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May 14, 2020

Volume 50 - No. 20

ing part of the execution of legislator and judge H. Tator was its location.

The judge was hanged not on court grounds, but at the scene of the murder, on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River in what would become north Omaha.

Compiled by lyle e davis

To date, Nebraska has executed 23 men. The above accouns of two separae executions were compiled by reviewing dispatches and Special Reports to the Omaha World Herald and the Omaha Republican.

In 1863, the muddy little town of Omaha hanged a Kansas legislator convicted of robbing and killing his business partner.

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Thousands gathered for the event, perhaps more people than Omaha’s population at the time. Crowds swelled so large that 40 cavalry troops from Iowa escorted the prisoner to the gallows.

It was the young Nebraska Territory’s first legal execution and, according to several historians, a sign that — at least in Omaha — vigilante justice soon would be ending. But perhaps the most interest-

“That usually would go along with lynch law, not a legal proceeding,” said Ryan Roenfeld, former president of the Historical Society of Pottawattamie County. “Omaha was trying to become a real city (with) some sense of law and order. Some sense, anyway.”

Word of Isaac H. Neff’s murder at the hands of the honorable Cyrus H. Tator circulated in newspapers throughout the region, even appearing in the New York Times. It had a place in many of Omaha’s early historical accounts, but over time, the story was omitted from most modern tales of Omaha’s pioneer past, perhaps overshadowed by far nastier lynchings that followed.

Twenty-three people been put to death by the of Nebraska since the took over the task from vidual counties in 1903.

have state state indi-

“It’s definitely forgotten history,” said north Omaha amateur historian Adam Fletcher Sasse. “At some point, it just kind of fell off the radar.”

Accounts of the day varied, and some details might never be confirmed, but here’s a general consensus of what happened:

A boy named Horace Wilson was gathering driftwood along the western shore of the Missouri River in June 1863 near Saratoga, an area also known as Sulphur Springs. That westward bend of the river was later cut off during a flood, and it became Carter Lake. The boy found a body wrapped in heavy chains around the neck, shoulders and legs. It took days, but the body was eventually identified as that of Neff, an immigrant who

Nebraska Hangs Kansas Legislator See Page 2

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arrived in Omaha from Denver earlier that year. Neff had come to town with his freighting partner, 30-year-old Tator, and with three empty wagons, gathering supplies for a trip back west. Two of Neff’s wagons were found abandoned at the scene. The third was missing.

Nebraska Territory Gov. Alvin Saunders offered a $200 reward for the capture of the guilty party, “fearing that a great crime would go unpunished.” Tator became the key suspect when a man named Herber P. Kimball told police that Tator sold him six yoke of cattle in Florence and unsuccessfully tried to sell him wagons. On the gallows, Tator would claim he had never seen Kimball before the trial.

About a week after Neff’s death, Douglas County Sheriff Thomas L. Sutton captured Tator in Colfax County near present-day Schuyler. Tator and his team of cattle were stalled at the Platte River, awaiting passage via Shinn’s Ferry. “They found a big wad of

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money in his pocket,” Fletcher Sasse said. “This was pretty damning evidence.”

Judge W.P. Kellogg presided over the case. Tator was prosecuted by George B. Lake and Charles H. Brown, and he was defended by A.J. Poppleton and William A. Little.

didn’t like him.”

The New York-born Tator had an unsavory reputation back in the Kansas Territory, but it’s unclear if it followed him to Omaha.

Tator had established a law practice in Kansas in 1856 and twice was elected probate judge of Lykins County, Kansas, so he understood the legal system.

At 11 a.m. on a Friday in late August, 40 soldiers from Company C of the 7th Iowa Cavalry escorted Tator from his jail cell in downtown Omaha to a scaffold 2 miles north of the city. The road to Saratoga, now North 16th Street, was lined with people.

In addition, Tator had Poppleton, a former Omaha mayor and a lawyer well known for his later work with Union Pacific and the Standing Bear trial, in his legal corner. But the jury found Tator guilty. He appealed and was denied.

It took an hour and a half for the caravan to arrive at the gallows. The hanging apparatus was a four-post wooden platform erected just for the occasion, with a trapdoor, a staircase and ample seating room for Tator, the sheriff, a marshal and a Rev. Lemon.

“He relied chiefly upon his past record to secure an acquittal, but in vain,” wrote Arthur Cooper Wakeley in his 1917 book “Omaha: The Gate City.”

“He was a politician, he was a former probate judge, he was a businessman, and that’s not usually who got hung,” Roenfeld said of Tator. “The fact that A.J. Poppleton couldn’t get the guy off or get his sentence reduced to just a couple years in prison meant the guy was really guilty or they really

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News accounts from the time say the crowd numbered approximately 2,000. Omaha’s population in 1860, three years prior, was 1,883.

Tator addressed the crowd for 30 minutes before his execution. According to the Omaha Republican, Tator said: “I wish to say, that I call God to witness — that God into whose presence I shall be ushered in a few moments — that this statement contains the truth. I am an innocent man. I did not

"Do you really think that will work?" she asked.

murder Isaac Neff, and do not know who did the deed. The guilty man is at large, while I am here to suffer the penalty of his crimes.” Sheriff Sutton then placed the black cap over Tator’s head, and Tator muttered “Sheriff, this is a painful duty for you to perform.” At 1 o’clock, Sutton sprang the trap door. Tator hung for 22 minutes before he was cut down.

“He succeeded, as criminals of that sort usually do, in betraying himself,” wrote the Burlington (Iowa) Weekly Hawk-Eye about a week after the hanging, “and now (he) has paid the penalty of his folly and wickedness.” Some historians say Omaha and, to a degree, the larger Nebraska Territory entered a new era when that trapdoor fell. “The city had crossed an invisible line,” wrote former University of Missouri history professor Lawrence Harold Larsen in the 2007 book “Upstream Metropolis: An Urban Biography of Omaha and Council Bluffs.” “The normal administration of justice

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(although one year I counted 22), and the Committee for the Right to Bear Arms, a group that marches in precise formations while carrying mannequin arms. Sadly, the Doo Dah Parade seems to be scaling down. Last Saturday's extravaganza was only a couple of blocks. I hope it won't go the way of the Dodo bird.

We need some occasional intellectual activity and challenges.

The Paper • Page 3 • May 14, 2020

Nebraska Hangs Kansan Cont. from Page 2

in Omaha seemingly had passed out of the frontier period. This and other signs seemed to indicate a new era.”

Vigilante justice in Omaha did not stop with the execution of Cyrus Tator — the 1919 lynching of Will Brown is noted by some as the city’s moral low point — but it was a signpost that the city, which would soon lay tracks for the transcontinental railroad, was at least trying to grow up.

Nebraska hanged a total of 23 men from that day forward; the next was Gotlieb Niegenfind, hanged on March 13, 1903, for the murders of his ex-wife’s parents and this ex-wife; William Rhea, hanged on July 10, 1903, for the murder of saloon-keeper Herman Zahn. His last words to the hangman: “Don’t draw it quite so tight.” Harrison Clark, hanged December 13, 1907 for the murder of a streetcar conductor during a robbery. His last words: “You are hanging an innocent man.” Frank Barker, hanged, at age 30, January 17, 1908, for the murders of his brother and brother’s wife; Robert Shumway, hanged March 9, 1909 for the murder of Sarah Martin during a robbery at the Martin farm; Bert

Open California

We all miss going out to eat, seeing our family dentist and sporting events. Small businesses have taken a huge hit, and we must ensure they recover. The Governor just released Phase 2 reopening, based on successes with social distancing and smoothing the curve. California’s economy should reopen quickly. By using social distancing and other protections, most businesses can reopen while keeping customers safe. As a member of the Joint Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery, I’ll be working on initiatives to help restore California’s economy. First of all, the state should Improve its small business loan program to provide forgivable loans to businesses that cover payroll, rent, health insurance premiums and other costs. Secondly, we need to provide unemployment insurance (UI) relief for small businesses. The huge spike in UI applications will also increase UI taxes paid by businesses. California businesses have already lost billions -- they shouldn’t be penalized because the government ordered them to shut down and lay off workers. Many businesses took advantage of federal Paycheck Protection

Taylor, hanged on Ocrober 28, 1910 for the murder of his sister-in-law, Pearl Taylor; Thomas Johnson, hanged on May 19, 1911, for the murder of Henry Franklin during a robbery; Albert Prince, hanged March 21, 1913 for the murder of prison warden Edward Davis; Alson Cole and Allen Grammer, both executed on December 20, 1920, for the murder of Grammer’s motherin-law, Lulu Vogt. They were the first convicted men to die in Nebraska’s electric chair. James King, June 9, 1922, died in the electric chair for the murder of prison guard Robert Taylor; Walter Simmons, August 11, 1925, executed in the electric chair for the murder of Frank Pahl, a garage owner in Spencer, Nebraska; Henry Bartlett, died in the electric chair on April 29, 1927 for the murder of Minden Police Chief Asa Ranson. Probably the most famous man executed in Nebraska was Charles Starkweather, convicted of killing 11 people. His primary conviction was for the murder of Robert Jensen. Starkweather, clearly the most notorious and most dangerous of all of Nebraska’s convicted murderers was electrocuted on June 25, 1959. He was just one of the 23 men excuted by Nebraska.

Program loans, which provide forgivable loans to small businesses under certain conditions. Under federal law, the loans are not taxable, but under California law, they are. Those loans should be exempt from state income taxes.

We also need to take action to suspend enforcement of new rules and regulations if they are unrelated to COVID-19 and don’t impact health and safety. Other initiatives would shield businesses from lawsuits over COVID-19 exposure, including essential businesses that remained open, along with removing hiring barriers by suspending AB 5.

This unprecedented emergency will have long lasting repercussions. But now it’s time to focus on recovery. If you’d like to share your thoughts about the pandemic, please visit my website to take a short survey at: ad75.asmrc.org. Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, represents the 75th Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes the communities of Bonsall, Escondido, Fallbrook, Hidden Meadows, Pala, Palomar Mountain, Pauma Valley, Rainbow, San Marcos, Temecula, Valley Center and Vista.

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5th District Supervisor

Jim Desmond

Thank you, San Diego County.

These past two months have been difficult for everyone, but especially for business owners throughout the region. We all understand the multiple levels of grief and hardship that COVID-19 has inflicted upon San Diegans. Families who have lost members to the virus and business owners who will never be able to reopen. Throughout these two months, I’ve relied on facts, not politics, to guide my decisions. California has a population of 39.9 million people. As I write this, .11% of the population has tested positive for Corona virus, with .004% passing away. While any loss of life is tragic, these are the facts:

Almost four million people have filed for unemployment throughout California, including 25% unemployment for the working class in San Diego. That doesn’t include the many self-employed that have not filed. We can and should safely open businesses and restart the economy. Many businesses aren’t going to be able to survive.

I am pleased with the Governor’s announcement last week to get much-needed businesses open. At

our last Board of Supervisors meeting, we voted unanimously to approve framework to open some San Diego businesses. I will continue to fight for more local control to safely and responsibly get employers and employees back to work.

Allowing some businesses to open is a step forward, but let’s continue to look ahead. The goal at the beginning of this was to manage our hospital surges (flatten the curve) and protect our most vulnerable. Thanks to our county health officials and the great residents of San Diego County, we’ve done that! The desire to get San Diegans back to work is strong and together we can do it in a safe way to protect our region and kick start the economy. To contact North County Office – by appointment only 325 S. Melrose Ave., Suite 5200 Vista, CA 92081 619-531-5555. Mon.-Fri., 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. For Advertising Information or to subscribe, Call (760) 747-7119


Social Butterfly The Paper • Page 4 • May 14, 2020

One of the Department of Defense's missions is Defense Support of Civil Authorities. DoD is supporting the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the lead federal agency, as well as state, local and public health authorities in helping protect the health and safety of the American people. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ryan M. Breeden)

Evelyn Madison The Social Butterfly Email Evelyn at:


Camp Pendleton Sailor Serves Aboard USNS Mercy in Support of COVID-19 Response - Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Yesenia Ocenasek, from Camp Pendleton, Calif., inventories medical equipment in the sterilization processing department aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy (TAH 19).

Mercy deployed in support of the nation's COVID-19 response efforts, and serves as a referral hospital for non-COVID-19 patients currently admitted to shore-based hospitals. This allows shore base hospitals to focus their efforts on COVID-19 cases.

Four Pedestrians Killed in Car/Pedestrian Accident Escondido

On May 5, 2020 at 8:28 PM, Escondido Police and Escondido Fire responded to a vehicle versus pedestrian collision on San Pasqual Valley Road (SR-78) at Oak Hill Drive.

Upon arrival, officers found four pedestrians who had been struck by a northbound 2014 Mazda 3. Two of the pedestrians, a 33-year-old male and an 11-year-old male had died at the scene. A 50-year-old female pedestrian and a 10-year-old pedestrian were transported to Palomar Medical Center where they later died from injuries sustained in the collision. The driver of the Mazda, a 28-yearold female Escondido resident, was transported to Scripps Memorial Hospital with moderate injuries.

Alcohol and/or drugs do not appear to be a factor in this collision. which is under investigation by Officer Mike Nelson of the Escondido Police Department Traffic Division. Anyone who may have witnessed this collision is encouraged to contact Officer Nelson at (760) 8394407. CSUSM Named Best in California for Nursing and BSN Program




"Granny," an Orchid, and More Historical Questions - The Valley Center History Museum, closed indefinitely, continues to provide historical and ancestral information to researchers and students engaged in virtual learning. Here are more examples of recent inquiries to the museum. Each is typical of questions regularly received by the local Historical Society.

I was watching Ken Kramer's "About San Diego" on KPBS-TV and he said that the lady who played Granny on "The Beverly Hillbillies" lived in Valley Center. Can you give me the address of her house? Answer: Actress Irene Ryan did live in Valley Center as did her sister, Katherine Bunch, a teacher at Pauma School. Ryan's secretary Natalie also lived in Valley Center. Home addresses are made public if they meet one of three criteria: if the property appeared on a real estate listing with the celebrity identified; if the address had been made public in a newspaper or publicity story; or if the property owner has given permission. In the case of this home, none of the standards has been met.

Someone at the Dos Valles Garden Club mentioned that a flower, perhaps a rose or an orchid, was developed here and has the town name on it. Answer: In 1994, the Royal Horticultural Society in England recognized an orchid hybridized by Joseph P. Banando who grew orchids at his home. It was registered as Valley Center Pink, and its genus is phalaleopsis. Banando frequently displayed his orchids at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, often winning prizes. He died in 2005. It has been suggested that Valley Center Pink be declared as the "official flower of Valley Center," but that has not happened.

A neighbor of mine on Chaparral Terrace said there used to be a famous person living on our street. His last name was Kimball. Six blocks from the White House is the Thomas L. Kimball Building, home of the National Wildlife Federation, the largest conservation organization in America. Kimball was chief executive of the NWF and was involved in helping establish many of the nation's landmark conservation and environmental laws. He was a long time resident of Valley Center and lived on a 12-acre wildlife ranch. He was also a member of the Valley Center Community Planning Group. He died in 1999.

Local News

Fall Semester at Palomar Will Remain Mostly Online

As the California stay-at-home orders shift to reflect changing conditions, certain lab sections will be held in person with necessary distancing measures, while lectures and other instruction continue online. Registration for the fall semester begins June 4, 2020 and the class

Two new local organizations were added this year. The venerable YMCA on Camp Pendleton, and the relatively new, Angels of Rawley Foundation (ARF), established in 2017. The ARF name came from Stacie Dasinger, founder, who lost her eightyear- old dog, Rawley, to a horrible skin disease. In her grieving, she began to take dogs from a high kill shelter by transporting, fostering, and coordinating a rescue program for the animals. In October of 2016, she was told to return

Watch for this series to appear again soon, leading off with a question concerning a famous baseball player with two connections to Valley Center. A volunteer who is on site at the museum at various hours during the week responds to all inquiries made via telephone or email. To reach the museum, visit museum@vchistory.org or call (760) 749-2993.

Bonsall Woman's Club Donates Funds for Worthy Charities - In many respects the COVID-19 pandemic has led to measures that altered the way many of us have grown to be accustomed and virtually stopped the way we interact with others in our social, family, and business circle. However, the Bonsall Woman’s Club

Marcos has been named the 2020 #1 RN to BSN nursing school program in California by RegisteredNursing.org in its 4th Annual Nursing School Program Rankings.

(BWC) found a way to continue with their calendar of events. And this is the time of the year where they discuss there charitable donations. Via the magic of the electronics medium, mail, etc., they “met” and approved a list of suggested recipients for this year. One is the Fallbrook Food Pantry, Love on Your Back, a program to help school age children where backpacks are filled with food to ensure a balanced meal other than what they receive during the school day, and the Fallbrook Senior Center – for meals.

schedule is slated for completion by the last week in May. Dr. Kahn said the summer and fall semesters will also serve as a time of ongoing training and preparation for any further adjustments that may become necessary in the wake of COVID-19. Escondido Voters To Decide Who Serves John Masson’s Unexpired Term

The Escondido City Council put the issue of who would take John Masson’s unexpired term of office at a special election in November.

The council reached that decision

three potentially neurologically challenged dogs back to the high kill shelter. She

Social Butterfly Cont. on Page 6

after twice deadlocking on potential appointments, with the four remaining council members split between two nominees. Councilwomen Olga Diaz and Consuelo Martinez voted to appoint Democrat Vanessa Valenzuela to the seat, while Mayor Paul McNamara and Councilman Michael Morasco favored Republican Tina Ostrem Inscoe, whose party affiliation matches Masson’s.

The council agreed to place the matter on the November ballot as a special election item, which will be decided at the same time as the Presidential general election. Diaz said that’s an equitable solution that will be fair to voters. Inscoe, a registered Republican, is a consultant who works as a development advisor to the California Center for the Arts, and is a board member of Palomar Health, according to her application for the position. Valenzuela is a registered Democrat, who works as controller for the the Dana Point Yacht Club, and as a volunteer for Interfaith Community Services and other local organizations.


The Paper

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May 14, 2020


The Paper

• Page 5 • April 02, 2020 Historically Speaking


by Tom Morrow

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Man About Town Obituaries and The Paper

Recently, a man we knew as a contractor, died. He and his family members knew of The Paper.

That same obituary, about six inches, would have cost the family less than $75 in The Paper. Better for the rest of the money to have gone to the family or to help pay funeral expenses.

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While our viewpoint is admitedly biased we can’t help but shake our heads at the wasted money on an obituary that probably did not reach that many people who knew the man or his family.

While we hope that all of our beloved readers live forever - the facts are that some of us may not make it out of this world alive.

If and when that time comes and if you live, work, and enjoyed life in North San Diego County, you might instruct your family to place your obituary and any subsequent memorials in a local newspaper.

You know, a local paper kinda sorta like, The Paper. We distribute in Escondido, San Marcos, Lake San Marcos, San Elijo HIlls, Vista, Carlsbad and Oceanside. That pretty much covers North San Diego County. Live long and prosper! But remember The Paper!

Some stories tell a sadder side of military life. Many of the pilots aboard the USS Bunker Hill had been housed at The Del before they deployed in early 1945. Most, but not all of the pilots, were killed when the Bunker Hill was hit by two Japanese kamikazes.

Many years later when I was a daily columnist at the Blade-Citizen (later it became the North County Times), the late Fred Swearingen of Carlsbad talked fondly of The Del as officer quarters during the War. (Fred became one of the National Football League’s top referees). He was one of the surviving Bunker Hill pilots. He fondly recalled living at The Del, telling me he had many wonderful nights of partying before shipping out in 1945.

It’s Something Like A War…

Cost? About $1500!

For that amount of money the family could have bought two full page color obituaries in The Paper and would have had their family member’s photo in color. A large photo.

Among the hundreds of letters, notes, and articles were accounts of memorable occasions such as weddings and honeymoons, as well as details of daily Coronado and San Diego life.

"Those six months at The Del was the best war I ever fought," Swearingen concluded.

It was about a 6” ad, complete with his photo.

The U-T is a fine newspaper. But I doubt many people in the South Bay, or San Diego Metro, or the coastal cities, or even Poway, Ramona, or Julian, would have known the decedent.

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One of the great experiences of my life was as vice president of communications and historical archives at the world-famous Hotel del Coronado, across the bay from San Diego. It was, indeed a three-year ride through

Imagine our surprise when his obituary appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Additionally, the obituary would have appeared in a local paper, read by people who live in North County and were much more likely to have have known the decedent and his family.

Home Maintenance Improvements

The Nights ‘The Del’ went to War

actor Robert Montgomery.

at the time was nearly a century of stories, photos, and documents. The rich and powerful, from U.S. presidents to British royalty, to Hollywood celebrities, and even a few ghosts were among the many stories and photos of one-time hotel guests I found in my research.

From 1942 to 1945 the hotel also served as a U.S. Navy billeting facility for officers in flight training at nearby North Island Naval Air Station.

Today, a stay at ‘The Del’ is something most simply dream about, but in 1942, “crashing” at The Del was a nightly occurrence for a few hundred Naval Aviators preparing to embark across the Pacific to the war with Japan.

Housing during World War II was scarce throughout San Diego because of the huge military complex of bases and aircraft manufacturing. The Del was called into service to help with that housing crunch, as were many of America's hotels during World War II.

Some hotels were commandeered and given over to exclusive use by the Navy or the Army, as housing, hospitals, internment centers for foreign diplomats or for secret reasons never disclosed.

But, The Del was able to remain a civilian hotel throughout the war, leasing rooms to Navy as needed. I learned a great deal about the hotel’s wartime history, but more importantly I got to know some of the people who made that history.

Some of the historical memories are silly: one Navy man surprised his wife with baby ducks, which he kept in the hotel's bathtub. Other stories are starstudded, indeed. Those reports include sightings of screen actress Maureen O'Hara, boxer Gene Tunney (who taught Navy physical fitness classes on Coronado beach) and Navy Cmdr. and

Most of us living today have never experienced anything like the quarantine days of the past three months. There have been families, streets, even communities put under quarantine for various reasons or situations in the past, but nothing like today nearly “world-wide” shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A global shutdown. Think of it – nothing in modern history comes close to a world-wide shutdown. Today’s home sequestering is resulting in something like a war.

Consider what it must have been like for British and European families during the German Blitzkrieg days of World War II. Millions were left homeless with no way to find enough food to get them and their families through the day. Japan left much of eastern Asia in the same situation. Half of the world’s population couldn’t be sure of a roof over their heads. While we aren’t having any problems having roofs over our heads or enough to eat, there are many similarities. There’s little or no money coming in for most of those families not relying on a government pension. During WWII, you could hear gunfire or bombs dropping. Today, it could be considered worse because the killer virus is silent and invisible.

Those who are supposedly in the know speculate we could be in this situation for up to two years. That’s doubtful, but it nonetheless gives us pause. Could wearing a facemask and keeping out of public and kept in our homes become a way of life? For many people out of work or having a way of earning money even have a home for very long? How long will we be able to keep up today’s relative happy faces beneath our masks?

The survivors of World War II got through it. We can as well in our present-day circumstances. We just have to maintain an attitude of “hoping for the best and anticipating the worst.” Hunker down and wash your hands.

The Paper

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May 14, 2020

A Weekly Message from the Mayor of Your Community published in the belief that it is important for elected leaders to communicate with their constituents and that constituents have a means of hearing from their elected leaders.

San Marcos • Mayor Rebecca Jones

Fire up the grill for some safe, healthy outdoor fun

Many of us are spending more time at home than ever before, given the current public health orders. Outdoor grilling can be a healthy family activity to help you banish boredom and enjoy some fun in the sun.

As you fire up the grill, follow these simple tips to prevent fires and accidental injuries: Clean your grill after each use. This will remove grease that can start a fire. Only use your grill outside. Keep it away from siding and deck rails. Open your gas grill before lighting Keep a three-foot safe zone around your grill. This will keep kids and pets safe. Keep an eye on your grill, fire pit or patio torches. Never leave any of them unattended. Place the coals from your grill in a metal can with a lid once they have cooled. Don’t have the space or energy to grill? Order take-out or delivery from your favorite San Marcos restaurant, and remember to stay fire safe

Escondido • Mayor Paul “Mac” Mcnamara Greetings Escondido,

I have received a lot of correspondence regarding the appointment of the vacant seat in District #2. I think it is worth stating a few comments about this appointment. And I speak for myself not the council.

First, I think all of the applicants were qualified. But the question I would have you ask yourself is were they best qualified, and what defines best qualified. In my mind, John Masson ran and won the majority of the votes (+50%) in the district. He ran on a platform and by winning the majority of the votes his platform reflects the will of the people. So, I think best qualified is someone who best reflects John’s view of things. And that is the person we should appoint. If we appoint someone who reflects our personal views, then I think we are disenfranchising the will of the voters of district and breaking faith with them. Clearly, there are some folks who disagree with me but I think this is a matter of principle, not personal preference. Stay informed, Be Kind, Remember your neighbor, and Stay safe! Semper Fi,

Mac, Paul P. McNamara, Mayor of Escondido pmcnamara@escondido.org

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sought the help of family and friends who took in the three and started what is now Angels of Rawley Foundation. These three amazing little dogs have been the “foundation” of why the team at ARF loves to do what they do, which is to save lives, no matter the breed or need. Stacie said, “I know because of Rawley, this is where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing to carry on her legacy”. Part of the allure of joining an organization with a goal of being able to give back to the community in which one lives is the premise in which the Bonsall Woman’s Club was formed. That premise continues today. For more information on the BWC please visit wwwbonsallwomansclub.org.

Carlsbad Rotary Donates to Multiple Organizations on Day of Global Action - In response to COVID-19, the Rotary Club of Carlsbad has announced the release of $11,000 donations to various North San Diego County organizations as part of the #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity, as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Griff Lewis, President of The Rotary Club of Carlsbad, said, “We are pleased to distribute Rotary donations as part of the

#GivingTuesdayNow movement. We dug deep this quarter, given the circumstances. Not only did we increase our donations, but we also increased the number of organizations that needed our support.” One of the recipients was The North County Food Bank in Vista. Jim Floros, President and CEO, said, “We are thrilled to receive the donation from Carlsbad Rotary. We can usually count on Rotary to donate, but this year’s donation was way beyond our expectations. In a typical year we purchase over $1 million worth of food. In the past eight weeks we have already purchased $3 million worth of food. Thank you, Carlsbad Rotary.” The Rotary Club of Carlsbad made sub-

stantial donations to the following groups as part of the global day of giving and unity:

• North County Foodbank, which along with The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego

Vista • Mayor Judy Ritter

City has Foresig ht to Fund Reserve s

At this time based on the information available, we anticipate the City is financially sound enough to weather the recession caused by the pandemic. During our recent City Council meeting, the City Council discussed using $8.8 million to address the unexpected COVID19 expenses and projected revenue shortfalls anticipated through June 2021. The funds come from a $9.3 million Structural Deficit Reserve created for future economic recessions or catastrophic events. In 2012, the City began preparing for future financial downturns by setting aside money to place in this reserve. We never predicted a pandemic; however, this foresight is now being used for its intended purpose - to cover these unexpected pandemic related budget shortfalls. It's too early to tell what the long term impacts will be until we know what the modified Stay at Home order will look like. We can then determine if we need to adjust our financial plan. Stay safe and stay healthy.

Oceanside - Mayor Peter Weiss

As we enter the second month of this unprecedented crisis, I want to take a minute to thank our residents and businesses for the sacrifices that have been made for the public good. This is a challenge not experienced in our lifetimes and it has forced most of us to temporarily give up some of the most enjoyable aspects of our lives. We also need to do whatever we can to help our businesses survive.

MainStreet Oceanside has launched the Oceanside Strong fundraising campaign to provide financial relief to Oceanside small businesses affected by COVID-19 closures. Proceeds from the campaign will be used to establish the Keep It Local Oceanside Microgrant Program for local businesses. Through this new campaign, we are urging Oceanside to support local and keep Oceanside Strong during these trying times. You can find the donation page at the MainStreet Oceanside website.

Food Bank comprise the largest hungerrelief organization in San Diego County. Last year, the Food Bank distributed 26 million pounds of food. The Food Bank serves, on average, 370,000 people per month in San Diego County. https://northcountyfoodbank.org/ • North County Lifeline is a communitybased human services organization that serves low-income and underserved populations in San Diego County. Every year Lifeline serves more than 5,000 members of the North Coast community. https://www.nclifeline.org/

• Fill–A-Belly. Every week, 52 weeks a year, Fill-A-Belly volunteer teams prepare and serve nutritious, home-cooked meals, and distribute much-needed supplies, for those in need at two locations: Holiday Park in Carlsbad and Cottonwood Creek Park in Encinitas. https://www.fillabelly.org/ • Community Resource Center (CRC). Established in 1979, CRC has grown from providing basic needs for families in crisis, to offering extensive programs that facilitate the safety, stability, and self-sufficiency of low-income and episodically homeless households – including domestic violence victims. https://crcncc.org/

• Carlsbad High School Cafeteria/Free Lunch Program. Carlsbad High School supports financially struggling students with meals throughout the school year through generous donations from area clubs and businesses.


Take the Virtual Activity Challenge at Escondido Public Library - To protect the health and safety of staff and community, the library is closed to the public until further notice. Due dates will be extended until we reopen; no overdue fees will accrue during closure; no returns accepted and book drops are closed. For assistance, call or text to 442.777.3799 or email us at library@escondidolibrary.org between 8:30am-5:30pm Monday thru Friday. Don't have a library card? No problem! Sign up for your online library card for free! If you have a card, but have lost the number, please call or text us at 442.777.3799 or email us at library@escondidolibrary.org and we'll look it up for you.

While you are home, check out the new resources available: Join the Spring Virtual Activity Challenge from April 20th thru May 31st, 2020. Participate in the Library's Activity Challenge by signing up online at www.escondidolibrary.org/spring or via the Read Squared app, available through the app store or Google Play store. For each activity you complete, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for digital gift cards. Each activity can be completed multiple times, and winners of the drawings will be notified via email and sent their prize. Other activities include: Stream

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Pet Parade


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FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2020-9007310 The name of the business, Rufus Builder Services Inc., located at 3863 Flowerwood Lane, Fallbrook, Ca. 92028. This business is registered by: Rufus Builder Services Inc. 3863 Flowerwood Lane Fallbrook, CA. 92028 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 2/6/2020 /s/ Kimberly A. Richards, CEO/President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/09/2020. 4/23, 4/30, 5/7 & 5/14/2020

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2020-9007469 The name of the business, Oceanside Buggy Bath Carwash, Oceanside Buggy Bash Mini Mart, located at 2946 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, Ca. 92054. This business is registered by: Lemkey Enterprises, Inc. 2803 Vista Mariana Carlsbad, CA. 92009 This business is conducted by a corporation. First day of business 6/01/1990. /s/ John C. Lemkey, President Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/15/2020. 4/23, 4/30, 5/07 & 5/14 /2020

FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2020-9007887 The name of the business, Forum Deli, located at 3132 Tiger Run Ct., #107, Carlsbad, Ca. 92010. This business is registered by: Ashok Kumar Khanijow 7328 El Fuerte St. Carlsad, CA. 92009 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 4/1 /2015. /s/ Ashok Kumar Khanijow Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/29/2020. 5/14, 5/21, 5/28 & 6/07/2020 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #2020-9007568 The name of the business: Charlie’s Family Restaurant, located at 210 N. Ivy Street, Escondido, CA. 92025. This business is registered by: Suzan Meleka 2316 Rock View Glen Escondido, CA. 92026 This business is conducted by an individual. First day of business 12/02/92. /s/ Suzan Meleka Filed with Ernest J. Dronenburg Jr., County Clerk/Recorder of San Diego on 4/20/2020. 4/30, 5/07, 5/14 & 5/21/2020

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eAudiobooks, Music, Video, and eComics with Hoopla! Get 5 downloads each month. Hoopla is a site where you can get these digital items. On a computer, visit Hoopla's website at https://www.hoopladigital.com/. On a smart phone or tablet, go to the app store and search for "hoopla". On either the website or app, create an account with an email address and password. Once you've created the account, enter "Escondido Public Library" in the library search. It will then prompt you to enter your card number. Read eBooks and eAudiobooks with Libby/OverDrive. Escondido Public Library offers thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks for download through OverDrive! Using your PC, go to the OverDrive catalog and log in with your library card to check out eBooks and eAudiobooks. You can send them to your eReader (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and more!) or read right in the browser! If you are using a tablet or phone, download the Libby by OverDrive app for a more streamlined experience! Read eMagazines on Flipster! Escondido Public Library is excited to offer eMagazines through Flipster! Just click the button below (or download the app on your tablet or phone), enter your library card number, and start reading issues of your favorite magazines immediately! Enjoy great titles like People, The New Yorker, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, O Magazine, and more! During the closure, Escondido Public Library is offering virtual programs! Virtual events and programs are offered weekly and throughout the month. We also have past virtual events recorded and available to watch on our YouTube channel! Here's some of our upcoming programs: Instagram/Facebook Programs: Mondays: Teen Book Giveaways. Mondays at 10:30am, Rhymes and Reading with Ms. Kristine. Tuesdays at 6pm, PJ Storytime with Ms. Abril. Wednesdays, Kids Writing Club prompts posted. Recommended for ages 6-11. Wednesdays at 10:30am, Baby Lapsit with Ms. Eveleen. Thursdays at 10:30am, Toddler Tales with Mrs. Garcia. 1st and 3rd Fridays at 10:30am, Inclusive Art Club. 2nd Saturdays at 3pm, 2nd Saturday Concert Series. Zoom Programs: 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month at 1 PM: Escondido Writers Group; e-mail azar.katouzian@escondidolibrary.org for a Zoom invite. 1st Thursday each month at 5:30 PM: Between the Covers Book Club; e-mail jessica.buck@escondidolibrary.org for a Zoom invite. email azar.katouzian@escondidolibrary.org for a Zoom invite.

the customers that do benefit from new technology and expanded services. Those are “enterprise” customers (corporations, schools and governments.) About 10% of consumer sales are to power users like gamers, bit coin miners, video and sound editors, designers and others with special needs. These users can also benefit from the latest and greatest in technology.

Paul & Nome Van Middlesworth, The Computer Factory

www. thecomputerfactory.net "San Diego's Best Computer Store 2015-2020" Union Tribune readers poll The history of PCs part II.

Last week we asked. “If consumers don’t need new technology, why does the computer industry keep developing it?

The answer is that home and small business’ (consumers) are no longer important customers for the PC industry. The big three (HP, Dell and Lenovo) share 70% of enterprise and consumer PC sales and Microsoft dominates operating systems and business applications. These giants have nearly stopped marketing efforts aimed at consumers. Competing for a bigger share of low margin consumer sales simply isn’t worth the expense. They make much higher margins in serving

“Enterprise” users benefit from technologies that increase speeds and reduce power consumption. Technologies that cut energy costs, improve worker efficiency and minimize down time are important to enterprise users. Enterprise users are willing to pay premium prices for quality reliability, speed and efficiency. Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft rely on these enterprise customers to provide the “lions share” of their profitability.

The low margin small business and home users are useful for a different reason. Microsoft uses us to avoid billions of dollars in engineering and development costs. By installing feedback software in the Home version of Win10 they were able to release incomplete “updates” to consumers and track the results. These releases caused millions of computer crashes and cost consumers billions in repairs but it allowed Microsoft to debug its Windows10 updates before releasing them to their high margin “enterprise” clients.

In 2010 both Intel and AMD made CPUs for PCs with benchmark speeds over 3500 (Passmark Benchmarks.) Today the brand new Dell, HP and Lenovo low-end retail PCs sold in big box merchandisers like Costco, Best Buy and Fry’s often have CPUs that are even slower than their 2010 ancestors. There is nothing wrong with this

County Animal Shelters) program. She’s very shy and needs a home where she can settle in and find quiet places to feel safe.

A cat named Puppy is pet of the week at your Rancho Coastal Humane Society. She’s a 4 year old, 10 pound, female, Domestic Short Hair. Puppy cat was transferred to Rancho Coastal Humane Society from another shelter through the FOCAS (Friends of

Oakley is a 7-year-old New Zealand rabbit looking for a new home. She is a cute and sassy bunny who can be a bit bashful at first. Once she's com-

The $100 adoption fee for Puppy includes medical exams, vaccinations, spay, and registered microchip. To download an adoption survey and make an appointment to meet a pet at Rancho Coastal Humane Society at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas log on to SDpets.org. fortable, you'll see her big personality shine and she really enjoys being pet! She can get defensive about her space, so she will need a large enclosure and would benefit from freeroaming time in the home. Oakley's favorite things are eating greens and playing with toys. Call us at 619-2997012 to learn more about adopting Oakley!

practice. It simply acknowledges the (Gamers, audio video editors, solids fact that fast CPUs don’t benefit the modelers, animators etc) actually do average home or small business user. need state of the art components for their special applications. If you are So here’s the bottom line for home and one of these your best options aresmall business users. 90% of us get no 1. Develop your own spec, purbenefit from the latest state-of-the art chase material from Amazon and build high speed processors for two reasons it yourself. 1. PC CPU speed has no affect on 2. Purchase finished PCs (Dell, Internet data transfer speed HP Lenovo etc) from retail or Internet 2. Simple stand alone applica- and customize it. tions like Office, Quick Books etc 3. Work with us at The Computer won’t run any faster on superfast factory to design and build exactly CPUs. what you need. So when adding or replacing a PC for home or business applications first consider upgrading an existing PC, second, consider purchasing high quality enterprise “refurbs” as an alternative to a cheap, low quality, new “retail” PCs.

Whether upgrading an older PC, selecting or customizing a “refurb” or designing and building a new custom configuration for work or home. We think we are your best option. You can spend your hard earned cash right here in San Marcos and keep it local or you can spend it at Best Buy and let them 10% of home and business users ship it to China. Your call.

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Yo our safety is our priority and why SDG&E® continually inspects, upgrades and repairs power lines. Now that we’re all spending a lot more time at home, it’s a good time to remind you how important it is to be safe around electricity inside and out. Indoor electric safety: Avoid overloading outlets with too many app pliances or lamps • Keep small children safe by using safety covers over outlets • Keep electric cords away from heat sources or under rugs or mats. Outtdoor electric safety: When pruning trees, keep all machinery at least 10 feet from overhead powerlines • Stay away from water when using electrical equipment.

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