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May 31, 2018

Volume 48 - No. 22

By Matt Fabritius

He is the stuff of classic Western legend. A myth, a ghost, a mystery. A tuberculosis-ridden, “lunger” dentist from Georgia who became the most feared gunslinger of the Old West. This was Doc Holliday, the right-hand man of infamous lawman Wyatt Earp throughout the 1880’s. A veteran of the shootout at the OK Corral, a member of the Earp Posse Vendetta Ride to hunt down a gang of outlaw cowboys and arguably the most controversial figure in all of Old West folklore. The The Paper Paper -- 760.747.7119 760.747.7119

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But who was Doc Holliday really?

How do we separate the myth of the man from reality? Was he truly the deadliest gunslinger around? Can we distinguish the actual details of his life from the inflated legend? And how did he wind up in the middle of nowhere in Tombstone with his story lasting to this day? For a man who never saw the age of 40, his legend has continued on to become one of the most emblematic American legends of the early Western frontier.

Most Americans today typically

know of John Henry “Doc” Holliday from Val Kilmer’s portrayal of the character in the 1993 Hollywood film Tombstone, directed by the Greek director George Cosmatos. From Kilmer’s eccentric portrayal of Holliday, he is shown to be a highly intelligent, outlaw gambler with a strong Southern accent and a Hungarian mistress in tow who acts as his accomplice during their regular robberies of hotel casino parlors. He is shown to be an expert card shark, classically educated in Latin, a smoker in spite of his tuberculosis, an alcoholic and talented quick draw gunslinger to boot. He meets up with old friend

Wyatt Earp and his family in the bustling 1880’s town of Tombstone, Arizona and soon involves himself as Earp’s right-hand man in their vigilante battle against a murderous outlaw cowboy gang that runs the town.

While most fans of the Old West have learned about characters like Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid from popular Hollywood films (with which I will refer to Tombstone frequently for convenient pop culture reference), it is important to remember that these folk tales were originally recorded

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in print media by various American journalists from the late 1880’s to the late 1920’s.

Doc Holliday’s legend in particular has been preserved primarily through a now obscure 1931 book called Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshall, written by the American author Stuart Lake. Lake had been a noted reporter and writer of frontier Western stories whose contact with the Earp story began after forming a working relationship with Old West legend Bat Masterson. Masterson had been a sheriff with Wyatt Earp in Dodge City, Kansas before coming to work as a journalist in the early 1900’s for the New York Morning Telegraph and encouraged Lake to get into contact with his former lawman partner to obtain authentic information on the world of the Old West.

While Lake’s book is not widely known today, it served as the original thematic template for all of the Hollywood movies and television series from the 1930’s onwards that dealt with Doc Holliday and the wider Tombstone legacy. After interviewing Earp in person several times, Lake diligently went to work on the story of Earp and his comrades in their fight against the vicious gang of outlaw cowboys led by William “Curly Bill” Brocius and Johnny Ringo. In the development of this story, Lake also

Give Us This Day Our Daily Chuckle This week, a compendium of wit, wisdom and neat stuff you can tell at parties. Enjoy!

My wife has not spoken to me in three days. I think it has something to do with what happened on Sunday night when she thought she heard a noise downstairs. She nudged me and whispered, "Wake up, wake up!" "What's the matter?" I asked.

"There are burglars in the kitchen. I think they're eating the tuna casserole I made tonight." "That'll teach them!" I replied.

Psychiatrist vs. Bartender

Ever since I was a child, I've always had a fear of someone under my bed at night. So I went to a shrink and told him: “I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy.” “Just put yourself in my hands for one year" said the shrink. "Come talk to me

referred back to the various newspaper articles that had been written from the 40 years prior about the mysterious events surrounding Tombstone. Lake soon ran into trouble with publishing the book however, as Earp died in 1929, leaving only his wife Josephine to litigate the affairs surrounding the couple’s popular representation in the media. Lake had sent regular excerpts of the book to Josephine at her request as a common courtesy and to also continue using her as a primary source. Despite these formalities, Josephine was a product of the more conservative 19th century and was particularly embarrassed by the book’s overt references to Wyatt’s ex-wife Mattie Blaylock, an opium addicted prostitute who died of an overdose of laudanum and alcohol in 1888. Josephine sought to cover up the details of Wyatt’s first marriage to Blaylock, as she felt it besmirched both her and her husband’s legacy as a Western hero by being tangentially associated with prostitution and drug addiction. The burgeoning conflict between Lake and Josephine over creative license eventually reached a fever pitch, ending with an agreement between Josephine and the publisher to receive residual payments from sales of the book after she traveled to Houghton Mifflin’s Boston offices to protest its publication. While Lake simply wanted to write an entertaining Western novel that was loosely based on the

Tombstone story, Josephine was far more concerned with preserving a “nice and clean” image of the Earp couple for readers. In this sense, the fighting between Lake and Josephine polluted the story of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp from the very beginning, as neither of them were particularly concerned with the factual details of the all-out war that engulfed Tombstone in the 1880’s. Lake simply wanted to establish himself as a popular author and make money by selling as many copies of the book as possible, while Josephine was only interested in sanitizing her and her deceased husband’s reputations. After its release, Lake’s book soon became a pop culture hit for Western fans and Hollywood immediately scrambled to bring the story to the silver screen. In 1934, the film Frontier Marshal was released by 20th Century Fox starring George O’Brien as Wyatt Earp and Alan Edwards as Doc Holliday. The film caused quite a stir with Josephine as well, who put pressure on the studio to remove her husband’s name from any direct mention in the film. They conceded. Five years later, 20th Century Fox released a remake of Frontier Marshal with the Earp name fully restored, alongside Cesar Romero playing Doc Holliday. Fox had wanted to name the film Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal, which only incited the recurrent backlash of Josephine. She brought a $50,000 (worth about $898,000 today) puni-

three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears.”

she had done it.

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“How much do you charge?” “I'll sleep on it,” I said.

Six months later the doctor met me on the street. “Why didn't you come to see me about those fears you were having?” he asked.

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A bartender cured me for $10.00. I was so happy to have saved all that money, so I went and bought me a new pickup truck “Is that so?” With a bit of an attitude he said, “And how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?”

“He told me to cut the legs off the bed. Ain't nobody under there now.”

It's always better to get a second opinion. Senior shoplifter

A cranky older woman, in her senior years, was arrested for shoplifting at a grocery store.She gave everyone a hard time, from the store manager to the security guard, to the arresting officer who took her away. She complained and criticized everyone throughout the process. When she appeared before the judge, the judge asked her what she had stolen from the store. The lady defiantly replied,"Just a stupid can of peaches, you old fool." The judge then asked why

She replied, "I was hungry and forgot to bring any cash to the store."

The husband said meekly, "Your Honor, she also stole two cans of peas." Idle Thoughts of a Retired Person

A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it. I had amnesia once -- or twice.

Protons have mass? I didn't even know they were Catholic. All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

What is a "free" gift? Aren't all gifts free? They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them.

Teach a child to be polite and courteous in the home and, when he grows up, he'll never be able to merge his car onto a freeway.

Two can live as cheaply as one, for half as long.

Experience is the thing you have left when everything else is gone.

tive lawsuit against the movie studio before its release, accusing it of being an “unauthorized portrayal”. While Josephine did not win the lawsuit, the studio settled with her for $5,000 (worth about $88,000 today) and removed any mention of Earp from the title of the film.

A tsunami wave of Hollywood films specifically including Doc Holliday followed in the wake of the 1939 Frontier Marshal’s success with 1943’s The Outlaw, 1946’s My Darling Clementine, 1954’s Masterson of Kansas, 1957’s Gunfight at the OK Corral, 1964’s Cheyenne Autumn, 1967’s Hour of the Gun, 1971’s Doc, 1993’s Tombstone, 1994’s Wyatt Earp, 1999’s Purgatory and 2012’s Wyatt Earp’s Revenge. During the 1950’s Western craze, the regular airing of the CBS series The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp secured Doc Holliday a fixed place as the antihero foil to Earp’s hero in the American cultural zeitgeist after airing 59 episodes from 1955-1961. Since the release of Lake’s book, over 20 different actors have portrayed Doc Holliday on various American television programs, even including country music star Willie Nelson in the 1986 made-fortv film Stagecoach. While Doc Holliday certainly forged his own sword in the fiery annals of history, part of his mas-

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Meetings/Events Calendar

Local Resident to Appear on “The Price is Right!” - We’re excited to inform you that one of our local residents will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the longest running game-show in television history, The Price Is Right. Deborah Curry from San Marcos had a chance to “Come on Down” and won a sensational selection of prizes. This once in a lifetime opportunity for our local resident will be airing on Friday, June 1. Tune in and watch the excitement. General show photos are available at www.cbspressexpress.com; Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ThePriceIsRightCBS; or Twitter: https://twitter.com/PriceIsRight. Enjoy the show!

The Fair is Coming! The Fair is Coming! – Starting tomorrow, June 1st, the San Diego County Fair is preparing to fill up everyone with candy and/or sweets of every kind.

Doc Holliday Cont. from Page 2

sive resurgence in Hollywood has to do with the popularization of the “terminal messiah” metaphor within American cinema. Particularly within the last 30 years, Hollywood has vigorously promoted the idea of an anti-hero who is not only a rebel with a cause, but a rebel in whom we can identify nobility as they temporarily overcome the effects of a terminal disease to serve the greater good. Outside of Holliday, we have also seen a similar messianic portrayal of the historical figure King Baldwin IV in the 2005 Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven, which is set in late 12th century Jerusalem during the French Crusader knights’ war against the great Muslim general Saladin.

King Baldwin was commonly referred to as the “Leper King” due to his longstanding battle with leprosy and at the age of 16 had led a European army of roughly 10,000 men to victory against Saladin’s army of nearly 25,000 at the Battle of Montgisard in 1177 AD. While Baldwin died at the age of 24 with Saladin conquering Jerusalem shortly afterwards, he was held up as a Christian martyr who had overcome his fatal suffering to defend the city in the years that followed. Modern iterations of this concept have often copied the historical Holliday and Baldwin terminal messiah tropes, with comic book characters like V for Vendetta,

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Darkman and Deadpool who overcome severe third degree burns to become superheroes in service of the public defense.

However, since none of these films or television shows are necessarily the definitive source on Holliday’s life, Old West researchers have often had to refer to unreliable, rumor-filled newspaper articles published prior to 1930 to establish the general details of who Doc even was. This has naturally made it difficult for us to separate the myth of Doc Holliday from the reality of his person, as the ample screen presentations of the character have become the de facto biographical representations that the general public is familiar with and more importantly believes to be fact. One of the greatest examples of the routine fabrication concerning Holliday’s life comes from a widely discredited 1896 San Francisco Chronicle article which we would probably refer to today as “fake news.” As noted by American historical author Victoria Wilcox, the Chronicle article was written almost 10 years after Holliday’s death which recounts among other things the infamous stabbing of a certain Ed Bailey in a saloon bar fight by Doc Holliday. The problem with the article was that it failed to provide any sort of supporting documentation that Ed Bailey even existed, let alone that he was stabbed by Holliday. Tall tales of this sort began to regularly creep their way into American newspapers by the

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Agritourism Documentary Video Premiere – will be on Monday, June 4, from 5pm-7pm. There will be live music, food, wine, beer, and fun! KOCT recently completed an Agritourism documentary funded by the County of San Diego’s Board of Supervisors 2017-2018 Community Enhancement Grant. The documentary features interviews with Jason Mraz, a musician and local farm owner Eric Larson from the San Diego County Farm Bureau, local farmers, City of Oceanside staff, restaurateurs and chefs. The documentary focuses on the importance of having sustainable farmland in the local community. There are beautiful aerial and landscape clips of South Morro Hills in Oceanside, in addition to highlighting existing Agritourism experiences throughout North San Diego County such as Myrtle Creek, Bates Nut Farm, Cuclops Farms, Beach House Winery, Carlsbad Strawberry Company, State Street Farmers Market in Carlsbad Village and the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. The documentary includes music performed by Jason Mraz, Lee Coulter and Barnwell Shift. The goal of Agritourism is to encourage non-farmers and tourists to visit local farms or ranches. It also encompasses the Farm to Table Movement that is taking place in local restaurants and farmers’ markets. Thanks to the event sponsors: Visit Oceanside, Development, Green Oceanside and the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. For more information, call KOCT at

late 1890’s about the Tombstone legend in order to sell more copies to a public that desired salacious drama no less than we do in tabloid fixtures today.

In an interview in his later life, Wyatt Earp himself commented on the inflated stories surrounding Holliday stating that, “Of all the nonsensical guff which has been written around my life, there has been none more inaccurate or farfetched than that which has dealt with Doc Holliday.” By middle age, Earp had certainly earned a legendary reputation as a no-nonsense lawman who exterminated a horde of outlaws in the last days of the anarchic Wild West. As a result of this, a cavalcade of reporters descended upon Earp in his senior years to interview and cite him as a primary source for sensational stories of Old West drinking, womanizing and gun slinging.

By the time Stuart Lake wrote his largely fictitious biography of Earp and company at the outset of the 1930’s, the image of Doc Holliday had been forever tainted by a mixture of truth with misrepresentations, half-truths and outright lies. This of course has been the case with numerous historical figures ranging from Joan of Arc to Joseph Stalin, although with Holliday the misrepresentative effect has been greater due to the lack of supporting historical documentation which often separates fact from fiction. For example, Stalin has been widely attributed with saying, “The

760.722.4433. The event location is the Sunshine Brooks Theater. Watch a sneak peek of the 17-minute documentary at: youtu.be/pQycN39o0EE. Register for free at www.eventbrite.com. RSVPs are encouraged but not required. This is a free event, open to the public. Widows and Widowers Club June Events – Come join the North County Widows and Widowers Club for conversation, food, and beverage at our lively social/happy ours for the month of June. Thursday, June 7th, 3pm, Fratelli’s Italian Kitchen, Oceanside. Wednesday, June 13th, 4pm, 1020 Prime, San Marcos. Tuesday, June 19th, 3:30pm, Anita’s Mexican Restaurant, Oceanside. Thursday, June 28th, 3:30pm, PF Chang’s, Carlsbad. Contact/RSVP to Johny at 760.207.3387.

SIP & SAVOR CONCERT - Enjoy your favorite wine, homemade treats, & lovely music featuring pianists Monique Kunewalder and Lynne Talley, with flute accompanists Annette Inouye & Valerie Chereskin. The program will be Divertissement Grec Philippe Gaubert; Original Compositions for One Piano, Four Hands, Sonata Op. 6, Ludwig van Beethoven; Ragtime Duet -- Champagne Rag, Joseph F. Lamb & Original Rag, Scott Joplin; Italian Polka, Sergei Rachmaninoff; Sonata for Two Flutes & Piano, Jean-Baptiste Loeillet. The Concert is on June 9th, at 7:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Dieguito, 1036 Solana Drive, Solana Beach. Phone 858-755-9225. Discounted early-bird tickets are $20 (https://sip-savor-uufsd2018.eventbrite.com), or $25 at the door.

Fire & Water Expo on June 9th – Sponsored by the Escondido Fire Department and Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District, there will be a Fire and Water Expo on Saturday, June 9th, from 10am-12noon, at Fire Station #4 in Kit Carson Park, 3301 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido. There will be Fun! Fire Station tours; vehicle displays, critters, and cheap lunch. There will be Free refreshments,

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death of one man is a tragedy while the death of millions is a statistic.” However fitting a quotation this may seem, it never exited the mouth of the notorious Soviet dictator, but rather comes from German author Erich Remarque’s 1956 book, The Black Obelisk.

An additional spurious fabrication regarding Holliday’s life, and arguably the most ridiculous, comes with the assertion that he killed outlaw cowboy second-in-command Johnny Ringo in a chivalrous, fastdraw duel in the rural area of West Turkey Creek Valley in Arizona’s Cochise County. While Ringo was in fact discovered there dead under a tree with a bullet lodged in his right temple that was later ruled a suicide by a coroner’s report, there is no evidence to suggest that Holliday had anything to do with the killing or was even in the area at the time. As noted by Colorado Central Magazine editor Charles Price, Colorado court documents from 1882 demonstrate that Holliday was most likely involved in court proceedings to address a bogus charge of larceny in Pueblo County during the week Ringo was found dead by a passer-by. Prior to Lake’s eight separate interviews in which Earp regularly denied that Holliday shot Ringo, Earp himself had only served to muddy the waters as he gave numerous conflicting accounts

Doc Holliday Cont. on Page 5

Local News

The Paper • Page 4 • May 31, 2018 Minor Injury Traffic Collision Carlsbad

On May 22, 2018 at 1:24p.m., Officers from the Carlsbad Police Department responded to the area of La Costa Avenue, west of Saxony Road. Upon arrival, Officers discovered a vehicle had collided with a waste water valve, which caused waste water to be released into the westbound lanes of La Costa Avenue for several minutes before being shut off.

Emergency Personnel observed the driver, a 30 year old male from Carlsbad, inside the vehicle and helped free him. Carlsbad Fire Department transported the driver to the hospital with minor injuries. Westbound La Costa Avenue between El Camino Real and Interstate 5 was closed for approximately three hours so personnel could clean up the waste water that was spilled onto the roadway. 349 People Released from County Jail that ICE Wanted

California’s “Sanctuary Law” has resulted the release of some 349 individuals in just four and a half months which immigration officials had wanted. The county did not alert the federal agency (ICE)

responsible for deportations.

That’s a little over half of the 605 people the agency requested, according to a spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department.

The 605 people that Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked jail officials for makes up less than two percent of the 32,137 people booked in San Diego County jails so far this year. That’s consistent with the previous two years when ICE wanted to arrest between 1.5 and 1.6 percent of those in the Sheriff’s custody. Before 2018, officials with the Sheriff’s Department would inform ICE when someone they were interested in was going to be released. With a new law that went into effect in January, jail officials now do not tell ICE when people will be released unless the person has a criminal charge listed as one of the exceptions in the law. Opponents of the law have argued that the law, known as S.B. 54 or the California Values Act, prevents immigration officials from doing their job and that they’re now forced go to into communities to make more arrests. ICE says that increases the potential for collateral

Thursday from 10:30 till about 12:15. We sit with the kids as they read and urge them to sound out the words, associate the words with the rest of the story, look at the pictures and try to figure out the word . . . and then when they finish the chapter we ask them to tell us what the story they just read was all about. This shows their comprehension of what they read.

Man About Town

Another interesting week:

Tuesday - long time friend and former member of our Hidden Valley Kiwanis Club, Craig Carter, has become the Chief of Police for Escondido. He gave a spell-binding report on our city and its law enforcement to a standing room only crowd. Great program.

Thursday: Final class for our tutor program at Rose School in Escondido. About seven of us, all member of my Kiwanis Club, volunteered to tutor kids, mostly Latino, who were having difficulty reading. Most speak English well but reading wasn't all that great.

It is now.

This is a very exciting and successful program. Each of us has three students, one on one, for 30 minute sessions, back to back. My day was

Great progress in learning to read . . . but even greater progress in becoming bonded and absolutely falling in love with these kids. Some of the things they said just melted my heart and, in one case, brought tears of joy, pride, everything else, to these ancient eyes. Allison, Frankie, Joshua (the hugger), Obed, Sarah, Rebecca, . . . all were just some of the kids we tutored.

I will miss the little stinkers. I asked each of them Thursday, at the end-ofyear ceremony, if they would come up and say hello if they saw me on campus next year. Sadly, it is not likely I'll have the same kids next year. They will move up a grade (1st, 2nd and 3rd graders). We'll have a whole new group of kids to bond with, to fall in love with, and to tutor.

This is one of the best service projects I've ever been involved with; already looking forward to the fall when we start fresh. If you are service oriented and looking for something to do that is rewarding, both for the kids as well as yourself, check to see if your local school system has a similar need. It's a great program! One great laugh came out of the expe-

arrests of people who happened to be around when officers showed up looking for someone else.

Since the law was implemented, arrests by ICE in California have dropped about 25 percent from the previous quarter, from 6,214 to 4,642, according to ICE data.

Arrests of those with criminal convictions in San Diego did not change significantly following the implementation of S.B. 54. ICE arrested 637 people with criminal histories between October and December, and the agency arrested 639 between January and March. Concerns have been raised that the arrest numbers were the 349 poeple that the Sheriff’s Department said had been released from custody instead of turned over to ICE.

Critics argue that Sanctuary law is terrible. It’s horrible. Half of the people that ICE, or INS in the old days, used to be able to take into custody are now not being taken and they’re being released back into the street. Mayor Sam Abed of Escondido told President Trump that their cooperation with ICE has reduced crime.

rience; at the ceremony each tutor was given a certificate of appreciation.

Well, let me tell you, they appreciated me so much they gave me a brand new name! My certificate says "Rose Elementary School Is Honored to Recognize Lyle David."

I noticed it right away but didn't say anything. Didn't want to embarrass anyone . . but when I got home and showed it to Mary she howled with laughter; same result when I showed it to Evelyn.

I don't normally keep awards or certificates. They just don't mean anything to me. I have a box full of awards somewhere in the garage. I don't post them on my walls. They are meaningless. I cherish the memories, not a bunch of papers or statues.

But . . . this one, I will keep; maybe frame it and post it on my wall. I figure if I ever get too full of myself all I have to do is look at my certificate and that will bring me back down to earth and keep me humble. (Though keeping me humble sure is hard!) Friday: Had a lovely drive over to La Jolla to visit my orthopedic surgeon at the VA. Checked out x-rays of both my shoulder and lower back. Confirmed pretty much what I already knew. I have arthritis in both areas, big time. En route home we stopped at a lovely restaurant in Oceanside, "Mimi's Cafe." Outstanding food, priced more than reasonably . . . and loaded with atmosphere. The highlight, however,

Letters to the Editor Friedrich:


Your feature article this week was off the charts and deserves wide publication. Great job. Thoughtful, topical, insightful and well written. Congratulations on a masterpiece. Thank you Your friend Paul Van Middlesworth The Commputer Factory PC - 2

Dear Lyle, I just read F. Gomez’

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 10

were the "Mimi's Muffins." They make them in blueberry, peach and raisin . . . and one other which I forget. We bought four to take with us Evelyn only kept one so I have been gorging myself on them. Then Saturday, we were up early for a pancake breakfast fund-raiser held by one of my Kiwanis pals, Donna Davis. All proceeds went to the Escondido Historical Society. They had a classic car show in Grape Day Park and we were there to feed the hungry vendors as well as the spectators. A number of my Kiwanis pals were there to help out . . . cooking, getting supplies, taking care of business.

A business appointment then coffee with my dear friend, Dick Huls, a retired pastor . . . then home for a little nap and now it's time to go to work. I stopped off en route home to visit Evelyn and we sat out on the patio while we watched the pups run around and play. Beautiful blue skies . . . about 75 degrees . . . I noted a lovely breeze blowing and we watched the palm trees swing and sway with the wind. Life is good!

•••• On page 7 of this edition of The Paper we offer our endorsements for candidates in the primary election.

You will note that we endorse both Republican and Democrats; we do not endorse along party lines but we endorse who we think has either earned the endorsement or who we think will do the best job. VOTE!

The Paper • Page 5 • May 31, 2018

Doc Holliday Cont. from Page 3

about the issue from the 1890’s onwards. Both the Ed Bailey knifing and Ringo duel fabrications have unfortunately been immortalized in the Tombstone film and other screen representations, which while entertaining, has only added to the confusion surrounding the factual details of the historical Holliday.

In addition to the lack of specific, detailed information regarding Holliday, most of the publicly available information on his life comes from newspaper articles and memoirs that were written at least a decade after his death. Since journalists could not interview Holliday and his loner lifestyle left him with sparse companions, the articles were therefore prone to wild journalistic embellishment to fill in the gaps of the Tombstone story. Similar to the authors who wrote about Jesus of Nazareth decades after his alleged life and death, there is certainly no doubt that most of the commentary offered on Holliday was by people who had never even met the man so much as once. So what do we know for certain about Doc Holliday? We know he was born in Griffin, Georgia in the summer of 1851 to Henry and Jane Holliday. He was of British ancestry and his father had recently returned from fighting with the United States Army in the Mexican-American

War. Henry had also adopted a Mexican son named Francisco, and upon his return trained both of the boys to shoot firearms. In school, Doc studied Latin, French and Ancient Greek which were the primary languages of the European churches throughout the Middle Ages that had preserved written documentation about religious and intellectual subjects. Common to rumor, Doc did in fact contract tuberculosis from his mother as a teenager which claimed her life as well as Francisco’s. After his mother’s death, his father remarried and Doc traveled to Philadelphia four years later at the age of 19 to enroll at the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. After graduating with his degree, Holliday eventually moved back to Georgia and attempted to set up a regular dental practice. Shortly after opening his Georgian practice around 1873, Holliday was officially diagnosed with tuberculosis and was advised by a physician to move to a dry, arid climate out west that would alleviate his symptoms. He wisely followed this advice and wound up working in and around Dallas as a dentist until his coughing began to interfere with his technical skills and scare away clients who were justifiably afraid of contracting the illness. Realizing he could not rely on dentistry as his sole income, he began to involve himself in the Dallas gambling scene which he had a natural talent for.

By early 1875, the 24 year-old Holliday had established himself as a regular hustler who was frequently involved in knife and gun fights over gambling disputes. After being pursued by the Texas police for illegal gambling, Holliday became a lone drifter and spent the next two years traveling throughout Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Kansas. By the summer of 1877, he had relocated to rural Stephens County in northern Texas which ended with an angry gambler shooting and nearly killing Holliday after the latter had brutally beaten him with his cane. After being nursed back to health by his cousin George, Holliday moved to nearby Fort Griffin, Texas where he met his longtime companion Mary Horony, who accompanied him later to Arizona. Horony was better known as “Big Nose Kate”, and had been a Hungarian prostitute from the eastern side of Budapest. Her presence in the Tombstone film is therefore factually accurate, although in real life she was quite homely in comparison to the beautiful Polish model Joanna Pacula who portrayed her in 1993. Beyond Kate, the only other known intimate female relationship Holliday had fostered was with his first cousin Martha “Mattie” Holliday, who eventually became a Catholic nun. The reasons for their parting and whether or not the relationship was sexually consummated is still somewhat unclear, however, personal correspondence letters retained by Doc from Mattie indi-

cate they were in regular, amicable contact until his death from tuberculosis in bed at the Glenwood Springs Hotel in 1887.

After leaving Fort Griffin, Holliday traveled throughout Kansas, New Mexico and Nevada before eventually settling in Tombstone with Kate in September 1880. Sometime between 1877 and his arrival in Tombstone, Holliday had become friends with Wyatt Earp who had been working as a temporary Deputy U.S. Marshal. The exact story of how they became friends varies depending on the source, but it is consistently agreed upon that they held a deep respect and admiration for one another. The rest, including the shootout at the OK Corral and Earp Vendetta Ride as they say, is history. From these details we can ascertain that while Holliday had certainly been involved in his share of knife and gun fights, he did not emerge from all of these encounters unscathed as is regularly portrayed in screen presentations. There is also little evidence to indicate that he killed more than two or three men in one-on-one gunfights. Even during the month long Vendetta Ride from March to April 1882, the 11-man strong, U.S. Deputy Marshal Earp Posse (consisting of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Sherman McMaster, Jack “Turkey Creek” Johnson, John “Texas Jack”

Doc Holliday Cont. on Page 6

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The Paper • Page 6 • May 31, 2018

Doc Holliday Cont. from Page 5

Vermillion, Dan Tipton, Charlie Smith, Fred Dodge, Johnny Green, Louis Cooley and even Wyatt’s younger brother Warren) only managed to kill four of the cowboys: head gang leader William “Curly Bill” Brocius, Frank Stilwell, Florentino Cruz and Johnny Barnes (still contested by Western historians). Film has also not helped to clarify this point, as the Tombstone production depicts a five-man Posse of Earp, Holliday, McMaster, Johnson and Vermillion exterminating a cowboy gang of some 50 odd members, when the real-life cowboy gang had about 25 members at most. By portraying the Earp Posse as vastly outnumbered 10-1 against a platoon of cowboys, the film representation has given us a more adverse, heroic vision of Holliday and the Earp Posse than was reality.

By portraying Holliday as an undefeated gunfighter who slayed hordes of men and seduced scores of beautiful women, Hollywood has also successfully elevated him to the status of an indefatigable action hero. However, this image of Holliday is mostly inaccurate given his limited romantic experience with an ugly prostitute and first cousin, alongside the grievous wounds often suffered at the hands of drunk gamblers he brawled with. For a poor-tempered, rash man who was a terminally ill alcoholic with a severe gambling addiction, the promotion of Holliday as a sexy, lothario gunslinger within popular media is certainly flawed if not a complete and outright lie. Perhaps one of the more telling reviews of Holliday’s life comes from the May 1907 edition of the magazine Human Life, where Bat Masterson was quoted saying, “Holliday had a mean disposition and an ungovernable temper, and when under the influence of liquor, was a most dangerous man. – Holliday had few friends anywhere in the West. He was selfish and had a perverse nature, traits not calculated to make a man popular in the early days on the frontier.”

In addition to Holliday’s largely imagined status as a “Southern gentleman,” his alleged quick draw prowess emanates almost solely from a single source published in the San Francisco Daily Examiner on August 2nd, 1896. The article quotes Wyatt Earp saying that, “Doc was a dentist whom necessity had made a gambler; a gentleman whom disease had made a frontier vagabond; a philosopher whom life had made a caustic wit; a long, lean, ash-blond fellow nearly dead from consumption, at the same time the most skillful gambler and the nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever knew.” Though it would be improper to accuse Earp of lying, he had given several conflicting accounts in relation to these matters over the years and there is little to no tangi-

ble evidence to date which would prove that Doc was any faster of a gunslinger than the average person. This is not to say he was not the expert gunslinger some proclaimed, there is simply little evidence to verify that ostensible fact. While Holliday’s life has in many ways been marred beyond recognition due to creative imagination on behalf of storytellers, it has been possible to separate the truth from fiction. Doc did have tuberculosis, was from the South and acted as a proficient dentist, thief, gambler, alcoholic and gunslinger. However, his tales of mass killing, sexual promiscuity, alleged roles in stagecoach robberies and scratchless scuffles were largely invented or exaggerated by reporters to sell tabloid newspapers. Despite the largely fictitious renderings of his life, the idea of Doc Holliday in the Tombstone story as an ennobled, terminal messiah antihero has given us as a society a certain Old West icon through which we identify honorable traits to aspire to, such as bravery, honor, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice. Whether it be Doc Holliday, Jesus or Joan of Arc, we have filled in the agnostic gaps related to these historical characters with positive characteristics, so we can cast them as role models to teach present and future generations of what virtues we should attempt to base our lives upon.

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Memorializing a Hometown Hero

The Author: Matthew Fabritius

Matthew is another of our talented writers - an outstanding researcher and with the ability to weave the data from that research into a very readable story. Expect more from young Mr. Fabritius. He’s a keeper!

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Naming a portion of the I-15 freeway in Escondido as CAL FIRE Firefighter Cory Iverson Memorial Highway is a step closer to reality with passage of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 205 last week. Memorializing the lives of first responders who make the ultimate sacrifice is a necessary, but sad duty for members of the State Assembly. But it is one which I am honored to do for our hometown hero. On December 14th we lost Escondido native, Cal Fire Apparatus Engineer Cory Iverson, who died fighting the Thomas Fire in Ventura County. I have authored ACR 205, sponsored by CAL FIRE, designating the 5 mile portion of State Route 15 between SR 78 and Via Rancho Parkway in his honor. Iverson, an eight-year veteran of CAL FIRE, 32 years old, joined CalFire in 2009, after working 7 years for Harmony Grove Fire Department. Importantly, he was a man of faith who devoted his life to sharing the love of Jesus. During

his career he received many awards, including recognition as "2010 CAL FIRE Firefighter of the Year". He exemplified professionalism, work ethic and dedication. He proudly followed in the footsteps of his uncle, a retired fire captain.

Yes he was a hero. He put his life on the line for all of us without batting an eye. But most of all, Iverson was a loving husband, father and family man, survived by his wife, two daughters, parents and siblings. While we have lost a hero, they have lost a part of themselves that will never be replaced. ACR 205, with 70 co-authors, has been approved by the Assembly and will now move to the Senate. In this small way, the life of this outstanding young man and public servant will be honored and remembered by all.

Minority Floor Leader Marie Waldron, REscondido, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the communities of Bonsall, Escondido, Fallbrook, Hidden Meadows, Pala, Palomar Mountain, Pauma Valley, Rainbow, San Marcos, Temecula, Valley Center and Vista.

The Paper • Page 7 • May 31, 2018

The Paper Endorsements Governor:

John Cox

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In 1876, Hickok was diagnosed with glaucoma and ophthalmia, commonly known as “moon (night) blindness.” Though he was just 39, his marksmanship and health were apparently in decline.

Jack Guerrero Dave Jones


US Representative, 49th District

Diane Harkey

James Bradley

50th District

Bill Wells

State Assembly 75th District

Marie Waldron

Deadman’s Hand of Aces and Eights

Of all the characters and legends the Old West, none would exceed the storied life of James Butler “Wild Bill” Hickok.

Brian Jones

Superintendent of Public Instruction Marshall Tuck

Ernest Dronenburg, Jr

District Attorney

Summer Stephan

Treasurer/Tax Collector

Dan Mc Allister


Proposition 68 Proposition 69 Proposition 70 Proposition 71 Proposition 72

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Born May 27, 1837, Hickok was known for his exploits across the frontier as a drover, wagon master, soldier, spy, scout, lawman, gunfighter, gambler, showman, and actor. He earned a great deal of notoriety, much of it bolstered by outlandish and often fabricated tales he told about himself. Some contemporaneous reports remain the basis of much of Hickok’s fame and reputation. Hickok was raised on a farm near present-day Troy Grove, Ill. At age 18, he began working as a stagecoach driver and later as a lawman in the frontier territories of Kansas and Nebraska. He fought and spied for the Union Army during the Civil War and gained publicity after the war as a scout, marksman, actor, and professional gambler. While Hickok claimed to have killed numerous gunmen, according to historians, Hickok killed only six or seven men in gunfights. In 1855, at age 18, Hickok moved to Leavenworth in the Kansas Territory, where he joined the Jayhawkers vigilante group. In April 1861, after the Civil War broke out, Hickok became a teamster for the Union Army in Sedalia, Missouri. He joined General James Henry Lane's Kansas Brigade and, while serving with the brigade, saw his friend William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who was serving as a scout. There are no records of Hickok's whereabouts for the next year, although at least one source claims that he was a Union spy in Confederate territory during this time.

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On Aug. 2, 1876, Hickok was playing poker in a Deadwood Saloon. A drunk, Jack McCall, lost heavily. Hickok encouraged him to quit, offering money for breakfast. McCall accepted the money, but he was insulted.

Hickok was playing five-card stud when he was shot. He was holding two pairs: black aces and black eights. Poker players everywhere have since known the four cards as “the dead-man’s hand.”

Bill Gore No

Martha Jane Cannary, known as “Calamity Jane,” claimed she was married to Hickok, but no records have been found supporting that.

The next day, Hickok again was playing poker. He usually sat with his back to a wall, but the only seat available was facing away from the door. McCall entered the saloon, walked up behind Hickok and shot him in the back of the head, killing him instantly. McCall claimed he was angry at Hickok for the breakfast gesture.

County Board of Supervisors, 5th District, Jim Desmond County Assessor/Recorder

in the street at about 40 feet. Hickok killed three of the men each with a bullet to the head and wounded the fourth with a shot through the cheek bone.

Later, as Abilene’s marshal, Hickok was trying to quell a street brawl when he accidently shot and killed his deputy, who was coming to Hickok’s aid. This event haunted Hickok for the remainder of his life.

Betty Yee

Joel Anderson

State Senator 38th District

by Tom Morrow

Cole Harris

Board of Equalization, 4th District US Senate

Historically Speaking

In September 1865, Hickok became a deputy federal marshal at Fort Riley, Kansas. Earlier, Hickok sometimes served as a scout for General George A. Custer's 7th Cavalry. One account of Hickok’s prowess as a gunfighter was when a saloon argument with four men broke out, he faced them

McCall was acquitted before an informal "miners jury.” Calamity Jane supposedly led a lynch mob for McCall, but at the time of Hickok’s death, Jane was being held by military authorities. After bragging about killing Hickok, McCall was re-arrested, found guilty and was hanged on March 1, 1877. In 1881, the cemetery where McCall was buried was moved and when he was exhumed, the noose was found still around his neck.

Hickok's favorite guns were a pair of Colt 1851 Navy Model (.36 caliber) revolvers. They had ivory grips and nickel plating. He wore his revolvers butt-forward in a belt or sash, and seldom used holsters. He drew the pistols using a "reverse, twist" or cavalry draw. The true-life story of James Butler Hickok will never be known, but as Hollywood director John Ford once said, “There’s always a legend alongside a true story. Always print the legend – it’s far more interesting.

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D ing Dini g Out Out Ou ut aviiing ngs ggs Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 3

information, resources, and activities for kids. If you received a postcard in the mail about this event, take it with you to receive one free mini-cupcake, while supplies last! For more information, call 760.745.5522 or visit www.rinconwater.org.

DAR Meeting is June 9th - The Santa Margarita Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), will meet Saturday, June 9, at the El Camino Country Club in Oceanside. Following a 9:30am breakfast buffet the members will hear about the Mission San Luis Rey and Restorations from Christina Sahhar, a member of the museum staff. Elections will be held and CA DAR State Regent-elect, Adele Lancaster, will swear in the new officers. There are no formal meetings in July and August. The DAR is open to any female 18 years of age or older who is lineally descended from the patriots who fought for American independence during the Revolutionary War. Visit http://santamargarita/californiadar.org Kids in the Garden Class is June 9th – This month’s class will be on Saturday, June 9th, from 10am-12noon, at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens, 1270 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista, at the top of the hill inside Brengle Terrace Park. You will be able to Play with Your Food, Veggie Critters, made from vegetables and fruits. You will even get to eat some of them. Learn about nutrition and healthy eating with Farmer Jones. You will also be planting in the Edibles Garden. Adults are welcome to join the class. The class emphasizes hands-on discovery and fun for all. Class fee is $5/child, and $5/adult Garden entry. Pre-registration required at farmerjonesavbg@gmail.com or by calling 760.822.6824 to ensure there will be materials for all. Fees support the development of the Children’s Garden. Adults will stay with their children. A family membership at the Gardens includes the monthly Kids in the Garden class free for a year. Donations are gratefully accepted. Visit altavistabotanicalgardens.org or visit the website at http://altavistagardens.org. 2018 RB Chorale Scholarship Show Announced - The RB Chorale , under the direction of Pat Bean, will present its annual spring show on Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th at the Poway Performing Arts Center, 15498 Espola Road, Poway, CA. “Best of Broadway” will include music from classic Broadway musicals plus some great numbers from more recent shows. Music

from film is not forgotten and the audience always loves our patriotic salute to our men and women in uniform. The highlight in each show will be the competition by the finalists of the Chorale’s annual scholarship auditions. Each of these high school seniors has demonstrated academic success, won numerous awards, and embraced the spirit of volunteerism in our community. On Saturday evening at 7pm, the audience will be treated with performances by Ryan Zhou, a pianist from Torrey Pines High School who will be studying music at Yale. Ellie Barrett, a vocalist, will be pursuing a music degree from Arizona State University after graduating from San Marcos High School. Another accomplished pianist, Cameron Lincoln from Eastlake High School, will continue his music studies at Stanford this fall. Sunday’s 1pm matinee will feature performances by three more scholarship finalists. John Lettang from Poway High School is a vocalist who will be studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Yeawon “Erica” Hwang, a violinist from Torrey Pines High School will pursue her musical education at Juilliard. Vocalist Eduardo Pintado will be attending UCSD after graduation from Chula Vista Senior High School. The audience will be voting for their favorite performances, which will determine the scholarship amount each student will receive. The RB Chorale’s scholarship fund is currently at $16,000 which will be divided among the finalists, and we hope that by June we will be able to award even more to these deserving students. Come out and support your favorite! It’s your chance to be heard and to support musical arts education. More information about the RB Chorale is available at www.rbchorale.org or https://www.facebook.com/TheRbChorale. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from chorale members, at the Chorale website www.rbchorale.org, or by calling 858-458-7664. Prices are Preferred Seating - $32; General Admission - $22; Seniors, Students, Military - $20; Children (Infants - age 12) - $7. Net proceeds benefit the RB Chorale Scholarship Fund.

Home Firearm Safety/Basic Handgun Class Coming Up - A monthly 3-hour familiarization and safety class is offered for anyone anticipating the purchase of, or who already owns, a handgun. The class is offered Sunday, June 10th, from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Escondido Fish and Game Association shooting range east of Lake Wohlford, at 16525 Guejito Road & Lake Wohlford Road. Participants learn the basics of handguns, home firearm safety and

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responsibility of firearm ownership. Handguns and ammunition are provided for the class but participants are encouraged to bring their own handgun if they already own one. Cost is $60/person. To register for the class call Jack at 760.746.2868. If you want to attend but can’t make this one, classes will be held on the second Sunday morning each month for the foreseeable future.

COGG Luncheon Meeting on Tuesday, June 12th – At their June meeting, the Conservative Order for Good Government (COGG) will be featuring Mr. Tim Chelling, the Executive Director of Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial, who will discuss “The Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial – San Diego’s Beacon of Honor.” Doors open at 11:30am for socializing; lunch is 12noon and the program, concluding at 1:30pm. Meetings are held at The Bernardo Heights Country Club, 16066 Bernardo Heights Parkway, San Diego, 92128 (Rancho Bernardo). For more information and regis-

tration, visit the website at www.coggrb.com and follow the prompts for reservations. Cost for guests is $28, cash or check at the door; members cost is $24.

Senior Center to Hold Father’s Day Lunch on June 13th - Another great event and lunch coming your way! Come celebrate Fathers’ Day on Wednesday, June 13th, from 11:00am-12:00pm at the Country Club Senior Center in Oceanside, 455 Country Club Lane, Oceanside. There will be live music, free raffles, trivia, Father’s Day prizes and lunch. Cost is $3 for age 60+ and $5 for age 59 and younger. No reservations required; simply pay at the door the day of the event. For more information, call 760.435.5250.

June Events/Classes at S.D. Botanic

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 9

The Paper • Page 9 • May 31, 2018

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 8

Garden Each Thursday, May 31 thru August 30, 4:30pm–8pm. Free with paid admission or membership. Thursday Family Fun Night; pack up the kids and enjoy some outdoor fun at San Diego Botanic Garden. Live, kid-friendly entertainment is provided each Thursday night from 6-7pm in our Ocean View/Blue Lot this year. Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/thursnight.htm. Now thru Tuesday, July 10; daily, 9am–5pm. Ecke Building, San Quail Gardens Drive. Free with paid admission or membership. 11th Annual Lung Hsiang Exhibit and Sale features original Chinese Brush Paintings created by members of the Lung Hsiang chapter of the American Artists of Chinese Brush Painting – a group that has been painting together for over 25 years! Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/events.htm. Now thru Labor Day, September 3. Daily, 9am–5pm. Free admission for active-duty US Military card carrier and up to 5 immediate family members thru the Blue Star Museum Program. The Garden is proud to participate in this program. Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/military-specials.htm. Saturday, June 2, 9am–4pm. Mosaic Bird Class; Cost: Members $75, nonmembers $90, plus a $60 materials fee paid directly to instructor. Learn how to cut glass (that looks like feathers!) and make a beautiful mosaic bird for your home in this fun, hands-on class. Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/classes.htm. Thursday, June 7, 10am–2pm & Friday, June 8, 10am–12pm; Cost: Members $35, non-members $42, plus a $25 materials fee paid directly to the instructor. Mosaic Flower Pots; create your own unique mosaic terra cotta flower pot. Use a variety of irregular shaped glazed tiles, square tiles, circles, glass gems and more in this hands-on class. Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/classes.htm. Saturday, June 23, 10am–4pm.. Fairy Festival; Free with paid admission or membership. Small fee for crafts. Come celebrate Spring at the annual Fairy Festival for children. Youngsters can enjoy fairy crafts, face painting, a fairyland market, enchanted butterfly garden, a meeting with the Fairy Princess and more. Info:

http://www.sdbgarden.org/fairyfest.htm. Saturday, June 30, 9am–12pm. Photography Fundamentals & Creative Control. Members $55, non-members $66. Ready to get more from your digital camera? This is the class for you! Join Sandy Zelasko as she reviews basic camera controls and how to apply them. Practice what you’ve learned shooting images at the Garden. Bring your digital camera and manual to class. Info: http://www.sdbgarden.org/classes.htm. San Diego Botanic Garden is located at 230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas, 92024; www.SDBGarden.org.

Be A Hero for Sick Kids at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego – Be their HERO! Support Rady Children’s with a monthly gift. Join the most active and influential group of supporters – the Monthly Heroes by creating a monthly recurring gift. It is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make a difference to the patients and their families. Whether you give $15 or $100 a month, you will be helping Rady’s provide compassionate care to children and families and ensure that Rady Children’s is here for every child who needs them. However you choose to help, your decision to become a Monthly Hero will help sick and injured children. Thank you. Contact Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation, 3020 Children’s Way, San Diego, 92123; phone 858.966.5988.

It Takes a Club; Club Crown Heights – North County Lifeline needs your help! Each year, 150 youth walk through the doors to be a part of Lifeline’s youth development program in Crown Heights. From ages five to 17 years old, when kids turn the corner onto Division Street they are making an important decision – the first of many. Crown Heights is one of the poorest, and recently most violence-stricken, neighborhoods in Oceanside. With community support, Lifeline has created a safe haven for North County youth. They help youth finish homework, avoid gangs, develop strong friendships and say no to drugs! Meet Guillermo, a former Club Crown Heights youth. After finding Club crown Heights he felt inspired to reach for more in all aspects of his life. And even if you’ve never met

Pancho, many have seen his work with Lifeline’s youth. From the youth soccer team to daily mentoring, Pancho shows what it takes to make a difference in the lives of children. And you can make a difference too – please donate to this important youth facility. For more information, contact North County Lifeline, 3142 Vista Way, Suite 400, Oceanside, CA 92056.

Work for Us and Change the World – Calling all animal lovers! The San Diego Humane Society will be the animal service provider for an additional six cities as of July 1. This will increase the number of animals we care for from 30,000 to more than 50,000 annually. As we expand our care to more animals and people throughout the San Diego Region, we are growing our team as well. We’re looking for candidates who will support our goal to end animal suffering and our mission to Inspire Compassion. You can review the available career opportunities on our website, or share the link with someone you know. The positions most in demand are: Adoptions; Admissions; and Guest Relations. San Diego Humane Society thrives on a Culture of Care, offering competitive pay and benefits. We have a generous paid time-off plan, paid holidays, medical insurance, long-term disability insurance, life-insurance, a retirement savings plan with 5 percent match, flexible spending accounts, wellness program, and employee discounts. Website is sdhumane.org, or call 619.299.7012.

Escondido Public Library Survey - As the Escondido Public Library looks to the future and develops a strategic plan, we want to better understand patron views of the Library. Below please find two links (Spanish and English) to the 2018 Escondido Public Library Survey. Public participation in the survey is very important and findings will help the Library better serve the citizens of Escondido. The information citizens provide will be completely confidential and anonymous. Completed surveys will go directly to Opinion Research Specialists, LLC, an independent research company, which will collect and analyze the results. The survey takes about three minutes to

complete. The survey can be found at eplspanish2018.com and eplenglish2018.com. Thank you for your help with this important project. For questions, contact Ms. Deborah Joy, DirectorLibrary Marketing, LS&S.

Honor Flight San Diego Spring Tour of Honor Wrap Up – “I will remember this trip for the rest of my life”—WWII Veteran. Just two weeks ago we returned from our spring Tour of Honor to the largest homecoming ever! It was a whirlwind few days and the San Diego community came out to welcome home our heroes. We estimate there were over 1,500 people at the San Diego International Airport and there was not dry eye as these WWII and Korea veterans finally received the homecoming they deserved. On this trip we had 82 veterans from WWII and Korea eras and we were fortunate to have wonderful photographers and media with us to document it all. Big thank you to everyone who made this trip a success! From the team leaders to guardians, to support personnel and partners in San Diego, Baltimore and Washington, DC, to the vendors who donated food and drinks at the San Diego International Airport and to all our generous donors who helped to make this trip possible - WE THANK YOU! The next Tour of Honor flight is Sept. 2830, 2018, and we will be looking to connect with WWII veterans. If you know a WWII veteran who has not flown on their Tour of Honor, please complete an application at: Veteran Application. Save the Date - July 29, 2018! As wonderful as the spring trip was, we have to shift gears to plan for the fall trip. Right now the fall trip is not funded and therefore we need to raise the necessary money so that more veterans can go on their Tour of Honor. Since 2010, Honor Flight San Diego has taken 1,243 veterans on the 3-day trip. It is very rewarding to us that the vast majority have been WWII veterans. As we begin to take more Korean era veterans on future flights, our upcoming

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 11

The Paper • Page 10 • May 31, 2018

A Weekly Memo from the Councilmembers of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders. Olga Diaz

Council Member, Represents District 3

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 4

article on Political Correctness.

It was mostly confirmation of what I already believe.

My view on PC – it is yet another device brought about by the disgruntled left to dismantle our society.

They claim to be trying to repair old wounds and insulate different groups from being offended, but what happens is people just become distant. It used to be OK and acceptable to rib each other and make light of our shortcomings and eccentricities and differences. It bonded us to do this.

I am not talking about the haters out there. Their actions separate them

Doughnut is pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 1-1/2 year old, 7 pound, Domestic Short Hair cat with a Blue Tabby coat.

Doughnut is a new mom. Her kittens are being adopted. Now it’s her turn to find a forever home. She needs time to settle in and feel safe. Doughnut was transferred from another shelter through the FOCAS program.

The $100 adoption fee for Doughnut includes medical exams, vaccinations, spay, and registered microchip. For more information call 760-7536413, visit Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, or log on to SDpets.org.

Everything in Moderation

The Escondido City Council voted to slow the proliferation of businesses that offer a questionable economic benefit to our tax base. This action came in the form of adding land use regulations that make it harder for businesses to get approval to open in Escondido. The specific business types affected include self-storage facilities and carwashes. Over the years, land use policies

from normal society and they carve their way to their own lonely existence.

As several entertainers were quoted as saying – PC is nothing but a culture of lying. Another term for the acronym could be ‘Phony Crap.’ It is an attempt to disallow us to have feelings, or wit. The result is driving people apart, causing lack of trust and compassion and camaraderie.

If I tell a well-dressed woman she looks pretty, I am giving a compliment, to make her feel good and smile. I am not propositioning her. The same is true when I tell a man he looks good.

I like John Cleese’ summation of out-of-limits topics for humor:

Charlie, a 4-year-old Domestic Longhair mix, is a handsome boy looking for a loving home to call his own. He loves to sit in laps and play with toys. He has been around dogs and other cats and with proper introduction, he could fit right in! Charlie is also a talker so he will be happy to have chats with you. He will need to be an indoor-only cat, because he is declawed. Come meet Charlie today to see if this sweet and friendly lap kitty could be the one for you! His adoption fee includes his neuter, permanent microchip identification, a certificate for a free veterinary exam, and waived enrollment fee for medical insurance from TruPanion. Charlie is available for adoption at San Diego Humane Society’s Escondido Campus at 3450 E Valley Parkway. To learn more about making him part of your family, please call (619) 299-7012.

have been watered down to make it easier, not harder, for business to open in Escondido. While other cities established land use policies to balance growth, Escondido worked to simplify and minimize any regulations. This caused a proliferation of business that other cities did not want, like self-storage facilities that provide minimal economic activity to support City services. You may have read that a carwash, allowable “by right”

“Are they so feeble….?” Perfect. When did people become so insecure and feeble?

I am fortunate to have been brought into a new way of understanding human nature, and it is a very beneficial way to live, if undertaken: What other people think, about me or about anything else, is absolutely none of my business. If someone insults me, or derides me, unnecessarily or unfairly, they are benefitting me by displaying behavior that I must try to avoid. I have an opportunity to learn from everybody I come in contact with. Sometimes I learn good things, and sometimes not.

under our existing land use regulations was caught up in the implementation of these new regulations. By a rare vote of 3:2, Councilmembers Gallo, Masson and I supported a process to let the pending carwash move forward while adding additional review criteria for future carwash proposals. In June, Escondido will review the balance of existing land uses to determine oversaturation of any other business types.

True growth comes from knowing the difference. Both are beneficial.

Political Correctness is designed to deny that growth and force people to conform to a state of artificial indifference. Regards,

/s/Rick Geisz Vista, CA.

Another View on PC

I was disappointed by the recent article about Political Correctness.

Letters to the Editor Cont. on Page 12

The Pastor Says . . .

police officer with, “I appreciate your service.” Every officer I know enjoys hearing that.

Pastor Richard Huls (Retired) Appreciation

The Paper recently hosted an appreciation evening, when the editor and owner of The Paper, Lyle Davis, expressed gratitude to all the contributors and also received words of commendation for his efforts in providing The Paper for our community. I appreciated both expressions. But more so, it made me aware of the need to be more appreciative for all we have and enjoy in life.

It is so easy to take life and its blessings for granted. For instance, we enjoy a life of conveniences- ready access to electricity, medical care, restaurants, library, dentists, post office, supermarkets, and much more, often without giving a thought of thanks. However, many have taken steps to compliment a

Where does this spirit of appreciation come from? How do we get it and keep it? One way is to imagine what our lives would be without any of the services we have. Life would not only be different, but difficult. It is stepping beyond taking things for granted and truly realizing what we have provided on a daily basis – phones, cars, food, water, and even indoor toilets. It is more, too, when we realize there are people behind most of these provisions. Cops, doctors, firemen, waitresses, garbage collectors, plumbers, etc., are persons with feelings, needs, and emotions, who need to be appreciated. Social studies show people need more than a paycheck, no matter how large or small. They need to be appreciated, know someone cares, and is aware of their being, their person. Just a word, an expression, note, even a moment of contact, makes a difference between living or just existing.

Even God, who is self-sufficient, wants a word of praise, thanks, and acknowledgment for His blessings. When we do, it releases His spirit to give more blessings, just as we find in the human being, who is being appreciated. LET’S ALL APPRECIATE.

The Paper • Page 11 • May 31, 2018

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

San Marcos • Mayor Jim Desmond

San Marcos streets to receive chip and slurry seal

Several streets in the community will receive routine maintenance this fall as part of the city’s ongoing commitment to maintain its roadways.

Each year in San Marcos, several streets receive a chip and slurry seal treatment to extend the life of existing pavement by protecting the undersurface from the effects of aging and the environment. Residents directly affected will receive two notices—two weeks ahead and then 72 hours prior to scheduled work so that appropriate parking

arrangements can be made.

During construction, traffic control measures will ensure the safe passage of all individuals and for the safety of construction workers. Motorists are advised to expect delays and use caution when traveling through roadwork areas. Closures on residential streets should be expected. Schedules will be provided but are The subject to change so Paper residents are • encouraged to visit www.sanmarcos.net/roadwork for updates.

Escondido • Mayor Sam Abed

Mayor Sam Abed does not wish to write a weekly column to communicate with his Escondido Constituents via The Paper and its “A Letter from the Mayor” series

Chuckles Cont. from Page 2

Is it my imagination, or do buffalo wings taste like chicken? Men Jokes!

One day my housework-challenged Husband decided to wash his Sweatshirt. Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, 'What setting do I use on the washing machine?' 'It depends,' I replied. 'What does it say on your shirt?' He yelled back, 'Denver Broncos!' And they say blondes are dumb...

A couple is lying in bed. The man says,'I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world...' The woman replies, 'I'll miss you.......

'It's just too hot to wear clothes today,' Jack says as he stepped out of the shower..'Honey, what do you think the neighbours would think if I mowed the lawn like this?' 'Probably that I married you for your money,' she replied.

Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man? A: A rumor Dear Lord,

I pray for Wisdom to understand my man;Love to forgive him; and Patience for his moods. Because, Lord, if I pray for Strength, I'll beat him to death.

Q: Why do little boys whine? A: They are practising to be men.

Q: What do you call a handcuffed man?

A: Trustworthy!

Q: How do you keep your husband from reading your e-mail? A: Rename the email folder 'Instruction Manuals'

While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world ......... then He made the earth round, and laughed and laughed and laughed. GETTING OLDER

A distraught senior citizen phoned her doctor's office.

"Is it true," she wanted to know, "that the medication you prescribed has to be taken for the rest of my life?" "'Yes, I'm afraid so,"' the doctor told her.

There was a moment of silence before the senior lady replied, "I'm wondering, then, just how serious is my condition because this prescription is marked 'NO REFILLS'.." **** An older gentleman was on the operating table awaiting surgery and he insisted that his son, a renowned surgeon, perform the operation. As he was about to get the anesthesia, he asked to speak to his son. "Yes, Dad, what is it?"

"Don't be nervous, son; do your best, and just remember, if it doesn't go well, if something happens to me, your

Vista - Mayor Judy Ritter

Cultural Caravan Adventures

For over 30 years, the City of Vista’s Culture Caravan travel program has unique travel experiences to destinations all over Southern California and beyond. With an emphasis on day trips, the McClellan Senior Center organizes the trips and takes care of details such as deluxe transportation, best available tickets, delicious meals, and wonderful volunteer guides. Day trips include Padres games, museum visits, and more adventure trips. Page Plan11a day•tripMay or your24, next2018 vacation with the Culture Caravan. If you are interested in active adult group travels give the

Senior Center a call at 760.639.6160.

Speaking of the Senior Center, did you know about the YANA (You Are Not Alone) program? It is a free service to Vista residents. The Vista Senior Sheriff’s Patrol provides checks on a senior or disabled person living alone. A volunteer calls the individual once a day five days a week, and, once a month a YANA team member visits the home. The Senior Volunteers are encouraging residents to take advantage of the free program, if it is needed, call 760.940.4434 for more information.

Oceanside • Mayor Peter Weiss

Concert time in Oceanside

The City of Oceanside is partnering with North County Lifeline and the Crown Heights Neighborhood Group in hosting the Crown Heights Festival event on Saturday, June 2 from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Crown Heights Resource Center at 1210 Division St.

Division Street will be closed to thru traffic from Center St. to Garfield St. to host the large-scale festival. The event will have over 30+ resource booths, various local enter-

mother is going to come and live with you and your wife...."

Eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it. This is so true. I love to hear them say "you don't look that old."

The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for. (Mostly because we forgot why we were waiting in line in the first place!) Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me! I want people to know why I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some of the roads weren't paved. When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra.

One of the many things no one tells you about aging is that it is such a nice change from being young. Ah, being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.

tainment acts and community presentations for youth and families. North County Lifeline’s Club Crown Heights program will be selling food and conducting various games and competitions. There will be free recreational activities such as obstacle course and rock climbing wall, free haircuts, and the Oceanside Promise Reading literacy program. Call or email Erica Jimenez at (760) 435-3339 or EJimenez@ci.oceanside.ca.us for more information.

Social Butterfly Cont. from Page 9

fundraiser is about, "The Forgotten Hero of the Forgotten War." We are honored to have CAPT E. Royce Williams, USN (retired) and RADM Doniphan Shelton, USN, (retired) as our guests of honor to tell the epic war story that was classified for almost 50 years. The documentary aired at last year's GI Film Festival San Diego and to learn about the story, go to: Forgotten Hero Trailer. The "Forgotten Heroes" fundraiser will be on Sunday, July 29, from 5-9 pm at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club. Tickets will go on sale June 1. More information to come in a future newsletter. Also, we are always seeking WWII and Korea era veterans who would like to accompany Honor Flight San Diego volunteers to events to help tell our story. If you would like to like to help us, please email holly@honorflightsandiego.org to be added to our list.

Senior Anglers Host Accurate Reels Executive - The Oceanside Senior Anglers’ June 5th meeting will host Ben Secrest, the vice president of sales and marketing for Accurate Fishing Products. Accurate products are recognized worldwide as being the best-of-the-best. The June general meeting will be held at the Oceanside Senior Center, 455 Country Club Lane, at 9:00am, and is open to all anglers age 50 and above.

The Paper • Page 12 • May 31, 2018 it so wide spread?

Here is the best simple yet comprehensive definition for Political Correctness we found. “The avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against”

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

www. thecomputerfactory.net "San Diego's Best Computer Store 2017-18" Union Tribune readers poll More on PC (political correctness)

We usually write on technology related subjects involving PCs. Today we talk about a different kind of PC. The kind that our friend Friedrich Gomez wrote about last week in The Paper “A Second Look at Political Correctness.” Friedrich’s article on the threat of PC in today’s culture was extremely insightful and well written. The idea that PC has increasingly become a muzzle on free expression, especially in academia, in spite of fact that the vast majority of Americans reject it in principle, begs the question, where did it come from and why is

Letters to the Editor Cont. from Page 10

For its length, one would have thought that it would have contain both sides of the issue instead of just one.

The Political Correctness being argue against is really just the minority demanding that this county's culture include them and become more diversified by changing the language that the majority uses to hold them down. Some have said that the term has played a major role in the United States culture war between liberals and conservatives. The article could have gone into the development of the anti Political Correctness movement and how it was a useful invention by the Republican right to drive a wedge between the working-class people and the Democrats who claimed to speak for them.

By that definition, PC would make a lot of sense. While the term “PC” has only been around for the past 30 years, the idea that it isn’t nice to hurt peoples feelings has always been part of human culture. The word “Nigger” is an example. Shocking to see it in print isn’t it? In polite culture we are so averse to this word that we refer to it in speech and text as the “N” word. Yet up until a hundred years ago the word was in common use, not as a pejorative carrying negative undertones but simply as a generic descriptor for black people of all ethnicities. By the time we were growing up in the 1950s, “negro” was the polite term for black folks. The “N” word had taken on a strongly negative tone and was used only by ignorant people and racists. In the 1970’s Negro became another “n” word and black became the socially acceptable descriptor.

origin or ethnicity they also convey a negative image. There is a huge difference between “he’s Italian” or “He’s a wop” and “she’s lesbian” or “she’s a dyke.” While the aversion to using these words fits the definition of PC, these are not examples of the kind of PC threatening free speech and thought today.

Today’s PC comes mainly from the far left’s political agenda and left leaning academic institutions. It frames all opposition to their rigid socio-political agenda in simple terms like racist, homophobe, xenophobe, chauvinist, denier, etc. It seeks to tear down complex institutions, monuments, and symbols by measuring them against a single issue yardstick. All of early America’s history and thought

Some words with pejorative overtones are not acceptable in polite society like these describing life styles or physical condition. Retard, dyke, homo, fag, gimp and references to ethnicity or origin like spic, mick, hoot, wop, paki, newfie, kike, honkie, chink, beaner, ski etc. While these words may accurately identify a condition,

lunch". Thank God for the constitution which protects the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority. /s/Rick Bova Escondido C.

Letter s to the Editor? We love ‘em! Send them to: thepaper@cox.net

Death Notices

Dr. James R. Masuhr, 80, of Escondido, CA., passed away on May 17, 2018. CaliforniaFuneralAlternatives.com

Eladio S. Garcia, 93, of Escondido, CA., passed away on May 22, 2018. CaliforniaFuneralAlternatives.com Soledad Ruiz, 88, of Escondido, CA., passed away on May 24, 2018. CaliforniaFuneralAlternatives.com

Estelle B. Stanley, 92, of San Diego, CA., passed away on May 24, 2018. Accu-Care Cremation, Carlsbad

Although PC activists are few in number, they are loud, screaming “racist” or one of their other favored pejoratives to intimidate opposition. It all started when we started allowing them to get away with saying “that offends me” instead of “I don’t like that.” When they say “I don’t like that,” it’s their problem. When they say “that offends me,” it’s yours. So the next time someone says “that offends me,” just say “don’t you really mean you just don’t like it?

Funeral Directors and Funeral/Cremation Services California Funeral Alternatives

Serving all of North County Our Mission: To provide families with the best possible service at prices affordable by all.

Cremation and Burial Services Escondido Poway

760.737.2890 858.842.3000 Lic# FD1624

Lic# FD 1994

Items for the Social Butterfly? Email them to:


Need Help? Call

I noticed that all the quotes and sources noted in the article were from conservative sources. The poll cited in article is from the Cato Institute, a right wing think tank whose is dedicated to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peace.

I think, the last paragraph in the article says it all, "What is important is to listen to the majority of Americans. That's what a democracy is all about." I would counter with "democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for

must be scrapped because slavery was part of it. Washington’s Redskins damages ethnic people, San Diego State’s use of the Aztec warrior as a mascot is an affront to all of Mexican heritage. With patriotic displays of love for our own country we thumb our nose at the rest of the World’s nations.

Our Obituary Department for assistance on Obituaries or Memorials


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Gary Cooper House Demolished

As National Historic Preservation Month came to an end in May, the Valley Center Historical Society learned that the property known as the Gary Cooper house had been demolished.

veranda that ran the length of the house.

In the middle of the room was a massive stone fireplace with the actor's initials, G and C , made of steel and mounted into the stone, while Western memorabilia decorated the room. The initials, however, had been

Home Care

Specializing in short and long term care assistance for all ages, with all activities of daily living, in your home. Drive to/from doctor appointments, new mommy assistance/infant care, Alzheimer patient care, general assistance before/after surgery, respite care for parents of disabled children, and much more. Rates Start at at $22 per per Rates start $16.00 hour for companion services.

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Tree Road. By 1955, the peaches had been replaced with avocados by its new owner/occupant, a produce dealer. The swimming pool was filled and covered at the same time. The produce grower later leased the home before selling the property in 1988. Its current owner elected to live in a guest house on the property rather than in the main historic home.


Plumbing Services Kitchen, Bath, Remodels, Carpentry (858) 248 5820 Ed Lic. # 514344 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013539 The name of the business: Mother Earth Nutrition, located at 304 Rancheros Dr., Suite 194, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by Benny Enterprises, Inc. 1100 N. Johnson Ave., Ste 110 El Cajon, CA. 92020 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 11/15/15 /s/ Erika Mendoza, Vice President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/22/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013540 The name of the business: Mother Earth Nutrition, located at 208 w. San Marcos Blvd., Ste 105, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by Benny Enterprises, Inc. 1100 N. Johnson Ave., Ste 110 El Cajon, CA. 92020 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 11/15/15 /s/ Erika Mendoza, Vice President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/22/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013113 The name of the business: Senior Pride, located at 1820 Penquito Ct., Vista, CA. 92081 This business is registered by Karen Alanis 1820 Penquito Ct. Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Karen Alanis Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/17/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018

History Museum president Earl Brown said it was the second significant loss in recent months of a local historic property. In March, the 120-year-old Moravian Church on Valley Center Road was razed. The museum at 29200 Cole Grade Road maintains an archive of dozens of local sites with historic significance. For more information, visit vchistory.org or call (760) 7492993.

The rustic Western-themed Gary Cooper house in Valley Center.

Built about 1939, the rustic home was often referred to as the Gary Cooper "party house", a reflection of the massive living room that covered a distance of 70 feet. The home featured cathedral beam ceilings, floors of imported Italian tile, Philippine mahogany doors and wood fixtures, and a sweeping

removed when the Valley Center History Museum visited the property in 2002 as part of its periodic bus tour of local historic sites.

Known originally as Rock Hill Ranch, the house sat secluded atop a hill overlooking a 250acre peach orchard on Round

Actor Gary Cooper and wife Veronica pose in a photo found in the home in 1962 and donated to the local historians.

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2018-9013538 The name of the business: Mother Earth Nutrition, located at 10737 Camino Ruiz Dr., Ste 130, San Marcos, CA. 92126 This business is registered by Benny Enterprises, Inc. 1100 N. JohnsonAve., Ste 110 El Cajon, CA. 92020 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 11/15/15 /s/ Erika Mendoza, Vice President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/22/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013475 The name of the business: Cole & Associates, L. Cole & Associates Mobilhomes & Real Estate, Cole Realty & Mortgage, located at 186 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd., San Marcos, Ca. 92078. This business is registered by Cole Realty & Mortgage, Inc 186 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd. San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 1/1/87 /s/ Linda Cole, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/21/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9011122 The name of the business: 123 Express Junk, located at 1678 Country Club Drive, Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is registered by Kanthong Sphabmixay 1678 CountryClubDrive Escondido, Ca. 92029 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Kanthong Sphabmixay Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 4/25/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018

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This business is conducted by an individual.

First day of business: 5/1/18

/s/ Waguih Asaad







Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on



5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018


2018-9012868 The name of the business: Taste and Sea Cookies, located at 2790 Loker Ave. W. #115, Carlsbad, CA. 92010 This business is registered by Herbert Martinez 26017 Chloe Place Murrieta, CA. 92563 Jenny Garcia Villegas 286 Lustrosos St. Oceanside, Ca. 92057 This business is conducted by a General Partnership. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Herbert Martinez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/16/2018 5/24, 5/31 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013012 The name of the business: Killer Pizza From Mars, located at 1040 W. El Norte Pkwy, Escondido, CA. 92026. This business is registered by KPFM INc. 1040 W. El Norte Pkwy Escondido, ca 92026 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 5/1/06. /s/ David Mizell, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/16/2018 5/24, 5/31 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT


The name of the business: Skills Estimating, located at

2701 Highland Drive, Carlsbad, CA. 92008.

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2018-9012239 The name of the business: Greenman Tree, located at 950 Arcadia Ave., #54, Vista, CA. 92084. This business is registered by Fausto Mimael Ramirez 950 Arcadia Ave., #54 Vista, CA. 92084 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Fausto Mimael Ramirez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/08/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

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2018-9013166 The name of the business: TT Lulu Soaps, Center Septic, located at 30517 Rolling Hills Dr., Valley Center, CA. 92082.. This business is registered by R. W. Brossart Inc. 30517 Rolling Hills Drive Valley Center, CA. 92082 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 1/02/02. /s/ Randall Brossart, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/18/2018 5/24, 5/31 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013063 The name of the business: JH Consulting, located at 16520 San Rufo Ct., San Diego, CA. 92127. This business is registered by Jiyao Liu and Hong Dai 16520 San Rufo Ct. San Diego, CA. 92127 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business: n/a. Jiyao Liu Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/17/2018 5/24, 5/31 6/07 & 6/14/2018


2018-9011130 The name of the business: Wholesale Tube Bending, WTB Muffler and Automotive, located at 257 N. Emerald Dr. #C, Vista, CA. 92083. This business is registered by Jeana Arcis 227 Ardys Pl. Vista, Ca. 92084 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 9/30/08 /s/ Jeana Arcis Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 4/25/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9012550 The name of the business: AAA Elite Spa, located at 1450 W. Mission Rd. #E, San Marcos, CA. 92069. This business is registered by Ruihong Wu 7141 Sitio Corazon Carlsbad, CA. 92009 Jennifer Li 140 E. El Norte Pkwy #68 Escondido, CA. 92026 This business is conducted by a General Partnership. First day of business: 3/15/18 /s/ Jennifer Li Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/10/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018

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2018-9012296 The name of the business: Anar Party Rentals, located at 1330 Specialty DRive, Suite G, Vista, CA. 92081. This business is registered by APR Event Rentals, Inc. 1330 Specialty Drive, Suite G Vista, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 2/24/15 /s/ Zianya Charco, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/8/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012584 The name of the business: reVessel, located at 1473 Glencrest Dr., San Marcos, CA. 92078. This business is registered by One Equals Three, LLC 1473 Glencrest Dr. San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business: 3/04/2018 /s/ Edward Bell, CoFounder/Manager Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/11/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012366 The name of the business: Batten Realty & Finance, located at 12555 Oaks No. Dr. #200, San Diego, CA. 92128 This business is registered by Ted William Batten 12555 Oaks No. Dr. #200 San Diego, CA. 92128 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 5/03/2018 /s/ Ted William Batten Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/9/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012180 The name of the business: Salon Paradigm, located at 205 S. El Camino Real #C, Encinitas, CA. 92024. This business is registered by Salon Paradigm LLC 205 S El Camino Real #C Encinitas, CA. 92024 This business is conducted by Limited Liability Company. First day of business: 111/9/13 /s/ Leticia Portilla Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/7/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018


#2018-9011582 The name of the business: Mr. A’s Liquor, located at 254 Vista Village Drive, Vista, CA. 92084. This business is registered by Do Investment Group LLC 254 Vista Village Drive Vista, CA. 92084 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business: 1/01/2015 /s/ Khiem Do, Managing Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/01/2018 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 & 5/31 /2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9010586 The name of the business: Paris Beauty & Fashion, located at 964 El Pico Ct., Vista, Ca. 92083. This business is registered by Alena Andreyevna Sysoyev 964 El Pico Ct. Vista, CA. 92083 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a /s/ Alena Andreyevna Sysoyev Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of SanDiego County on 4/19/2018 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 & 5/31 /2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012095 The name of the business: Slavic Baptist Church, Choose Life, Choose Life Church, located at 1106 Whaley St. Oceanside, CA. 92054. This business is registered by Sam and Yelena Aleksandrovna Kolivayko 1987 Spanish Oak Way Visa, CA. 92081 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business: 5/01/15 /s/ Sam Kolivayko Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/7/18 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 & 5/31/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT


The name of the business: In The








Marcos, CA. 92078.


South San

This business is registered by

Megan Mary O’Drane

2230 Hilton Head Glen

Escondido, CA. 92026

This business is conducted by an


First day of business: n/a

/s/ Megan O’Drane

Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg

Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San

Diego County on 4/30/2018

5/10, 5/17, 5/24 & 5/31 /2018


#2018-9012693 The name of the business: Juicee Pear, located at 1035 Barsby St., Vista, CA. 92084. This business is registered by Afsan Mohammadi 1035 Barsby St. Vista, CA. 92084 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Afsan Mohammadi Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/14/2018. 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9011417 The name of the business: Handy The Man SD, located at 1119 Wren Glen, Escondido, CA., 92026. This business is registered by Fadi Gergy 1119 Wren Glen Escondido, CA. 92026 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 01/01/18 /s/ Fadi Gergy Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 4/27/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9012121 The name of the business: Crown Heights Publishing, located at 3888 San Ramon Dr., #19, Oceanside, CA. 92057. This business is registered by Noel Andres Alvarez 3888 San Ramon Dr., #19 Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Andres Alvarez N.A.A. Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/07/2018 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 & 6/07/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012561 The name of the business: Bella Patina Antiques, located at 3137 S. Mission Rd., Fallbrook, Ca. 92028. This business is registered by KLR, LLC 3137 S. Mission Road Fallbrook, CA. 92028 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Comany. First day of business: 05/01/18. /s/ Kenneth R. Zogli, Jr., Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/11/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9012125 The name of the business: Beach Blonde Salon, located at 4161 Oceanside, #101, Suite 32, Oceanside, CA. 92056. This business is registered by Carly Jean Trzupek 310 Riverview Way Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 3/31/18 /s/ Carly Jean Trzupek Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/07/2018. 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012543 The name of the business: Fire and Police MX Racing, located at 3498 Harwich Dr., Carlsbad, ca. 92010. This business is registered by Edward Charles Wilson 3498 Harwich Dr. Carlsbad, CA 92010 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 11/14/89. /s/ Edward Charles Wilson Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/12/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012728 The name of the business: Mindset Marketing Results, located at 10679 Westview Parkway, San Diego, CA. 92126. This business is registered by Roy L. Landers and Shane Cummiskey 10679 Westview Parkway San Diego, CA. 92126 This business is conducted by a General Partnership. First day of business: 05/01/18. /s/ Roy L. Landers Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/14/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9012949 The name of the business: Candi Bee Designs, located at 1259 Hagen Oakes Ct., Escondido, CA. 92026. This business is registered by Brett S. Tumulak and Candice M. Barbour 1259 Hagen Oakes Ct. Escondido, CA. 92026 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business: 05/09/18. /s/ Brett S. Tumulak Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/16/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on June 12, 2018 a public hearing will be held with respect to the City of San Marcos adopting projects in the 2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP). San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), as the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, is required by state and federal laws to develop and adopt a Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP). The RTIP is a multi-billion dollar, multi-year program of proposed projects for major transportation projects in the San Diego Region. Transportation projects funded with federal, state, TransNet, and the San Diego transportation sales tax program must be included in an approved RTIP. The RTIP covers five fiscal years and incrementally implements San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, the longrange transportation plan for the San Diego region. The 2018 RTIP covers fiscal years 2019 through 2023. The City of San Marcos recommends programming the 2018 RTIP projects as they are either regionally significant, capacity increasing projects or are projects that are being recommended for TransNet revenues. All projects programmed with TransNet funds meet all the requirements of the TransNet Extension Ordinance and accommodate travel for pedestrians and bicyclists. A complete list of the amendment is available for public review at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA. Interested persons wishing to express their views will also be given an opportunity to do so at the public hearing, commencing at 6:00 p.m., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, and will be held at 1 Civic Center Drive in the Council Chambers, San Marcos, California. Written comments prior to the time of the hearing can be submitted to City of San Marcos, 1 Civic Center Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069, Attention: Samantha Byfield, Management Analyst. s/s Matt Little, Deputy City Manager & Public Works Director Phil Scollick, City Clerk, City of San Marcos Dp May 31, 2018 and June 07, 2018

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2018-9012965 The name of the business: Need a Charger, located at 6994 Sandcastle Dr., Carlsbad, CA. 92011. This business is registered by Karolina Hobson 6994 Sandcastle Dr. Carlsbad, CA. 92011 Christa Paarni 29947 Happy Hunter Canyon Lake, CA. 92587 This business is conducted by a General Partnership. First day of business: n/a. /s/ Karolina Hobson Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/16/18 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018


2018-9012263 The name of the business: Bonnie and Clyde Co., located at 408 S. Freeman Street, Oceanside, CA. 92054. This business is registered by Nicoletta Grippo and Daniel Herliny 408 S. Freeman Street Oceanside, CA. 92054 This business is conducted by a Married Couple. First day of business: 5/08/18 /s/ Nicoletta Grippo Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/08/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9010214 The name of the business: Dulce Vogue, located at 5186 Via Malaguena, Oceanside, CA. 92057. This business is registered by Cheryl Lynn Pierce 5186 Via Malaguena Oceanside, CA. 92057 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a /s/ Cheryl Lynn Pierce Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 4/16/2018 5/10, 5/17, 5/24 & 5/31/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9012520 The name of the business: A Better Solution In Home Care North County San Diego, located at 5465 Wolverine Terr., Carlsbad, CA. 92010. This business is registered by Chugach LLC 5465 Wolverine Terr. Carlsbad, CA. 92010 This business is conducted by a Limited Liability Company. First day of business: n/a /s/ Katherine Phillips, Member Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/10/2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013007 The name of the business: Four Seasons Land Care, located at 975 Linda Vista Dr., San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is registered by Four Seasons Tree Care, Inc. 975 Linda Vista Dr. San Marcos, Ca. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 5/01/18 /s/ John M. Bostwick COO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on May 16, 2018 5/24, 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018


Diego Reel Screens, located at 2313 Summercreek Way, Escondido, CA. 92029.. The Fictitious Business Name referred

to above was filed in San Diego County on 12/30/2015 and assigned File no. 2015033113, is abandoned by the following regisrants:

Orlando Aldo & Stephanie Faith Lafica 2313 Summercreek Way Escondido, CA. 92029 This business is conducted by a Married Couple.

I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true any material pursuant to Section 17913 of the Business and Professions code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000). crime). /s/ Stephanie Lafica This statement was filed with Erneds J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 5/21/2018. 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 and 6/21/2018

STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME #2018-9013295 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME: Lights On SD, located at 2313 Summercreek Way, Escondido, CA. 92029.. The Fictitious Business Name referred to above was filed in San Diego County on 9/29/2016 and assigned File no. 2016-023844, is abandoned by the following regisrants: Orlando Aldo and Stephanie Faith Lafica 2313 Summercreek Way Escondido, CA. 92029 I declare that all information in this statement is true and correct. (A registrant who declares as true any material pursuant to Section 17913 of the Business and Professions code that the registrant knows to be false is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1000). crime). /s/ Stephanie Lafica This statement was filed with Erneds J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 5/21/2018. 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018


#2018-9012932 The name of the business: San Diego Rain Gutters, San Diego Continuous Gutters, Rain Gutters of San Diego, San Diego Copper Gutters, San Diego Gutter Company, San Diego Quality Rain Gutters, San Diego Rain Gutter Installation, San Diego Roof Gutters, San Diego Seamless, San Diego Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters, San Diego Seamless Gutters, SD Rain Gutters, Seamless Rain Gutters of San Diego, located at 1070-C Commerce St. San Marcos, CA. 92078. This business is registered by San Diego Rain Gutters, Inc. 1070-C Commerce St. San Marcos, CA. 92078 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 5/31/13. /s/ William F Michalek, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/16/18 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9013697 The name of the business: Simplecore Technologies, located at 832 Via La Venta, San Marcos, CA 92069. This business is registered by Dale Anthony Pingol Pena 832 Via La Venta San Marcos, CA. 92069 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 5/18/2018 /s/ Dale Anthony Pingol Pena Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/23/18 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9013283 The name of the business: Crown Jewel Copyediting, located at 4093 Galbar St., Oceanside, CA. 92056. This business is registered by Shirley Ann Reynolds 4093 Galbar St. Oceanside, CA 92056 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: n/a /s/ Shirley Ann Reynolds Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/18/18 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

#2018-9013466 The name of the business: Xtreme Cleaning Services, located at 2700 E. Valley Pkwy, #227, Escondido, CA. 92027. This business is registered by Rosa Cassino Ramirez 2700 E. Valley Pkwy #227 Escondido, Ca. 92027 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 6/9/2011 /s/ Rosa Cassino Ramirez Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/21/18 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018

ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CHANGE OF NAME 37-2018-00025133-CU-PT-NC TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Petitioner Andre De Philippis and Michelle Smith filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present name: Brady Raymond Smith to Proposed name Brady Raymond De Philippis. THE COURT ORDERS that all persons interested in this matter shall appear before this court at the hearing indicated below to show cause, if any, why the petition for change of name should not be granted. Any person objecting to the name changes described above must file a written objections that includes the reasons for the objection at least two court days before the matter is scheduled to be heard and must appear at the hearing to show cause why the petition should not be granted. If no written objection is timely filed, the court may grant the petition without a hearing. NOTICE OF HEARING: Date: July 10, 2018, 8:30a.m., Department 26. The address of the court is: 325 S. Melrose, Vista, CA. 92081. A copy of the Order to Show Cause shall be published at least once each week for four successive weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition in the following newspaper of general circulation, printed in this county: San Marcos News Reporter, dba, The Paper, 845 W. San Marcos Blvd, San Marcos, Ca. 92078. Dated 5/22/2018. /s/Robert Dahlquist, Judge of the Superior Court 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT

2018-9013496 The name of the business: Urban Crafts, located at 2426 Auto Parkway, Suite B Escondido, CA. 92029. This business is registered by Michael Fredericks 2103 Acker Way Escondido, CA. 92027 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business: 5/08/18 /s/ Michael Fredericks Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on May 22, 2018. 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 and 6/21/2018


To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate or both, of Bernard Gomberg. A Petition for Probate has been filed by Richard M. Gomberg in the Superior Court of California, County of San Diego, 1100 Union St., San Diego, Ca., 92101, Central Division. The Petition for Probate requests that Richard M. Gomberg be appointed as personal representatives to administer the estate of the decedent. The petition rquests the decedent’s will and codicils, if any, be admitted to probate. The will and any codicils are available for examination in the file kept by the court. The petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal repreesentative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representattive will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed actions.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: Date: 6/28/2018 Time: 1:30 p.m . Dept: 503 Address of court: Same as noted above. If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in Section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statues and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a peson interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petitioner: J. Mark McNeill Esq. 16885 W. Bernardo Dr., Ste 325 San Diego, CA. 92127 858-613-2970 5/31, 6/07 & 6/14/2018

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2018-9013904 The name of the business: Ocean Hills Remodeling Inc: OHR, located at 839 Rose Drive, Vista, Ca. 92083. This business is registered by Gilbert Sanchez Construction, Inc. 839 Rose Drive Vista, CA. 92083 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business: 1/1/18. /s/ Gilbert Sanchez, CEO Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., C o u n t y Clerk/Recorder of San Diego County on 5/25/18 5/31, 6/07, 6/14 & 6/21/2018

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The Paper 05-31-18