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Volume 45 - No. 17

by lyle e davis

Sometimes we just don’t know where life is going to take us. Sometimes one little decision, one little series of events, will shape our lives forever. Fortunately, for all of us, Dick Cavett made a decision to go into Omaha, Nebraska, to take the College Boards, rather than participate in a major gymnastics competition in which he was likely to have wound up as champion. A brilliant gymnast, he had already won the state’s gold medal in the pommel horse and was thought to be a sure winner in the upcoming meet. He not only qualified for college but got a full scholarship to Yale University.

“One of the happiest days in my life was standing on my porch, reading that amazing letter of acceptance from Yale to be part of the class of 1958,” he remembers.

Had he gone to the state gymnastics meet in Lincoln, Nebraska, we might well have had another Olympic gymnastic champion . . . but we would have been denied the years of pleasure Dick Cavett has given us as, arguably, the premiere television host, interviewer, commentator, humorist, and wit.

Cavett appeared regularly on nationally broadcast television in the United States in five consecutive decades, the 1960s through the 2000s. Cavett became interested in show business early in life. Like at four or five years of age, before kindergarten.

“Mom used to stand me up on a chair and have me recite things,” he says. “She had required me to learn bits of Shakespeare and I would recite them. After completing my recitation I would then say, ‘Everybody crap.”

I’d had trouble pronouncing my “l’s” and all the neighbor ladies would come to the recitations just to giggle and comment, ‘wait till he gets to the end.’ They apparently were not so taken with the works of Mr. Shakespeare but for me to say, ‘everybody crap.’

Dick’s mom and dad were both educators and “sometimes obnoxiously got me involved in writing, reading and education.” The Paper - 760.747.7119


April 23, 2015

Cavett was born on November 19, 1936, in Kearney, Nebraska. He grew up in a town called Gibbon. To my great surprise, Gibbon does not have a big sign at its city limits saying, “Gibbon, Nebraska, boyhood home of Dick Cavett.” I was also surprised that the house in which he grew up in has been torn down or moved. One would think, given his celebrity and many awards, they would have preserved the house as a tribute to ‘their favorite son.’ Particularly in a small town like Gibbon. “We lived in a big white house facing the grain elevator, where there was a sugar beet pile. I spent hours playing there. It was across from the grain elevator which was owned by a man named Alva Zimmerman. The big white house is gone now, as is, I suspect, Mr. Zimmerman.”

Great question for Jeopardy: “Dick Cavett, famed television personality has the same middle name as Thomas Edison. What is that name?” Answer: Alva

Richard Alva Cavett has a number of Alva’s in his family line. His dad, Alva B. Cavett, and his his paternal grandfather, Alva A. Cavett.

“In fact,” says Cavett, “Carol Burnett was amused by my middle name and addressed that issue on her television show on one occasion. You can still see that episode on one of the DVD’s out there . . . “Comedy Legends.” When Dick was 10 years old, his mother, Erabel "Era," died, at age 36, of cancer. He suffered a terrible depression following his mom's death. “It was a terrible trauma. She had an incompetent, stupid, doctor in Grand Island. I learned later from friends that he had failed to send a specimen to the lab . . it may have made a difference. But we’ll never know, will we?”

We asked Dick if he thought this heavy duty emotional trauma might have played a role in his frequent episodes of severe depression in his later years, which he has openly and publicly discussed quite often.

“I suspect so,” he said, “though we don’t really know if it is envi-

ronmentally induced or if it is something genetic, something strictly chemical. I can tell you that no child should have to go through that emotional trauma.

When the bipolarity (also known as manic-depressive disorder) manifested itself I never had the super highs of a manic stage . . . I had more ‘hypo-mania.’ You have the innate feeling that you really can’t afford more than four hours sleep a night because there is too much to do.

We spoke of the phenomenon of bipolarity being common amongst creative people . . . and some of the best known people in history. A classic example is Winston Churchill. Others include playwright Tennessee Williams, actors, singers, comedians, including Patty Duke, Carrie Fisher, Connie Francis, Robin Williams . . . the list is a long one. “Steven Fry, the great British actor and playwright, did a

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show about bipolarity. He decided he’d rather not get treated because his manic stage forwarded his career.

I really don't know, nor do the scientists, it seems, if it is genetic and we are born with it or if some emotional trauma or other environmental element brings it forward. It seems to run in families so I suspect there is an element of heredity, which affects the body chemistry.” Among other medications, Cavett takes lithium, which is a fairy common medication for bipolars. He emphasizes, however, the absolute need to be diagnosed and prescribed for by a doctor that specializes in this field. There is no one “right” treatment. Every patient is likely to need a specialized treatment plan.

Cavett so enjoyed the attention he received as a pre-kindergarten child who could recite Shakespeare that he continued

The Paper • Page 2 • April 23, 2015

‘Cavett’ Cont. from Page 1

his quest for increased show biz experience.

He took up magic as a hobby. In eighth grade, he both directed a live Saturday-morning radio show sponsored by the Junior League and played the title role in The Winslow Boy.

“About that time there was this scripted show from Storytime Playhouse in New York. We did the radio show in the Lincoln (NE) Summer Theatre (known as the Hayloft Theatre). Someone called and said they needed a young lad who could speak with a British accent. So, I got that part. That was at age 15.” Cavett had already begun learning magic tricks . . . a hobby that he continues to study to this day. He is good enough that, if he chose, he could make a couple of quid performing as a magician. Recently, in fact, he performed two out of the five parts of the genius rope machine on the NBC Jimmy Fallon show. He is also a Lifetime Member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. He is quite proud of the fact that several of his television shows helped rescue the work of the great magician, “Slydini.” His real name was Quintino Marucci. He died about 10

Give Us This Day Our Daily Chuckle This week, a compendium of wit, wisdom and neat stuff you can tell at parties. Enjoy! Phone Pole Installers

Bell needed to hire a team of telephone pole installers for Fort McMurray and the boss had to choose between a team of two guys from Newfoundland and a team of two Irish guys.

The boss met with both teams and said "Here's what we'll do. Each team will be installing poles out on the new road for a day. The team that installs the most phone poles gets the job."

Both teams headed right out. At end of the shift, Pat and Mike, the Irish guys, came back and the boss asked them how many they had installed. They said that it was tough going, but they'd put in twelve.

years ago. In addition to his television shows, Cavett also wrote about him in his blog(s) in the New York Times. For a fascinating read, check out http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes. com/2009/03/27/conjuring-slydini/ and the follow-up column: http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes. com/2009/04/10/conjuring-slydini-part-2/. Both blog entries and the accompanying video clearly fascinated Cavett as he viewed stunning magic performed by a master.

Before Slydini . . . Cavett had met “The Great Carsoni,” only he wasn’t very famous at that time. In 1952 Cavett attended the convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in St. Louis and won the Best New Performer trophy. Around the same time, he met fellow magician Johnny Carson, eleven years his senior, who was doing a magic act at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lincoln. He and Johnny were to become very close friends over the years, Cavett having dined at Carson’s house on a number of occasions. But, at this time it was just “Johnny Carson, the magician from Omaha,” (where he also worked on WOW-TV. But all of this happened after he had gone through his early childhood years, after having lost his mom, and then subsequently, being presented with a

new mom. His dad remarried. Dick’s new step-mom, Dorcas Deland, from Alliance, Nebraska, was, like his biological mom, an educator. It was a good match, it seems because on September 24, 1995, Lincoln Public Schools dedicated the new Dorcas C. and Alva B. Cavett Elementary School in their honor.

Asked if he had any difficulty adapting to a new stepmother after having been so close to his biological mom . . . “I was a bit ornery at first. But, in time, I came around and we became very close. I can’t tell you how many times I have had someone come up to me and say, ‘Your mom just changed my life at the University. She made me a teacher.’ Other people I remember came up to me, a former jock from Lincoln High School said about my dad, ‘I only lived for his class.’" One of Cavett’s classmates at Lincoln High School was the late actress, Sandy Dennis. Cavett was elected state president of the student council in high school, and, as mentioned at the beginning of this narrative, was a gold-medalist at the state gymnastics championship. “You grew up in Omaha,” he said to me, “do you know who we hated to play from Omaha?”

I guessed Omaha Tech(nical) High School. Then, when Cavett said they were from just

outside of Omaha, it hit me. “Boys Town,?” I said.

“Absolutely,” he said. “We had to bring in extra cops for the games against Boys Town. They were the rattiest gang. My dad always got angry when some wealthy widow died and left a lot of money to Boys Town. ‘That place is drowning in millions of dollars,’ he would say. Then, it was a nest of juvenile delinquents. That may not be true today . . . but it sure was then.” As to how he happened to apply to Yale University:

“I graduated in 1954. We had a family friend, Frank Rice, of the old Grand Island Baptist College where he became a teacher. Frank also taught in Omaha. He had a John Hay Fellowship to Yale. He came back and urged my parents to have me apply at Yale. Dad wanted me to study law or dentistry, but I was more interested in English, and, later, the Dramatic Arts. Then came that amazing letter from Yale. I became a member of the Class of 1958.” Before leaving for college, he worked as a caddy at the Lincoln Country Club. He also began doing magic shows for $35 a night. While



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Forty-five minutes later, Bud and Buddy, the Newfoundland guys came back in and they were totally exhausted.

over kids when God has to go do something else. -Mitchell, age 7

-Antonio, age 9

Bud, the team leader, wiped his brow and sighed, "Buddy and me, we got three in.”

Angels don't eat, but they drink milk from Holy Cows! -Jack, age 6

Some of the angels are in charge of helping heal sick animals and pets. And if they don't make the animals get better, they help the child get over it. - Vicki , age 8

The boss asked, "Well, how many poles did you guys install?"

The boss gasped, "Three? Those two Irish guys put in twelve!" "Yeah," said Bud, "but you should see how much they left sticking out of the ground!" Angels ... as explained By Children

I only know the names of two angels, Hark and Harold. - Gregory, age 5 Everybody's got it all wrong. Angels don't wear halos anymore. I forget why, but scientists are working on it -Olive, age 9 It's not easy to become an angel! First, you die. Then you go to Heaven, and then there's still the flight training to go through. And then you got to agree to wear those angel clothes. -Matthew, age 9 Angels work for God and watch

My guardian angel helps me with math, but he's not much good for science. -Henry, age 8

Angels talk all the way while they're flying you up to heaven. The main subject is where you went wrong before you got dead. - Daniel, age 9 When an angel gets mad, he takes a deep breath and counts to ten. And when he lets out his breath again, somewhere there's a tornado. - Reagan, age 10 Angels have a lot to do and they keep very busy. If you lose a tooth, an angel comes in through your window and leaves money under your pillow. Then when it gets cold, angels go south for the winter. -Sara, age 6 Angels live in cloud houses made by God and his Son, who's a very good carpenter. -Jared, age 8

All angels are girls because they gotta wear dresses and boys didn't go for it.

My angel is my grandma who died last year. She got a big head start on helping me while she was still down here on earth. -Ashley, age 9

What I don't get about angels is why, when someone is in love, they shoot arrows at them. - Sarah , age 7 Random Thoughts As We Age...

Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes; come out wrinklefree and three sizes smaller! Last year I joined a support group for procrastinators. We haven't met yet! I don't trip over things, I do random gravity checks!

I don't need anger management. I need people to stop pissing me off!

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The Paper • Page 3 • April 23, 2015

‘Cavett’ Cont. from Page 2

University, Cavett played in and directed dramas on the campus radio station, WYBC, and appeared in Yale Drama productions. In his senior year, he changed his major from English to Drama. He also took advantage of any opportunity to meet stars, routinely going to shows in New York to hang around stage doors or venture backstage. He would go so far as to carry a copy of Variety or an appropriate piece of company stationery in order to look inconspicuous while sneaking backstage or into a TV studio. Cavett took many odd jobs ranging from store detective to label-typist for a Wall Street firm, and as a copy boy at Time Magazine. While at Time he read a newspaper item about Jack Paar, then host of The Tonight Show. The article described Paar's concerns about his opening monologue and constant search for material. Cavett wrote some jokes, put them into a Time envelope, and went to the RCA Building. He ran into Paar in a hallway and handed him the envelope. He then went to sit in the studio audience. During the show, Paar worked in some of the lines Cavett had fed him. Afterward, Cavett got into an elevator with Paar, who invited him to contribute more jokes. Within weeks, Cavett was hired, originally as talent coordinator. Cavett wrote for Paar the

famous line, "Here they are, Jayne Mansfield," as an introduction for the buxom actress.

“Paar didn't want to lose me, so he put me on as a talent booker . but I wrote for him on the side. I hope the Statute of Limitations has run out, I don’t want the Writer’s Guild to be upset with me.”

At Yale School of Drama, Cavett met his future wife, Caroline Nye McGeoy (known professionally as Carrie Nye), a native of Greenwood, Mississippi. After graduation, the two acted in summer theater in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and Cavett worked for two weeks in a local lumberyard in order to buy an engagement ring. On June 4, 1964, they were married in New York. Their marriage was at times tumultuous, but they remained married until Nye's death on July 14, 2006. I mentioned that this must have been another terribly emotional trauma, having his wife of 46 years die. Was he able to cope with this tragedy, given his deep depression problems?

“Wow! This interview is really focusing on emotional trauma! I guess I must have. Somehow you endure when you least think you can. Other times, when you think you’ve got it whipped, it jumps up and bites you.” An example of the latter came

when Cavett was aboard the Concorde, preparing for a trip to London. In 1980 Cavett suffered what he characterized as his "biggest depressive episode." All had seemed well, a promising show business venture awaited him in England, he was flying a top of the line aircraft. All seemed okay . . . and then the manic-depressive malady, known today as bipolarity, kicked in. While on board the Concorde prior to take off, Cavett broke out into a sweat and became agitated. After he was removed from the plane, Cavett was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, where he later underwent electroconvulsive therapy. Regarding this method of treatment Cavett is quoted as saying, "In my case, ECT was miraculous. My wife was dubious, but when she came into my room afterward, I sat up and said, 'Look who's back among the living.' It was like a magic wand."

In his capacity as talent coordinator for The Tonight Show, Cavett was sent to the Blue Angel nightclub to see Woody Allen's act, and immediately afterward struck up a friendship. The very next day, the funeral of playwright George S. Kaufman was held at the Frank E. Campbell funeral home. Allen could not attend, but Cavett did, where he met Groucho Marx in an anteroom. From the funeral, Cavett followed Marx (who later told Cavett that Kaufman was "his personal god") three blocks up Fifth Avenue to the Plaza Hotel, where Marx invited him to lunch. Years later, Cavett gave the introduction to Marx's one-man show, An Evening with Groucho Marx at Carnegie Hall, and began by saying, "I can't believe that I know Groucho Marx." Groucho Marx was always his personal idol. They became close friends and Marx appeared lots of times on his television show, probably 6-7 times . . “There’s a full show with Groucho on Hollywood Greats, another on Comic Legends . . . both available at Wonderful birthday gift, by the way.” Cavett began a brief career as a stand-up comic in 1964, then in 1965, he did some commercial voiceovers, including a series of mock interviews with Mel Brooks for Ballantine beer. In the next couple of years he appeared on game shows, including What's My Line. He wrote for Merv Griffin and appeared on Griffin's talk show several times, and then on The Ed Sullivan Show.

In 1968 Cavett was hired by ABC to host This Morning. According to a New Yorker article, the show was too sophisticated for a morning audience, and ABC first moved the show to prime time, and subsequently to a late-night slot opposite Johnny Carson's The Tonight

‘Cavett’ Cont. on Page 9

‘Chuckles’ Cont. from Page 2

Old age is coming at a really bad time!

When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a punishment ... now, as a grown up, it just feels like a small vacation! The biggest lie I tell myself is ... "I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it." Lord grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the friends to post my bail when I finally snap! I don't have gray hair. I have "wisdom highlights". I'm just very wise. My people skills are just fine. It's my tolerance to idiots that needs work.

Teach your daughter how to shoot, because a restraining order is just a piece of paper. If God wanted me to touch my toes, he would've put them on my knees.

The kids text me "plz" which is shorter than please. I text back "no" which is shorter than "yes". I'm going to retire and live off of my savings. Not sure what I'll do that second week.

When did it change from "We the people" to "screw the people"? I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure my wife took it! Even duct tape can't fix stupid ... but it can muffle the sound!

Why do I have to press one for English when you're just gonna transfer me to someone I can't understand anyway?

Of course I talk to myself, sometimes I need expert advice. Oops! Did I roll my eyes out loud? At my age "Getting lucky" means walking into a room and remembering what I came in there for.

Chocolate comes from cocoa which is a tree ... that makes it a plant which means ... chocolate is Salad! Redneck Husband Reports Wife Missing

A husband went to the sheriff’s department to report that his wife was missing.

‘Chuckles’ ‘Cont. Cont. on Page 5

The Paper • Page 4 • April 23, 2015 Fatal Traffic Collision Involving 3 Year old Child

On Thursday, April 16th, Escondido Police responded to reports of a traffic collision involving a child in the 400 block of W. 4th Avenue. At about the same time, the Escondido Police Communications Division was notified that the involved party self-transported a 3 year old boy to the downtown Palomar Medical Center, where the child succumbed to injuries sustained from the collision. Escondido Police Traffic Collision Investigators were called out to investigate the collision. Preliminary investigation has shown that this was a single vehicle collision and drugs/alcohol do not appear to be involved. No other vehicles were party to this collision. The driver, and mother of the victim, was conducting a parking maneuver. At some point during the parking maneuver, the child unfastened himself from the child seat and exited the vehicle. The driver, unaware that the child was outside the vehicle, pulled forward to complete the parking maneuver, and struck the child. The driver immediately transported the child to the hospital, where unfortunately the child tragically died.

This collision is still under

Local News

investigation. Criminal charges are not expected to be filed in this case. Anyone with information about this case or witnesses to the collision are encouraged to call Traffic Officer Steve Braucht at 760839-4482. Escondido Sobriety Enforcement Results

On Friday, April 17th, the Escondido Police Department conducted a DUI Sobriety/Driver’s License Checkpoint in the area of Valley Pkwy. and Avenida Del Diablo. Following are other results from this event: • 1259 vehicles drove through the

checkpoint. • 832 vehicles were screened in primary. • 1 FST was conducted, resulting in 1 DUI arrests. The passenger in that vehicle was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. • 74 vehicles were sent to secondary screening (drivers who could not produce a driver’s license or who were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs) • 29 total citations were issued during the checkpoint. (6 for suspended license and 21 for unlicensed driver, 11 for no insurance.) • 7 vehicles were impounded • 16 vehicles were released to the owner or a designated driver.

jump into a Time Machine and go back to those “good old days?” Wait! What’s this? A doctor who makes house calls in this day and age? For real? Yep. At least if you’re a neuropathy patient and housebound.

Man About Town

Some fascinating news from the world of chiropractic.

Two good friends, Dr. Gary Loos and Dr. Gene Lowery, both have separate practices and both have rather innovative and interesting features one normally does not expect from your friendly chiropractor.

First, Dr. Gary Loos has added housecalls for housebound neuropathy patients to his practice. Remember back in the ‘good old days’ when doctors actually made house calls?

Yep. It actually happened. You would call the doctor about an ailment or injury and he or she would come to your home to treat you. Wouldn’t it be great if we could

Dr. Gary Loos, one of North County’s finest chiropractors, makes house calls! Whether it’s a bad back that makes walking difficult, sciatica, or problems with neuropathy, Dr. Loos will come to your home to administer treatment. Call his office to find out details. He’s at 760.761.4436. His offices are located at 1645 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd., Suite 102, in San Marcos, if you’d rather be treated in his office. Meanwhile, ATTENTION VETERANS! Dr. Eugene Lowery not only does chiropractic but he has studied and practiced acupuncture for years and now The Veteran’s Administration is recognizing acuuncture as a remedy for the treatment of pain. Most recently, VA Boston Healthcare System has begun offering acupuncture therapy two days a week at the Jamaica Plain campus. “We believe that acupuncture will bring a well-studied and well

San Marcos Campus Graduates Nearly 100 Physical and Occupational Therapists

Nearly 100 graduates from 21 states, Canada, England and Japan, celebrated their commencement from the California campus of the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences on April 18. Family and friends joined them as they received Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master of Occupational Therapy or Doctor of Education degrees.

“Our focus on professionalism, teaching hands-on, clinically focused skills, and strong decision-making have helped prepare our graduates for success in careers where they can make an important difference in people’s lives,” said Dr. Wanda Nitsch, president and chief academic officer, who presided over the event. The University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences (USA) is a graduate institution that emphasizes health science education through innovative quality classroom and distance education. Founded in 1979, USA has locations in San Marcos, California; St. Augustine, Florida; and Austin, Texas. USA offers degree programs in physical

‘Local News’ Cont. on Page 13

tolerated treatment of chronic pain disorders to VA Boston that expands our Veteran’s access to complementary medicine. Acupuncture will be a valuable component in the multidisciplinary approach to treat pain,” said Dr. Kay Leissner, Chief of Anesthesiology at VA Boston Healthcare System.

You can also receive acupuncture therapy at the VA clinic(s) in San Diego County and Dr. Lowery can walk you through the process. He has the contacts and access to the facilities necessary to enable you to get the treatment you need to alleviate pain. Call Dr. Lowery at 760.941.2900. Ask him about how you, as a veteran, can qualify for acupuncture treatment. He’ll be glad to explain it all. Dr. Gene Lowery, DC, Lac. ••••• The tragic news of the Escondido mother who accidentally ran over her child, resulting in the child’s death, brought back terrible memories . . . and a reminder of how easy it is for accidents to happen. Back in Santa Barbara, I managed KGUD, a radio station owned by Dick Clark. I came home from work one day and as I pulled into the driveway, Kenny, my youngest, probably 4 or 5 at the time, was jumping up and down, happy to see his daddy coming home.

Letters to the Editor

Re: Last week's 'Letters to the Editor"

I offer a differing opinion re Olga Diaz --- "lame duck" Councilwoman/loser in the Mayoral race; at one time a vocal supporter of ECCHO/ then became a "turncoat" ... why did this occur?

The voters have spoken on Prop H and the Mayoral race. Olga need not be deified! Mark Antony is quoted by Shakespeare; "I come to bury Caesar; not to praise him!" An ECC resident & proud ECCHO member. /s/Larry Johnsgard, MD Escondido, CA.

Somehow, he had apparently jumped up on the right side of my car, perhaps trying to get in; I don't really know and about 40 years have elapsed so the memory dims a bit . . . but I do know that I ran over Kenny's leg, possibly both legs. When I realized I had run over him my worst fears raced through my mind. I expected to find a crushed skull, a stomach torn apart from the tremendous weight and pressure of the car but, fortunately, I had only run over his leg or legs.

We ran him to the hospital and, again, fortunately, his kneecaps had not yet developed; they were still in the soft tissue or soft bone state . . . so there was very little harm done. Some bruising (and I think mom and dad were far more emotionally traumatized than he was.) I know what I felt like when I had run over my son. We were very, very lucky. I could have killed my kid! My heart breaks, thinking what the Escondido woman is going through emotionally. It's just a terrible, terrible feeling. It is one of those wounds that time will never heal.

Words fail me to try and comfort this poor woman and her family at such a tragic accident.

‘Man About Town’ Cont. on Page 13

The Paper • Page 5 • April 23, 2015

‘Chuckles’ Cont. from Page 3

Husband: She went shopping yesterday and has not come home. Sergeant: What is her height?

Husband: Gee, I’m not sure --a bit over five feet. Sergeant: Weight?

Husband: Don’t know. Not slim, not really fat. Sergeant: Color of eyes?

Husband: Never noticed. Sergeant: Color of hair?

Husband: Changes a couple times a year. Maybe dark brown. Sergeant: What was she wearing? Husband: Could have been a skirt or shorts. I don’t remember exactly. Sergeant: What kind of car did she go in? Husband: She went in my truck.

Sergeant: What kind of truck was it? Husband: Brand new 2015

Ford F150 King Ranch 4X4 with eco-boost 5.0L V8 engine special ordered with manual transmission. It has a custom matching white cover for the bed. Custom leather seats and “Bubba” floor mats. Trailering package with gold hitch. DVD with navigation, 21-channel CB radio, six cup holders, and four power outlets. Added special alloy wheels and off-road Michelins. Wife put a small scratch on the drivers' side door... At this point the husband started choking up.

Sergeant: Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll find your truck. ••••• $2.99 SPECIAL

If you are a Senior you will understand this one. If you deal with Seniors, this should help you understand them a little better, And if you are not a Senior yet ... God willing, someday you will be. We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the 'Seniors Special' was two eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast for $2.99. 'Sounds good,' my wife said, 'But I don't want the eggs.'

‘Chuckles’ Cont. on Page 7

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Social Butterfly The Paper • Page 6 • April 23, 2015

animals at all San Diego Humane Society campuses are $19.15 to adopt. Also, there will be a Head Start Training Class on Saturday, April 25, at 11:30am, at the Oceanside campus. This is an introductory-level class that will teach you the basics of positive reinforcement. There are many other events that will help support the Humane Society. Check them out on the website at, or call any of the campuses, Escondido760.888.2275; Oceanside760.757.4357; or San Diego619.299.7012.

Evelyn Madison The Social Butterfly Email Evelyn at:

Meetings/Events Calendar

Chamber’s Networking Event is on Friday – The Good Morning Escondido Networking Event will be on Friday, April 24th, from 7:30am9am at Marie Callender’s Restaurant, 515 W. 13th Ave., Escondido. Check in at 7:15am for an opportunity to make new contacts and build relationships. Guest speaker will be Amyshia Dickson from the San Diego Humane Society Project Wildlife. $10/members or $20/prospective members. RSVP by calling 760.745.2125 or email

Events Coming Up at Humane Society – The Centennial Celebration Adoption Special is Friday, April 24th thru Sunday, April 26th, in honor of former Escondido Humane Society’s 100year anniversary, where all adult

THE ADVOCATE Marilyn Shea, Estate Planning Attorney


Dear Marilyn,

My dad and his new wife, Gail Greedy, went to an attorney that she chose in order for him to do a new will. She wants everything left to her. She was told that by doing it this way, any estate taxes could be eliminated. I worry if he leaves everything to her (she has three children), we will be excluded. He said he would rather leave most of his assets go to his own children on his death, but doesn’t want anyone to pay Estate Taxes. Mary - San Marcos

Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation’s Performing Arts Scholarships are presented annually to graduating high school seniors seeking to further their education in theatre, music, or dance, based upon their experience, contributions to their performing arts program, and a teacher recommendation. To be considered for this award, student candidates from North County San Diego must submit a typed 1-2 page application, and requires several other items. This is a reminder that the application deadline is Monday, April 27. For questions, email Submit the scholarship package to the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, PO Box 3054, Oceanside, CA, 92051. Visit OCAF website: for information about Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation, their events/projects and how to get involved. .

EAP Municipal Gallery April Info – The high school students Emerging Student Artist exhibition and the 50th Congressional District Art Competition Prospectus will be from April 10th to May 2nd, with the Awards Ceremony on Monday, April 27th, at 3:30pm. Also, on Sunday, June 7, at 12noon, a workshop with poets; featured poet Ying Wu, at the

Dear Mary,

The attorney that was chosen seems to have focused on Gail Greedy. Leaving everything to a spouse can eliminate or defer Estate Taxes but is not always in the best interest of the parties. One might be to create a Living Trust, allowing that if dad is first to die, his new wife, Gail, could have a “life estate” in the home and perhaps income from some of his investments. You should go to an “Estate Planning” Attorney who can discuss some options with dad. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE A COPY OF AN ESTATE PLANNING QUIZ, PLEASE CALL MARILYN SHEA AT (760) 721-0600.

Marilyn Shea, attorney for over thirty years, is a past President of the So. Cal. National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. If you wish to have your questions answered, write to 2103 El Camino Real, Suite 103A, Oceanside, CA 92054 or CALL (760) 721-0600 FOR AN APPOINTMENT

Municipal Gallery, 2262 E, Grand, Escondido. Remember the Escondido Certified Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays from 2:30pm-6pm, on Grand Avenue. Gallery Hours are Tuesday 11am-6pm (to accommodate Farmers Market), and ThursdaySaturday 11am-4pm.

“The Normal Heart” Performance at MiraCosta College Theatre - Ever wonder how a set comes together for a play? Bonnie Druben, the Props Master for MiraCosta College recently visited Sid's Carpet Barn, San Marcos, in search of the perfect rug for an upcoming theatrical production. She was awed by the array of rugs and excitedly photographed a few selections to send to Set Designer, Zach Elliott, via Smartphone. It was exciting to watch the process, so much so, that Sid's donated half the price of the rug. You can see the stunning rug on stage in the upcoming performance of The Normal Heart running April 23rd-May 3rd at the MiraCosta College theatre in Oceanside. The box office number is 760.795.6815, or visit the website at "Escondido Shines" Day is Saturday, April 25th - This is an event to showcase Escondido in its finest form; sponsored by the Rotary clubs of Escondido and San Diego County, and other service clubs, churches, community organizations, and businesses committed to building community pride. Community Service will run from 9am to early afternoon - families and neighborhoods are encouraged to clean and beautify the parks, lakes, streets, neighborhoods and businesses. Special projects have been organized by numerous churches and organizations, to meet all interests. Celebrate in the evening by taking your family to a traditional gathering place and enjoy food and entertainment with

San Diego County Water Woes

As a result of California’s long drought, Governor Brown has mandated cutbacks in water use throughout the state, with agriculture specifically exempted. Absent significant changes however, San Diego County agriculture will not be exempted. Should these cuts go forward as planned, there will be serious, unforeseen repercussions for San Diego County’s farm economy.

San Diego County’s agricultural economy is almost entirely dependent on imported irrigation water. Much of that water is delivered to local growers served by municipal water districts. Since municipal water districts are classified as urban water districts, they will be subject to the new cuts, even though most of the water sold is used for agriculture. San Diego ranks as the 19th largest farm economy in the

your fellow Escondido residents and businesses. In gratitude, make a special effort this weekend to show appreciation to others, help someone in need and practice the golden rule. Just say "hello" or honk and wave a "thank you" as you encounter individuals/groups involved in service. For more info, visit

This comes on the heels of the ”Kiwanis One Day” project held on April 11th where all the Kiwanis family, including Kiwanis Clubs, KKids, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs, KWIN Clubs, Circle K, and Aktion Clubs throughout the world do projects in their own communities on that day to make a difference in the world. Kiwanis One Day was started in the year 2000.

Mother’s Day Celebration on Friday, May 8th – The Bonsall Woman’s Club (BWC) will hold a luncheon, hair, and fashion show, with the theme of “April Showers, May Flowers,” at the Grand Tradition’s Arbor Terrace, on Friday, May 8th, a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom or a special friend, and avoid the crowds. The Grand Tradition is located at 220 Grand Tradition Way, Fallbrook. The fashions will be from Aston’s Boutique and models will present clothing from sport to evening wear. Fashions modeled will be available for sale at a 10% discount. A variety of hair designs will be provided by John and Suzanne Chadwick and the Hanna Salon Team. The Chadwick’s were voted by Vogue as two of the ten best hairdressers in America. Jewelry will be provided by Melinda Maria Designs. Music will be by the team of Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn. The Master of

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. on Page 7

United States. We have more small farms and the largest number of organic farmers in the nation. In 2013, the value of county crops was $1.9 billion, the highest per acre crop value of any county in the state.

San Diego County’s huge agricultural economy is an integral part of the greater California farm economy and should be subject to the same statewide regulations. Mandating cuts for San Diego County farmers that are more stringent than those required in other regions, simply because our farmers are supplied by urban water agencies, was clearly not intended.

In response, on April 15 I sent a letter to the California Regional Water Quality Control Board asking for a revision to the order so that San Diego County farmers will not be subject to more stringent cuts than those being implemented elsewhere in California.

The Paper • Page 7 • April 23, 2015

‘Chuckles’ Cont. from Page 5


'Then, I'll have to charge you $3.49 because you're ordering a la carte,' the waitress warned her.

The government can literally claim everything you own: Your home, Social Security check, CD’s, Investments, everything. Wiped Out! Revocable Living Trusts don’t help! There are strategies to protect you from financial disaster even if you don’t have or don’t qualify for nursing home insurance. Over 30 years of legal experience. LEGAL MEDI-CAL STRATEGIES BY ELDER LAW ATTORNEY MARILYN SHEA 760.721.0600 WWW.MEDI-CAL ATTORNEY.COM

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 6

Ceremonies will be Bob Tavano. Lunch will consist of fresh berries and baby spinach salad, roasted turkey breast with raspberry chipotle glaze, broccoli penne pasta with Gouda cream sauce, cookies and brownies for dessert with coffee and tea. There will be a no-host bar. The event starts at 11am. There will be theme baskets with values ranging from $150-$200 and some great Silent Auction items. BWC is a 501(c)3 organization. Proceeds will be distributed to charities in the North County area. Some recipients supported in the past are Boys and Girls Club of North County, REINS (therapeutic horsemanship for the handicapped), Heart 2 Heart Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary, the Burn Institute, and others. For reservations or more information, contact Diane Trappen at 760.723.7718. Deadline for reservations is Tuesday, April 28. Cost is $49, payable by check to BWC and mailed to Diane at P.O. Box 129, Fallbrook, CA 92088. This event is usually a sell-out.

North County Conservatives Meeting on April 28th – The North County Conservatives will be meeting on Tuesday, April 28th, at Mike’s BBQ. Ruth Weiss leads the way in the all-important Election Integrity Project (EIP). She will introduce a whole new approach to networking. A primary goal that all Conservatives share is to make our elections more honest. EIP is the path and Ruth is the inspiration. In addition, Joseph Spencer of has a plan that can work in every precinct to network and increase the number of informed voters. Joseph will show how to influence folks “on the fence” (those that have declared “decline to state” party preference because they are disheartened with both parties). For more information, email

Local Artists Exhibiting Artwork at Bernardo Winery – Barbara Bingham will exhibit her oil paintings until April 30th in the gallery at the winery tasting room, and Michael Snitslaar will exhibit paintings at Café Merlot now until May 30th, both at the Bernardo Winery, 13330 Paseo del Verano Norte, in Rancho Bernardo. The tasting room is open daily 10am-6pm. The public is invited. Bird Club Meeting on May 1st North County Aviculturists, pet bird owners and breeders, will meet on Friday, May 1 at 7pm, at the Vista Masonic Lodge, 761 Eucalyptus, Vista. The program will be speaker Steve Duncan and the topic will be the International Crane Foundation.

'You mean I'd have to pay for not taking the eggs?' my wife asked incredulously.

'Yes!' stated the waitress. 'I'll take the special then,' my wife said. Marilyn Shea Attorney


'How do you want your eggs?' the waitress asked.

'Raw and in the shell,' my wife replied. She took the two eggs home and baked a cake.

DON'T MESS WITH SENIORS! We've been around the block more than once! From Phyllis Diller

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance? -Phyllis Diller

Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing up is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing. -Phyllis Diller

Verla Ware September 3, 1933 April 11, 2015

Verla Ware, 81, passed away on Saturday, April 11th, 2015.

The reason women don't play football is because 11 of them would never wear the same outfit in public.

Historically Speaking by Tom Morrow

She was born on September 3, 1933, in Lewiston, Idaho. She graduated from Clarkston, Washington, high school and attended Eastern Washington University. She was married to Robert Ware in Lewiston, Idaho, on June 26, 1954, and was a member of the First Christian Church in Lewiston.

They welcomed Kurt Ware in March of 1963 and Tracy Ware in December, 1964.

Verla was a telephone operator prior to the children and a real estate agent prior to her becoming ill in July 1991. There will be refreshments, and free Visit admission.

Palomar Orchid Society to Hold Orchid Auction – Orchid enthusiasts - just in time for Mother’s Day, the Palomar Orchid Society hosts their annual orchid auction on Saturday, May 2nd at the Lodge

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. on Page 8

Who Was The Prophet Muhammad?

In today’s world, the Islamic religion has vaulted to the news forefront as radical believers wage war in all parts of Middle East and into the Western world. Followers believe the prophet Muhammad is their messiah, but who was he? Here’s a snapshot of his life.

Muhammad was born circa. 570 A.D. His full name was Abū alQāsim Muḥammad ibn Abd Allāh ibn Abd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim. He was from Mecca, now the sacred capital of the Islamic world located in Saudi Arabia.

-Phyllis Diller

Best way to get rid of kitchen odors: Eat out. -Phyllis Diller A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once. -Phyllis Diller

I want my children to have all the things I couldn't afford. Then I want to move in with them. -Phyllis Diller

Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going. -Phyllis Diller Any time three New Yorkers get into a cab without an argument, a bank has just been robbed. -Phyllis Diller

We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve years telling them to sit down and shut up. -Phyllis Diller

Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room. -Phyllis Diller

What I don't like about office Christmas parties. . . is looking for a job the next day. -Phyllis Diller Muhammad unified Arabia into a single religious state under Islam. Believed by Muslims and Bahá'ís to be a prophet and messenger of God, Muhammad is considered by Muslims as the last prophet sent by God to mankind.

Interestingly, while nonMuslims generally regard Muhammad as the founder of Islam, Muslims consider him to have “restored” the original , one-deity faith of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets in Islam. Many of those early writings are the same in the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Muslim Quran.

Muhammad was orphaned at an early age; he was raised under the care of an uncle. After his childhood, Muhammad primarily worked as a merchant, but on occasion he would retreat to the mountains for seclusion and prayer. Around age 40, Muhammad reported he was visited by the angel Gabriel and received his first revelation from God. Three years after this event Muhammad started preaching these revelations publicly, proclaiming that "God is One," that complete "surrender" to Him is the only way acceptable to God, and that he was a prophet and messenger of God, similar to other Islamic prophets.

‘Tom Morrow’ Cont. on Page 9

The Paper • Page 8 • April 23, 2015

Every Day is Thursday at Charlies’ Restaurant in Escondido!

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 7

(Pavilion), 1105 La Bonita Dr., Lake San Marcos. Hundreds of flowering orchids are to be auctioned off. Experts will be on hand to answer questions. Lots of bargains and fun. Viewing is at 10am; the auction will run from 11am-3pm. Free admission and parking. For more info, visit

Huge Plant Sale at Alta Vista Gardens – On Saturday, May 2nd, from 8am to 2pm, there will be a plant sale at the Alta Vista Gardens, 1270 Vale Terrace, Vista, above Brengle Terrace. Great selection, all sizes; amazing prices. No credit cards. Also, special free demos – 11am Composting Basics; 12noon How to Make a Worm Bin in a Dish Tub. For info,

Vista Garden Club's Flower Show is May 2nd - The Vista Garden Club is getting their annual show ready and looking forward to seeing you at the this year's show on Saturday, May 2nd, from 2-5pm, and Sunday, May 3rd from 10am-4pm. The plant sale runs Saturday from 12noon to 5pm, and Sunday, 10am4pm. Both events take place at the Jim Porter Recreation Center at Brengle Terrace Park, 1200 Vale Terrace, Vista. There is no entry fee and the show is free and open to the public. This show provides the public an opportunity to compete artistically and technically by showing their horticulture and flower designs and allows members to share their knowledge and love of gardening with the public and with each other in one set-

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. on Page 11

Just ask for “The Man About Town Special,” and that always smiling waitress will dash off to the kitchen and in no time at all present you with half an order of French Toast, two eggs, two A crew of highly trained cooks work slices of bacon, all diligently to prepare your meals to order; highly trained chickens cooked to order, for the ridiculously low price of supply your fresh eggs on command


(Normally $7.25)

This special offer not valid in Minnesota, Nebraska or Mississippi. Offer is for dine-in only, no takeouts. Major credit cards accepted.

. . . French Toast, imported all the way from France, with real powdered sugar . . . and smoked bacon! Aren’t you getting hungry? Hurry in and order now!

Charlie’s Restaurant

Clip or tear out this coupon and present it 210 N Ivy St, Escondido, CA 92025 to your always smiling waitress! (760) 738-1545

The Paper • Page 9 • April 23, 2015

‘Tom Morrow’ Cont. from Page 7

At first, Muhammad gained few followers and met hostility from some Meccan tribes. To escape persecution, Muhammad sent some of his followers to Abyssinia while he and his followers migrated to Medina in the year 622 A.D. This event marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar, also known as the “Hijri Calendar.”

In Medina, Muhammad united the tribes under the Constitution of Medina. After eight years of fighting with the Meccan tribes, Muhammad gathered an army of 10,000 Muslim converts and marched on the city of Mecca. The attack went largely uncontested and Muhammad captured the city with little bloodshed. He destroyed the pagan idols in the city and sent his followers out to destroy all remaining pagan temples in Eastern Arabia. In 632 A.D., a few months after returning to Medina from a farewell pilgrimage, Muhammad fell ill and died on June 8, of that year. Before his death, most of the Arabian Peninsula had converted to Islam, and he had united Arabia into a single Islamic state. Present day unrest in the Middle East centers on an attempt to re-establish that Islamic entity. The revelations, which Muhammad reported receiving until his death, form the verses of the Quran, regarded by Muslims as the "Word of God" and around which the religion is based. Besides the Quran, Muhammad's teachings and practices also are upheld by Muslims and used as sources of Islamic law (Sharia). While conceptions of Muhammad in medieval Christendom were largely negative, some modern history scholars have been far more favorable.

For Advertising Information or to subscribe, Call (760) 747-7119

‘Cavett’ Cont. from Page 3


Intermittently since 1968, Cavett has been host of his own talk show, in various formats and on various television and radio networks: • ABC (1968–1974) • CBS (1975) • PBS (1977–1982) • USA (1985–1986) • ABC (1986–1987) • CNBC (1989–1996) • Olympia Broadcasting (syndicated radio show, 1986–1990) • Turner Classic Movies (2006–2007)

During a recent television discussion with Mel Brooks, Cavett started talking about health expert J.I. Rodale, publisher of Today's Health. You may recall that Rodale was the person who died during a Cavett Show taping in 1971. It was fascinating to see that Mel Brooks thought Cavett was using the standard slang to describe a comedian "dying" on stage. Several exchanges went back and forth before Brooks understood that Cavett was talking about a guest who actually did drop dead during a talk show. For The New York Times last May, Cavett wrote a compelling memoir of the 1971 incident. But don't stop when you get to the end. The comments that follow offer a remarkable prismatic look into the nature of memory, since some recall watching that show even though it never aired. See Marshall Ephron "What Happened on the Dick Cavett Show" and Mark Evanier's "Dying on Television" for different angles on Rodale's death. http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes .com/2007/05/03/when-that-guydied-on-my-show/#more-20

Cavett is a fascinating figure in the whole history of that time period. He did a show that was on in a highly-competitive time slot for six years. (Joey Bishop, who he replaced, lasted for less than half that time.) Cavett's program was profitable for its network and it won great critical acclaim and awards at a time when very little on ABC was even in contention for any of that. Still, it was viewed by many as a failure because it somehow failed to move a man named Johnny Carson to the unemployment lines. What I've gleaned of the history is that that's about all Cavett did wrong. Today, there is little shame to finishing a respectable second in your time slot as long as your show makes money. Back then, if you didn't finish first, you were expected to concede abject failure and collapse onto your sword. And of course, what replaced Cavett got lower ratings and the network lost cash in that slot until years later when Ted Koppel and the Hostage Crisis moved into it, thereby begatting Nightline. I believe some ABC execs were

later quoted as saying they should have just left him on and spent more on promotion.

One of Mr. Cavett’s books is called Talk Show, also available at

“Talk Show: Confrontations, Pointed Commentary, and OffScreen Secrets.” The co-author of “Cavett” (1974) and “Eye on Cavett” (1983) Mr. Cavett lives in New York City and Montauk, N.Y.

Mark Evanier, who has a fascinating blog ( dealing with show busines said of Cavett: “When I see some of the amateurs and inept provocateurs who manage to get an hour of cable time, at least for a few ratings periods, I wonder why no one has offered Dick Cavett one of those time slots. Maybe he wouldn't want it but nothing the man ever did on television was not worth watching. The last time he had such a show, much of his old roster of guests was still available and he did shows with them that were interest-

ing...but pale, anticlimactic versions of earlier, better conversations. Now, almost all of those folks are gone and I think it would be interesting to drop the guy into a new world of talking heads and see what happened. It might be exciting but even if it wasn't, he couldn't get lower numbers than Tucker Carlson or Glenn Beck. ” It's a shame that it's been so long since television has found a place for Cavett. Back in 2007, Clive James, the famed Australian author, essayist, critic, and broadcaster analyzed Cavett: As a true sophisticate with a daunting intellectual range, Cavett was the most distinguished talk-show host in America, if sophistication and an intellectual breadth were what you wanted. A small, handsome man with an incongruously deep voice, Cavett was deadpan in the sense

‘Cavett’ Cont. on Page 10

Meetings, weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, receptions, craft shows, recitals, religious services, concerts, fund raisers, seminars, and other special events and occasions.

The Escondido Woman’s Club Maximum 170 people Full use of kitchen and stage 24-hour insurance required

Hourly rentals include House Manager, table setups and guards for all weddings and other parties. Call 760.743.9178 for information. (Leave a Message. Someone will return your call soon!)

The Paper • Page 10 • April 23, 2015

A Weekly Memo from the Councilmembers of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

Olga Diaz

Council Member, Represents District 3

‘Cavett’ Cont. from Page 9

that he had no special face to signify a funny remark. He just said it, the way that the best conversational wits always do. He was by far the wittiest of the American television talk-show hosts, most of whom have always been dependent on their writers. Although his shows did not attract a wide audience, remain-

Sydney is the pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. He’s a 6 year old, 16 pound, Domestic Long Haired cat.

Sydney is very low maintenance. As long as he has somebody to pet him, brush him, and let him sit on their lap…he’s happy and purring. Sydney is a mighty hunter of cat toys. You’ll never have to worry about a stuffed toy mouse roaming your house with Sydney on guard. He’ll probably do best in a home with adults and older kids.

The $100 adoption fee for Sydney includes medical exam, vaccinations, neuter and microchip. Visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas or log on to Call 760-753-6413 for more information. Kennels and Cattery open 11 AM to 5 PM every day but Tuesday.

America’s Favorite Pastime

The professional baseball season has begun and the San Diego Padres are off to a great start! Although my family enjoys going to Petco we actually spend most of the baseball season watching Escondido National Little League teams hit homeruns, steal bases and slide into home plate. Our son is absolutely committed to playing for the Padres someday. We support his ambitious goal and know that

ing in third place in the ratings behind Carson and Merv Griffin, he earned a reputation as "the thinking man's talk show host" and received favorable reviews from critics. As a talk show host, Cavett has been noted for his ability to listen to his guests and engage them in intellectual conversation. He is also known for his ability to remain calm and mediate between contentious guests, and

Ariel and Aurora, 2-year-old Cinnamon mix bunnies, are a beautiful pair of sisters looking for a loving family to call their own. Active, playful and royally gorgeous, these girls are sure to make the most wonderful additions to a bunny-loving family. Due to their silly, playful nature, the girls would love a roomy xpen setup with a cottontail cottage so they have space to hop around. They love treats and would eagerly take to clicker training. Ariel and Aurora are both confident girls and have even warmed up to the cats in their foster home. These girls would love to delight their lucky new family with endless bunny tricks! Ariel and Aurora are available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 East Valley Parkway. To learn more about making them part of your family, please call (760) 888-2275.

signing him up for Little League is early career development. It also means that while he plays ball, we (his loving parents) help with ball field maintenance, concession stand shifts, game announcing, pitch count, dugout duty, candy bar sales and fund raising. We do it happily for #12, Eli Griffin! If you love baseball, find time to watch the sport played in its purest form at any little league game. The star athletes play for fun, are coached by volunteers and encouraged by cheering crowds of parents

for his deep, resonant voice, unusual for a man of his stature (5'7"). The first question I asked Cavett was . . . “why in the hell are you not on television?”

Cavett: “Good question. And I don’t have an answer for it. Do you have any contacts?”

and grandparents. There is no fee for admission. Parking is free. Concession snacks are affordable. Remember to bring a glove in case a ball flies your way! Escondido National Little League sent a team to the World Series in 1981 and maybe again this year! Schedules for local leagues available online:

Escondido National Little League @ Mountain View Park Escondido American Little League @ Jesmond Dene Park

You know, I’ve always admired your work. But I’m wondering if you DID have a show today . . . who would you have to make for interesting guests? There is no more Groucho Marx, no more Lucille Ball, no more John Lennon, no more Norman Mailer, no more Truman Capote .. . all of the celebrities today are

The Pastor Says . . . Me. “Oh, yes, here in Escondido, California, I have all kinds of show biz contacts.

‘Cavett’ Cont. on Page 11

Another verse that I have always held onto is Jeremiah 29:11 which states: “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for.” It’s never easy to offer up praise when you don’t see a door or window opening up. Recently, I read somewhere "UNTIL GOD OPENS THE NEXT DOOR, PRAISE HIM IN THE HALLWAY."

Pastor Sam Brumit Mission 316 Church, San Marcos When God closes a door, He opens a window

All my life I’ve heard it said “If God closes a door, He opens a window.” I struggle with perceived “lost opportunities” and closed doors that I hoped would open. Many times, however, I have seen God’s wisdom when He ultimately revealed His plan.

I love the way “the Message” states Philippians 4:6-7: “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.”

When I don’t see an “answer” in sight, I continue to communicate with God about what is on my heart. Ultimately, I know He wants the best for me and will answer according to His will. In the meantime, whatever I go through, it’s a growth tool being used in my life.

Sometimes I just need to give things over to God. If I can’t sleep, I give it to Him – He is up anyway! I will continue to wait for open doors (or windows for that matter). In the meantime, I’m in the hallway and I’ll just be thankful He is working when I don’t see it. How about you?

(If you need a place to praise Him, Mission 316 is available!

We meet at 111 Richmar Avenue in San Marcos at 9:45 AM on Sundays. Call 760.659.0316 for details or go to on the net

The Paper • Page 11 • April 23, 2015

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

San Marcos • Mayor Jim Desmond

Off-leash Parks Give Dogs a Place to Play

Dogs required to be on-leash elsewhere. San Marcos is home to three dog parks located at San Elijo Park, 1105 Elfin Forest Road; Hollandia Park, 12 Mission Hills Court; and Montiel Park, 2290 Montiel Road. There is one more under construction at the future site of Sunset Park, located near La Mirada Drive and Poinsettia Avenue. These parks provide a safe place for four-legged family members to run and play; however, dogs may only be off-leash in these designated areas. Leashes must be used when walking dogs on trails or in parks.

By law, dog owners must keep their animal(s) under control at all times in San Marcos. Owners must have their dog on a leash while out in public unless they are in one of the City’s off-leash dog parks.

On private property, dogs must be under control by effective voice commands, a leash or tether, or confined by a physical or electronic barrier. California has a strict liability policy that states people are responsible for injuries or damage caused by a dog, regardless of whether or not the owner was negligent. In San Marcos, owners are also subject to an additional fine if they are not in effective control of their dog.

Escondido • Mayor Sam Abed

Mayor Sam Abed has decided to not communicate to his Escondido Constituents via The Paper and its “A Letter from the Mayor” series

‘Cavett’ Cont. from Page 10 kinda . . . blah!”

Cavett: “Funny, I was asking myself that very question the other day; we really had a golden era of master showmen, colorful characters, memorable artists and political figures. Today, it seems there are just so many young actors out to plug their latest book. Do you suppose all the ‘real stars’ are gone?” Me. “Well, if anyone can find them and bring out the best in them in an interview format, you can.” Cavett: “Well, sad to say, nothing is in the works.”

Sources: Personal interview with Mr. Cavett on Wednesday, February 9th. Mark Evanier’s blog: The secret art of the talk-show host By Clive James Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 - Slate Magazine k_Cavett

For Advertising Information or to subscribe, Call (760) 747-7119

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 8

ting. For more information, visit

Welcome Back WWII Vets From Their Honor Flight – On Sunday, May 3rd, you are invited to join in at the San Diego Airport to welcome back the WWII Vets from their Honor Flight to Washington DC. Meet at 2pm at Terminal 2, Baggage Claim 13 area. The most convenient parking lot is across from the Terminal 2 Baggage Claim Area 1-3. Free parking passes will be available for those greeting this flight. Ask an Honor Flight San Diego (HFSD) volunteer.

“Art and Garden Tour” Fundraiser for OCAF – The Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation will hold an “Art and Garden Tour” special fundraiser at the home of long-time residents and art collectors Darrell & Loren Dixon on Sunday, May 3rd at either 11am-1pm or 1pm3pm (specify time; reservations are limited). Explore a beautiful private home and garden filled with a collection of art treasures and surprises at every turn. Attendees will enjoy live entertainment by Robert Parker, hors d’oeuvres, wine and other beverages. Raffle prizes include wine tasting certificates, tickets to 14th annual OMFest, and many other items, too numerous to mention. Advance tickets are $40 each, purchased before April 28, or $50 each at entrance or online after April 28. Specify “morning” or “afternoon” when mailing checks or paying online, reservations are limited. The address of the residence will be given only with your advance reservation. Guests are advised to wear comfortable shoes suitable for a garden. Children must be supervised at all times. For tickets mail checks to OCAF, P.O. Box 3054, Oceanside, CA

Vista • Mayor Judy Ritter

Vista’s Cultural Caravan

Did you know for over 30 years, the City of Vista’s Culture Caravan travel program has brought the cities of North County unique travel experiences to destinations all over Southern California and beyond? With an emphasis on day trips, the Gloria McClellan Senior Center organizes the trips and takes care of details such as deluxe transportation, best available tickets, delicious meals, and of course, wonderful volunteer guides. Day trips include Padres games, museum visits, and more adventure trips. Plan a day trip or your next vacation with the Culture Cara-

van. If you are interested in active adult group travels give the Senior Center a call at 760.639.6160.

Speaking of the Senior Center, did you know about the YANA (You Are Not Alone) program? It is a free service to Vista residents. The Vista Senior Sheriff’s Patrol provides checks on a senior or disabled person living alone. A volunteer calls the individual once a day five days a week, and, once a month a YANA team member visits the home. The Senior Volunteers are encouraging residents to take advantage of the free program, if it is needed, call 760.940.4434 for information.

Oceanside • Mayor Jim Wood

Oceanside Heritage Day

Do you enjoy being outdoors? Would you like to support a worthy event? Come out and join us on May 2nd from 12 noon to 4 pm for the 5th Annual “Heritage Day” Fundraiser and Summer Camp KickOff, hosted by the Friends of Oceanside Parks. Taking place at Heritage Park, 220 Peyri Road in Oceanside, this fun-filled family day will include live music, entertainment, dance performances, antique cars and food vendors. Historical buildings located at the park will be open for tours during the event.Cost of admission is a suggested donation of $5 for adults and $1 for children. Want to get in for

92051, or purchase online at For questions, call 760.757.6863 or email Donations are gratefully accepted online and by check if not able to attend in person.

Escondido Woman’s Club Meeting is May 4th – A representative of Serenity House will give a program at the May 4th meeting of the Escondido Woman’s Club. The meeting starts at 10:30am, the program at 11:30, followed by lunch at noon and socializing. The meeting takes place at the clubhouse of the Woman’s Club, 751 No. Rose (corner Mission Avenue), Escondido. Members will vote on the list of philanthropic donations to be given out for the year. Cost of lunch is $12/person. Call Nora at 760.743.0246 for reservations.

“Occupy The Rice Fields” Presented at North Coast Rep Theatre – On Tuesday, May 5th, at 7:30pm, “Occupy The Rice Fields,” written by Aimee Greenberg, will be performed by her at the North Coast Repertory Theatre, 987 Lomas Santa

free? Camp staff will be on site to take your summer registration. All families who register their campers this day will be admitted free of charge. Free parking will be provided behind Mission San Luis Rey and opportunity drawings will take place throughout the day. The Friends of Oceanside Parks are still looking for sponsorships and volunteers; if you are interested, please contact Eileen Turk at or 760-435-5041.

For information on other Parks and Recreation programs and events, including the Model Train Museum’s weekly Saturday exhibits,go to or call 760-435-5041.

Fe Drive, Ste. D, Solana Beach. In this comedic monologue, Aimee travels to Bali in search of the sacred and last of the trance dancers but encounters fake spiritualists, hustlers and hawkers – “the antidote to Eat, Pray, Love.” A Carlsbad resident, Aimee has been creating, directing and performing onstage for nearly three decades. Her latest full-length play “Light Falling Down” was produced by The Oceanside Theatre Company at The Brooks Theatre. Tickets are $15/regular, $12 for students as well as seniors and active military. Subscriptions are $10. North Coast Rep’s Off-Nights are affordable with shows at special ticket prices. Purchase tickets online at or call their box office at 858.481.1055.

“Gently Hugged” is Program at Woman’s Club Meeting – The meeting of the Woman’s Club of Oceanside will be held on Thursday, May 7, at their clubhouse, 1606

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The Paper • Page 12 • April 23, 2015

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

How to avoid spending money at The Computer Factory- part II

Last week we discussed ways to avoid non-Internet related hardware and software problems. This week we’ll start a discussion around how international criminals use “Social Engineering” techniques on the Internet to line their pockets, torch your PC, and ruin your life. “Social Engineering” is a term that has been co-opted to describe a genre of Internet exploits aimed at defrauding innocent users. Up until the Internet revolution “Social Engineering” was used to describe how Governments use policy and legislation to create change in society. Probably the best examples of Government “Social Engineering” are the series of post war welfare programs exemplified by Lyndon

The World of...



Patrick "Skip" Jacovino Integrity Mortgage Group Senior Mortgage Consultant

This week we will be looking at the meaning of some commonly used terms in the mortgage world that can sometimes seem mysterious to someone who doesn’t work in the mortgage industry. If you are already familiar with these terms, congratulations! You have a good knowledge of mortgages. “Equity”: This is the dollar difference between what is “owed” on a home (or property) and what the property value actually is. For

Johnson’s “The Great Society.” These well intentioned policies were meant to morph undereducated, marginally productive poor folks into happy, well adjusted, educated and productive middle class families. Instead these welfare programs created generations of un-productive, ill educated, broken families captive to the crime infested inner city ghettos that provide the government handouts to which they became addicted. Government “Social Engineering” efforts often result in unfortunate albeit unintended consequences. Internet “Social Engineering” lacks the innocence of good intentions. Its unhappy consequences are deliberate. Modern Internet “Social Engineering” exploits are varied, sophisticated and effective. There is something for everyone. The techniques are designed to use our own human frailties and biases to make us take action that benefits the perpetrator at our own expense. Whether by nature you are greedy or generous, suspicious or trusting, thoughtful or reckless, it doesn’t matter. The bad guys have an exploit designed to fit your particular biases. All they need to do is find a way to get their story in front of you. One way they do it is to broadcast their scam to everyone on the WWW. The Nigerian Bank Manager scam has been around the Internet for twenty years. We see variations a couple of times a month. They ask for your bank

example, if Joe owes $200K on his home and the home is worth $350K, he has $150K in equity.

This leads us to our next term … “Loan-to-Value Ratio”: This is the equity in a home shown as a percentage. It is calculated by dividing the amount owed on a home by the value of the home. Joe’s example would be 200K owed divided by 350K value which gives us .57 (or 57%)…this is a low ratio, which is good. Lenders use this ratio to determine whether or not a client has enough equity to qualify for a mortgage loan. Most lenders want to see a loan-to value ratio of 80% or less (although many programs allow for much less equity such as VA and FHA loans) “Debt to Income Ratio”: This is another qualifying tool that lenders use. It is calculated by taking a client’s monthly expenses that appear on their credit report and dividing the total by their monthly gross income (income before tax withholding). For example, Joe has mortgage and credit expenses of $2500 per month and makes $6000 a month (before taxes). His ratio is 2500 divided by 6000= .41 or 41%. Most lenders like a ratio of 45% or less to qualify.

“FICO score”: This is a credit score that lenders use to determine credit-worthiness. There are actually three major companies that provide these scores (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion). The scores range from 300-850. The higher the score the better. Most people should strive to have a score above 740. Making timely

account number so they can smuggle millions of dollars out of Africa. As a reward you get to keep a few million for your trouble. How could anyone fall for it? Most folks don’t. But if they send out a million requests each week and only one person out of a thousand responds, they get a thousand new victims.

al data you post on social media can be consolidated to create an accurate profile of your preferences, biases and fears. Psychologists use this information to create a demographic group made up of you and people like you. Their criminal clients are then able to “phish” for you with exactly the right bait.

payments on credit accounts and keeping credit card balances low helps raise scores.

important document.

It’s much easier if they can narrow their target and fine tune their “pitch” to potential victims. That’s why Internet privacy is such a big deal. Internet companies sell their customer contact information. Browsers track your surfing patterns and sell your information. Everywhere you go everything you buy, every donation you make and all the person-

“APR vs Interest Rate”: I could write an entire column on the difference. The interest rate is the contract rate on a mortgage. The APR is a term coined by the government to let clients know when they are financing closing costs on a loan. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you would like a detailed explanation. I enjoy talking about it! Good Faith Estimate: This is a document a lender must give a client within 3 days of a mortgage application. It outlines the loan amount, the rate, the payment, closing costs (if any) ... and also if the rate is locked in or not. A very

Each week we see several examples of “phishing” exploits. Some are sad, some are hilarious but one thing they all have in common, they all rob users of time and money. Next week we’ll continue the “Social Engineering” discussion with some highly entertaining examples from our experiences here at The Computer factory.

Rate Lock: Very important. This secures your rate for the time it takes to process a mortgage loan. Always make sure your rate is locked when working with a lender. And know how long the rate lock is for. They range from 15 days to 90 days (in general). The longer the lock period, the more protection you have against rate fluctuations in the market. There are many terms that I did not go over due to space and some that I just scratched the surface. If there is anything you would like to know, please email or call me direct. I am always happy to talk about mortgage loans and there is never a cost or obligation to speak with me. Have a great week!


Cleaning Services ANNA’S HOUSECLEANING • Free Estimate • Great References • 20 years Experience Call 760.738.7493

JUNE, THE CLEANING LADY “When all you want is a thoroughly clean house”

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‘Man About Town’ Cont. from Page 4

••••• Folks in North County Real Estate circles, particularly in Escondido, may remember Verla Ware. She was a real estate agent and suffered a stroke 24 years ago. She was also a close family friend. Verla and her husband, Bob, were often visitors at our home and we at theirs. Verla is suffering no more. She passed away on April 11th.

We are of an age when more an more of our family and friends pass on. It causes us to pause and remember all the good times. With Verla, there were a lot of good times and a lot of laughs. Always full of joy and always with a ready smile and a great big laugh. She loved a good joke and would spend many an afternoon with us, seated on the pool patio, enjoying a glass of wine and good conversation. Her obituary is in this week’s issue. You may want to check it out on page 7. I, and those who loved her, wave a fond farewell to Verla, a really good pal. We were proud to have known her. •••••

Trout Derby! Don’t forget . . . this weekend is the Dixon Lake Trout Derby, sponsored by the Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club. Loads and loads of newly planted trout, over 4500 lbs. - plus the event everyone looks forward to . . . the Kiddie Pond. An area for the young ‘uns under 8 yars of age . . . a netted area chock full of trout. Chances are your child or grandchild will catch his first trout in less than 90 seconds! Great fun, great prizes, a great family event . . . all day Saturday, from 6am to 6pm, and Sunday from 6am to 4pm. Prizes awarded Sunday afternoon.

This is the major fundraiser and fun time combined for teh Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club. See you this weekend at Dixon Lake!

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RELATIONSHIP IN TROUBLE? Get the help you need now. COUNSELING | MEDIATION CLASSES:ANGER MANAGEMENT PARENTING | RELATIONSHIPS The Optimize Center 350 W. 9th Avenue, Suite 101 Escondido, CA 92025 760.747.8686


Health Care Provider Kind and Patient Bonded and Insured References available Affordable prices

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Home Care

Specializing in short and long term care assistance for all ages, with all activities of daily living, in your home. Drive to/from doctor appointments, new mommy assistance/infant care, Alzheimer patient care, general assistance before/after surgery, respite care for parents of disabled children, and much more. Rates start at $16.00 per hour for companion services.

Call 800.783.3127 or 760.424.2400 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Home Maintenance Improvements

JOHN the GOLD HANDYMAN I am good at Painting, Plumbing, Dry Wall Repairs, Pergo, Carpet and Tile and lots more - 27 years experience. CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATE 760.738.7493

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therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, education and health science, as well as residency, fellowship and continuing education programs. For more information, visit USA is a member of Laureate International Universities, a network of more than 80 institutions in 29 countries and one of the most significant global higher education providers for health sciences. For more information, visit Suspeced DUI Incident Results in Roll-Over Crash

Serious injuries resulted to a 23-year-old suspected drunken driver and his 24-year-old passenger last Sunday when they were ejected from a SUV in a rollover crash in San Marcos.

The Toyota 4-Runner was driving west on East Borden Road near Mulberry Drive at a high rate of speed when he lost control in a curve.

Death Notices


Super Soundproofing Co •Expert Products •Floor Noise Barrier •Insulation Floor and Wall Tape •Vibration Isolation Tape

Call 760.752.3030 Free Advice 455 East Carmel St. San Marcos, CA.


Katherine M. Pinkerton, 65, of Escondido, CA., passed away on April 14, 2015. Samuel Walter Foulk, 79, of Escondido, CA., passed away on April 20th, 2015. Zachary Adam Quiroz, 22, of Escondido, CA., passed away on April 19, 2015.

MY DOG ATE THE COUCH UPHOLSTERY STUDIO 3643 Grand Avenue #C San Marcos, CA. 92078 760.659.6990

Arrangements handled by: CONTACT: ERIC DUVALL

California Funeral Alternatives Escondido, Poway



This Saturday, April 25th 10am-2pm

10458 Meadow Glen Way East

Hidden Meadows

Many vendors, decorative garden plants, glass decor for outdoors, homemade candy, jams, jellies, baked goods, jewelry, watches, scarves blankets and rugs & much more! Don’t miss out! Come see us this Saturday! 10am - 2pm

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 11

Missouri Ave., Oceanside. Coffee and conversation begins at 9:30am; the meeting at 10, and the program at 11. The speaker will be Joan Burns, a volunteer with the "Gently Hugged" organization, which was founded by a group of nurses who wanted to help provide new mothers with clothing for their infants leaving the hospital. Club members are asked to bring assorted blankets and/or clothing from 6-12 months for boys or girls. Gently used clothing will be welcome as well as yarn for knitting caps, blankets, and booties. These donated items will be distributed by Gently Hugged to needy mothers in the San Diego area. The Woman’s Club is involved with many community activities that benefit children and youth in the local area. A catered lunch for $12.00 will follow the program. All North County women are invited. Call the Program Coordinator, Lorraine, at 760.639.5387 for more information.

Woman’s Club to Host Fashion Show – The Rancho Bernardo Woman’s Club will host a fashion show with fashions presented by Chico’s, the popular women’s clothing store. The luncheon event will be on

Thursday, May 7, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, 1755 Bernardo Oaks. Social at 11:30am; lunch served at noon. Cost is $26/all inclusive. Guests are welcome. Call Fern at 760.741.6620 for reservations. For info about the RBWC, or becoming a member, contact Jan at 858.487.6942 or Diana at 858.484.8958.

Wine & Watercolors Mixer and Silent Auction – Silverado Escondido will be holding their 4th annual “Wine & Watercolors” mixer and silent auction on Thursday, May 7th, from 4-7pm, at their facility at 1500 Borden Road, Escondido. There will be a wine and champagne bar, hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, music, mingling, and a silent auction featuring one-of-a-kind paintings by some of Silverado’s best resident artists. Proceeds will benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. RSVP by Tuesday, April 28, by calling 760.737.7900 or register online at

Kids in the Garden Class – On May 9th, the Kids in the Garden class will learn about “Using Our Cotton” during their class from 10am-12noon, at Alta Vista Botanical Gardens. This program will be given by Karen Bochinski, member of the Palomar Handweavers’ Guild. The Class fee is $5/child for two hours; fees support development of the Alta Vista Children’s Garden. Accompanying adults pay $3 Garden entry fee. Registration includes visit to the Children’s Garden. Pre-register by email to or call 760.822.6824. Alta Vista Gardens is located at 1270 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, at the top of the hill inside Brengle Terrace Park. For more info, visit the website at

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME #2015-008258 Fictitious Business Name to be abandoned: Ogata Japanese Cuisine, located at 615 S. Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA. 92024, The fictitious business name referred to above was filed in San Diego County on 7/26/2006 and assigned 2006027035. Fictitious Business Name is being abandoned by: Takahiro Ogata 512 Kristen Ct. Encinitas, CA. 92024 This business is conducted by an individual. I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. A registrant who declares as true any matrial matter pursuant to Section 17913 of the Business and Professions code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.). /s/Takahiro Ogata, Owner

This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg





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You have questions about your financial path. We are the right people to answer those questions.


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Accupuncture/Pain Management

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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

If you qualify for treatment we can begin immediately and you even have the option of beginning your neuropathy treatment with a 3 visit trial before you fully commit.

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The name of the business: E-way2wellness, located at

2462 Live Oak Road, Escondido, CA. 92029,

is hereby

registered by the following:

Norman Lesser

2462 Live Oak Road

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This business is conducted by an individual.

business was n/a.

First day of

/s/Norman Lesser, Owner

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-006055 The name of the business: Pour Decisionz, The Passion Pub, located at 521 Scarlet Place, San Marcos, Ca. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: Joseph P. Palmese 521 Scarlet Place San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Joseph P. Palmese, Owner

Mr. Blustein is correct! Patrick “Skip” Jacovino is our weekly columnist on mortgages; look for him every week in The Paper on page 12!

6005 Hidden Valley Rd. Suite 200, Carlsbad

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The man in the photo last week is Patrick "Skip" Jacovino Buff Blustein in Vista, CA.

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-007907 The name of the business: Leap of Faith Adventures, Inc., dba JK Dots, located at 2892 S. Santa Fe Ave., #112, San Marcos, CA. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: Leap of Faith Adventures, Inc. 788 Crestview Ct. San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporaton. First day of business was 4/01/2002. /s/Karen Gary, Vice President

3/23/2015 4/02, 4/09, 4/16 and 4/23/2015

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009901 The name of the business: Enciso and E and E Contracting Solutions, located at 4895 Sea Scape Dr. Oceanside, CA. 90057, is hereby registered by the following: Edgar DeLeon 4895 Sea Scape Dr., Oceanside, CA. 92057 Eric Enciso 39401 Oak Cliff Dr. Temecula, CA. 92591 Ricardo Enciso 546 Stanley Ct. Escondido, Ca. 92026 This business is conducted by Limited Partnership. First day of business was 4/14/15. /s/Edgar DeLeon, General Partner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/14/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/14/2015

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2015-00009492-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Christina Solis and Jose Gustavo Guzman filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Vanessa Natalie Guzman and Christian Sebastian Guzman, respectively, to Proposed name Vanessa Natalie Solis and Christian Sebastian Solis, respectively. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: June 02, 2015, 8:30a.m., Department 26. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated Mar 20 2015. /s/William S. Dato, Judge of the Superior Court 4/2, 4/9, 4/16 and 4/23/15

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-008042 The name of the business: Solidaris Health, located at 3601 Vista Way Suite 201, Oceanside, CA. 92056, is hereby registered by the following: Solidaris Health 3601 Vista Way Suite 201 Oceanside, CA. 92056 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was n/a. /s/Perrin J. Curran, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 3/25/2015 4/09, 4/16, 4/23 & 4/30/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-007641 The name of the business: TB2U,, located at 1664 Daybreak Place, Escondido, CA. 92027, is hereby registered by the following: Talking Books International, Inc. 1664 Daybreak Place Escondido, CA. 92027 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 03/20/2015. /s/Paul D. Hoekstra, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 3/20/2015 4/09, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-008901 The name of the business: Spectacular Staircases, located at 2240 Buena Creek Rd., Vista, CA. 92084, is hereby registered by the following: Pamela L. Sauer 2240 Buena Creek Rd. Vista, Ca. 92084 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Pamela L. Sauer, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/02/2015 4/09, 4/16, 4/23 and 4/30/2015

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009309 The name of the business: Valvoline Instant Oil Change GNO126, located at 7981 El Cajon Blvd., La Mesa, CA. 91942, is hereby registered by the following: Henley Pacific LA LLC 54 Jaconnet Street Ste 100 Newton Highlands, MA. 02461 This business is conducted by a Limited Liabiity Company. First day of business was 1/31/2015. /s/William J. Smelley, VP Marketing & Sales Henley Pacific LA LLC This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/07/2015. 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009658 The name of the business: North County Derby Alliance, located at 4300 Mesa Drive, Oceanside, CA. 92056, is hereby registered by the following: Courtney Boll 318 S. Freeman Street Oceanside, CA. 92054 Margaret Reed 4883 Surrealist Ct. Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an Unincorporated Association Other than a partnership. First day of business was 4/01/15. /s/Courtney Boll, General Partner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/10/2015. 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009626 The name of the business: MoPa Car Wholesale Auto Dealer, located at 3849 San Ramon Dr., Oceanside, Ca. 92057, is hereby registered by the following: MoPa Car Inc. 3849 San Ramon Dr. Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 4/10/2015. /s/Monika Ornos, CEO This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/10/2015. 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-008702 The name of the business: S.B.B. Small Business Bookkeeping, located at 215 S. Pacific Street, Ste 107, San Marcos, CA. 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Letizia Castronovo 2404 Altisma Way, E. Carlsbad, CA. 92009 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Litizia Gastronovo, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/01/2015. 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT


The name of the business: Poinsettia






Avenida Encinas, Carlsbad, Ca. 92009,

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009130 The name of the business: Gemini Pest Control, Gemini Termite, Gemini Termite and Pest Control, Gemini Exterminators, Gemini Pest, located at 1058 Old Taylor St., Vista, Ca. 92084, is hereby registered by the following: Pal Services Inc 1058 Old Taylor St. Vista, Ca. 92084 This business is conducted by a corporaton. First day of business was 4/01/2015. /s/Paul Wynhamer, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/06/2015. 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT










/s/Roger Thavarajah










with Jr.,

Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015

RNR is

John Rymer

1038 Oak Drive

Vista, CA. 92084







/s/John Rymer, Owner







First day of business was





with Jr.,

Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

County 3/18/15

4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009889 The name of the business: North County Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair, located at 818 S. Rancho Santa Fe Fd., San Marcos, CA. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: Ray Madison Faust 818 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, Ca. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 4/14/15. /s/Ray Madison Faust, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/14/15 4/16, 4/23, 4/30 and 5/07/2015

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2015-00012574-CU-PT-CTL TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Juan Fuentes filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Juan Fuentes, to Proposed name Kelsey Corp. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: May 29, 2015, 8:30a.m., Department 46. The address of the court is: Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, Central Division, Hall of Justice, 330 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA. 92101. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated April 15, 2015. /s/David J. Danielsen, Judge of the Superior Court 4/23, 4/30, 5/7 and 5/14/15

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-010197 The name of the business: A.Z. Auto Parts, located at 1934 Casablanca Ct., Vista, CA. 92081, is hereby registered by the following: Ardeshir Zarmahd 1934 Casablanca Ct. Vista, Ca. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Ardeshir Zarmahd, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/17/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT




business: Home

Care, located

at 3028 Delfina Place, Carlsbad, CA. 92009, is hereby registered by the following:

Ambrosia Creek LLC

701 Santa Olivia





Limited Liability Company.

of business was n/a.



First day

/s/Jeanie Sager, Managing Member









NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING (Planning Commission)

The Planning Commission of the City of San Marcos will hold the following public hearing in the City Council Chambers, 1 Civic Center Drive at 6:30 p.m., Monday, May 4, 2015. Case No: P14-0055: CUP 14017 Application of: Dan Settle, dba: Angel Paws Pet Aftercare Request: Conditional Use Permit to allow the operation of an existing pet cremation facility within an industrial park in the Industrial/Business Park (I/BP) Transitional Zone. Location of Property: 120 N. Pacific Street, Suite C-4, more particularly described as: Unit C-4 and Undivided Interest per Doc. 98-746760 of Lot 3 of Block 103, Rancho Los Vallecitos de San Marcos. Assessor’s Parcel No.: 219116-03-15. If you challenge the action(s) listed in this notice (or any of them) in court, you may be limited to raising only those issues you or someone else raised at the public hearing described in this notice, or in written correspondence delivered to the hearing body at, or prior to, the public hearing. The City of San Marcos is committed to making its programs, services and activities accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you require accommodation to participate in this public hearing or any other City program, service or activity, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069, or call (760) 744-1050. Appeal rights are available. Contact the Planning Division at Extension 3233. Phil Scollick, City Clerk, City of San Marcos. PD: 4/23/15.

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME #2015-010162 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME: Home Residential Care, located at 701 Santa Oliva, Solana Beach, CA. 92075. THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME REFERRED TO ABOVE WAS FILED IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON 3/5/2015 and assigned File no. 2015-006141, IS ABANDONED BY THE FOLLOWING REGISTRANT(S): J&J Home, LLC 201 Swanta Olivia SolanaBeach, Ca 92075 I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime). /s/ Jeanie Sager, Manager This statement was filed with David Butler, County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 4/16/2015. 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 & 5/12/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-007824 The name of the business: Jimmy’s Concrete Pumping, located at 1615 La Mirada Dr., San Marcos, Ca. 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Jaime Milchor 1441 W. 11sth Ave. Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is conducted by an indivdiual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Jaime Melchor This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 3/23/15 4/16 4/23, 4/30, and 5/07/2015









Enterprise, located at 10235 Rayford

Drive, Escondido, CA. 92026, is here-


Solana Beach, Ca. 92075


County 3/17/2015.


hereby registered by the following:


First day of business was


Services, Blue Sky Services, located at


6982 Batiquitos Dr.

Carlsbad, CA. 92011


1038 Oak Drive, Vista, CA. 92084,

is hereby registered by the following:

Roger Thavarajah

• Page 15 • April 23, 2015

with Jr.,

Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

County 4/16/15

4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

by registered by the following:

Mikxay Sirivong

10235 Rayford Drive

Escondido, CA. 92026











First day of business was

/s/Mikxay Sirivong







with Jr.,

Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

County 4/09/15

4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

If you have an item for The Social Butterfly, please email details to:

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009129 The name of the business: LEDM, LLC, located at 420 W. San Marcos, Blvd., #147, San Marcos, CA. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: LEDM, LLC 420 W. San Marcos Blvd #147 San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business was 8/7/2014. /s/Sean Sommer, Managing Member This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/06/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-007958 The name of the business: Surf and Turf Landscapes, located at 8552 Rhone Rd., Santee, CA. 92071, is hereby registered by the following: Aaron C. Kirkeby 8552 Rhone Rd. Santee, CA. 92071 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 3/20/2015. /s/Aaron C. Kirkeby, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 3/24/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-010504 The name of the business: California Stone and Brick, located at 1202 Borden Rd., #135, Escondido, CA. 92026, is hereby registered by the following: Saul Hernandez 1202 Borden Rd #135 Escondido, CA. 92026 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 2/11/2005. /s/Saul Hernandez This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/21/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

Bahai A Way of Life

Baha’is have been described as a kind, gentle people. Would you like to know more? Call anyone listed here from your city/neighborhood.

Be a guest of Bahai’s! Learn more about what we believe. Visit one of our meetings. Call a Baha’i in your city for more information!

Rancho Bernardo -

Chris or Azar Weixelman 1.858.759.8075 Escondido Sandy Coleman, 760-747-0049.

San Marcos Randall or Cheryl Kizer 1. 760.738.7078 or

President Theodore Roosevelt

'In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American and nothing but an American ... There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag ... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language ... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.'

Vista Judy Maddox 1.760.598.7240 Celia Taghdiri 1.760.727.6264

Oceanside Dick or Patty Yant 1.619.985.9977 or 1.760.433.4447 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009518 The name of the business: Envios #2, located at 500 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #106, San Marcos Ca. 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Envios de Dinero #2 Inc. 500 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #106 San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 3/01/2015. /s/Gihad Hamideh, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/09/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2015-009519 The name of the business: San Marcos Market #2, located at 500 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #106, San Marcos Ca. 92078, is hereby registered by the following: B&G Market Inc 500 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #106 San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 3/01/2015. /s/Gihad Hamideh, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 4/09/15 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 and 5/12/2015

The Paper • Page 16 • April 23, 2015

The Doctor is In!

Summer Brings Graduations, Weddings and Vacations

Summer brings with it graduations, weddings, vacations, etc., so until the end of May we are offering specials on our most popular treatments including power whitening ($99 after cleaning), cosmetic ceramic crowns ($200 discount), implants ($200 discount)... and to introduce you to our Smile Center we are offering a matching $250 discount for all those enrolling in our Invisalign, Fast Braces, or 6 Month Smiles Programs. Remember, you must have treatment started by the end of May to take advantage of the savings! Non-Metallic crowns are the current rave for Cosmetic

Smile Enhancements. Everyone wants teeth that "Brighten Your Smile" and give you that overall "Glow" your face has begun to miss as we age and begin to wrinkle and tarnish a bit. Some of the old metal crowns caused allergic reactions and current research indicates they may be contributing to cancer formation. Today, along with development of newer cements, the modern allceramic crowns have arrived. Two categories have developed; those that are translucent and appear naturally and those that are more opaque but have higherstrength core that resists extreme chewing forces like your back molars. The area of your mouth will help determine which ones are most effective and produce the best smile results. In the orthodontic realm there are new systems out that effectively line up your crooked smile line in less time than traditional orthodontics does giving you a perfect smile in about half the time. There are three systems that

Hi Neighbor,

In 46 years in the law business I can say I have seen it all-Divorces, Adoptions, Business, Auto Accidents, Dog Bites, Defective Home Construction, Workers’ Compensation, Libel-Slander, etc. Small cases and huge-tragic quadriplegic injury cases (gun shot wounds). I have been a Judge in the Superior Court, Municipal Court, Workers’ Compensation, Arbitrator, Mediator, etc. I have taken care of thousands and thousands of satisfied clients.

Law Offices of Anthony Abbott

375 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Suite 105, San Marcos

Telephone: (760) 471-2322

are currently most popular they are: 6 Months Smiles, Invisalign, and Fast Braces. They each have their advantages but basically it is summed up to this: 6 Months Smiles is a system that can be placed easily and then with proper manipulation produces rapid results in 6 to 12 months on average. Fast Braces is a second system that uses different brackets producing the same results in about the same time. Invisalign is different. It can produce a good result "without" braces but instead uses aligners. The procedure is easy to install and the aligner can be taken out to eat or brush you teeth after eating. They are not noticeable

when a patient is wearing them which is important if you're in business or in public. However, time for treatment is longer than Fast Braces or 6 Months Smiles.

Whatever you decide, come in and have our doctors discuss with you the treatments that are right for you, especially this month and next while we're offering our Smile Makeover Campaign. You can request a free consultation by calling (760) 734-4311 now. We are open Monday thru Saturday for your convenience. Call San Marcos Dental Center at (760) 734-4311 today!


$200 OFF ANY FAST BRACES® or INVISALINE® begun by April 30th and Your POWER WHITENING IS


San Marcos Dental Center

760.734.4311 162. S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. *New Patients. Not to be combined with other offers. Only one offer per patient. Expires - 5/30/15

The Paper - April 23, 2015  
The Paper - April 23, 2015