15. 4040 Goldfinch St., Mission Hills. For more info, visit topspresents. com or call 619-295-4221.


North Park Toastmasters meeting: 6:30 – 8 p.m., weekly meeting at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 3725 30th St., North Park. 8469. Open Mic Night: 7:30 p.m., the mic is open to you at Lestat’s Coffee House, 3343 Adams Ave., Normal Heights, free. Unsung Genius: 6:30 p.m., bi-weekly trivia hosted by Rafael Gaitan

starting at 7 p.m.; $2 to play; cash, bar tab and other prizes. Karaoke to follow at 9 p.m. on the big stage at The Merrow, 1271 University Ave., Hillcrest.


Curbside Bites: 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., gathering of gourmet food trucks at 3030 Grape St., South Park. Tasty Truck Tuesdays: 6 – 9 p.m., Smitty’s Service Station hosts several food trucks under their well-lit shade structure, 3442 Adams Ave., Normal Heights. Uptown Democratic Club: 6:30 p.m., Joyce Beers Community Center hosts these meetings on the fourth Tuesday of every month. New members wanted. 1220 Vermont Ave., Hillcrest.


Wednesday Night Experience: 7 – 8 p.m., uplifting and spiritually inspiring experiences for all, weekly at Universal Spirit Center, 3858 Front St., Hillcrest, love offering requested. v

WHERE STARTUPS & ENTREPRENEURS ARE WORK INSPIRED 1228 University Ave #200 (suite door on Cleveland Ave.) See membership rates at Schedule a tour at 858-939-1836 Dedicated desk | Shared desk | Day passes Conference Room | Podcast Studio | Event Space


VEGAN TREATS “It’s amazing how many events we do and how much positive feedback we get, even from people who aren’t vegan. We always tell them we’re simply here to give you a choice by offering healthy dog treats. The one treat we have with the most ingredients, only has eight ingredients in it,” Starlin said. “It’s very minimal and that’s what people love. People can eat them themselves if they want; that’s how good they are.” The company also feels strongly about giving back. Being a vegan and animalequality centric company, Shaded Trails has structured a percentage of its sales to help its Helping Paws Program, which was designed to benefit rescue and animal shelters in need. Five percent of their sales will be donated to one no-kill animal shelter per quarter, he said. Each facility must be a registered nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter located within the U.S. Monies donated will be earmarked for animal rescue, supporting medical treatment, and the sheltering of animals that are in need of love and care. Helping Paws is still in its infancy, he said, although the program plans to make its first donation later this year. Their first beneficiary will be the

Hooves and Paws Animal Rescue, which is located in Littlerock, California. Shaded Trails is also open to taking recommendations from their clients. There is a contact form on their website, Starlin said, noting that anyone can suggest a no-kill shelter that could benefit from a Helping Paws donation. “The Helping Paws Program is set up to enable Shaded Trails to take our compassion for animals to the Shaded Trails all-natural dog treats can be purchased online and at selected retailers throughout San Diego County. Local stores include: • Uptown Pets in Hillcrest • Pet Palace in North Park Info:

next level,” he said. “The program enables us to be a huge part in rescuing and caring for all kinds of animals in need.” —Margie M. Palmer is a San Diego-based freelance writer who has been racking up bylines in a myriad of news publications for the past 10 years. You can reach her at


CONFLICT Other planners echoed audience members, calling for immediate solutions. Tom Mullaney suggested creating a task force of stakeholders to deal with the issues. Several planners wondered whether the proposed parking structure is necessary. Amie Hayes questioned whether that was the right way to go. Dana Hook said she was a supporter of mass transit, too. Roy Dahl said he would be happy to take an Express Bus to the airport, but slyly noted that wasn’t possible because none exist. Gary Bonner said the shortterm solution is to slow down traffic on India Street, the medium-term solution is to divert traffic to Washington Street and Pacific Highway, and the longrange solution is to build an airport/freeway ramp. Uptown Planners then approved a motion to urge stakeholders to work with the Airport Authority, SANDAG, Caltrans and city officials to find short-term and long-term solutions.

Debating ‘conflict of interest’

Not only did the Rental Car Center issue generate a lot of heated commentary, but so did the discussion of a recommendation by Mullaney to approve members to the Uptown Community Plan Review Committee.

San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


Mullaney chairs the committee, committee because she has a which includes Bonner, Dah, Daniel financial interest through her emand Mat Wahlstrom. He recomployer. Nancy Moors also leveled a mended adding Bill Ellig and Cindy charge of conflict of interest. Thorsen to fill out the panel. Pangilinan repeated his rulMaya Rosas had volunteered ing. “We believe Maya does not to serve on the committee, but represent a conflict of interest; Mullaney was opposed and did we’ve had no projects in front of us” not recommend her. Uptown involving her employer. He said News reported in the June 17 - 30 the Community Plan update covissue about how Rosas had been ers the broad picture, the entire accused of having a conflict of inUptown area, not just Hillcrest. terest because she is an associate The board members then land use consultant for Atlantis chimed in, indicating a split Group Land Use Consultants. opinion. Mullaney accused Rosas Atlantis Group has a vested inof “trying to serve two masters.” terest in future development in But Brennan, Hook and Soheil Hillcrest, being involved in The Nakshab spoke on her behalf, sayUptown Gateway Council coming that she has “incredible techprised of property owners and nical knowledge” and would be an developers who are in favor of asset on the committee. increased density in the communiRosas defended herself again. ty. To date, the Uptown Planners “I do not have a conflict of interest,” has not seen any project related she said. “Anyone who owns a to either group and Rosas has not home or business would be in the faced any potential conflict-of-insame boat with me. There is a difterest situations. ference between having an opinion Michael Brennan said he quit and having a conflict of interest.” the committee because Rosas was A preliminary motion — to include excluded. Rosas on the committee recommenAfter Mullaney made his recdations — got seven “yes” votes, sevommendations to the full board, en “no” votes, and three board memseveral audience members angrily bers abstained. That forced Wilson, challenged him. A man named the chair, to break the tie. Wilson Alexander accused Mullaney of said he was voting to include Rosas molding the committee to his because of Pangilinan’s opinion. liking. Mission Hills resident The new motion to approve the Sharon Gehl said Rosas knows updated committee membership the Environmental Impact Report recommendations, which included process better than any other Rosas, passed 8-3-3. board member and noted that the city planner Marlon Pangilinan —Ken Williams is a editor of had ruled that there was no conUptown News and can be reached flict of interest. “Tom only has peo- at or at 619ple on his committee who agree 961-1952. Follow him on Twitter with him,” Gehl said. at @KenSanDiego, Instagram A woman named Diedra at @KenSD or Facebook at said Rosas should not be on the KenWilliamsSanDiego.v


San Diego Uptown News | July 15 – 28, 2016


® ®

SAN DIEGO - 4620 Alma Place

CHULA VISTA - 267 East Oxford Street

NORTH PARK - 3568 29th Street

Charming mid-century gem located in the highly desirable neighborhood of El Cerrito. $629,900

Monterey Place new 23 detached home community. 1973 sq ft, 5BD/3BA. Call for Pricing.

Walk to Morley Field! Well preserved, two-story Craftsman. 2BD/2BA, 1,432 sq ft. Oversized garage. $899,000

BD Homes | La Mesa Village 619-303-9500

Rosemary Snow 619-251-6104

Nima 619-397-8100 | Kristin 619-204-0139

DOWNTOWN - 1431 Pacific Highway #801

HILLCREST - 3650 5th Avenue #403

HILLCREST- 3795 Georgia Street #202

This corner 2BD/2BA unit has 2 balconies!! Walk to Balboa Park and the best restaurants in town. $879,000-$899,000

Views! 1 bed, new flooring, granite, stainless, 8th floor, light & bright, luxe building amenities. $424,900

Beautifully upgraded 2BD/2BA at Pacific Ridge! Custom touches, 2 parking spaces, close to all. $395,000-$419,000

BD Homes | San Diego Little Italy 619-501-5300

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888

Scott Bruning 619-253-9479

DOWNTOWN - 1080 Park Boulevard #809

MORLEY FIELD - 3548 Florida Street #3

DOWNTOWN - 527 10th Avenue #608

Spacious Townhome! 1,575 sq. ft., 2 master suites, 2.5 BA, 2-car gar, bonus loft, modern kitchen. $549,900

Views! Wood floors, stainless, granite, floor to ceiling windows, private balcony, parking, storage. $299,900

Loft w/views, industrial style, granite, stainless, balcony, low HOA, 2 blocks to Petco $419,000

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888

NORTH PARK - 3663 Florida Street

CARMEL VALLEY - 5195 Del Mar Mesa Road

CHULA VISTA - 267 East Oxford Street Monterey Place NEW 23 detached home community. 1,708 sq. ft. 4-5 BD/3BA. Call For Pricing.

Gated estate, panoramic mountain, canyon & golf course views. Secluded and private. $3,250,000

Story book cottage! 2BD/1BA, old world charm, wood floors, fireplace, deck, condo alternative. $434,900

Alex Wilson 858-229-2539

BD Homes | Carmel Valley 858-480-3603

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888



LEGACY WALK - 4300 Newton Avenue #52




CARLSBAD - 2646 Peppertree Way


CARMEL VALLEY - 6645 Rancho Toyon Place

Newer Townhome! 3BD/3BA, 2 car gar, modern kitchen/baths, balcony, storage, patio, laundry, VA! $314,900

Enjoy your new home with many community ammenities: lap pool and spa, BBQ area, many playgrounds throughout. $975,000

Extraordinary Single Level Estate in Del Mar Mesa. Award winning Floor Plan, Courtyard w/French doors throughout. $2,549,000

Keith Nelson 619-972-2888

BD Homes | Carlsbad 760-893-8040

BD Homes | Carmel Valley 858-480-3603


Carlsbad (760) 893-8040

Carmel Valley (858) 480-3603

Encinitas (760) 230-6913

Hillcrest/Mission Hills (619) 241-2122

Little Italy (619) 501-5300

La Mesa Village (619) 303-9500

San Diego Uptown News - July 15, 2016  
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