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Volume 44 - No. 51

December 25, 2014

by lyle e davis

Most of us (and by most of us what a really mean is you and me) remember parts of the wild, wild West that carried names like Dodge City, Tombstone, Deadwood, n the 19th century, Kansas Abilene . . . and we have heard of awful gunfighters. Terrible men (and a couple women). We all (and that, too, means you and me) recall the killers . . Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Cherokee Bill, Sam Bass, and others. And we’ve heard of organized crime . . . but we’ve got a family, unknown to most of you, but a family that organized crime long before it was a popular criminal activity. What’s more, they buried more victims than most of your top western gunslingers.

Our story centers around Kansas, a bloody place, especially before the Civil War as "Free-Soilers” and slavery advocates did battle for control of the new territory. Once Kansas declared itself with the Union and the Civil War began to rage, the bloody battles continued. After the Civil War, as pioneers began to head westward along the many trails through Kansas, murder and mayhem persisted as hardened men from the battlefields, grown used to the violence, continued their violent ways along the overland trails and in the many cow towns. If not accosted by road agents, travelers also had to be concerned about Indian attacks. Southeast Kansas, in particular, was known as a rough area. True, Dodge City had a reputation for being a wicked place . . Coffeyville had its deadly gunfights involving the Daltons, and many other outlaws and gunfighters traveled through the Sunflower State . . . and would occasionally practice their trade of robbery and murder before moving on. But let us visit a lovely little town of Cherryvale, Kansas. A pleasant enough place it would seem . . . yet within this quiet bucolic scene, few townspeople knew, until it was too late, that there was a family of mass murderers. Serial murderers. The Paper - 760.747.7119


Right: The “attractive” Kate Bender with the knife she used to dispatch her unwitting victims. Background: The Bender’s Inn located outside Cherryvale, Kansas, and the weary, unsuspecting travelers. A family that, to most locals, appeared to be living a quiet life just outside of town.

It happened after the Civil War that our ol’ Uncle Sam deciced to move the Osage Indians from Labette County, Kansas, to the “new” Indian Territory in what is known today as Oklahoma. All this land, formerly occupied by the Osage, now became available to hard-working pio-

neers, farmers and ranchers mostly . . . all homesteaders who wanted to grab a piece of the future, raise their families, and enjoy the fruits of their labors. The soft rolling hills and open prairies were mighty attractive to newcomers as well. Some came west, often with money in their pockets sometimes several thousands of dollars which, back then, was a great deal of money.

In 1870 two men settled a

claim in western Labette County, near the town of Cherryvale in southeastern Kansas. John Bender, Sr., and John Bender, Jr., built a oneroom timber cabin with a trap door that led to a stone cellar. Once the lodging was complete, the Bender men sent for the rest of the family, a mother and a daughter, the mother Almira, the daughter, Kate. The family outfitted the house with furniture and supplies, and hung a canvas curtain to

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divide it into two rooms. The Benders turned the front half into an inn and grocery store where travelers on the nearby Osage Trail could find rest, supplies, and a warm meal. Ma and Kate planted a garden and small orchard near the house. By all appearances, the Benders were like most area settlers: a family of German descent who came west for a fresh start. John Bender, Sr. chose a 160 acre section on the western slopes of the mounds that today continue to bear their name. The property was located directly on the Osage Mission-Independence Trail that operated from Independence to Fort Scott. His son chose a narrow piece of land just north of his father’s; however, he never lived on his claim, nor made any improvements.

Business at the Bender inn would have been brisk. The southeast corner of Kansas had recently opened to white settlers, and men regularly arrived with money to purchase land and livestock. This available cash made the area a dangerous place to travel. Settlers were easy prey for robbers, and it was not uncommon

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After digging to a depth of 10 feet last year outside Buffalo, New York, scientists found traces of copper cable dating back 100 years. They came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than 100 years ago.

Not to be outdone by the New Yorkers, in the weeks that followed, a Los Angeles, California, archaeologist dug to a depth of 20 feet somewhere just outside Oceanside. Shortly afterward, a story in the LA Times read, "California archaeologists, reporting a finding of 200 year old copper cable, have concluded that their ancestors already had an advanced high-tech communications network a hundred years earlier than the New

for people to go missing. No one took note of people looking for their family members. This changed when locals started disappearing.

When friends and family began to look for them, they could trace them as far as the Big Hill Country of southeast Kansas before they could find no trace of the lost traveler . . . which is where the Benders had their little store and cabin. Bender Cabin near Cherryvale, Kansas, courtesy Cherryvale Museum

As described by western histo-

rian, Kathy Weiser, of Legends of America, “The family soon built a small one-room framed cabin, a barn, corral, and dug a well. Inside the wooden cabin the area was partitioned with a large canvas, creating living quarters in the back and a small inn and store in the front. A crude sign was hung above the front door that advertised "Groceries” to the many travelers along the Osage Trail. The little "store” carried a few supplies such as powder, shot, groceries, liquor, and tobacco; sold Yorkers."

One week later, a local newspaper in Omaha, Nebraska, reported, "After digging 30 feet deep in his pasture near the community of Lincoln, Nebraska, Ole Olson, a heck of an engineer and a self-taught archaeologist, reported that he found absolutely nothing. Ole has therefore concluded that 300 years ago, Nebraska had already gone wireless." Just makes a person proud to be from Nebraska. A SHORT LOVE STORY

A man and a woman who had never met before, found themselves assigned to the same sleeping room on a transcontinental train.

Though initially embarrassed and uneasy over sharing a room, they were both very tired and fell asleep quickly, he in the upper berth and she in the lower.

At 1:00 AM, the man leaned down and gently woke the woman saying, 'Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to reach into the closet to get me a second blanket? I'm awfully cold.' 'I have a better idea,' she replied, 'Just for tonight, let's pretend that we're married.'

meals, and provided a "safe” overnight resting place to the strangers along the road.

Keeping mostly to themselves, the Benders appeared to simply be struggling homesteaders who worked hard to earn their living like the other area pioneers. Immigrating from Germany, John Bender, Sr. was sixty years old when he arrived to the area; his wife about 55. Standing over six feet tall, John was a giant of a man who, because of his piercing black eyes set deeply under huge bushy brows, earned him the nickname of "old beetlebrowed John." His ruddy face, mostly covered by a heavy beard, sullen expression and long hair, often led to him being described as a "wild and wooly looking man.” Because of their heavy German accents and guttural form of speaking, both John and his raw-boned wife were difficult to understand. Mrs. Bender, was a heavy set woman, very unfriendly. Ma Bender also claimed to be a "medium” who could speak with the "dead” and boiled herbs and roots that she declared could be used to cast charms or wicked spells. John Bender, Jr. about whom we would learn much more later in their story, was a tall, slender man of about about 25 who was handsome with

'Wow! That's a great idea!' he exclaimed.

'Good,' she replied, 'Get your own damned blanket.' Great Sports Quotes

"Last year we couldn't win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure as a coach was that I couldn't think of anyplace else to play.” - Harry Neale, professional hockey coach "Blind people come to the ballpark just to listen to him pitch." - Reggie Jackson commenting on Tom Seaver

"I'm working as hard as I can to get my life and my cash to run out at the same time. If I can just die after lunch Tuesday, everything will be perfect." - Doug Sanders, professional golfer

"All the fat guys watch me and say to their wives, 'See, there's a fat guy doing okay. Bring me another beer.'" - Mickey Lolich, Detroit Tigers Pitcher "When it's third and ten, you can have the milk drinkers; I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time." - Max McGee, Green Bay Packers receiver

"I found out that it's not good to

auburn hair and moustache. Speaking English fluently with a German accent, he was said to have been social. But the apparent prizewinner was daughter Kate, reportedly the "friendliest" of the bunch, speaking good English with just a slight accent and bore

Kate Bender

cultivated social skills.

She was a looker, this Kate. A beautiful girl of about 23, she was quick to laugh and talk to strangers. She and her brother John often attended Sunday School at nearby Harmony Grove and were readily accepted in the community. Kate claimed to be a healer and psychic, gave lectures on spiritualism, and conducted

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talk about my troubles. Eighty percent of the people who hear them don't care and the other twenty percent are glad you're having them." - Tommy LaSorda, LA Dodgers manager "My knees look like they lost a knife fight with a midget." - E.J. Holub, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker regarding his 12 knee operations

"My theory is that if you buy an ice-cream cone and make it hit your mouth, you can learn to play tennis. If you stick it on your forehead, your chances aren't as good." - Vic Braden, tennis instructor "When they operated, I told them to add in a Koufax fastball. They did but unfortunately it twas Mrs. Koufax's." - Tommy John N.Y. Yankees, recalling his 1974 arm surgery "I don't know. I only played there for nine years." - Walt Garrison, Dallas Cowboys fullback when asked if Tom Landry ever smiles "We were tipping off our plays. Whenever we broke from the huddle, three backs were laughing and one was pale as a ghost." - John Breen, Houston Oilers "The film looks suspiciously

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séances. She also claimed to possess psychic powers, including the ability to communicate with the dead. Distributing circulars that proclaimed her "skills,” including supernatural powers and the ability to cure illnesses and infirmities, she soon found the lecture circuit profitable.

Though her beauty and social skills gained her popularity with the locals, her actions began to cause them to say

neighbor of the Benders, noticed that the Bender Inn was abandoned and their farm animals unfed. Tole reported the news to Leroy F Dick, the Township Trustee, and a search party was soon formed, which included Dr. York’s brother, Colonel A.M. York, of Fort Scott. When the men arrived at the property, they found the cabin empty of food, clothing, and personal possessions. (It was later reported that some personal items were, in fact, found. They included three hammers, a knife, a German Bible, and a clock with a compartment containing jewelry. They were also met by a terrible smell inside the abandoned inn. A trap door, nailed shut, was discovered in the floor of the cabin.

Prying it open, the men found a six foot deep hole that was filled with clotted blood, causing the terrible odor. However, Above, the knife Kate may have used to there were no bodslit the throats of her victims; below, a ies in the hole. Finally, the men flyer promoting her “healing Powers. physically moved the entire cabin to that she was "satanic.” It was the side and began to search to be this diminutive Bender beneath, but no bodies were family member that would found there either. Continuing, take most of the blame for they began to dig around the what was soon to be found out cabin, especially in an area the about this infamous family. Benders had utilized as a vegetable garden and orchard. At When the Benders opened the site of a freshly stirred their store and inn in 1871, depression in the earth, they many travelers would stop for found the first body, buried a meal or supplies. A strange head downward with its feet thing began to happen, howev- scarcely covered. The corpse er. After visiting the Bender was that of Dr. William H. Inn, they seemed to just . . . York, his skull bludgeoned and disappear! Between 1871 and his throat cut from ear to ear. early 1873, at least 11 people had their last-known where- The digging continued the next abouts traced to the small com- day and nine other bodies and munity. numerous dismembered body parts were found, including a In 1873, the Osage Township woman and a little girl. The called a meeting held at the burial site was christened Harmony Grove schoolhouse in "Hell’s Half-Acre” and another March to see what, if anything, brother of Dr. York, a lawyer could be done. About 75 people and State Senator residing in attended the gathering, includ- Independence, offered a $1,000 ing both Bender men. reward for information leading to the Bender family's arrest. The discussion began regard- On May 17th, Governor ing the ten people who were Thomas Osborn added to that reported missing, including a amount by offering a $2,000 well-known Independence reward for the apprehension of physician named Dr. William all four. H. York. With the full realization that there truly was a Word of the gruesome murders major problem in their town- spread fast and thousands of ship, the group decided to people flocked to the site, search every farmstead including news reporters from between Big Hill Creek and as far away as New York and Drum Creek. When most of the Chicago. The Bender cabin was attendees volunteered to have ripped apart by gruesome southeir premises searched, the venir hunters, right down to the Benders remained silent. bloody bricks that lined the cellar. Bit by bit, the story of the Here, Kathy Weiser takes up Benders was pieced together.” the story: Several investigations began and a number of new facts “Some time later, Billy Tole, a emerged. It turned out the

Benders weren’t even a true "family" -- the only ones relat-

ed were Ma and Kate Bender.

The ‘modus operandi” was also soon discovered, as described by Kathy Weiser:

“When the visitors stopped in for a meal, they were seated at a table with their back to the large canvas that separated the "inn” from the living quarters. Then Kate would begin to charm the men with her social skills, flirting, or revealing her psychic "gifts." As the men gave their full attention to the alluring Kate, Pa and John Bender, hiding behind the canvas, would strike the unsuspecting traveler in the skull with a hammer. Ma Bender and Kate would then rifle the body for money pushing him through the trap door into the hole below the cabin, where Kate would slit his throat. During the night, the body would then be buried in the garden behind the house. Their downfall was the murder of a father and daughter named Loncher, and that of Dr. William York, who had come looking for the missing pair. In

ing for the Lonchers, stopping at the homesteads along the trail to ask questions. Though he reached Fort Scott unscathed and started to return to Independence about March 8th, he never reached home.

Dr. York had two brothers, one living in Fort Scott, and the other in Independence. Both knew of his travel plans and when he failed to return home, an all out search began for the missing doctor. Colonel A.M. York, leading a contingency of some 50 men began to question every traveler along the trail and to stop at the area homesteads. One of those places was the Bender Inn. The Benders tried to "help” by admitting that Dr. York had stopped at their place but, convinced the search party that he had left and was probably waylaid by Indians. Even Kate, with her clairvoyant abilities, attempted to "search” for the missing doctor to throw any suspicion off herself. After Colonel York’s visit and the meeting at the Harmony Grove schoolhouse, the Bender family fled. It was only a few days later that the homestead was found abandoned and the search party began to discover the grisly remains of the bodies. The diggers were astounded to find what would become known as one of America’s first mass murder burial grounds as body after body was uncovered. Ten bodies were found in the Bender's apple orchard, including Dr. York and the people he had been searching for – Mr. Loncher and his daughter, just seven or eight years old. More gruesomely, though the little girl’s body was found to have multiple injuries, none of them would have caused death and it was speculated that the poor lass may have been buried alive. Of the discovery of her remains, the Kansas City Times reported:

the winter of 1872, Mr. Loncher and his daughter had left Independence for Iowa, but were never heard from again. In the spring of 1873, Dr. York took it upon himself to go look-

"The little girl was probably eight years of age, and had long, sunny hair, and some traces of beauty on a countenance that was not yet entirely disfigured by decay. One arm was broken. The breastbone had been driven in. The right knee had been wrenched from its socket and the leg doubled up under the body. Nothing like this sickening series of crimes

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The Paper • Page 4 • December 25, 2014 Carlsbad Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect

On Friday, December 19th, at 10:29 p.m., the Carlsbad Police Department received a call from a cab driver who was robbed at knife point in the 800 block of Tamarack Avenue, by a suspect who pretended to be a customer. The cab driver reported the suspect held a knife to his throat and demanded cash. After the suspect exited the cab, the driver followed him and directed officers to his location. Before officers arrived the suspect returned the cab driver’s property and asked that he not call the police. The suspect, identified as 20 year old Carlsbad resident Sean McCreary, was taken into custody by responding officers. Officers would later find property in Sean McCreary’s possession belonging to a second cab driver who was the victim of an armed robbery. The second cab driver said he was robbed at knife point by Sean McCreary while working in the same area. Both cab drivers had their stolen property returned and did not suffer any injuries. Sean McCreary was booked into the Vista Detention Facility for two counts of armed robbery and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. His bail is set at $100,000.

Local News

Sobriety Check Point Results for Escondido

On Saturday, December 20, the Escondido Police Department conducted a DUI Sobriety / Driver’s License Checkpoint in the area of Lincoln Av / Fig St.

Drivers whose ONLY offense was being UNLICENSED to drive were given the opportunity to locate the registered owner of the vehicle to either take or assign possession of the vehicle to a licensed driver. 17 vehicles were released to the owner or a designated driver. During the checkpoint, 7 vehicles were impounded. Following are other results from this event:

2844 vehicles drove through the checkpoint. 1186 vehicles were screened in primary. 67 vehicles were sent to secondary screening (drivers who could not produce a driver’s license or who were suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs) 27 total citations were issued during the checkpoint. (6 for suspended license and 20 for unlicensed driver, 9 for no insurance.) There were no arrests for DUI. Educational material was distributed regarding DUI problems.

‘Local News’ Cont. on Page 13

and micropone forever and ever, amen.

Letters to the Editor


I greatly enjoyed your front page story, "The Mission Almost Impossible," in the Dec 18th edition. WWII in general and WWII aviation in particular are a keen interest of mine. More like that, please!

However, I made the mistake of reading "Crisis at the US/Canadian Border" in Our Daily Chuckle. Hey, it's a joke, I get it, but you should be aware that the whole "liberals moving to Canada" trope was funnier when we liberals made it to each other after Bush was reelected in 2004. One can only surmise that you're referencing the recent takeover (to historic levels, so congratulations on that) of both the House and Senate by

Republicans. While the election results were dismaying to liberals in general, nobody is talking about moving to Canada because: * You don't have a veto-proof majority in either house, * Obama is still President for two more years, * We have a good chance of retaking one or both houses in 2016, and * We have the specter of "President Joe Biden" preventing your side's lunatic fringe from serious attempts at assassination (I personally like ole Joltin' Joe, but I understand the vibe).

The upshot is that for two years we're going to have a slightly different type of nothing accomplished in Congress. Big whup.

So...sociology professors, global warming activists, "green" energy proponents [1], lattes, free range chicken, Perrierchugging, etc.,...most of those tropes don't apply to me, but I can laugh at them nonetheless. It's not virgin soil for joke material, but it is fertile ground. But when you put in references to liberals being forced to "live under" or "read" the

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After about 50+ years in the broadcasting business, he’s earned a rest.

Man About Town

Saturday morning didn’t seem quite the same last week.

Ol’ Doug Best, the host of “Doug Best Swings” on KKSM Radio, the Palomar College radio station, was no longer on the air.

Normally, he’d call me around 8:20am every Saturday and we’d chat on the air about whatever it is older gents talk about. Then he’d go back and play his big band music from back in the era when you could understand the lyrics and the beat. No more.

Ol’ Doug Best done gone and went and hung up his headset

But we miss him already. ••••• Charlie Mitich, owner of Charlie’s Restaurant in Escondido, is a walking encyclopedia of restaurant history in Escondido. The owner of the old Wagon Wheel Restaurant for 25 years, and, as of December 2nd of this year, the owner of Charlie’s Restaurant for the past 22 years, he has seen it all and done it all.

He could write a book on what to do and what not to do to become a successful restauranteur. A number of previous owners of the location where Charlie’s is now located could not make a go of it. They’d last two, maybe three years, some not even that long. They simply didn’t understand the business.

“This location was perfect for a family restaurant,” says Charlies. One owner tried to make it a steakhouse. It’s not a steakhouse venue. “You have to know your demographics, your location, and design your restaurant, your staff, and your menu, for that market that fits it best. Ours is, and always has been, a family restaurant.

It seems to work pretty well.” ••••• I’m beginning to realize that one of the benefits of growing old is that you get to enjoy grandchildren.

We attended little Alex’s dance class last Saturday at Stage Door in Carlsbad. She looked up at the window and saw that “Tampaw” was there and her 3-year-old smile and shining eyes let me know she loved the idea of performing for this old geezer. Mom and dad were there as well, of course, but Tampaw had come for the first time and she was delighted at the audience audition. Being a grandpa ain’t bad, is it?

I’m just getting used to it, though. Evelyn has nine grandkidsand two great grandkids . . . so I have some catching up to do. ••••• Congrats to Arie de Jong and his beautiful wife, Maartge, who celebrated their 50th year of marriage last Saturay at the legendary De Jong estate east of Escondido. Celebrating the event were family and countless friends who joined in wishing the happy couple another 50 years of wedded bliss.

Both Arie and Maartge are originally from Holland. Arie is one of the most successful business men in North County.

The Paper • Page 5 • December 25, 2014

‘Chuckles’ Cont. from Page 2

like the game itself." - Bum Phillips, New Orleans Saints, after viewing a lopsided loss to the Atlanta Falcons

"When I'm on the road, my greatest ambition is to get a standing boo." - Al Hrabosky, major league relief pitcher

"I have discovered in 20 years of moving around the ball park, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats." - Bill Veeck, Chicago White Sox owner "Because if it didn't work out, I didn't want to blow the whole day." - Paul Horning, Green Bay Packers running back on why his marriage ceremony was before noon.

"I have a lifetime contract. That means I can't be fired during the third quarter if we're ahead and moving the ball." - Lou Holtz ,Arkansas football coach "I won't know until my barber tells me on Monday." - Knute Rockne, when asked why Notre Dame had lost a game

"I tell him 'Attaway to hit, George.'" - Jim Frey, K.C. Royals manager when asked what advice he gives George Brett on hitting "I learned a long time ago that 'minor surgery' is when they do the operation on someone else, not you." - Bill Walton, Portland Trial Blazers "Our biggest concern this season will be diaper rash." George MacIntyre, Vanderbilt football coach surveying the team roster that included 26 freshmen and 25 sophomores.

"The only difference between me and General Custer is that I have to watch the films on Sunday." - Rick Venturi, Northwestern football coach The Magic 4 Hours

You've seen the commercials “An erection lasting more than 4 hours.…”

But what really happens when you ask for help with an erection lasting more than 4 hours? I walked into a drug store and asked to talk to a male pharmacist. The woman I was talking to

‘Chuckles’ Cont. on Page 7

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. from Page 3

had ever been recorded in the whole history of the country.”

Other bodies found in the garden were those of Henry McKenzie’s mutilated remains, three men by the names of Ben Brown, W.F. McCrotty, and John Geary, as well as an unidentified male and female. Johnny Boyle’s body was found in the well. Dismembered parts of several other victims were also discovered, but, could never be identified. Four other bodies with crushed skulls and slit throats were also found outside the property in Drum Creek and on the surrounding prairie. And with all this bloodshed, for all these murders, what did the Bender family gain? About $4,600, two teams of horses and wagons, a pony and a saddle. One man, William Pickering, said he refused to sit with his back to the canvas because of its disgusting stains, Pickering said that Kate Bender threatened him with a knife, at which point he fled the premises. A Catholic priest said that he too fled when he saw one of the Bender men concealing a large hammer. A search party, following fresh

wagon tracks, found that the Benders had gone to the town of nearby Thayer, some twelve miles to the north. There, they purchased tickets on the northbound Leavenworth, Lawrence & Galveston Train to Humboldt. Several days later the Benders’ team and wagon were found a short distance away, the horses nearly starved.

Captain James B. Ransom, the train’s conductor, said that John Jr. and Kate disembarked at Chanute and took the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad train south to the Red River country near Dennison, Texas, which was then the terminus of the railroad. Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Bender continued on the train north to Kansas City where it was believed they transferred to a train headed to St. Louis.

Law officers and vigilantes alike tried to catch and arrest them. Apparently, they were all unsuccessful. However, stories still filtered back, one saying several groups had captures and lynched the Benders, another group supposedly shot Mr. and Mrs. Bender and burned Kate alive. Another group claimed they had caught the Benders while escaping to

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Social Butterfly The Paper • Page 6 • December 25, 2014

Historic Carlsbad Sign Makes Comeback

Evelyn Madison The Social Butterfly Email Evelyn at:

A Dedication Ceremony will be on Thursday, January 8th, and the public is invited. The once forgotten landmark is making a comeback in the Village of Carlsbad where the City of Carlsbad and the Chamber of Commerce are poised to unveil an archway sign that will span Carlsbad Boulevard near the intersection of Carlsbad Village Drive.

The illuminated marker will commemorate the important role of business to Carlsbad’s success, and pay tribute to Carlsbad Boulevard’s role as part of the Historic U.S. Route 101, the Pacific Coast Highway. The entire sign will stretch nearly 82 Each year the Escondido East Rotary Club feet across the brings Santa and stockings to the children street. Located in the middle of a of the Escondido Community Child truss system, the Development Center (ECCDC), and this sign portion will year was another rousing success.

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. from Page 5

the south and lynched them before throwing their bodies into the Verdigris River. Yet another group claimed to have killed the Benders during a gunfight and buried their bodies on the prairie. None of these tales were ever confirmed, nor bodies found, so most thought that the Benders had managed to escape.

Of the "family,” Pa Bender was actually found to have been a man named John Flickinger, from either Germany or Holland. Though he allegedly committed suicide in 1884 in Lake Michigan, others believed that Ma and Kate murdered him because he had fled Cherryvale with all the cash and valuables they had taken from their victims.

Ma Bender was born Almira Meik in the Adirondacks and married as a teenager to a man named George Griffith. After bearing him a dozen children, including Kate, Mr. Griffith suddenly died, some said of a "bad place on his head,” resembling a "dent” that might be made with a hammer. Afterwards, she reportedly remarried several times, killing those husbands too, as well as three of her older chil-

dren so they could not testify against her.

John, Jr. was actually found to have been a man named John Gebhardt. Though most were led to believe John and Kate were sister and brother, others said that they sometimes passed as man and wife. The two were known to have had a relationship and further tales abounded that when Kate became pregnant, they would simply bash in the baby’s head once it was born. After the Benders' escape, one detective, who had closely followed all the leads, said that he had traced Gebhardt to the outlaw country along the Texas / New Mexico border where he had found that the criminal had died of apoplexy (known today as a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke).

Kate was the fifth child of Ma Bender and was born as Eliza Griffith. At some point, she married and went by the name of Sara Eliza Davis. Allegedly, while "working” at the Bender Inn, she also earned her keep as a prostitute, adding an additional amount to the traveler’s bill for the privilege of laying with her. In the end, it was Kate who was primarily blamed for the numerous bloody murders – that even at

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. on Page 7

be nearly 3 feet long and 5 feet 5 inches tall. Support beams will raise the sign more than 29 feet from the ground and the clearance will be about 20 feet at its highest point. Installation of the support beams started this week and the sign itself is scheduled to be installed on Monday, December 29th. The design of the marker is modeled after a sign built near the site in the 1930s. It features the City’s name on both sides in bold, white letters on a blue background with thin beige and black border accents.

Regent Charla Boodry. Certificates will be presented to all three by Regent Linda Ramos. The DAR is open to any female 18 years of age or older who is lineally descended from an ancestor who participated in some way in the patriots fight for independence in the Revolutionary War. Contact

DAR Members Toured Historic Magee House

The Santa Margarita Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), met at Heritage Hall in Carlsbad for a breakfast brunch, catered by the Village Pie Shoppe, and tour of the Historic Magee House. Santa’s helpers, Paige Weigle and Logan Madsen, students at Carlsbad High School, and Blair Madsen, a student at the University of Nebraska, helped set up the room, serve breakfast, and did a terrific job of cleaning up. Paige and Logan earned community service points for their efforts. Logan and Blair are granddaughters of First Vice

Looking forward to 2015

2015 is almost here. Many of us are planning parties and thinking about our New Year’s resolutions. As always, the beginning of a new year is a time of new prospects and hope for the future, as well as a time for reflecting on the past. The Legislature will reconvene on January 5 and I will be joining 27 freshmen and 53 returning members, most of whom were freshman last session. With so many new members, I firmly believe a new era is beginning in Sacramento.

Most of my fellow legislators are in the process of fine-tuning their bill packages for the coming session – and we will have to be quick about it. The window for new legislation will effectively close on January 30, the last day to submit bill requests to the Legislative Counsel’s office. The Legislative Counsel

l-r Paige Weigle, Logan Madsen, Blair Madsen

Meetings/Events Calendar

Four Services Scheduled for Christmas Eve – When you see the 1500 luminaries at the corner of Paseo Delicias and Via de la Valle on Christmas Eve, you will know that Christmas has arrived in Rancho Santa Fe as the Village Community Presbyterian Church hosts four worship services. All services will be held in the Sanctuary at 6225 Paseo Delicias, in Rancho Santa Fe; Wednesday, Christmas Eve at 4pm

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. on Page 7

then has four weeks to develop final bill language for introduction by the February 27 deadline. While I don’t look forward to leaving my family, friends and constituents behind for the most of the next seven months, I do look forward to continuing to serve as your voice in Sacramento. As always, I am here to serve you, the people of the 75th Assembly District.

If you need help involving state agencies or would like to discuss important legislative issues, please call my District Office at 760-4807570 or email me at: To view updates from my office, please visit:

Best wishes for a Happy New Year for you, your family and everyone you hold dear.

The Paper • Page 7 • December 25, 2014

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 6

will feature the children’s choirs; the 6pm worship service will feature the chancel and bell choirs; 9pm will be the contemporary worship service, and 11pm will be the contemplative worship with communion. For more information, visit or call 858.756.2441.

tion, sign up online at or call 760.433.8920. Camp themes include: K-2 – Polar Express and grades 3-5 – Winter Wonderland; Teens will be Tinsel Teens. Emergency Volunteer Training Offered in Carlsbad - City of Carlsbad residents interested in joining the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) can now sign up online. Volunteers receive 24 hours of free training including fire safety, disaster medical operations, and light search and rescue. CERT volunteers provide emergency preparedness and response assistance to their neighbors and community. Interested volunteers must apply online at

or by calling 760.434.2929 before the CERT orientation on Monday, January 5th, at 6:30pm. Orientation will be held at the City Woman’s Club recognized members of Carlsbad Safety with pins for their years of member- Training Center, 5750 ship: Kay Silverman, (5 years), Sheila Orion St. Participants Carlson (10), Nancy Jones (5) and a for the upcoming trainsession will be cho25-year certificate to Sylvia Buesch. ing sen from those present Club meetings are the second at the orientation. Wednesday each month in Vista. Call Training for Carlsbad 760.822.6824 for details or visit woman- CERT volunteers will start Monday, January 26, from 6:30– 9pm, and run for eight weeks. Oceanside Boys & Girls Clubs to Class size is limited to 25 volunteers. Offer Winter Camp – Winter Camp Team members must be Carlsbad will be Monday, December 29 thru residents and 18 years of age or Wednesday, December 31st, from older. 7am-6pm Monday and Tuesday, and 7am-4pm Wednesday. Weekly rates are $50/prepaid or $60/day of; and ‘Social Butterfly’ $20/daily drop in. For east registra-

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. from Page 6

her young age, was the inspiration for the crimes.

Though the tales of what happened to the Benders can only be speculated as to their accuracy, the fact that ten bodies were found on the property is not disputed. Other corpses found in the area, as well as the many mysterious disappearances of other lonely travelers, led the locals to believe that the Benders actually killed more than 20 people. The sensational tales and rumors of the Benders continued well into the 20th century, but, as to what actually happened to them remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the Old West.

Today, at the Cherryvale Museum at 215 East 4th Street, you can see the three Bender hammers, and some of the other memorabilit of the family and its terrible history.

Finally, a story from Gabe Gibson, Effingham, Illinois, as told to him by his grandfather, Emerson Smalley, January, 2011:

“I listened to a story last night from my grandfather, Emerson Smalley, about the Benders

Cont. on Page 10

and their supposed end. His family was from the Cherryvale, Kansas, area and the story involves a group of men that found the Benders and were in a gunfight with them, one of whom was a judge that lost part of his ear in the gun battle. My grandfather, who is approaching 80 yearsold, is always full of great stories but, he assured me that his father, who passed this on to him, knew of what really happened. When his father (my great grandfather), Frank Smalley was a boy, he was hiding in the hay loft of the family barn when he overheard a group of men below talking and laughing. Frank's father, Jesse P. Smalley, along with several men were joking with a local judge, teasing him about his missing ear. As the boy listened, the men continued to talk, relating the tale of how the judge had lost his ear. It was a story about the infamous Benders and about one man who got away. This unnamed man was evidently one of the many who made the mistake of stopping at the Bender Inn. Like others, as he sat at the the table, he was hit over the head. The Benders then stripped him of his clothes and went to bury him, when the man suddenly awoke. The Benders were, no doubt, surprised to find that

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. on Page 9

‘Chuckles’ Cont. from Page 5

said that she was the only pharmacist as she and her sister owned the store, and there were no male employees. She then asked if she could help me. I said that I would prefer to speak to a male pharmacist.

The lady pharmacist assured me that she was completely professional and whatever it was that I needed to discuss, I could be confident that she would treat me with a high level of professionalism.

I reluctantly agreed and began by saying: “This is tough for me to discuss, but I get erections every day that last more than four hours. It causes me a lot of problems and severe embarrassment and I was wondering what you could give me for it?” The pharmacist said, "Just a minute, I'll talk to my sister." When she returned, she said, “We discussed it at length and this is the absolute best we can do: ...1/3 ownership in the store, ...a company pickup truck, ...a king size bed, and ...$3,000 a month in living expenses"

Historically Speaking by Tom Morrow

The Father of the U.S. Air Force

Christmas Golf

Four old-timers were playing their weekly game of golf, and one remarked how nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning, roll out of bed and without an argument go directly to the golf course, meet his buddies and play a round. His buddies all chimed in and said, "Let's do it! We'll make it a priority, figure out a way and meet here early Christmas morning." Months later, that special morning arrives, and there they are on the golf course. The first guy says, "Boy this game cost me a fortune! I bought my wife such a diamond ring that she can't take her eyes off it."

Number 2 guy says, "I spent a ton, too. My wife is at home planning the cruise I gave her. She was up to her eyeballs in brochures."

Number 3 guy says, "Well my wife is at home admiring her new car, reading the manual." They all turned to the last guy in the group who is staring at them like they have lost their minds. "I can't believe you all went to such expense for this golf game. I slapped my wife on the butt and said, "Well Babe, Merry Christmas! It's a great morning for either sex or golf. And she said, "Take a sweater." Japan would be a reality.

After World War I, Mitchell began advocating for an increase in air power. One of the problems he had was “the war to end all wars” had just been fought and few really believed in any future conflict. Recognized as one of the top combat airmen of “The Great War,” Mitchell was probably the bestknown American in Europe. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal.

After the war, Mitchell began advocating that bombers could sink battleships. While he would prove his theory, it was the beginning of Mitchell’s undoing because few in either the Army or Navy shared his vision.

Aviation pioneer Billy Mitchell correctly predicted what lay ahead in 20th century warfare, but at great personal cost. As early as 1906, Billy Mitchell predicted the strategic implementation of future wars would take place in the air, not on the ground.

In February 1921, a bombing demonstration using captured German ships was reluctantly agreed to by the Navy. Mitchell had infuriated the Navy by claiming he could sink ships "under war conditions," and boasted he could prove it if he were permitted to bomb and sink captured German battleships. The demonstration was a success.

In March 1912, Mitchell toured battlefields of the Russo-Japanese War and concluded that war with

‘Tom Morrow’ Cont. on Page 10

William "Billy" Mitchell, born Dec. 29, 1879, was an Army general who today is regarded as the father of the United States Air Force.

In 1923, Mitchell repeated the bombing tests with the same results on three obsolete American battleships USS Alabama, USS Virginia and USS New Jersey. President Harding


The Paper • Page 8 • December 25, 2014


The most frequently cited newspaper source for city-related information is:


The U-T / San Diego Union Tribune


* City of San Marcos: COMMUNICATION & E-GOVERNMENT • The most frequently cited source for city-related information was the City’s newsletter, mentioned by 39% of respondents. Of newspapers . . .

The Paper (18%),

and the U-T / San Diego Union Tribune (15%).

• Overall, 80% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with the City’s efforts to communicate with residents through newsletters, direct mail, city website, social media, and other methods. The remaining respondents were either dissatisfied with the City’s efforts in this respect (15%), or unsure of their opinion (5%). Research by -

‘Man About Town’ Cont. from Page <None>

The Paper • Page 9 • December 25, 2014

‘The Evil Benders’ Cont. from Page 7

the man wasn't dead. Somehow, he managed to escape, next appearing naked in the middle of the night at Jesse Smalley's door step. Telling the story of his near death, Jesse quickly retold it to a nearby doctor and judge, who formed a vigilante group to go after the Benders. However, by the time the men arrived at the Benders' cabin very early the next morning, they found the Benders gone. They then began to follow a wagon trail left by the Benders

that took them down as far south as near Tulsa, Oklahoma, before circling back into Kansas. At a fork of the Fall and Verdigris Rivers, they found the Benders with their wagon backed up against a fallen tree with canvas over it for shelter. When the vigilante group approached, the Benders fired on them, at which time, the judge lost part of his ear to a flying bullet. In retaliation, the vigilantes killed all of the members of the Bender family, buried them where they died, and took the wagon to town, where they left it. I have heard my grandfather tell of this story since I was a boy and Grandpa swears that this is the real story of what happened to the Benders. Fact or fiction, no one really knows, but, I've always enjoyed the tale and hope you will as well.”

Today, there are Smalley descendants that continue to live in the Neodosha and Cherryville area. Sources: Kansas Historical Society:

Kate Bender

Legends of America The Bloody Benders of Labette County Kathy Weiser /ks-benders.html

Wikipedia y_Benders

Have a Blessed Christmas Season! Prayer Ministry Dial-a-Prayer 760.746.6611 Call Anytime Pastor Richard Huls 760.803.4236

The Paper • Page 10 • December 25, 2014

‘Historically Speaking’ Cont. from Page 7

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page <None>

Mitchell’s bombing tests caused budgets to be redrawn for further air development and forced the Navy to look more closely at the possibilities of Naval airpower. One of his predictions: There would be a future surprise attack on the Hawaiian Islands by Japan.

Carlsbad has trained 175 CERT volunteers to date, who are actively involved in neighborhood readiness, public outreach and participating in disaster drills. Carlsbad’s team is one of the many CERT teams assisting local government jurisdictions in preparing their residents for emergencies. According to City of Carlsbad Emergency Preparedness Coordinator David Harrison, CERT volunteers played an important role in the response to the Poinsettia Fire in May 2014, performing a variety of support activities in the city’s Emergency Operations Center and at temporary evacuation points and shelters.

and Navy officials were angry because the demonstration showed U.S. Naval weakness.

But Mitchell was an embarrassment to both military and civilian leaders. Accordingly, in October 1925, he was court-martialed for “insubordination” because he accused Army and Navy leaders of having an "almost treasonable administration of the national defense" by investing in battleships instead of aircraft carriers. The court martial lasted for seven weeks.The youngest of the 12 judges was Maj. Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who voted for acquittal, described sitting as a judge on Mitchell's court-martial as "one of the most distasteful orders I ever received." However, the majority found him "guilty of all specifications of the charges." The court suspended Mitchell from active duty for five years without pay, which President Coolidge later amended to half-pay. MacArthur said afterward "a senior officer should not be silenced for being at variance with his superiors in rank and with accepted doctrine." It was a stance that would prove to be the general’s undoing decades later.

Shortly after the trial, Mitchell resigned and spent the rest of his life writing and preaching air power. He received many honors, albeit after his death on Feb. 19, 1936. President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned him a Major General. He also is the only individual for whom a military aircraft, the North American B-25 Mitchell bomber, is named. The twin-engine bomber was used on the heroic Doolittle raid over Tokyo six months after the Pearl Harbor attack. In Air Force circles Mitchell is regarded today as a hero, legend and the father of the U.S. air power.

The Perfect Christmas Gift A subscription to The Paper Call (760) 747-7119

MiraCosta Horticulture Club to Meet January 3 - The meeting of the MiraCosta Horticulture Club will be at the Aztlan Rooms of MiraCosta College, with a Workshop from Noon to 12:40pm. Kim Cyr will lead the workshop on making garden danglers. Bring beads and small mirrors if you have them, otherwise they will be supplied. The program will be at 12:45pm. Tom Del Hotel, a certified arborist and nursery man for over 40 years will speak on “Fruit Tree – Selection, Care and Planting.” Tom owns and operates Fantasia Garden in Lemon Grove and has been a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers for over 25 years, and past president of the San Diego Chapter. After the speaker there will be refreshments and an opportunity drawing. The meeting is open to the public. For more information, call 760.721.3281. Home Firearm Safety/Basic Handgun Class – will be on Sunday, January 4th from 10am to 1pm, at the Escondido Fish and Game Association shooting range east of Lake Wohlford. This is a 3-hour familiarization and safety class and is offered for anyone anticipating the purchase of, or who already owns, a handgun. Participants learn the basics of handguns, home firearm safety and responsibility of firearm ownership. Handguns and ammunition are provided for the class but participants are encouraged to bring their own handgun if they already own one. The cost is $60/person. To register, call Jack at 760.746.2868. The address is 16525 Guejito Road and Lake Wohlford Road.

Escondido Woman’s Club to Meet January 5th – The Club’s first meeting of the New Year will be on Monday, January 5th at 10:30am at their clubhouse, 751 No. Rose (corner of Mission Ave.), Escondido. The Club will recognize their sponsored 2014 HOBY recipients, and the program will be an update on Interfaith Community Services presented by Interfaith employee and Woman’s Club member, Becky Flanagan. RSVP required by calling Nora at 760.743.0246. Lunch costs $12/person.

January Events for San Marcos Senior Center – New Classes are starting in January for the New Year at the San Marcos Senior Center: Beginning Genealogy Series starts Tuesdays, from January 6th to 27th, 9-10am. Tap Dance Club! starting Wednesdays, from 2-4pm; cost is $25/month or $10/class. On January 9th, celebrate the New Year with entertainment by Mel Carrillo, at 10:30am, followed by lunch at 11:30am. Soul Line Dancing starting Saturday, January 10th, 8:30-10am; cost is $5/class. All levels welcomed. New Year Ballroom Dance on Thursday, January 15th from 2-4pm.

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. on Page 12

Dixie Due is the pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 10 year old, 44 pound, Labrador Retriever mix.

Dixie is one of the senior dogs at the shelter, but she still has the energy and playful personality of a puppy. She’s super smart and would love to show you her tricks. Dixie Due was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society through the Friends of County Animal Shelters (FOCAS) program. The $75 adoption fee for Dixie Due includes medical exam, vaccinations, spay, and microchip. Find your best friend at Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas or log on to Call 760-7536413 for more information. Kennels and Cattery open 11 AM to 5 PM Wednesday through Monday.

Nicholas, a 1-year-old Blanc de Hotot, is a sweet bunny looking for a wonderful new family! His white fur with brown highlights, and multicolored eyes make him quite the looker. Nicholas’s handsome features and engaging personality are sure to make his new family very happy! He is a lovely little boy with a big personality! Nicholas is very playful and likes to show off his funny-bunny antics. He loves to toss his toys and race around during his daily run time. He’s active, silly and always ready to play with his most beloved human companions. Nicholas is available for adoption at the San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 East Valley Parkway. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (760) 888-2275 or visit

The Pastor Says . . .

‘I’m truly sorry’ he told his wife one Christmas Eve, ‘but I’m not going with you to church tonight.’ He’d feel like a hypocrite, he said. He’d just stay home, but he would wait up.

Shortly after the family drove away, snow began to fall. He watched the flurries getting heavier and heavier, then went back to his chair to read his newspaper.

Pastor Tom Fry (retired) Church of the Nazarene

I started college as a journalism major and have never really got the printer’s ink out of my veins. One of my journalism heroes is the late Paul Harvey. Here, in abbreviated form, is my favorite Christmas story, The Man and the Birds written by Paul Harvey

“The man was not a scrooge. He was kind, decent, mostly good, generous to his family, upright in his dealings with others. But he just didn’t believe all that incarnation stuff the churches proclaim at Christmas. It just didn’t make sense and he was too honest to pretend otherwise. He just couldn’t swallow the Jesus Story, about God coming to Earth as a man.

Minutes later he was startled by a thudding sound…Then another, and another. At first he thought someone was throwing snowballs against his living room window. But when he went to investigate he found a flock of birds huddled miserably in the snow. They’d been caught in the storm and, in a desperate search for shelter, had tried to fly through his large picture window.

Well, he couldn’t let the poor creatures lie there and freeze. He thought of the barn. That would provide a warm shelter, if he could direct the birds to it.

He put on coat and galoshes, tramped through the deepening snow to the barn. He opened the doors wide and turned on a light, but the birds did not come. He figured food would entice

‘The Pastor Says’ Cont. on Page 11

The Paper • Page 11 • December 25, 2014

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.


If a fresh, green Christmas tree is part of your holiday tradition, the City of Escondido provides two free, convenient ways of recycling it. After removing its decorations, cut the tree into 4-foot lengths and place it next to your trash and recycling bins on your regular collection day. Another option is to take your whole tree to Jesmond Dene Park at the north end of town (2401 N.Broadway), or to Kit Carson Park, at the south end (3333

Bear Valley Parkway).

Christmas Tree recycling will be available at these parks from December 26, 2014 through January 17, 2015.

And, speaking of recycling, don’t forget to save and reuse ribbon, gift bags and uncrushed paper. Reusing materials is just another form of recycling. Unfold extra cardboard boxes so they’re easier to store, or pass them along to a friend who’s moving. Remember, every time we reduce, reuse or recycle, we lessen the load going to the landfill. And that saves money and natural resources.

Vista • Mayor Judy Ritter Recycling Christmas Trees

this During time of year, resimany dents ask how they can dispose of their Christmas tree. The city’s contracted waste-hauler, EDCO, provides for customers to place trees curbside on their regular collection day during the two weeks after Christmas at no extra charge (Monday, December 29 through Monday, January 12). be must Trimmings/stand removed.

Organic decorations, such as natural garland and wreathes, can also be placed in the residential designated yard waste container. There are also two central drop-

‘The Pastor Says’ Cont. from Page 10

them. So he fetched bread crumbs, sprinkled them on the snow making a trail to the yellowlighted, wide open doorway of the stable. To his dismay, the birds ignored the bread crumbs, and continued to flap around helplessly in the snow. He tried catching them … he tried shooing them into the barn by walking around them waving his arms. They scattered in every direction, except into the warm, lighted barn. Then he realized they were afraid of him. To them, he reasoned, I am a strange and terrifying creature. If only I could think of a way to let them know they can trust me … that I am not trying to hurt them, but to help them. But how?

Any move he made frightened them, confused them. They would

off locations during the same time: (1) public parking lot between S. Santa Fe Avenue and Mercantile Street (523 S. Santa Fe Avenue) and (2) the parking lot on the corner of S. Melrose & Shadowridge drives. For more information, residents can call 760.727.1600.

Did you know Vista residents can drop off used motor oil and filters at the HHW facility located at 1145 E. Taylor Street? Antifreeze, auto batteries, paint, pesticides, home-generated sharps, and other HHW can be dropped off. The facility is open to Vista residents; proof of residency is required. No appointment is necessary and there is no direct fee to the resident. The facility is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays (closed on holiday weekends).

not follow, be led or shooed because they feared him.

‘If only I could be a bird,’ he thought, ‘and mingle with them and speak their language. Then I could tell them not to be afraid. I could show them the way to the safe warm barn. But I would have to be one of them so they could see, and hear and understand.’

At that moment the church bells began to ring. The sound reached his ears above the sounds of the wind– Adeste Fidelis. He stood there listening to the bells pealing the glad tidings of Christmas. And he sank to his knees in the snow.”

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

San Marcos • Mayor Jim Desmond Stay Safe Over the Holidays

The holiday season is always a special time of year. It is also a time when busy people become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crime. We can never be too careful, too prepared or too aware. Please share this important safety information with family, friends and neighbors. If you are traveling, set automatic timers for lights and radios. Ask a neighbor to watch your home, collect mail and paper, and occasionally park their car in your driveway. Keep gifts and valuables away from windows. If you are shopping, be alert and

aware of your surroundings and park in well-lighted areas close to stores while storing your purchases and valuables in the trunk. Carry your purse or wallet close to your body and have your keys out and ready when you return to your vehicle. After the holidays, pay close attention to bills and report unauthorized charges. Do not pile up empty television, DVD or computer boxes on the street. Mark your new gifts with your California identification number and photograph these items and add them to your home inventory. For additional crime prevention tips or to schedule a Neighborhood Watch meeting, please call the City’s Crime Prevention Unit at (760) 744-1050, ext. 3111.

Oceanside • Mayor Jim Wood OPD Homeless Outreach Team

Things at the Oceanside Police Department have started to heat up. In November, department officials announced they officially added a new unit to their ranks. The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT for short) said they will start interacting with Oceanside’s transient population in hopes of helping them get the assistance they need. The HOT team helps local transients get a DMV identification card so they will be eligible to apply for Social Security benefits. On behalf of those who may not be able, the HOT unit is trained to

‘Letters to the Editor’ Cont. from Page 4

Constitution, that's where you lose me. In fact, you make me very angry.

It wasn't liberals who have the only President who resigned in disgrace rather than face impeachment for unConstitutional criminal activity.

It wasn't liberals who spent over 40 million taxpayer dollars searching for anything...anything!...that Bill Clinton did illegally, found only a marital affair, impeached him for it and lost, resulting in Clinton's approval ratings actually rising as a result. It wasn't liberals who panicked like frightened sheep after 9/11, deciding that 3½ success-

access the county’s social service and nonprofit agencies, County Mental Health and Tri-City Medical Center. OPD officer Karen Laser, who began researching the idea of a “proactive team” a year ago, says she looked at San Diego Police Department’s HOT operation which has become a model for police agencies around the nation and, with the support of her superiors, petitioned City Hall for funding. Two officers have been budgeted to work full-time. ”Many people think the homeless are bad people.” Laser said, “But some homeless have just found themselves in a tough spot. My hope is that we can redirect and educate them”. Kudos to Officer Karen Laser!

ful terrorist attacks on U.S. soil means that the government can:

* invade and occupy a foreign country based on "preventive war" which is illegal by international law, * harass citizens for speaking out against the Vice President, * forcefully keep nonviolent protesters in contained areas where the President cannot even see them, * listen, Big Brother style, on every phone call you make, * expose an active-duty CIA undercover operative in spiteful retaliation for the criticism made by her husband, * create Soviet-style gulags (both known and secret ones) where suspected terrorists can be held forever without a trial,

‘Letters to the Editor’ Cont. on Page 12

The Paper • Page 12 • December 25, 2014 Christmas and his brats is stupid enough to fall fer it every time. Makes me sick just thinking bout it.”

We walked into the shop and Jack headed straight for the coffee pot. “I come to town to git one of them 27 seven inch Viewsonic monitors they’s practikly givin away at Fry’s. Got me the last one too,” croaked Jack triumphantly.

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

Miracle on Mulberry Street

It was Christmas Eve 2008 near closing time. I was carrying a PC to the car for a lady when “Cactus Jack Trosper” pulled up his red Ford 350 pick-up truck. On each fender there were huge chrome foghorns that tooted out the refrain from “Dixie” as he came to a stop. In the center of the hood was a five-foot spread of “Texas longhorns.” I noticed a Santa suit draped over a huge box in the front seat. “Hey Jack, I see you got yourself a Santa suit. You moonlighting at the mall?” I laughed.

Jack shot a stream of tobacco juice into our planter and unleashed a torrent of whiskey laced profanity. “I picked that thing up from the cleaners fer my nephew. He puts it on every

‘Letters to the Editor’ Cont. from Page 11

* mock the Geneva Convention by torturing those prisoners using techniques that we prosecuted as War Crimes after WWII.

Liberals love this country and its Constitution every bit as much as you claim to. We are 42% of your potential readership, as of the last election results. And we don't take kindly to tone-deaf insults in the form of hackneyed jokes. (Editor’s Note: We had to excise a number of paragraphs from Mr. Crews letter simply out of space consideration. As published, it already exceeds our normal limit of 250 words; But, he had valid points to make and we wanted to publish most of them.

He finished his letter, however, with a suggestion that I, your lovable editor, do something pysically impossible to myself which even if it were possible I would not do for the simple reason that I am not my type.) Sincerely yours, etc., etc.,

Douglas Crews Oceanside, CA. ••••• Please send Letters to the Editor to:

Nome can’t stand “Cactus Jack” and had buried her nose in a computer when he came in. Now she looked at me and pointed to her bench. “Mrs. Pintera just brought in her PC and monitor. They had a power surge and everything is fried. Her kids need a computer for schoolwork. Mr. Pintera is out of work and down with the flu, their car broke down and they have no money. She put aside $100 for the kids Christmas presents but she said they really need a computer for school more than they do Christmas presents. She asked me if I thought we could fix this one for $100. I told her we could” Cactus Jack squinted at Mrs. Pintera’s PC. Jack owns and operates The Rainbow Computer Emporium located in the back country south of Temecula. Jack is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and meaner than cat crap but he does know computers. “You couldn’t make this thing into a computer for $500.” Jack looked at Nome and snickered. “This time you done bit off way more’n you can chew, cookie.”

‘Social Butterfly’ Cont. from Page 10

Entertainment by the Billy Harper Band. Cost is $5 and includes refreshments. Free dance lessons by Mel Carrillo at 1pm that day. Then a Super Bowl Party on Friday, January 30, sponsored by Vista Health Care Center. On Sunday, February 1st, from 2-4pm will be the Sundance Band and refreshments, sponsored by local high schools. Visit the website at for a complete list of activities, or contact Venessa DeMatteis at 760.744.5535, ext. 3618, for more information. The Senior Center is located at 111 Richmar Avenue, San Marcos.

Bill Hudson to Demonstrate Painting Techniques at Art Meeting – At the next Fallbrook Art Association’s (FAA) general meeting on Thursday, January 8th, Bill Hudson will demonstrate his watercolor, gouache and casein painting techniques. Hudson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and pursued a 38-year career in aerospace. Now retired from aerospace, he is enjoying a second career as an artist. He has combined his love of art and the sea and paints maritime scenes using water media, including watercolor, gouache, and casein. Casein uses milk curds as the binder rather than the gum Arabic association with watercolor and gouache. FAA meets on the 2nd Thursdays, September thru June, at the Fallbrook School of the Arts, 310 E. Alvarado, and open to the public. At 5:30pm, FAA members can bring one or two “paintings in progress” for a session with the featured artist demonstrator for suggestions. Refreshments will be served at 6:15pm before a brief general meeting at 6:30pm, followed by the demonstration which

Nome ignored Jack. “We could give her one of our refurbished computers and tell her that all we had to do was put her parts in a used case. We can charge her $10 so she won’t think its charity.” Nome continued, “They live in that old green house on the left side of Mulberry so we could drop it off after we close tonight and save her the bus money.” “OK,” I said “you call her and tell her we fixed it and we’ll drop it off tonight, I’ll put a “refurb” PC and monitor in the car.”

Jack looked at us and shook his head in disgust. “Where am I, Brother Beno’s? You folks is easier than a two-dollar hooker. If’n I fell for every phony sob story I’d be outa business in a week. I’m gittin the heck outa here afore I bust out cryin.” Jack headed for the door. Nome yelled after him, “Merry Christmas, Cactus Scrooge.”

Cactus Jack hesitated at the door. “While you saps are playin Mother Theresa I’ll be curled up with a bottle of Jack Daniels in front of my new 27 inch Viewsonic monitor watchin the Dallas Cheerleaders Mud Rasslin special. Ho Ho Ho.” We got to the Pintera’s on Mulberry around seven. A radiant, smiling Mrs. Pintera opened the door and invited us in. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree spread its branches over a pile of expensively wrapped gifts. Happy children scampered about

ends at 8pm. Each demonstrator offers a workshop the following Sunday at the same location. For more information on FAA schedule of events, membership, workshop information, classes, etc., visit the online newsletters at

Vista Garden Club Meeting – will be on Friday, January 9th; with a workshop at 10am in which member Chris Sangster will be teaching members and guests how to make glassware garden sculptures. Bring glass dishes and plates that you want to use. The meeting begins at 12noon with a fingertip luncheon, followed by the general meeting and the January program. This month's topic is "Roses," how to keep them healthy, how to grow them well. All meetings take place at the Vista Senior Center, 1400 Vale Terrace, Vista. For more information about the meeting or club, call 760.726.8737.

Kids in the Garden Class Meeting on January 10th – The theme for the Saturday, January 10th class will be “Nature’s Treasures Hunt: Hike and Discover. The class is from 10am to 12noon, at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens. Discover natural features and nature’s treasures as you hike around the Gardens. Hands-on discovery and fun for all are emphasized. The class fee is $5/child for two hours of fun and learning. Fees support the development of the Gardens. Adults will stay with their children and pay the $3 Garden entry fee. Registration includes visiting all the areas of the Garden. When you join and buy a family membership, the monthly Kids in the Garden class and adult entry is free for a year. Membership forms available on the website at Donations gratefully accepted. Preregistration with Farmer Jones is

the house. It sure looked like Cactus Jack was right, we got conned?

Mrs. Pintera saw the look on my face and blushed. “I don’t know how it happened or what’s going on but about an hour ago a Santa Clause with two other men just marched in with all this stuff. They set up the tree and brought in all those presents and then they left without saying a word.” I put the computer on the floor. “I’ll get your monitor”

“Oh we don’t need it now,” she said, “They brought us a really nice 27-inch Viewsonic monitor.”

Mrs. Pintera’s four year old tugged at my pants leg “Santa brought it, we saw him. He had a white beard and everything,” he said seriously. His older brother added, “his beard was white but his mustache was yellow and he wore cowboy boots” I bent over and asked the little guy, “Did Santa have a sleigh and reindeer?” “No sir, he had a red pick-up truck, but it had antlers.” From all of us at The Computer Factory . . . a Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth

required; contact or call 760.822.6824. Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is located at 1270 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, at the top of the hill inside Brengle Terrace Park.

Contemporary Women to Hold Fundraiser During January – GFWC Contemporary Women of North County will hold a fundraiser during the entire month of January at the New2U Consignment store at 407 North Twin Oaks Valley Road, Suite 101, San Marcos. Tim McClintic, owner, will donate 10% of the profits for all sales to the CWONC 2015 Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will be designated for students who will graduate from either San Marcos High or Mission Hills High Schools and will be attending Palomar College. Visit or call 760.744.2129 for store times and directions. If you have something you think might sell at New2U, contact Tim about placing your item on consignment. Visit for more club information. Center of the Valley DAR Chapter to Meet January 8th Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Center of the Valley Chapter will hold their next meeting on Thursday, January 8, at 10am, in the Valley Center Library's Community Room. Meetings are open to the public. The speaker will be Peg Trout, author of "Sisters in War." Peg is a San Diego County resident who was inspired by her Aunt Flo to join the Navy, and grew up listening to her aunt's stories. Peg's book is a mini portrait of women from across the country who served their country during World War II as nurses, radio operators, mechanics, tele-typists, parachute packers, and mail sorters.


Accounting Academy

• Page 13 • December 25, 2014


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The Puppy Coalition will provide dog food and handle veterinary needs.

We will work around your schedule to show the foster dogs to those who may be interested and potential adopters.

We believe that you will find it personally rewarding helping a rescued dog to get a fresh start in a new life. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity to volunteer to help save some of these wonderful animals, call Bruce at 760-612-9156.

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‘Local News’ Cont. from Page 4

Westfield North County Suffers Small Fire

What is believed to have been an electrical fire delayed the opening at Westfield North County mall in Escondido this past Sunday morning during the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Fire officials say the fire started near the Brookstone store on the south side of the mall, causing heavy smoke to waft from the fire into the mall. The sprinkler system above the fire area was activated, which helped contain the blaze while fire crews extinguished the remaining burning material. The Brookstone store suffered fire damage, and adjoining businesses sustained some smoke damage.

After they extinguished the fire, crews removed smoke from all three floors of the mall. County health officials also helped assess damage and direct cleanup for restaurants and food booths at the mall. Motorcyclist Killed in San Marcos

A 22-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a Saturday morning crash in what law enforcement authorities believe may be an alcohol related accident.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, the man was riding on West Mission Road about 1 a.m. when he lost control of his motorcycle at North


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MY DOG ATE THE COUCH UPHOLSTERY STUDIO 3643 Grand Avenue #C San Marcos, CA. 92078 760.484.3058 CONTACT: ERIC DUVALL

Death Notices Larry Lee Hulette, 83, of Vista, CA., passed away on December 13, 2014.

Volney A. Hamilton, 90, of San Diego, Ca., passed away on December 17, 2014.

Frank John Juresich, 86, of Escondido, CA., passed away on December 20, 2014.

Arrangements by California Funeral Alternatives

Escondido and Poway

Pacific Street, leaving the roadway and eventually smashing into a utility pole in an adjacent dirt lot.

Paramedics transported the man to Palomar Medical Center where he died from his injuries. The rider’s name was not released. City of Oceanside Sued over Hotel Subsidy

In a new lawsuit filed against the city of Oceanside the plaintiff claims the City Council violated state open meeting laws when it voted on a $13.6 million subsidy for a luxury beachfront resort. City officials say the suit is without merit and could be part of a ploy to help unionize the resort’s future workforce.

The plaintiff is identified as San Diegans for Open Government, which has also sued many other government agencies in the county alleging open government rules violations. The group’s attorney, Cory Briggs, said Oceanside failed to properly notice the Sept. 10

‘Local News’ Cont. on Page 14

The Mighty Mojo Page The Paper December 2014 The Paper• • Page 14 • •December 25,25, 2014

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‘Local News’ Cont. from Page 13

meeting in which the City Council voted to approve the subsidies, primarily in the form of shared hotel taxes, for S.D. Malkin, the project’s developer.

Briggs also claims in the lawsuit that the subsidy must be approved by city voters because it amounts to a debt the city owes to the developer. Though the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees union is not named as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, the Local 30 chapter was included as a client in the initial letter Briggs wrote the city about the alleged violation.

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In his Oct. 9 letter to the city, Briggs said the union was his client.

“On behalf of my clients, San Diegans for Open Government (and) Unite Here Local 30, I am writing to request that you rescind the approvals given under Item 27 on the City Council’s agenda for September 10, 2014, because they violated the Ralph M. Brown Act (California’s open meetings law), other provisions of the Government Code and the

California Constitution.”

The City Council in September approved an agreement with S.D. Malkin to build the eightstory, 360-room project on Pacific Street near the city’s iconic pier.

Under the agreement, the developer will keep all hotel tax revenues the first three years of operation but the city will get a share in subsequent years and all hotel tax revenues after 15 years. The subsidy is estimated to be worth about $11.3 million.

In the lawsuit, Briggs alleges several violations by the city, including that the agenda for the council’s Sept. 10 meeting was not posted on the city’s website at least three days before the meeting, as required by state law. The suit also says the agenda did not properly describe the tax revenue sharing agreement as a subsidy, nor list the amount.

The suit seeks to invalidate the agreement between the city and the developer and requests that the city pay all legal expenses incurred in the lawsuit, including attorney fees. In a letter to Briggs, Oceanside City Attorney John Mullen said the agreement approved by the council did not violate any state laws.

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The Difficult Tasks of the Editor at Christmas Time FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031027 The name of the business: Partner Press, located at 663 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #110, San Marcos, Ca. 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Partner Press Asset Management Company, LLC 663 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. #110 San Marcos, Ca. 92078 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business was 1/14/2010. /s/David Hyman, CFO This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/25/2014 12/04, 12/11, 12/18 & 12/25/2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-029052 The name of the business: UEI College, located at 310 3rd Ave., Ste C6/C7, Chula Vista, CA. 90910, is hereby registered by the following: United Education Institute 16485 Laguna Canyon Rd., Suite 300 Irvine, CA. 92618 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 12/01/2011. /s/Lars Vaaler, CFO This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/04/2014 12/04, 12/11, 12/18 & 12/25/2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-030949 The name of the business: Caspian Enterprises, located at 12717 Mirar De Valle, Valley Center, Ca. 92082, is hereby registered by the following: Emerio Enterprises, Inc. 12717 Mirar De Valle Valley Center, CA. 92082 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was 11/24/2014. /s/Bahram Shadzi, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/25/2014 12/04, 12/11, 12/18 & 12/25/2014 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT


The name of the business: Smith

Properties, located at 1441 La Plaza

Dr., San Marcos, CA. 92078, is here-

by registered by the following:

Donnie R. Smith

1441 La Plaza Dr.

San Marcos, Ca. 92078

This business is conducted by an

individual. First day of business was


/s/Donnie R. Smith, Sole Proprietor








with Jr.,

County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego

County 12/02/2014

12/04, 12/11, 12/18 & 12/25/2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031366 The name of the business: Samia Rose Topiary, located at 119 Valpreda Road, San Marcos, Ca. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: Patricia R. Hammer 119 Valpreda Road San Marcos, Ca. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 12/01/2014. /s/Patricia R. Hammer, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/02/2014 12/04, 12/11, 12/18 & 12/25/2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031545 The name of the business: Mom and Baby Nutrition #2, located at 601 N. Broadway, Suite B, Escondido, Ca. 92025, is hereby registered by the following: Eloy & Blanca A. Flores 2166 Lemon Avenue Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business was n/a. /s/Blanca A. Flores, owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/04/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015


The Paper• • Page Page 15 15 • •December 25,25, 2014 The Paper December 2014

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031458 The name of the business: SR Office Support, located at 1502 Caminito Aguar, San Marcos, CA., 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Shosh Regev 1502 Caminito Aguar San Marcos, Ca. 92078 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 12/3/2014. /s/Shosh Regev This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/03/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031460 The name of the business: Capstone Safety Services, Small Unit Leader Publications, Defense Safety Systems, Citizen Patriot Entrprises, located at 1847 Adriana Court, Vista, CA. 92081, is hereby registered by the following: Charles E. Roberts 1847 Adriana Court Vista, Ca. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Charles E. Roberts, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/03/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031554 The name of the business: Hector’s Hot Dogs, located at 4339 Avenida Soledad, Oceanside, CA. 92057, is hereby registered by the following: Hector Ramirez 4339 Avenida Soledad Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Hector Ramirez, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/04/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-030892 The name of the business: Antique Village, located at 850 Los Vallecitos Blvd., San Marcos, Ca. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: John LeFevre 850 Los Vallecitos Blvd. San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 1/1/10. /s/John Lefevre This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/24/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-030963

The name of the business: G and I, located at 120 N. Pacific St., K5, San Marcos, CA. 92069, is hereby registered by the following: Isael Perez 10425 Caminito Cuervo #213 San Diego, Ca. 92518 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Isael Perez, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/25/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031891 The name of the business: Dogtown K9 Training, located at 1454 Romance Road, Escondido, CA. 92029, is hereby registered by the following: Teresa Cowart 1454 Romance Rd. Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was 6/01/2012. /s/Teresa Cowart This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/09/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

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ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2014-00037747-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Anthony J. Beckett filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Anthony James Beckett to Proposed name Anthony Lamont May IV. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: January 20, 2015, 8:30a.m., Department 26. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated 11/05/2014. /s/K. Michael Kirkman, Judge of the Superior Court 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2014-00037976-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Maricela Vedol filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Maricela Vedol to Proposed name Maricela Milpas. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: January 20, 2015, 8:30a.m., Department 26. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated 11/07/2014. /s/K. Michael Kirkman, Judge of the Superior Court 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031727 The name of the business: Emperor Security, Emperor Protective Services, Emperor Security Services, located at 811 Poinsettia Ave., Vista, Ca. 92081, is hereby registered by the following: Matthew R. Lovan 811 Poinsettia Ave. Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/Matthew R. Lovan, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/05/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME #2014-031888 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME: Commencement Flowers, located at 5835 Avenida Encinas, Suite 113, Carlsbad, CA. 92008. THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME REFERRED TO ABOVE WAS FILED IN SAN DIEGO COUNTY ON March 26, 2013 and assigned File No. 2013-008916 IS ABANDONED BY THE FOLLOWING REGISTRANT(S): The Hallmagner Group 1557 Regatta Rd. Carlsbad, CA. 92011 I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true information which he or she knows to be false is guilty of a crime). /s/ Robert T. Hall, President This statement was filed with David Butler, County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 12/09/2014. 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-031890 The name of the business: Commencement Flowers, located at 1485 Poinsettia Ave., Suite 114, Vista, Ca. 92081, is hereby registered by the following: Specop Events 1557 Regatta Rd. Carlsbad, CA. 92011 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was July 17, 2014. /s/Robert T. Hall, President This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/09/2014 12/11, 12/18, 12/25/2014 & 1/01/2015



Petitioner’s name is: GREG CARLOMAGNO

You have 30 calendar days after this Summons and Petition are served on you to file a Response (form FL-120 or FL-123) at the court and have a copy served on the petitioner. A letter or phone call will not protect you.

If you do not file your Response on time, the court may make orders affecting your marriage or domestic partnership, your property, and custody of your children. You may be ordered to pay support and attorney fees and costs. If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the clerk for a fee waiver form.

If you want legal advice, contact a lawyer immediately. You can get information about finding lawyers at the California Courts Online Self-Help Center., at the California Legal Services Website (, or by contacting your local county bar association. NOTICE: The restraining orders on page 2 are effective against both spouses or domestic partners until the petition is dismissed, a judgment is entered, or the court makes further orders. These orders are enforceable anywhere in California by any law enforcement officer who has received or seen a copy of them.

NOTE: if a judgment or a support order is entered, the court may order you to pay all or part of the fees and costs that the court waived for yourself or for the other party. If this happens, the party ordered to pay fees shall be given notice and an opportunity to request a hearing to set aside the order to pay waived court fees. 1. The name and address of the court are NORTH COUNTY DIVISION, 325 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA. 92081.

2. The name, address, and telephone number of the petitioner’s attorney, or the petitioner without an attorney, are: IN PRO PER, GREG CALOMAGNO 4413 Mission Ave. Apt #G105 Oceanside, CA. 92057 Date: August 19, 2013, Clerk, by /s/ S. Campbell, Deputy NOTICE TO THE PERSON SERVED: You are served as an individual. 12/18, 12/25/2014, 01/11/2015



FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-030983 The name of the business: Bernard Jensen dba, located at 1255 Linda Vista Dr., San Marcos, CA., 92078, is hereby registered by the following: Arthur & Ellen Jensen 639 Chesterfield Circle San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business was 11/01/2014. /s/Arthur Jensen, Owner This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 11/25/2014 12/18, 12/25/2014, 1/01 & 1/08/2015 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-032367 The name of the business: Bucketheadz, located at 35008 Pala Temecula Rd., Pala, CA. 92059, is hereby registered by the following: William George Eagleton 35008 Pala Temecula Rd. Pala, Ca. 92059 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business was n/a. /s/William George Eagleton This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County 12/15/2014 12/18, 12/25/2014, 1/01 & 1/08/2015

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The Planning Division Director of the City of San Marcos has considered and does intend to APPROVE Director’s Permit 14-018 on January 5, 2015. Project No.: P14-0040 Case No.: DP 14-018 Applicant: Saint Katherine College Request: A Director’s Permit to allow for the operation of a 5,500 square foot college (nontraditional campus). Location of Property: 1637 Capalina Road, San Marcos, more particularly described as: Parcel 2 of Parcel Map No. 6293, in the City of San Marcos, State of California, filed in the office of the County Recorder of San Diego County, August 25, 1977, as instrument No. 77-34914 of official records. Assessor’s Parcel Number: 219-116-16-00. NOTICE: Appeal rights are available. Any interested person may appeal the decision of the Planning Division Director, provided the appeal fee is paid and a written appeal is submitted to the Planning Division Secretary within ten (10) days (due no later than 5:30 PM on Thursday, January 15, 2015). The Planning Commission shall hear the appeal within forty (40) days after the filing of such appeal. Appeal fees shall be paid upon submittal. Said appeal shall be in writing and specify where there was an error in the decision of the Planning Division Director. Contact the Planning Division at 760-744-1050, extension 3233. The City of San Marcos is committed to making its programs, services and activities accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you require accommodation to participate in any City program, service or activity, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos CA 92069, or call 760-744-1050, extension 3145. Further information about this notice can be obtained from Art Pinon, Assistant Planner, at 760-744-1050 extension 3204, or Phil Scollick, City Clerk, City of San Marcos. PD: 12/25/14. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2014-032994 The name of the business: WestCoast Realtors, located at 2101 Ocean Avenue, Suite 12, Santa Monica, Ca. 90405, is hereby registered by the following: Real Estate eBroker Inc. 301 Mission Ave. #211 Oceanside, CA. 92054 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business was n/a. /s/Gintautas Kazlauskas/CEO This statement was filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 12/22/2014. 12/25/2014, 1/01, 1/08 & 1/15/2015

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The Doctor is In!

An Impression You Won't Choke On!

In 1984 the first "digital" impression was introduced into the world of dentistry. This meant that instead of having to fill a patients mouth with impression materials, digital images could be taken with a miniature camera and once stitched together, could be used to fabricate a model on which a crown or bridge could be made. This was a real advantage because the patient wouldn't be drooling and/or choking on the impression material waiting for it to set up, a process normally taking 3-5 minutes! On the other hand, the scanners at the

time were VERY EXPENSIVE and many doctors felt these first prototypes were not as accurate at the impression materials were. Fast Forward to today. Along with the advances in computer technology, computer imaging has progressed by leaps and bounds. Along with this, the number of competitive dental imaging companies has exploded. Now, instead of taking images of just one tooth, we can scan full arches. Two methods are now in use and competing with each other. One, takes still images and "stitches" together these images into a data base that can be transmitted over the internet to the lab for model fabrication to make a crown, bridge or denture. The other method uses video capturing and essentially does the same thing with regards to stitching and transmitting that data to the lab. Both systems whether it be a series of still pictures or a video capture of the image,

produce accurate replicas of your mouth and from the models produced, can allow the laboratory to fabricate beautiful restorations. Past systems required fairly large units, called cart systems, that resembled look-a-likes to R2D2 when used in the dental office, and required special software programs (closed systems) specific to their particular manufacturer in order to communicate that information to the lab (i.e. proprietary software). If your lab didn't have the right software, you were out of luck! However, now most newer systems are "open" and all labs can take them. In addition, the newest systems have traded the old mobile units (sorry R2D2!) for USB connections that can be used on any


So, the next time you're in your dentist's office you might be surprised if you need a crown, bridge or even a denture (coming soon!). The "early adoption" phase of digital impressions is moving into the "becoming widely accepted" phase. With more manufacturers entering the market and more competitive pricing as well as wider acceptance and use, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your dentist "scanning" your mouth without the old impression materials and enjoying a much more comfortable experience! Looks like 2015 will be a great year to see your dentist after all!


We are offering a $200 discount on all cosmetic ceramic (non-metallic) crowns through January 31st. We also offer a $79 cleaning, exam and necessary xrays PLUS power whitening, just $99 within 30 days of new patient cleaning special, and $200 off ceramic crowns for those without insurance.

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