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November 14, 2019

Volume 49 - No. 46

By Friedrich Gomez

Pastors and ministers are the vanguards of the Christian belief system. They give much spiritual guidance to their congregations via the pulpit. As is commanded by their very faith, they tend to their flock of believers, counseling them through the vagaries of life, guiding them through troubled waters, and preaching Sunday sermons about clinging to their faith in God and trusting Him as their personal Redeemer, The Paper - 760.747.7119


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Anchor of Strength, and Deliverer from eternal damnation.

However, it would be supremely naïve and totally unrealistic to assume that these very pastors are, themselves, immune to “the storms of life.”

What happens when these very men of God suffer from their own personal struggles? Who is there to counsel them, in return, if they falter from

that most insidious and unspeakable of cruelties: When ministers and pastors, themselves, stop believing in God?

A CRISIS OF FAITH. Such a topic of discussion may cause some people to become squeamish, uncomfortable, and even angry. Humans can be unpredictable at a moment’s notice. Some church followers may become overlydefensive, threatened, and even resentful for bringing up

such an incendiary topic in the first place. Others may see it as a “divisive” topic, while some might harbor a staunch refusal to even acknowledge that such a “crisis of faith” even exists among their pastors, ministers, and other church leaders.

Yet, the number of pastors who are slowly losing their belief in God, is a growing reality. Whether we like it or not. And for those ministers who remain quiet in their spir-

When Pastors Lose Their Faith - See Page 2

The Paper • Page 2 • November 14, 2019

Pastors Lose Faith? Cont. from Page 1

itual struggles and have yet to come forth as “disbelievers” – this rising number may, yet, be even higher than we are aware.

MINISTERS OFTEN FEEL CHURCH LEADERS IGNORE THEIR PLIGHT. By refusing to believe that such a “crisis of faith” even exists among the clergy is an easy, but erroneous, reason for some church leaders to remain uninvolved and, thus, stay within their “own comfort zone of denial,” according to many ex-ministers, as well as currently-active pastors, who have testified to being relegated to virtual isolation in their spiritual struggles.

However, such detached thinking can be insensitive – even cruel – by abandoning pastors during their greatest hour of need. So say many, even to this day, under the safety of anonymity.

For far too long, church leaders – even by their own admission -- simply ignored this crisis of faith. In retrospect, they had erred in judgment for expedient reasons. For many, it was fundamentally “taboo” to even discuss such a shocking phenomenon among one’s own religious peers. It could court

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Human Resources Interview:

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Old Man: I don’t give a damn what you think! •••• A Guy stuck his head into a barbershop and asked,

scandal, even compromise the integrity within the House of God.

In short, it was “Forbidden Fruit,” best kept silent, for fear of disrupting – even destroying – the trust and faith of congregants who religiously attend church services every Sunday and who look to their pastors for guidance and strength. After all, if a congregation’s own pastors could (truly) doubt the very existence of God, what immeasurable spiritual damage could that unleash to the established faithful? Or to the young and impressionable children? All of whom look to their church pastors as spiritual role models.

Some former pastors and ministers claimed that when they needed counseling in their own faith-faltering that, surprisingly, the church hierarchy and board members simply “side-stepped” any such dialogue, not choosing to be involved in such protracted and “uncomfortable discussions,” which church elders felt should not be happening in the first place.

In such real-life scenarios, preachers often voiced a feeling of abandonment and confusion, a feeling which they confided to their spouses and other family members, all of

'How long before I can get a haircut?'

The barber looked around at the shop and said, 'About 3 hours.' The guy left.

A week later, the same guy stuck his head in the shop and asked, 'How long before I can get a haircut?'

The barber looked around the shop and said, 'About an hour and a half' The guy left.

The barber turned to his friend and said, 'Hey, Bob, do me a favor, follow him and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut, but he never comes back.'

A little while later, Bob returned to the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asked, 'So, where does he go when he leaves?'

The barber looked around the shop full of customers and said, 'About 2 hours.'

Bob looked up, wiped the tears from his eyes and said.... 'Your house' •••• THINGS GOT YOU DOWN? WELL THEN, CONSIDER THESE.

A few days later, the same guy stuck his head in the door and asked,

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'How long before I can get a haircut?

The guy left.

which only further parlayed into their “faith crisis,” and causing even deeper division within family, friends, and religious colleagues.

A TERRIBLE PRICE TO PAY. Stepping down from the pulpit due to disbelief is a ponderous change in one’s spiritual life, not to mention the loss of one’s entire career and the years invested into that career. Most pastors have families, spouses, children, and a need for steady financial income.

Ministers changing careers in their middle or late years can experience a horrendous financial nightmare, unpaid bills, house foreclosure, bankruptcy, lingering spiritual conflict with a still-religious spouse, other marital conflict, even divorce, as well as alienation from extended family and friends and even possible rejection from one’s own children.

Ironically, it is a path the Biblical Job might be more suited to traverse.

Some former pastors wish to remain anonymous in fear of further reprisals, retribution, and even fear of personal harm. As one ex-minister stated: “Full–time clergy or even religious business leaders, who have come to the realization that their faith is a sham, risk financial hardship for their

families. Religious people in the community will almost certainly talk about ‘that poor family with the atheist mom or dad’ and then put them on various prayer lists. If most of your friendships, family relationships, and even your marriage are based on this common set of beliefs, you risk losing it all.”

Such anguish from “faith crisis” can be soul-crushing, as one testimonial reveals the feeling of unexpected abandonment: “And I understand, from my exit of pastoral ministry, the pain of being hurt by those you’ve given your entire life to, and by friends – many of whom you’d suspect would support you in those challenging times – and who now question your decision and your faith.”

PASTORS AND MINISTERS NOW SPEAKING UP. Despite the powder keg they sit upon, and the widespread incendiary condemnation from former peers – and even vilification -pastors and ministers of all faiths – are finally speaking up. After all, it is both a cornerstone for every Christian – as well as secular moral ethics -- to be openly truthful, and never deceitful, in whatever you do (an admirable trait whether one is Christian or

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Pastors Lose Faith? Cont. from Page 2 non-Christian).

To preach Sunday sermons or any moral homilies, while masked with hypocritical disbelief is obscenely wrong, in both worlds – secular or Christian.

In his early ground-breaking book, “Ex-Pastors: Why Men Leave the Ministry,” Dr. Gerald J. Jud conducted a wide-spectrum poll among erstwhile pastors who ceased believing in a supreme being. In his book, there is this riveting testimonial: “I left when my prayers were meaningless literary productions. When hymns only evoked a comfortable nostalgia, and when my sermons could not say what I felt. When the Bible became only literature. When missions and social actions became just philanthropy and civil rights. And when Jesus became a man, and when God died on my lips.”

In slowly growing numbers, “men of the cloth” are finally giving voice to their innermost turmoil and spiritual struggles and, sadly, there are relatively few within their own Christian communities who will reciprocate the love and counsel which they, themselves, once received from

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these ex-preachers. This allegation is strongly adhered to by countless ex-preachers on various surveys.

Instead, many former ministers have received hate mail, even death threats, from members of their erstwhile congregations. One ex-Christian preacher stated, “The majority of them (emails and phone calls) from staunch Christians were pretty hateful. Ironically, I received more comfort and love from non-Christians. Non-believers never tried to keep me from my former religious beliefs – they just accepted me, with no hidden-agenda of their own.”

EX-PASTORS & MINISTERS FORM THEIR OWN WORLDWIDE SUPPORT GROUPS. Quoted as saying it was a necessity which they never adequately received within the church infrastructure, former clergy have created their own websites, blogs, and online support groups whereby they can interact, better understand, and seek counsel and acceptance away from an often hostile, even life-threatening world. Many former pastors, both men and women, use anonymous names to ensure their safety in the face of death threats, sometimes from their own erstwhile church members.

at 408.438.7310.

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One such ex-pastor support group on the world internet is called “The Clergy Project.” Since its founding in 2011 with only 52 members, it has since grown enormously to form participants from around the world, where even “active pastors” can anonymously discuss and seek advice and counsel regarding their own church challenges and personal faith crisis.

The Clergy Project website describes itself as such: “The Clergy Project is a (worldwide) nonprofit organization that provides peer support to current and former religious leaders who no longer have faith. The group’s focus is to provide online forums for it participants, and assistance through career transition grants, hardship grants, and free sessions of psychotherapy.”

The online participants are, to repeat, not just for ex-pastors, but also for currently active pastors, ministers, and preachers of all denominations who currently hold pastoral jobs in their respective churches, temples, or synagogues today.

As The Clergy Project describes: “Though most Clergy Project participants come from various streams of Christianity, membership also includes those of Judaism,

Standards and California State Curriculum Standards. The Center is located at 340 N. Escondido Blvd. Contact the Box Office at (800) 988-4253 to reserve your seats today! All tickets are $5 each unless otherwise indicated. Get more information at http://artcenter.org/event/john-juan-history-of-the-golden-state/2019-11-20/.

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The luncheon meeting is sponsored by the Republican Club of Ocean Hills on Wednesday, November 20. Guests are welcome to attend at the Broken Yolk Café, 2434 Vista Way, Oceanside. Order lunch by 12:00noon and meet fellow attendees. Program begins at 1:00pm. Cost of $15/person covers any food item on the menu, a non-alcoholic drink, taxes and tip. Cash or check only at the door (no credit cards). Please RSVP Don at dcsyvs@cox.net.

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Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Scientology.”

Often these pastors, who remain active in their respective churches, must be discreet when conversing with ex-pastors who have since been ostracized. The Clergy Project is only one example for refuge and, as with other similar support sites, have been readily “vilified,” and said to be “demonized” by some opposing Christian followers.

For many participants around the world, The Clergy Project continues to be a “free choice” opportunity for those who wish to seek refuge by exercising their right to freely-choose and participate, as they wish, in such an organization, without undue condemnation.

REASONS WHY FAITH FADES & PASTORS STOP BELIEVING. A national survey among ex-pastors, themselves, often corrects a popular misconception as to why these ministers lost their faith in the first place. However, one dynamic seems reasonably certain, as revealed by the poll: “There are as many different answers to this question as there are people whose journeys led them to stop believing.”

Pastors Losing Faith? Cont. on Page 5

Local News

The Paper • Page 4 • November 14, 2019 Carlsbad Decides on Election for Vacant Council Seat

Residents who mounted a successful petition drive forced the Carlsbad city council members to hold a District 1 election on March 3 and to discontinue the search for an appointee to fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Councilwoman Barbara Hamilton.

Residents opposed to the appointment forced the election by collecting the minimum number of signatures on a petition submitted to the city clerk. Had the council chosen to continue the appointment process, anyone appointed would only have served until the election, which is for the remaining three years of Hamilton’s term.

Mayor Matt Hall emphasized the need to fill the seat quickly so there will be five votes on important decisions facing the council. Also, he said there are plenty of experienced and qualified candidates to represent District 1, which is the oldest and most politically active quarter of the city.

Councilman Keith Blackburn initially said he would like to continue interviewing potential appointees. However, after counting noses he saw he did not have enough votes to win.

Hamilton submitted her written resignation Oct. 9, and the council agreed Oct. 22 to accept applica-

tions through next Tuesday, Nov. 12, with the goal of appointing someone on Nov. 19.

The signatures were collected in less than a week and verified by the county in just a few days in a successful effort to hold the election at the first opportunity, the state’s March primary.

Sunday was the deadline for the council to sign off on the March 3 election. After that, the next opportunity was a Dec. 22 deadline to schedule a special stand-alone election for April 14.

While the March election is estimated to cost the city between $7,500 and $19,500, the April 14 date would cost between $175,000 and $300,000, according to estimates from the county registrar of voters office. Acceptance of Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Continues to Grow: Oceanside Considers Allowing Growing Medical Marijuana

Oceanside could be the next city in San Diego County to approve the commercial cultivation of recreational cannabis.

The city’s Planning Commission voted unanimously this week to recommend the City Council add the cultivation of recreational marijuana, also known as adult use marijuana, to an ordinance approved in

ley did not want a Christian burial or service. The so-called church women decided to give him a Christian burial -against his own solemn wishes.

Friedrich had been placed in charge of the final arrangements and politely told the women he would handle everything but that the decedent did not want a Christian burial and wanted to be cremated.

Man About Town

A Sad, Sad Commentary on People . . . Continued from last week:

You’ll recall last week that Friedrich Gomez, our brilliant writer/artist in residence, had one close friend get good news from the doctors . . . his liver cancer had been eradicated by radiation. Then, another close friend passed away . . an 80 year old, Vietnam veteran, with no family. He wasn’t homeless but close to it.

An Escondido Christian Women’s Group learned of his passing and determined to give the man “a Christian Burial.” The man was not a Christian, had told Friedrich he absolut-

Friedrich overhead one of the overly pious women say, “well, he’s an Indian so wants to follow pagan practices.”

This hurt Friedrich, deeply. In fact, Friedrich is a practicing Christian, has been for years. But he had made a pledge to his late friend.

Friedrich said: “I've been involved in honoring his wishes. I was very close to him. The so-called church women wanted to give him a Christian burial -- against his own solemn wishes. I struggled, but, I fought the "good fight" for him. Cause he was no longer around to defend himself, and his most cherished wishes. But, I did it. For him. And he wants his ashes spread at the Cuyamaca Mountains.

I used to read to him. Spend time with him. Played checkers with him. Bought his groceries. Took him on rides and

2018 that permits only medical uses.

“There is already a thriving black market in cannabis, so in order to fight that we need a safe, legal market,” Commission Chairman Kyle Krahel said.

“By limiting cultivation to medical only, licensed cultivators were restricted to conduct business with a small percentage of the available market in California,” states a city staff report. “Expanding cultivation to include adult use gives licensed cultivators the ability to sell product to the entire California cannabis market, increasing the product viability and profits.”

Cannabis laws have changed rapidly in recent years and vary widely at the federal, state and local levels. Marijuana is illegal under federal law, and generally legal under state law, but most cities in San Diego County have outlawed sales and commercial cultivation.

La Mesa, Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and San Diego all presently allow sales of recreational cannabis. If the Ocenside City Council approves then Oceanside would grow that growing group. If approved, potential growers would have to comply with a maze of regulations routinely imposed by city staff to ensure control and sales to the proper market. The Council vote is pending.

to the park. I listened mostly. Sometimes, he just wanted someone to listen. And I did. Sometimes, at night. He would get tired and sleepy and I would turn off his modest TV set, and put him in bed and cover him up. And only then, would I leave him, when he fell asleep.

I miss him terribly. He was a good man. Decent man. And for all I did, I was called a "pagan" for honoring his last wishes. That he wanted to be cremated and NOT have a Christian eulogy, placed me "under extreme, venous, fire." And I took the brunt. I fought for him. And I can honestly say to him: "Do not worry. Your honor and your final wishes were not ravaged and stepped upon. I made you a Kumeyaay vow. And my promise has been fulfilled for you. You have triumphed. And when I free your ashes to the four winds, I shall read your letters out loud -- as you requested of me. Then, I shall do my Kumeyaay duties. I shall look up, with my feet upon Mother Earth, and say unto Father Sky: He is free at last. I set him free with wings upon his spirit. So that no one shall ever hurt him again." I'm so sorry for not returning your calls sooner. But, I was just too hurt to talk. Never, ever believe for one cosmic sec-

Letters to the Editor Another Fan of Friedrich Gomez

To the Editor of The Paper, Mr. Lyle Davis:

Good to have Friedrich Gomez back as a writer. We really miss his stories out here and I usually take several copies each week for the office breakroom where everyone grabs a copy! His cover stories are unpredictably fascinating and that's what keeps us all in suspense what he'll write about next. Mr. Davis, many personal thanks to you for your "Man About Town" column on page 9 of the Nov. 7 issue of The Paper about Friedrich Gomez' char-

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 6

ond, that I stop thinking of you and Evelyn. I just don't wish to spread my sadness to others. That's the Kumeyaay way. And never let evil thoughts or bad spirits try to separate or undermine my love and good intentions towards you and Evelyn. There was evil all around me when I defended my friend from having a Christian burial. Yes, their hearts may have been in the right place -- but, they had no grounds to attack me as a pagan. But, the person in charge finally saw his handwritten letters to me. Then she fell silent, choked-back her tears. Then finally said to me: "You know Friedrich, we were wrong. And we mis-judged you. And I apologize. You were the best thing to happen to him. And we were not around when he was lonely and in pain. We seemed too busy with our own families. And now, it's too late. Honey, you're a wonderful boy. You never fought back. You just choked back tears and looked down, and we are -- so very, very -- sorry."

Good for her. But the lady who made the “pagan” remark about Friedrich? She should be ashamed of herself.

As Friedrich relayed this story to

Man About Town Cont. on Page 5

The Paper • Page 5 • November 14, 2019

Pastors Lose Faith? Cont. from Page 3

For most ex-pastors, ministers, and other preachers of various denominations, worldwide, the following reasons did NOT apply to their own loss of faith (according to repeated global surveys): 1. The ex-pastors never had a deep enough belief in the first place. 2. Former pastors leave their faith because there is a difference between ‘studying’ God and ‘experiencing’ God. These ex-pastors never truly ‘experienced’ God.

When former ministers give their own answers for ceasing their own belief in a supreme being, the reasons are greatly varied, complex, and often unexpected. There is no “onesize-fits-all” simple answers for everyone.

The countless reasons for loss of faith are two varied and too extensive to list here. However, for many, the more these scholarly pastors read in the Old and New Testament, the more questions they had. The process for deterioration of faith can be a tediously slow process, and gradual, sometimes taking several years deep into one’s adult life. As one theology and seminar

Man About Town Cont. from Page 4

me he was weeping and sobbing throughout. He had been deeply hurt by this so-called “Christian woman’s” comments.

This episode reminded me of a similar incident when my dad passed away. I made the funeral arrangements. I knew that dad had been a Mason so I contacted the local Masonic Lodge, notified them of my dad’s passing, and was willing to allow them to conduct a Masonic Funeral Service provided it was not a religious ceremony. Dad was not a Christian, nor am I.

Our preference was for a regular funeral service with no religious element.

I was assured by the Fort Myers, Florida Masonic Lodge this would be respected.

The Masons lied.

They appeared at the funeral home and broke their word. They conducted a religious service that neither my dad nor I wanted and that I had been assured would not happen.

I’ve never felt the same about or toward Masons since. I don’t trust them.

Why is it so damned difficult for people to respect other people’s

teacher admits, “More things didn’t truly make sense to me – what the Bible said – and then more things didn’t add up. As a staunch-defender of my own faith, I now found myself no longer convinced by my own arguments and debate. All the power-points of belief I once used and once found so compelling – were gone!”

Many men of the pulpit walked away from their faith for very complicated reasons. One pastor studied at two different evangelical seminaries, earning a master’s degree from both seminaries, and even pursued studies at the higher doctoral level. After preaching for several years, teaching, counseling his peers during spiritual doubts, and even writing for Christian magazines – he finally stopped believing in God.

For others, there are too many doctrinal contradictions; too many shady Biblical cover-ups, and historical fictions passed on by most dubious sources. The reasons seem endless, and sometimes erudite in nature. In the final analysis, most came to the conclusion that the historical Jesus was only a man, and he never rose on the third day, as was later added to the Gospels in Biblical Scripture. For some, the Pauline Letters were of no help in various ways.

right to bury their dead in the manner that those who had passed on wanted? And that the person handling the final arrangements wanted?

I don’t like to see Friedrich hurt . . . and he was badly hurt by this so-called “Christian woman.” Shame on her and her ilk.

Nevertheless, for most ex-ministers, it is most insulting and overly-simplistic to merely use the blanket cliché label on them, such as “Not having a deep enough faith to begin with.” They once preached that position, themselves, and know its significance better than most.

RESULTS OF THE PASTOR 2016 to 2017 SURVEY. Disclaimer: We must point out that this is not a true scientific research-based study. It is simply an extensive online survey conducted from September 2016 through March 2017. Keep in mind, this survey is with “active” pastors as well as “ex-pastors” lumped together, so there is no “breakdown” as to what percentage represents “ex-pastors” versus “active pastors” to any specific question. However, there are more active pastors on the survey (73%), than ex-pastors. The results may actually shock you, as these pastors are free enough to express their true, innermost thoughts without fear of censorship, retribution, chastisement, or loss of pastoral jobs. Their identity was kept anonymous so that unrestrained truth might be made manifest. The survey questions are much too expansive to be presented here in their entirety, so here is just a basic sampling.

Chuckles Cont. from Page 2

selves what the terrible phenomenon was all about. Some were holding wooden crosses, prayer books, and other holy objects to ward off the evil spirits.

Just then the clock struck 11:00 AM, and Fernando Rodriguez, the part-time Sunday sweeper, entered the ward and unplugged the life support system so he could use the vacuum cleaner. Still having a Bad Day?

Letters to the Editor? We love ‘em! Our Readers do as well! Send them to: thepaper@coxnet

The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska was at least $80,000.00. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were being released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers.

A minute later, in full view of all the rescuers and onlookers, a killer whale ate them both. Still think you are having a Bad Day?

A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a dancing frenzy, with some kind of wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle. Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current, she ran outside and grabbed a handy plank of wood and smacked him

1. At any time during your pastorate, have you truly doubted your call to ministry? Yes = 64% No = 36% 2. Have you ever considered leaving the ministry (to active pastors only)? Yes = 85% No = 15% 3. Do you fight depression? Yes = 61% No = 39% 4. Do you wrestle with anxiety? Yes = 65% No = 35% 5. Have you or do you regularly see a counselor or therapist? Yes = 35% No = 65% 6. At any point, have you considered taking your own life? Yes = 29% No = 71% 7. Would you consider the previous church you worked at (or presently work at) to be spiritually “healthy”? Yes = 42% No = 58% 8. Would you consider your church (or previous church) to have a healthy staff culture? Yes = 48% No = 52% SHOCKING FACTS THAT ADD ANXIETY WITH DISBELIEF IN A GOD.

Pastors Losing Faith? Cont. on Page 6

with it, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that moment, he had been happily listening to his iPod.

Are You OK now? - No?

Two animal rights defenders were protesting the cruelty of sending pigs to a slaughterhouse in Bonn, Germany. Suddenly, all two thousand pigs broke loose and escaped through a broken fence, stampeding madly. The two helpless protesters were trampled to death. What? STILL having a Bad Day?

Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn't pay enough postage on a letter bomb. It came back with 'Return to Sender' stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb, he opened it and was blown to bits. There now, Feeling Better?

HAVE A GREAT DAY! •••• A Great Story Gives a Great Idea for a Great Fundraiser for a Great Church . . .

The minister was preoccupied with thoughts of how he was going to ask the congregation to come up with more money than they were expecting for repairs to the church building. Therefore, he was annoyed to find that the regular

Chuckles Cont. on Page 10

The Paper • Page 6 • November 14, 2019

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 4

itable and compassionate work for the elderly and impoverished people which deeply touched all of us. We never knew about this. Everyone who read your column about him had tears in their eyes! I had to bring additonal copies to work after everyone started talking about your "Man About Town" column on him. I hope you continue the story on Friedrich Gomez' humanitarian work, which you promised to do for us readers. You left us "hanging" on page 9.

From what I hear, he's too modest himself to talk about it. Many friends and readers of The Paper told me that Friedrich Gomez used to feed the homeless, and just poor family people, at Calvary Chapel's "Food Ministry" Outreach Program years ago on Tuesday mornings, off Citracado Ave. and south Centre City Parkway here in Escondido. I believe Mr. Frank Vasquez, a devout Christian, was the "chef" who put together hot meals, sandwiches, refreshments, etc. at the Christian kitchen site, which is no longer there. Volunteers brought donated food items as did some supermarkets.

I was informed that Friedrich Gomez always brought 3 huge tubs of ice cream and served various flavors, as selected by the hungry people as they moved down the line, cafeteria style. I'm told he was affectionately referred to by many homeless people simply as "The Ice Cream Man."

And I heard from people who were there, that it was extremely touching to see Mr. Gomez sit with these hungry, lonely, forsaken people, young and old, and even some small children, who lived shattered lives in broken homes or on the streets. And Mr. Gomez would just sit and listen to them and their personal stories.

Neil McLaren, who sometimes volunteered there said he often found Friedrich Gomez outside, by himself, crying softly to himself, trying to cope with the hurt and broken dreams he had just heard from those lonely, lost, and forgotten people. To be honest, I rarely pick up The Paper if I don't see Friedrich Gomez's name on the front cover. We have family and personal friends in the U. K. who also read Friedrich Gomez' story online. So why doesn't that surprise me? --

Pastors Lose Faith? Cont. from Page 5

(A) 60% of pastors consider themselves overworked. One survey showed that 80% of pastors’ families believe that the pastoral ministry is affecting their families negatively. (B) 90% of pastors felt unable to meet the demands of their job. In another study conducted by the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute of Church Leadership Development, a staggering 90% of pastors surveyed felt they were not adequately trained to cope with ministry-coordination and the demands of the congregation. This statistic is up 50% from earlier records taken in the late 1980s. (C) 77% of pastors surveyed truthfully confessed that they have experienced ‘burnout.’ Although these particular surveys show the hardships of ministering, these finding are not the core reasons why pastors lose their faith in God. However, these conflicting and punishing challenges do add anxiety to pastors who are already “drowning in selfdoubt and in need of counseling and relief from spiritual burnout,” as described by participants under the safe haven of anonymity.

NEVERTHELESS, EVEN EXPASTORS MISS CHURCH TRADITIONS. Even though pastors and ministers have left their pulpit for lack of belief in a divine being, that is not to say that they do not miss the camaraderie and joyful feelings of church traditions. It is not unusual for many life-long atheists as well as ex-pastors who now join the ranks of atheists and agnostics, to still sing “catchy” religious songs, such as “Amazing Grace” without embracing the Christian tenets.

Objectively speaking, a beautiful song is a beautiful song, regardless of the message behind the attractive melody. You don’t have to be “reborn” to appreciate beautiful hymns.

Lyle, As an old guy who's been around a while, I disagree with the

Some non-believers can still enjoy the beautiful voices of church choirs. And you don’t have to be a ‘believer’ to admire the beauty of worship services and the warm relationships which go along with it. Even staunch atheists, such as Bill Maher, surrender some measure of praise, but only with a harsh caveat: “Jesus, as a philosopher is wonderful. There’s no greater role model, in my view, than Jesus Christ. It’s just a shame that most of the people who follow him and call themselves Christians act nothing like

Letter to the Editor Cont. on Page 7

Pastors Losing Faith? Cont. on Page 7

From the big Patrick Flannigan Irish Clan here in Escondido, San Marcos, and Oceanside. A Compliment or Two . . .

What’s Up With Daylight Saving Time?

Last November, 60% of California voters passed Proposition 7, aimed at eliminating the bi-annual tradition of moving clocks back in the fall and forward in the spring.

Daylight saving time was first imposed as a temporary energy saving measure during World War I, and was re-instated during World War II. After World War II ended, states were allowed to decide the issue, and in 1949, voters approved Proposition 12, permanently establishing daylight saving time in our state.

Since the voters authorized daylight saving time, only the voters could approve any changes. Under the terms of Proposition 7, California voters asked the Legislature to introduce a bill changing the times and dates of daylight saving time, in compliance with federal laws.

As a result, Assembly Bill 7 was introduced last year by Assemblyman Kansan Chu (D – San Jose), to authorize permanent year-round daylight saving time. AB 7, which required a two-thirds vote, passed the Assembly without opposition, but the Legislature adjourned for the year before the Senate could take action. The Senate is likely to hear the bill early next year, but once AB 7 becomes

law, there will still be one more hurdle. Federal law allows states to adopt year-round standard time (as in Arizona), but the law does not permit year-round daylight saving time.

California is one of 14 states that have recently introduced legislation to shift to permanent daylight saving time, and several bills are pending in Congress that would allow states to make this move. AB 7’s prospects look bright next year, but we will still need an OK from Congress.

Was this the last time we’ll need to ‘fall back,’ or will next spring be the last time we ‘spring forward?’ Time will tell. Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the communities of Bonsall, Escondido, Fallbrook, Hidden Meadows, Pala, Palomar Mountain, Pauma Valley, Rainbow, San Marcos, Temecula, Valley Center and Vista.

5th District Supervisor

Jim Desmond

Thank You to Our Firefighters

The past few weeks have seemed like a ticking time bomb. While the winds howled and the temperatures rose, the likelihood increased that a major wildfire could devastate our region. Two fires broke out a couple weeks ago, one in Ramona and the other in Valley Center. Each had the potential to grow into major events, except within a few minutes, helicopters were in the air and boots were on the ground.

During my first 10 months on the Board of Supervisors much of my time has been spent on fire safety. County staff works comprehensively with CALFIRE, preparing for the worst. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is the key to fire safety is getting ahead. That’s why I initiated Board of Supervisors action to enter into an agreement with SDG&E to have a helicopter that’s pre-positioned in North County. In March, Chairwoman Dianne Jacob and I brought forward a proposal to increase fire safety enhancements to strengthen fire safety for existing and future communities. Most importantly, we are using the newest technologies to help identify and fight fires. Two of the biggest differences between now and the past fires that have devastated our region are: first, we can identify fires seconds after they start around the County and, second, we have the air support to work 24/7. These tools can’t prevent fires, but

they give our brave men and women more assets to use in their response. I want to thank all those who battled the Santa Ana conditions to keep San Diego County safe last week and I will continue to fight to get whatever is necessary to protect lives and property in our region.

Supervisor Jim Desmond To contact North County Office – by appointment only 325 S. Melrose Ave., Suite 5200 Vista, CA 92081 Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Website: www.supervisorjimdesmond.com Email: Jim.Desmond@sdcounty.ca.gov

For a great GIFT idea anytime of the year Give a gift subscription to The Paper!

Call 760.747.7119

The Paper • Page 7 • November 14, 2019

Pastors Lose Faith? Cont. from Page 6

him.” (Interviewed on “The (Bill) O’Reilly Factor” television show, September 26, 2006.)

In the final analysis, whether one is a believer or non-believer, there will always be those who will wish to continue the fight by casting stones at one another. Instead of just tolerating our individual right to be (peacefully) different.

There is an old, sometimes forgotten, parchment of paper which clearly contains this guarantee in life: “Everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion -- or no religion at all.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we just honored those simple words of wisdom, without conflict or hatred? Those words, by the way, are found in the First Amendment

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 6

old gal who didn't like your CHUCKLES - but she has the right to express her likes and hates. It was good of you to give her the opportunity to vent.

I marvel at your ability to put out a couple of dozen different bits of humor every week and wonder where you get all that ?stuff? Some are new to me, others are as old as aged cheese but I love 'em. If you make up some of it I doff my hat to your genius. It's usually the first thing I read.

While I've got your attention let me also compliment misters Gomez and Morrow on their regular contributions.

I look forward to picking up a copy of THE PAPER every Thursday. Best regards.

Historically Speaking by Tom Morrow

‘You Can Be Sure if It’s Westinghouse’

Those of us who’ll never see sixty name, the remember again “Westinghouse” – it was in our everyday society, homes and industry. It was a nameplate attached to refrigerators, stoves, various kitchen utensils, cooling fans, radios, television sets and more. The name was brought into the world of business by one of America’s George industrialists: great Westinghouse.

John H. Tashjian San Marcos, CA

News in The Paper

/s/ Rita Christie San Diego County, CA.

to the U. S. Constitution.

Friedrich Gomez, our prolific writer, does it again!

Friedrich has pretty much become our “artist in residence” as he continually turns out finely researched and very well written articles. As the editor, I have the advantage over you in that I get to read Friedrich’s submissions before anyone else! And I love it! Friedrich has become a very special person, not only to The Paper but to Evelyn Madison and myself. He has become “family” and is treated as such. He’s a joy to know and to have as a dear friend and enjoy as a great talent.

Editor’s Note: The writer refers to a fund-raising campaign that purports, falsely, to be supporting the Lakota Sioux Indians. Our research showed that the funds raised by this campaign seldom reached the Indians they claimed to be supporting. Fancy mailings complete with Dream Catchers (made in China) and pleas for money. Many complaints filed against them, some by Attorneys General from several states. More Friedrich Fans

Dear Mr. Editor of The Paper, Mr. Lyle E. Davis:

My friends and I bumped into your writer, Fredrick Gomez, at the Walmart Food Market here in Escondido and we just love him!

We three girls were soooo excited and we ran back to my car and got his cover story on Haunted White House ghosts that we all picked up and had him autograph each one for us! OMG! He is sooo freakin'

We were making so much noise screaming and talking loud in the store that someone came over to ask us to keep it down -- soooo funny! Where does Fredrick Gomez get his

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 8

Edison and his supporters waged a smear campaign against Westinghouse and the AC system, telling the public it was “dangerous” and a health hazard. The fierce competition between Edison and Westinghouse spilled into a legal battle known as “The Seven Years War.” Still, Westinghouse had the upper hand and ultimately proved AC the better technology. He not only bought Nikola Tesla's AC technology patents, he convinced Tesla to work with him. Previously, Tesla had worked for Edison, but the old inventor refused to recognize AC as the better delivery system. Westinghouse also laid out the case for AC’s safety when, in 1893, Westinghouse (and Tesla) lit up the World Fair in Chicago using AC generators. Not long after, Westinghouse won the bid to build a large-scale generating system that would use the hydro (water) power of Niagara Falls, converting it into electrical energy for a multitude of purposes. The system distributed electricity to several Northeastern states.

Although Westinghouse's business empire prospered for years, a disastrous financial panic in 1907 through 1911, took its toll forcing him to sever all company ties. His health failed, and he died on March 12, 1914.

I wish to thank you for the research and article you did on the Lakota mailings. I have supported them for a number of years but NO MORE; I wish I had been as foresighted as you to look into the organization.

Thank you for passing the information on to all of us.

to low through a transformer -- was the way of the future. In 1886, he founded the Westinghouse Electric Company. It was a bold move considering the many businessmen who had invested in competitive inventor Thomas Edison’s “direct current” DC system.

Westinghouse is partially responsible for the way we light our homes, manufacturing and powering almost everything electric by using “alternating current” (AC). Westinghouse also is known for inventing an air brake system, which made the world’s railroads safer in addition to revolutionizing the world's electricity distribution.

Westinghouse was one of the most prolific inventors and businessmen of the Industrial Revolution. He founded the & Electric Westinghouse Manufacturing Company leading the way to “alternating current,” (AC) electric power producing generators.

Westinghouse dropped out of college in 1865, when he received his first patent for the invention of a rotary steam engine. His major contributions continued with inventions revolving around railroad safety, notably his compressed air brake system (patented in 1869) that functioned as a fail-safe to halt trains. Westinghouse's air brake was a replacement for the troublesome manual-braking method and eventually became a standard of safety not only in North America, but throughout the world.

After establishing his air brake company, Westinghouse turned to improving railroad signaling devices through the formation of his Union Switch & Signal Company.

Westinghouse's interest in AC technology came after working on natural gas control and distribution projects, in which he invented a valve that took high-pressureed gas down to low-pressure use. The principal is similar to AC. He turned his attention to electricity, believing a similar approach could distribute electric power for widespread industrial and domestic use.

He was confident that developing AC technology -- converting high voltage

In his lifetime, Westinghouse held more than 300 patents and owned some 60 companies. Within a decade of founding the Westinghouse Electric Company, the inventor would accrue a company net worth of $120 million, employing some 50,000 workers at manufacturing entities throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

George Westinghouse’s name has reemerged in today’s society in a new movie, “The Current War” which features him, Edison, and Tesla in their war over electricity – whether or not the nation should be powered by “Direct Current,” or “Alternating Current.”

The film revolves around the late 19th century battle between Edison and Westinghouse, who were fighting for the eventual system that would power modern America.

The film stars noted actors Benedict Cumberbatch (Edison), Michael Shannon (Westinghouse), and Nicholas Hault (Tesla) portraying three principled and passionate men with wildly different personalities and interpretations for electrifying the world. It really was a war that left “Alternating Currents” as the winning system we use today.

The name, George Westinghouse is important to America and the world. Thomas Edison was, indeed, important to our everyday lives, but he wasn’t a very nice man. Nikola Tesla, who worked behind the scenes making everything work, mostly has been forgotten. The winner was famed and powerful financier J.P. Morgan, who ended up with the three men’s patents. It cost the financial titan mere pennies on the dollar by covering Edison’s and Westinghouse’s debts. Morgan took those patents and formed “General Electric.”

As powerful as GE would become, the advertising slogan, “You Can Be Sure If It’s Westinghouse” remains with us today.

The Paper • Page 8 • November 14, 2019

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 7

story ideas? Does he live in Escondido? Do you tell him what to write about or does he do it himself? OMG! Tell him Tanya, Kimberly, and Isabelle said "Hi."

Please put this in your newspaper so he can see it! OMG! Thank you, Mr. Davis!

From Tanya Jordan, Kimberly Evans, and Isabelle Timmerman from San Marcos and Escondido! In Defense of “Chuckles”

To: "The Daily Chuckles Dept." Mr. Editor:

We love your jokes in the Daily Chuckles column!

Funny thing, if I don't like something on TV, I change the channel. If I don't like the way something tastes, I stop eating it. And if I don't like the overalls my Grandpa wears, I don't put them on myself. But, I would never, ever think of changing things that most people enjoy. It's a funny thing about our country. It's called a democracy. That means I have the freedom to like or dislike anything I want to. And even to tell you that!

Hell, I even have the right to stomp my foot and complain out loud, if I want. But, I would never, ever "force" my own, puny opinion to over-rule what the majority of people enjoy (provided it's not to overthrow the United States, that is). I kinda like it here. My grandpa always says you can't please everyone, all the time.

He's 79 years old now, but every time he has a laughing attack while reading your Daily Chuckles, it seems he turns into a little boy again. I like that.

And by the way, I'm beginning to like his overalls too! But I still won't wear them!

From a very loyal and happy fan, Maria E. Contreras, formerly from Newark, New Jersey.

Know What? You could own this space. It’d be all yours. And over 20,000 readers each week would be able to read about what a nice person you are, and what a nice business you have. It’d be a nice little investment. Call us. We’ll talk.


The Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 3

Se Habla Español Over 35 5 years ears of of experience experience e e sserving erving tthe he cco community mmunity

NCLIFELINE.ORG/ADOPT. Deliver gifts or mail gift cards to North County Lifeline, Adopt-a-Family Program, 200 Michigan Avenue, Vista, 92084. Contact 760.842.6254 or give@nclifeline.org. North County Lifeline is a 501(C)3 tax exempt non-profit organization.

NARFE Chapter 706 to Meet on Thursday, November 21st - A representative from Congressman Mike Levin’s office will speak on Thursday, November 21st from 2-3pm at the Oceanside Senior Center, 455 Country Club Lane, on the top district concerns, issues and challenges facing the Oceanside Planning Commission, and other legislation affecting the federal employee community. The National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE) will conduct a chapter business meeting from 1:30-2pm. The meeting is free and open to the public. Light refreshments provided. Visit narfe.org/chapter706.

“LIFE” Classes at MiraCosta College in November – These classes will be the last ones for this year as the college will be closed until January 10th, 2020, for “LIFE”. The last “LIFE” classes of 2019 will be on November 22nd, starting at 1pm with Dr. Mary Cen with “Acupuncture Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. Dr. Cen owns the San Marcos Acupuncture Clinic and she is the Vice President of the California Alliance of Acupuncture. After a refreshment break, the 2:30pm presentation will be by Leo Melena, Director of Student Success, College of HABSS, CSUSM featuring “Get to Know the College of HABSS at CSUSM”. A parking permit is in Lot 1A. Visit miracosta.edu/life or call (760) 757-2121.

Thanksgiving Bake Sale – The St. Mary Star of the Sea Altar Society invites you to “Leave the Baking to Us’, make your Thanksgiving Holiday easier. A “Thanksgiving Bake Sale” will be held on November 23rd and 24th. Enjoy coffee, donuts and fellowship while you shop for a most delightful array of Holiday pies, cakes, cookies, and more. Please come to the St. Mary Parish Center, located on the corner of Pier View Way and Freeman St in downtown Oceanside, on Saturday evening from 5:30 to 7:30; or Sunday morning from 7a.m. to 3p.m. Funds raised benefit our mission to beautify St. Mary’s historic church. For more information, contact Connie Reyna 760-941-8179, or email connier2011@att.net. Organ Recital, November 24th, at FUMC - On Sunday November 24 at 3:30pm, First United Methodist Church of Escondido (341 S. Kalmia St.) will present an organ recital by Dr. Michael Munson. This concert is part of the church's annual Music Series, offered as a gift to the community. Dr. Munson will perform works by J. S. Bach, Cesar Franck, Jack Fina, Knut Nystedt, and others. He will also perform his own original composition for organ and trumpet together with his son Aaron. A free-will offering will be accepted. A reception with the performers will follow the concert.

Dr. Munson currently teaches beginning and applied piano and organ at Palomar College and accompanies the applied music program at MiraCosta College. He has served as the organist at First United Methodist Church for the past 13 years. He has also performed at the weekly Sunday afternoon concert series at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park. A native of Maine, Dr. Munson has concertized in the eastern United States and in Europe, his most recent tour being in Denmark in Summer 2017. He earned his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.

Aaron Munson is a senior at San Marcos High School, playing in both the Wind Symphony and marching band. He studies trumpet with Paul Kurokawa of Palomar College, and plans to major in trumpet in college next year.

Usse iitt iitot!r! Losse

den our d Use yo Ä[[Z ULÄ HUJLIL d UZ\YH PUZ nd en ee th re o f e ef be ar ye y e th of



Caldl ay! To


162 S. Ranch ho Santa Fe Rd., San Marcos, CA 92078

(760) 734-4311 MOST M OS ST INSURANCES INSURANCE ES S ACCEPTED ACCEPTED Ɣ) ),1$1&,$/ ,1$1&,$/3 3/$16 /$16$9$ 9$,,/$%/( /$%/(

NO INSURANCE NO O PROBLEM Latest Professional aesthetic dentistry giving you that “Dre “Dream Smile” you’ve always wanted!



For Cleaning, Necessary X-rays & Exam m




$200 Off cr

offer f

e. No insurance and cash * One coupon per customer. For new patients only for first time use. patients only. Restrictions may ay apply. Must present flyer at the beginning nning of the appointment. with any other offfer. Expires in 2 weeks. Call for more details. Cannot be combined w


Community Invited to Quartermania Fundraiser - Soroptimist International of Vista and North County Inland and its sister club in Oceanside-Carlsbad are joining forces to host a Quartermania Fundraiser on Sunday, November 24, from 12noon to 3p.m. at the Vista Optimist Club, 600 Optimist Way, Vista. Doors open at noon for check-in and viewing the vendor booths. The auction starts at 1p.m. Tickets cost $25 and include bidding paddle and poker chip, chicken caesar salad, roll, non-alcoholic drink, dessert and coffee. Participating vendors include Nice & Bella Jewelry, Pampered Chef, Popcorn Factory, Party Lite Candles, Home Décor, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Baked Goods, Scentsy, Simply Scarves. Guests are urged to bring plenty of quarters. Maximum bid is 3 quarters, so no one spends more than 75 cents on any item.

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 12


Larger Collections and Accumulations Especially Wanted. We’ll Come to Your Home, Storage Unit, Etc. Call Ray anyday (no texts) 714.325.5433 Veteran Owned 20 years


The Paper • Page 9 • November 14, 2019

Wiin a Trrip r fo or 4






The Paper • Page 10 • November 14, 2019

Chuckles Cont. from Page 5

organist was sick and a substitute had been brought in at the last minute..The substitute wanted to know what to play.

"Here's a copy of the service," he said impatiently. "But, you'll have to think of something to play after I make the announcement about the finances."

During the service, the minister paused and said, "Brothers and Sisters, we are in great difficulty; the roof repairs cost twice as much as we expected and we need $4,000 more. Any of you who can pledge $100 or more, please stand up."

At that moment, the substitute organist played "The Star Spangled Banner."

And that is how the substitute became the regular organist! •••• After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse.

Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Target: Dear Mrs. Davis:

Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Davis, are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras:

1. June 15: He took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other people's carts when they weren't looking.

2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. July 7: He made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women's restroom.

4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, 'Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away'. This caused the employee to leave her assigned station and receive a reprimand from her Supervisor that in turn resulted with a union grievance, causing management to lose time and costing the company money.

5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&Ms on layaway. 6. August 14: Moved a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. August 15: Set up a tent in the camping department and told the

Pet Parade

children shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department to which twenty children obliged.

15. October 23: Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here.' One of the clerks passed out.

9. September 4: Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.

And I said . . . "Nooooooooo!" •••• Two days later I was in a medical office. The examiner had just finished a prostate exam and then left the room.

11. October 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the ' Mission Impossible' theme.

Defense Attorney: Will you please state your age?

8. August 23: When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?' EMTs were called.

10. September 10: While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.

12. October 6: In the auto department, he practiced his 'Madonna look' by using different sizes of funnels.

13. October 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled 'PICK ME! PICK ME!' 14. October 21: When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!' And last, but not least:

Was Christmas a Coincidence?

Two of his favorite ways to pass the time are chasing his toys and finding a sunny spot to stretch out and take a cat nap. His previous owners surrendered him when they moved and could’t take Borris along.

The $75 adoption fee for Borris includes medical exams, vaccinations, neuter, and registered microchip. For more information call 760-753-6413, visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, or log on to SDpets.org.

Phantom is an 11-year-old cat looking for a new home. This little tortie is a firecracker! She is so silly and will make you laugh as she explores and plays. Her previous owner had her declawed. Since she has no way of defending herself, she will need to be an indoor-only kitty. She doesn't have experience with other cats, but she did co-exist well with two large dogs in her previous home. If you can give Phantom the home she has been dreaming of, come and adopt her at our Oceanside Campus! Her adoption fee includes her spay, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam and waived enrollment fee for medical insurance from PetFirst. Phantom is available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus. To learn more about making her part of your family, please call (619) 299-7012.

Then the nurse came in and said the words no man wants to hear . . . "who was that guy?" •••• Bette Davis said it best: "Growing old ain't for sissies." •••••

Old Lady: I am 94 years old.

Defense Attorney: Will you tell us, in your own words, what happened the night of April 1st?

Old Lady: There I was, sitting there in my swing on my front porch on a warm spring evening, When a young man comes creeping up on the porch and sat down beside me.

Chuckles Cont. on Page 11

The Pastor Says...

Pastor Hal Seed New Song Community Church, Oceanside,

Borris is pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society.He is a 10 year old, 11 pound, male, Domestic Short Hair cat with a Red and White Tabby coat. Â Â

Reminds me of when I called the Urology Clinic and they said, "Can you hold?"

Christians are sometimes dismissed as naïve. For instance, we believe that Messiah was born, miraculously, in the town of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago. We believe his birth was divinely foretold and played a significant part in God’s direction of history. What are the odds?

Let’s consider some facts: 1,875 years before it happened, Messiah’s birth was predicted. It was said he would come as a “son of Abraham.” And not just any son of Abraham. He would come from the tribe of Judah, the house of Jesse, and the line of David. 700 years before his birth, Isaiah predicted he would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14). 500 years beforehand, Micah predicted he would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). The

Wise Men brought him gifts that foretold his significance. They brought gold (the gift given to a king), frankincense (the gift given to a god) and myrrh (the gift used for a burial). Somehow these Wise Men knew that this newborn would be a king, and a God, and that he would die.

On the day of his birth, angels sang over the shepherds’ fields, a stone’s throw from his manger. Those fields were the exact place where sheep were raised for slaughter in the Temple, five miles away. The Lamb of God, who would one day be sacrificed for the sins of the world, was born next door to the lambs that would be sacrificed until his death paid the once-for-all sacrifice. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

This Christmas, I hope you’ll visit the Savior during a worship service at a local church. New Song (my church) has special Christmas celebrations scheduled for Dec. 7 (6:30 p.m.) and Dec. 8 (9 and 11 a.m.), as well as Christmas Eve services. We’d love to have you experience the wonder of the Messiah with us.

The Paper

• Page 11 •

November 14, 2019

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

San Marcos • Mayor Rebecca Jones

Vista • Mayor Judy Ritter

Help Protect our Water this Winter

The City of San Marcos’ Stormwater Management Program is an integral part of protecting our surface waters and keeping San Marcos a beautiful place to live, work and visit. Here’s how you can help.

Limit run times on your irrigation system during the winter when grass and plants need less water. Turn off your sprinklers when it rains, and wait 72 hours after rainfall to apply fertilizer or pesticide.

Regularly clean debris out of your gutters and dispose of it in the proper waste container. Debris that accumulates in rain gutters can wash into the street and into nearby storm drains.

Household items exposed to rain can produce pollutants in storm water runoff. Paints, solvents, cleaners, degreasers, oils, and chemicals should be stored inside or covered with a tarp. This also applies to stockpiles of dirt, soil, gravel and construction materials.

Large, non-vegetated exposed areas can create sediment discharges when it rains. Sediment can fill our creeks and affect aquatic life. Ensure exposed areas are protected with ground cover, such as plants, trees, shrubs, mulch or rocks.

Be Prepared. Not Scared

In the State of California, we understand that a wildfire could flare up any moment, especially when gusty Santa Ana winds are expected along with low humidity.

Our Vista Fire Department encourages residents to be extra vigilant during our hot, dry, and windy days.

Vista Fire Chief Ned Vander Pol reminds the public to sign up for San Diego County’s free notification system called Alert San Diego. This regional system is used to alert the public during evacuations and emergencies. “This type of notification,” said Chief Vander Pol, “is one of the most important tools residents can use to keep informed about an incident near them or if they need to evacuate.” I encourage everyone to register their cell phones at ReadySanDiego.org. Landlines are automatically included in the system.

When on ReadySanDiego.org, check the many resources and information about home and evacuation preparedness, as well. Together, we can be better prepared when a disaster or emergency strikes.

Oceanside • Mayor Peter Weiss

OCEANSIDE PRESENTS PUBLISHING 1-2-3 A SEMINAR FOR ASPIRING WRITERS Please join the Oceanside Public Library on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 1 p.m. for Publishing 1-2-3, a presentation with professional book editor Laurie Gibson, in the Community Rooms of the Civic Center Library, 330 N. Coast Highway.

Escondido • Mayor Paul “Mac” Mcnamara Greetings Escondido,

I started this series talking about the three things that keep me up at night – traffic, budget, and housing. Well, I think I have a fourth now. That is the city staff annual Halloween Costume contest. Now, as I am coming up on a year interacting with the staff, I can tell you we are fortunate to have a lot of smart, dedicated people who care about making Escondido better. Some of that cleverness, manifested itself at the contest. I won’t go into the categories but you can tell a lot of intellect that normally goes to improving the city was briefly diverted for the contest. It was really well done. I guess my idea of burning a cork and painting a mustache on my face and calling myself a pirate probably won’t pass muster. I haven’t forgotten about the budget but I thought this was worth mentioning.

One other thing that is worth mentioning is the FREE Thanksgiving Event at the Center of the Arts Concert Hall. It’s November 26th at 7PM. This is the first year it is in the Concert Hall. If you haven’t been to one it is really worth it and has a great Thanksgiving message for the entire family - http://artcenter.org/event/a-thanksgivinggathering/#attend. Hope to see you there!! Semper Fi, Mac Paul P. McNamara, Mayor of Escondido pmcnamara@escondido.org

Chuckles Cont. from Page 10 Defense Attorney: Did you know him?

Old Lady: No, but he sure was friendly.

Defense Attorney: What happened after he sat down? Old Lady: He started to rub my thigh.

Defense Attorney: Did you stop him?

Old Lady: No, I didn't stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Little Old Lady: It felt good. Nobody had done that since my David died some 30 years ago.

Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Old Lady: He began to rub all over my body. Defense Attorney: Did you stop him then?

Old Lady: No, I did not stop him.

Defense Attorney: Why not?

Old Lady: His rubbing made me feel all alive and excited. I haven't felt that good in years! Defense Attorney: What happened next?

Old Lady: Well, by then, I was feeling so spicy' that I just laid down and told him 'Take me, young man. Take me now!' Defense Attorney:

Laurie Gibson is an editor with more than two decades of professional experience serving writers, book and periodical publishers. Laurie taught copyediting for the Extension programs at both the UCSD and UCLA. Using her love of both teaching and storytelling, she developed “Publishing 1-2-3” to help writers learn what it takes to successfully launch their work into the world.

The program is spiced with stories and tips designed to inspire and empower all writers. The program will include insight into today’s book business (including the good, bad, and funky of self-publishing) as well as ideas and “under-the-radar” resources to help aspiring authors connect with literary agents and editors. Did he take you? Old Lady:

Hell, no! He just yelled, 'April Fool!' And that's when I shot him, the little bastard.

•••• Now, my apology:

To all of those who live close to me, Mission and Citrus in Escondido . . . I deeply apologize if the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, all of whom had gathered on my front lawn to serenade me on my birthday, disturbed your slumber. I had no idea they were coming. Nor did I know about the USMC Marching Band and their John Phillip Sousa serenade which followed the Tabernacle folks. Then, when Celine Dion stood in my driveway and sang for me . . . well, the entire neighborhood went nuts! Everyone wanted her autograph - but, understandably, she had only eyes for me. So . . . again, my most humble apology. It will not happen again. Until next year.

(Yes, on November 4th, I and good friend and fellow Kiwanian Fred Wollman both celebrated a birthday. Many thanks to those of you who extended birthday wishes on Facebook and via email.

Fred and I were actually serenaded as the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club sang Happy Birthday to us.

In tune, and on key. For the most part. ) Miracles do happen, y’know. •••• Finally, a brief break from Chuckles to send a salute to our veterans.

We just celebrated Veterans Day this Monday, honoring Americans who have served their country in the armed forces.

November 11 was originally called Armistice Day because it was on this day in 1918 that the First World War came to an end. The armistice was signed at 11:00 a.m., on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year.

After four years of brutal trench fighting, 9 million soldiers had died and 21 million were wounded. It was called “The War to End All Wars,” because it was the bloodiest war in history up to that point, and it made many people so sick of war that they hoped no war would ever break out again. Thanks to all who have served our country!

How about A Subscription for You, a Friend, or Family Member Call 760.747.7119 We’ll get you started!

The Paper • Page 12 • November 14, 2019

Microsoft’s epic struggle to evolve and thrive. It’s pure Darwinism.

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

www. thecomputerfactory.net "San Diego's Best Computer Store 2017-18" Union Tribune readers poll

More on upgrading to Windows 10.

As much as we wish to cling to our beloved Windows 7 OS (operating system), we’re being forced to move to Windows 10. For most home and small business users, Win10 offers no tangible benefits. It isn’t faster and it runs the same programs as Win7. Yet we are forced to upgrade our PCs to Win10 at our own expense and now must learn new ways to do the things we already knew how to do in Win7. It doesn’t seem fair. Don’t they know what they are doing to us? Sure they do, but what’s good for Microsoft isn’t necessarily good for everyone. Win10 is important to Microsoft’s future, so we “little people” are acceptable “collateral damage” in

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 8

Quartermania is a cross between an auction and a raffle. Each guest gets a numbered paddle and a correspondingly numbered poker chip, which they place in the auctioneer’s drawing basket. The auctioneer displays an item and states the number of quarters needed for a chance to win that item. Guests may bid on the item by placing the specified number of quarters into a small bucket on their table and holding up their paddle. The buckets of quarters are collected, and the auctioneer pulls a random numbered chip from the drawing basket. The bidder holding the paddle that matches the number pulled wins the item. If the number pulled did not bid, another number is pulled until a winner is found.

“With the holidays right around the corner, this is a fun and family-friendly way to get some holiday shopping done for a good cause” said event co-chair Pat Origlieri. Tickets may be purchased by calling Pat Origlieri 760-724-9674 or emailing her at pat@vistacopy.com or by paying online at www.soroptimistvista.org. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door. Proceeds support Soroptimist’s Dream programs promoting women and girls education and empowerment and human trafficking awareness. See soroptimistvista.org.

An Intimate Evening with OscarWinning Actress Sophia Loren at CCAE - Synonymous with grace, beauty and artistry, Oscar-winning actress Sophia Loren will captivate audiences with an intimate onstage conversation and Q&A at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido on Sunday, November 24, at 4pm in the Concert Hall. The prolific career of this legendary star spans over five decades earning a remarkable array of notable accolades, including the first Academy Award presented for a foreign-language role with Two Women. Decades later, in 1991, Sophia Loren received an Honorary Award from the Academy in acknowledgement of her indelible contributions to world cine-

From 1980 through 2011 Microsoft’s revenue was rooted in the growth of consumer (home and small business) PC sales. PC sales peaked in 2011 and began a decline that continues as tablets and smart phones assumed tasks that were once the exclusive domain of PCs. Microsoft has been virtually shut out of the smart phone/tablet market by Google (Android) and Apple (IOS) but they have maintained and strengthened their dominance in “corporate” business services and operating systems. Today only a third of Microsoft’s revenue comes from consumers while their growth and profitability is strongly tied to growing “corporate” markets. Microsoft’s current strategic plan conforms to this reality.

Microsoft actually works in the consumers favor. Such has been the case as Microsoft continued to improve both Win10 and Win7 making the upgrade to Win10 much less dangerous. As late as early 2019, Win10’s semi-annual updates were still crashing PCs and losing data. Win10’s flakey reputation made users reluctant to upgrade. At the beginning of 2019 fully 50% of PC users still held on to their tenyear old Win7. The combination of looming “end of support” and Microsoft’s successful effort to stabilize Win10 have had a dramatic effect. Today Win7 holdouts are down to 30% and shrinking fast.

Here at The Computer Factory the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 costs between $120 and $165 depending on whether we’re asked to save files

and/or installed programs. Because Microsoft has improved the process, we are able not only to save customer files, but can usually maintain the set-up and installed programs too. This is a real time saver for users and a blessing for those who cannot access original applications program media.

In addition to being able to upgrade to Win10 nearly any PC built in the last ten years, we also have a large selection of Windows 10 “refurb” notebook, desktop and all-in-ones. We can build you a shiny new desktop PC or a custom workstation for gaming, day trading, solids modeling, graphics design or audio/video editing/ and transcription. Our custom built PCs start as low as $495.

We also take trade-ins. Check us out.

Windows 10 is designed to bulwark Microsoft’s strategic plan. First as a flexible platform for accommodating “enterprise” business technology and second to meet the simpler needs of home and small business users while providing the Microsoft’s marketing organizations complete access to Win 10 users Internet browsing activities and preferences. Since Microsoft has not sold a Win7 OS since 2012, they really don’t want to spend money and resources supporting it. That’s why they’ll stop supporting it in January.

On rare occasions, what is best for

ma. Until 1999, Sophia Loren was the only performer ever to win an Oscar for a foreign-language film. She received an honorary Oscar in 1980 for Lifetime Achievement. Even today, at 84, Loren remains “la forza” – the earth mother of us all. She is one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Along with An Evening with Sophia Loren show, the Center will be hosting a free movie screening of Houseboat starring Cary Grant and Sophia Loren at 1:30pm and a post-show backstage reception immediately after the show for $35. The post show reception menu includes Tomato and Mozzarella on a Pesto Crostini with a Balsamic Drizzle, Charcuterie Platter with Baguettes, Baked Artichoke, Tomato and Basil Pasta with an Alfredo Sauce of Mozzarella, Ricotta and Parmesan, Roasted Vegetable Platter and Cannoli & Tiramisu Desserts.

Tickets for An Evening with Sophia Loren are $65-$205 and are on sale online at artcenter.org or at the Center ticket office at 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido, 92025, or by calling 800.988.4253. The ticket office is open Tue.–Sat. 12–6 PM, and Sun. 12–5 PM. Get more information about the show as well as purchase tickets here: http://artcenter.org/event/sophialoren/.

Free Parent Seminar at Calvin Christian School – The Minds of Boys and Girls: How to help our sons and daughters do their best in school and life, is the focus of the seminar. Calvin Christian School, a preschool and Kindergarten through 12th grade Christian school is organizing a FREE parent seminar, on Monday, November 25th from 7:00-8:30pm, in the Heritage Center at the school at 2000 North Broadway, Escondido. The seminar is being paid for by federal title funds. For over 50 years, Calvin as been partnering with Christian families and their churches to teach the whole child from a biblical worldview. In this inspirational, practical, and humor-

ous presentation, renowned educator and New York Times bestselling author Michael Gurian (SAVING OUR SONS, THE MINDS OF GIRLS, BOYS AND GIRLS LEARN DIFFERENTLY!) focuses on helping children of all ages to succeed in school and life. Because boys and girls experience their home and school life differently, Michael explores how the minds of boys and girls develop distinctly—and how parents, educators and concerned citizens can care for and support the needs of both daughters and sons. Based on more than thirty years of research in brain science, education, and practical parenting, this keynote traces how a child’s learning mind grows, how girls and boys learn and grow differently, how acculturation influences boys and girls, and how crucial school success has become to life success.

A marriage and family counselor in private practice, Michael brings to life not only the developmental science of girls’ and boys’ minds, but practical methods by which to raise and educate those minds. Michael also focuses on learning and life difficulties that boys and girls suffer as distinct groups. Michael has been called “the people’s philosopher” for his ability to dynamically combine cutting edge science with stories from people’s everyday lives. His presentation leaves audiences with a new vision of what boys and girls need both in school and in life, new tools by which to interpret the signals of our growing children, and new confidence to love and educate our children in a high-pressure world. See Michael’s biography on www.michaelgurian.com. For further information, also see www.gurianinstitute.com.

Last Chance for Las Vegas/Mt. Charleston Trip – Escondido Senior Travel is issuing the last chance to join them for a fun trip; the last trip of 2019. Tuesday-Thursday, December 3-5, travel to Las Vegas for a 2-night stay at 4 Queens (new South Tower). The Vegas strip will be decorated for Christmas with fabulous displays. On Wednesday go to Mt. Charleston for lunch at the rustic Charleston Lodge. Evenings on your own

for gaming or shopping. The dates are Tuesday-Thursday, December 3-5; checkin time is 8:30am. Cost is $280/Single; $215/Double. Call the Escondido Senior Travel office if you want to join them for the last trip of 2019 – 760.745.5414.

Donate Now to Rady Children’s Hospital – You can make a lasting impact for sick and injured children in as little as five minutes. After the turkey is done and the shopping deals have expired, a global giving movement built by millions of people kicks off. On Tuesday, December 3rd, people from around the world come together to champion nonprofit causes in the communities in which they live. Everyone has something to give. When you invest in Rady Children's on #GivingTuesday, you join a dedicated community of philanthropists who are committed to making our world a better place. Every act of generosity counts and means even more when we give together. Be a part of our 65 years of healing and hope. For other ways to get involved this holiday season, visit our Fundraising page.

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Delgado Wiegand filed a petition with this court for a decree

changing names as follows: Present name: Dilcia Delgado

Wiegand to Proposed name Dilcia A. Delgado Garcia. THE

COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below

to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name

should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name

changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days

before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at

the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be

granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may

grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING:

Date: December 10, 2019 8:30a.m., Department 23.

The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA.

92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published

at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the

date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos

News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd,

San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated 10/252019.

/s/Sim von Kalinowski, Judge of the Superior Court 10/31, 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019

#2019-9026782 The name of the business, Infinity Nails, located at 30 Main St., #160, Vista, CA. 92083. This business is registered by: Anh Nguyen 617 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd., #53, San Marcos, CA. 92078 by


individual. First day of business 10/15/19. /s/Anh Nguyen Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 11/05/2019 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019

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It was promoted as “3 Days of Peace, Love, and Music.”

Performers at the music festival included Creedence Clearwater Revival, Joan Baez, Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin, The Who, Sly and The Family Stone, Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, Santana, and Jimi Hendrix.


Many years experience Excellent Long Term References 760.735.5852

It was held on a farm in New York, owned by a 49-year-old dairy farmer named Max Yasgur.


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And it just celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

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The Rock Concert That Changed America

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• Page 13 • November 14, 2019

Woman Seeking Marriage:

48 yr old Chinese lady seeking marriage to a kind, healthy 50 to 70 yr old gentleman. Serious responses send bio to the e-mail address below for more information. norcoresi@gmail.com





FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025523 The name of the business, Red, White and Blue Mobile RV Detailing, RWB Mobile RV Detailing, located at 2345 Seasons Rd., Oceanside, CA. 92056 This business is registered by: Daniel Jacob Sandoval 2345 Seasons Rd. Oceanside, Ca. 92056 This






individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Daniel Jacob Sandoval Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/21/2019 10/24, 10/31, 11/07 & 11/14/2019

Of course, I am referring to the iconic Woodstock Music Festival. It was held on Yasgus’s farm in Bethel, New York, from August 1517, 1969. Upwards of a half million people showed up, and did not pay.

Most of the readers of this column are familiar with the Woodstock festival. Before I discuss memorabilia from the event, allow me to go beyond the basics and relate some facts of which most people are not aware. Four men, Artie Kornfeld, Michael Lang, John Roberts, and Joel Rosenman came up with the idea. Kornfeld was a vice president at Capitol Records, and Lang had organized the Miami Music Festival in 1968. They knew they needed a big name to agree to play if the festival was going to be a hit. They got one in Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The original plan was the festival would be held at the Howard Mills Industrial Park, in Wallkill, New York. However, the Wallkill town officials nixed any permission. Finally, Max Yasgus offered to rent the promoters part of his two thousand acres that comprised ten farms. Yasgus was the largest dairy farmer in Sullivan County at the time. He allowed the music festival to be on a 600-acre plot. Even though the festival was held in Bethel, New York, the name of Woodstock was used. Bob Dylan and other musicians were believed to have lived there at the time, and the name had a hippy aura.

The promoters believed that about 50,000 people would attend. In reality, very few tickets were sold, and it has been estimated that nearly 500,000 people showed up. Day one ended with Joan Baez performing in a torrential downpour at two o’clock in the morning of August 16. Day two ended around ten in the morning of August 17. Joe Cocker started Day 3 about four hours later. Rains delayed the final performer until early the next morning, technically Day 4. And who was the legendary performer who was the last musician

Chuckles Cont. on Page 14

The Mighty Mojo Page The Paper


• Page 14 • November 14, 2019

Indian Store


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Chuckles Cont. from Page 13 to play?

Jimi Hendrix, of course.

Which performers turned down invitations to play at the festival? It reads like a pop culture Who’s Who list: The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Bob Dylan, the Byrds, The Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, and John Lennon.

Woodstock left the promoters nearly bankrupt. But they were wise enough to retain the film and recording rights. They would make their money when the documentary film Woodstock became a hit in 1970.

As for the memorabilia from Woodstock, here are some of the items that periodically are auctioned.

An original Woodstock advertising poster has been sold for anywhere from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. However, there are many reproductions of the poster, so be careful.

Sets of unused tickets are also available. Tickets cost $8 for each day, or $18 for all three days. A single oneday ticket has been sold for about

Pool Service


#2019-9023703 The name of the business, J-KA Custom Tile,







Marcos, Ca. 92069. This business is registered by: Juanka Gonzalez 573 Carrie Cir. San Marcos, CA. 92069 This








individual. First day of business 1/15/19. /s/Juanka Gonzalez Filed




County Clerk/Recorder





9/26/2019 10/24, 10/31, 11/07 & 11/14/2019


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$40-$50, and a three-day ticket for about $200. In June 2019, a one-day ticket signed by the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead sold for $700.

A Woodstock jacket worn by a security crew member sold for nearly $3,800. An original Woodstock schedule, which included a handwritten note for the farm owner Max Yasgur was sold at Christie’s in 2017. It went for $10,000.

Finally, a bottle of actual Woodstock, New York dirt with a label that it came from Yasgur’s farm was offered at auction. It had an estimated value of $500-$900. There were no takers.

Despite the poor weather condition, and muddy conditions, as well as a lack of food and water, Woodstock was peaceful. The festival’s mantra of “making love, not war” certainly was true. Security was limited as off-duty police were banned.

And Max Yasgur’s may have summed it up best when he said “the important thing that you’ve proven to the world is that a halfmillion kids…can get together and have three days of fun and music and have nothing but fun and music and I God bless you for it.” And God bless you, Max Yasgur.

And finally, for those Woodstock trivia buffs, who is the iconic “hugging couple” that appeared on the


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cover of the “Woodstock” album? They are Bobbi and Nick Ercoline of Pine Bush, New York. They were married in 1971 and are still married today.

And Woodstock endures in the minds of many as well.







Massage Spa, located at 1976 Hacienda Dr., Vista, CA. 92081. This business is registered by: Luqiu, Ding 957 Alta Ridge Palm Sprngs, CA. 92262 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Luqiu Ding Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/31/2019 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025609 The name of the business, Glassy Guys, located at 715 Mission Grove Place, #101, Escondido, CA. 92025. This business is registered by: Jonathan Villalobos 715 Mission Grove Place #101 Escondido, CA. 92025 This








individual. First day of business 10/22/2019 /s/Jonathan Villalobos Filed





Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

County on 10/22/2019 10/24, 10/31, 11/07 & 11/14/2019









Premier at


Poinsettia Ave., Vista, CA. 92081. This business is registered by: Labtrader, Inc. 1396 Poinsettia Ave. Vista, Ca. 92081 This






corporation. First day of business n/a. /s/Dexter W. Gaston, CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/28/2019 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019.




Jeff Figler is a professional certified appraiser. His latest book The Picker’s Pocket Guide to Baseball Memorabilia has been #1 on Amazon. He can be reached at info@jefffigler.com or at 877-472-3087. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025076 The name of the business, Inflow Social Media Marketing, located at 260 Roma Ave., San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by: Noahallaha Shalabi 260 Roma Ave. San Marcos, CA. 92069 Ismael Eduardo Pohlert 305 Belmont Ct. San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a General Partnership. First day of business n/a. /s/Noahallaha Shalabi Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/15/2019 10/24, 10/31, 11/07 & 11/14/2019

Avila filed a petition with this court for a decree changing

names as follows: Present name: Hugo Avila to Proposed name Hugo Olague. THE COURT ORDERS that all per-

sons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any

person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the

objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show

cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written

objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing.


Date: December 17, 2019 8:30a.m., Department 23.

The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA.

92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks

prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county:

San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San

Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated 10/30/2019. /s/Sim von Kalinowski, Judge of the Superior Court 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019


The Paper

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME #2019-9025581 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME: Losungens, located at 1267 Discovery St., San Marcos, CA. 92078. The Fictitious Business Name referred to above was filed in San Diego County on January 1, 2019 and assigned File no. 2019-9000552, is abandoned by the following regisrants: Losungens 1268 1267 Discovery St San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company.. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true any matter pursuant to Section 17913 of the Business and Professions code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000). /s/ Bradley J. Elkan, Vice President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County 10/21/2019. 10/31, 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025550 The name of the business, Izzy Auto Body, located a t29010 Lilac Rd., Valley Center, CA. 92082 This business is registered by: Ismael Ramirez 30340 Valley Center Rd. Valley Center, Ca. 92082 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 10/21/19. /s/Ismael Ramirezt Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/21/2019 10/31, 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025417 The name of the business, D and L Builders and Remodel, located at 918 Santa Margarita Dr., Fallbrook, Ca. 92028. This business is registered by: Plutarco Arroyo 918 Santa Margarita Dr. Fallbook, Ca. 92028 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Plutarco Arroyo Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/18/2019 10/31. 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019.

FAM Painting, located at 420 Smilax Rd., #14, San Marcos, 92078. This business is registered by:

This business is conducted by an individual. business

10/14/19. with


Ernest Jr.,



County of


Diego on 10/14 /2019 10/31.


by: Roger Dean Hillard 1155 N. Grape Escondido, CA 92026


/s/Roger Dean Hillard Filed






County of


Diego on 11/05/2019 11/14,










#2019-9027088 The name of the business,





/s/Felipe Angon Morelia Filed

This business is registered


SMIUSA, located at 806 N.





The name of the business,








Organna Gold, located at

This business is registered

1261 San Elijo Rd., S. San


Marcos, CA. 92078.

Joshue Garcia

This business is registered

2121 Skyview Glen



Vista, Ca. 92081. This business is registered by: Chelsea Marie Calabria 1463 Ridge Road Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Chelsea Marie Calabria Filed



Ernest Jr.,



County of


Diego on 11/01/2019 11/07,





FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025189 The name of the business, Black Star Asset Recovery, located at 2173 Salk Ave., Suite 250, Carlsbad, CA. 92009 This business is registered by: Thomas Jeffrey Underwood 2341 Sentinel Ln San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 10/16/19. /s/Thomas Jeffrey Undewood Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/16/2019 10/31. 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME


#2019-9026936 The name of the business, RedactorsInk



1552 San Luis Rey Ave., Vista, CA. 92084 This business is registered by: Sara Ann Gengler 1552 San Luis Rey Avenue Vista, CA. 92084 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. with


Ernest Jr.,



County of


Diego on 11/06/2019 11/21,





FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9026110 The name of the business, Sol Bliss, Sol Bliss Spa, located at 3550 Summit Trail Ct., Carlsbad, CA. 92010. This business is registered by: Katherine Ann Bobeck 3550 Summit Trail Ct. Carlsbad, CA. 92010 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 10/28/19. /s/Katherine Ann Bobeck Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/28/2019 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019.

G & V Group, located at 301 Way,



Oceanside, CA. 92058.

San Marcos, CA. 92078

This business is conducted

This business is registered

This business is conducted

by co-partners.


by an individual.


First day of business n/a.






Ernest Jr.,



County of



Giacomo Giovanetti 301 Island Way, Unit 3

/s/Joshue Garcia

/s/Travis Yost Filed




Oceanside, Ca. 92058

Ernest Jr.,



County of


Diego on 11/07/2019

Diego on 11/05/2019


11/14, 11/21, 11/28 & 12/05/19





FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025452 The name of the business, Purified Clean H2O, located at 966 S. Santa Fe Ave., Vista, CA. 92084. This business is registered by: Essential Lifestyle LLC 32295 Mission Trail Ste R8381 Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business 9/18/17. /s/Demitrius Berry, Managing Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/18/2019 11/14, 11/21, 11/28 & 12/05/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9025454 The name of the business, Purified Clean H2O, # #2, located at 1070 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA. 92084 This business is registered by: Essential Lifestyle LLC 32295 Mission Trail Ste R8381 Lake Elsinore, CA. 92530 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business 6/1/2019. /s/Demitrius Berry, Managing Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/18/2019 11/14, 11/21, 11/28 & 12/05/2019


Palmdale, Ca. 93552

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2019-00055637-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Hannelore SlodePetitioner Freundlich filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Hannelore Slode-Freundlich to Proposed name Hannelore Freundlich. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: December 10, 2019 8:30a.m., Department 23. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Dated Marcos, Ca. 92078. 10/21/2019. /s/Sim von Kalinowski, Judge of the Superior Court 10/31, 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9027140 The name of the business, Nevada Medical Transcription, located at 650 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., #173, San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is registered by: Carrie L. Gilkerson 650 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #173 San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Carrie L. Gilkerson Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 11/07/2019 11/14, 11/21, 11/28 & 12/05/2019


37713 Blazing Star St.,

1261 San Elijo Rd. S.


located at 1463 Ridge Road,

The name of the business,

Alfonso Garcia

Travis Yost



Escondido, Ca. 92027



The name of the business,


Marcos, CA 92069


San Marcos, CA. 92078




by an individual.

420 Smilax Rd. #14


/s/Sara Ann Gengler


This business is conducted

Felipe Angon Morelia



at 420 Camino Mateo, San

The name of the business,



Sierra Remarking, located




ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2019-00055270-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Emily Maureen Brown and Jerome Nerez Ragadio for Malaya Rey Ragadio filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Malaya Rey Regadio to Proposed name Malaya Joy Ragadio. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: December 3, 2019 8:30a.m., Department 23. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Dated Marcos, Ca. 92078. 10/18/2019. /s/Sim von Kalinowski, Judge of the Superior Court 10/31, 11/07, 11/14 & 11/21/2019

The name of the business,


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9024927 The name of the business, Poured Provisions, located at 310 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd. #475, San Marcos, CA. 92078. This business is registered by: William Michael Innskeep and Amanda Michelle Norwood Pereira 783 Avenida Cedorniz San Marcos, Ca. 92069 This business is conducted by General Partners. First day of business 10/11/19. /s/Amanda Michelle Norwood Pereira Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 10/11/2019 11/07, 11/14, 11/21 & 11/28/2019.

• Page 15 • November 14, 2019

This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Giacomo Giovanetti Filed




Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder



Diego on 11/04/2019 11/07,






NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: ESTATE OF ELLEN AURORA SMITH, and the testate and intestate successors of Ellen Aurora Smith, deceased, (Amended Additional Parties Attachment Form is attached.)


NOTICE: You have been sued. The court may find against you without you being heard unless you respond within 30 days. Read the information below:

You have 30 calendar days after this summons and legal papers are served on you to file a written response at this court and have a copy served on the plaintiff. A letter or phone call will not protect you.There may be a court form that you can use for your response. You can find these court forms and more information at the California Courts On-Line Self Help Legal C e n t e r (www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp), your county law library, or the courthouse nearest you. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a fee waiver form. If you do not file your response on time, you may lose this case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further warning by the court.

There are other legal requirements. you may want to call an attorney right away. If you do not know an attorney, you may want to call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney you may be eligible for free legal services from a non-profit legal services program. You can locate these non-proft groups at California Legal Services website (www.lawhelpcalifornia.org), the California Courts On-Line Self Help Center (www.courtinfo.CA.gov/selfhelp), or by contacting your local court or county bar association. NOTE: The court has a statutory lien for waived fees and costs on any settlement or arbitration aware of $10,000 or more in a civil case. The court’s lien must be paid before the court will dismiss the case.

testate and intestate successors of Alma Margaret Lorenz, deceased, ESTATE OF ROBERT WALTON BENSON and the testate and intestate successors of Rober Walton Benson, deceased, RICHARD LEE BENSON and the testate and intestate successors of Richard Lee Benson, deceased, WILLIAM H. SMITH, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, SANDRA L. GREEN, an individal who is a testate or intestate successor, GREGORY L. SMITH, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, STEVEN R. SMITH, an individual who is a testate or intestate succesor, CARLA McKESSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, MATTHEW DIAZ, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, RACHEL DUPONT, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, DOROTHY B. BENTON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, JOHN L. LORENZ, JR., an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, MARGARET BENSON BARRITT, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, BARBARA L. FELIX, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, ROBERT W. BENSON, JR, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, KAREN L. TWISSELMAN, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, DONNA B. JOHNSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, CHRISTINE L. JOHNSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, MEREDITH L. BENSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, RICHARD R. BENSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, GUSTAV A. BENSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, SUSAN E. BENSON, an individual who is a testate or intestate successor, and all persons claiming by, through, or under such decedents, and all persons unknown, claiming any legal or equitable right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the property described in the complaint adverse to Plaintiff’s title, or any cloud on Plaintiff’s title thereto, Unknown Defendants (hereinafter referred to as DOES) and DOES 1 through 20.

DOP: 11/14, 11/21, 11/28 & 12/05/2019

The name and address of the court is: San Diego Superior, North County Branch, 325 S. Melrose Ave. Vista, Ca. 92081

The name, address and telephone number of plaintiff’s attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney is: James E. Lund 240 E. Fourth Ave. Escondido, Ca. 92025 (760) 747.7800 DATE: October 2, 2019 Clerk, by Deputy.

Attachment “A”

“Testate or intestate successors of Persons Unknown or believed to be deceased and All Persons Unknown, claiming any legal or equitable right, title estate, lien, or interest in the property described in the complaint adverse to plaintiff’s title, or any cloud on plaintiff’s title thereo, Unknown Defendants and Does 1 through 20.” AADDITIONAL PARTIES ATTACHMENT FORM: Additional Parties for Defendant:

ESTATE OF ELLEN AURORA SMITH, and the testate and intestate successors of Ellen Aurora Smith, deceased, ESTATE OF GUSTAV FREDERICK BENSON, and the testate and intestate successors of Gustav Frederick Benson, deceased, ESTATE OF ALMA MARGARET LORENZ and the

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