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July 20-22

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San Diego Pride 2012


San Diego Pride 2012


The reason we celebrate LBGT Pride GAY SAN DIEGO

I had a friend once that asked me why gays needed to have a day in which they flaunted being gay to the rest of the population. She thought that it sent the wrong image and if the LGBT community wanted to gain allies they needed to refrain from this celebration, or at the very least, tone down the celebration and restrict the skimpy male and female outfits worn by some at the parades. I did not have an answer for her at the time, because my son had just come out to us and told us he was gay. It took a lot of reading and learning about the LGBT community, but now I have the answer for her and anyone else that may think like that.   My husband and I are there for other children whose parents have turned their backs on them, we are there so they can see that their being gay is celebrated by others and not condemned, that being LGBT is normal, that they are normal and fit in with the rest of society, that there are other people who are really “Christian” and accept LGBT people, and that other large organizations and city government officials accept them!   When we walked with PFLAG for the very first time two years ago, we both marched with our signs that read, “Real Christians for same-sex marriage” and



“What would Jesus do? He would be ok with same-sex marriage, NO on 8” and “we love both our children gay and straight.” The love we felt from the crowd was just overwhelming and we walked the entire way on a “love high” and I with tears streaming down my face. Yes, some of the floats had scantily clad young people, but it was no different than if they were at the beach, and I’ve seen worse on television, at the beach, during Mardi Gras, etc.

Patti Boman, a PFLAG mom ( There were a lot of children there both in the parade and as spectators. This is a family affair and I am never going to miss one of these as long as we need to let other young people know we are here for them; until the day comes when the LGBT community is accepted and not targeted for hate crimes and by


Welcome to our Pride Guide supporting the 38th annual San Diego LGBT Pride celebration. Time-after-time in recent years, San Diego has led the charge forward in the march towards full equality. This year, the San Diego LGBT community has even more to celebrate and be proud of. We recently unveiled Harvey Milk Street, the very first street across the country named to honor the slain civil rights leader, and on Pride Friday immediately following the Spirit of Stonewall Rally, we will raise a gigantic rainbow flag to the top of a 65-foot pole in the center of Hillcrest, which will fly proudly all year long. We at San Diego Community News Network, publishers of Gay San Diego, San Diego Uptown News and San Diego Downtown News, are also proud to be your dedicated source for hyper-local news servicing the San Diego LGBT community. We wish everyone a happy Pride 2012.

– San Diego Community News Network Staff

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the extreme fanatical religious groups. I do hope that the day will come when we don’t need to hold a “Gay Pride Parade” but I don’t see that in my lifetime, unfortunately, so we try to work on one heart and mind at a time. I am co-president of PFLAG San Diego now and I truly believe in our mission statement: PFLAG promotes the health and well being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and their families and friends through Support, to cope with an adverse society; Education, to enlighten an ill informed public; and Advocacy, to end discrimination and to secure equal civil rights.  PFLAG provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity. I invite anyone to attend and walk with PFLAG in the parade and see for yourselves it is a wonderfully uplifting experience.  Last year I went to La Mesa City Council because Councilmember Sterling had withdrawn support for the Pride parade and had heard and made some comments against the Pride parade event and I invited her to attend and see for herself.  I did take lots of pictures and can share them with anyone that wants to see them.t


San Diego Pride 2012




Todd Gloria – San Diego City Councilmember, District Three

Buckminster Duck –

Sally Hall – CEO/Founder of media broadcasting

Sean Sala – Servicemembers United (SU) San Diego Leadership Cmte

San Diego Pride is a time to celebrate our individuality, our diversity, and the progress we’ve made. This year will be especially significant because the parade staging will be near the first Harvey Milk Street in the nation and pass the new Pride Flag Monument. San Diego continues to lead the way in support of full equality for all.

PRIDE to me is being OUT, OUT-rageous, OUT-spoken and occasionally OUT-raged 365 days of the year!

Pride season, as I like to think of it, is an event that takes place across countries and provides plenty of fun and celebrations for those of us that are out and proud. Plus, it is an event that brings awareness to all our brothers and sisters who may think “I’m the only one.” It’s a time to turn the video cams on and have fun with all your friends. And make sure to share your videos with gay media broadcasting It’s ‘gay tv’ but better because it’s online and all videos on-demand. Plus, this is always a great time to gather friends for the awesome dance parties happening all thru the week. Watch local favorites discuss the parties in videos, online. And, for all you dancing women, make sure to attend the Wildfire (Hot Flash/Inferno) Dance Party on Sunday, July 20, at the Brass Rail. That is where I will be! It’s a season to enjoy all things gay! Happy Pride Season 2012.

Countless military service members suffered horribly under the DADT policy. But justice has prevailed and DADT is dead. Last year, I had the honor of organizing the first Active Duty Military Contingent in an American Pride parade. With respectful solidarity, military members were honored regardless of their sexual orientation. This year we have participants who are going to comfortably wear their uniforms after their receiving military command approval. We have gone so far, but we have so far to go. I had many tearful nights and many gut-wrenching moments over these past few years. Participating in social change and progression is a challenge and can alienate you. Leadership has a high price. But as those DADT activists who have gone before me never gave up, this military generation will honor their legacy and never give up. Justice must roll down our mountains for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. For those military members long forgotten, you will never be MIA in our hearts; we fight now with The American Military Partner Association, to assure equality for military partners. What does Pride mean to me? Never forgetting those who have forged the path, so we can continue to blaze the trail.

Mama’s Kitchen is proud to be par t of such a diverse and suppor tive community. Each year the drive down the parade route is a time to reflect and celebrate all that we have accomplished. Pride is the satisfaction one receives from feeding men, women and children living with AIDS/HIV or cancer. As a volunteer driven organization, we are proud to provide food, compassion and hope to over 1,300 people annually throughout San Diego County. t

Roman Jimenez – Co-commissioner, America’s Finest City Softball League (AFCSL) As I have aged, Pride has meant different things. As a young pup just coming out, it meant a sense of community. I felt like a part of something bigger than just myself, in that it taught me some perspective. Later, as I would get involved as a community newspaper editor and media personality, it was a way to re-energize for the fight. Back then, my paper Update wasn’t fighting for equality as much as we were fighting to stay alive. We were advocating for AIDS funding, for hate crimes legislation, hell … for hate crimes to be REPORTED … it was a different time. Riding in the parade then and seeing the 60,000 people lining the streets, I always knew that in a small way I was fighting for them, and I left the weekend reenergized. Now as I’ve moved on into a more private role, I see the community in a more macro sense. We’ve come so far. The president has voiced his support for same-sex marriage. The PRESIDENT! Gay men and women can serve openly in the military! There is so much left to do, but as this Pride comes around, it means that even though my part was very small as a community editor and reporter -immeasurable by almost any standard when compared to the work of so many others -- I feel proud of what we’ve together accomplished and optimistic of what has yet to be done.


San Diego Pride 2012



David Harrington Campbell – Local author, poet Pride’s meaning has changed for me over the years - early on it was hippies and faeries, look at me, we’re here, we’re queer. During the beginning of the plague years it was anger and disbelief. Quarantine? I remember thinking - my life is over because I have loved men. Now I wonder what my dead lovers and boy friends would think of the President of the United States supporting gay marriage … a black president, at that. Gay marriage and DADT weren’t even on our radar in the seventies. What would they make of gay male couples and lesbian couples raising children together, two mommies, two daddies? So, during Pride weekend in San Diego my wish would be to call back all my brothers and sisters who have gone before me, who plowed the fields where now gay people bloom, in all the colors of the rainbow. And of course, watch their faces when the Dykes on Bykes and all the hot men parade by. Oh yeah.

Gloria Johnson – California Assembly District 76 LGBT Person of the Year 2012

Jason Frye – LGBT Humanist Council Coordinator, AHA; Mr. Gay Pride San Diego 2005

Pride is my favorite “holiday.” Yes, I actually enjoy it more than the traditional holidays that are on our calendars, because it is my day. I have been there from its earliest days when a small group of us LG folks (we didn’t have the B/T yet) strutted down Broadway and waved at a few people along the way. Now it is always a thrill to take par t and wave to the thousands of people along the way on the streets of Hillcrest. I enjoy all the aspects of the parade from the joyful shenanigans of the drag queens to the suppor t and dedication of such groups as the Unitarian Universalist Church and the commitment of the Democrats for Equality. I’ll be there again this year, count me in.

Pride is a multifaceted and exaggerated jumble of the best and worst our community has to offer. On the one hand we are uplifted by a celebration of our uniqueness and individuality. Secondly, we come together as a community to assert ourselves against those shrinking antagonistic elements. Yet on the other hand, with all of the commercialization, Pride appeals to our inner vanity and begs the question as to which is stronger: gays as movement or as market? But I guess that is why it is so incredible, its ability to enhance our ability of self-definition. The meaning of Pride is the meaning that you give it, and I like that. Also, some people say that “pride” is a sin, I guess that’s why it’s so fun!



San Diego Pride 2012



Connie Kurtew – Photographer The first time, I was over whelmed of course, it was my first Pride ever and I was here in San Diego. So ever ything about America was new and I was working at The Living Room at this time and actually worked at the time of the parade and it gave me goose bumps. I was like yeah, not that I was really not alone, I kind of knew that, but more surprised that so many people were gay. I was like, no way! And so many straight people were dancing and celebrating with us! I felt like there was finally really a community out there. So for me it is about you are not alone! Over the years I got into reading the histor y, and about all the dif ferent groups and all that was accomplished, but for me it’s still about the first impression I got that first Pride -- that you are not alone.


Ted Gideonse – Film critic at LGBT Weekly, PhD student at UCSD, volunteer HIV testing counselor at Family Health Centers of San Diego. I have been going to some cities Pride for 18 years, and as much fun as I have had and as silly as the shenanigans have been, at its most basic, Pride has always been to me about politics: Showing up and making noise, showing the rest of the world that we exist, we matter, and we’re proud of ever ything we have done and ever ything we can do. And not only can we throw a par ty, but we can mobilize a few hundred thousand people. There’s nothing more impor tant to the movement than visibility, and Pride is our community at our most visible.

Cali Griebel – Photographer Pride for me is a community celebration of all the love I have for my LGBT friends ever y day. It is a time for me to reflect on the ongoing fight to erase homophobia, to create more acceptance and laws to protect equality, and to end laws that promote discrimination. It is a time of remembrance for lives lost because of their sexual orientation. I have yet to watch a Pride parade and not have tears streaming down my face - the love and happiness in the air is over whelming. We should celebrate diversity ever y day and feel free to be “born this way” without judgment or hate. Pride festivals and parades are a culmination of all of these things for me.

Fernando Lopez – Administrative and Public Affairs Director, San Diego LGBT Pride Pride, and more specifically the Spirit of Stonewall Rally, is the first “gay” community thing I did in San Diego. I was utterly captivated to see people talking openly on a stage about being LGBT and being proud of it. Before then I had no real understanding about the LGBT community, but that moment let me know there was a place for me. Pride is often the first LGBT community event people par ticipate in. It’s the one time of year where ever yone takes to the streets to be their complete and beautiful selves; embracing our vibrant diversity. I’m honored to be a par t of the Pride family and I hope ever yone has a phenomenal Pride week.

Drina Lickert – Rudy Ramrod of the San Diego Kings Club What is Pride to me? I’m very fortunate that my entire family, my work and all friends know who I am. I’m fortunate they accept me, as well as Rudy Ramrod. That I can be proud of who I am at all times! What’s so great about Pride? Yes, it’s a great party, but it’s also a place to be yourself and not be judged. It’s a place where we are all different, yet the same. I like how there are all these different booths about health, and education about your rights. Meeting people with the same likes that you have. How you can bring your family to show them that they are not alone. It’s a place to connect with the whole community. I have been to many Prides and still learn something each time I’m there. It is a weekend to learn, share, grow and celebrate as a community.


San Diego Pride 2012




Russ Edra – Director of PR and Marketing, San Diego American Flag Football League (SDAFFL) “Pride” holds a unique and special definition to me. One of my many responsibilities is to recruit new members. The players I love to pursue are those who would never in a million years think of playing sports, let alone football. I see this group as a challenge, and the ones who usually experience the most transformation, because if you hear something about yourself enough times, you start to believe it including the bad. Each season, men and women who’ve been told time and time again that they can’t play sports, or were teased constantly because of their orientation, finally drown out those critics every Saturday to be part of a team that accepts them 100%. This Pride, I celebrate all of my teammates who through broken fingers, sprained muscles and countless bruises shatter stereotypes. I especially celebrate those who’ve overcome the limits they placed on themselves from years of being told they “can’t” because of who they are … that is Pride.

Vinnie Pompei – Chair, Supporting Students, Saving Lives Conference

Sylvie Eidson – Senior travel consultant, Carefree Travel

Pride weekend is the one time of the year when fear of rejection and discrimination is minimized, and celebration of love and acceptance is alive and well. For a brief few days, LGBT individuals are no longer the minority as thousands gather to celebrate the year’s accomplishments of getting closer to full equality. Our straight allies take our hands, while others recharge their batteries as the movement to obtain equal rights continues. Personally, this year’s celebration and push forward is all about momentum and the evolution of those who will soon join our fight. Like many others, I spent the first 20 years of my life hiding who I really was. I felt alone in a world I imagined had no support. For me, Pride represents the opposite of that. As an LGBT advocate, I use Pride to remind others, especially youth -- that they are of value, cared for and that there is an extensive community and coalition of support fighting for a better tomorrow.

Pride for me is a time when ever y walk of life enjoys, celebrates and participates in accepting who we are. It is one of the happiest weekends ever, because it is Gay Pride!

Rena Holscher – Bartender Pride for me is a time for family, friends and awareness. When we can gather together as a community and let our voices be heard. My fiance and I want so badly to be able to be married legally. Hopefully in the near future this can be a reality.

Kiki Nixon – Entertainer at Lips, Miss Gay Black San Diego 2012 Being proud powerful and unashamed of who and what I am. Having two grown sons and teaching them Pride: of who and what we stand for - equal rights for all. Everyone should try that and there would be less hate in the world.

San Diego Pride 2012




Sister Ida Know – Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Joey Konecek – Community Director,

Courtney Ware – LGBT community volunteer

Laura Jane Willcox – Local debutante, entertainment oficionado

Luke Terpstra – Chair, Hillcrest Town Council

Pride is all about celebration of who we all are as people. No matter who a person is, or how they identify, the truth remains simply that there is a diverse color pallet of people. It is the differences that make us unique and wonderful, not the similarities. Pride is about loving ourselves for who we are, and loving others for who they are. Equality can spring from this mutual love and acceptance.

Pride is as important to the LGBT community as July 4th is to America. It’s a time to celebrate independence, acceptance, and self expression, in an environment full of support and love. Since moving to San Diego from Mesa, Arizona last year, I have really had the opportunity to experience what real Pride is all about. Without a true community presence and many proud members, our Pride festivals wouldn’t exist. Pride has been a bridge to many positive changes in the LGBT community; in fact, I may not have the job I do today without it.

What does “Pride” mean to me as a straight ally? I have pride in being able to celebrate with my LGBT friends and community members. I have pride in the advances we have made together in the fight for equality. I have pride in the unity of the community and the acceptance of the people I surround myself with. I have pride in myself, in standing up for my belief in what I know is right. I have pride in being an ally.

Pride for me, means lots of fun working with all the fabulous families at the festival’s Children’s Garden! I’m so happy to see how the kids have grown & to be part of the Family Matters’ team that provides our kids with plenty of games, singing, dancing, crafts, food, shade, etc. Pride season all over our county always recharges my activism batteries, too! It’s a wonderful time to take a look back at the years’ progresses in securing civil rights for ALL & to recommit to being a vessel for change! I love listening to the speeches! Fire me up!

What Pride means to me? I love Gay Pride! When we can come together as a group, a very large group, and publicly say this is who we are, we are people fully engaged in our own quests for happiness and love and we will not hide anymore in closets of other people’s design. Gay Pride is a celebration of spirit, a spirit that needs to be on parade, and shouted from convertibles, and embraced with love and understanding, not just for a couple days of the year, but all year long. HAPPY PRIDE SAN DIEGO!t 3737 Fifth Ave. Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 519-7775 PUBLISHER David Mannis (619) 961-1951 EDITORS Anthony King (619) 961-1952 Morgan M. Hurley (619) 961-1960 CONTRIBUTOR San Diego LGBT PRIDE DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING Mike Rosensteel (619) 961-1958 ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Jennifer Muth (619) 961-1963 ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Brennan MacLean (619) 961-1957 ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Deborah Vazquez (619) 961-1956 ADVERTISING CONSULTANT Kalli Boyne (619) 961-1955 ART DIRECTOR Eddie Ramos (619) 961-1961 ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR Rebecah Corbin (619) 961-1961 ACCOUNTING Denise Davidson (619) 961-1962 OPINIONS/LETTERS Gay San Diego encourages letters to the editor and guest editorials. Please e-mail both to We only accept digital files. Include phone number and address for verification. We reserve the right to edit letters and editorials for brevity and accuracy. Letters should be no longer than 350 words in length unless approved by staff editors. Letters and guest editorials do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or staff. SUBMISSIONS/NEWS TIPS Press releases and story ideas are welcome. Send press releases, tips, photos or story ideas to For breaking news and investigative story ideas contact the editor by phone or e-mail. DISTRIBUTION GAY San Diego is distributed free, biweekly, every other Friday. COPYRIGHT 2012. All rights are reserved.


San Diego Pride 2012



The first annual Pride of Hillcrest Block Party hits the streets of Hillcrest on Friday, July 20, creating a carnival and celebratory atmosphere centered on what many consider the epicenter of the San Diego LGBT community, the intersection of Normal Street and University Avenue. The locale was key, since this new event will not only provide a festive way to kick-off San Diego’s annual Pride weekend, but also serve as a way to celebrate two huge recent accomplishments for the LGBT community – the naming of a first-ever Harvey Milk Street and the construction of a 65-foot rainbow Pride Flag

Monument, which will fly and be maintained year-round. Produced by the Hillcrest Business Association (HBA) in conjunction with various other sponsors, the festivities begin at 6 p.m., when San Diego Pride will hold its Spirit of Stonewall Rally and Award Ceremony, with acknowledgements of this year’s honorees and other dignitaries, including Keynote Speaker Dr. Clarence B. Jones. During this time, the area between University and Harvey Milk Street will be open for those wishing to attend. At approximately 6:30 p.m., the flag will be raised and celebrated. Just before 7 p.m., the viewing area will be cleared, fences will

Pride of Hillcrest Block Party Tickets: General Admission: $15 advance, $20 at door. Allows you admission to the block party, carnival area and performances with nohost access. VIP Admission: $50 advance, $75 at door. Early entrance to VIP area at 6 p.m., hosted all-you-can-eat and drink in the VIP area, a Pride Flag photo-op and more. Private Cabanas (limited quantities): $1250 advance until 7/17,

$1500 on 7/18 and 7/19 (no cabanas will be sold 7/20). Exclusive, draped cabanas located on a riser for up to 10 people; include luxury lounge furniture, full bottle service and VIP area access. For more information, visit prideofhillcrest. com or find the Pride of Hillcrest Block Par ty event page on Facebook. For private cabana info, call (619) 299-3330.

be erected and the Block Party will begin. The westbound side of University Avenue will be shut down and bi-directional traffic will be moved to the eastbound side of the street. Entrances, with both a will call and ticket sales area available, will be set up at each end; one at the intersection of Harvey Milk and Normal streets, and one also on University Avenue in front of Ray’s Tennis. Block Party attendees will have access to a large enclosed area, the equivalent to a beer and cocktail garden, so access is strictly 21 and up. Along Normal Street there will be a carnival area with games and a gigantic Ferris Wheel, giving riders a birds-eye view of the new Pride Flag. The Block Party stage will be located at the base of Normal Street and University Avenue, with music provided by DJ John Joseph, DJ dirty Kurty and Nikno, who will close out the event after Neon Hitch, the Pride of Hillcrest headliner, performs her set, including her #1 hit, “F U Bettah.” Revelers can party and dance the night away at the open air dance stage until 11 p.m., when other local businesses pick up the Pride weekend fun. See our Calendar section in this Pride Guide for other local Pride-related parties and events planned over the entire weekend.t


San Diego Pride 2012



11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., SDSU RAINBOW FLAG RAISING CEREMONY at San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Dr. Students, faculty, staff and local politicians raise flag on campus in front of Hepner Hall.


5 – 10 p.m., GAY SHOWTUNES at Urban Mo’s, 308 University Ave. All you can eat spaghetti for $5, drink specials. For more info visit 6 – 8 p.m., DEMOCRATS FOR EQUALITY RECEPTION, join the who’s who of local LGBT and Ally leaders, candidates and elected officials. Event is in Hillcrest, address will be provided upon RSVP. $15 members, $20 non-members. Volunteer for Pride with Dems for Equality and get a festival pass! For more information, contact


6:30 – 10 p.m., THROW DOWN FOR A CAUSE JELLO WRESTLING, at Bourbon Street, 4612 Park Blvd in University Heights, benefits SD LGBT Center and Project Love Out Loud. 7 p.m., FILMOUT PRIDE SCREENING, Welcome to New York (short film) and Gayby. Birch North Park Theatre, 2891 University Ave. Feature is about an unexpected visit from the stork between two best friends. Tickets $10. 8 p.m., DREAMGIRLS PRIDE SHOW, Urban Mo’s 308 University Ave. $5.


6 – 8 p.m., ANNUAL GSDBA PRIDE MIXER at Wang’s North Park, 3029 University Ave., 21+ event. Cocktails, appetizers, socialize and kick-off Pride. $10 members, $25 non-members. For more information visit gsdba. org/events. 6:30 p.m., PRIDE MILITARY CONTINGENT CO-

ORDINATION MEETING at Bourbon Street, 4512 Park Blvd. in University Heights. Marching fees due, dissemination of tee-shirts, parade plans, etc. 7 p.m., LAUGH OUT PROUD Comedy Show at Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave. Headliner is LOGO’s Jason Stuart. The all-LGBT line-up includes Sean Wherley, Sarah Burford, Scott Backman, and Renee Santos. Reserved VIP tickets near stage $20, general admission $10. Doors open 6 p.m. 7 p.m. – Close, COUNTRY PRIDE at Urban Mo’s, 308 University Ave., with the men of Dirty Tony 7-10 p.m. and free line dancing lessons 7 – 8:30 p.m. Dancing 8:30 – Close. 7:30 p.m., JUST LOVE: CHRISTIAN ETHICS for the 21st CENTURY, sponsored by Dignity/San Diego. Free public lecture by Jamie Manson, columnist for the National Catholic Reporter, addresses Vatican’s recent condemnation of Sister Margaret Farley’s “Just Love.” Gethesemane Lutheran Church,

2696 Melbourne Ave. For more info call 619-645-8240 or visit 8 p.m., DRIVE BY DRAG at Baja Betty’s, 1421 University Ave., both Urban Mo’s and Baja Betty’s staff perform one show and there are no reservations. 9 p.m., BEARBQ, Eden San Diego, 1202 University Ave. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, today only $10. or 619-780-3833. 10 p.m., LAUGH OUT PROUD Comedy Show at Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave. Headliner is LOGO’s Jason Stuart. The all-LGBT line-up includes Sean Wherley, Sarah Burford, Scott Backman, and Renee Santos. Reserved VIP tickets near stage $20, general admission $10. Doors open 9 p.m.


5 p.m., PRIDE TEA DANCE & BBQ at Bourbon Street, 4612 Park Blvd., DJ Marcel. Followed by SUMMER BEACH BALL PARTY at 10


GAY DIEGO p.m., with DJ Michael Carrera. 6 - 8 p.m. SPIRIT OF STONEWALL AWARDS & RALLY and OFFICIAL PRIDE FLAG RISING. Corner of Normal Street and University Avenue. San Diego Pride recognizes contributions of Spirit of Stonewall honorees, conducts a rally. Finale will be 65 foot rainbow flag raised to fly in the center of Hillcrest, year-round. 6 – 11 p.m., PRIDE OF HILLCREST BLOCK PAR TY. Corner of Normal Street and University Avenue immediately following Stonewall Rally. Headliner Neon Hitch, open-air dance floor, DJ stage with John Joseph / dirty KURTY / Nikno, gigantic Ferris wheel, $15 advance, $20 the night of. Private cabanas $1,200 advance until 7/18, $1,500 after. More info 6 – 10 p.m., WILDFIRE PRIDE PAR TY at the Brass Rail, 3796 Fifth Ave., DJ Wildfire heads up a dance for queer women and their allies. $15 cover. For more info visit 6:30 p.m., ANNUAL WOMEN’S PRE-PRIDE PARTY at Bamboo Lounge, 1475 University Ave. in Hillcrest, DJ Bella, drink specials. No cover. 7:30 p.m., 25th ANNIVERSARY of the PRIDE FRIENDS AND LOVERS CONCER T, with Chris Hassett, Kenny Ard, Sue Palmer, Drew Massicot and Kay Etheridge, to benefit Owen Clinic. First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front St. (across from UCSD Hospital). For more info or to add yourself to Will Call email chris@ Suggested donation is $10. 9 p.m. – Close, LIBER TY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL feat. LUCIANA, Eden San Diego, 1202 University Ave., DJ Justin Ryan spinning. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, tonight only $10. 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., NEON PRIDE PAR TY, Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., DJ dirty KURTY in Main Room, DJ Will Z in Hip Hop Room. Special live performance by NEON HITCH. Outdoor beer garden, free neon body paint, neon attire encouraged. 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. AZUCAR at Numbers, 3811 Park Blvd. Two dance floors, go-gos, two DJs. $10. Red Carpet at 9:30 p.m. For more information visit 10 p.m. – 4 a.m., BILL HARDT PRESENTS THE PRIDE BALL at Spin Night Club, 2028 Hancock St., DJ Luis Perez. $25 in advance until July 19, $30 cash only at event.

see Calendar, pg 11



San Diego Pride 2012

GAY SAN DIEGOSan Diego, 1202 University


8 – 11 a.m., MINI BREAKFAST BUFFETT, at Urban Mo’s, 308 University Ave. $8.95. 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., ALL YOU CAN EAT MEXICAN BUFFET at Baja Betty’s, 1421 University Ave., $9.95 includes one glass of Champagne, Mimosa, and Sangria. 9 a.m. – 7 p.m., PARADE VIEWING AND DAYCLUB, Eden San Diego, 1202 University Ave., DJ Taj spinning with SDPix. Includes brunch and one free drink. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, today only $15.

Ave., DJ Tatinana spinning. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, tonight only $25. 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., FURBALL at Numbers, 3811 Park Blvd. Presented by Bear Night and LLBear with DJs Jon Williams & Will Z, enjoy parking lot lounge. Advance online $15 (give you VIP front of line) or $20 at door. For more info

9 p.m. – 4 a.m., MASSIVE at Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., DJ Nikno in Main Room with DJ Taj. Special live performance by WYNTER GORDON. Outdoor and indoor with afterhours until 4 a.m.

9 a.m., BIG FAT GAY BRUNCH at Babycakes, 3766 Fifth Ave.,

10 p.m., LATE NIGHT COMEDY FROM JUDY TENUTA at Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Cabaret seating $25-$35. For more information or to buy tickets, visit

10 a.m. – Close, PRIDE PRETTY IN PINK PARKING LOT PARTY, at Gossip Grill, 1440 University Ave., Ice Luge and DJ Dida, DJ Sasha Marie, DJ Pinky. No cover.

10 p.m. – 6 a.m., BILL HARDT PRESENTS CIRCUIT DAZE at 4th & B, 345 B Street Downtown. DJ Cahill (UK) and DJ Danny Verde (Italy). $60 in advance until July 20, $75 cash only at event.

10 a.m., PRIDE 5K RUN AND WALK, presented by San Diego Front Runners and Walkers. Start and end is corner of University Avenue and Centre Street and follows the route of the parade, near SD LGBT Center. For more info visit

10 p.m., SERVICEMEMBERS UNITED MILITARY PRIDE PAR TY at Bourbon Street, 4612 Park Blvd.

11 a.m., SAN DIEGO PRIDE PARADE, launches from Normal and Harvey Milk streets, turns west down University Avenue, south down Sixth Avenue into Balboa Park at Upas Street. 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY BOOT CAMP. Tell a story with words and document the Pride Parade for the Media Arts Center in North Park. $75 for non-members, $60 MACSD members. For more info 619-230-1938 or visit 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., PARADE BEACH PAR TY, Rich’s San Diego 1051 University Ave., Main Room DJ John Joseph, Outdoor DJ Michael Paul. Parade viewing platform and dance floor outside. 12 – 10 p.m., AMERICAS PRIDE FESTIVAL, at Marston Point located at Sixth and Laurel avenues. Eighty musicians, bands, comedy and dance performers, 300 vendor booths, art and cultural exhibits and food. Shuttle service between festival and parking areas, Hillcrest. Single day $20, seniors 60+/students $10 with ID, Active Military $10 with ID. 9 p.m. – Close, LIBER TY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL feat. DEBORAH COX, Eden


6 a.m. – 11 a.m., THE MORNING PAR TY at Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., DJ Shane Stiel in Main Room. Blacked out dance floor with laser light show. 10 a.m., PAR TYROCK BRUNCH BUFFET, Eden San Diego, 1202 University Ave. With live entertainment. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, today only $20. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., ALL YOU CAN EAT BRUNCH at Baja Betty’s, 1421 University Ave., $18.95 with bottomless champagne, mimosas and sangrias. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., PRIDE PRETTY IN PINK BRUNCH, at Gossip Grill, 1440 University Ave., followed by Happy Hour and DJs. 11 a.m. – Sunset, REMEDY ROOFTOP POOL PAR TY, The W Hotel, 421 West B St. Downtown. DJs, cabanas, Indoor lounge, rooftop bar, swag bags. Advance sales close Friday, July 13. Advance tickets $20 & $40 VIP, or $30 & $50 VIP at event. For more info or to purchase tickets, visit 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., AMERICAS PRIDE FESTIVAL, at Marston Point in Balboa Park, located at Sixth and Laurel avenues. Over 80 musicians,

bands, comedy and dance performers, 300 vendor booths, art and cultural exhibits, and lots of food and drink. Shuttle service between festival and parking areas, Hillcrest. Single day $20, seniors 60+/students $10 with ID, Active Military $10 with ID. 12 – 8 p.m., FLAWLES 6TH ANNIVERSARY PRIDE POOL PAR TY. The Ivy Rooftop at the Andaz San Diego Hotel, 600 F St. in the Gaslamp. 12 – 2 p.m. Festivities hosted by Chelsea Lately’s Fortune Feimster, with DJs and a meet and greet with Feimster. 2 p.m., DJ Amara (LA) and Josh Kane (drummer for Pink and Uh Huh Her), live dance performances by Lipstik, Inc. For more info visit

12 – 9 p.m., SCARLET SUNDAY the “Indie Pride Music Festival” at The Ruby Room, 1271 University Ave. Featuring 11 different local bands: Jareb Liewer, Tori Rogg, The Lovebirds, Karina Frost, Lillian Lefranc, Adam Shenk, Special Powers, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, Tiffany Jane, Heidi Hughes, and Sister Speak. $10 for entire day. 2 p.m., MY BIG GAY “JUDY-ISM” WEDDING & BRUNCH WITH JUDY TENUTA at Martinis Above Fourth, 3940 Fourth Ave., Cabaret seating $21. For more information or to buy tickets, visit 4 – 11 p.m., BILL HARDT PRESENTS THE ZOO PAR TY at the San Diego Zoo,

w 2920 Zoo Place. DJ Wayne G (UK), DJ Andy Almighty (UK). 4,000 limited tickets, $110 advance until 7/21, $125 cash day of event. For more info visit 6 p.m., FESTIVE MASS and POTLUCK at Dignity/ San Diego, celebrating 40 years of LGBT-affirming and inclusive ministry. Mass starts at 6 p.m. with potluck to follow at San Diego LGBT Community Center, 3909 Centre St. For more info call 619-645-8240 or visit 8 p.m., JUICY PRIDE GLOW PARTY at Bourbon Street, 4612 Park Blvd., billed San Diego’s best ladies’ night. DJ Pinkie and hot go-go dancers.

see Calendar, pg 14

San Diego Pride 2012







AT&T MAIN STAGE San Diego Pride’s largest outdoor door stage stag age wi with th a nnew w lighting. The AT& AT&T Stage sound system and lighting &T Main Main in SSta tage age ent by features a bevy of non-stop entertainment man ances. s. acclaimed musicians, bands and dance performances.

HIP HOP RELOADED Some say Hip Hop is dead; come see for your own eyes. “Hip Hop Reloaded”, is a zone bearing fierce ammunition in the form of Hip Hop DJ’s, MC’s, artist, Dance Groups, and much more. Come take a fun-filled vengeance out on the dance floor to the sounds of all your favorite Hip Hop music. Get ready to lock and reload your Hip Hop adrenaline. The battle is on!

GAY San Diego Prid SAN DIEGO

VIVA LA FIESTA Bringing the sounds of Latin America and beyond to life on the dance floor. Viva la fiesta is a celebration of our history and culture ¡Que Viva La Fiesta! Ven a celebrar con nosotros.


COUNTRY CANTINA NA A relaxing area located on the upper level of the festival featuring ice cold Budweiser beer on tap, Barefoot Wine and Pride’s original recipe for ods. Svedka Cape Cods.


URBAN KICKERS DANCE FLOOR ountry dance Urban Kickers will be sponsoring a NEW country floor for this year’s pride. Mosey over andd let loose with the hottest cowboys and cowgirls in SoCal.l.



ART OF PRIDE - Provides a display venue for new, emerging and established LGBT artists. Art of Pride continues year round to offer display space for LGBT artists at the new San Diego Pride offices in the center of the Arts and Culture district of North Park.

GET TESTED PAVILION - Sponsored by UCSD AVRC (Early Test Program/Zip Code Project) Unlike the standard HIV antibody test, The HIV Early Test detects HIV infection as early as ONE WEEK after exposure. The UCSD Antiviral Research Center is offering this free and confidential test.

ASL INTERPRETATION - In partnership with Deaf Community Services of San Diego, all performances on the Main Stage, including the Rally, Leather Realm, Diversity Task Force and a designated Parade Reviewing Stand will be interpreted for the deaf community. ASL Interpretors available upon request and availablity.

HIV TESTING - Confidential HIV testing by the San Diego County, HIV, STD & Hepatitis Branch will be offered on site.

ATM’S - Located just outside the main entrance near ticket sales and throughout the Festival grounds. BIKE CORRAL - Save those parking woes, bike to the Festival and have a designated and secure place to park your bike. Rainbow Cyclists proudly operate the Bike Corral at the Festival Site, keeping bikes safe on Saturday from 8:00am – 11pm and Sunday from 8:00am – 9:00pm. COFFEE TERRACE - Got a hankering for a good cup of joe? Come sip on a coffee drink or enjoy a snack or sweet treat in this rejuvenating atmosphere. Hosted and benefiting The Live and Let Live Alano Club. SAN DIEGO PRIDE’S DIVERSITY TASK FORCE - Colors of Pride Shades of Life Workshop Tent “A Celebration of Diversity” - See page 17 for schedule.

INFORMATION CENTER - Staffed by friendly volunteers who will provide you with maps, programs, entertainment schedules, and will answer your lost-and-found inquires. A limited supply of wheelchairs are also available. And Wheelchair recharging stop. Spanish translators also available. Hablabos Espanol. INTERFAITH GARDEN & WEDDING CHAPEL - San Diego Pride is offering commitment ceremonies this year free of charge all day Saturday in the Interfaith Garden. Are you looking for a spiritual path or would like more information, come to the Interfaith garden. Sunday, we will start the day with a spiritual service at 10:00am on the main stage. LAMBDA ARCHIVES - Lambda Archives of San Diego collects, preserves, and teaches about LGBT history primarily in San Diego County and northern Baja California. Some collections date from the 1930’s with most of our materials from 1970 to present. The archive is open to the public and available to create historical displays for community events. Pick up your game piece for “Footsteps of Pride.” Win Prizes!

DUNK TANK and San Diego Pride have partnered to bring a DUNK TANK to the festival this year! The tank will be located on the grass at the south end of the festival site. Don’t miss your chance to see a cute guy…get dropped into the refreshing tank.

LESBIAN HEALTH - The Lesbian Health Booth, presented by the Lesbian Health Clinic and Progressive Health Services of San Diego.

FOOD COURT - Time to refuel, stop and enjoy the many tempting food choices. Everything from snacks to full meals tickle your taste buds.

MEDICAL TENT - Providing basic first aid care, i.e. bandaids, sun screen, and ice packs.

Pride 2012

San Diego Pride 2012



GARDEN DANCE PARTY Enjoy adult beverages by Budweiser, Svedka, and Hornitos.

d to life on our BUD LIGHT GARDEN DANCE CE PARTY A variety of bands with someth mething for something everyone-rock, funk, pop, reggae and the blues.

WINE GROTTO PRESENTED BY BAREFOOT WINE & BUBBLY Enjoy Barefoot Wines’ latest and greatest releases over the two-day period inn both Beverage Gardens or visit the Pride wine bar featuring additional California, rnia, Oregon and Washington State wines.

ED EN H EDEN HiNRG iNRG iN RG DAN DANCE NCE TENT Experience high-tech, Expe peririen ence the the rraw aw en energy n on Eden’s high music and ooutdoor ou tdoo td oorr da ddance ncee sp sspace as DJs crank up the m spin yyou sp ou iinto full gear.




MO’S PLAYGROUND - Looking for fun? Head on down to the Carnival Corner! For those thrill seekers out there, hop on the Hurricane and hold on tight! If you like to get dizzy, you will love the Kamikaze or the Scrambler! Or if you want to keep it on the traditional side, grab your sweetie and take a seat on the Ferris Wheel. Whether you are looking for thrills, fun, or want to test your luck on our many carnival games, come check out the Carnival Corner bought to you by Urban Mo’s! OFFICIAL PRIDE MERCHANDISE - The latest in Pride T-shirts, hats, pins, water bottles, and dog tags. All merchandise sales support Pride’s giving back to the community efforts. RALPH’S CHILDREN’S GARDEN - A fun-filled space for kids featuring face painting, karaoke, carnival games, prizes, arts & crafts, and story time. Parents must accompany children. Organized and presented by Family Matters - a program of the San Diego LGBT Community Center. RESTROOMS - Located throughout the festival. SENIOR COOL ZONE —62+ - Offering a cool and shady area with plenty of seating for our LGBT adults 62 or better. Sponsored by Collwood Terrace Stellar Care and a variety of senior oriented community organizations. SERENITY TENT / SOBRIETY SUPPORT - San Diego’s LGBT recovery organizations band together each year so that 12-step meetings are available hourly at the festival throughout the weekend. Join us to celebrate Pride clean and sober! SHUTTLE STOP - Refer to page 22 for parking and shuttle information. SONY ENTERTAINMENT ZONE - Interact with hot new SONY products, play amazing interactive SONY games, dance to the coolest SONY artists, and watch the newest SONY trailers. Visit

TAKE PRIDE IN RECYCLING - Put it in the blue bin! Pride is recycling plastic, glass, and aluminum cans to do our part. Also, please find “Paper Only” bins at the exits to discard any guides or brochures you don’t want. TEEN SCENE - The hub for LGBT, ally and questioning youth, hosted by the Pride Youth Committee, it features a place to hang out with friends, dance, play games and enjoy Pride. THE LEATHER REALM - This exhibit is dedicated to educating and entertaining those that are interested in the Leather, BDSM, Kink communities. Presented by the San Diego Leather Community. TICKETS - Purchase your festival tickets here. Cash sales only. QUEER GENDER & TRANS - Transnation offers health, support and referral information to the Transgender Community in a friendly and relaxed environment. TransNation’s mission is to educate the public at large about the unique challenges that transgender people face, to advocate for transgender rights, and to celebrate the beauty of our community. VALLEY VIEW CASINO FERRIS WHEEL - Back by popular demand. Enjoy an intimate ride with your special someone. VONS FARMER’S MARKET - Attendees can enjoy a fresh and healthy alternative at our Farmers’ Market. Choose from a selection of fresh fruits. Funds our Youth Pride Efforts

San Diego Pride 2012


CALENDAR 9 p.m. – Close, LIBER TY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL feat. CAZWELL, Eden San Diego, 1202 University Ave., DJ Pornstar spinning. Advance online weekend pass starts at $60, tonight only $10. or 619-780-3833. 9 p.m. – 2 a.m., PRIDE CLOSING PAR TY at Rich’s San Diego, 1051 University Ave., DJ Dan De Leon in the Main Room, DJ Kiki in the Hip Hop Room. Six hot go-gos. 10 p.m. – 2 a.m., EYE CANDY at Numbers, 3811 Park Blvd. DJ Sidney Perry (LA). Free cover for the first 100 people before 11 p.m., $8 at door. 10 p.m. – 6 a.m., BILL HARDT PRESENTS FETE

ACCOMPLI, 4th & B, 345 B Street. DJ Pagano, Rosabel, DJ Abel, DJ Ralphi Rosario. 4,000 limited tickets, $60 advance until 7/20, $75 cash day of event. For more info visit


7 a.m., HILLCREST POST-PRIDE CLEANUP, sponsored by the Hillcrest Town Council. Meet with gloves at Park Boulevard and University Avenue, cleanup along University Avenue to Sixth Aveune. For more information visit 12 – 7 p.m., RECOVERY TEA DANCE at Urban Mo’s, 308 University Ave., with DJ Taj. No cover. 2 p.m. – 1 a.m., RECOVER FROM PRIDE at Gossip Grill, DJ Dida spinning 2-8 p.m., $5 all-you-can-eat spaghetti, shot specials and happy hour from 2 – 7 p.m.t



Sunday, July 22

Main Stage

Emcees: Daisy and Jessica of Rage Monthly, Franceska, Kalane Neors, Gigi Masters, Naomi Fiercee 12 – 1 p.m. Slide 1:15 – 1:45 p.m. Nylon Pink 2 – 2:30 p.m. Super Sonic Samba School 2:30 – 2:45 p.m. Interim Jessica Daisy: San Diego Cheer Elite 2:45 – 3:30 p.m. Imperial Court de San Diego 3:45 – 4:15 p.m. Matt Zarley 4:30 – 5 p.m. Golden Chicks Show 5:15 – 6 p.m. Xtreme 6:15 – 6:45 p.m. Lady X 7 – 7:30 p.m. Jody Banks 7:45 – 8:05 p.m. Alex Newell 8:10 – 9 p.m. Sandra Bernhard 9:10 – 10 p.m. Rising Star Band

Hip Hop Reloaded Stage Emcees: Naomi Fiercee, Miki Vale 12 – 2 p.m. DJ JiJi Sweet 2 – 4 p.m. Global Male Dancers 2:15 – 4 p.m. DJ Chris Johnson 4 – 6 p.m. Soul Kiss The Sistem 50/50 Devan Moncrief Soul Kiss Dancers 4:15 – 6 p.m. DJ NiomieSoulfly 7 – 7 p.m. Lady Remedy 6:15 – 9 p.m. DJ Coolbeans

Garden Dance Party Stage Emcee: Disco Dollie 12 – 2 p.m. French Kiss Collective 2 – 3 p.m. Will Z 3 – 4 p.m. DJ Pinke 3 – 4 p.m. LaFierce and The Diva Dancers 4 – 5 p.m. Real 5 – 6 p.m. Nick Hogan 6 – 7 p.m. Chris Cox 7 – 8 p.m. Kiki 8 – 9:30 p.m. IDeal & J-Break + Steve Walker on Drums 9:30 – 10 p.m. Wynter Gordon High NrG Dance Tent 12 – 2 p.m. WLDO 2 – 3 p.m. DJ Eklektek 3 – 5 p.m. DJ XP 5 – 7 p.m. Marcel 7 – 8 p.m. Von Kiss 8 – 9 p.m. Scott Saunders

Viva La Fiesta Emcee: Alejandra, Isaac Siqueiros 12 – 3 p.m. DJ Sebastian La Madrid 1:10 – 1:55 p.m. Diversity Dance Sport 2:15 – 2:35 p.m. Alejandras y Sus Divas 3 – 6 p.m. DJ Jay Valdez 5:30 – 6 p.m. LaFierce Diva Dancers 6:15 – 6:45 p.m. Dario Benitez 6:45 – 8:15 p.m. DJ Irma Covarrubias 8:15 – 9:15 p.m. Banda La Parrandera

Country Pride Dance Tent 7 – 8 p.m.

Headliner: Justin Utley

Main Stage Emcee: Jovi Radtke, Disco Dollie 11:30 – 11:50 p.m. Interfaith Circle 11:55 – 12:25 p.m. The San Diego Women’s Chorus 12:40 – 1:10 p.m. Girl Band 1:25 – 2:10 p.m. San Diego Kings Club 2:15 – 3 p.m. LaFierce and The Diva Dancers 3:05 – 3:25 p.m. Dick and Duane 3:35 – 4:20 p.m. Erika Jayne 4:45 – 5:30 p.m. Lady Jazmynne 5:45 – 6:30 p.m. Frankie Negron 6:45 – 7:15 p.m. Betty 7:30 – 8 p.m. Natasha Bedingfield

Hip Hop Reloaded Stage Emcee: Kirsha Stephens, GiGi Masters 11:00 – 1 p.m. DJ Pulse 11:45 – 1:15 p.m. Urban FX The Chameleon Talent Show Culture Shock 1:15 – 4 p.m. Urban Pride Lady Ebony Brandon Chandler Dmarkis Wigfall Christ chapel Healing Voices 4:15 – 5 p.m. DJ JiJi Sweet 5:05 – 6:15 p.m. DJ Coolbeans 6:20 – 7:30 p.m. DJ Tish Corelone

Garden Dance Party Stage Emcee: Disco Dollie 11:30 – 2 p.m. 2 – 3 p.m. 3 – 4 p.m. 4 – 6 p.m. 6 – 7: p.m. 7 – 8 p.m.

Boys Don’t Disco Do Not Feed The DJ Xander De Vera Super Sonic Samba Group Justin Ryan CATALUXX DJ Pornstar

High NrG Dance Tent 11 – 1 p.m. 1 – 2 p.m. 2 – 3 p.m. 3 – 4 p.m. 4 – 5 p.m. 5 – 6 p.m. 6 – 7 p.m. 7 – 8 p.m.

Damian Wolf Paul Najera Craig Williams Schoeny El Vee Nuthing Under a Million Tara Brooks Victor Dinaire

Viva La Fiesta Emcee: Isaac Siqueiros 11 – 1:30 p.m. DJ KA 11:30 – 12 p.m. Folklorico Ixtlahucr Callotl 12:30 – 1 p.m. Latin Rhythm Creations 1:30 – 3 p.m. DJ Miss Lady D 2:30 – 3:15 p.m. Flamenco Sur 3 – 6 p.m. DJ Melorican 4:15 – 4:45 p.m. Ballet Folklorico Yaqui 6 – 6:30 p.m. Jona Magadan 6 – 8 p.m. DJ Sebastian La Madrid




San Diego Pride 2012 Alex Newell Main Stage | Saturday, July 21 7:45 p.m. After taking the “Glee” world by storm as Wade – or should we say, Unique? – Alex Newell has burst onto the SD Pride scene by co-headlining this year’s Pride performance. Not only is this Newell’s first time to San Diego and his first time performing at a Pride Festival, it’s also the first time he has been to Pride. Ever. “It’s just so new. I’m really excited to see what’s going on,” he said. Currently living in Massachusetts, Newell was 18 when he was cast in the “Glee Project” last year, the stint that led him to star on the regular NBC series in the season that just wrapped. “Glee” executives brought Newell and his drag character, Unique, to the show for a multi-episode arc that saw the singer and actor struggle with, and ultimately succeed at, performing as a woman in a high-school choir competition. “In a way it was empowering,” Newell said. “It’s something new. It’s something fresh, and it’s something I don’t always do. It’s something out of the

Xtreme Main Stage | Saturday, July 21 5:15 p.m.

Danny Mejia, better known by his fans as Danny Xtreme, is one of the most distinctive voices in urban bachata. From Dominican decent, Mejia was born in New York City, grew up in the Bronx and began approaching music through the family church. Mejia said he credits much of his initial success to his mother, who always pushed him to continue with his talent. “Even when I still didn’t have the courage to sing, she offered me money so I would sing in front of other people,” he previously said. Deciding to pursue a career in music at 17 years old, Mejia’s influences include urban artists such as R. Kelly, 112, Joe and Mariah Carey. However, it has always been bachata that captured his interests. Mejia’s image, voice and charisma make him one of the leading performers in the genre, and he has toured all across the world, including Australia, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France, Puerto Rico and the United States. This year, Mejia will head to Holland, Germany and Poland, among others, to help promote his 2012 solo album “Tu Eres Mi Todo.” t


box, that’s why it’s empowering. So many people agree with it and love it for what it is.” While the young star certainly caught the nation’s attention because of his acting chops, for Newell, it’s his singing that he loves first. He started at a young age breaking out in song, tracing it back to when he was just two years old. “I’m a singer before I’m anything else. Ever ything else just comes with the package,” he said. “I want to venture off

into acting more [and] into dancing more. Acting comes a lot easier than dancing.” And what did Newell say he’d perform for this year’s Pride? “I have no idea what I’m performing yet. I’m still thinking and looking,” he said. “I want it to be perfect, and I know it’s going to be fun and it’s going to be something that I don’t normally always do.” We can’t wait.t

San Diego Pride 2012



HEADLINERS Natasha Bedingfield Main Stage | Sunday, July 22 7:30 p.m. Closing out this year’s Festival is Natasha Bedingfield, who is no stranger to playing for a packed LGBT audience. “That’s my favorite audience to sing for,” the British artist said. “It’s the one audience that I really feel completely understands everything I’m singing about. Not just singing a pop song and humming along, but [they] actually understand the words.” Bedingfield said she plans to sing from her entire catalog, including her hits “Unwritten” and “Pocket Full of Sunshine,” and an LGBT audience appreciates her music because her songs are about relationships, frustration and identity. “It’s about finding your own voice and learning how to be a powerful person,” she said. “A lot of the struggles I’ve gone through in my music, I feel like the gay audience relates to [them]. It’s the one show where I really see people losing themselves [and] singing along to every word.” Her sentiment especially includes “Unwritten,” she said, the single she wrote that became her first top-10 hit

in the United States. “When I sing it for a gay audience, I think they understand I’m talking about finding yourself and being slightly outside the lines.” That’s not to say the 30-year-old performer doesn’t reach a wider audience, either. “The whole community comes out because it’s going to be really great music and it’s a really great chance to celebrate life and living, which we all need,” she said. “We celebrate who we are and we don’t apologize.” There is a way Bedingfield interacts with gay men specifically that adds to her charm for the community, and a natural fit for the Pride celebration. It evolves from her celebration of life and of

not apologizing for being a woman. “I love when men empower women [and] when men make women feel that they can celebrate their femininity. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of power,” she said. “I think a lot of straight men can learn from the way that gay men are in touch with their emotions.” Currently, Bedingfield is in the studio working on her next album, and said she does not plan on doing many shows this summer, besides San Diego’s Pride, but she’s very excited to be here to celebrate. “I want to make it really special and unique,” she said, “to really give the audience an opportunity to really let go and to lose themselves in the music.”t

Frankie Negron Main Stage | Sunday, July 22

5:45 p.m.

Rarely are fans af forded the oppor tunity to witness the upward trajector y of a singer’s media presence going hand-in-hand with a body of work that becomes musically richer with each release. Franke Negron is an exception to the r ule. After topping the char ts as a salsa ar tist in 2008, Negron laid the framework for this first English-language release, “Independence Day” at the same time moving to the upstar t independent music label, Airgo Music.

From distribution partnerships with major retailers, to guest appearances on soap operas and other television programs, Negron’s work ethic took him to new heights of popularity. This fall, his new single “No Reply” will be distributed, and marks the crossroads in his development as a networker, performer and cross-genre success story. “No Reply” was penned by “American Idol” winner David Cook, Kara Dioguradi and John Fields. Influenced by salsa and his Puerto Rican heritage, as well as the rock and roll mainstays of his home state of New Jersey, Negron has plans to release his long-awaited salsa album this summer.t


San Diego Pride 2012



Events at the Colors of Pride Shades of Life festival booth in Balboa Park Saturday, July 21 2 – 2:50 p.m. Presenter: Dennis Slade Topic: Bisexuality Title: What’s Your biQ?

Colors of Pride Shades of Life

The Diversity Task Force was created to ensure that San Diego LGBT Pride accurately represents the full range of the rich and diverse community that we serve and represent, by engaging stakeholders in a committee made up for individuals that address our deficiencies and work on enhancing the Diversity Experience at their events.t

Representatives of the following communities are part of the Diversity Task Force: Accessibility Advocates Bisexual Community Comunidad Cultural de Tijuana LGBTI (COCUT) Depositing Empowerment through Outreach & Urban Redevelopment (DETOUR) Gender Queer Community Hard of Hearing/Deaf Community Latino Community Leather Community of San Diego Seniors – Collwood Terrace Stellar Care Straight Allies Transgender Community Urban Pride Community Women’s Community Youth


3 – 3:50 p.m. Presenter: T inesia Conwright Topic: LGBT Organizations & Events within the Urban Community T itle: Explore Options & Get Involved 4 – 4:50 p.m. Presenter: Franko Guillen with San Ysidr o Health Clinic Topic: HIV/AIDS T itle: Honestly Speaking about HIV 5 – 5:50 p.m. Presenter: Leather Panel Topic: Leather Stories Title: Leather Stories from the Heart 6 – 6:50 p.m. Presenter: Members of COCUT Topic: International/ Border Pride

7 – 7:50 p.m. Presenter: Carla War nock Topic: Myths sur r ounding working with Deaf people T itle: Making your Community Gr oup or Organization Welcoming to the Deaf Community

Sunday, July 22 11 – 11:50 a.m. Diversity Panel Community Breakfast 12 – 12:50 p.m. Presenter: Scott Duane and Tommy Star child Topic: A sex-positive discussion about dating and attraction between men Title: Trans Men for Men 1 – 1:50 p.m. P r e s e n t e r : Angela Van Ostran Topic: Gimp Pride T itle: Disability & Sexuality

3 – 3:50 p.m. P r e s e n t e r : Liat Wexler To p i c : D o s & D o n ’ t s when talking with trans people – pronouns, surger y questions and what to do when you mess up T i t l e : T rans Etiquette – Now That I Know You Ar e T rans, What Do I Do? 4 – 4:50 P r e s e n t e r : Susan O’Shaughnessy, moderator Or ganizations: Network of Senior Pr oviders T itle: Someone I know is Getting Older 5 – 5:50 p.m. Topic: A discussion about dating and attraction for lesbians and queer women T itle: T rans Women for Women


PRIDE 2001

San Diego Pride 2012



San Diego Pride 2012


PRIDE 2002

(Courtesy San Diego LGBT Pride)

San Diego Pride 2012


SPIRIT OF STONEWALL AWARDS with guests including Anderson Cooper, Mary J. Blige and Fran Drescher. Bernhard has also lent her talents to benefits for organizations including the Ali Forney Center for LGBT Homeless Youth, Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS and Live Out Loud.

Champions of Pride

Grand Marshal Sandra Bernhard Also performing on the Mainstage Saturday, July 21 8:10 p.m. Since she first stepped on stage at the Comedy Store in the 1970s, Sandra Bernhard has been challenging fans and critics with her outrageous humor, keen satire and rollicking stage shows. Bernhard, who writes and develops all of her own material, has produced numerous one-woman shows over the years, among them “Without You I’m Nothing,” “Excuses for Bad Behavior,” “Giving ‘Til It Hurts” and “Everything Bad and Beautiful.” From 1991 – 1996, Bernhard portrayed Nancy Bartlett on “Roseanne,” and has had guest starring roles on other television shows, including “The L Word” and “Will & Grace.” As part of the sixth season of Andy Cohen’s Bravo show “Watch What Happens LIVE!” Sandra presented a weekly segment on pop culture and entertainment,

Given to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the LGBT community over an extended period of years or who have made an exceptional contribution over the past year.

GAY SAN DIEGO community had been elected to public of fice in San Diego. It was the beginning of a 20-year career as a leader in California politics and as an advocate for progressive values focusing on LGBT and Women’s issues. She will retire this year at the end of her term as State Senator for the 39th District. As she retires, Sen. Kehoe leaves a lasting legacy of ser vice to California, San Diego and to her LGBT community.

In November 1992 Christine Kehoe made San Diego histor y. Her election as Councilmember representing Council District Three was the first time an open member of the LGBT

policy that was in effect for almost 18 years. As chair of the Military Personnel Subcommittee, Davis held the first hearing on the policy two and a half years ago and was the original cosponsor of legislation in the House for the repeals. She represents San Diego’s 53rd Congressional District.

Dr. Aaron Bruce

Jerry Turner

Senator Christine Kehoe


As head organizer of San Diego POZabilities, a supportive network for HIV positive men and their friends that connects more than 500 members through diverse social events in a safe, welcoming environment, Jerry Turner’s work with the organization have resulted in an atmosphere of acceptance, caring, true understanding and empowerment for those who live with HIV and AIDS. San Diego POZabilities is a lasting, credible and successful organization that fills a crucial voice for our friends and family in the HIV–affected community.

Friends of the year

Given to individuals who do not identify as LGBT but who have stalwartly supported the LGBT community over an extended period of years or the last year.

As Chief Diversity Of ficer at San Diego State University (SDSU), Aaron Br uce has proven himself to be an incredibly strong ally of the LGBT community. He is credited as being responsible for much of the progress that has been made on the campus in the last five years. Br uce worked to make sure that the LGBT community got the voice on campus that it had fought for so long, and did so without batting an eye. He is a tr ue friend of the LGBT community.

Tess Banko A USMC service-related disabled veteran, Tess Banko is attending SDSU for a master’s in sociology. While stationed overseas, Banko saw mistreatment of a Marine that was presumed to be gay. From this incident was born an incredible ally and activist. She attends veterans groups that are opposed to LGBT equality and speaks on the community’s behalf. She also helped organize one of the largest anti-Prop 8 rally and marches in the United States, when 25,000 people marched in protest in San Diego. Having Banko and her USMC family preaching love and acceptance of LGBT inside the military and veterans groups is essential to the movement.

Stonewall Service Award Congressmember Susan Davis With Congressmember Susan Davis leading the debate, the House of Representatives voted to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell”

Given to a group or organization, which may or may not identify as specifically LGBT, but which has greatly supported the community over an extended period of years or the last year.

Safe School Task Force including Bill Kowba, Dr. Delores Jacobs, Dr. Nellie Myers and Kevin Beiser Bor n in August 2010, the Safe School Advisor y Board came together of ficially in November 2010 to ensure the San Diego Unified Board of Tr ustees adopted a safe schools and anti-bullying policy that became policy. The group is co-chaired by Nellie Meyer and Delores Jacobs, with suppor t from Superintendent Bill Kowba, Tr ustees Richard Bar rera and Kevin Beiser.

see Honorees, pg 21



San Diego Pride 2012


Community Service Award

Given to individuals who are recognized as up-and-coming leaders within the community or whose contributions to the community over the past year carried significant impact.

Joe Foster and Joey Powers The Imperial Court de San Diego This year the group – the oldest LGBT social ser vice organization in San Diego – celebrates four decades of ser vice with the primar y goals: to raise money for charitable organizations, to increase awareness and educate the public about our community, to fur ther relationship with organization and business within our community and to help those in our community who are in need. The Imperial Cour t has contributed well over $1 million and has been of ficially honored by the Califor nia State Assembly and the San Diego City Council.

Lifetime Achievement Award (posthumous)

Charles McKain A pioneer of San Diego’s LGBT political community, Charles “Charlie” McKain died March 17, 2012 at the age of 65. He was an active member in many local Democratic Clubs and ser ved on the board of the San Diego Democratic Club (now known as San Diego Democrats for Equality). McKain played a significant role in progressive politics during his time on the Califor nia Democratic Par ty. He was also an avid basketball player, playing in as many as four leagues a week including SD Hoops, the LGBT league. McKain and his par tner Rober t McW illiams were together for 36 years, and became legally mar ried in June 2008. Awardees will be honored at the Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday, July 20 at 6 p.m. between Harvey Milk Street and University Avenue on Normal Street.

Linda Perine A dedicated LGBT activist, Linda Perine’s commitment has given real power to the voices of the LGBT community in Council District Three and beyond. She has worked with the HRC, the Victor y Fund and the LGBT Center’s Community Leadership Council. In 2011, Perine chaired the LGBT Redistricting Task Force during the redistricting process and sat on over 100 meetings, classes and mapping sessions and met with representatives from many redistricting groups to protect and enhance the LGBT community of interest in District Three. Her tireless dedication to this process resulted in a final map that is ver y close to what the LGBT Task Force originally drafted.

Joe Foster and Joey Powers’s unrelenting perseverance and dedication to the mission, vision and values of SD LGBT Pride make them a sought out commodity for Pride and the community at large. Their volunteer ser vice includes work with The Center’s monthly food bank, Nightmare on Nor mal Street and Family Matters Garage Sale; the Ear th Day Celebration, and the Hillcrest’s CityFest and Mardi Gras celebrations. They raise standards in ever y organization and event in which they are a par t. t




San Diego Pride 2012


38TH ANNUAL SAN DIEGO PRIDE PARADE Information Parade Information

Festival Information

July 21

Saturday, July 21 • Noon – 10 p.m.

11 a.m. – 1 p.m. The San Diego LGBT Pride parade is the largest singleday civic event in San Diego, and the fourth largest pride parade in the United States. This year, in celebration of the theme America’s Pride, the first contingent in the parade will be members from the Nations of the 4 Directions, a Native American LGBT organization.


Approximately 1.5 miles Starting at University Avenue and Normal Street, the parade travels west along University Avenue to Sixth Street, then south on Sixth Avenue to end at Upas Street in Balboa Park.

Awards Ceremony

San Diego Festival Pride Stage at approximately 3 p.m.

Shuttle Service

Parking: From the Old Naval Hospital Parking Lot at Park Boulevard and Presidents Way to the Parade route at University Avenue between Centre Street and Park Boulevard. Shuttle service runs from 7:15 a.m. – 2 p.m. Once parade starts, shuttle will also run from the Parade to the Festival in Balboa Park.

Sunday, July 22 • 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Marston Point, Balboa Park (entrance near intersection of Laurel Street and Sixth Avenue)


Visit to purchase festival tickets using a credit card. Tickets can also be purchased at the Festival gate. Additionally, tickets will also be sold at the SD LGBT Pride Of fice (3620 30th St.), Baja Betty’s (1422 University Ave.), Gossip Grill (1421 University Ave.), Hillcrest Brewing Co. (1458 University Ave.), HouseBoi (1435 University Ave.), Mankind (3425 Fifth Ave.) and Urban Mo’s Bar & Grill (308 University Ave.), as well as along the parade route by members of the San Diego Gay Men’s Chor us. Cash only.


One-day pass: $20 Weekend pass: $30 Senior (62+) pass: $10 Active duty military: $10 Student pass: $10 Youth (13-17 years old) pass: $10 Children 12 years old and younger are admitted free when accompanied by a parent or guardian. $10 discount tickets are only available at the SD

LGBT Pride Office and the Festival gate.

Parking and Shuttle Information



information and the Lost and Found, the information booth will also offer Spanish translation.

friendly and relaxed environment.

HIV Testing

Located outside the main entrance and throughout the Festival grounds.

Two locations, one sponsored by the UCSD AVRC program and the other by the San Diego County HIV, STD & Hepatitis branch will be offering free HIV testing on site.

Food Court

Lesbian Health

Von’s Farmers Market

Medical Tent

Ride a Bike

Garden Dance Party – Wine Grotto

Mo’s Playground

ASL Interpretation

Serenity Tent – Sobriety Support

Special Needs

Art of Pride provides a display venue for new, emerging and established LGBT artists.

Free parking is located at the Old Naval Hospital parking lot, at the corner of Park Boulevard and Presidents Way. Free shuttle service is provided between the parking lot, Hillcrest (University Avenue between Centre Street and Park Boulevard) and the Pride Festival (see map on page 12 – 13). On Saturday, July 21 the shuttle runs from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., with the last shuttle at 10:55 p.m. On Sunday, July 22 the shuttle runs from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the last shuttle at 8:55 p.m.


Free, guarded bike parking is available near the Festival entrance presented by Rainbow Cyclists. All performances on the Main Stage will be interpreted for the deaf community. ASL interpretation will be available upon request and availability. The Rally, Parade and Festival are welcoming and accessible for attendees with disabilities. The staff at the Information Booth in the Festival will supply services for special needs access, including a large-print edition of the schedule and wheelchair loan.

Information Booth

In addition to other general

A full food court area offering many food choices, from snacks to full meals. A fresh and healthy alternative, including a selection of fresh fruits. Adult beverages by Budweiser, Svedka and Hornitos, as well as Barefoot Wines. 21 years and older.

Several LGBT recovery organizations together to offer 12step meetings hourly throughout the Festival.

Art of Pride

Senor Cool Zone

For those 62 years and older, the area offers a cool, shady spot with plenty of seating and is sponsored by Collwood Terrace Stellar Care.

Interfaith Garden and Wedding Chapel In addition to commitment ceremonies for all faiths, there will also be healings, prayers and spiritual guidance offered.

Leather Realm

Dedicated to educating and entertaining those interested in the Leather, BDSM and Kink communities.

Queer Gender and Trans

Transnation offers health, support and referral information to the Transgender community in a

Presented by the Lesbian Health Clinic and Progressive Health Services of San Diego. Located onsite, providing basic first aid services Looking for fun? Head down to the Mo’s Playground. For those thrill seekers out there, hop on the Hurricane ride and hold on tight. If you like to get dizzy, you will love the Kamikaze or the Scrambler. Or if you want to keep it on the traditional side, grab your sweetie and take a seat on the Ferris wheel. Test your luck on the many carnival games, brought to you by Urban Mo’s.

Ralph’s Children’s Garden

Hosted by Family Matters, of The San Diego LGBT Center Open from 12 – 6 p.m. on July 21 and 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. on July 22, the free, secure family center will showcase entertainment for parents and kids from infants to preteens, including DJ Laura Jane, a toddler play area, face painting, karaoke, carnival games, prizes and arts & crafts. There will be snacks and cool drinks provided. On July 21 at 3 p.m. there will be a special ceremony to commemorate 20 years of the Pride Children’s Garden.

Teen Scene

13 – 20 year olds are welcome to spend “A Day at the Beach” in the Teen Scene area, with music, live performances, contests, henna tattoos and more.t


San Diego Pride 2012



San Diego Pride 2012


Pride Guide 2012  

San Diego Pride guide 2012

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