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November 2017


Holistic Skin Care • Sea Pearl Holistic Facials • Radio Frequency Face Lifts • Specializing in Acne Treatments • Holistic Skin Care Products Available for Purchase

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by Linda Sechrist



If it grows in San Diego, it goes in your box

Locally fresh

by Vickie Nickerson

14 BEYOND MARIA Coming Together to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico



15 OIL SPOIL How to Properly Discard Cooking Oil

ry live E D2e5 order E R F h$ wit

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Integrative CORE Healing Master Life Teacher, Healer & Shaman, Linda White combines advanced energy healing with the Emotional Wisdom that heals the core conditioning that is the root causes of fatigue, stuffing emotions, self judgment, anxiety, depression, over-reactions and other ingrained emotional and chronic health issues. Tired of struggling to heal feelings & health issues? Call for a FREE 15 minute consultation. Linda White 619-582-5505 See Calendar for Two Special Upcoming Events natural awakenings

November 2017



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s I write this, I’m still reveling in the memories of this past weekend’s Baja Birthday Bash surf trip to Mexico with my gal pals. While it’s not quite yet my birthday, we all decided there’s no better time to celebrate our friendship than the present. This group of women and I have been through thick and thin together and I couldn’t imagine my life without them. We all feel fortunate for the opportunity to help one another navigate the twists and turns that make up the stories of our lives. As we enter this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, my thoughts are also with two fellow publishers in the Natural Awakenings family. Their demonstration of gratitude as they recover from great loss inspired me to share their story with you, through our Gulf Coast publisher Meredith Montgomery. Her letter follows: As I worked on this month’s issue, I listened to an interview with Tom Petty where he recalled the time an arsonist set his home on fire while he was in it. The only material possessions remaining after the fire were the clothes on his back, yet the horrific experience had a positive influence on his life. “I’m sure it had a great effect on the music I did, because I came back with this very positive, happy kind of music, that I didn’t want to go into any dark corner or anything like that,” he said. “I was just so glad to be alive and to have escaped something like that.” I still had the late singer’s optimism on my mind when I was alerted a day later that the publisher of Natural Awakenings Long Island, Kelly Martinsen, woke up in the middle of the night to an electrical fire burning her house to the ground. She posted on Facebook, “We had a fire and I know that there is word out there that we ‘lost everything’. I want to assure everyone that this is not the case. While our house may be totaled, ‘everything’ I need was found the morning after the fire as I held my kids (all three!) and my husband in my driveway…for now we have no needs.” She then went on to thank Waleska Sallaberry who was staying with her and who woke Kelly in time to get everyone out of the house. Waleska publishes Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico and relocated to New York with her children after Hurricane Maria so she could enroll them in school. Her husband is still in Puerto Rico and together they are doing everything they can to help rebuild their beautiful surfing village. After having her life turned upside down and then witnessing fire demolish Kelly’s home, Waleska posted a picture of her new 2018 planner which reads “Best Year Ever” in beautiful script on the cover. As headlines are flooded with reports of hurricanes, fires, shootings and the untimely passing of familiar faces, these positive stories shine a bright light on the power of perspective. What if we all lived with such unattachment to material things, and maintained a peaceful sense of trust in what lies ahead? Thanksgiving arrives this month as a reminder to feel gratitude for all that we have—especially those things that can’t be bought or burned down. Whether it’s a beautiful sunset, a compliment from a stranger or the embrace of a loved one, those are the things that can make us feel the richest. With gratitude,

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newsbriefs Organic Dinner and Cocktails


fter two years of serving an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, that is 100 percent non-GMO and 98 percent organic, GOODONYA, in Encinitas, is excited to announce their new dinner and drinks menu. Kris Buchanan, owner of GOODONYA, shares, “We know our community cares about ingredients and where our food comes from. People wanted us to open for dinner but honestly, we were reluctant—I mean we go to bed at 9 p.m. But seriously, it wasn’t a decision we took lightly. We had to create the menu around what we could find that was organic. It’s a little bit Italian, a little Mexican and very California.” Of course, says Buchanan, being open for dinner brought up the subject of alcohol. “We didn’t want to be a bar, but we did want to be able to offer the healthiest cocktails possible. Finding organic alcohol is very limited, so we set out to be, at the minimum, 100 percent non-GMO.” GOODONYA offers an amazing selection of drinks, including dry-farmed, organic and biodynamic wine, some that have virtually zero sugar, glutenreduced local beers, as well as herbal cocktails. “There are foodies out there, who when they choose to drink, have to forget about their standards,” explains Buchanan. “We like to say ‘drink like you eat.’” Open since 2001, GOODONYA’s only current location is in Encinitas. Buchanan previously had five other locations but has sold or closed them over the years. “This menu didn’t work in other parts of the county and I am not willing to sell anything anymore that I don’t stand behind 100 percent,” she affirms. Location: 1051 S. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas. For more information, call 858-2648550 or visit Open from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Mention Natural Awakenings and receive $5 off any dinner entrée. Valid any day of the week.

Winner of New Zealand Food Awards

and Garden Medley, in addition to the winning crisps mentioned above. All Proper Crisps are gluten-free, dairy-free and trans-fat free, and made by hand in sunny Nelson, New Zealand, using only the finest South Island potatoes with nothing more than pure cholesterol-free sunflower oil and Marlborough Sea Salt. “We think Proper Crisps really are Sunshine in a bag,” says Smith, who also shares that Proper Crisps will soon be introducing a new product—Proper Crunch Corn. “It’s not a popcorn; it’s not a corn chip. It’s going to be a game-changer,” he says, and adds that a new potato chip line is on its way as well. Proper Crisps are available at select retailers in Southern California including Seaside Market in Cardiff, Harvest Ranch Market in Rancho Santa Fe, Vigilucci’s Gourmet Market in Carlsbad, and Herb and Wood in San Diego. For more information, visit

Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation


ed Smith, founder and head potato of Proper Crisps, is excited to announce that one of the company’s star products—Kumara Chipotle and Garlic Crisps—was awarded the winner of the Dry Food Award at the New Zealand Food Awards. “They’re KUMARA made here in the South Island using a variety of kuCHIPOTLE & GARLIC mara grown for us by the team at Kaipara Kumara,” explains an enthusiastic Smith. “For those that don’t know, kumara is New Zealand’s Sweet Potato, originally planted by the Moari.” Smith is proud of the entire Proper Crisps team for this achievement. “We feel so engaged with our partners and strategic stakeholders; we all just do it together. Whether it’s our farmers that work hard to give us the product or our team in the factory—everybody works together in such a great way,” he says. Since Proper Crisps’ launch a decade ago, the company’s product line has expanded to include many flavors including Marlborough Sea Salt, Rosemary and Thyme, Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Kumara Crisps, Parsnip Crisps, H







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natural awakenings

November 2017


businessspotlight This Local Company Brings the Farmers' Market to Your Door


hat’s better than a local, organic family farm? How about a family-owned business that helps local, organic family farms perform better by curating and customizing CSA packages for homes, businesses and schools throughout the County of San Diego. “If you’ve ever been part of a farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you might have noticed that the variety of produce you receive can be a little lacking,” says Janis Garcia, co-founder and general manager of Daily Harvest Express. “For instance, as much as people love kale, getting two pounds of kale every week for a month or more can be a bit overwhelming.” That’s where Daily Harvest Express comes in. “We work with a wide range of organic farmers throughout San Diego who, collectively, offer a stunning diversity of fresh foods and hand-crafted artisanal goods throughout the year,” explains Janis. “Fresh fruit, veggies, bread, spices, pastured eggs, dairy products and more.” While one farm might only specialize in a small handful of crops, the entirety of the farms that Daily Harvest Express partners with in the region allows CSA customers to get a wide diversity of food products in their weekly packages—and they can even customize their packages to their exact specifications. “Think of it as the difference between being able to listen to only one album over and over again versus being able to listen to a curated list of the best music

Lic.#CHT 298-168

Desire lasting positive changes in your life? Hypnotherapy can help!

Here are a few areas I’ve been able to help people in: Grief, Anxiety, Pastlife Regression, Panic Attackes, and Weight Loss. Lynn Hulsman - Clinical Hypnotherapist 760.580.8919

“We exist to love and value people by leading a Movement of change in industries, corporate cultures and communities.” NEW HOME - REMODEL - REFINANCE VACATION HOME - INVESTMENT PROPERTY EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT - REVERSE MORTGAGE 12770 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200 Del Mar, CA 92130


San Diego Edition

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available. And you can also pick and choose your favorite songs whenever you want,” affirms Janis. Another improvement from traditional CSAs? Daily Harvest Express has “mobile farm stands", which are custom-upfitted box trucks that bring the farmers' market directly to you. These farmer’s markets on wheels serve both corporate clients and public events, helping make fresh, local food even more accessible to everyone. The cofounders of Daily Harvest Express, Janis and “Papa Rafael” Garcia, didn’t expect to start a new business a decade ago. In fact, they were happily retired newlyweds. Janis’ background was in sales and marketing in the healthcare industry and Rafael had recently retired after finishing his career as an executive at a Fortune 500 company. “He started his career working in farm labor at the age of 14 after emigrating from Mexico,” shares Janis. However, the couple saw a problem and an opportunity they couldn’t ignore. With the help of Rafael’s daughter Ivonne and a handful of other employees, they’ve steadily grown the business year after year, adding new farmers, product offerings, delivery options and customers. What do they consider the key to their success? A big marketing budget? Not quite. The company has grown purely through word of mouth from satisfied customers and corporate wellness officers who finally have easy access to fresh, organic food and area farmers who have another source of stable income. The Garcias intend to continue focusing locally for the foreseeable future, providing healthier food for as many San Diego residents as possible. “Our top priority is San Diego. That’s where our hearts are. Maybe we’ll also inspire other similar businesses to start elsewhere in the state or country,” adds Janis. If you’d like to taste the best that San Diego’s organic farmers have to offer while also supporting a local, homegrown business, consider signing up for a Daily Harvest Express box at

PUBLISHER'S PICK Vibrant Home Organization


edra Robins is the Founder and CEO of Vibrant Home Organization, offering over a decade of professional office and home organization services. Her motto? To help you experience a more joyful, healthful and purposeful life by clearing the space in which you live and work. She is amazing at fulfilling her company’s creed. After a recent huge transition in my life, I hired Nedra to help me organize my new living and work space. Transition is difficult enough, so I felt compelled to make it as smooth as possible. Having her there to assist me through it all was one of my best investments to date. While on the surface it may appear as though we are just clearing and organizing a physical environment, Nedra shares that clearing the clutter and creating a sacred space works wonders on the emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric planes. Her guidance helped to significantly reduce my stress levels and I was able to focus on my work in lieu of worrying about all the stuff that surrounded me. Nedra, also a healer by trade, can get the job done with or without you there—it’s up to you and your comfort levels. Either way she is a pleasure to be around. Her dual modality makes it one sweet package.

We Focus on What’s Best for Your Business and the Environment Our team of experts can become your outsourced IT department; responding to issues quickly, often before you even know about them. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

For more info about our services visit our website at Pulse.Tech

For more information, call 801-598-2497 or visit

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20 Wind

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November 2017


Preventing, Reversing and Managing Diabetes

Naturally by Linda Sechrist


ore health practitioners today are recognizing both the mind-body connection, as well as energetic and metaphysical insights into preventing and reversing illnesses. As a result, those facing diabetes and other health challenges are accessing contemporary resources such as Louise L. Hay’s explanation of the emotional roots of disease in You Can Heal Your Life, and the medical science and natural methods explained by health researcher and author Gary Null, Ph.D., in No More Diabetes: A Complete Guide to Preventing, Treating, and Overcoming Diabetes. Applying a “both” rather than an “either” approach illuminates the importance of recognizing the ways our thoughts, emotions and lifestyle choices can impact chronic illness and long-term health.

Two Perspectives


Hay suggests that this metabolic disorder may be rooted in a feeling of being deprived of life’s sweetness and longing for what might have been, accompanied by a great need to control deep sorrow. Such chronic unease can show up as Type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes; Type 2, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes; latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA), a slowly progressing variation of Type 1; or gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy. Eavesdropping on our repetitive inner mind chatter and observing its impact on outer experiences can reveal faulty thinking that disrupts the mind-body connection. Hay, a firm believer in the power of affirmations to send a message to the subconscious mind, recommends them to aid healing. For diabetes, she suggests, “This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.” Null cites medical evidence that explains how the physical causes of diabetes are related to the pancreatic production of the hormone insulin and the body’s use of it,


San Diego Edition

together with rollercoaster blood sugar levels determined by food selections, stress, sleeplessness, insufficient rest and lack of exercise. His approach for preventing, reversing or managing this debilitating condition is to raise awareness of the physical, behavioral and mental causes that lead to its emergence, and making healthy lifestyle choices that regulate blood sugar levels.

Naturally Control Blood Sugar

Soulfully Free

Live with Power, Purpose, and Passion!


Mind, Body, Soul Care Swedish / Deep Tissue / Sports Fitness and Nutrition Flexibility / Breathing / Focus Call Me Today: 925.989.2359 Encinitas, CA - Gift Certificates Available for the Holidays

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Glucose, the human body’s key source of cellular energy, is the end product of the digestive system breaking down carbohydrates, proteins and fats for absorption in the intestines. From there, it passes into the bloodstream. Glucose also supplies energy for the brain. Normal blood glucose levels vary throughout the day. For healthy individuals, a fasting blood sugar level upon awakening is less than 100 milligrams (mg) per deciliter (dl) of blood. Before meals, normal levels are 70 to 99 mg/dl; otherwise, 100 to 125. Consistent readings above 126 indicate that lifestyle changes are needed to avoid eventual progression into full Type 2 diabetes. When there’s an inability to efficiently transport glucose from the blood into cells, cells don’t receive the energy they need to function properly. “Elevated glucose levels contribute to blood vessel damage, high blood pressure and inflammation among other issues. High glucose causes insulin levels to spike in an effort to draw the glucose into cells. This stresses the pancreas and causes a sugar crash, called hypoglycemia, which can lead individuals to make impulsive, poor food choices,” advises Marcy Kirshenbaum, a board-certified clinical nutritionist and owner of Enhance Nutrition, in Northbrook, Illinois. She notes, “Elevated sugar and insulin levels raise triglycerides, a fat that circulates in the blood, and cholesterol, specifically the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) levels. Triglycerides and cholesterol are important measures of heart health. Triglyceride levels of 150 mg/dl in fasting blood is a risk factor for a stroke or heart attack.” natural awakenings

November 2017


Early Heads-Up

According to the American Diabetes Association, 8.1 million of the 29.1 million individuals diagnosed with diabetes were previously unaware of any early symptoms such as dry mouth, excessive thirst, frequent urination, constant hunger (even after meals), unusual weight gain or loss and lack of energy. “Many individuals only learn of their condition from a doctorordered routine blood test such as the A1C glycated hemoglobin procedure, which reads blood sugar levels over a three-month period,” advises Dr. Nancy Iankowitz, a board-certified family nurse practitioner and founding director of Holistic and Integrative Healing, in Holmes, New York. Individuals that consume large amounts of simple carbohydrates and sugars, are overweight or are exceedingly sedentary and eat unhealthy processed foods, have a higher risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. Iankowitz’s effective, patientcentered practice follows a practical, four-month healing plan that includes tracking foods, moods, blood pressure, sleeping habits and exercise, all necessary to manage or reverse Type 2 diabetes.

Effective Diet Choices

Making the highest-impact food choices is critical in the earliest stages of diabetes. That’s why nutritionist and holistic integrative health practitioner Saskia Kleinert, an independent practitioner who also serves as director of the Emeryville Health & Wellness Center, in California, helps patients integrate dietary changes into everyday life. “Patient education includes the necessity of eating low-glycemic index foods and reducing blood glucose levels, while increasing healthy fats with nuts, avocado and olive oil,” advises Kleinert. She notes that antioxidant-rich plant foods are another key component of an effective dietary plan for all age groups. The role of exercise is also vital for those needing to reverse pre-diabetes or managing diabetes aided by 12

San Diego Edition

insulin injections. “Exercise increases the muscle cell’s demand for glucose, moving it out of the blood into muscle cells that use it as fuel, and so lowering insulin levels,” explains Jamie Coughlan, a naturopathic doctor who practices in Pleasanton and Pleasant Hill, California. Dr. Angelo Baccellieri, owner of Westchester Wellness Medicine, in Harrison, New York, introduces patients to intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that helps treat insulin resistance and control blood sugar. “The concept is predicated on going 14 to 16 hours without food, replicating how our primitive ancestors ate. They feasted when food was available and fasted during famines, sometimes going several days without eating,” advises Baccellieri, who notes that intermittent fasting can be done one day a week. “Our biochemistry actually does very well with this approach, which isn’t hard to do when your last meal is at 7 p.m. and you skip breakfast and delay lunch the next day until 1 p.m. You can drink water with lemon, teas and black coffee throughout. By 1 p.m., the body has been 18 hours without protein and carbohydrates, allowing insulin levels to remain at a low level. Excess insulin from too much sugar shifts the body into a storage mode. Having no sugar stores available, the body can then switch into a ketogenic state that allows the body to burn fat for fuel,” explains Baccellieri. Herbs such as turmeric reduce inflammation. Berberine can help cells use glucose efficiently. Supplements such as vitamin C, B-complex, resveratrol and pycnogenol (pine bark extract) can raise antioxidant levels, in which most pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals are deficient, according to a study published in PubMed. Cautious health professionals tailor supplement recommendations to each patient.

Helpful Weight Loss

In The Diabetes Breakthrough, based on a scientifically tested way to reverse diabetes through weight loss, Dr. Osama Hamdy and Sheri R. Colberg, Ph.D., explain a home-based version of the 12-week Why WAIT (Weight

Achievement and Intensive Treatment) program offered at the Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, in Boston. WAIT allows participants to reach their weight and blood glucose goals, along with improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and liver and kidney function. The program’s success is due to doable increases in exercising that put greater emphasis on strengthening muscles; effective ways to change bad habits; successful portion control; healthy alternatives to favorite foods; carbohydrate counting; and meals composed of the right balance of complex carbohydrates and antioxidant-rich plant foods, protein and fat, all to achieve optimum body weight and diabetes control.

No Quick Fix

Restoration of health begins with the most important lifestyle changes. n Replace processed and sugary foods in meals and snacks with nutrient dense, whole foods. n Determine possible food sensitivities with an elimination diet. n Eat some protein with every meal. n Eliminate environmental toxins. n Perform some form of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training at least three to five times a week. n Add stress-relieving practices such as yoga, tai chi or qigong. According to Hamdy, “On average, diabetes has the potential to rob you of more than 12 years of life, while dramatically reducing the quality of life for more than 20 years through chronic pain, loss of mobility, blindness, chronic dialysis and heart disease.” Such serious consequences also include stroke, hearing impairment and Alzheimer’s, he adds. All provide good reasons to live responsibly every day, cherishing longterm goals of laying claim to the best possible health. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at

Therapeutic Lifestyle Coaching for Diabetes by Vickie Nickerson


ccording to the American Diabetes Association, 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Once a doctor diagnoses someone with diabetes, prescription medications are often recommended and a treatment plan is prescribed. However, there remains a gap between prescription medication and implementation of the treatment program. That’s where therapeutic lifestyle coaching comes into play. Lifestyle coaching fills an important gap in our healthcare system for patients diagnosed with diabetes by helping them to improve their overall health. A study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that a “diabetes health coaching program can improve glycemic control and reduce diabetes distress in patients with high levels of these at baseline.” A personalized health coach helps those with diabetes navigate their way to glycemic control for better health and happiness. A health coach guides clients through sustainable health and lifestyle changes while providing support, encouragement and motivation to adopt these changes for a lifetime. By enrolling in a therapeutic lifestyle program, patients will engage in self-management decisions to improve their overall health outcome. This learned self-management can serve to improve quality of life, maintain a healthier body weight, and lessen diabetes stress in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Navigating a diabetes diagnosis can be daunting, but with the help of a health coach, diabetes patients don’t have to do it alone. Vickie Nickerson is the owner of Envision Personalized Health located at 4620 Alvarado Canyon Rd., Ste. 14, in San Diego. Envision Personalized Health’s TLC4U program is tailored toward self-management of obesity, metabolic syndrome, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. For more information, call 619-229-9695 or visit

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natural awakenings

November 2017


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Paul S. Wolf/

Humpback Holler Why Whales Leap High

Humpback whales are famous for their prodigious leaps from the water. A recent paper published in Marine Mammal Science proposes that breaching the surface and making a big splash serves as an acoustic telegram to communicate with far-off pods. The phenomenon may be compared to a distant drumbeat, which probably carries farther than the whales’ signature songs. Former University of Queensland marine biologist Ailbhe S. Kavanagh, Ph.D., and her colleagues observed 76 humpback groups off the coast of Australia for 200 hours between 2010 and 2011 and found that breaching is much more common when pods are at least 2.5 miles apart, with more local slapping of fins and flukes when fellow whales are nearby.

Get Outside

Black Friday Alternative oliveromg/

This year, all REI outdoor outfitter stores will close on Black Friday and join hundreds of national and local organizations and like-minded brands to ask, “Will You Go Out with Us?” For the third year, the REI #OptOutside initiative will mobilize Americans to firmly establish a new tradition of choosing trails over sales on Black Friday, including camping under the stars instead of camping out at malls. For helpful ideas, visit

Healthy Skin at any age!

Holistic SKIN CLINIC Appts (Men, Women, Children, & Pets) FREE Monthly Skin Screenings In Your Local Area Call or Text 760-487-8482 For Details

Lotus Rain Naturopathic Clinic


San Diego Edition

fundraiser spotlight Beyond Maria Coming Together to Help Rebuild Puerto Rico


uis Mendez and Waleska Sallaberry, the publishers of Natural Awakenings Puerto Rico (PR) edition for the past 15 years, have a simple request: “Please help us rebuild.” Mendez and Sallaberry are remarkable community leaders, having not only launched what is now PR’s number one health and wellness publication, but also having originated and managed the most important annual health and wellness expo in PR and the Caribbean, created a natural health network of discounted services with more than 1,000 providers and 250,000 members, and founded an alternative eco-school to serve PR’s western coast. Natural Awakenings publishers have created a GoFundMe account to support their efforts to rebuild PR’s holistic health and wellness community at a time when healing services are desperately needed. Mendez and Sallaberry will be trustees of this fund and will disseminate the proceeds to the people and organizations in PR at their discretion. Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation CEO Sharon Bruckman says, “Through this campaign, we are offering a way to directly affect the natural health community in Puerto Rico, allowing for continued sustenance in the months to come.” For more information and to make a donation, visit NaturalAwakeningsPRfundraiser.



Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Oil Spoil How to Properly Discard Cooking Oil Africa Studio/

Holiday meal traditions that kick off with a Thanksgiving turkey and continue through festive meals for New Year’s can produce lots of cooking oil and grease waste. Following proper disposal procedures protects both the environment and home plumbing. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that vegetable oils and animal fats share common physical properties and create similar environmental effects as petroleum spills, including coating and suffocating animals and plants; polluting food supplies and habitats; fouling shorelines; and clogging water treatment plants. Cooking oil and kitchen grease is the number one cause of stopped-up sewer pipes, according to Earth 911. Grease sticks to the lining of plumbing pipes in small particles, which catch onto each other and accumulate until the growing mass can block and backup sewage lines, leading to a nasty mess and sometimes costly repairs. This potential problem can be avoided simply and easily. n For small amounts of kitchen grease such as lard, shortening or tallow that inevitably go down the drain, flush with cold water so that it solidifies, making it less likely to stick to pipes. n Freeze small amounts of used cooking fats, oils and grease in a container like a used coffee can with a tight-sealing lid, then place it in the trash. n Larger and unfrozen quantities of used cooking oil may be taken to an area recycling center for proper disposal year-round. No special container is required and the liquid is emptied from the consumer’s container onsite. Don’t combine the contents with anything else, so it can be repurposed by vendors that collect it from the centers.

29th Annual Pacific Symposium


acific College of Oriental Medicine’s 29th annual Pacific Symposium is being held October 31 to November 7 at the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in San Diego. The event, which features 23 speakers, is an opportunity to meet a community of healers while learning from innovators in the field. Pacific Symposium draws acupuncturists, massage practitioners, chiropractors, nurses, medical doctors and traditional Chinese medicine students. Attendees will have a chance to earn CEUs and PDAs while listening to this year’s speakers present current research, unique methodologies, and explore new techniques to integrate into daily life. The symposium will also showcase more than 70 exhibitors eager to present new products that can help revolutionize one’s healing practice. The exhibitor hall will be open to the public November 3 to 5. Now in its 29th year, Pacific Symposium has served as an interactive environment for brilliant minds of the East Asian medical profession to come together and study. A renowned conference with worldwide recognition, this annual event unites acupuncturists, massage therapists, nurses, medical doctors, students and professors by opening the gates to the exchange of industry information.

Mention promo code "magazine" and get $10 off your first float! (858) 925-6069

991 Lomas Santa Fe, Suite D Solana Beach, CA 92075 Email: Website:

With the new day

comes new strength and new thoughts. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Location: Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, 3999 Mission Blvd., San Diego. Course information and “Conference Schedule at a Glance” can be found at PacificSymposium. org/courses. For more information, contact 619-574-6909, ext 121 or natural awakenings

November 2017



CRYPTOCURRENCY See what the cryptocurrency craze is all about! You’re invited to learn more about Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies. Find out how you can get involved with one of the world’s 10 largest mining pools. This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to earn bitcoin daily! Informal meetings held every Monday at 6pm in Solana Beach. If you wish to join us: e-mail call or text 858-381-0327, to RSVP. Please leave your name, number of people attending, phone number, and e-mail address. Let us know if you prefer to receive an e-mail or text with the confirmation and address of our next meeting.

Projected Growth

$10,000 2018

($685 to $6,006) 876% 12 Month Growth

Bitcoin Is Just Beginning The Time to Learn is NOW! Bitcoin Is Now Mainstream & Federally Regulated For Options Trading! Learn the WHOLE story at Vinz Wine Bar & Café Wednesday Nights, 6 pm, 201 E Grand Ave, Escondido

For More Details visit: Can’t Make It Wednesdays? Call / Email Jim at 760-670-3244 or For Events in Other Areas, Days, and Times. 16

San Diego Edition





made simple

Go Beyond the Dispensary For those new to using cannabis medicinally or even those with experience who want to learn more about the science and therapies available, One Minute Cannabist is pleased to offer private consultations with a Certified Cannabis Specialist, Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Nurse. Whether you need a basic cannabis education and product selection guidance or a higher level of clinical support from a naturopathic physician or registered nurse, we have options to fit your therapeutic needs and your budget. Move past the stigma. Schedule a private consultation today at

proudly bringing professional and dignified cannabis education to North County


The One Minute

Cannabist Education Center natural awakenings

November 2017



Quality Cannabis and CBD Products Delivered to Your Door

Go Fund Me Launched for Cannabis App


Focused on age-related cognitive issues. •   Stress Relief •   Anxiety     •   Pain     •   PTSD     •   Insomnia     • and more...   

Call for Delivery 760.846.0122

Silence is a source of great strength. ~Lao Tzu

No Psychoactive Effects No Medical Card Required Must be 21+ CBD + THC or CBD Only Options Available Effective for: Pain & De-Stressing Best of All: We Come to You / 800.257.3351

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\TravelingHandsMassageSD 800.277.9722


Go Fund Me campaign has been launched for MyCannaWorks, a cloud-hosted, web-based, mobile app designed to collect data on individual patient cannabis use, provide feedback to patients on quality of life parameters and establish a network between patients, doctors and providers. The app, which will serve as a portal to connect patients, medical practitioners and caregivers, will enable timely communication and feedback on medical cannabis and optimization of products and dosage in specific medical conditions. “One of the greatest barriers to the use of medical cannabis is the lack of rigorous clinical studies to define treatment parameters for cannabinoids in different medical conditions,” says MyCannaWorks app creator Bert Telles, president of Allegiance Wellness Center, who has been working with medical cannabis patients for over six years. “Our goal is to compile data directly from medical cannabis patients on their usage and outcomes related to their medical condition. While this format is not as rigorous as a clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health, it will capture valuable and vetted information on the use of MC in different diseases and the information collected will be analyzed to provide an evidence-based framework for the use of MC in medicine.” The information collected from MyCannaWorks will be compiled to share with patients, practitioners, caretakers, support groups and the general public. For more information, visit GoFundMe. com/mycannaworks-app or call Bert Telles at 858-414-4271.


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BETTER SLEEP The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet can be a natural solution for a truly restful night’s sleep. Its Natural Frequency Technology® promotes overall wellbeing. Wearers have experienced:

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed Recommended by

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Herbal and Energy Medicine are harnessed to give you relief from aches and pains. Sound Touch CBD Pain Relief 528 Hz sound infusion Certified to contain 100 mg Organic Hemp CBD Contains synergistic herbs to address Muscle, Joint & Nerve Pain Soothing, Healing, and Comforting Aroma Therapy Call Today for a FREE Consultation

marcsoundtouch If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 30 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.

natural awakenings


November 2017





All Natural Products & Services: Meditation Tools, Hemp CBD, Herbs / Supplements, Body / Beauty Supplies, & More 6878 Embarcadero Lane, Carlsbad (Near Poinsettia/Carlsbad Coaster Station) - - (619) 889-7784

Phone: 858-877-5168 Email:

M - F 9:00am to 5:00pm. Sa 10:00am to 12:00pm. Closed Sunday

Safe Effective Relief The Perfect Option for Achieving an Effective Dose!

Please visit:

800.277.9722 CONNECT · TRADE · SAVE



San Diego Edition

“$ave Time & Energy!

Please call in advance to ensure that the event you’re interested in is still available

ALL MONTH LONG Back to Nature – Forget your worries, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with your wild roots. Join us for Back to Nature, an interactive exhibit featuring new animals such as parrots, mice, iguanas, falcons, frogs and more. Be among the first to walk through our new Native Pollinator Garden, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and bees while learning about the role of native pollinators in our everyday lives. Living Coast Discovery Center, 1000 Gunpowder Point Dr, Chula Vista, 91910. 619-409-5900. Balboa Park Tour – This approximately 3-hour tour is filled with larger-than-life stories, interesting legends, and fun facts. Fantastic tour guides will regale you with historic tales of San Diego’s past as you traverse the city on your way to Balboa Park. Weekdays only. $109. San Diego Segway Tours by Wheel Fun Rentals,1355 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, 92101. 805-650-7770. SDSegwayTours@ Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventures – 8:30am-1pm. Blue Whale Watching Adventures depart conveniently from downtown San Diego, Friday to Monday. This is a great opportunity in San Diego to get an up-close and personal whale watching experience. Perfect for families, kids and out-oftown visitors and locals alike. $55 adults. Sat/Sun, $65 adults. Hornblower Cruises & Events, 970 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, 92101. 619-686-8715. SD@

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 22nd Annual Día de los Muertos Festival – 6-9pm. Each year, guests are invited to create altars

calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 10th of each month and adhere to our guidelines. Visit and click on “advertise” for guidelines and to submit Calendar events. Pet/animal events highlighted in blue.

to remember and honor their loved ones in a special area outside of the Center’s museum. Festival also features live music, traditional Mexican fare, sugar skull decorating and more. For the children, we will have face painting, arts & crafts and more. Food and handmade goods will be available for purchase. This year’s festival includes a live performance in the Concert Hall by Selena Tribute Band Como la Flor. Free. California Center for the Arts, 340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, 92025. 800-988-4253.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2 California’s American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival – Nov 2-4. The festival will highlight current films from American Indian filmmakers, producers, directors and actors. The California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at California State University San Marcos is proud to present the 2017 San Diego American Indian Film Festival. CSU San Marcos & Pechanga Resort & Casino, 333 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, 92096.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4 Awaken the Poet Within – 11am-1pm. Weekly writing practice group using prompts and timed writing sessions led by Dr. Marit Anderson at the Encinitas Library. Poetry is practical magic, and we’re all magicians. Free. Encinitas Branch Library, 540 Cornish Dr, Encinitas, 92024.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5 Celebration Run San Diego Half Marathon & 10K – 7am-noon. Maybe it’s a new job, good

health or family and friends. Celebration Run is a premier Half Marathon & 10K that empowers each participant on his or her journey. $20-$120. Bonita Cove in Mission Bay, 1100 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, 92109. Race for the Cure: Pups for the Cure – 8-11am. You and your pup are invited to support the efforts of the Susan B. Koman Race for the Cure. The Pups for the Cure event will feature many doggie activities. Make sure to stop by our booth. Balboa Park, 324 Horton Plaza, San Diego, 92101. 2017 Carlsbad Fall Village Faire – 8am-4pm. Take in the beauty of the seaside city while browsing through unique booths, indulging in eats and enjoying family entertainment. More than 100,000 people will participate when the largest one-day street faire in the nation returns. Free. Carlsbad Village, Grand Ave between Carlsbad Blvd and Jefferson St, Carlsbad, 92008. Fallback Festival Presented by G.Q.H.F. – 11am4pm. Your kiddos will go plum crazy as you take a step back in time at the 16th annual Fall Back Festival, a Children’s Historical Street Faire. Perfect event for children and families. Kids will experience a cross-section of what life was like before the age of television, computers and cell phones. Pan for gold, saddle up on pony rides, pig races. Live entertainment, crafts and more. Free to attend. Attractions and food cost a nominal fee. Gaslamp Museum at the Davis-Horton House, 410 Island Ave, San Diego, 92101. 619-233-4692.


GREEN CIRCLE SALON We are now part of a recycling program that diverts salon waste, including foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, chemicals – even the hair we sweep from the floor – out of our landfills and water systems. Book your next appointment with us and learn more at 109 south acacia ave. solana beach, ca 92075 • 858.792.5959 • natural awakenings

November 2017


MONDAY, NOVEMBER 6 Remote Viewing Workshop with Kathleen Albear – 7-9pm. Kathleen has trained with David Moorehouse, CIA operative & author of his book, Psychic Warrior, along with Deepak Chopra in his remote viewing techniques. For over 20 years Kathleen has been doing readings and healings. Please wear comfortable clothes. We will be on the carpet for some exercises. $40 or $35 if paid 2 days prior. Intuitive Insights, 4455 Moreno Blvd, #108, San Diego, 92117. Call Vessa at 858-509-7582.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 Soul Shift in Sedona – Nov 7-9. With Heather Faun Basl and Johanna David. Get ready to fly. Remove what blocks you and holds you back. Become magnificent and great. Realize your true potential, a lighter bright you. Includes 3 vortex sites, a group sound healing session, meditation and yoga. Register: 630-210-8688 or

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 Lunch Meet Up: Diners & Dogs 2 – 11:30am1:30pm. The Island at Carlsbad welcomes VIP guests (Very Important Pets) for a lunchtime meet and greet. En joy hanging out with some dogs looking for a loving home and stop by one of these retailers to donate. The Island at Carlsbad, 58065814 Van Allen Way, Carlsbad, 92008. Healing Circle – 7-9pm. Join us for another gracefilled evening, and receive the sacred gift of healing. The evening space will include gentle healing sounds and practices shared by energy workers of all modalities and traditions. We consciously

invite those that need compassionate, non-physical, energy healing; please join us. After a brief introduction and setting a community intention, the healing energy work will take place in a quiet, safe community setting. For our friends active in energy work, do consider bringing your own table. Requested donation $10-20. CIHS (California Institute for Human Science), 701 Garden View Ct, Encinitas, 92024. JiHyang Padma. index.php/community-events.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9 Coronado Island Film Festival – Nov. 9-12. The festival (CIFF) cordially invites makers and lovers of film everywhere to join us in this unique historic seaside village. Come celebrate an enduring love affair with Hollywood that began when the historic Hotel del Coronado had barely opened its doors. That romance continues uninterrupted to this day. $10-$595. 820 Orange Ave, Coronado, 92118. Sip n Sail: Angel House Fundraiser – 6-8pm. A 2-hour sail onboard the Aolani Catamaran to raise money to build a new orphanage in India from scratch, with the help of Angel House. Includes food and cocktails. $95 per person. All proceeds benefit Angel House. Aolani Catamaran Sailing, 1380 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, 92101.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 Home for the Holidays Searsucker Brunch – 10am-2pm. A Sunday Brunch like you have never seen before. Enjoy tasty brunch eats and lovable adoptable puppies. Searsucker Del Mar, 12995 El Camino Real, #21, San Diego, 92130. Facebook. com/Seardelmar.

Massage Education Info Session – 11am-noon. Enter a career that will fulfill others as well as yourself. Learn more about massage therapy, and mingle with like-minded individuals to find out if a career in holistic medicine is right for you. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 7445 Mission Valley Rd, San Diego, 92108. San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade – 11am-1:30pm. See over 4,000 veterans, active military, bands, floats and civic groups celebrate Veterans Day with the San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade. A Tribute to Heros At Home. Recognizing contributions by veterans to their communities and country. Join in delivering a greatly deserved tribute to all U.S. Veterans who served during the war years 1941 to 1945. We invite all San Diego region to participate in this tradition and welcome all sponsors, donations and volunteers. San Diego Embarcadero, Harbor Dr and West Broadway, San Diego, 92101. 619-239-2300. Acupuncture Education Info Session – 12:301:30pm. Enter a career that will fulfill others as well as yourself. Learn more about Oriental medicine and mingle with like-minded individuals to find out if a career in holistic medicine is right for you. Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, 7445 Mission Valley Rd, San Diego, 92108.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 Awareness of Human Trafficking in Hospitality – 11:30am-1:30pm. Join the San Diego Chapter of Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International in partnership with the San Diego Hotel Motel Association to address this very serious problem in our community. We encourage

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San Diego Edition

front of the house staff and managers to attend. $50 per person or $350 for table of 8. The Westin San Diego, 400 W Broadway, San Diego, 92101.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16 Pet-Assisted Therapy at Museum of Man – 1-2pm. Guests will learn about the unique characteristics of small pets and how to properly and safely pet and care for them. The Pet-Assisted Therapy program typically brings the joy of animal companionship to primarily people in care facilities throughout San Diego. Museum of Man - Balboa Park, 1350 El Prado, San Diego, 92101.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19 Encinitas Fall Festival – 9am-4pm. With 450+ booths to visit, plus dozens of unique downtown Encinitas retailers, here’s a perfect opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping. Free. Coast Highway 101 between D and J Streets, Encinitas, 92024. 760-943-1950. 71st Annual Mother Goose Parade – 1-3pm. San Diego East County’s annual holiday kick-off celebration featuring whimsical floats, clowns, bands and equestrians. The largest parade in San Diego County is also the largest of its type west of the Mississippi. Each year, the Mother Goose Parade attracts thousands of spectators to the streets of El Cajon. Free. El Cajon Blvd & W Main St, El Cajon, 92020. 619-333-0771.


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2210 Encinitas Blvd, Suite G2 Encinitas, CA 92024 760.845.2905

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Want a conflict / cost managed divorce? When you mediate your divorce with Leave Strong, you know your costs up front, you stay in control of your process, and you never go to court.

Leave Strong to Thrive After Divorce Book a Complimentary Consultation Today at: Leave Strong Divorce Services 2777 Jefferson Street, Suite 203D, Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-809-3869

Thanksgiving Critter Camp – Nov 20-22. 9am3pm. Spend Thanksgiving break with animals. Learn why we should be thankful for our furred, feathered and scaled friends. Ages: PreK (must be 4-years-old) to 5th Grade: $55 per day (PreK) 9am1pm $70 per day (K-5) Helen Woodward Animal Center, 6461 El Apajo, Rancho Santa Fe, 92091.

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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22 San Diego Jazz Fest and Swing Extravaganza – Nov 22-26. The 38th San Diego Jazz Fest over Thanksgiving will present a variety of traditional jazz music, from ragtime to hot jazz to swing to rockabilly. Jazz bands and musicians from across the U.S. will perform. $20-$115. Town and Country Resort & Convention Center, 500 Hotel Cir. N, San Diego, 92108. 619-297-5277. JazzInfo@

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your Products


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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 Pier K9 Find a Friend – 11am-2pm. The holidays are a great time to add a furry friend to your family. Join us at Pier K9 (locally and veteran owned) for a beautiful day of adoptions. Pier K9, 403 Wisconsin, Oceanside, 92054. Julian Country Christmas and Tree Lighting – 2-5pm. Feel a nip in the air and maybe catch a glimpse of snow-capped mountains as Julian celebrates the season with the lighting of the town’s living Christmas tree. Christmas comes to Julian every year in an old-fashioned way that will make you picture sleigh rides, chestnuts roasting on open fires and Jack Frost painting the whole town white. Free. Pioneer Park, 2811 Washington St, Julian, 92036.

285 North El Camino Real, Suite 205, Encinitas 92024

“After a series of acupuncture treaments for a painful shoulder, the pain disappeared and I avoided surgery other doctors had said was necessary. Thanks to Qin Fu it has been better ever since.” - Richard Kenton

760-230-2490 / natural awakenings

Qin Fu

November 2017


$15 Yoga Classes – 11:15am. Bring your child into class with you for Vinyasa Mama Tues & Thurs. Nature’s Whisper Yoga, 4205 Park Blvd, San Diego, 92103. 760-213-1110.

ongoingevents daily

sion Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-6683281.

A Gathering of Priestesses Live Online Video Show – 6pm. With special guests each week. For more info:

Free 15-Minute Phone Consultation for Health and Success – Discover how you can achieve ultimate happiness and health with InteriorWerx. Clear emotional and energetic abnormalities that cause dis-ease, such as anxiety, pain, sadness, discomfort, allergies, recurring physical injury and more. There is immediate relief from symptoms, bringing health back to true form. Free. 312-479-7893. Schedule:

Grow Getters: Learn How to Propagate – 10am. 1st Sun. Learn more about propagation and potting plants. Help us grow our growing area. Free. Alta Vista Gardens, 1270 Vale Terrace Dr, Vista, 92084. Info & sign up:

California Native Plant Society San Diego Chapter – 7pm. 3rd Tues (except Aug & Dec). Free lectures on a variety of California native plant topics. Have an unknown plant? Bring it to be identified. Open to the public. Casa Del Prado, Balboa Park, Rm 101 or 104, 1800 El Prado, San Diego, 92101.

Yoga Classes – Days & times vary. Iyengar for beginners and advanced practitioners. Iyengar Yoga Center of North County, 2210 Encinitas Blvd, Ste U, Encinitas, 92024. 760-632-0040. Donations Accepted – 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat; 11am-6pm, Sun. All profits support individuals with Autism and other developmental or learning disabilities. TERI Inspired Resale, 1024 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, 92054. 760-722-1880.

sunday Reiki Levels 1, 2, Master & Teacher – Nationally certified courses. 1-day classes. Ongoing throughout the year. Earn CE credits. More info: 760-593-4595. San Diego River Garden Volunteer Work Party – 9-11am. 2nd and 4th Sun. Weeding, watering, pruning, trail maintenance and other light gardening projects. Family friendly. Tools provided. 3334 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, 92108. RSVP: 619-297-7380. Guided Nature Walk – 9:30-11am, Sun, Wed, Sat. Guided walk from the Visitor Center on one of three trails. Learn about the history, geology, plants, animals and ecology of the park. Free. Mis-

Free Special Access Tour at The Garden – 10am11am. 3rd Sun. Have trouble navigating the terrain of The Garden? Let us take you for a ride. Explore The Garden from the comfortable Verbeck Shuttle with a Garden Docent. This tour seats only four to five people. Advanced reservations required. Free. Water Conservation Garden, 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr W, El Cajon, 92019. Register: 619-6600614 x16. Qigong in The Garden – 10-11:30am. 4th Sun. Instructor Reyna Lerma will guide students through the ancient Chinese health series that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. Free, $10 suggested donation. The Water Conservation Garden, 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr W, El Cajon, 92019. 619-660-0614. RSVP: Spirit Dance: Ecstatic Dance and Moving Meditation – 10am-Noon. Join us for a simple yet profound ecstatic dance. $10-$20 sliding scale. Malashock Studio, 2650 Truxton Rd, Ste 200, San Diego, 92106. More info: 619-787-2389 or Family Discovery Walk – 3-4:30pm. 4th Sun. Walk and help your children discover the wonder and beauty of nature. Walks highlight the many changes that occur in the park throughout the year. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and bring water. Canceled if raining. Free. Mission Trails Regional Park, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-668-3281.

monday Volunteer Bird Count – 7:30am-Noon. 2nd Mon. All levels of experience welcome. For more info and to receive an automatic reply with meeting location, contact Robert Patton: Bird Watching Monday – 8am. 1st Mon. Discover the fascinating birds and the unique art of bird-watching. San Diego Botanical Garden, 230 Quail Garden Dr, Encinitas, 92024. 760-532-0917. San Diego Horticultural Society Meeting – 6-9pm. 2nd Mon. All welcome. Free/member, $15/nonmember. Congregation Beth Israel, 9001 Towne Centre Dr, San Diego, 92122. More info: 760-295-7089 or

tuesday Free Admission to the Japanese Friendship Garden – 3rd Tues. Enjoy a refreshing stroll through the garden and stop by the activity booths in the upper garden. Free. 2215 Pan American Rd, San Diego, 92101. 619-232-2721.


San Diego Edition

wednesday River Rescue – 9am-Noon. 1st and 3rd Wed. Team attacks and removes smaller and harder-to-reach trash sites along the river. All tools and supplies provided. More info: 619-297-7380 or Doug@ Guided Nature Walk – 9:30-11am, Sun, Wed, Sat. Guided walk from the Visitor Center on one of three trails. Learn about the history, geology, plants, animals and ecology of the park. Free. Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-668-3281. Wednesday Trail Walk – 10am. 1st Wed. Explore trails of Balboa Park with a ranger. Leisurely pace. Difficulty level varies; check trail map. Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego, 92101. 619-2351122. First Wednesdays Free Community Concert Series – 4pm & 7pm. Tickets are handed out on a first come, first seated basis. Doors open one hour prior to show time. Free, $12/reserved seats, $10/member reserved seats. California Center for the Arts, Center Theater, 340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, 92925. USI-Tech / Bitcoin Overview – 6pm. An opportunity to introduce yourself and your friends to the extraordinary Bitcoin opportunity with USI-Tech. Attend to learn about Bitcoin and how to acquire and accumulate Bitcoin faster than you may imagine possible. Seating is limited. Email us at to RSVP. 201 E Grand Ave, Escondido.

thursday Shelter Island Walk and Talk Bunch – 10-11:15am. Take a walk from the parking lot at Bali Hai to the end of Shelter Island and back (2.2-mile roundtrip). Some go to lunch after. Free. Bali Hai, 2230 Shelter Island Dr, San Diego, 92106. Balboa Park History Stroll – 11am-Noon. Specially trained History Center guides lead this easypaced stroll through the park, revealing many of the intriguing aspects of its past, present and future. Reservations requested, but walk-ups welcome. $10-$12. San Diego History Center, 1649 El Prado, San Diego, 92101. $15 Yoga Classes – 11:15am. Bring your child into class with you for Vinyasa Mama Tues & Thurs. Nature’s Whisper Yoga, 4205 Park Blvd, San Diego, 92103. 760-213-1110.

Fur Fix Thursday – 3-5pm. Touch, pet and play with some incredibly cute and cuddly animals, adoptable and volunteer. San Diego Humane Society, 5500 Gaines St, San Diego, 92110. 619279-5939 or

friday San Diego River Coalition – 3-4:30pm. 3rd Fri. Meet other people interested in the river, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to learn the latest news about the San Diego River Park. Open to the public. Mission Valley Library, Community Rm 2123 Fenton Pkwy, San Diego, 92108. Friday Night Liberty – 5-9pm. 1st Fri. Evening of free open artist studios, galleries and performances throughout NTC Arts & Cultural District at Liberty Station. NTC Command Center, 2640 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, 92106. More info, Whitney Roux: 619-573-9300. WRoux@

saturday Guided Bird Walk – 8-10am. 3rd Sat. Join MTRP trail guide and resident birder Jeanne Raimond for an adventure in bird watching. If you have binoculars and/or a field guide, please bring them. For location: Wildlife Tracking Walks – 8:30-10:30am. 1st Sat. Learn to recognize and identify various signs left behind by resident wildlife. Free. Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-668-3281. Vista Farmers’ Market Wellness Event – 8am1pm. 3rd Sat, July-Dec. With the farmers’ market. A great opportunity for you to meet practitioners from a vast range of modalities and learn about their specialties, products, services and how they can benefit your health. Free. Vista county courthouse parking grounds, 325 S Melrose Dr, Vista, 92081. 619-301-8906. San Elijo Lagoon Volunteer Work Party – 9-11am. 3rd Sat. Locations vary, and activities typically include habitat restoration, invasive plant removal, planting of new native plants, trash pickup and removal, and trail maintenance. More info: Ruffin Canyon Care Restoration – 9am-Noon. 1st Sat. Bring gloves and hand tools if have, but

loaners available. Wear hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes and long sleeves. Ruffin Canyon, 9298 Shawn Ave, San Diego. RSVP: 619-297-7380. Dog Beach Cleanup – 9am-Noon. 2nd Sat. You and your friendly dog are invited to join Friends of Dog Beach at our regular beach cleanups. All cleanup supplies provided, along with treats for you and your dog. Dog Beach, North Ocean Beach. More info: 619-523-1700. BeachCleanup.htm. Yoga in the Garden – 9:30-10:30am. Get in touch with nature, relax your body and renew your spirit. Basic yoga flow format. No prior yoga experience required. $10/drop-in. Alta Vista Gardens, 1270 Vale Terrace Dr, Vista, 92084. More info: Guided Nature Walk – 9:30-11am, Sun, Wed, Sat. Guided walk from the Visitor Center on one of three trails. Learn about the history, geology, plants, animals and ecology of the park. Free. Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-668-3281. Free Garden Tour – 10am. Tour the lush, colorful and water-wise garden with a knowledgeable garden docent. Bring your questions and hear the secrets and stories that make our garden special. Water Conservation Garden, 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr W, El Cajon, 92019. 619-660-0614. Free Family Arts Activities – 10am. 2nd Sat. Explore various artistic mediums. Materials provided. All ages welcome. Free. California Center for the Arts, Art & Education Studios, 340 N Escondido Blvd, Escondido, 92925. Docent-Led Guided Tours – 10:30am. Last Sat. Tour focuses on water-wise plants. Free with admission or membership. San Diego Botanical Garden, Visitor Center, 230 Quail Garden Dr, Encinitas, 92024. 760-532-0917. Kids in the Garden – 10am-12pm. 2nd Sat. New topic each month. $5/child (accompanied adults free); free/members. Alta Vista Gardens, Children’s Garden, 1270 Vale Terrace Dr, Vista, 92084. Reserve: 760-822-6824 or FarmerJones@ Famosa Slough Work Party – 1-2:30pm. 3rd Sat. Meet along W Pt Loma Blvd about 200 ft east of the corner of Famosa Blvd & W Pt Loma Blvd. RSVP: 619-224-4591. Birding Basics Class – 1-2:30pm. Last Sat. Join MTRP trail guide and knowledgeable birder Winona Sollock for a class to learn five simple

techniques for identifying birds at a glance and how to use a field guide. Free. Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center, 2 Father Junipero Serra Trl, San Diego, 92119. 619-668-3281. Old Town State Native Plant Landscape – 1-3pm. 2nd Sat. Do some work at the Old Town Native Plant Landscape, a recreation of the landscape that provided for the needs of Native Americans in our region before the arrival of Europeans in 1769. Old Town State Historic Park, corner of Taylor St and Congress St, San Diego, 92110. More info: Friends of Famosa Slough Bird Walk – 1-3pm. 3rd Sat. An easy walk with good views of a variety of birds and salt marsh habitat. Free. Meet at the kiosk by the corner of Famosa Blvd & W Pt Loma Blvd, San Diego, 92138. 619-224-4591. University Heights Point Restoration – 1:303:30pm. 1st Sat. Projects range from trash pickup, non-native plant removal, planting native plants and trail maintenance. 6800 Easton Ct, San Diego, 92120. Contact Ranger Jason: 619-235-5262 or CSA San Diego Support Group Meeting – 2pm. 4th Sat. The Celiac Sprue Association is a national support organization that provides information and referral services for persons with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Rady Children’s Medical Office Bldg, 3030 Children’s Way, San Diego, 92123. Home Grown Community Gardening Classes – 2-3pm. 4th Sat. With Diane Hollister, master gardener and composter. Garden and grow food in one’s own back yard. Pre-registration required. Free. El Corazon Senior Center, 3302 Senior Center Dr, Oceanside, 92056. 800-262-4167.

classifieds To become part of our Classifieds please email or call 760-436-2343. HELP WANTED OFFICE MANAGER. Minimum 5 years’ experience, computer savvy, proven multi-tasker. Email cover letter and resume to: FilledWithJoy@

natural awakenings

November 2017


communityresourceguide To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, visit for guidelines and to submit entries.


Dr. Qin Fu 285 N El Camino Real, Suite 205, Encinitas 760-230-2490 Dr. Qin Fu is a third generation healer, trained in China, that uses a combination of acupuncture, qi gong and herbs to help his patients achieve pain relief and better overall health.


The Healing Center Dr. Marilyn Chernoff, PhD, MH, M.Ed Encinitas 877-222-9146 Dr. Marilyn is a world-renowned healer; a medical intuitive who uses her knowledge and abilities to diagnose and treat children, adults, animals locally and globally (through long-distance healing). Specializing in allergies, pain, injuries, headaches, chemical sensitivities, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, PTSD and others. By utilizing advanced biofeedback, the body’s pharmacy will heal itself. “BE THE HEALER YOU ARE”

CANNABIS ALLEGIANCE WELLNESS CENTER San Diego Medical Marijuana Center Bert Telles 858-414-4271

We believe in natural benefits of medicinal cannabis and provide products that are safe, and effective, to address a person’s unique symptoms or condition.


760-846-0122 Our specialty is helping educate and evaluating patients on the natural medicinal benefits that CBD and Cannabis products can provide. Each person and each pet is unique and we safely identify your symptoms and conditions.


BEAUTY PRODUCTS BARE WAXING & SKINCARE STUDIO 285 N. El Camino Real, Ste. 100 Encinitas, CA 92024 760-809-6598

Waxing. Lashes. Skin. Hair Removal With over a decade in experience, Bare Waxing Studio offers the best in hair removal, skin treatments, and lash and eyebrow services in North County.


Quality cannabis delievered to your door!


Esculent Oils a.k.a. Weedease Organics, same great oils, new name. Esculent Oils make organic cannabis-infused cooking oil for medical marijuana patients. OCCO-Organic Cannabis Canola Oil, CANNA COCO BIS-Organic Cannabis Coconut. The safe and perfect way to get your medication without inhalation.


Zac Smith 800-257-3351 Highly skilled team of traveling massage therapists that utilize cannabis infused oil for incredible pain relief and relaxation. We travel to you!


Hands-On Care Management, including safety assessments, referrals, advocacy, health care directives, medical management, VA planning, end-of-life planning services, mental health referrals.

COUNSELING We specialize in helping patients understand and navigate the latest methods for realizing the maximum medicinal benefits cannabis has to offer.

DEL VECCHIO COUNSELING, LPCC, CADC II 858-226-1873 Se Habla Espanol

I believe in treating the person as a whole; utilizing my mental health background and integrating it with energy work to provide positive results.

DeLisa Terra, Owner 760-487-8806

Serving SD's small businesses with quality bookkeeping since 2001. I set up and maintain your books so that you can focus on growing your business.

San Diego Edition







Sonya Swetich Goodwin Holistic Health Practitioner Craniosacral Therapist 619-726-3267


Book a complimentary consultation online Flat Fee, Never go to Court


Full Service Creative Agency. We Create, Maintain and Evolve Leading Brands with Exceptional Support and Service. Web design and E-commerce with premium support from experts!



Jim Farren, Protech Consulting Solutions 760-670-3244 Bitcoin...boon or bust? Learn what’s happening with Bitcoin: Why it’s exploding now, how governments are reacting, how real are the opportunities, how to navigate the Bitcoin waters.



Loma Linda University Graduate 1983 Safe Biocompatible Dentistry Digital x-rays, safe amalgam removal 760-746-3663 • Visit us! Bring your mouth to optimum health and beauty through nonsurgical laser gum therapy and metal-free conservative dentistry. Stress-free Spa dentistry. Ozone therapy.


Cary O’Rielly, DDS 4403 Manchester Ave., Ste. 206-B Encinitas, CA 92024 760-632-1304 Integrative Dentist Carey O’Rielly, DDS provides holistic family dentistry for patients from 3 to 93, including cosmetic smile makeovers using bio-friendly materials, bonding and lasers.

Envision Personalized Health is a private center for customized health, fitness and spa services. Specializing in Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Massage and Spa Services. Private by appointment.



Envision Personalized Health 619-229-9695

Divorce Mediation with Laura McGee J.D. is a cost-conscious, private, family-focused alternative to a litigated divorce. Is it right for you?

Nourishment and Resilience for Your Nervous System. Find support navigating your way toward healing the root causes of physical and emotional pain. Find your calm, joy and inner peace.



Lesa D. Artzberger 858-401-9026

Available to assist you in accomplishing your personal and retirement goals. My role is to educate you on the options available for meeting your financial objectives and have life insurance that you do not have to die, to utilize!


Ken Kostedt 619-212-2957 Let Kostedt Design & Marketing help you with your print or online graphics needs. Custom design services including business cards, billboards, wine labels, logos and more.


Dawn Ellinwood 109 S. Acacia Ave., Solana Beach, CA 92075 858-792-5959 Built on a foundation of community, passion, contribution and strength, Ubuntu Hair Studio will shift the way consumers purchase beauty products and services.




Judi Bryan 760-822-9234 • Creating a vibrant and Sustainable lifestyle with wild-crafted, organic nutrition and skin care while sustaining a living rain forest. Rain Drop therapist, expert at ear coning and Access Consciousness Facilitator.

Dr. Ginger Marable, PhD, CHt Offices in North San Diego County 760-420-2279

Want to quit smoking in about an hour? Our advanced, personalized hypnotherapy system has a 95% success rate and lifetime guarantee. Call now for a free consultation.

natural awakenings

November 2017




Helmut Igel, ABO 760-473-8339

Licensed optician offering eyeglasses and lenses at affordable pricing throughout San Diego county and can visit you at your home or office or my showroom in Oceanside.


Dr. Kristine Reese, ND, founder 5210 Balboa Ave., Ste. F, San Diego, 92117 619-239-5433 Healthy skin at any age. FREE skin screenings. Remove unsightly moles, blemishes, skin tags, pre-cancerous growths, birthmarks and lesions for good. Natural, fast, effective and safe.


In today’s hectic world, clutter may build up in our living and work spaces. Get the support you need to clear the clutter. Sorting: What to keep or toss. Removing: Unwanted items. Organizing: What you keep. Strategizing: How to maintain order.


My passion is to work with anyone that has lost a child and would like to learn how to deal with their loss through hypnotherapy.


630-210-8688, 312-502-1539 Specializing in intuitive counsel and psychic work including Akashic records, card readings, connection with loved ones, home and business readings/clearings, energy healing, personal mentoring and angel work with children. Working with individuals that have health concerns, mental stress and/or want to find clarity with their life situations.


Britton Hudson 925-989-2359 • Encinitas


1820 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside 760-429-2092

LAZY ACRES NATURAL MARKET 150 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas 760-536-4905

Live with Power, Purpose, and Passion!

Be Soulfully Free! Live with Power, Purpose and Passion. Holistic Health Coach: mind/ body/soul care. Massage Therapy: Swedish/deep tissue/sports Mention Ad to Get $10 Off 1st SessionPersonal Trainer: Fitness and Nutrition. Yoga Teacher. Gift certificates available. Mention this ad for $10 off first session.


We exist to love and value people by leading a movement of change in industries, corporate cultures and communities. Rated one of the fastest growing mortgage companies by Inc. Buy a new home, make home improvements, get a reverse mortgage, restructure your loan to save money, buy a vacation home or investment property, get an equity line or a cash out loan to consolidate debt. Super fast closings.


2087 San Elijo Ave., Cardiff-by-the-Sea 760-753-5445

feel good • live simply • laugh more

San Diego Edition

NATURAL GROCERY STORE Jimbo’s...Naturally! 1923 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad 760-334-7755

Britton Hudson 12770 High Bluff Dr. Ste. 200, Del Mar 925-989-2359



2009 South Coast Hwy., Oceanside 760-433-2757

Mind, Body, Soul Care Swedish / Deep Tissue / Sports PERSONAL TRAINER Fitness and Nutrition YOGA TEACHER Flexibility / Breathing / Focus Call Me Today: 925.989.2359 Encinitas, CA - Gift Certificates Available for the Holidays

VIBRANT HOME ORGANIZATION Nedra Robins 801-598-2497


PEOPLE’S ORGANIC FOOD MARKET 4765 Voltaire St., Ocean Beach 619-224-1387


10 San Diego locations to serve you


Del Mar: 2600 Via De La Valle, Ste. 100 858-436-9800 LaJolla: 8825 Villa La Jolla Dr. 858-642-6700 Hillcrest: 711 University Ave., San Diego 619-294-2800


Carmenza David, founder 760-452-0957 Join us every 1st & 3rd Wednesday morning for a delicious breakfast in Cardiff. From 8 to 10 a.m. $25 includes breakfast. Meet other leaders in your community; start your day surrounded by energetic, positive, ready to move and shake business owners. Come prepared to be ignited, to get inspired, to have fun and to make lasting connections!



• NEW! Oceanside Location 2570 Vista Way, Ste. A Oceanside, CA 92054 760-435-0912 • 123 N El Camino Real (Trader Joe’s Mall) 760-436-1226 We are family owned and operated, and it is our mission to help pet parents and their fur kids find healthy, holistic solutions to all their needs. Largest selection of Raw & Alternative foods in San Diego. We deliver!


Judy Ann Foster 760-703-9941 • Women empowering women in friendship and business. Monthly luncheon, networking, table displays, vendors, introductions, announcements, shoutouts, speakers, door prize drawings & gifts.


Dr. Danielle Chavalarias, CEO, InnerOptimal 760-633-3328 - Encinitas Train your brain to improve your memory, the quality of your sleep, reduce your anxiety, alleviate procrastination, be more efficient and have more success.


Charlene Handel 5650 El Camino Real, Ste. 230 Carlsbad, CA 92008 760-438-4600 Want incredible looking skin without using toxic injections or surgical procedures? Skin Fitness uses natural remedies based on kinesiological testing. Call today for your appointment.


The Friends In Business Network 760-613-6412 Free Monthly Mixers. Free Admission Food and Drink. Join and RSVP at TFIBN. com. Vendor Spaces $99 cash or ITEX. Call Art Kaliel at 760-613-6412.


Locally fresh produce & food delivery 760-560-3867 Shop our farmers’ market from home! Choose from a wide variety of produce and foods from our online farmers market. Daily Harvest’s longstanding relationships with many of the best organic farms in our community allows us to bring fresh, clean produce rich in vitamins and minerals straight to your door.


(in the Lumberyard) 765 South Coast Highway 101, Suite H-101 Encinitas, CA 92024 760-479-1977 Lotus Cafe is dedicated to serving fresh, natural, healthy food at affordable prices, prepared with love, simplicity, and a joyful heart. Our ingredients are sourced with care and are always natural.


Renato Cautela, owner 1514 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas 760-452-8136 Make life a treat. 26 flavors baked fresh daily, including vegan, gluten-less and sugar-free. Seasonal treats and catering, special events and custom orders.

PHYSICIANS E STREET EYES 128 West E Street Encinitas, CA 760-931-1390

Medical eye examinations, eyeglasses and contact lenses, optical quality sunglasses, non-surgical LASIK program. We offer traditional eye health evaluations as well as nutritional counseling that supports healthy vision.


DIANA HOPPE, MD OBGYN Women’s Health for Life 760-635-5600

Feeling tired? Having Hot Flashes? Battling Brain Fog? Most women silently suffer because they don’t understand what’s going on with their body. Call today.

natural awakenings

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, body aches or chronic pain? Combining sound therapy modalities like tuning forks and singing bowls with massage, myofacial release and trigger point can heal your body, mind and spirit.

November 2017



La Jolla Shores Beach 858-454-8273 •




fear out of Breast Cancer Learn to surf and paddleboard

at theBreast #1 school, Cancer with 20 years 8 women will have of sharing the stoke. We are ou don’t have tohonored be one of them to teach all ages from

Lisa Kalison, CCT, MPCHC 760-436-8811 San Diego, Temecula & Orange County

5 to 95.

760-814-1293 a & Orange County locations

mammograms by FDA scientists Wholistic retail shop offering



Own your power, Embrace and live Higher Consciousness, heal your body and transform the core beliefs and conditioning that block health, happiness, love and success.

ty products and more.


Retail store featuring fine jewelry, an art gallery, crystals, statues, rustic furniture and exceptional gifts from both local artists and artisans across the globe. We specialize in unique fair-trade and eco-friendly products.

James “Jim” Cherrington, Owner PO Box 462373, Escondido, CA 92046 San Diego • 760-746-0713 Temecula • 951-302-9633

Linda White

Life Teacher, Energy Healer and asting years between the scientists and their bosses at the natural products and services San Diego and Solana Beach sts’ claims that faulty review procedures at the agency had led to maintain a self-healing life- 619-582-5505 dical imaging devices for mammograms and colonoscopies that CALL style, i.e. supplements, medi-760-436-8811 angerous levels of radiation.” — tation NY TIMES, July 15, 2012CBD, tools, hemp beau-

Hem Rai, owner 559 South Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas 300 Carlsbad Village Dr., Carlsbad 760-230-6145

Paul Pate 619-450-6553

Save your Breast Friends! Protect your health! See your immune system's earliest warning signs that conventional imaging can't see. Preserve your health, call Lisa.

MAL IMAGING shows metabolic activity

0 years before mammograms NO Radiation, NO painful compression doctor referral necessaryOR RETAIL STORES fidential Report Overviews CBD LIFE & chemical procedures. ping avoid surgical



YOGA THE SOUL OF YOGA 627 Encinitas Blvd. 760-943-7685

Experience the difference! Depth of daily yoga classes, amazing events, and world class yoga teacher training. Mention Natural Awakenings Directory for $10 toward yoga classes.

Offering ‘Advanced Reflexology’ combined with BioRegulation/ PEMF Therapy & ‘Real Time Pain Relief’ cream with 20 healing ingredients. Works in 2-5 minutes. Come for Free Sample.


Uplifting Humanity plus: Holidays


Our Readers are Seeking These Providers & Services:

Community Services • Charities • Ethnic Crafts • Fair Trade Goods • Gift Baskets Relationship Counselors • Mental Health Counselors • Spiritual/Healing Centers Native Plant Nurseries • Sustainable/Natural Toys • Thrift/Resale Shops ... and this is just a partial list!

Contact us to learn about marketing opportunities and become a member of the Natural Awakenings community at:

760-436-2343 30

San Diego Edition

Publish One of the Nation’s Leading Healthy Living Magazines Natural Awakenings Magazine

is ranked 5th Nationally in Cision’s® 2016 Top 10 Health & Fitness Magazines list 1. 2. 3. 4.

Spry Living – 8,907,303 Shape – 2,521,203 Men’s Health – 1,852,715 Prevention – 1,539,872

5. Natural Awakenings – 1,536,365

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Women’s Health – 1,511,791 Weight Watchers Magazine – 1,126,168 Dr. Oz The Good Life – 870,524 Vim & Vigor – 789,000 Experience Life – 700,000

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Own a Natural Awakenings Magazine Turn Your Passion Into A Business

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can empower yourself and others to create a healthier world while working from your home earning an income doing something you love! No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine.

• Meaningful New Career • Low Initial Investment • Proven Business System • Home-Based Business • Exceptional Franchise Support & Training

For more information, visit or call 239-530-1377 *Natural Awakenings recently received the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.

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natural awakenings

Monmouth/Ocean, NJ North Central NJ South NJ Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM* Las Vegas, NV Albany, NY Long Island, NY Hudson Valley W., NY Manhattan, NY* Westchester/Putnam/ Dutchess Co’s., NY Central OH Toledo, OH* Oklahoma City, OK Portland, OR Bucks/Montgomery Counties, PA Chester/Delaware Counties, PA South Central PA Lancaster/Berks, PA Lehigh Valley, PA Northeast, PA Philadelphia, PA Rhode Island Charleston, SC Columbia, SC Greenville, SC* Chattanooga, TN Austin, TX* Dallas, TX Houston, TX North Texas* San Antonio, TX* South Houston/Galveston, TX Richmond, VA Inland Northwest, WA Seattle, WA* Madison, WI* Milwaukee, WI Dominican Republic Puerto Rico

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November 2017


Take the fear out of Breast Cancer 1 in 8 women will have Breast Cancer You don’t have to be one of them BEFORE

THERMAL IMAGING shows metabolic activity

AFTER FDA Approved Since 1982

• 8-10 years before mammograms • With NO Radiation, NO painful compression • NO doctor referral necessary • Confidential Report Overviews • Helping avoid surgical & chemical procedures.

San Diego, Temecula & Orange County locations The dangers of mammograms by FDA scientists “ …a bitter dispute lasting years between the scientists and their bosses at the F.D.A. over the scientists’ claims that faulty review procedures at the agency had led to the approval of medical imaging devices for mammograms and colonoscopies that exposed patients to dangerous levels of radiation.” — NY TIMES, July 15, 2012

CALL 760-436-8811

Natural Awakenings San Diego November 2017