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The Paper • Page 4 • February 19, 2015 Vista Says No to Street Peddlers of Newspaper

As of tomorrow, February 20, you will not be able to purchase copies of the UT, a San Diego newspaper, on the streets of Vista. This as a result of a one month hiatus ordered by the Vista City Council. It is possible the hiatus may become permanent.

In a unanimous vote the council voted to enforce an existing city ordinance that prohibits such sales to motorists. The sales program, a fund raising and recovery project for the clients of the non-profit Alpha Project, provides for clients to sell the U-T San Diego newspaper three days a week as part of a recovery program. Complaints arose over allegations that the vendors had become too aggressive in their sales efforts, as well as impeding traffic.

Council members Amanda Rigby and John Franklin wanted to end the sales program completely. Others felt there might be adjustments made in how the sales effort was handled. This could include moving to less heavily traveled streets and prohibiting sales unless and until motorists asked to purchase. The matter will be revisited by

Local News

the Vista City Council on March 24. District Attorney Says Child Abuse, Father Says Accident

A Marine, Lee Trahan, who was working at Miramar Marine Air Station, prepared to go to work in late April, 2012.

He claims that in trying to feed one of his two twin childrren he accidentally lost his balance while trying to retrieve a pacifier and fell forward; Willow, his infant daughter, struck her head against the door frame and the infant began to cry. After examining and calming the child, he and his wife chose to monitor her and not take her to hospital as the injury did not appear to be serious. Three days later, the baby stopped breathing and was rushed to a hospital. Ten days after that, she died.

The District Attorney’s Office, doesn’t buy the story. They say something other than an accidental bump against a door frame must have caused the severe injuries that caused the baby to die. They filed murder

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Evelyn had a huge vegetarian burger - so large she couldn’t finish it all.

We enjoyed it so much we came back two days later with good friend, Tim Cunning. He, too, enjoyed the food.

Man About Town


The Man About Town gets around to a lot of restuarants throughout North County yet only recently discoverd “Intertwined,” a superb restaurant on Grand Avenue in Escondido.

We were also surprised to learn they had been open for two and a half years. One would think I would have discovered them long before this. However, I have discovered them. And I love the place!

We stopped for lunch (twice) last week. I had the BLP (bacon, lettuce and pear) sandwich on Panini bread, along with sweet potato french fries;

The place is upscale, lovely dark wood paneling, beautiful drapery, simple, easy menu with a good variety of offerings; reasonably priced.

The owner, Kristy McGee, is an attractive young lady with a ready smile and super personality. Personality seems to run within the service staff. Our waitress, Brittney, also had a big smile and was easy to talk to. You can mark this down as another restuarant where you are likely to find me dining fairly frequently.

Intertwined is at 113 E. Grand Avenue, call 760.432.9839. Reservations recommended for Friday and Saturday nights. Lunch time, usually no problem.

Just down the street is another excellent gathering place for those that want to wet their whistle and enjoy a nice sandwich in the process. Plan 9 Alehouse, as the name implies,

Letters to the Editor

Kudos for The Paper

Dear Mr. Davis,

Just wanted to thank you for writing the most comprehensive article on the puppy mill industry that I have ever read. Clearly, you conducted some extensive research. You did an excellent job of connecting the dots between the puppy mill industry and the pet shops, while also answering common questions people have about puppy mills. We depend on our lawmakers to protect our community from harmful business practices. Pet shops are the biggest perpetrators of consumer fraud. Legislation is the only way to stop the puppy mill industry and to protect consumers. Thank you for bringing some much-needed attention to this

is a watering hole with a wide range of domestic and imported beers, lagers and ales. They also serve excellent sandwiches at lunchtime. I haven’t dined there in the evening but have, several times, for lunch. Always tasty food, reasonable prices, excellent service. Plan 9 Alehouse is located at 155 E. Grand, Escondido. Which reminds me . . . The Paper has launched a Facebook Page and recently began a promotion in conjunction with Plan 9 Alehouse. Those who “liked” our Facebook Page were automatically entered into a drawing to be held which offered a $25 gift certificate for redemption at Plan 9 Alehouse.

We’ll be announcing the winner of that drawing in next week’s issue of The Paper. Aaron and Josh, the owners of Alehouse 9, will personally welcome the winner.

You want to register? Just go to Facebook and type in “The Paper” in the search window. Go to The Paper’s Facebook Page and hit “like.” You’re entered. That simple. ••••• Want to give a shout-out to Groutsmith . . . a superb company who responded to a

important issue.

If you are interested in keeping this topic alive, I can give you copies of the USDA inspection reports for some breeders the Hunte Corporation uses. All of which include horrific violations. I also have tons of footage of the Hunte truck delivering the puppies to some of the local pet stores. It is heartbreaking.

For the last 10 years, I have been a volunteer at the County Animal Shelter in Carlsbad and have worked in animal rescue for more than 20 years. I also worked with the Oceanside City Council and the City Attorney to help pass the puppy mill ban in Oceanside. Once again, thank you so much for writing this great article! Bravo! Thanks, Leslie Davies

To the world you are just one more rescue person. To a rescued pet, you are the world. "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened." Dear Mr. Davis,

‘Letters to the Editor’ Cont. on Page 6

problem I had with a property I own in Escondido. We developed a mold problem in one of the two showers that needed attention. I called Jan at Groutsmith and she had someone out the next day to give us an estimate, we agreed to give her the bid and shortly thereafter her crews responded and did a masterful job.

She went above and beyond her duty to ensure that we were happy with the job . . . and we are. Give her a call if you’ve got any type of grout problems. She’s at 705 Center Dr #108, San Marcos, CA (858) 779-1446.

We love to recognize outstanding businesses, their owners and staff. ••••• Sorry to learn of so many family and friends who have come down with something resembling the flu. Nasty.

Bad cold, aches, pains, weakness, total lethargy. And the dad-blamed thing doesn’t just go away in a couple days. A week or more . . . then sometimes it returns. Probably a virus. So far, it hasn’t hit here but fingers are crossed. Stay healthy y’all!

The Paper - February 19, 2015  
The Paper - February 19, 2015