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July 18, 2019

Volume 49 - No. 29

By Friedrich Gomez

Whether one believes in UFOs or extra-terrestrial spacecraft is not relevant here. The question is, can such mysterious anomalies such as UFOs (unidentified flying objects) on our military defense radar screens be mistaken for incoming enemy ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles)?

Officially, that question has long been answered by world governments, but only recently have declassified files revealed the true danger. It has come to light that UFOs have caused great international concern, confusion, and near-panic within the international strategic military defenses around the globe. Considering that such repercussions have already proved dangerous between nuclear-armed nations on 24/7 alert against any pre-emptive missile attack, this unexplained UFO situation demands serious contemplation. Why? Because the risk of accidentally triggering a massive nuclear war and the total end of human existence on Earth is greatly at stake.

UFOS ON RUSSIAN RADAR ALMOST TRIGGERED MILITARY RESPONSE. Declassified files reveal that in the past, there have been several internationallytense moments of concern, such as in 1982, when the Russian military picked up a formation of UFOs heading straight in their direction! Russian paranoia had them view these fast-moving targets as possible incoming American ICBMs in a probable nuclear preemptive (first strike) attack against Russia!

The Russian military machine has only precious seconds to determine if a ‘nuclear launch retaliation’ signal should be enacted! There is no time for a formal bureaucratic discussion with the Kremlin. It is a military axiom that the first strike by any nuclear-armed nation is the most advantageous one in any theoretical thermonuclear war. A preemptive nuclear attack has the greatest margin of victory, even though such a devastating exchange would be costly on both sides. With key groundcommand-posts immediately destroyed as first-priority targets, these radar missile-launch sites must be trained to act autonomously to ensure survival, at best. UFO VELOCITIES RESEMBLE ICBMs. When the Russian military radar shields were tracking these 1982 UFOs, the incoming UFO formation was moving at The Paper - 760.747.7119


email: thepaper@cox.net

speeds and ‘directional movement’ exactly matching airborne missiles, which further heightened the Russian alert-response military system. Then, suddenly, the UFOs broke formation and veered sharply off path and away from south-central Ukraine, the very area they were quickly descending on! (The sover-

eign state of Ukraine is bordered by Russia to the east and northeast and still maintains a Russian naval base there.) RUSSIA VOICES DEEP CONCERNS OVER UFOs TRIGGERING NUCLEAR WAR. In a most extraordinary expression of concern, the Russians published an article titled, “UFOs and Security,”

Declassified - See Page 2

(translated here from the original Russian), which appeared in the official Soviet Military Review.

Michael C. Luckman, from the Directory of the New York Center for UFO Research, called the Russian statement on UFOs and security, “An extraordinary admission that UFOs are real.”

The Paper • Page 2 • July 18, 2019

Declassified Cont. from Page 1

For nuclear-equipped nations, there is no greater height of concern and urgency than to eliminate any accidental launch of nuclear weapons on a massive, global scale – a true life possibility that, in the past, were almost instigated by the mysterious presence of UFOs on our combat defense systems.

This was far from being the first UFO encounter which pushed us to the very brink of World War III. That the heads of Russia, China, and the United States have already come dangerously close to suspecting incoming UFO formations as a squadron of enemy ICBMs have been kept highly classified to deter widespread public alarm and panic in these three superpower nations. U. S. PRESIDENT HAS ONLY MINUTES TO RESPOND TO UFOS. As if UFO confusion with the threat of a missile attack were not enough to worry over, adding to the crushing dilemma is the critical time factor. The leaders of all 3 major nuclear governments have only precious minutes to decide how to respond. This, obviously, includes the leader of the Western World, the U. S. President.

Whether China or Russia is making a legitimate mistake regarding confusing UFOs with a U.S. missile attack, or if they are intentionally launching a first-strike against the United States, the U.S. President must always be prepared to make the gravest of deci-

Give Us This Day Our Daily Chuckle This week, a compendium of wit, wisdom and neat stuff you can tell at parties. Enjoy!

One of my favorite writers, Samuel Clemens ... also known as Mark Twain, with some remarkable quotes:

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often, and for the same reason.”

“Familiarity breeds contempt – and children.” “If a man could be crossed with a cat, it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”

“If Christ were here there is one thing he would not be – a Christian.” *

(* Published after his death to avoid earthly rebuke although taking his chances in the Afterlife.) I went out for a ride-along with the Escondido police this morning. We were called to an apartment and found a woman holding a bloody 5-

sions -- on very short notice. Missiles launched from Russia, for example, would give the president approximately 20 minutes (at most) to make a decision for a full retaliation with thermonuclear missiles. This small window of time would involve a quick consultation with the head of the U. S. Strategic Command. However, to make an already-horrific scenario worse, the president might have as little as 5 minutes to respond, if missiles were launched from Russian submarines in the western Atlantic.

America’s Star Wars EW (Early Warning) satellites would detect Russian ICBMs less than 3 minutes after they were launched and targeting America’s mainland. In addition to the 3-minute alert from our earlywarning satellite shield, America’s premier radar tracking network, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), would afford their own personnel only a crucial, additional 3 minutes to scramble and quickly analyze and re-check all radar sensors to make certain – if an actual nuclear missile attack is raining down on American soil! There is, simply, no room for error.

It is a harrowing decision, because the balance of human civilization as we know it, is at stake! Such a hasty decision to launch a full retaliatory missile attack runs the risk of killing, literally, hundreds of millions of innocent people -- by mistake! iron standing over a lifeless man.

The detective asks, "Ma'am, is that your husband?" "Yes" says the woman.

"Did you hit him with that golf club?"

"Yes, yes, I did." The woman begins to sob, drops the club, and puts her hands on her face. "How many times did you hit him?"

"I don't know --put me down for a five." A Redneck Love Poem

Susie Lee done fell in love, she planned to marry Joe. she was so happy ‘bout it all, she told her pappy so.

Pappy told her, Susie Gal, you’ll have to find another. I’d just as soon yo’ ma don’t know, but Joe is yo’ half brother. So Susie put aside her Joe and planned to marry Will but after telling Pappy this, he said, “there’s trouble still.”

You can’t marry Will, my gal, and please do’t tell yo’ mother, but Will, and Joe, and several mo’ I know is yo’ half brother.

But Mama knew and said, my child, just do what makes yo’ happy, marry Will or marry Joe, you ain’t no kin to pappy.

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert , in five years there'd be a shortage of sand.” ~ Milton Friedman ...

As one high-ranking Air Force officer commented on the U. S. launching nuclear-tipped missiles: “Once they’re gone, they’re gone!”

UFOs PUT STRESS ON RUSSIA, CHINA, AND U. S. MILITARY DEFENSE SYSTEMS. Bruce Blair, an ex-Minuteman launch officer has gone on record emphasizing the tremendous stress-level that such a real, or mistaken, Russian attack, places on our military infrastructure, such as our “Command and Control Systems.” That UFOs invade international air space and then often ‘buzz’ (or fly at close quarters) to our sensitive, high-security military installations, creates extra havoc and, sometimes, dangerous internationally-tense moments of “launch or not-to-launch” nuclear missile scenarios. THE U. S. PRESIDENT’S SECRET BRIEF CASE. It was a crisis of another sort that gave birth to “The Nuclear Football.” The ‘football’ dates back to Dwight D. Eisenhower, but its more current usage became evident in the aftermath of the “Cuban Missile Crisis,” when John F. Kennedy, and our military network, became increasingly concerned over a possible Soviet preemptive nuclear missile strike from Cuba, just 90 miles off our shores. However, due to high-level secrecy of the time, the UFO phenomena also played a key role in the critical need to create the nuclear football. UFOs were viewed during the John F. Kennedy administration as an extreme danger of accidentally trig-

gering an all-out nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States. In a recently declassified memorandum dated November 12, 1963 and stamped “TOP SECRET,” Kennedy sends a message to the Central Intelligence Agency under the subject: “Classification Review of All UFO Intelligence Files Affecting National Security.” President Kennedy’s memo raised grave concerns over UFO activity which could endanger world peace by being mistakenly identified as incoming nuclear ICBMs, for both the Soviet Union and the United States. Kennedy proposes a mutual program of recognition of UFOs between both countries and ends his memorandum with: “This will help mission directors in their defensive responsibilities.” Sadly, before Kennedy’s UFO program could be initiated, he would be assassinated 10 days after submitting the above CIA memo. The legacy of UFOs, nevertheless, played a necessary role (which was cloaked in secrecy at the time) in the creation of the U. S. President’s Atomic Football, which remains a mainstay, to this day. Wherever the president goes there is always an armed presidential military aide close by who carries, at all times, a black briefcase that contains a book of nuclear codes in the event of a preemptive nuclear strike against the United States while he is away from

Declassified Cont. on Page 3

“ I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike.”

9) "This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot."

•••• I don't wanna say I'm getting old but lately I've noticed that whenever I eat out, they always ask for the money up front. •••• THESE ARE ALLEGEDLY "ACTUAL" QUOTES TAKEN FROM GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION REPORTS In Ontario..

12) "A gross ignoramus...144 times worse than an ordinary ignoramus."

Willie Nelson

1) "Since my last report, this employee has reached rock-bottom and has started to dig."

2) "I would not allow this employee to breed." 3) "This employee is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definite won't be."

4) "Works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a rat in a trap." 5) "When she opens her mouth, it seems that it is only to change feet." 6) "He would be out of his depth in a parking lot puddle."

7) "This young lady has delusions of adequacy." 8) "He sets low personal standards and then consistently fails to achieve them."

10) "This employee should go far, and the sooner he starts, the better." 11) "Got a full 6-pack, but lacks the plastic thingy to hold it all together." 13) "He doesn't have ulcers, but he's a carrier.."

14) "I would like to go hunting with him sometime." 15) "He's been working with glue too much." 16) "He would argue with a signpost."

17) "He brings a lot of joy whenever he leaves the room." 18) "When his IQ reaches 50, he should sell."

19) "If you see two people talking and one looks bored, he's the other one."

20) "A photographic memory but with the lens cover glued on." 21) "A prime candidate for natural deselection.."

22) "Donated his brain to science before he was through using it." 23) "Gates are down, the lights are flashing, but the train ain't coming."

24) "He's got two brains, one is lost

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Social Butterfly The Paper • Page 3 • July 18, 2019

Camp highlights: Monday, July 22 at noon: Archery with the youngest campers. Tuesday, 23rd at 1:30pm, Ropes course with teen campers. Wednesday, 24th at 7pm, Food wheel celebration with all campers and counselors. Thursday, 25th at 7pm, Camp dance with all campers and counselors. Friday, 26th at 4pm, all camp field time. For full camp schedule and information, contact Shannon@gomixte.com. Visit the website for the Seany Foundation’s annual Sibling Camp at

<https://www.theseanyfoundation.org/forfamily/seanys-camp-reach-for-the-sky/>. For more information about the Seany Foundation or to donate, visit https://www.theseanyfoundation.org/.

Evelyn Madison The Social Butterfly Email Evelyn at:


Summer Camp for Siblings of Cancer Patients – From July 22nd to July 27th, the Seany Foundation’s annual Sibling Camp for siblings of cancer patients will be held in Julian, CA, to “Create Memories in the Mountains.” The Seany Foundation’s camp gathers kids ages 8 to 17 whose siblings have, or have had, cancer. Throughout this camp in the mountains of Julian, these kids take part in activities from archery face-offs in an open field to a food wheel of crazy edible combinations, and the camp encompasses events from emotional support talk-time to paintball wars. Perhaps most importantly, they have time dedicated to discussing their siblings’ illness and the emotions that come along with it. Cancer is a family disease meaning when one person is diagnosed, everyone feels the impact. Sibling Camp provides a safe, supportive space for kids to relate to others going through the same experiences. This safe haven is both an escape from daily stresses, as well as an opportunity to grow and cope.

Declassified Cont. from Page 2

fixed command centers. This allimportant briefcase is referred to in a variety of vernacular such as, the “Nuclear Football” or “Atomic Football,” or “The Button,” and “The President’s Emergency Satchel.” It weighs approximately 45 pounds and has a small antenna protruding near the bag handle, according to Bill Gulley, the former director of the White House Military Office. The aide with the ‘football’ occasionally attaches it, physically, around his waist with a security cable. No chances are risked – the aide who is entrusted with the atomic football has undergone the nation’s highest and most rigorous background check, known as “Yankee White.” The nuclear football, itself, is a complicated mechanism containing retaliatory options and codes for the Emergency Alert System, with classified site locations for all our nuclear-launch areas, including our nuclear subs, which have nuclear warheads. Aside from ground and air-launch capability, our nuclear-strike submarines, such as the Ohio-class variety, remain a most effective deterrent against any preemptive strike against us. The Ohioclass guided-missile nuclear submarine is referred to as “The Ultimate Beast,” and for good reason. One sub is capable of taking out entire countries, by itself! To expound, one Ohio-class nuclear sub, for example, has the launch-power of 5,000 Hiroshima bombs! That is enough to not only turn entire countries into ash, but enough overkill to make the

The Seany Foundation raises funds to continue the Seany Camp Reach for the Sky, an annual camping adventure bringing happiness to kids affected by cancer. Seany camps provide a safe space for kids dealing with cancer. Kids can have fun, feel normal, and discover themselves with the company and support of peers experiencing similar struggles, while nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through time outdoors in nature.

organization was founded to meet the social and networking needs of ambitious, young professionals in the North County region. Meetups vary between casual mixers or meetings with an educational component. NCYP provides opportunities to meet new people, engage in leadership opportunities, and develop relationships that can help further your career or business.

Major Apollo 11 Exhibit at History Museum - The legendary aerospace figure John Leland Atwood of Valley Center, who appeared on the cover of Newsweek magazine with the headline "Apollo and the Moon Men," is featured in a major exhibition at the Valley Center History Museum that celebrates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first lunar landing on July 20, 1969. A model of the actual command module, designed by Atwood, is the centerpiece of the new display which also includes never-before seen mementos and photos provided to the museum by his family.

Young Professionals “Hoppy Hour” – On Tuesday, July 23, from 5pm-7pm, join the North County Young Professionals (NCYP) at the newly opened Eureka! In Carlsbad in Bressi Ranch for a fun filled “Hoppy Hour”. Enjoy games, food, drinks and lots of opportunities to connect with fellow young professionals. Cost is $10, includes admission and appetizers. Eureka! is located at 6021 Innovation Way, Suite 110, Carlsbad, 92009. Contact the Carlsbad Chamber at 5934 Priestly Drive, Carlsbad 92008, for more information and reservations. The North County Young Professionals, started by the Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, and Vista chambers of commerce, is geared towards young professionals ages 21-39 who are interested in professional development and networking. This

rubble bounce, multiple times! That the U.S. has 18 sister ships, all Ohioclass nuclear submarines with this capability -- and all are virtually undetectable, even when ‘running silent,’ at a high tactical speed -- renders any first-strike intention as suicidal for any aggressor!

All of this, as well as airborne command posts (SAC) are at the president’s disposal, which illustrates the unlimited power that any U.S. President possesses at the crossroads of decision-making which could invoke World War III. Nonetheless, it is a horrific scenario to be avoided at all costs. A scenario that UFOs have come close to triggering.

UFOs ARE SECRETLY A REQUIRED STUDY BY MAJOR NATIONS. That UFOs have already caused great international concern has made their study a requirement for all nuclear-armed nations. America, China, England, France, Israel, and Russia have, for years, secretly conducted research programs regarding UFOs and their possible threat to our security, as well as causing confusion and anxiety amongst co-existing countries on planet Earth. One official Russian UFO research program ran from 1978 to 1990. Some Russian UFO studies date much older than that; some are still in existence under classified status in 2019.

The motivation behind all major

A model of the actual Apollo 11 command module, designed by Valley Center aerospace executive John Leland Atwood, is on exhibit at the History Museum.

countries plunging into secret UFO research programs are all based on inter-country suspicions, military paranoia, and hostile mindsets. As one Pentagon official stated: “Much of the motivation for this interest (of UFOs) was the worry that the strange things being reported in the sky might be Soviet – or today, Russian or Chinese – aircraft.”

However, in the possibility that UFOs might be more than just unidentified flying objects, but, conceivably inter-planetary spacecraft from another world, then the Russian UFO guidelines clearly state (translated from Russian): “In the case of verifying actual paranormal (or space alien intelligence), any acquired extraterrestrial technology is to be applied for military use.”

SAN DIEGO’S 2004 UFO ENCOUNTER RAISES CONCERN. Just 19 months ago, on December 20, 2017, famed American astrophysicist, Neil de Grasse Tyson, appeared on a CNN interview (which can be viewed today on YouTube) and voiced concern over the celebrated 2004 UFO encounter over San Diego, California that was recently declassified, stating: “It’s a flying object and we don’t know what it is. I would hope somebody’s checking it out. I would hope there is a program of our defense department to make sure they (UFOs) do not pose a threat.” Neil de Grasse Tyson’s viewpoint pertained to a Pentagon’s UFO file (video) which was just released by

The Apollo 11 exhibition is scheduled to extend until the end of the year, and is likely to become a permanent display. The History Museum at 29200 Cole Grade Road is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12noon to 4pm. Admission is free. For more information, visit vchistory.org or call 760.749.2993.

Atwood, who lived on a 50-acre citrus grove on Betsworth Road, oversaw the entire Apollo program and is credited with designing more aircraft than any other person in history. He has been called the "Dean of Aerospace." During his residency in Valley Center, Atwood commuted by private plane to his office near LAX at North American Aviation where he served for 40 years as President and Chief Executive Officer. His personal pilot was Bill Kennedy who lived on Mesa Verde Drive near a private air strip. Five months after the first lunar landing, 17 aviation industry leaders, including some members of the Apollo 11 command module team, gathered at Atwood's Valley Center home to dedicate a bronze commemorative plaque that was mounted on a boulder. A replica of the plaque is on exhibit at the museum. The original remains in place at the former Atwood home site, which remains private property. Atwood died in 1999 at age 94.

Donations to the Foundation for Senior Wellbeing – If you missed the opportunity to GIVE65 to double your contribution, you can still donate to the Foundation for Senior Wellbeing. Funds are being raised for the Senior Information Resource Center, a program dedicated to improving the quality of life for North County’s older adults. All donations are 100 percent taxdeductible in the United States. For more information about the Foundation for Senior Wellbeing, visit www.thefoundationforseniorwellbeing.org or call 844.654.4636. Donations of $10 or more are accepted and always appreciated.

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 8

the U. S. Defense Department, in December of 2017. U. S. Navy pilot, Commander David Fravor, a veteran flier for 18 years, along with another pilot, Lt. Comdr. Jim Slaight, were sent to encounter a UFO off the coast of San Diego in November, 2004. An Operations officer onboard the San Diego-based, USS Princeton, a deadly Ticonderogaclass guided missile cruiser, hailed Fravor on his F/A-18 Super Hornet radio asking: “Are you carrying any weapons?” Both pilots answered in the negative – they were not carrying any weapons for possible hostile engagement. Fravor’s radio reply was: “Only two CATM-9s.” (The CATM-9s that Fravor referred to are only dummy missiles which cannot be fired since the two pilots were only on a training exercise.) The question from the guided-missile cruiser was followed by a directive for both pilots to approach the UFO. The cruiser’s orders were in Navy vernacular: “Well, we’ve got a realworld vector for you,” after which both pilots were instructed to make their approach to a “merge plot” -the vicinity of the UFO. The USS Princeton had been secretly tracking various UFO activities off the San Diego coastline for two weeks. The San Diego warship is ferociously armed and battle-tested with formidable naval guns, anti-air, anti-surface, and anti-submarine missiles, along with surface-to-surface launch capability and a phalanx of other unknown, classified firepower.

Declassified Cont. on Page 5

Local News

The Paper • Page 4 • July 18, 2019 Identity Theft Suspect

Do you recognize the woman in these photos? She is suspected of identity theft and withdrawing thousands of dollars from the victim's bank account.

Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward to anyone with information that leads to an arrest in this case. Two Arrested in Association with the Tamarack Avenue Stabbing

On July 10 at 4:56 a.m., officers detained a 36-year-old male, Jay Terry and a 35-year-old female, Lee Ann Borrell, in association with the stabbing of a 35-year-old white male on Tamarack Avenue. None of the involved parties have a current address. The investigation led officers to the 100 block of S. Pacific Street in Oceanside and with the assistance of the Oceanside Police Department, the pair were detained.

On April 2nd, the victim was notified several unauthorized withdrawals were made from a US Bank account. Two cash withdrawals happened at a US Bank located in Solana Beach. A third cash withdrawal happened at a US Bank in the City of San Diego. The total loss in fraudulent withdrawals was $3,450. Take a good look at the photo above. . The suspect is described as a White or Hispanic heavy set woman between 25 and 35-yearsold. She has shoulder length dark hair. However, she may be wearing a wig. She has tattoos on her left forearm and left hand between her thumb and index finger. If you know who this woman is, call the Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at (888) 580-8477. Crime

Further investigation resulted in the arrest of Terry for murder and Borrell for drug related charges and identity theft. Investigators believe the apparent stabbing was the result of a verbal altercation between Terry and the victim who were known to each other. Terry and Borrell will be booked into the Vista Detention Facility. Investigators do not believe there are any outstanding suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

The Police Department would like to thank the community members who reported the incident, and the Oceanside Police Department and California Highway Patrol for their assistance with this incident.

July 10, at 1:19a.m., the City of Carlsbad Police Department had

The bad news: He thinks she has lymphoma.

Man About Town

As many of you will recall from a recent accounting in this colun our local veterinarian examined Cindy, our Chug (Chihuahua/Pug Mix) and said he thought she had leukemia (cancer of the blood). He gave her Prednisone and that seemed to perk her up quite well. However, he referred us to another vet in Carlsbad, a vet who specializes in cancers.

We saw Dr. Gregory Ogilvie, a fine Scots lad, last Friday at 11:30. He is a brilliant veterinarian, served as a Professor at the University of Illinois, currently serves as a Professor at UCSD, has written a number of books on animals and oncology treatment. The good news: Dr. Ogilvie said he didn't think Cindy has leukemia.

He explained that there are 64 different forms of lymphoma, that they need to run some tests to determine which form of lymphoma it is, then they will know which treatment would be most effective. He kept Cindy for about two hours for examination and a biopsy of one of the lymph glands. That will be sent for a new test known as a FLOcytometry test, which analyzes the pathology and determines what type of lymphoma we're dealing with. Should know this week what form of lymphoma Cindy has, then we can begin appropriate treatment. Dr. Ogilvie administered chemotherapy to Cindy Friday and gave us prescriptions for four more drugs to give her daily; we are to see him again tomorrow, Friday.

Worse news: Dr. Ogilvie is a brilliant veterinarian. The best in the profession. He is also very expensive. When we walked into the clinic I could see, given the size of the clinic and the roster of highly educated veterinarians, and given that they have three locations throughout Southern California, that this was a big operation. Big operations are expensive. It takes a lot of money to pay the rent on these fancy clinics and to pay the salaries and profit sharing for the highly talented staff. Even worse news: The 25 week course of treatment the Dr. recom-

received a call about a fight occurring in the street in the 800 block of Tamarack. It was further reported that one man was down in the street and a second man had fled.

Officers arrived in two minutes and found a man in the street with what appeared to be stab wounds.

Officers provided advanced aid to the victim. The Fire Department took over aid and began transporting the victim to a local hospital. The white male adult was pronounced deceased at the hospital. Arrest Made in Escondido’s Regal Theatre Shooting

On Friday, June 28, 2019, at about 8:45 PM, a Hispanic male juvenile was shot once in the left calf while standing in front of the Regal Escondido Stadium 16 theater at 350 W. Valley Pkwy. in Escondido. The suspects included three Hispanic males who fled the scene in a purple Scion Xb. On Friday, July 5, 2019, at about 5:45 PM, detectives assigned to the Special Investigations Division located and arrested a 20-year-old Escondido resident in connection with this shooting. The arrest was followed by the execution of a search warrant at the suspect’s residence. The suspect (whose name is being withheld to protect the integrity of the investigation while additional witnesses are located) remains in custody in lieu of $1.2 million bail.

mended will run $8,000. I love Cindy. So does Evelyn. But I told Evelyn, "$8,000 is too much to invest in one dog. We could rescue 100 dogs for $8000!"

We both decided to think on it before making a final decision but I know what my decision is already. I hope to have bought Cindy about two more years of high quality life. If/when she begins to suffer I'll strongly recommend we put her down. No one wants her to suffer. I picked up the tab for Friday's visit, $1532.00. I'll pick up this week's tab as well, probably around $750. So, while I do not support paying $8000 for her treatment I've committed to, probably, around $3000. (Folks who don't own dogs don't understand that. Those that do, do.) But that's it. After two weeks of treaetment we'll see how she's responded, what the new prognosis is - and then take appropriate action. Which, to my mind, is to let Cindy continue to live her high quality life for as long as she is able. Evelyn may take a bit longer to make up her mind. We both already agree that if/when she begins to suffer and no longer enjoys a high quality of life, we will have her put down.

On the way home she was very well behaved, was happy to see her mommy and daddy; she arrived home and Trixie, our other pup, was overjoyed to see her and they both sniffed each other and then went about their business just like any

Letters to the Editor A Fan of Our Writers

Just picked up a copy of The Paper at J&M Restaurant and enjoyed the article by Kent Ballard titled "The Frog Who Dreamed of Being a King." It came as a bit of a shock to learn of his passing. When did he die? Editor’s Note: Kent passed several years ago. His widow, Tess, survives him and we are in touch.

I remember a couple of his old articles and often wondered what happened to him. On

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 9

other day. (Trixie had been moody all day; refused to go outside. She was brooding because she was not allowed to go with mommy when they left this morning. When they all returned safely, all was forgiven.) It's was a long day. And an expensive one. Sometimes Life Just Ain't Fair.

Our thanks to Dr. Ogilvie and his brilliant staff. We could not have asked for better service. A team of top notch professionals! •••• More interesting people, from Friedrich Gomez: Cruisin' Grand is truly timeless.

Beneath the beard and grey hair, therein lies a timeless youth, evergreen, and forever young at heart. On the left is a fixture at Cruisin' Grand, a man who is there every Friday night (during Cruisin Grand) who merely goes under the name of

Man About Town Cont. on Page 5

The Paper • Page 5 • July 18, 2019

Declassified Cont. from Page 3

As such, the Princeton was concerned over any possible hostile aircraft activity, including the UFO, over its home-port of San Diego, which she is diligently trained to protect at all costs. According to the Princeton’s secret surveillance, the UFOs popped onto their radar scans at 80,000 feet, then suddenly dive-bombed towards San Diego’s ocean waters, finally stopping and hovering above the water at approximately 20,000 feet. At all times, the UFOs were “locked-on” by the Princeton’s radar, a previous step to unleashing any lethal firepower. By the time both Navy pilots merged close to the UFO, it was now hovering just 50-feet above the water, as if studying something below the ocean’s surface. With the ocean waters churning beneath the UFO object, Fravor got a clear view: “Getting a great, clear look at it, now. It’s about 40’ long.” Then Fravor’s voice crackled over the radio transmission: “Look at that thing! It’s rotating!!”

The UFO propulsion confused both pilots. As Fravor stated, it just didn’t seem possible, at least by any known earthly standards, for such an airborne craft to maneuver and hover the way it did. Fravor explained: “It’s not possible with technology today. It has no exhaust, vapor trail, or (discernable) internal propulsion. In less than 2 seconds, it was gone! You’re talking 50 miles of clear visi-

Chuckles Cont. from Page 2

and the other is out looking for it."

25) "If he were any more stupid, he'd have to be watered twice a week."

26) "If you give him a penny for his thoughts, you'd get change." 27) "If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean."

28) "It's hard to believe he beat off 1,000,000 other sperm." 29) "One neuron short of a synapse."

30) "Some drink from the fountain of knowledge; he only gargled." 31) "Takes him 2 hours to watch '60 minutes'."

32) "The wheel is turning, but the hamster is dead." A fool and his money can throw one helluva party.

I have to quickly call my stockbroker. I just got an insider tip that Wurlitzer and Xerox are merging and will make reproductive organs. Everyone tells you that smoking will kill you

What they don’t tell you is that it cures salmon.

bility and this thing just disappeared in seconds!”

When both pilots returned to the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, he replied to his fellow pilots: “I have no idea what I saw. It had no plumes, wings or rotors and outran our F-18s.”

That was back in 2004 and the U. S. Naval Intelligence classified it as: “Tic Tac UFO.” The recently declassified documents and UFO video were released by the U. S. Pentagon, and the New York Times was among the first to publish it. U. S. Navy Commander pilot, David Fravor, has been more open on his mysterious UFO encounter off San Diego’s coastline. When Fravor was later asked on network TV how fast he calculated the UFO’s airborne speed to have been, the veteran military flier answered: “Well, way beyond supersonic! Like a bullet out of a gun!” Under further questions from his TV interview Favor clarified: “No human physiology could’ve survived the ‘G-force’ of that speed.” Looking back on it, 15 years after the incident, Commander David Fravor is now more certain of what he saw that sunny San Diego day: “Something not from the Earth,” he reportedly told the media with great conviction.

Though famed astrophysicist, Neil de Grasse Tyson, does not yet subscribe to inter-planetary visitors, his admonition bears repeating here: “It’s a flying object and we don’t know what it is. I would hope somebody’s checking it out. I would hope

Man About Town Cont. from Page 4

"Nudie." Nudie is widely loved by everyone and has been photographed by visitors from everywhere, including China. On this particular night, a young teenager visiting from Denmark took his photo. Nudie always parks his motorcycle at the very same spot, year-afteryear: on the corner of Grand Ave and Kalmia Ave., right in front of the popular Laurel Glen Gift Store (158 E. Grand Ave.).

Next time you're at Cruisin' Grand, stop and say hello to Nudie! Nudie's photo has appeared in various publications and each Friday there are, literally, countless folk who stop, chat, and snap his photo! Nudie was born right here in Escondido in 1946 at the old Escondido Hospital. With Nudie is a gentleman named Verne (aka Tim) who has affiliations at Rincon. Both are timeless, living examples of the spirit of Cruisin' Grand and how it lives on in the lives and memories of countless Americans. (Note: Verne is not always at Cruisin' Grand, but Nudie is.) Editor’s Note: It seems that Friedrich just might become the real “Man About Town.” He’s at most

there is a program of our defense department to make sure they do not pose a threat.”

take kindly to such UFO intrusions over sensitive airspace! Especially if such incoming objects resemble ICBMs!

Whether UFOs are unexplained natural phenomena, or extraterrestrial in origin, nuclear nations, today, have two primary points of interest:

THE LAST RESORT. In a worstcase scenario, if global nuclear war is triggered by UFO confusion over our radar tracking from land, sea, and satellite, the president must be kept informed at all times, depending on the level of airborne alert. On more dire occasions, the president would be taken aside by the ‘carrier’ of the ‘nuclear football’ (described earlier in this article) and the briefcase opened. The president would then quickly review/evaluate the ‘attack option,’ which could range from a single surface-to-air anti-missile launch or multiple ICBM retaliatory launches -again, depending on the perceived incoming attack scenario. The U.S. has a ‘two-man rule’ in place, and while only the president can order the release of nuclear weapons, his order must be confirmed by the Secretary of Defense, or the hierarchy of succession, if the Secretary of Defense is killed. Before the order can be processed by the military, the president must be positively identified using a special code issued on a plastic card, nicknamed the “biscuit.” During their presidencies, both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan preferred to carry the code card, or biscuit, in their pockets. Only briefly, in the past, were presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush,

1. If UFOs are unexplained natural phenomena, we must develop a better science to distinguish UFOs from the threat of incoming ICBMs. This is of the highest priority since it involves preserving world peace. 2. If UFOs prove to be of otherworldly origin and of intelligent design, then any such mechanics and knowledge would be applied for military use. As self-serving as this may sound, military strategist state the paramount importance for any nation to gain a superior military advantage whenever the opportunity presents itself. In today’s world, UFOs have emerged as a real, major, contemporary concern, causing added tension and suspicion between today’s already-hostile-and-suspicious nations, including North Korea.

Especially when UFOs are picked up on radar over “sensitive installations and nuclear bases.” Declassified documents show that UFOs have caused havoc and alarm for U.S.–Canada radar (NORAD) which is our earlywarning radar screen that protects us from unprovoked airborne attack. Squadrons of UFOs have shown up as radar blips, and tracked at missilespeeds (exceeding) 18,000 mph. Our military defense network does not

Declassified Cont. on Page 6 July 2019

The mission of DTSC is to protect California’s peopl p e and environment from harmful effects of toxic substances by restoring contaminated resources, enforcing hazardous waste laws, reducing hazardous waste generation, and encouraging the manufacture of chemically safe products.

Hazardous Waste Emergen e cy Permit For

DRS DAYLIGHT SOLUTIONS CORPORA ATION 15378 Avenue of Science, San Diego, Califfornia 92128

Para información en español por ffaavor comuníquese con Manuel Lopeez al número (818) 717-6575 EMERGENCY PERMIT: The California Department of Toxic Sub bstances Control (DTSC) issued an Emergency Permit to DRS Daylight Solutions (DRS) for onsite treatmentt of an expired chemical. The item that was treated included a 2-liter containerr of Tetrahy a drofuran. The item was stored at DRS located att 15378 Avenue off Science, San Diego, CA 92128 128.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services had been contracted e to conduct this treatment. This chemical was potentially reactive and unsafe for transport in its previous state. The treatment involved the addition of liquid solution to the container to stabbilize the chemical and took place in an exclusion zone nearr the storage location. Once the chemical was treated, it was transported offsite forr proper management. DTSC had determined that this chemical posed an imminent and substantial endangerment to human health and the environment if not properly managed. Therefore, an emergency permit was issued. This Emergency Permit was effective from April 22, 2019 through June 24, 2019. The Emergency Permit included measures to minimize any adverse impact to the community and the environment. CALIFORNIA ENVORONMENTAL QUALITY ACT (CEQA): DTSC had determined that the project was exempt from the requirements of CEQA and had filed a Notice of Exemption (NOE) with the State Clearinghouse. The Emergency Permit, NOE, DRS’s request for this project are available for review at the file room located at: DTSC Cal Center Regional Offfice 8800 Cal Centerr Drive Sac a ramento, California 95826 26 (916) 255 55-3758, call forr an appointment CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions or conncerns, please contact: Parisa Khosraviani Project Manager (916) 255-6559 Parisa.Khosraviani@dtsc.ca.gov

Tim Chauvel Publ u ic Participation Specialist (714) 484-5487 Tim.Chauvel@dtsc.ca.govv

Russ Edmondson 3XEOLF,QIRUPDWLRQ2I¿FHU (916) 323-3372 Russ.Edmondson@dtsc.ca.gov

NOTICE TO HEARING IMPAIRED: TTY users may use the California Relay Service @ 711 or 1-800-855-7100. You may also contact the Public Participation Specialist listed at the end of this update.

Man About Town Cont. on Page 11

The Paper • Page 6 • July 18, 2019

Declassified Cont. from Page 5

and more recently, Bill Clinton, separated from the ‘football,’ but such scenarios have since been rectified by newly-placed measures and safeguards. It should be noted that on more dire occasions, the ‘football’ has been ‘accessed’ due to UFO manifestations on NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). NORAD conducts aerospace warning, aerospace control, and maritime warning in the defense of North America, guarding against any real, or suspected, airborne attack. UFOs have caused great concern to defense networks from the world’s superpower nations. In short, UFO sightings are a growing concern from the standpoint of national security.

For matters of clarification, initially, the term UFO was defined in its acronym as any ‘unidentified flying object,’ a definition which could apply to any airborne object that cannot be positively identified or explained. However, down through the years “UFO” has become collectively acceptable as “colloquially synonymous” with extraterrestrial (ET) spacecraft. In one respect, the public-demand to have the U.S. Government divulge all revelations regarding any possible UFO technology or related research in Area 51, is an unrealistic request, in the name of national security. However, on the other hand, some measure of truth is, rationally, insisted upon, especially when dealing with public safety. For example, another near-air-collision occurred over the U.K. which, allegedly, involved a UFO. The encounter involved a A320 Airbus over British airspace en route to Glasgow (Scotland) Airport, with a full load of passengers onboard. The near-collision occurred at an altitude of 4,000 feet when an object passed about 300 feet underneath it. The incident, which involved 150 passengers onboard, was officially recorded on the cockpit transcript: Airbus: “Glasgow approach.” Tower: “Pass your message.” Airbus: “Er, yeah . . . we just had something pass underneath us quite close and nothing on TCAS, have you got anything going on in your area?” Tower: “Uh, negative . . . we’ve got nothing on radar and we’re not talking to any traffic either.” Airbus: “Er . . . not quite sure what it was but it definitely, uh, was quite large and it’s blue and yellow.” Tower: “Ok, that’s understood, er do you have an estimate for the object’s altitude?” Airbus: “Maybe er, yeah we were probably about um, four hundred to five hundred feet above it, so its altitude was probably about three-anda-half thousand feet.” This close-encounter could have proved deadly for all onboard! The airbus took quick, evasive action with whatever they physically encountered in their airspace. The abrupt and sudden maneuver by the Airbus proved a most serious and frightening experience, especially for

its passengers! Search action was taken with no results and the A320 pilot stated his intention to file a report to Airprox, which investigates near-air-collisions, including UFOs. Interestingly, many passengers saw the object speed off, even though air traffic control reported no trace or presence of any large objects in the area at the time of the incident, which was classified as a “Close Encounter, Category One.” However, an interesting clue surfaced later during the ongoing investigation. Radar operators at Prestwick, about 30 miles southwest of Glasgow had picked up a UFO about 1.3 nautical miles east of the Airbus A320’s position, only 28 seconds earlier. Could it be that such aircraft, if extraterrestrial in origin, can use a radar stealth-cloaking technology, as we currently employ in our stealth aircraft today, which are created from our own Area 51 located in the Nevada desert?

The right for the public to know something of these phenomena is, in such cases as cited above, is certainly justified. In 2012, the head of the National Air Traffic Control Services disclosed that they detected, on average, one UFO every month. As such, Dr. David Clarke, a Sheffield Hallam academician, who is the UFO consultant for the National Archives, said, “The aviation authorities obviously think this is something they should continue to look into and if you are a regular air traveler, you are likely to agree.” Again, in this regard, air travelers certainly have the right to know more about UFOs since they can directly affect their public safety. THE LEGACY OF UFOs. Sightings of UFOs that are thought to be of extraterrestrial origins have been reported by extremely reliable sources, such as by astronauts, U.S. Presidents, or foreign leaders. It is a well-known fact that the term ‘foo fighter’ was in broad use by our Allied pilots during World War II. These strange UFOs were variously described in the skies in both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations. ‘Foo fighter’ was the designated terminology by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, as well as other segments of operation, to describe aerial phenomena from that period. Foo fighters began to be formally reported by our Allied airplane pilots from about November 1944 onward. Interestingly, Allied and Axis forces suspected these Foo fighters to be secret weapons from the enemy. Conversely, the German and Japanese pilots thought these extraordinary Foo fighters to be of American or British origin. These aerial anomalies were never fully explained by our military intelligence and have, for the most part, been kept highly classified, to this day.

Foo fighters were first encountered by Allied Forces flying over Germany in 1944, whereby fighter pilots reported them as, “fast-moving round objects,” that appeared to be following and ‘toying’ with their aircraft. These same airmen, consistently, reported that these UFOs flew in formation and behaved, “As if under intelligent control, but they never displayed hostile behavior. However, they could not be outma-

Emergency Response

California is no stranger to natural and man-made emergencies. The recent quakes in Kern and San Bernardino Counties are another reminder that living in the Golden State has a price. The State Constitution grants immense power to the Governor to deal with emergencies. The Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), which began as the State War Council in 1943, coordinates California’s response to emergencies. A formal emergency declaration, which must include a detailed description of the existing situation in the affected region, sets in motion a wide range of emergency powers.

Among these are mobilization of the National Guard to support disaster relief, the suspension of laws and regulations that could hinder cleanup including the removal of debris and hazardous waste, streamlining the permitting process for waste discharge, emergency construction, timber harvesting and much more. A declaration of emergency also opens up avenues to funding through grants and with the federal government. The Governor can commandeer public and private property to ensure that all available resources are dedicated to the emergency. State agencies are empowered to procure materials, goods

neuvered or shot down.” (Associated Press correspondent, Bob Wilson, December, 1944.) On January 15, 1945, Time Magazine ran a “Foo Fighter” story which dazzled its readership. The article reported “Foo fighters” that looked like “balls of fire” and followed USAAF night fighters for over a month! Scientists tried to explain them away as “illusions, probably caused by afterimages of dazzle from flak bursts.” Such rationalizations were not accepted by the general public, and especially not by experienced fighter pilots who were too-experienced in dealing with such flimsy explanations. The alleged retrieval of alien technology from the so-called flying saucer crash site near Roswell, New Mexico, is a very muddled and conflicting story. Nevertheless, the late Lt. Colonel Phillip J. Corso, U.S. Army, and President Eisenhower’s science advisor, and member of the National Security Council (in the 1950s), and who was assigned to Research and Development at the Pentagon, confirms in his memoirs that there was a UFO crash, near Roswell, New Mexico; that he was involved in “reverse engineering” whereby alien technology was “decoded” for U.S. industry, at large. According to Corso, “Artifacts harvested from the spacecraft led to today’s integrated circuit chips, fiber optics, lasers, and stealth technology.” (“The Day After Roswell,” Pocket Books, 1997, with William J. Birner.) Many other high-ranking people have broken their silence on the erstwhile taboo subject of UFOs

and services necessary for response. The OES can direct that fairgrounds and other state properties are made available as places to shelter persons being evacuated. Fees are suspended for replacement of official documents that have been damaged or lost such as driver’s licenses, or birth and marriage certificates. As we have just seen with the recent earthquakes, a state emergency declaration often leads to federal disaster assistance as well.

Government has a huge role to play when disasters strike. But so do all Californians. The prime responsibility for protecting ourselves and our families is ours. We need to be prepared, and have our emergency plans ready. The “big one,” in whatever form, is inevitable. Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the communities of Bonsall, Escondido, Fallbrook, Hidden Meadows, Pala, Palomar Mountain, Pauma Valley, Rainbow, San Marcos, Temecula, Valley Center and Vista.

and extraterrestrial life forms and spacecraft. In 1971, Apollo 14 Astronaut, Capt. Edgar D. Mitchell said, “We all know that UFOs are real. All we need to ask is where do they come from?” In a letter to the United Nations, in 1978, Mercury 7 Astronaut, Col. Gordon Cooper wrote: “I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets and are obviously more advanced than we are . . .” In a memorandum written on July 10, 1947, and released under the Freedom of Information Act, FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, expressed a complaint that the U.S. Army denied the FBI access to crashed UFOs. In part, he states: “We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. In the case of the Army, they grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination.” Former USSR leader, Mikhail Gorbachev was quoted as saying, “The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously.” (Soviet Youth Magazine, May 4, 1990.) President Richard Nixon was more blunt, “I’m not at liberty to discuss the government’s knowledge of extraterrestrial UFOs at this time. I am still, personally, being briefed on the subject.” It has been postulated, that if the United States government does, indeed, have physical information of UFO vehicles and their occupants, this information would exist at the very highest possible level of security, even more so than our nuclear or

Declassified Cont. on Page 7

The Paper • Page 7 • July 18, 2019

Declassified Cont. from Page 6

atomic weaponry. On November 20, 2003, between 9:00 and 9:20 a.m., radar from the FAA and NORAD detected unknown radar targets referred to as UFOs within restricted airspace above the White House and President George W. Bush and First Family were ordered to evacuate to an underground bunker below the White House. NORAD scrambled two U. S. fighter aircraft to engage but the UFOs had “shot-off.” Fox News, Reuters, and CNN covered the story.

And so it remains, a most delicate and terrible threat which UFOs present to our very existence, all muddled and mysteriously cloaked beneath the veil of secrecy. Nonetheless, several prominent leaders such as Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter have gone on record as having experienced UFOs. However, others have remained tight-lipped. When George W. Bush was asked on an episode of TV’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show if he had ever seen a UFO, Bush’s reply was short and curt: “I’m not telling you anything.” (The video can be seen today.) PROBLEMS OF A DIFFERENT SORT. In the final analysis, if UFOs remain unexplained phenomena that we must quickly find a resolution to distinguish them from enemy blips on our radar. If, on the other hand, UFOs prove to be space craft from another planet, then per-

haps we should pay heed to the late scientist Stephen Hawking who warned us all: “Intelligent space aliens could destroy humanity.” The famous British scientist expresses his fears that such a race of superadvanced space aliens might just wipe out the human race in the same manner a human might think nothing of wiping out a colony of ants. Hawking cites human history as a lesson: “If you look at history, contact between humans and less intelligent organisms have often been disastrous from their point of view. Encounters between civilizations with advanced versus primitive technologies have gone badly for the less advanced. A civilization reading one of our messages (sent out into space) could be billions of years ahead of us. If so, they will be vastly more powerful, and may not see us as any more valuable than we see bacteria.”

On that cheery note, I’ll simply let our readership decide for themselves. But, as one BBC interviewer said of Stephen Hawking’s scary remarks: “Now that’s a bedtime story for the kids!”

The author, Friedrich Gomez, pictured above, has now had his 133rd cover story published by The Paper!


Ernest Shackleton, Antarctic explorer (1874-1922) The advertisement above, placed in a London newspaper in 1912, inspired nearly 5,000 replies. Shouldn’t you be advertising in The Paper, your local, community paper?

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Historically Speaking by Tom Morrow

Arizona’s ‘Rough-Riding’ Legend

Out of the untamed Wild West came a number of tales, legends, and an equal amount of true stories. Few of those accounts would top the ones told about William Owen “Bucky” O'Neill – newspaperman, town marshal, judge, county sheriff, local militia leader, city mayor, and, captain in the famed “Roosevelt Rough Riders” of 1898.

he ran for Delegate to the Legislature of the Arizona Territory. During this time, one of his best friends was the infamous cattle regulator Tom Horn. In 1897, after years of speculating on mines, he sold a group of claims near the Grand Canyon to Chicago backers, who also proposed building a railroad from Williams to the mines and the south rim. In 1897, O'Neill helped introduce a bill in the Territorial Legislature allowing women to vote in municipal elections, however the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the bill. In 1898, war broke out between the United States and Spain. O'Neill joined Teddy Roosevelt’s all-volunteer Rough Riders, becoming Captain of Troop A.

The Rough Riders landed at Daiquirí, Cuba on June 22, 1898. On July 1, 1898, the Rough Riders and the 10th Cavalry were stationed below Kettle Hill where O’Neill was killed. Col. Theodore Roosevelt, commander of the Rough Riders, wrote in his report about the death of his captain:

“The most serious loss that I and the regiment could have suffered befell just before we charged. O'Neill walked up and down his troops. His men begged him to lie down, and one of the sergeants yelled, ‘Captain, a bullet is sure to hit you.’”

O’Neill was born the first of four children on Feb. 2, 1860, in St. Louis, Missouri. During the first part of 1879, when he was 19 years old, O'Neill answered an item in the Washington Star newspaper calling for men to migrate to the Arizona Territory. He arrived in Phoenix riding a burro in September that same year. Upon arrival he was hired as a printer by the Phoenix Herald newspaper. By late 1880, O'Neill had become bored with the position and sought to experience the "Real West" in the boomtown of the notorious Tombstone in southern Arizona.

In Tombstone, O'Neill took the opportunity to experience the local saloons before taking a job with The Tombstone Epitaph newspaper. Just where he ventured to next is unknown. But, in early 1882, he was back in Phoenix working as a deputy marshal. Later that year, O'Neill moved to Prescott, his home for the next 15 years.

O'Neill arrived in Prescott and rapidly progressed in his journalistic career, starting as a court reporter. He soon founded his own newspaper, Hoof and Horn, a paper for cattlemen and ranchers. In 1886, he became captain of the Prescott Grays, the local unit of the Arizona Militia. That year he married Pauline Schindler and had a son, but the child died shortly after in a premature birth. In 1888, while serving as Yavapai County judge, he was elected county sheriff, running on the Republican ticket.

After his term as county judge was up, O'Neill was elected unanimously Mayor of Prescott. In 1894 and 1896

As the story was told by his men, O'Neill took his cigarette out of his mouth, and blowing out a cloud of smoke laughed and said, “Sergeant, the Spanish bullet isn't made that will kill me.” Soon after a bullet struck him in the head killing him instantly. O’Neill’s men buried him on the slope of San Juan Hill. After the war, his family and friends asked the War Department to find and recover his body. Despite it being eight months since his death, O’Neill’s well-preserved body was found, exhumed, placed in a coffin, and returned to the United States. He was reinterred in Arlington National Cemetery. The epitaph on his gravestone reads: "Who would not die for a new star on the flag?" On July 3, 1907, a monument by sculptor Solon Borglum was dedicated to O'Neill and the other Rough Riders in their memory on the lawn of the Yavapai County courthouse in Prescott. Some 7,000 people gathered to witness the unveiling. Borglum’s dynamic sculpture of O’Neil depicts a “Rough Rider” on horseback. This monument is a “must-see” when visiting Prescott, the one-time capital of the Arizona Territory.

The Paper • Page 8 • July 18, 2019

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 3

Matching grants and financial prizes amplify charitable donations to make each dollar have an even greater impact on seniors throughout the U.S. The Foundation for Senior Wellbeing, P.O.Box 1896, San Marcos, CA 92079. Phone 760.891.8176.

EAA Annual Art Blow-Out Sale - The Escondido Art Association, an all-volunteer non-profit art organization, will be holding its annual fundraising event to help support the mission of promoting the arts in North County San Diego. The annual Art Blow-Out Sale will be held during the week of Monday, July 29 through Saturday, August 3, at the Artists Gallery, 121 W. Grand Ave., Escondido. Hours of operation are from 11:00am - 4:00pm daily, with an 8:00pm closing on Friday, August 2nd.

This is an event where artists are de-cluttering to make room for their next creations. Original artwork, prints, greeting cards, jewelry, painted leather purses, crafts, and much more will be sold. Originally higher priced paintings will be drastically reduced, along with lesser value artwork -- everything MUST GO. Please visit the EAA website, www.escondidoartassociation.com for more information, or call the Artists Gallery at 760.489.0338.

Art in the Village Celebrates its 21st Year - The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is hosting its 21st Annual Art in the Village event on August 11th, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Thousands of art enthusiasts come out to this event each year to admire artwork by over 110 local and regional artists through a wide variety of artistic mediums for a one-day, open-air art show. Several new breakfast and lunch venues, coffee shops, wine bars, and fine dining restaurants are located near the art show. The event will also include live painting and sculpting demos as well as live music.

Celebrating the dynamic art culture in Carlsbad Village and the surrounding areas, this annual event attracts thousands of art enthusiasts each year and features oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, photography, mixed media, new media, classical and contemporary sculpture, as well as artisans who work in the mediums of jewelry, woodworking, furniture, pottery, hand-painted clothing and accessories. Art in the Village is sponsored by the City of Carlsbad Cultural Arts Department and Mission Federal Credit Union. Starting at 9:00am, just blocks from Carlsbad State Beach, attendees can browse dynamic exhibits and meet the artists along State Street and Grand Avenue. Live sculpting and painting demos will also take place throughout the day. Returning to Art in the Village this year: The Family Open Studios, operated by the City of Carlsbad, will be available for art-making projects for the whole family. Student Art Pavilion showcasing the incredible artwork of young artists from Carlsbad’s middle and high schools. In addition to singers from New Village Arts performing a cabaret program from one of their recent stage productions, musical groups featuring jazz, R&B and contemporary music, will perform on the city’s 20’ X 24’ TGIF Concerts in the Parks stage. For more information, visit www.carlsbad-village.com/events/art-in-the-village. The Carlsbad Village Association (CVA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization whose core purpose is to lead the continual improvement of Carlsbad Village, making it the premier gathering place in North County San Diego. EAA "Upcycle It" Art & Fashion Show The Escondido Art Association will hold an “Upcycle It” Art and Fashion Show at the Artists Gallery at 121 Grand Avenue, Escondido, during the month of August. Framed artwork entries must consist of at least 75% recycled material, as must any wearable fashion show entry. The show will run from Tuesday, August 6 through Saturday, August 31, 2019 (closed Sun. & Mon.) with the Reception taking place on

2nd Saturday, August 10th, from 5:00– 8:00pm. Ribbon awards will be presented at 6:00pm.

Above: Last year's winners Rosemarie Woldin & Kasturi Rangan

Those entering the fashion show component may design either a complete outfit or may choose to design an individual accessory or wearable item which they will model in the Fashion Show that will take place immediately following the Awards Ceremony. Participants need not be EAA

members, but will have to pay non-member entry fees for artwork. A non-member entry fee of $10 will be charged for Fashion Show only participants.

The Escondido Art Association is a non-profit art organization dedicated to supporting the arts and community since 1956. Our Artists Gallery located on Grand Avenue is staffed and operated by our Gallery Director and a pool of dedicated volunteers. The EAA welcomes new members. For more information or to join the EAA, visit our website at www.escondidoartassociation.com. “State of the Community” Event in Carlsbad – The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce presents the 2019 State of the Community Luncheon on Friday, August

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 9

The Paper • Page 9 • July 18, 2019

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 4

another note, our rather large family met your writer Frederick Gomez at Cruising Grand here in Escondido. Have a question for you. What is his marital status? Single, married, girlfriend?

Editor’s Note: Friedrich is single, has several very attractive girl friends but has yet to settle down into matrimony. The reason I ask is because my oldest daughter and her two friends were rather smitten by him. They're all university students at UCSD in La Jolla with a B.A. degree and now doing their graduate work for their Masters. If you can forward my email to him the girls would be overjoyed, to put it mildly. I've been designated as the "middle man" because the girls don't wish to be "too forward." Editor’s Note: Consider the message forwarded. I have a hunch Friedrich will read this.

Anyway, keep up the good work with The Paper. You've got a great circle of writers like Pete Peterson and Tom Morrow. And of course

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 8

23, 10:45am-2:00pm, at the Westin Carlsbad Resort & Spa, 5480 Grand Pacific Drive, Carlsbad, 92008. Join more than 500 business, civic and community leaders as we convene to discuss the state of our community. Formerly known as State of the City, the 2019 State of the Community Luncheon provides attendees with a unique opportunity to listen to and meet with leaders in Carlsbad, and learn more about the city's priorities and vision, and will feature Matt Hall, Mayor, City of Carlsbad; Ben Churchill, Superintendent, Carlsbad Unified School District; and Claude Jones, Director of Engineering, Walmart Labs. This event sells out so reserve your tickets today by calling the Carlsbad Chamber. Bonsall Woman’s Club Contributes to Canine Companions for Independence Canine Companions for Independence, a 501(c)3 national organization established in 1975, provides expertly trained assistance dogs that enhance the lives of people with disabilities. These assistance dogs

Frederick Gomez who we have long-been fans.

Back to Kent Ballard, I recall a story he wrote called "Navy Blue Secrets" years ago which I still have. Was he in the Navy?

Editor’s Note: Don’t believe Kent was in the service. He had a brother who was in the Marines. The Kent Ballard story that really got me in the gut was his "Skipping Thru That Lonesome Valley" in 2014 about bipolar depression. Was Mr. Ballard bipolar, himself?

Editor’s Note: Yes, Kent was biploar and we worried about him constantly. In fact, his daughter was bipolar and committed suicide around Christmas time. Every year, when Christmas rolled around, we worried whether Kent would also take himself out of this world. We knew it was a tough time for him - but he died following a fast moving cancer and then, as I recall, a blood clot broke off from his lung and went to his brain. That’s when Kent left us. Way too early. Never met him in person but knew him for years via his writing. Paul and Nome Van Middlesworth, owners of The Computer

Golden Retrievers, and a cross of the two to be assistance dogs. Volunteers care for the breeder dogs and nurture newborn puppies for eight weeks. The puppies then spend the next 14-18 months with volunteer puppy raisers who provide basic obedience training, socialization, and care. Professional Canine Companions instructors teach the dogs to master over 40 commands during the first six to nine months. After this phase of the training is successfully completed, the dogs go through Team Training and are matched with adults, children, or veterans with disabilities. Additionally, the dogs may be assigned to professionals who assist clients with special needs. Team Training culminates in a joyful graduation ceremony for graduates beginning a new journey and for puppy raisers witnessing their puppies’ achievements. Canine Companions is staffed by the finest of assistance dog instructors at training centers across the country. These professionals possess hundreds of years of cumulative experience in both assistance dog training as well as providing instruction to people who may have any of over 60 different types of disabilities. The demand for highly trained assistance dogs is ongoing and growing. The Bonsall Woman’s Club presented a check for $20,000 to the facility in Oceanside.

Escondido Chamber Golf Tournament – On Friday, September 27th, from 7am to 3pm, the Escondido Chamber of Commerce will hold their 21st Annual Chamber Challenge Golf Tournament at the Eagle Crest Golf Club, 2492 Old Ranch Road, Escondido 92027. Contact the Chamber office for information and reservations.

Pictured l - r: Eli Gerard, Chelsea Calabria, Joanna Mueller, Connie Jordan, Erin Hoffman, Bev York, Arlene Rutherford, Jackie Nolff. are provided free of charge, and the organization also provides ongoing support to DAR Chapter Welcomes New Member recipients to ensure a quality partnership. The Santa Margarita Chapter, Daughters These dogs are bred, raised, and trained to of the American Revolution (DAR), welbe the ears, hands, and legs of their human comed new member, Hannah Schmitt. Her partners. They’re also goodwill ambassagrandmother, chapter treasurer Jacquie dors and often their best friends. Canine Berzins, and mother Aimee Schmitt, perCompanions breeds Labrador Retrievers, formed the installation ceremony at

Factory in San Marcos, are from Indiana, which is where Kent and Tess lived. They visited him several years before he died. He was a character and a brilliant writer. My father, God bless his soul, was bipolar.

Applause to your entire writing staff, they're great! From Patrick Flannigan and the entire Irish clan, San Diego's North County. A Disagreement About the Ellis Island Story

I picked up the weekly ‘Paper’ a few weeks ago, excited about the subject; Ellis Island, where my grandfather came through. And Mr. Peterson put together a fine, informative story.

However, soon into the narrative, I was taken aback by his insertion of political opinion regarding current immigration practices. “Our leaders and politicians try to peddle the erroneous scenario that immigration is a new phenomenon. Not true.” Correct, that statement is Not True. What Mr. Peterson conveniently overlooks is the major problem of ILLEGAL immigration. Hannah’s home in Fulshea, TX. Hannah’s patriot is Jacob Shipman from North Carolina. Hannah is preparing for college and will be welcomed by the chapter after the summer break is over. The DAR is open to any female eighteen years of age or older who is lineally descended from a patriot who assisted the colonists in some way in the fight for independence in the American Revolution. Visit ww.santamar garita.californiadar.org

Pictured: Hannah, Jacquie, Aimee SAVE THE DATE! Community Impact Awards – On October 24, 2019, the North County Lifeline will present the Community Impact Awards, and you are invited to join them for the celebration. This is an annual event to honor organizations and individuals from the local community who work in partnership with North County Lifeline to make extraordinary contributions to improve the lives of the youth and families we serve. The event starts at 4pm with registration and social thru 7pm with the dessert reception. For more information, contact mgardner@nclifeline.org.

Now Hiring, San Diego Humane Society – Dear Friend of the Animals, the San Diego Humane Society is recruiting for a Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Humane Law Enforcement. These are two rare opportunities to serve on the leadership team at one of the foremost animal welfare organizations in the country! In fiscal year 2018-2019 we doubled the number of animals we take in annually to nearly 50,000, and expanded our safety net

And I will always be offended by anyone who compares immigrants who came here legally with those who break the law and sneak in.

Meanwhile, the President and a few leaders / politicians who have the foresight and stamina to fight to do what’s right are trying to stem the tide of illegal aliens. Most of the politicians in Washington are on the side of the law-breakers – since they represent potential votes. They are completely uninterested in what is good for the country. And now, our new governor is spending MY tax dollars on these criminals – giving them free services that taxpayers like me have to work for and pay for. And what will that do? What message will that send to the world? Welcome! Come here illegally! Any way you can! We’ll give you whatever you want! The dummies who pay to live here will pay for it! Mr. Peterson talked about ‘some forty-four million newcomers.’ And that number is correct. And it includes both legal and illegal immigrants. But of course there was no distinction about that from Mr.

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 10

to meet the needs of our community.

What makes us unique: San Diego Humane Society is more than a traditional shelter. Through innovation and our lifesaving programs and services we strive to find homes for all animals, including those who might otherwise be euthanized. We are a private, independent, nonprofit organization, not affiliated with any other humane society or SPCA. We operate three campuses with more than 600 employees and 5,000 volunteers, and provide animal services for 12 cities within San Diego County with an annual operating budget of $44 million. Our Humane Law Enforcement division is often the first to respond to animals in need. The division has more than 50 officers in the field seven days a week, dedicated to protecting animals throughout San Diego County by enforcing animal cruelty and neglect laws. They respond to animalrelated concerns involving complaints and stray and injured animals in 12 cities and five Indian Reservations in San Diego County. Our Emergency Response Team also resides within this division and is pledged to be among the first responders to natural disasters in California. Our success in finding new homes for animals or returning them to their natural environments depends upon the dedication of every employee. At San Diego Humane Society we care for homeless, orphaned, injured and neglected animals, and for one another. We sum this up as our #CultureofCare.

Join San Diego Humane Society as we create a more humane world for animals and the people who love them. Experience in animal welfare isn’t required. We’re looking for candidates who are passionate about our mission. You can learn more about the requirements for our Chief Operating Officer position and our Chief

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 11

The Paper • Page 10 • July 18, 2019

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 9

Peterson. He also said ‘another five million were turned away.’ Again – how many of those were illegals apprehended at the border, and how many were trying to enter legally, but the system was overwhelmed because of the illegals?

And then of course there is the segment of those illegals who are a) smuggling drugs, b) are violent criminals, c) are trafficking minors. This is not fiction. But it was overlooked in Mr. Peterson’s story.

My grandfather came to this country through Ellis Island. He became a US Citizen. He learned the language; he got a job; he paid taxes; he started a business; he raised a family. He became an AMERICAN. He did not sneak across the border to get free stuff. So shame on you, Mr. Peterson, for trying to compare him to the criminals you defend. Best regards, Rick Geisz Vista CA

Pete Peterson Responds:

To each there is an opinion. Thank goodness. The purpose of my article was not to discuss legal or illegal immigration; instead it was to examine the good side of Ellis Island. With all its detractors and problems Ellis Island is considered to be successful for its purpose.

I stand by my statement that today’s politicians have neither the courage nor the intent to solve our immigration issues and most of those who migrate to America come in response to the clarion call of America as engraved on the Statue of Liberty – “Give me your huddled masses yearning to be breathe free – the wretched refuge of your teeming shore – and these homeless tempesttossed to me I lift my lamp at Golden Door.” My article was not intended to discuss our immigration problems. Thank you for reading my article and your response. I wish you the best. R.L. “Pete” Peterson

Letters to the Editor? We Love ‘em! Send ‘em to: thepaper@cox.net

Pet Parade

Hubert is pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. He’s a 1 year old, 69 pound, male, Siberian Husky mix.

Hubert is a smart guy who already knows “Sit” and “Shake.” He has loads of energy. While he’s fully grown, he’s still very much a puppy. Hubert was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society from a rescue partner through the FOCAS program.

The $145 adoption fee for Hubert includes medical exams, vaccinations, spay, and registered microchip. For more information call 760-753-6413, visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, or log on to SDpets.org.

Caspian is a 3-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier looking for a home. Caspian would benefit from a family who will continue his positive reinforcement training to help him be the most polite doggie he can be. Come and meet Caspian at our Escondido Campus. His adoption fee includes his neuter, current vaccinations, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, waived enrollment fee for medical insurance from PetFirst and a license for residents in the city limits of Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach and Vista. Caspian is available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3500 Burnet Drive. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (619) 299-7012.

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF JAMES M. MILLER Case No. 37-201900032864-PR-PW-CT To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate or both, of James M. Miller, James Michael Miller, James Miller, Jim Miller. A Petition for Probate has been filed by Thomas J. Miller in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, 1100 Union St., San Diego, Ca., 92101, Central. The Petition for Probate requests that Thomas J. Miller be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The petition requests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions wihtout obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause as to why the court should not grant the authority. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows:

Date: August 13, 2019 Time: 11:00 a. m. . Dept: 504 Address of court: Same as noted above. If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in Section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statues and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a peson interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner: J. Mark McNeill, Esq 16885 W. Bernardo Dr., Ste 325 San Diego, A. 92127 (858) 613.2970 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019

The Pastor Says...

day or not. I’m pretty sure if we don’t make some notes, they will not remember the heritage they possess or be able to piece it together. I want them to know the stories.

Pastor Sam Brumit Mission 316, San Marcos, CA. Memories, VHS, and Heaven

Lately, Judy and I have been tackling the many VHS tapes (boxes of them) that need to be converted to digital formats. This project is accomplishing things… it’s helping us reclaim precious space… and reminding us of precious memories.

Elvis’s words came to my mind… “Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind, Memories, sweetened through the ages just like wine. Quiet thoughts come floating down and settle softly to the ground, Like golden autumn leaves around my feet. I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories…”. Watching the old videos allows us to sort through the pieces of our lives. It tests our memory to identify people in our lives from decades ago. I’m not sure if our kids will watch these some-

Memories are valuable. Capture them now. C.S. Lewis once said “A pleasure is full grown only when it is remembered.” I’m pretty sure God gives us memories for our pleasure. The apostle Paul says in Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God every time I remember you.”

The interesting thing about all the memories we are reliving is that most all of the recordings are a reflection of positive moments. It gives us the opportunity to cling to that which is good, and let go of the things we should forget. Today is an opportunity to build some memories with those you love. What memories are you building now? Today’s sophisticated cell phones help us capture lots of memories with quality far beyond our old pile of VHS and Super 8 versions. Whatever the format, hang on to them. Your kids and grandkids might watch them with amazement as they convert them to whatever form they take years from now. I’m hoping heaven is a place where God “wipes away the tears from our eyes” while allowing us to remember the joys we’ve experienced… forever. I’m expecting the technology will be out of this world.

The Paper

• Page 11 •

July 18, 2019

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

San Marcos • Mayor Rebecca Jones City Council approves balanced budget

As stewards of tax payer dollars, the City of San Marcos endeavors to provide transparency and accountability in its budget. In June, the City Council passed and adopted a balanced $80.5 million General Fund Operations & Maintenance budget and a $34.3 million Capital Improvement Program budget appropriation for Fiscal Year 2019-20. The General Fund Operations & Maintenance pays for important services such as fire protection, law enforcement, street and park maintenance, community recreation, land use planning and general administration. The budget is the product of a collaborative effort to meet the challenges of increasing costs while responding to the community’s service needs. San Marcos benefits from a diverse revenue base of rental income from City Hall, land holdings and Creekside Marketplace. This diverse revenue base has enabled the City to weather the past recession storm, maintain service levels and invest in long-term rehabilitation and replacement needs. Another fiscal policy that is preparing San Marcos for the future is a reserve fund policy that keeps at least 40% of General Fund annual operating expenditures available in reserve to maintain vital services in the event of either a natural or economic disaster.

These fiscal policies and practices lay the foundation for the quality services our community expects while still discovering future possibilities in San Marcos. To learn more about the city budget, visit www.san-marcos.net.

Vista • Mayor Judy Ritter

Moonlight’s Best Under the Stars!

The Moonlight Summer Season’s second production kicked off July 17 with Matilda: The Musical. This production is a high energy explosion of song and dance from the captivating masterpiece from the Royal Shakespeare Company that revels in the anarchy of childhood, the power of imagination and the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of a better life. The production runs through August 3.

The final two Moonlight productions are Westside Story running from August 14-21 and Victor/Victoria which runs from September 11-28. Ticket information is available at MoonlightStage.com. If you have not been to the Moonlight Amphitheatre, this is a great time to take the family and enjoy an evening of entertainment under the stars. Enjoy the Moonlight your way: choose seating on the expansive lawn, or select reserved seats. Either way, your experience will be wonderful! Recently announced is the Moonlight’s 40th anniversary 2020 summer season lineup: An American in Paris; Something Rotten!; Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella; Ragtime, and Kinky Boots.

Oceanside • Mayor Peter Weiss Marionette Show!

The City of Oceanside invites children of all ages and their families to the Franklin Haynes Marionettes bilingual show, Las Marionetas en Desfile, on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. at the Civic Center Library, located at 330 North Coast Highway.

Escondido • Mayor Paul “Mac” Mcnamara Greetings Escondido,

As I think about who we are, the construct I use is Community Values. What are Escondido’s community values? I think we would all agree that Education and Public Safety are community values but when you think of other things like Music, Art, Health the picture is less clear. To that end, we are still soliciting applications for those who wish to participate on one of our committees. The committees will have different focus areas, and will serve as a bridge between city government and the community to help define values and organize efforts (gov’t, for profit, nonprofit, faith based) that support those values.

Also, I would like to announce that we are working on an inaugural Veteran’s Day parade in Escondido. I would argue that Veteran’s Day is turning into a second Memorial Day and we are losing sight that it is a celebration of our veterans who have returned to the community. There has been a lot of excitement about the concept but it is still in its infancy. If you are interested in participating or helping send me an email. All are welcome.

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 9

Thank you. Semper Fi, Mac Paul P. McNamara Mayor of Escondido pmcnamara@escondido.org

Las Marionetas en Desfile (Marionettes on Parade), is a marionette show that introduces children to some of the traditions of Latin America as well as commonly used Spanish words.

The Franklin Haynes Marionette show is just one of many free and entertaining programs taking place at the Oceanside Public Library as part of the Summer Reading Program. This free program is sponsored by the Friends of the Oceanside Public Library and is open to the public.

Man About Town Cont. from Page 5

every Cruisin’ Grand and meets lots of people.

of Humane Law Enforcement position by contacting the Humane Society at 619-2997012. Together, we can ensure all animals in Southern California have the care they need and deserve.

He’s not too hard to spot, with his long black hair, his talisman of an eage feather on his left ear, and hig great big smile.

Says Friedrich, “ Honestly, I think he might qualify for the "Most Photographed Person In the World!" in the Guinness Book of World Records!

When this photo was snapped, there were people waiting in the background, ready to approach, talk, and take their respective pictures with him!“

Always grateful,

Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA President and CEO

Escondido Campus - 3500 Burnet Drive, Escondido, CA 92027 Oceanside Campus (dogs) - 2905 San Luis Rey Road, Oceanside, CA 92058 Oceanside Campus (cats, small animals) 572 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92058

Team CWONC Raise Funds, Relay for Life – The GFWC Contemporary Women of North County (CWONC) joined other volunteers at Vista Magnet Middle School in Vista and walked for a cure for cancer, June 22-23. In addition to walking at the event, members created luminarias, paper sacks filled with sand, to support the Relay for Life “Ceremony of Hope” to honor those lost to cancer, currently fighting cancer and for those who have fought cancer in the past. Members spent weeks fundraising for the American Cancer Society and are happy to announce that we raised over $2,600 for the cause! For information, visit www.cwonc.org, www.cfwc.org, and www.gfwc.org.

Creating Luminarias Backrow left to right: Joy Stefano, Rosa Ruiz, Terry Webb & Susan Walsh Seated left to right: Joey Cousins, Diane Modjeski, Cheryl Marians, Pam Irwin and Katie DeWillie

Above, left, Friedrich Gomez, aka White Eagle, and, right, Nudie. Team CWONC at Relay for Life in Vista L to R: Lynn Eades, Maryann Donovan, Diane Modjeski, Kathy Michaels, Bonnie Woelfel, Rosa Ruis, Joy Stefano & Susan Walsh Not pictured: Cheryl Marians, Kathy Packard, Marianne Furtado and Jackie McGuinness. .

And that’s it for this week’s “Man About Town.” We’ll have more ineresting people to tell you about in next week’s issue. Stay cool and enjoy life!

The Paper • Page 12 • July 18, 2019 seems out of reach, mutual acceptance seems to be the only possibility.

We sell, repair and upgrade PCs. Our customers are mainly business and home users who depend on their “hardware” to assist in some of their day to day business and personal activities. As a group our customers share some interesting tendencies.

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

www. thecomputerfactory.net "San Diego's Best Computer Store 2017-18" Union Tribune readers poll

Technology and culture. Part 4

We’ve been discussing some of the differences in the way younger vs. older generations approach today’s technology. We’ve noted that users over forty tend to use Internet access with PCs and smart phones as a more efficient way to accomplish the practical activities that they have done all their lives. Things like banking, shopping research and communication. The younger generations tend to rely on Internet connectivity 24/7 using it as a primary part of living. To older generations their obvious addiction to mobile devices is beyond comprehension. To the “connected generations” it is completely natural. “Never the twain shall meet.” Mutual understanding between these generations

Tin Signs By Jeff Figler

As strange as it may sound, advertising signs actually date back to ancient times. There are ancient paintings on the walls of shops in Pompeii. Later, there were signs that hung outside shops of blacksmiths, shoemakers, and other tradesman. But it was right around the beginning of the 1800s that signs first appeared in the United States, and at first were hand-painted or made from paper. However, since most food products came in tin-plated containers, tin soon became a popular means to advertise around 1875, as machine could trim and stamp sheets of tin. As tin was a tough material, it could be used for signs, which were painted, stenciled, and lithographed. It also could survive the weather.

Although expensive to make, lithographed tin signs were used to sell all types of products, such as gasoline, beer, tobacco, as well as food. If a sign used tin lithograph, it created colorful imagery, such as a company’s logo which could be stamped into the tin and stand out. The center for tin signs was, in all places, Coshocton, Ohio. It was there that in 1875 Jasper Freemont Meek founded the Tuscarora Advertising Company. He made novelty advertisements on book bags, as well as horse blankets.

Most are over forty, not part of the “connected generation.” While most are “smart phone” users, they use their smart phones for communication, not life style. Last week we noted that seniors are susceptible to falling victim to “social engineering’ or “phishing” exploits. They grew up in an America where honesty was a common virtue. Today’s Internet is an amoral, international cesspool of cybercriminals cleverly stealing money or information from our naïve and trusting neighbors.

Another characteristic held in common by our business and home customers is a distinct aversion to change, particularly when the change brings with it no tangible benefit, which seems often to be the case. It can be an unpleasant experience when Microsoft forces a new operating system or update on you, when your workplace upgrades to a new version of Office or when your favorite genealogy or greeting card program announces the end of support. Often the new versions bring no improvement in functionality while forcing users to learn new ways to do the things they already knew how to do with the old application. Max McKeon well known

Another Coshocton resident, H.D. Beach, made advertising products such as yard sticks, pencils, and shoe horns, at his Standard Advertising Company. In fact, the tin signs that the Tuscarora and Standard Companies produced are some of the most sought after tin signs today. Finally, in 1901 they merged as the Meek and Beach Company. Meek would soon leave, and started his own company, H.D. Beach Company. Meek then renamed his company the American Art Works.

Tin signs would hit their peak in the 1920’s, and were succeeded by porcelain enamel signs. These porcelain signs came to the United States from Europe in 1890. The signs were less expensive to produce, and did not rust as easily. World War II put a halt to tin signs, and by the time the war was over, plastic and steel were now being used in most signs. Tin signs can still be seen, but they are more costly. Die-cut tin signs are sought by collectors.

It is important that if a person is looking to buy a tin sign, that he looks for any evidence of rust, which greatly diminishes the tin’s value. As with many other types of collectibles, if the condition seems too good, it probably is. A tin sign’s value will depend on its condition, as well as how used it is, and how much rust it has. Vintage

British researcher and writer on culture and innovation famously said; “Change is inevitable, progress is not.” This could well be the “mission statement” for Microsoft and the majority of corporations in the personal computer industry.

As we approach the next major PC industry disruption, the end of support for Windows 7, we have the following advice. Don’t rush out to buy new PCs for your home or business. If your computers and applications are running well, there is no urgency to “upgrade” to Win10 immediately, you have at least six months. We advise you to make sure your automatic updates are turned on and functioning in Windows 7. We anticipate a repeat of the May 2017 “WannaCry” virus attack sometime in the next several months. In that attack Microsoft had implemented a

security update the previous March that stopped the virus from infecting Windows 7 computers. We anticipate a similar event occurring later this year. Microsoft will use it to emphasize the importance of switching from Win7 to Win10 before they end their security updates for Windows 7 in January of 2020. Cynics will claim that Microsoft staged the entire event. Would they really do that?

When you do decide to update to Windows 10, bring your PC in for an evaluation. It is likely that a $120 update will be all you need to move successfully to Windows 10. It is unlikely that spending $500 to $1000 on new PCs will be beneficial. In the unlikely event that you old PC is unable to handle the upgrade. We have plenty of “enterprise” refurbs with Win10 Pro.

styling, as well as the distinctive subject matters, have made tin signs very desirable to homeowners as well as collectors. However, it must be noted that some vintage tin signs can be quite expensive. A few examples will suffice.

A circa 1905 handmade tin sign with wooden framework stamped “Beeman’s Pepsin Gum” sold at auction for $14,500.

A very rare Coca-Cola embossed tin sign from 1899 fetched $20,000 in a 2012 auction. This tin sign is what is classified as a crossover, as it is desired by both collectors of tin signs and also Coca-Cola items. However, in a 2013 auction, an extremely rare Campbell’s Soup tin sign sold for $45,000, and in a 2011 auction, a 1900 Hilda Clark tin sign of Coca-Cola went for $47,500. This Coca-Cola sign is one of the most desirable tin advertising signs of all time. It rarely comes up for auction, and when it does, the price is high. Tin signs have become a part of Americana, and very desirable among collectors. However, if you are looking for the authentic tin signs, and not a reproduction, make sure that you do your due diligence to ensure that you will not be disappointed later. Vintage tin signs surely are collector pieces that add charm to wherever they are placed.

Jeff Figler is a professional certified appraiser. His latest book The Picker’s Pocket Guide to Baseball Memorabilia has been #1 on Amazon. He can be reached at info@jefffigler.com or at 877-472-3087.

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To Order: Pick any category, write down what you are offering, email to: thepaper@cox.net - with phone number. We’ll format the ad at no charge - call you with the charges and get credit card information at that time. Visa, Mastercard or Discover; we do not accept Amerian Express. Rates per column inch: 1-3 weeks $22 4-7 weeks $20 8-12 weeks $18 13-25 weeks $16 26-51 weeks $14 52 weeks $11 TFN $11

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016423 The name of the business, Ohana Farms @ Olive Hill LLC, located at 5051 Olive Hill Road, Fallbrook, CA. 92028. This business is registered by: Ohana Farms @ Olive Hill LLC 5051 Olive Hill Road Fallbrook, CA. 92028 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business 06/21/19. /s/Wayne Tatsuji Tamanaha, Managing Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/02/2019 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 & 8/01/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9017529 The name of the business, Pacific Shore Family Child Care, locaed a 223 Todd Ct., Oceanside, Ca. 92054. This business is registered by: Alfonso and Brianna Sanchez 223 Todd Ct. Oceanside, Ca. 92054 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business n/a. /s/Alfonso Sanchez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/16/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 and 8/08/2019 ____________

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Indian Store

Full Service Gun Shop

(760) 471-2322

Coins & Loans

760.745.1697 Escondido Coin & Loan, Inc. 241 E. Grand Avenue



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I Make House Calls





YOUR COMPLETE HANDYMAN Specializing Electric & Plumbing, Ceiling Fan Special. Home Repairs. Free Estimates. 760.799.5963

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016071 The name of the business, El Torito Market, El Torito Meat Market, located at 3163 Roosevelt St., Carlsbad, CA. 92009. This business is registered by: Toritos & Bonita, Inc. 422 San Diego St. Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 8/01/1996 /s/Roberto Ricardez, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9017399 The name of the business, Paul Robert Anina Love of Learning Scholarchip Fund, located at 623 Beverly Place, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. This business is registered by: Raylene Haunam Veloz 623 Beverly Place San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 9/1/2009 /s/Raylene Haunam Veloz Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/15/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________


Artistic Gardens

Legal Services

Kaley Satterlee Law Offices ESTATE SALE COMPANY

(760) 471-1006

1950 Hacienda Dr. Vista

www.escondidocoin.com Coins•Gold•Silver•Vintage Watches



Top grade printing of all types, brochures, letterhead, posters banners, business cards.


375 S. RANCHO SANTA FE RD. SUITE 105 SAN MARCOS, CA. 92078 46 YEARS A LAWYER www.anthonyabbott.com


3643 Grand Avenue, Suite A San Marcos, CA. 92078 Trusts & Estate Planning Free Consultation


Lawyer Makes House Calls Free Consultation

Bankruptcy, Trusts & Wills, Personal Injury, Real Estate Issues, Short Sales, LLC’s, Modifications, Dispute Letters, Contract Review, Notary Public, Real Estate Broker CalBre 00661666

Brian Fieldman, Esq. 760.738.1914 sdbrf@cox.net

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016558 The name of the business, Innovative Sign Systems, located at 518 Golf Glen Drive, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by: Snowfox Enterprises, Inc. 518 Golf Glen Drive San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a corporaton. First day of business 7/3/19. /s/ Michael Snow, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/03/2019 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 & 8/01/19 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016070 The name of the business, Torito’s & Bonita, Inc., El Torito Market, located at 422 San Diego St. Oceanside, CA. 92068 This business is registered by: Toritos & Bonita, Inc. 422 San Diego St. Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 4/01/2002 /s/Roberto Ricardez, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016069 The name of the business, Bonita Foods, Bonita, Market, Rancho La Bonita, Rancho Bnita, Rancho Bonita Foods, located at 311 N. Main Ave., Fallbrook, Ca. 92028. This business is registered by: Toritos & Bonita, Inc. 422 San Diego St. Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 1/01/2000 /s/Roberto Ricardez, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________

The annual report of the Lloyd Ellis Griffin Scholarship foundation is available for observation at the home of Gary Wagner, Treasurer, 3535-286 Linda Vista Dr, San Marcos CA. 92078. DP: 7/18/2018


J&M’s Family Restaurant 1215 E. Valley Parkway Escondido Where homestyle cooking is just the beginning…



Ernie 760-783.6248 License No. 328673


Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment That Everyone Can Afford Now offering a range of care options to help everyone, even if restricted by money or ability to get to my office. Call Now! 760-290.3611 Dr. Gary Loos 1645 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Ste. 102 San Marcos

Pool Service

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016036 The name of the business, Mathnasium of Vista, located at 20 Main St., #119, Vista, CA. 92083. This business is registered by: Math of Vista Village Co., 1174 Alexandra Lane Encinitas, CA. 92024 This






corporation. First day of business 6/20/2019. /s/Kris Thomson, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 & 8/01/2019 ____________

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015757 The name of the business, SR Quality Home Services, located at 2238 Edgewood Pl., Oceanside, CA. 92054. This business is registered by: Steven Earl Rouse 2238 Edgewood Pl. Oceanside, CA. 92054 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Steven Earl Rouse Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/21/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015984 The name of the business, Premier Lending Group, Premier Real Estate, located at 3615 Barranca Ct., Carlsbad, CA. 92010. This business is registered by: Jane Riley 3615 Barranca Ct. Carlsbad, CA. 92010 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Jane Riley Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016635 The name of the business, De Portola Winery, De Portola Vintages, located at 28465 Old Town Front St., #311, Temecula, CA. 92590 This business is registered by: De Portola Estate Winery, LLC 28465 Old Town Front St., #311 Temecula, CA. 92590 This business is conducted by Limited Liability Company. First day of business n/a. /s/Theodore Neugebauer, Managing Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/05/2019 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 & 8/01/2019

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015078 The name of the business, D.n.D. Cleaning Services, located at 2756 Casa Linda Way, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by: Daniel Torres 2756 Casa Linda Way San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Daniel Torres Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/14/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015029 The name of the business, Sunscape Custom Pools, located at 1011 S. Santa Fe Ave., #L Vista, CA. 92083. This business is registered by: Bullet Excavation, Inc. 1011 S. Santa Fe Ave., #L Vista, CA. 92083 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 6/14/19. /s/Martha A. Ramirez, Secretary Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/14/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016404 The name of the business, Performin, located at 250 North City Drive, Apt 338, San Marcos, CA. 92078. This business is registered by: Morteza Esazadeh 250 North City Drive Apt 338 San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Morteza Esazadeh Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/01/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________


The Paper •

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015678 The name of the business, MZ Painting, MZ Painting and Decorating, Golden State Painting, located at 200 S. Emerald Dr. Space 88, Vista, CA. 92081 This business is registered by: Bertin Martinez 200 S. Emerald Dr. Spc #88 Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Berkin Martinez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/21/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016948 The name of the business, Niche Systems, located at 1549 Morenci St., San Diego, CA. 92110. This business is registered by: Trevor Ray Hall 1549 Morenci St. San Diego, CA. 92110 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 7/09/19. /s/Trevor Ray Hall Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/09/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015451 The name of the business, Royal Thai, located at 1105 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, Ca. 92054 This business is registered by: Supreeya Paenseethong Scheidel 935 Stiles Ct. Vista, Ca. 92083 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 3/15/13 /s/Supreeya Paenseethong Scheidel Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/19/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015543 The name of the business, Wetzels Pretzels NCF. located at 200 E. Via Rancho Pkwy #B303, Escondido, CA. 92025. This business is registered by: Jungjoy, Inc. 200 E. Valley Parkway # B303 Escondido, CA. 92025 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 3/18/09 /s/Jung S. Cho, CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/20/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________

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The name of the business, A Team, located at 5428 Old Ranch Road, Oceanside, CA 92057. This business is registered by: Amber Lee Gerstenberg 5428 Old Ranch Road Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 6/19/2000 /s/Amber Lee Gerstenberg Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/03/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015507 The name of the business, Lively Root, located at 2029Sycamore Drive, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by: Plant Source Inc. 2029 Sycamore Drive San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business n/a. /s/Janelle Pyle, Secretary Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/19/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/19 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015016 The name of the business, West Coast Synthetic Coatings, located at 2237 Avenida Del Diablo, Escondido, CA. 92029. This business is registered by: Scott Robinson 2237 Avenida del Diablo Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 5/01/19. /s/Scott Robinson Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/13/2019 7/04, 7/11 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015544 The name of the business, Wetzels Pretzels PCR, located at 2525 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA. 92008 This business is registered by: WPCR Inc. 2525 El Camino Real #234C Carlsbad, CA. 92008 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 3/21/12 /s/Jung S. Cho. CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/20/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015601 The name of the business, North County Party Rentals, located at 4655 Calle de Retiro, Oceanside, CA. 92057. This business is registered by: Alfredo Arango 4655 Calle de Retiro Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 10/01/18. /s/Alfredo Arango Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/20 /2019 7/04, 7/11 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015545 The name of the business, Wetzels Pretzels, located at 5620 Paseo Del Norte #122C, Carlsbad, CA. 92008. This business is registered by: Buemo, Inc. 5620 Paseo Del Norte #122 C Carlsbad, CA. 92008 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 2/17/04 /s/Jung S. Cho. CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/20/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016012 The name of the business, CAP Inc., CAP Real Estate, CAP RE, located at 325 Kentfield Drive, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by: Commercial Appraisal Professionals, Inc. 325 Kentfield Drive San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business n/a. /s/Eric Roush, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015649 The name of the business, Brown Dog Firewood, located at 4650 Dulin Road #225, Bonsall, CA. 92028. This business is registered by: Danny Lee Flournoy 4650 Dulin Road Fallbrook, CA. 92028 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 6/01/2019 /s/Danny Lee Flournoy Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/20/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015519 The name of the business, DeAngelis Family Dentistry, located at 6010 Hidden Valley Rd. #105, Carlsbad, CA. 92011. This business is registered by: Anakarina T. DeAngelis, DDS, Inc. 7925 Calle Posada Carlsbad, CA. 92009 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 9/6/17. /s/Anakarina T. DeAngelis, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/19/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015473 The name of the business, Fugu Ice Cream and Taiyaki, located at 410 Mission Ave;, Oceanside, CA. 92054. This business is registered by: Fugu and Taiyaki, LLC 410 Mission Ave. Oceanside, CA. 92054 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business 3/19/18 /s/Ivan Trejo Sanchez, Manager Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/19/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2019-00032064-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Erica Elizabeth Williams filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Erica Elizabeth Williams to Proposed name Erika Ali Jade. . THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objection that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: August 13, 2019 8:30a.m., Department 23. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated June 24, 2019 /s/Sim von Kalinowski, Judge of the Superior Court 7/4, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019


Ordinance No. 2019-1475 - an ordinance of the City Council of the City of San Marcos, California, approving a Rezone of 1.52 acres from Neighborhood Commercial (NC to Multi-Family Residential 3 (R-3-10). Ordinance 20191475 was introduced on July 9, 2019, and will be presented to the City Council for adoption on August 13, 2019. A certified copy is posted in the office of the City Clerk at 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA. Phillip Scollick, City Clerk, City of San Marcos. PD: 7/18/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9017282 The name of the business, Sparkl Productions, located at 3010 Segovia Way, Carlsbad, CA. 92009. This business is registered by: Ednalu Amante Peck 3010 Segovia Way Carlsbad, CA. 92009 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 6/01/2019. /s/Ednalu Amante Peck Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/12/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/19 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015963 The name of the business, Off The Hook Digital Marketing, located at 924 Mimosa Ave., Vista, CA. 92081. This business is registered by: Nancy Volpe Hinsley 924 Mimosa Ave. Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 6/26/2019. /s/Nancy Volpe Hinsley Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/26/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________

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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015769 The name of the business, NVH Motorsports, located at 770 Sycamore Ave Ste 122-164, Vista, CA. 92083. This business is registered by: Claire Power 904 Holly St. Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 6/21/2019. /s/Claire Power Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/24/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015174 The name of the business, Starrs Auto Detailing, located at 737 Los Arboles Blvd., Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is registered by: Gregorio Mendez, Jr. 737 Los Arboles Blvd. Oceanside, CA. 92058 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 1/1/02. /s/Gregorio Mendez, Jr. Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/17/2019 7/18, 7/25, 8/01 & 8/08/2019 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015912 The name of the business, Thrifty Supply Company, located at 929 Poinsettia Ave., Suite 101, Vista, CA. 92081 This business is registered by: Amercian General Tool Group 929 Poinsettia Ave., Suite 101 Vista, Ca. 92081 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business n/a. /s/Altaf Godil, Secretary Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/25/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016194 The name of the business, Landon’s - East Meets West, located at 1020 W. San Marcos Blvd., Suie 138, San Marcos, CA. 92078. This business is registered by: A.H.S.V. LLC 1020 W. San Marcos Blvd, Suite 138 San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business n/a. /s/Varadarajan Sriram, Manager Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/27/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9015478 The name of the business, Accurate Autowerks, located at 1331 Descanso Ave., San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is registered by: Daniel Richard Burnham 6841 Lake Ct. San Diego, Ca. 92111 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 10/9/07. /s/Daniel Richard Burnham Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/19/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9014944 The name of the business, Tina Nails, located at 635 W Mission Ave., #461, Escondido, CA. 92025. This business is registered by: Tham Thi Ford 1329 N. Los Flores Dr. San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 5/18/2019. /s/Tham Thi Ford Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 6/13/2019 6/27, 7/04, 7/11 & 7/18/2019 ____________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2019-9016453 The name of the business, Bloom Psychology, located at 1507 E. Valley Pkwy, Suie 3 #100, Escondido, CA. 92027. This business is registered by: Ana Yam 1507 E. Valley Pkway, Ste 3 #100 Escondido, CA. 92027 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business n/a. /s/Ana Yam Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 7/02/2019 7/04, 7/11, 7/18 & 7/25/2019 ____________

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Commercial & Residential Audio/Video • Voice, Video, Data Wiring Home Theatres • IP & Analog Surveillance Cameras

RTI URC Harmony Universal Remotes • Flat Screen Wall Mounting Networking / Wireless Networking • Computer Services

A Few of Our Satisfied Clients -

Sound Home Solutions is an authorized dealer for Sony, Samsung, LG, Yamaha, Denon, Polk and many other Audio/Video Products. We will meet or beat any retail or online distributor and if something was to go wrong with the product, we will service it for you which eliminates returns headaches. Licensed Bonded and Insured California State Contractors license # 934820


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