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October 2017 |


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October 2017


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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue, you get cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle. Your local advertisers greatly appreciate your support.

Michael B. Russo, MD Heal Your Brain

With Your Mind

10 LIFE JOURNEY The Power of 10

by Dr. Evelyne Raposo and Dr. Dhira DiBiase


With Purified, Hydrogen-Rich, Antioxidant Water by Karen Charron




Outer Adventures, Inner Journeys by April Thompson

SLEEP BETTER FEEL BETTER We are experts in fixing sleep problems


by April Thompson



Bouncing, Leaping and Lunging Our Way to Bone Health by Kathleen Barnes



Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods


by Judith Fertig

28 HOMEOWNER HAPPENINGS Don’t “Bee” Caught Unaware

by Karen Charron

29 RECONNECT AND Snoring - Memory Problems Excess Sleepiness - Insomnia Nightmares - Sleep Walking Honolulu



808- NEURONS All insurance except Kaiser accepted


by Karen Charron


CHIROPRACTOR How to Find the Best One

by Marlaina Donato



15 Ways to Craft a Circle of Caring by Linda Buzzell

36 SCHOOL OM WORK Kids Calm Themselves with Meditation

by April Thompson



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ow, never thought getting fatter would be a good thing, but here we are bragging about how thick we are getting. Check it out—48 pages and growing! Thanks to all our great sponsors that grace these pages every month, we have the opportunity to bring you a bigger magazine. This month’s theme is Transformative Travel, which covers more than taking a trip to Egypt or Peru. Granted, heading to exotic locales is wonderful; however, having a spirit for adventure can transform life right here in Hawai’i. Part of the reason why vacations are transformative is that we get outside our norm and stretch our comfort zone. By doing this, we expand our thinking. Attending festivals or taking a day to unwind and do nothing can recharge the soul. We hope you enjoy our thought-provoking feature article, titled “Transformative Travel: Outer Adventures, Inner Journeys,” and heed the advice to seek adventure for your soul. September was filled with expos and festivals, and Natural Awakenings Hawai’i was proud to sponsor two of them: the VegFest Oahu and the Oahu Holistic & Metaphysical (OHM) Expo. We got to meet so many readers and hear appreciation for the content that we bring. Mahalo to all of you that came by to see us. We were also able to offer prizes in drawings at both events. A special thank you to our advertisers that donated to the raffle. Here’s the list of lucky winners!

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newsbriefs Dr. Loretta Chen Offering Inspiration for Mastering Life


r. Loretta Chen’s latest book, Madonnas and Mavericks, has just been completed, but this dynamic author won’t be basking in the success of this tribute to outstanding Singaporean women. She has already started a book to honor women of Hawai’i—Mana Wahine: Inspiring Women of Hawai‘i, which will be published by Mutual Publishing. This book is being written through interviews and profiles of women from all fields and endeavors whose accomplishments and life stories are a source of inspiration. It will capture a portrait of contemporary Hawai‘i. Dr. Chen lives in Honolulu and is a leading creative director, leadership and theater professor, and published author. She holds a doctorate in philosophy and a certificate in leadership from Harvard and is currently a professor at Argosy University and University of Hawai‘i (Leeward). Her most recent publication, Madonnas and Mavericks, about Singapore’s women leaders, will debut in the U.S. in November through Marshall Cavendish. The 17 women in this book are leaders from diverse fields, including business, politics, advocacy, sports, lifestyle and the arts. Known for their strong spheres of influence, some may be in the limelight but others are elusive, preferring their actions to speak louder. Regardless, these women have all contributed to Singapore’s spectacular growth. Over the course of their interviews with Dr. Chen, the women share intimate stories, career insights and life lessons, along with much laughter and some tears. We are provided a rare glimpse into their struggles to push boundaries and break glass ceilings while maintaining a delicate balance between a demanding career and a fulfilling home. These stories of lives well lived are a treat and an inspiration to women, and men, that seek to excel and master their own destinies. In addition to her other roles, Dr. Chen is a guest speaker, life coach and founder of Our Green Tara, located at 555 Hahalone Street, Suite 12C, in Honolulu. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 808-990-8300, email, or visit or See ad, page 41.

HONOLULU Neuroscience CLINIC Michael B. Russo, MD

Concussions Memory Problems Headaches Seizures Stroke Poor Sleep With

Dense-Array EEG (DEEG) we are

Hawaii's Most Advanced Neurodiagnostic Center Honolulu 250 Ward Avenue-Ste 170


1335 Kalaniana'ole Avenue


West Hawaii Community Health Center


808-NEURONS All insurance except Kaiser accepted natural awakenings

October 2017


newsbriefs Pono Moment Pollinators Are Pono

T 2017 Makahiki Festival and Ke Alohi Hula Competition


he annual Waimea Valley Makahiki celebration, to be held on Saturday, November 18, includes the Ke Alohi Hula Competition for a fourth year. Originally established in 1981, this event was part of Waimea Valley’s annual Makahiki festivities until 1995. The competition was successfully revived in 2014 and has been held every year since then. The original spirit of this competition has been preserved, with women and men competing for a single hula kahiko (ancient hula) title. Competitors perform one kahiko hula, and between each of these, halau representing the entrants take the stage. There are hula halau from different parts of O‘ahu committed to being a part of this year’s event. Their hula brothers and sisters will be there along with their families. There will also be live music, local vendors, cultural activities, traditional Hawaiian games, demonstrations and more! It will be an exciting day.

he National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) reported on the importance of pollinators, which includes birds, bees, bugs, bats and hundreds of other creatures vital to our food system, planetary biodiversity, and healthy ecosystems. According to the NEEF report, 1,000 plants in our food chain depend on animals to transport pollen within or between flowers to create healthy fruits and fertile seeds. They estimate that honey bee pollination adds more than $15 billion in value to U.S. agricultural crops each year. Unfortunately, pollinators are declining due to multiple factors. Colony Collapse Disorder. The size of honey bee colonies has been steadily decreasing, partly due to colony collapse disorder. Scientists are looking for the cause and are researching pesticides, disease-bearing parasites and poor nutrition. According to a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, scientists at the University of Maryland and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have identified a combination of pesticides and fungicides contaminating pollen that bees collect to feed their hives. The study consisted of collecting pollen from hives on the East Coast where the bee colonies are showing a decline in their ability to resist infection by a parasite called Nosema ceranae. They found that the pollen was contaminated with, on average, nine different pesticides and fungicides. Bees that consumed pollen contaminated with fungicides were shown to be three times more likely to be infected by the parasite. This highlights a need to look at how agricultural chemicals are labeled and used and how agricultural spraying drift could be affecting our bee population.

Hawaiʻi Edition


Warming Climate. Each year, plant species are blooming an average of a half-day earlier. The accumulation of time means that the growing season of some species is beginning up to a month earlier than they did 45 years ago. Pollinators can end up being out of sync with the plants they have historically pollinated. For more information about climate change and pollination, view this link from NASA: Youtu. be/vd0uvqYYUQw. Helping Bees at Home • Plant a variety of plants that bloom at different times of the year. • Plant in clumps to help pollinators find plants. • Learn more about pollinator-friendly plants. • Choose plants that are native to Hawai’i. • Include plants that bloom at night for bats and moths. • Reduce or eliminate pesticide use. Read labels carefully if you do use pesticides. Pono Home shares techniques to enable each of us to learn how to live greener and healthier lives. They can also provide a home assessment that will help create a more pono lifestyle. Anyone that wants to become more pono can contact them to learn more. For more information on how to save money by becoming more energy efficient or to sign up for services, call 844-GO-PONO-1 (467-6661) or visit See ad, page 31.

For more information, visit Waimea See ad, page 16. 8


Cellular Regeneration Technique Offers Healing at the Cellular Level


r. Gina Kim, DC, international speaker and author of The Power to Heal Yourself, is offering a two-day workshop to teach participants how to balance the body, mind and spirit using her trademarked, multifaceted energy healing Cellular Regeneration Technique (CRT). This method utilizes muscle testing and intuition to create a healing environment that enables the body to regenerate from the cellular level on up. The workshop will teach participants how to identify the areas affected by imbalances and to determine if they are due to chemical, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual causes. Upon completion of the workshop, attendees can use CRT for themselves and others. Anyone that wants to elevate their body, mind and spirit to optimum functioning should consider attending this workshop to help themselves and others live more empowered in this chaotic world. This eye-opening, interactive class is being held at the Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 100, Honolulu, on October 28 and 29 (Saturday and Sunday) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The cost of the workshop is $250 if paid by October 6, and $300 after. Alumni and fulltime students can attend for $175. A workbook is included. For more information or to register, call 808-871-6996, email or visit Cellular See ad, page, 35.

Do Money Gods Really Exist?


bsolutely! And they’re alive and well in Hawai’i’s award-winning, two-woman musical MONEY TALKS: But What the Hell Is it Saying? MONEY TALKS blends the inspirational aspects of a TED Talk with the glitter and excitement of a Broadway musical. It’s the first show of its kind to shine an empowering light on a subject almost everyone struggles with: money and selfworth. When 38-year-old German-born singer/songwriter Lucie Lynch met 59-year-old Brooklyn-born author Marcia Zina Mager, they were both struggling to understand taxes, bills and their own self-worth. Despite their age difference, the two Honolulu-based artists decided to deal with their lifelong financial demons by writing a full-length Broadway musical about money. That powerful journey transformed into a raw, funny and provocative two-woman play chronicling the ups and downs of their intensive creative process. MONEY TALKS won the Audience Choice Award in Maui; broke box office records in Honolulu; played to the entire Oahu women’s prison; brought hundreds of recovering drug addicts to their feet; and continues to wow theater, church and corporate audiences all over Hawai’i. The show has become a great teacher for both women, allowing them to emerge from the shadows of their own financial insecurities. “Every time we step out on stage,” says Lucie, “we invite the audience—and ourselves—to look deeper at the tender relationship between money and self-worth.” Meanwhile they’ve formed a business partnership, published two books, and give inspirational musical talks to schools and organizations around the island. Their mission—and their message—is to awaken people of all ages, from all walks of life, to the truth they are immeasurable, as is. What’s next? “To bring MONEY TALKS to the mainland,” says Marcia, “and ultimately perform off Broadway in 2019 when I turn 65!” Meet the money gods (and see the show) on Saturday, November 11, at The Doris Duke Theatre, part of the Honolulu Academy of Arts. To buy tickets, visit For more information, visit

The Ultimate Women’s Day Spa Sit in a private room in a designer gown We use all organic herbs and reverse osmosis filtered water Specific herbs are chosen to aid with: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

Fertility Postpartum Moisturizing Detoxification Restorative


Tightening Beautifying Bacterial Imbalancing Menstrual Balancing Emotional Balancing



natural awakenings

October 2017



STEP 1: LIFE PURPOSE 1. What attracts me the most in my life?

L.I.F.E. JOURNEY: The Power of 10

2. What do I spend most of my energy on? 3. What do I really desire? 4. What do I really believe in?

A Two-Step Process to Empowerment and Manifestation by Dr. Evelyne Raposo and Dr. Dhira DiBiase

1. How am I spending my time? 2. How is this activity serving me? 3. What does this activity, behavior, thinking or feeling do for me? 4. Are life expectations matching what I need to stay focused on? STEP 2: LIFE DIRECTION: How to stay on your life’s track? In the second six weeks, we utilize tapping, eye movement, hypnosis, meditation and the subconscious release of any blockages to deeply empower you to manifest your life’s journey. Both steps, as demonstrated in the following charts, embody the Power of 10 to help define and manifest what is really important in your life and how to stay on your life’s track to achieve it.

you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.

Hawaiʻi Edition

8. What do I really need to focus on?


Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and


7. What am I pulled toward?

10. What do I really want for my life?


~Yoko Ono

6. What and whom do I admire?

9. What makes me happy?

s holistic psychologists, we practice positive psychology and are pleased to offer an exciting program for Living Integrated and Full of Energy (LIFE). This interactive, individually tailored, one-on-one personal development program offers a two step-process to uncover your unique life purpose and life direction. It is designed to empower discovery and manifestations of your life’s goals. STEP 1: LIFE PURPOSE: What is really important in your life? In the first six weeks, we uncover the 10 factors of your life’s journey: (1) Needs and wants becomes (2) what you most value (3) and motivates you, affecting (4) where you focus most of your energy. We integrate the contributions of (5) cultural and subcultural programming, (6) family-childhood conditioning, (7) social influences, (8) significant life experiences, (9) physical health, and (10) the essence of your spirit.

5. What do I get inspired by?

5. Is it useful for my life’s direction? 6. What happens to my life when I lose focus? 7. Is what I am doing fitting with my goals? 8. Do my relationships match my life’s goals? 9. Does my thinking give me energy toward my goals? 10. What energy do I need to get back on track?

We invite anyone interested in learning more about our L.I.F.E. program to contact us.


Location: Holistic Psych Center, Aina Haina, Honolulu. To of Combined schedule an appointExperience ment, call or text 808-373-2667 or EvelyneDr.Raposo@HolisticPsychCenter. Raposo Psy. D. and Dr. Dhira DiBiase, Psy.D. com. For more information, We offer individuals, couples & families: visit Seeas: ad,*Solution-Focused page 40. *Traditional alternative therapies such *Stress Management *Communication Skills *Hypnosis *Tapping *Guided Meditation *Acu-Psy *Psy-Yoga *Positive Psychology *Eye Movement *Women's Group *Children's Social Skills Groups

35 Years

Meet Your

Natural Match On Our Newly Upgraded Website We invite you to join and experience a truly conscious, loving, dating environment with amazing members. In partnership with the Conscious Dating Network, upgrades include a new, contemporary, responsive layout for all devices; a dynamic search engine; and an improved matching system. Autumn is here; be proactive by joining today. Your natural match is waiting to meet you!

Try for FREE at


Connecting with Clear Intuition and Angels

CBD Provides Relief Naturally


annabidiol (CBD) has been shown to stop spasms, calm anxiety, and provide relief from chronic pain. CBD is a therapeutic chemical compound found in hemp that has been shown to provide relief for dozens of conditions. Unlike the more famous molecule tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is completely non-psychoactive—it will not get a person high. CBD is often used in the form of an oil by patients with chronic conditions, such as cancer and epilepsy. It performs as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotectant that has been shown to improve mood, memory, motor control, immune function and pain perception.

Our Bodies Are Designed to Work With CBD The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that helps control many bodily functions tied to the nervous and immune systems. The ECS exists to respond to cannabinoids produced by the human body. Research has determined that the system will also recognize and respond to cannabinoids from external sources. The National Institutes of Health has reported that manipulating the endocannabinoid system by introducing external cannabinoids, like CBD, could be useful in treating a variety of medical ailments. The receptors in the ECS system, called CB1 and CB2, were discovered in 1990 and 1993 respectively. These receptors control bodily functions, such as appetite, sleep, anxiety level, and cognition. CB1 receptors are located throughout the brain, central nervous system, connective tissues, gonads, glands and related organs. CB2 receptors are positioned throughout the immune system and related organs, like the tissues of the spleen, tonsils and thymus gland. While CBD doesn’t bind with these receptors, it does stimulate activity in them. This stimulation results in changes in any cells that contain either receptor. Because CB1 and CB2 receptors exist throughout the body, the effects of CBD are systemic. Mr. Hemp CBD offers a supply of CBD supplements in his shop inside the Mr. Ink Plus store in Honolulu. His vision is to provide quality-infused products that are safe and effective alternatives to prescription painkillers, other toxic prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs. His product line is continuously expanding with items that are carefully selected from distributors that manufacture in an ISO6 Clean Room using all-natural ingredients and the purest and richest form of cannabidiol, ensuring customers the highestquality CBD products on the market. Location: 286 N. School St., Ste. B, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-526-2465 or visit See ad, page 23. 12

Hawaiʻi Edition


e all have angels and intuition, and learning to listen to these inner resources can help smooth the journey of our lives, according to two long-time lecturers on these subjects. Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny have been showing people how they connect with their “inner GPS” for more than 25 years each. They have been sponsored by the nonprofit Inner Peace Movement International to hold talks this month in Honolulu. “Angels are called by various names—such as guidance, guides, Spirit, or just angels,” says Patrick. “As we learn to connect with our spiritual helpers, life becomes better. We have a clearer understanding of why we are here on planet Earth and how to accomplish our unique purpose.” Many people are aware they have intuition but don’t bother to examine its source. We all have hunches, gut feelings, and inner knowings—people call this sixth sense by different names. Increasing and trusting those abilities helps people overcome hesitation and doubt and be more relaxed with their decisions and directions in life. Patrick says that through simple techniques and practical understanding, anyone that wants to can have clear communication with their angels and sixth sense. “Maintaining those connections can help people free themselves from what sometimes can be an up-and-down world,” says Estelle. “Life feels balanced and smoother.” The workshop leaders say that clear connections with our inner guidance starts by keeping ourselves clear and positive. “A change in attitude can mean the world of difference,” says Estelle. “Having fun, enjoying ourselves, making the best of our situations—these can all help us be connected with our inner guidance. When the right job comes along; circumstances work out; or when life is a challenge but yet we feel supported somehow, we may find we are connecting with angels.” The “angel duo” will be presenting the following talks: Tuesday, October 10, at 7 p.m.: Manoa Public Library, 2716 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu. Monday, October 23, at 1 p.m. or 7 p.m.: Oahu Veterans Center, 1298 Kukila Street, Honolulu. Tuesday, October 24, at 1 p.m. or 7 p.m.: Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu. (Note: Call the number listed below for parking or questions.)

These interactive events last between 1 1/2 to two hours and include techniques to be attuned to angels and clear intuition. The fee is $15. For more information, call 1-888-248-GUIDES (1-888-2484843) or email Also visit, where you can find information about online webinars as well. See ad, page 33.


is neutralized, it leads to increased oxygen levels and improved energy and metabolism. Alkaline water also has antioxidant properties (anti-aging and anti-disease). Purity – The premium micro-carbon cartridge in the TRIM system removes the following substances: • Residual Chlorine – added to water for sterilization but can cause a bad taste. • Turbidity – a key test of water quality, it measures the cloudiness caused by individual particles. • General Trihalomethane – common constituents include chloroform, bromodichloromethane, dibromochloromethane and bromoform—all products of chemical reactions between organic compounds in water and chlorine.

Get More From Your Water

With Purified, Hydrogen-Rich, Antioxidant Water


ano Naka Inc., on Young Street, in Honolulu, is a family-owned business that offers the highly rated TRIM antioxidant water system from Japan. They have been in business for eight years and have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Mr. Yoshiro Nakabayashi and his wife, Tamar Hanohano Nakabayashi, run the business along with several of their eight children. The TRIM system generates antioxidant alkaline water known as Kangen. The best way to fully appreciate the benefits of this system is to attend a no-obligation demonstration that shows how it improves the quality of water and supports a healthy life. In the meantime, here’s a brief introduction to the characteristics of antioxidant alkaline water: Antioxidant Effect – The antioxidant water produced by the TRIM system helps provide protection against free oxygen radicals that can contribute to aging and medical issues.

Greater Hydration – The TRIM system breaks the hydrogen bonds between water molecules, increasing the water’s surface area dramatically. This makes it easier to absorb at the cellular level. Rich in Hydrogen – Because the water produced by the TRIM system is rich in hydrogen, it links with free radicals in the body so that they can be eliminated. Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential – TRIM water can reduce oxidation that can be damaging at the cellular level. Alkaline Water – The level of acidity in liquids is measured on a pH scale of 0 to 14. If the level is less than seven, the liquid is acidic. Seven is neutral, and above seven is alkaline. Most water that comes straight from the tap is acidic (pH less than seven). The TRIM system produces water that is alkaline (nine and above). Alkaline water has been shown to soothe acid reflux and help to neutralize acid in the bloodstream. When acid in the bloodstream

• Tetrachloroethylene – a known carcinogen used in industrial stain removal. • Trichlorethylene – a known carcinogen used in dry cleaning. • 1.1.1-Trichloroethane – a known carcinogen used as an industrial metal degreaser. • CAT (Pesticides) – commonly used in herbicides. • 2-MID (Mold Odor) – common cause of unpleasant smell and taste. • Solubility of Lead – can accumulate in the body and may cause a health problem. Hano Naka offers rent-to-own programs, which make it very affordable to have a TRIM water system installed. Anyone that wants to improve the quality of their water should call to schedule a demonstration to learn more about the TRIM water system. Location: 1245 Young St., Ste. 102, Honolulu. To set up a demonstration, call 808-596-2555 or email HanoNaka@ For more information, visit AntioxidantWaterSystem. com. See ad, page 48.

natural awakenings

October 2017




LOCAL PRACTITIONERS Create the New Paradigm for Medicine in Your Practice


niversities are a hub of learning and a place to foster social change. It’s the place of big thinkers that desire to share their findings. Quantum University, an online school with their headquarters in downtown Honolulu, embodies this role, particularly as it applies to the need to transform our healthcare system from a place to treat illness to a place to support wellness. The curriculum at Quantum is designed to integrate holistic, Eastern medicine and Western medicine with quantum physics. Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D., is devoted to taking medicine beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery to an integrative approach for “pro-consciousness” medicine. This pro-consciousness model empowers individuals with the knowledge and awareness of how their body is performing, with the goal of fine tuning it for optimum function. The role of the healthcare provider shifts from treating illness to coaching wellness by keeping people in their “green zone” of health. This new tactic, predicated on the scientific development and mainstream availability of user-friendly digital mobile phone and tablet technologies in conjunction with a variety of health sensors, such has wristwatches, headbands and many others, has democratized the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback. The availability of this technology that monitors body functions, including blood pressure, sugar levels, sleep patterns, heart and brain coherence, and more, enables monitoring during daily life experiences. Access to this level of information is creating the potential for a medicine of awareness. The challenge now is to create programs that will train individuals to utilize this data to achieve optimum health. Patients and practitioners will be empowered to manage health through knowledge of individual body statistics while living their lives. Techniques for improving the statistics can then be implemented, such as food intake to drop blood sugar levels


Hawaiʻi Edition

in midafternoon and fine tuning meditation to overcome anxiety or bring heart rhythm into acceptable parameters. Quantum University is hosting their World Congress of Integrative Medicine starting Wednesday, October 4, through Saturday, October 7. This is an event where an international body of students from 28 countries come to Honolulu for the practicum portion of their education. This World Congress is the opportunity for hands-on training in six integrative modalities supporting pro-consciousness medicine. These modalities can easily be incorporated into a practice, wellness center or healthcare clinic. Hawai’i practitioners are being offered the opportunity to participate in this experience. Dr. Drouin is inviting local practitioners to join in this four-day event to add new modalities to their portfolio of care. It is an opportunity to be part of the next generation of practitioners that empower individuals in taking a greater role in their own health by using mainstream technologies that provide direct health feedback of someone’s heart, brain and body, and guide this person’s potential for health into coherence. Presentations include two guest speakers and six workshops: Dr. Patricia Knox, Ph.D., will discuss developing a thesis statement, creating a research project and writing a Ph.D. dissertation. Dr. Patrick Porter, creator of the BrainTap Technology, will talk about how light sound and vibration are changing health care. Workshops: ■ The Democratization of Health Care with Paul Drouin, M.D. ■ Cognitive Regulation Using EEG Biofeedback with Bill Scott, BSW, CCDP. ■ Natural Pain Self-Management with Laser Technology and Protocols with Mario Viscarra, DDS, and Vienna Lafrenz, Ph.D., IMD. ■ The Power of Evaluation with Tracy Clark, DO, IMD. ■ Using Genetic DNA Gene Identification for Customized Nutrition with Richard Clement, M.D. ■ Personal EEG Device Neurofeedback with Cody Rall, M.D. This is a unique opportunity for local practitioners to get involved in hands-on training that will bring the new paradigm of medicine into practice. The conference offers 18 hours of instruction eligible for continuing education unit certification by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training. To register for the conference, contact an admissions advisor at Quantum University and ask for the special kama’aina rate. Location: 735 Bishop St., Ste. 200, Honolulu. For more information or to register, call 1-877-888-8970, email Support@ or visit See ad, page 17.

globalbriefs Fast Foodies

News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Fare Price

Save on Holiday Plane Tickets


The easiest way to save money on airfare is by being flexible, because flying on certain days at certain times can be more affordable. Shopping among airports and carriers can also yield dividends, perhaps leaving from one airport and returning to another or combining airlines based on the lowest available rates for legs of the trip. Off hours for flying are very early in the morning or late at night; keep looking for deals right up to the deadline. Airlines send deals and special offers to those that sign up for email alerts. Stay updated on their social media platforms if they release special offers to online followers. To avoid incrementally increasing prices and falling victim to some packagers’ tactics of dynamic pricing and tracking computer searches, clear the browser’s cookies between searches. Try helpful Travel Apps for smartphones; not only are they mobile, they vary in service and scope to suit individual needs. Most are free.

Wildlife Wipeout

Wind Turbines Kill Winged Creatures Wind turbines make cleaner energy, but are dangerous to birds and bats. According to a study in the Wildlife Society Bulletin, approximately 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats are killed annually by wind turbines, which are providing increased wind power capacity nationwide. At one solar power plant in California, an estimated 3,500 birds died in just the plant’s first year of operation. What would help most is offshore turbines and knowledge about migration routes. The safest place for wind turbines is in the ocean, because songbirds and bats don’t migrate over such waters. On land, many songbirds fly at night and can’t see the wind turbines until it’s too late. Once they’ve discovered the unsafe area, they avoid it. Because migration routes are based on availability of food, water and resting areas, birds are forced to fly around the turbines, adding miles to their trip and the burning of more calories. Estimates of just how many bats are dying each year range from the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Radar installations help to keep bats away from the deadly blades. Other remedies include slowing the blades at night to reduce collisions, which has proved to reduce overall wildlife deaths by 73 percent. In 2016 the American Wind Energy Association announced voluntary guidelines to halt turbines during low wind speeds, when bats are most active, to reduce bat fatalities by 30 percent. With two more industry changes, bat fatalities could drop 90 percent: feathering, or turning the blades parallel to the wind so the turbines don’t rotate; and higher cut-in speeds so they don’t rotate in light winds.

A collaborative study published in the journal Pediatrics concludes that toddlers under the age of 2 are more likely to eat French fries than vegetables on any given day; one in four 6-to11-month-olds and one in five 1-yearolds consumed no vegetables at all. This concerning downward trend began more than a decade ago. The percentage of babies and toddlers eating canned or frozen fruits and vegetables declined by 10 percent between 2005 and 2012, and the consumption of dark, leafy greens among those under 2 has halved since 2005. Dr. Annemarie Stroustrup, an associate professor with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, in New York City, says, “You often have to offer a new food to a toddler up to 10 times before they will eat it.”

We travel initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next to find ourselves. ~Pico Iyer

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Toddlers Routinely Reach for French Fries



HawaiĘťi Edition

study from the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, examined the impact of regular walking on people with vascular cognitive impairment, the second-most common form of dementia. The ailment occurs when blood vessels become damaged by cardiovascular disease, impeding good blood circulation and making the brain work harder. The researchers scanned the brains and conducted computerized decision-making and attention tests on 38 people with mild, early forms of vascular cognitive impairment. Half of the subjects were asked to participate in supervised, one-hour walking sessions three times per week for a six-month period. The remaining subjects did not walk. After six months, the walking group showed improvements in both blood pressure and brain function, with their brains requiring less effort during the decision-making and attention tests.

Tyler Olson/

esearchers from the Creighton University School of Nursing, in Omaha, Nebraska, studied 2,303 healthy postmenopausal women to determine whether a link between vitamin D and cancer existed. The treatment group comprised 1,156 women receiving 2,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin D3 and 1,500 milligrams of calcium per day for four years. The 1,147 women in the control group received placebos for the same duration. Within the study timeframe, 64 women from the placebo group were diagnosed with some form of cancer, while only 49 subjects from the treatment group faced a cancer diagnosis. This represents a small, but significant reduction in the cancer rate for those taking vitamin D3. Further analyses of the levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in the blood revealed that the women that developed cancer had substantially lower levels of this vitamin than the subjects that remained healthy.


Ljupco Smokovski/


Aleksandra Gigowska/

Vitamin D plus Calcium Lowers Cancer Risk

Walking Reduces Symptoms of Dementia

Music Soothes Pain after Surgery

Tyler Olson/


esearchers from the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, in New York City, studied the impact of music therapy on 60 patients that had undergone spinal fusion surgery. Half received a 30-minute music therapy session, along with standard postoperative care, within 72 hours of surgery. The other half received only standard care. The scientists used the visual analog scale to measure pain before and after music therapy in both groups concurrently. The patients receiving music therapy experienced average pain level reductions from 6.2 to 5.09, while the control group averaged slight increases in pain, from 5.2 to 5.87. “The degree of change in the music group is notable for having been achieved by non-pharmacologic means, with little chance of adverse effects,” explains Center Director and study co-author Joanne Loewy. “Pain is subjective and personal, and warrants an individualized approach to care. Certified, licensed music therapists can tailor treatment to each patient’s musical preferences and address their pain level.”

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Stay Open

Cousineau suggests that travelers prepare to open their thinking by reading about the history, culture and geography of a place, and then continue to learn en route by talking to locals for insight rather than relying only on a guidebook. “Make yourself vulnerable. Ask questions and be humble. Talk to your waiter or cab driver about their lives and conditions in their country. Those that become most delighted and transformed by April Thompson by their experiences are the most curiAn open-hearted journey can take unexpected paths. More travelers ous,” observes Cousineau. Anna Pollock, of London, Engtoday are searching for deep and lasting changes in their view of land, founder of Conscious Travel and a sustainable travel expert, elaborates themselves and the world. on potential results. “Travelers may see the world and their part in it differently or feel greater clarity, peace, freedom Declare Your Intentions Part of the intention setting is Attention and intention are the main clarifying what we hope to accomplish or hope. For some, it’s about insights into their personal purpose. Others may ingredients for transformative travel through making a journey, suggests return with a deeper sense of connectfor Phil Cousineau, acclaimed author Nathaniel Boyle, creator of The Travedness or feeling of mastery that comes of The Art of Pilgrimage. “Ask yourself elers podcast and the travel platform from trying something completely new.” what is motivating the journey: Are you Holocene that facilitates community Jake Haupert, of Seattle, owner going just to check something off your among transformation-seeking travelers. of Evergreen Escapes International, bucket list because you read about it or It might be climbing a mountain with co-founded the Transformational Travel are you going because your grandma our spouse to strengthen a marriage, Council to help people embark on told you how magical her visit there or taking a cooking class in Italy or a was in the 1920s? Are you going bebasket weaving workshop in Indonesia such life-altering journeys, and translate “Aha!” moments on the road into cause you’re at a crossroads in your life, to rekindle a sense of fresh input and meaningful changes back home. He has marriage or work?” queries Cousineau. creative expression. witnessed individuals undergo radical Naming your intention helps open shifts from changing careers to becoming up the heart and psyche for transformaparents. One couple was so moved by tion. Cousineau recommends sharing their experiences on an African our choice beforehand with a friend or safari that they adopted their even a casual acquaintance. Writing it first child from Kenya. down can also unpack those yearnings and understand the pull to a place.



Outer Adventures, Inner Journeys


Hawaiʻi Edition


unprepared, bored or disappointed,” remarks Cousineau. “But the flip side is that travels can stretch us, just like a medieval rack.” If you have stretch goals, you can build them into an itinerary, advises Haupert, whether it’s getting up the courage to skydive or negotiating a purchase in a foreign street market.

Do Less, Experience More If we truly want to know the secret of soulful traveling, we need to believe there is something sacred waiting to be discovered in virtually every journey. ~Phil Cousineau

Move Beyond Comfort

“Travel can serve as a vehicle for expansive personal growth. Through it, we learn to explore the world and ourselves,” Boyle observes. “When you venture outside the controlled environment of prepackaged trips for tourists to face difficult decisions and confusing and chaotic situations that require problem solving, that’s where real change can occur,” says Haupert. “My 12,000-mile journey from Washington, D.C., to Antarctica was transformative in so many ways,” says journalist Andrew Evans, author of The Black Penguin memoir. “I’m a geographer by training and spent four years studying maps, but I never understood the true size of the world until I traveled across it on a Greyhound bus. I now see the world as much smaller and much more accessible. The trip made me a stronger, more confident person, and less afraid of what other people think of me; it also made me want to keep traveling.” “Travel comes from the word travail, to labor, and trip from tripalium, Latin for a medieval torture rack. Metaphorically, travel can feel like torture at times, and some travelers feel unhappy,

To heighten experiential awareness while traveling, build fewer to-dos into an itinerary, the experts recommend. “Immerse yourself in a place. Leave time for unplanned explorations, rather than bouncing between destinations without space for spontaneity and restful reflection,” says Haupert. “Also build in time for meditation, yoga, simple relaxation or other intentionally restorative moments in-between the high-intensity peak experiences.” Haupert suggests staging a ceremonial start to a journey, such as a special dinner or bike ride upon arrival. Similarly, Cousineau recommends starting a new journal on every journey, to ceremoniously start anew in one’s thinking. Engaging in ritual can also help awaken the traveler, says Cousineau. He suggests walking in silence as we approach a sacred site, or physically engaging with it, as pilgrims might do when they palm the feet of a Buddha statue or press their forehead to the Wailing Wall. Sacred sites are fertile ground for transformative experiences, says Lori Erickson, an Episcopal deacon, travel writer and author of Holy Rover: Journeys in Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God, a memoir of her trips to a dozen of the world’s holy sites. “So many people have prayed and opened their hearts in a holy place that you can feel the energy,” she says. Erickson suggests that travelers seek out hallowed ground from different traditions, which can help heal divides among people of divergent faiths. “The art and architecture of holy sites are beautiful manifestations of spiritual longing and human creativity. These places have the power to move you, regardless of your own spiritual background.”

Journey Jump-Offs Here’s a short list of resources to inspire transformative adventuring. n The blog at explores Cambodia’s sacred Buddhist sites.   n Evergreen Escapes at Evergreen specializes in unforgettable locales tailored to the traveler’s inner calling.   n “The Travelers” podcast via features stories and advice from 200-plus change-makers on topics ranging from creativity, fear and gratitude to travel-related careers.   n Muddy Shoe Adventures at offers small-group trips that challenge participants with combinations of physical activities and cultural experiences.   n connects people through shared spiritual adventures like mind-body healing and immersion in nature.   n Phil Cousineau ( hosts writer’s retreats, literary tours and pilgrimages to historic sacred sites.   n Responsible Travel at Responsible offers socially and environmentally conscious tours to all seven continents, including small-ship cruises to more authentic, lesserknown ports of call.   n Transformational Travel Council’s website conveys uplifting stories, a travelers’ forum and other tools for changeseekers.                                                                                 n World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms ( links volunteers with organic farmers to help build a sustainable global community.

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When you give while traveling, you often get back even more, says Cousineau. “A pilgrim never travels empty-handed. Bring gifts; even postcards from home can make a meaningful connection.” He recently brought baseball equipment along on a group tour he led to give to kids in baseball-crazed Cuba. Giving appreciation is as important as tangible mementos, he notes. “Gratitude makes transformation possible; that’s what modern people are longing for, to be touched.” Boyle suggests that finding ways to give back can unlock unique opportunities. Quinn Vanderberg and Jonathon Button, guests on Boyle’s podcast, left stable lives and jobs in California for Nicaragua in 2012 with only their travel bags and a shared dream. Brainstorming a vision for a new life together, the 25-year-old pair had realized, “We wanted life to be filled with travel, culture and people, and to make an impact along the way,” says Vanderburg. “We went knowing we wanted to create a social venture, but first wanted to see what was really needed by the community.” They went on to partner with local educational nonprofits and artisans

to launch Life Out of the Box, a line of clothing and accessories modeled after Toms’ “Buy one, give one” business model. For every product sold, the entrepreneurs donate school supplies to a child in need. Since 2012, the project has expanded to also support kids in Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico and Morocco.

Drive Home Transformation

Starting with a moment of reflection before departing a place, take advantage of a trip’s afterglow to recall insights learned, gel memories, share insights and move to make changes stick. Haupert sees this as a good time to develop an action plan to “express gratitude for the journey and create a framework for your homecoming.” Then, take a day to reflect upon returning home before jumping back into work or other obligations, internalizing your experience and integrating your “traveler self” back into normalcy. It might involve a trip to the spa, an afternoon of journaling or organizing trip photos, suggests Haupert. “Resist the urge to check emails the minute the plane touches down or start planning the next trip. Take time to remember the journey and

Close Encounters Eager for a transformative adventure without traveling afar? Here are some ideas for exploring cultures and connecting with others closer to home. 4 Attend festivals celebrating varied cultures in your local community. Every spring in Washington, D.C., embassies showcase the cuisine, art and history of 70 countries. Frackville, Pennsylvania’s 103-year-old Lithuanian Days is the oldest ethnic festival in the country. 4 Host a traveling cyclist and hear tales from the trails via, a hospitality exchange for 90,000 touring cyclists and hosts. 4 Take advantage of local, state and national parks, including 88 ocean and coastal parks within the National Park Service ( Along with wilderness sites, the service also stewards important cultural heritage sites nationwide. 4 Find a spiritual retreat center at 4 Overnight on an organic farm. Visit to sample what’s in season in the region. 4 Meet and host individual travelers via, a network of 11 million globetrotters in 150,000 cities. 20

Hawaiʻi Edition

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Dmitry Molchanov/

Lasting Travel Gifts

Adventure travelers named transformation and an expanded worldview as top motives for their explorations. ~Adventure Travel Trade Association see your home turf with fresh eyes,” adds Cousineau. The returned pilgrim has a responsibility to memorialize the journey, an ancient tradition of Judeo-Christian and Islamic faiths, advises Cousineau. The San Francisco writer traveled with a group on foot from Louisville, Kentucky, to Thomas Merton’s Abbey of Our Lady of Gethsemani, near Bardstown, Kentucky, to celebrate the legacy of Merton and Mahatma Gandhi. One of the women inked a footprint from each of 100-plus travelers, sewing them into a quilt to commemorate the pilgrimage. Chronicling the journey can be as simple as a dinner party with friends to share what we have learned, says Cousineau, but suggests that travelers engage attendees to also contribute their own stories and reflections. “We have a choice upon returning; do nothing and just let that experience fade or own it for ourselves,” concurs Boyle. “It’s incumbent to extract the meaning of our experiences and find a way to express them, whether through a photo series, article, painting or video. The traveler’s ‘third act’ of creativity after preparation and execution is how we process change.” Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at 8/30/16 1:18 PM

The Power of Travel Even Mind Travel


by Randy Hampton

ith all the pressures of everyday life, a vacation can really do wonders for the mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s a ski getaway to Aspen, a yoga retreat in India, or a “staycation” weekend in Waikiki, everyone can benefit from taking some time to get away and unwind. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to take a break exactly when it’s needed most. Master Hypnotist Beverly Craddock, of Hawaii Hypnosis Center, in Honolulu, says there are still plenty of things a person can do to get the benefits of travel without having to go any further than the living room. “The benefit of travel on the brain is twofold,” Beverly explains. “First, when we’re away from the stress of our day-to-day environment, we’re able to relax more deeply. Secondly, when we go to a different environment, we’re creating positive stimulation in our brain through new visuals, different smells, and interesting sounds. Merely the sound of different birds singing in the background can create calm stimulation in your subconscious mind.”  If a person needs the benefits of a vacation but doesn’t have the time or funds to make that happen, Beverly suggests they get creative to achieve these benefits at home. “Play a new kind of music or put on some background sound effects, like ocean sounds, a

crackling fire, or a rainstorm,” she suggests. “Buy a scented candle, just to change things up. By changing your environmental inputs, you can stimulate your brain in great ways.” Beverly also suggests turning off the television and reading a book, which stimulates learning centers in the brain by powering the imagination. Television and computer screens not only require no learning on the part of the brain, they cause the visual cortex to become overworked and overstimulated. “Electronic screens are a series of small dots that make up a larger image,” Beverly says. “Researchers are finding out that the brain has to work very quickly to translate those dots into the images we see, especially when those images are moving. So, watching someone run on television is actually more tiring for the brain than watching someone run in person.”  Relaxing deeply is also critical to getting the travel experience without the travel. For that deep relaxation, it’s important to understand how humans actually experience relaxation. “Most people have the mistaken belief that they must relax the mind to truly relax,” Beverly explains. “But that is not true. What actually occurs most commonly is that the body relaxes and the mind is drawn into a focused state. Think about the last time you had a massage. The body relaxes and your

mind wanders off, focused on whatever thoughts come along.” One critical recommendation Beverly offers for true relaxation is to ditch the electronic devices—especially that ever-present smartphone. She says just turning off the ringer or setting the phone down isn’t enough. “There was a recent study out of the University of Texas that found that merely having a smartphone in the same room—even if it is turned off—causes our brain to be preoccupied by the possibility of the information that could be found on the device,” Beverly explains. “As our brains have become conditioned to the constant connection of our devices, we have become incapable of truly disconnecting—and our ability to relax is suffering because of it.”  The Texas study seemed to show that the modern brain is almost constantly in a state of wonder at what is happening in the virtual world. That state of wonder is linked to technology’s endless connection to information. However, it has created a subconscious alertness in the brain that prevents people from being present and from truly relaxing. “Whether you are relaxing on a beach in Bali or relaxing on your couch at home,” Beverly concludes, “knowing the secrets of your brain can help you get the real relaxation that your brain needs to survive when you return to your real life—whether that’s in five days or five minutes.”  As a master hypnotist, many of Beverly’s clients are surprised to learn that there is more to her work than just dropping people into trance and offering powerful suggestions to change behavior. She is trained and experienced in working with the subconscious motivational mind and follows the latest in brain and neuroscience research that can help people live more peaceful and productive lives. The mission of a master hypnotist goes beyond suggestion into helping clients use all that brain knowledge to achieve a better reality.   Randy Hampton is a writer, social scientist, hypnotist and blogger living in Honolulu. See ad, page 28.

natural awakenings

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Why are trees, to your eyes, so captivating? When I first started photographing trees, I thought of them as objects in the design of a photograph, rather than something that’s alive. When I began to look at a tree’s acorns, flowers and pollen, I realized that this tree is doing what we do: it’s born, grows, has offspring and dies; it seeks air, nutrients and light. Trees all have a fascinating master plan for survival and reproduction. Some trees can build an architectural structure that grows 150 feet high and can withstand 100-mile-an-hour winds.

How do you suggest that a newbie tree-watcher start learning how to see trees more intimately?

Nature Photographer Robert Llewellyn on



or the past 40 years, Robert Llewellyn has photographed thousands of unique beauties—many of them trees, flowers, seeds and other landscape elements. “For a photographer, anything can be a good subject, even dirt,” he says. “My mission is to move people from merely looking at things to deeply seeing things as they are.” For Llewellyn’s first collaboration with garden writer Nancy Ross Hugo, Remarkable Trees of Virginia, published in 2008, the pair drove 20,000 miles in four years observing and capturing the complex lives of 100 notable trees. It was on this assignment that the Earlysville, Virginia, photographer de-


Hawaiʻi Edition

veloped his now-signature technique, subsequently used to illustrate one of their follow-up books, Seeing Trees. “I wanted to photograph small parts —leaves, fruit, bark and flowers—so I would cut off a bloom, twig or seed pod and put it on a light table and take hundreds of photos, which, strung together, were infinitely sharp, like a botanic drawing. I found I could zoom into my subject up to a pollen grain this way.” Llewellyn lives with his wife on a 60-acre farm in tree-studded Albemarle County, enjoying 200-year-old oaks outside their front door. His latest of nearly 40 books, The Living Forest, is due out in October.

Read a book like Seeing Trees, then get up, go out and observe trees in real time, at different times of the year and track what they do. Take pencil and paper and draw them, or take pictures. Start by exploring trees in your backyard or a nearby park. Share a quality magnifying glass to encourage youngsters to get closer to the trees, too. Challenge them to find flowers, fruit or spots where last year’s leaves fell off. Kids love that. I visit schools and have kids go out and collect fallen tree debris that we look at together.

What makes some of your favorite trees so distinctive? Red maples make an early entrance in spring, their flowers appearing before the leaves, and drop their “helicopter” seeds in spring to germinate before anything can eat them. In spring, an entire hill will turn red with these maples, but it’s not their leaves; it’s the trees’ flowers, getting ready to drop their showy red dresses on the ground before anything else is blooming. You can learn a lot about trees by seeing what’s on the ground through their life cycles. Sycamore, for example, has both male and female flowers. The female flowers develop into fruiting seedpods that dry out and hang on through winter until a spring wind blows them apart.

Rather than seeing trees as dead in winter, what can we look for? Trees are very much alive in winter. When leaves fall off, they leave behind little pointed leaf buds. You can cut them open and find tiny green leaves encapsulated which remain unfrozen, waiting to open up in the spring. Twigs in winter show leaf scars where the leaves dropped. We can also witness the diverse life in and on trees in all seasons. That includes bugs, plants, fungi and parasites, in addition to the animals that nest in them and eat their fruits and nuts. I once found a round ball on an oak tree that turned out to be a wasp gall for its offspring, its larvae hanging in the middle.

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How are tree-viewing skills transferrable to other aspects of our lives? The skill of observation is vital: moving from looking to seeing. At a party, you can just mindlessly chatter with people or you can really see them—what their bodies, gestures and emotions are communicating. Labels and names get in the way of seeing things as they are. Stop labeling things or worrying about what they are called; as in meditation, just relax into observing, to embrace things as they are. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at


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Bouncing, Leaping and Lunging Our Way to Bone Health by Kathleen Barnes

Success in the quest for stronger bones is possible at any age.

Start and Stay Young

“Peak bone strength is reached by the age of 30, so it’s vital for young people to engage in dynamic impact movement through their teen years and 20s,” says Sherri Betz, chair of the American Physical Therapy Association bone health group, a doctor of physical therapy and geriatric-certified specialist with a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. Engaging in sports during our youthful developing years helps build

strong, wide and dense bones that will carry us well into old age, literally giving us a firmer base to stand on. It’s paramount to encourage children and young people to be physically active and for us all to continue with athletic activities throughout adulthood to preserve the bone health peak we reach at age 30.

Optimal Bone Exercises

“Adulthood is a perfectly good time to start building and improving bone fit-


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ness and health. The outcome is just a little bit less,” says Steven A. Hawkins, Ph.D., a professor of exercise science at California Lutheran University, in Thousand Oaks. “Bone responds to exercise much like muscle,” explains Larry Tucker, Ph.D., professor of exercise sciences at Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah. “Bone doesn’t grow, per se, but like muscle, it does get denser and stronger according to the stresses and strains put on it.” “The key is to put a heavy load on bones to stimulate them to grow,” Hawkins notes. Standing exercises are recommended, because the bones most likely to benefit from strengthening exercise are 30 targeted leg and hip bones, says Tucker. “Surprising the bone is your best bet,” points out Betz. “Don’t do the same things over and over again at the same time, either repetitive exercises like running or weight lifting or consistent combinations; even high-intensity exercise can diminish the effects.” The most highly recommended exercises involve those that require changing directions, bouncing and leaping—from basketball to lively dances, and even some intense yoga postures. Hopping and jumping are probably the best way to strengthen bones, but must be done in the proper way, according to Tucker and others. Research by Tucker’s team published in the American Journal of Health Promotion studied the effects of jumping on hip bone density in premenopausal women. It may seem counterintuitive, but Tucker reports that most benefits

ESB Professional/


Walking Isn’t It Walking, running, weight training and other

repetitive exercises don’t improve bone density, says Hawkins. “Walk and do other repetitive exercises for cardiovascular health and general fitness. While these might help maintain current bone strength, they won’t improve bone density.” Walking reduced the risk of hip fracture by 41 percent for postmenopausal women walking four hours a week, with fewer falls due to improved strength, balance and other factors per the Journal of

the American Medical Association. Numerous studies confirm that exercise of any kind keeps us healthy, but for bone health, the answer is to start weight-bearing exercises early and sustain the practice for a lifetime. Kathleen Barnes is a health writer and author of The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know, with Dr. Robert Thompson. Connect at

Best Bone Test itsmejust/


are gained from jumping as high as possible, resting 30 seconds and repeating up to 10 times twice a day in intervals at least eight hours apart. “If you jump continuously, the exercise loses effectiveness pretty quickly,” he says. Those that enjoy circuit training should do something else during the 30-second rests between repetitions, Tucker advises. Because it’s the jolt of jumping that stimulates bone strength, using a mini-trampoline or another cushioning device to lessen impact on the body won’t increase bone density. Betz cautions against starting a jumping program too quickly. “Proper alignment, balance and body awareness come first,” she says. “Do 20 to 25 heel raises in a row, a full squat with good alignment and a full lunge to ready the body for a jumping program.” Such strengthening safeguards against falling and injury.

The most common way of testing bone density is a DEXA (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan. The result is called a T-score and is one case where a zero is perfect. A score of +1.0 to -1.0 is considered normal. A score between -1.0 and -2.5 is considered osteopenia, or weakened bones. A score lower than -2.5 indicates some level of osteoporosis. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends bone density testing for women and men older than 65 and 70, respectively, and those that are petite, prone to breaking bones or have other risk factors. For more information, visit

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and shredded or chopped vegetables can launch the production of probiotic lactic acid bacteria that preserves the food and drives off “bad bacteria”. Jennifer McGruther, who lives in the Pacific Northwest, is the author of The Nourished Kitchen cookbook, an offshoot of her blog of the same name. Her first batch of fermented food was yogurt. Now she visits her local farmers’ market every Saturday before spending Sunday prepping foods for the rest of the week. “Traditional foods like fermented vegetables, yogurt or kombucha don’t take long to prepare; they take time to culture, but it’s so rewarding,” she says.

How Much Is Enough?

Fermented Foods Revival Rediscover Probiotic-Rich Foods by Judith Fertig

Colorful jars of fermented Korean kimchee, Indian chutney, German sauerkraut and bottles of kombucha line many grocery store shelves today. We’re in the midst of a fermented food revival.

Grassroots Groundswell

“I grew up in New York City as the grandson of immigrants from Belarus, and sauerkraut and pickles were common foods I always loved, but neither my grandparents nor anyone else I knew made them,” says Sandor Katz. This Woodbury, Tennessee, writer who travels the world giving related workshops is credited with bringing fermented foods back into the limelight. He explains, “I am self-taught and learned to ferment by experimentation. It was that first successful batch of sauerkraut that sparked my obsession. I also love eating cheese, beer, choco-

late, coffee, yogurt and many other products of fermentation.” Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, the authors of Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes, homestead in Oregon’s Jackson Valley. “A fateful Christmas gift—a ceramic crock full of bubbling, fermenting cabbage under the tree, funky fermenty smell and all,” first piqued their interest, Kirsten recalls. “Eventually, we started our own small farmstead fermentation company.” Christopher explains that the combination of salt

Natural Awakenings recommends using organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) and non-bromated ingredients whenever possible.


Hawaiʻi Edition

Fermented foods offer a variety of positive effects on health. “If you’re consuming a diet rich in fermented foods, you’re essentially bathing your GI tract in healthy, food-related organisms,” says food research scientist Robert Hutkins, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Fermented foods with live probiotics can also improve brain function, according to a study in the journal Gastroenterology. Fermented foods are meant to be eaten as condiments, not consumed in large quantities. Overdoing such intake might cause bloating, cramping and other digestion problems. Dr. Leonard Smith, a gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon and medical advisor for the University of Miami Department of Integrative Medicine, recommends “a half-cup of cultured vegetables or two ounces of your favorite probiotic liquid per day to start.” He says it’s possible to eventually work up to having a serving of cultured vegetables and probiotic liquids at every meal, or possibly as a between-meal snack. Christopher Shockey adds, “We don’t see these foods as a ‘medicine’ to be eaten daily because you have to force yourself; instead, we see it as a fun, delicious, easy, healthful addition to mealtime.” Judith Fertig writes cookbooks and foodie fiction from Overland Park, KS (



A Fermented Recipe to Start

carrots, apple, ginger, chili, onion and turmeric. (Consider wearing food-safe gloves to avoid touching the chili.) Transfer to a crock or a large glass or ceramic bowl, and mix well.

by Judith Fertig

In a pitcher or large measuring cup, dissolve the salt in the water, stirring if necessary to dissolve the salt. Pour the saltwater over the salsa mixture until all ingredients are submerged, leaving a couple of inches at the top for expansion.


ermented foods are well known for building gut health. Now a growing body of research shows that they improve immunity, brain and heart functions,” says Michelle Schoffro Cook, Ph.D. The board-certified doctor of natural medicine, certified herbalist and author blogs from Vancouver, Canada. Get started with these simple, plant-based recipes from her latest book, The Cultured Cook: Delicious Fermented Foods with Probiotics to Knock Out Inflammation, Boost Gut Health, Lose Weight & Extend Your Life.

Salvadoran Salsa Yields: about 1 quart This gingery and spicy salsa, also known as curtido, is a traditional Salvadoran food. The twist here is added turmeric and green apple. Serve on its own, as a condiment with chips, on sausages or over salad. Maybe mix a couple of heaping spoonfuls with freshly mashed avocado for a fresh take on guacamole.

½ green cabbage 1 to 2 carrots 1 green apple, cored and quartered One 2-inch piece fresh ginger ½ cayenne chili ½ small purple or red onion One 2-inch piece fresh turmeric 3 Tbsp unrefined fine or 6 Tbsp unrefined coarse sea salt 1 quart (or liter) filtered water Use a food processor with a coarse grating blade to shred the cabbage,

Place a snug-fitting plate inside the crock or bowl over the salsa-water mixture; then weigh it down with foodsafe weights or a bowl or jar of water, so the vegetables remain submerged under the brine as they ferment. Cover with a lid or a cloth, and allow it to ferment five to seven days, checking periodically to ensure the salsa is still submerged below the water line. If any mold forms on the surface, simply scoop it out. It won’t spoil the salsa unless it gets deeper inside the crock. (It may form where the mixture meets the air, but it rarely forms deeper.) After one week, put the salsa in jars or a bowl, cover and place in the fridge, where it usually lasts up to a year.

Real Estate is complex and results matter! I can help YOU: Ÿ Find your rst home (I’ve been in your shoes) Ÿ Find an investment property or sell your current one (I too own

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Homeowner Happenings Don’t

Caught Unaware


beehive can literally show up anywhere. They’ve shown up in walls, ceilings, or even underneath an old cement laundry room floor, as was the case for Angelika Burgermeister, a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, Pacific Properties. Having never encountered such a situation, she started doing research and contacted multiple beekeepers. Because bees are so important to our environment and are responsible for the pollination of a third of our food supply, Angelika wanted to find out how the bees could be safely removed from underneath the floor and relocated to continue their vital work. She learned there are several ways to remove a hive in which it remains preserved. However, some agencies do recommend the drill-and-kill method if a hive is in a hardto-reach place, like a wall. In such cases, they recommend drilling a hole in the wall and putting poison in it so as to kill the hive. Angelika knew in her heart she did not want to do this, since killing a hive is an atrocity to the environment. She believes this method should only be applied as a last resort when no other option remains and the hive poses a danger. In fact, some people decide to leave a hive where

If you are looking to purchase or sell a home, contact Angelika Burgermeister (lic# RS-29585) at 808-983-9273 or For more information, visit angelika-burger-meister/aid_176125. See ad, page 27.

Anxiousness Starts In Your Mind There is no reason you have to live with anxiousness Resolve Naturally Thru Hypnosis 28

Hawaiʻi Edition

Free Phone Consultation


Hawaii Hypnosis Center 765 Amana St., Honolulu Serving Hawaii Since 2006

Lisa Scott Owen

it is, especially if it does not interfere with their lives. Angelika says it was impossible to see the hive by merely looking through the opening in the wall where the bees were entering and exiting. The bees had cleverly hidden the hive behind a plank of wood, and it was unclear exactly where the hive was located. Since it was necessary to determine the exact location in order to begin removal, Angelika was referred to a local beekeeper, Jasmine Joy, who specializes in beehive removal. Jasmine is especially adept when there are challenges, such as hives in walls, ceilings or other difficult places to access. Through the use of an infrared camera, she was able to discover where the hive was and how big it was—two important factors in determining where the cement floor needed to be cut open. “The whole process was exciting to watch, and Jasmine and her helper did a fantastic job,” says Angelika. “Not only did they remove the hive, they also cleaned out the whole area so no trace of the hive was left behind. This is important so no other bees are attracted to the area. What was amazing is that the bees were not aggressive in any way, even when their home was lifted out of the floor. This was an exciting experience, especially knowing that the bees were being saved.” Throughout this ordeal, Angelika has learned a lot about keeping one’s home bee free. She offers these tips: “To avoid bees making hives in places where they shouldn’t, make sure to close any outside holes and check around the home frequently, especially the nooks and crannies. Also keep brush and foliage cut back away from the home to see what is going on. Check frequently because the earlier you catch them, the better. And, if you have a problem with bees, contact Jasmine at 808-497-1743.”

Reconnect and Revitalize the Divine Feminine


omen are called upon to fill so many roles in life that it’s difficult to find time to just be at one with self. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to reconnect with the body and reignite feminine vibrancy? Well there is. Yoni Steam Honolulu is a new kind of day spa that is a sanctuary for all things feminine. Allison Nahoopii has opened the first spa in Hawai’i dedicated specifically to Yoni Steam. Her trademark attention to detail in 20 years as a salon/spa owner has helped create the ultimate experience. To start with, she brought in worldrenowned Yoni Steam practitioner and instructor Annette Bizzell to provide her and her staff with intensive hands-on training. Annette is a certified holistic consultant with more than 17 years of wellness education and experience. Allison then built the perfect

day spa environment so that when a woman steps through the door, she is taken away to a light and airy oasis colored in shades of azure blues and linen whites. The soft pillows and natural wood décor sweep away thoughts of the world outside and provide a perfectly peaceful spa setting. Yoni Steam is an ancient practice that honors the Yoni, the core of womanhood. Yoni is Sanskrit for “sacred temple” or pathway, more specifically the “vagina” and “womb.” It’s the symbol of the Divine Mother, the sacred and profound place that we all come from. Yoni Steam dates back thousands of years and is seen in many indigenous cultures, including those in Africa, Asia, India, Greece, Japan, Korea, Palau and the Philippines, as well as in Mayan and Native American cultures. Yoni Steam has been used as a time-honored tradition

to celebrate and connect with feminine energy and as a remedy that offers great benefits for women, whether experiencing maladies or looking for a way to honor self, relieve anxiety and feel empowered. Gwyneth Paltrow created a buzz in Los Angeles in 2015 when she praised the virtues of a Yoni Steam. Since then, Yoni Steam spas have popped up in major cities all throughout the mainland, and women everywhere are experiencing this rejuvenating therapy. Now, thanks to Allison, women in Hawai’i can experience it too. Yoni Steam Honolulu offers this treatment in private, tranquil, linen rooms on specially designed chairs. A handcrafted organic herbal blend is chosen based on the individual goals. The gentle organic herbal steam helps women naturally address challenges they are facing, such as mild-to-severe menstrual cramps and irregular periods, general fatigue, vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms, painful intercourse, uterine fibroids and cysts, as well as other challenges women often accept as normal but rarely talk about. The warmth of the mild organic herbal steam stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. The result is a healthier, more relaxed and balanced connection to self. This noninvasive treatment provides a purification and release of stored up negative energy. Even if not facing a challenge, Yoni Steam provides tightening and beautifying effects. Women across the globe are taking back ownership of their personal health and wombs. They are trusting the wisdom of the generations and utilizing their intuition as well as herbs from the earth to support and nourish their overall well-being. A Yoni Steam is a way to for a woman to love and nurture her body. Location: Kapahulu Oahu. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call or text 808-853-0959 or visit See ad, page 9.

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Choosing a Chiropractor How to Find the Best One by Marlaina Donato


hiropractic medicine is known for its non-surgical approach to chronic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions, but also has much more to offer. However, finding the right doctor can be as daunting as shopping for a comfortable pair of shoes. Here, three reputable practitioners talk about securing individualized care and getting the most out of chiropractic.

Address Specific Needs

Clarifying the desired outcome is helpful, because some clients are just looking for a quick fix to reduce pain, while others may be seeking overall better health, lasting wellness and an improved quality of life. “Due to insurance issues, we’ve become known as pain doctors, but that’s not the full extent of chiropractic,” explains Dr. Michelle Robin, owner of Your Wellness Connection and

Ask Questions

First, find out if a chiropractor has embraced either a conventional medical or holistic model, and then delve more deeply to find the right approach and level of care. “Ask how long a doctor

Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD, Board Certified Physician

Hawaii Center for R egenerative Medicine Helping you feel better so you can live better ... As a physiatrist, Dr. Smigel specializes in improving people’s quality of life. She has traveled the world to find treatments for chronic pain and will help you find the relief you

have been looking for while restoring optimal health and function. Call for your consultation today!

Hilo - 136A Ululani Street Honolulu - Hawaii Times Bldg 928 Nuuanu Avenue #210 30

Hawaiʻi Edition

Providing the Following Therapy For CHRONIC PAIN Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Prolotherapy Mention Ad Lyftogt’s Perineural Injections for 10% Off Prolozone Functional Medicine Adipose Stem Cell Therapy Botox Injections for Myofascial Pain, Migraine & Aesthetics Hair Regrowth with PRP Procedures are usually performed under fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance. Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ


Learn more at:



the educational website, in Shawnee, Kansas. “Also, you can see more than one chiropractor, as each has their own strength.” Dr. Michael Aho, of Crosstown Chiropractic, in Chicago, agrees. “Chiropractic care encompasses many styles, so one of the biggest variables is the type of treatment the doctor uses. Most offices commonly treat neck, mid-back and low back pain. If you have a specific shoulder, knee or foot problem, you may want to find a doctor that frequently treats those issues. If you are pregnant, choose a chiropractor that has experience working with pregnant women.” “There are more than 140 different chiropractic techniques. Some are light touch, while others are aggressive. Some are hands-on and some use instruments for adjusting. It’s important that the doctor’s approach resonates with your nature,” advises Dr. Jackie St.Cyr of the Innate Chiropractic Healing Arts Center, in Houston. Robin advises that sitting in a doctor’s reception room to just observe and trusting our intuition is helpful before moving forward with a consultation.

has practiced and their governing philosophy. Do they treat the full spine or focus on the point of pain, and what range of techniques do they apply? You want them to know your spine before they adjust it; make sure they conduct a new patient exam,” suggests St.Cyr. An exam may include a thermography scan and X-rays. Helpful questions include what to expect during the initial visit, recommended frequency of treatment, the desired doctor’s office hours and how treatment might benefit a particular condition. Because most chiropractic offices offer compatible treatments, also ask about complementary modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, heat therapy, and interferential current therapy using minute electrical pulses for deep tissue pain relief.

Be Consistent

“You shouldn’t expect instant results,” says Aho. “You’ll benefit the most if you don’t wait too long after first experiencing symptoms of a problem before starting treatment, and are consistent with your treatment.” Being proactive can foster good results. St.Cyr concurs, stating, “When patients follow their chiropractor’s recommended routine of regular corrective care, they get the best results. Be consistent with visits and do your customized spinal exercises; they’ve been proven to work.” Robin expounds that not following through with homecare is a common pitfall for patients. “Like dental care, you always need to do something for your spine every day, be it stretching, other exercise or good nutrition.” She notes that everyone’s response to chiropractic is different. “Be realistic. If you’ve experienced injuries or accidents, it will take longer, and your healing might look different from that of someone else that is free of injuries and follows a healthier diet. Sometimes people give up on chiropractic instead of finding a chiropractor that is good for them. You wouldn’t give up going to the dentist, and the same should apply to chiropractic care.”


water efficiency

healthy living

appliance maintenance

cleaner indoor air

fuel efficiency

Save money on your utility bills and live greener and healthier - for life!

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Channeling, CardCard Readers and Soul Channeling, Readers and Readers Soul Readers

Classes - Automatic Writing, Channeling, Manifesting, Classes - Automatic Writing, Channeling, Manifesting, Mediumship Mediumship, Sacred Geometry Acupressure and Massage Crystals, Art and Gifts 3424Waialae WaialaeAvenue Avenue 3424 between8th 8th&&9th 9th between

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Crystal Cave Cave & & Kyanite KyaniteLounge Lounge

Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at natural awakenings

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If you are taking no action to change your Money Game, then you need a Money Reading by KAT! She can help you get unstuck with a 45-minute money reading and action packed to Do List to make changes! With over 30+ years as a Money Expert and a Brain Belief expert for 20+ years, you will get the BEST!

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ariety is the spice of life, and people have been known to travel far and wide to have the opportunity to participate in several different therapy treatments. The Hawaii Health Hub decided that they wanted to offer a wide range of scientifically proven therapies all in one place. Their goal is to make it more convenient for their clients to feel physically and mentally their best by managing mental and emotional stress and decreasing inflammation. Here’s a summary of the treatments they offer in their beautiful modern facility.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Icing injuries is a treatment that has been around for decades. Athletes routinely have shoulders and knees wrapped for 20 minutes to relieve inflammation and pain. Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to take the proven effects of cold therapy to the next level, offering the same results for the whole body in just three minutes. Anyone looking to mitigate a headache, relieve pain, decrease inflammation, speed healing, or reduce muscle soreness will benefit from this inflammation zapper. The body is immersed in a subzero atmospheric temperature (negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit). The three-minute immersion is just long enough to safely get the whole-body effect. People have also reported they’ve seen their fat cells (cellulite) shrink!

File: AdEstelle19-Honolulu.pages

Float Tank

Floating is designed to create a sensory-deprivation experience and relieve stress and inflammation. The effect is to be magically transported to a place where all the madness of the modern world disappears. A 75-minute session weightlessly floating on a bed of water in a completely dark and virtually soundproof tank can inspire deep relaxation, meditative states, and even emotional and psychological purging. There are also therapeutic and detoxifying properties in the Epsom salt-saturated water. They have two Samadhi float tanks. The Samadhi Tank Company was the first commercial manufacturer of isolation tanks. Their tanks are 8 feet by 4 feet and filled with 10 inches of water that is saturated with 800 pounds of premium-quality Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), making it very buoyant. Control buttons are conveniently available inside of the tank to control the lights and temperature. The water is maintained at 93.5 degrees, which is skin temperature; however, there is an option to make it warmer. There is a sound system installed under the tank, which is used to signal the end of the 75-minute session as well as play music. People are encouraged to bring their own music or listen to a selection of guided meditation or music available.

Acupuncture and Cupping

Both treatments increase blood flow and stimulate healing. With acupuncture, hair-thin sterile needles are inserted into specifically mapped points of the body to elicit the flow of qi (life energy) and balance yin and yang forces. This Traditional Chinese Medicine technique can assist the body in healing. Cupping is a technique that creates a suction at the site of pain. The specially designed cups are left in place for about 10 minutes. The suction draws more blood into the area and creates more space between the tissues for better blood flow.


Hawaii Health Hub offers a wide range of massage services, including deep tissue, lomi lomi, stress relief and pregnancy massage. Whether it’s an intense yet restorative session or a relaxing full-body session, they have the right massage available. Sessions at Hawaii Health Hub are an excellent way to prepare for and recover from major surgeries or medical interventions, lifestyle changes, or to improve overall health and well-being. Their goal is to help clients become more proactive about their health and take control of their lifestyle choices. Membership and fundraiser programs are available.


You, too, can see, feel, know and...

Hear Your Angels While in university (too) many years ago, I heard a Estelle Small talk about using my intuition and having angels and a life purpose. After learning some techniques in a workshop, I had personal experiences, and I could no longer doubt the existence of angels. Until then, I was unsure of myself and afraid to go after what I wanted. I was ready to give up on my journalism degree at that time, but with sharper intuition and advice from angels I decided to finish it. I trusted myself more, and life changed immensely. What adventures since then, first as a journalist, then senior policy advisor and speechwriter in government. I have received advice on places to live, work that was best for me and especially on relationships and other major life decisions.

Most of all, I have spent much of the last 20 years sharing about intuition and angels. I show people the same easy-to-do techniques that I use to connect with my guides in a practical way. UPCOMING PRESENTATIONS: Tues., Oct. 10, 2017, 7 PM: Manoa Public Library 2716 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu, HI 96822 ¥ Mon., Oct. 23, 1 PM or 7 PM Oahu Veterans Center, 1298 Kukila Street, Honolulu 96818 (Foster Village) ¥ Tues., Oct. 24, 1 PM or 7 PM, Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Dr., Honolulu 96822 (contact us about parking), Fee: $15, 1 1/2 to 2 hrs). Live on-line webinars: Sat., Oct. 21 or Wed, Oct 25, Free, For info: www. Phone: 888 248GUIDES (888 248-4843) or E-Mail:

Location: 320 Ward Ave., Ste. 101, Honolulu. MAE-3171. For more information or to make a reservation, call 808-675-8399 or visit See ad, page 5. natural awakenings

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Elders. Shared history, respect and affection are vital to belonging. Adults coping with a highstress, industrialized culture might tend to find elders’ stories slow-moving and boring, but they are a critical resource for our collective survival. Beware of the “star from afar” syndrome that posits outsiders as experts, rather than honoring and developing our own community resources, which won’t disappear at the end of an event.

Creating Community 9 15 Ways to Craft a Circle of Caring by Linda Buzzell


n facing up to today’s often degrading environmental, economic, political, social and hyper-individualistic cultural conditions, we instinctively know that survival requires coming together to effect constructive change. Here are proven approaches to community building that work.

1 2

Build a campfire. Whether literal or metaphoric, create a clear, focused attraction that draws people into a circle.

Connect with nature and the seasons. Tying gatherings into what’s happening seasonally with all life forms is a traditionally effective way of fostering community.


Welcome each person. Either designate greeters or go around the circle welcoming and acknowledging each participant before proceeding with the event’s main activity. People that feel seen and known are more likely to stay involved.


Hawaiʻi Edition


Provide food and drink. Traditional societies have always taken hospitality seriously. Having people bring items to add to the collective feast is better than catering.

Gifts and sharing. As we focus on creating a sharing society versus a gimme culture, it’s nice to give small gifts such as a plant or garden flower, organic seeds or regifted items to event attendees. It’s a simple way to help everyone feel valued, appreciated and welcomed. The key is keeping events local, simple and created by the community for the community. Many hands make light work, and some of the best community events cost the host little, while everyone involved brings their own chair or blanket, serving ware and potluck dish.




11 12

Ceremony, ritual and the sacred. Deep in our collective human memory lie countless spring and harvest festivals, ceremonial or religious events, meals and celebrations that included a strong sense of passage, initiation and the sacredness of all life. Use one as a springboard to add meaning to a contemporary gathering.

Collective problem solving. People bond into a community when they participate in solving a real-world community problem, helping someone in need or addressing a situation that demands a community solution. Consider using Robert’s Rules of Order or other guidelines for discussions that maintain civility, discourage competitiveness and peacefully resolve conflicts in order to reach consensus.

Shopping. People have been bonding through meeting others in the marketplace since ancient times. Sales or silent auctions are popular when the money paid becomes a gift to the community. A little excitement. Raffles and door prizes add fun as long as any money raised goes into the common coffers as a gift to all. Child care. Children provide a necessary source of untamed energy and entertainment for any gathering. Multigenerational exchanges also help form and shape them through exposure to role models and life education, even if they might not feel engaged at the time.

Storytelling. Humans learn best when seeing and hearing stories. Facts don’t arouse us as much as narratives and full-body experiences do. Bombarding people with facts won’t create desired change. We must be inspired to act on the knowledge.


Transportation. Facilitating carpools and providing transportation for those without cars or unable to walk builds community even before the event starts.

14 15

Dance and body movement. Modern society makes us sit a lot. Physical action connects us in a way nothing else can. Beauty and music. Our eyes and ears are portals to the soul and spirit of the human psyche. Even a simple drum can bond individuals into a coherent group. Community singing can be powerful medicine, as places of worship ever demonstrate. A simple flower on the table or painting on the wall brings powerful archetypal energies to bear as we come together. An outdoor meeting brings nature’s magnificence to our senses, adding extraordinary power to events.


A energy healing technique that works at the cellular level

Oct. 28 & 29, Sat. & Sun., 9am - 5pm

$250 if paid by 10/6/17; $300 after. Alumni $175 Workbook Included 14 hours HI DC-CEU’s Manoa Innovative Ctr 2800 Woodlawn Dr. Ste 100 Honolulu

Contact & Registration 808-871-6996

The bottom line is that any community gathering, organization or event that engages body, mind and spirit has a far greater chance of surviving and thriving. Linda Buzzell is a psychotherapist, ecotherapist, blogger and co-editor of Ecotherapy: Healing with Nature in Mind. She co-founded a local permaculture guild, and a voluntary simplicity circle which met for 10 years in her local community. Connect at

Lani Kwon, MA Ÿ Newfield Network® Graduate

Life Coach

Ÿ Published Author Ÿ Professional Keynote Speaker

Have you struggled with feeling stuck or being unclear about what to do in your life? Do you know what your life purpose is, but are not yet sure how to make it happen step-by-step?


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~Ali Smith

School Om Work

Kids Calm Themselves with Meditation by April Thompson


choolchildren are learning the calming effect of tuning into their minds and bodies through a pioneering program in Baltimore, Maryland, that’s replacing time outs and school detentions with mindful moments. Trained staff—including many former students—teach yoga, mindfulness

practices, meditation, centering and breath work that empower kids to resolve conflicts peacefully. Brothers Atman and Ali Smith and friend Andres Gonzalez founded the nonprofit Holistic Life Foundation (HLF) in 2001 in response to the pressing need to help kids living in challeng-

Align your financial goals with your values and ethics Call Tania to discuss her holistic approach

Offering: Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, College Funding, Lifetime Income Strategies, Investment*, Annuities, Business Succession Strategies, and more!

Tania Horowitz Fukuda

841 Bishop Street, Suite 1900 Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815


*Registered Representative offering securities products through NYLIFE Securities LLC (Member FINRA/SIPC), a Licensed Insurance Agency


Hawaiʻi Edition

English French Japanese SMRU 1740049

ing urban environments better manage stress, anger and other heightened emotions. Today, the organization is sowing the seeds of mindfulness with some 7,500 students a week across 18 Baltimore-area schools, usually beginning through daylong, school-wide interventions and afterschool programs supporting targeted populations. Frustrated kids cool off and center themselves through breathing exercises and meditation in the Mindful Moment Room in the HLF flagship Robert W. Coleman Elementary School. “Sometimes when I get mad, I just breathe deep. I picture being in a certain place I like and I just stop being mad… I think of being a bigger person and doing something maybe a wise man would do,” advises one fifth-grade participant. “When we had to take a big test, before I took it and in the middle, I took deep breaths to stay calm and finish the test. When everybody around you is making a lot of noises, you just try to tune them out and be yourself, do your breathing,” says another fifth-grader. The training starts with educators learning mindfulness techniques both to help their students and also manage their own stress in the classroom. “The program was a fantastic experience,” says Lori Gustovson, a teacher at Baltimore’s Lincoln Elementary School. “We integrated the exercises into our daily schedules, helping many students and teachers focus their attention and regulate emotions such as anxiety, anger and frustration. We are a better school because of the time they spent in our classrooms teaching us the beauty of paying attention to breath, movement and each other,” she observes. Participating schools have reported fewer fights, better attendance

Lyashenko Ego/

These are tools kids can rely on for the rest of their lives, and use them to get back to their center.

and higher grades, among other benefits, according to Ali Smith, all results backed by independent research. Recent studies in schools from San Francisco to Columbus, Ohio, have shown that teaching kids mindfulness practices can heighten attentiveness, self-control and empathy, while reducing stress, hyperactivity and depression, and improving academic performance. The kids also apply their newfound skills at home. “To take ownership of the practice and understand the benefits, you have to know how to explain it, so we use a reciprocal teaching model,” says Ali. “We teach the kids to say, ‘Mom, Dad, you look stressed; can you take a breather with me?’” Martin, a Lincoln Elementary student, was pleased to report, “I went to my house and taught my mom how to do all the things you guys taught us.” Virginia, another student, noted, “This morning I got mad at my dad, but then

Mindful Exercises This meditation exercise is recommended by the Holistic Life Foundation to help kids slow down, relax, de-stress or clear their heads: Sit comfortably with one hand on your belly, with your head, neck and spine in alignment. Breathe through your nose. As you inhale, feel your belly expand and pause for a second. Then, exhale and feel the belly fall. Repeat for 10 breaths.

I remembered to breathe, and then I didn’t shout.” Other schools are following suit. Mindful Schools began in 2007 as a single-school program in Oakland, California, and then expanded to support online and in-person courses and a network of mindful educators spanning all 50 states and more than 100 countries. The David Lynch Foundation funds efforts to bring transcendental meditation to underserved kids in classrooms

like the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School, in Queens, New York; Wilson High School, in Portland, Oregon; and Wayzata West Middle School, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, among others. Find easy instruction at MindfulnessStarterLesson. Connect with freelance writer April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

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s ’ i n Jea

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Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~Carol Burnett

This mindfulness instruction is excerpted from a starter lesson at

Mindfulness is noticing what is happening in the present moment. It can help calm us when we are angry, sad or frustrated. It can help us notice when we are happy or grateful and also to focus, whether in school or in sports. It’s important to let our bodies be very still. When that happens, it gets very quiet. When we have still and quiet bodies, that’s what we call our mindful bodies. Now, let’s close our eyes and just sit like this for one minute.

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HawaiĘťi Edition

calendarofevents SUNDAY, OCTOBER 1 Waimea Valley Moon Walk – 8-10pm. Enjoy a walk through the Waimea Valley under the moonlight. Walks start between 8 and 9pm and must end by 10pm. Arrive early and enjoy a buffet dinner at the Proud Peacock with Moon Walk admission included. $10 walk only or $29.95 with dinner. 59-864 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleʻiwa. For dinner reservations, call 808-638-5864. For more information, visit See news brief, page 8, and ad, page 16.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 – SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7 World Congress of Integrative Medicine – Quantum University is inviting local practitioners to join the practicum workshops being offered to their international students. This World Congress is the opportunity for hands-on training in six integrative modalities supporting pro-consciousness medicine. 735 Bishop St, Ste 200, Honolulu. For more information, visit or email Call 1-877-888-8970 to speak to an admissions advisor for more information and to register. See community spotlight, page 14, and ad, page 17.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8 Reiki I Class – 10am-5pm. Join Chris Bavot, Reiki master for Level I Reiki I class. $300. Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge, 3424 Waialae Ave, Honolulu. For more information or to register, call 808-4977977. See ad, page 31.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 Intuition and Angels Lecture – 7-9pm. Learn ways to increase your intuition and remain attuned to an inner guidance or angels from international lecturers Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny, who have been presenting lecturers and workshops on these topics for many years. This practical, experiential talk will help you understand the ways your sixth sense works and how to be attuned to the energy of angels. $15. Manoa Public Library, 2716 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu. For more information, call 1-888-248-4843, email gfiServices@earthlink. net or visit See news brief, page 12, and ad, page 33.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20 Shamanic Sound Transformation with Adria Wind Horse Estribou – 7-8 pm. Adria channels sounds for shamanic transformation through voice and natural percussive instruments. Shift energies. Connect with animal spirits. Connect with divine frequencies. Release energy blocks from others and old patterns. $20 advance/$25 at door. Mindful Matters Wellness & Yoga Center, Kailua Medical Arts Building, 407 Uluniu St, Ste 412, Kailua. For more information and to register, visit WingSound. com/events. See ad, page 41.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 Communicating with Angels: What Works, What Doesn’t – 10-11:30am. Learn more about communicating with angels from leaders in this field for many years. Estelle Small and Patrick Kil-

henny will be online to share practical techniques and their experiences with angels in this free online presentation. For more information and to register, visit See news brief, page 12, and ad, page 33. Hui Pu on the Lanai – noon-2pm. Come and “hui pu” (gather with us) on Wehilani’s lanai in beautiful Manoa for a casual fun-filled event from Hana Ho’ola. Be a part of an informative session on learning how to manifest what you want in life and how to recognize abundance. Learn how setting intentions can be a valuable tool in your life. Wehilani will provide guidance on achieving your goals. Mini sandwiches, chips, dessert and a beverage will be served. $45. Seating limited. (Address provided upon registration.) For more information or to register, call Wehilani at 808-450-8813.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23 Trusting Your Sixth Sense and the Role of Angels Talk – 1-3pm or 7-9pm. In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn new keys to trusting your sixth sense more and the role of angels. Sponsored by the nonprofit Inner Peace Movement International, this talk by two international lecturers will boost your energy and provide clarity on life purpose. $15. Oahu Veterans Center, 1298 Kukila St, Honolulu. For more information, call 1-888-248-4843, email or visit HearingAngels. com. See news brief, page 12, and ad, page 33.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24 Angels and Clear Psychic Abilities Presentation – 1-3pm or 7-9pm. Everyone is psychic and you can learn to harness this innate natural ability for greater peace of mind, less stress, and ease of living. That will be some of what’s covered in this lecture. In addition, find out more about the role of angels in helping you fulfill your unique life purpose. Sponsored by IPMI, a nonprofit educational organization, international lecturers Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny will share helpful techniques and how they use these inner resources in their lives. $15. Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Dr, Honolulu (call about location for parking). For more information, call 1-888-248-4843, email or visit HearingAngels. com. See news brief, page 12, and ad, page 33. Women’s Circle – 6-8pm. Join Allison Nahoopii in a beautiful spa setting for a Women’s Circle to honor one’s divine feminine/goddess. Light refreshments will be served. $15. Kapahulu Oahu, Honolulu (address provided upon registration). Space is limited. To reserve a spot, call 808-853-0959. For more information, visit See article, page 29, and ad, page 9.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25 Communicating with Angels: What Works, What doesn’t – 10am-noon. Learn more about communicating with angels from leaders in this field for many years. Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny will be online to share practical techniques and their experiences with angels in this free presentation. For more information and to register, visit See news brief, page 12, and ad, page 33.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27 See How Antioxidant-Filtered Water Will Change Your Life – 2-3:30pm. Learn about the benefits of the TRIM system offering purified, Hydrogen-Rich, Antioxidant Water, known as Kangen. This no-obligation demonstration will also provide information about the rent-to-own options that make the system very affordable. Free. Hano Naka Inc, 1245 Young St, Ste 102, Honolulu. To reserve your seat, call 808-596-2555 or email For more information, visit See community spotlight, page 13, and ad, page 48.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 See How Antioxidant-Filtered Water Will Change Your Life – 10-11:30am. Learn about the benefits of the TRIM system offering purified, Hydrogen-Rich, Antioxidant Water, known as Kangen. This no-obligation demonstration will also provide information about the rent-to-own options that make the system very affordable. Free. Hano Naka Inc, 1245 Young St, Ste 102, Honolulu. To reserve your seat, call 808-596-2555 or email For more information, visit See community spotlight, page 13, and ad, page 48. Hui Pu on the Lanai – noon-2pm. Come and “hui pu” (gather with us) on Wehilani’s lanai in beautiful Manoa for a casual fun-filled event from Hana Ho’ola. Be a part of the exciting topic covering “dream interpretations” and what dreams reveal to you. Allow Wehilani to teach you how your dreams can help in your waking life. Mini sandwiches, chips, dessert and a beverage will be served. $45. Seating limited. (Address provided upon registration.) For more information or to register, call Wehilani at 808-450-8813. Dress Up for Halloween with Girlfriends! – 5:30-9pm. Halloween is just around the corner! This month we’re having a Halloween Party! Come in your costume or bring what you have and meet with our retro ‘80s fashion consultant and learn how to put things together for a fun disco ‘70s or retro ‘80s look! Come with little-to-no makeup and try makeup samples from LipSense. Let’s get ready together, play a few games, and celebrate Halloween! Featuring dance performances from Arthur Murray Dance Center. $75 (includes gifts from all hosts, all supplies for all activities, and dinner). 770 Kapiolani Blvd, Ste 115, Honolulu. Reservations are required. To reserve your seat, visit Register by Thursday, October 26. For more information, call Brandi at 808-393-5527. See ad, page 17.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28 AND 29 Cellular Regeneration Technique – 9am-5pm. Join Dr. Gina Kim, DC, founder of the Cellular Regeneration Technique, to learn this multifaceted form of energy healing. Based on muscle testing and intuition, this technique balances the body, mind and spirit. Participants will learn to determine the imbalances and create a healing environment to allow the body to regenerate from the cellular level on up. Workbook included and 14 hours of DC-CEU credits. $250 if paid by Oct 6, $300 after; alumni $175. Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Dr, Ste 100, Honolulu. For more information, call 808-871-6996, email or visit See news brief, page 9, and ad, page 35.

Meet Ling for Tea – 1-5pm. Join Ling for tea. Donations Welcome. Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge, 3424 Waialae Ave, Honolulu. For more information, call Ling at 808-392-8857. See ad, page 31.

ongoingevents PLANS CHANGE Please call ahead to confirm date and times.

sunday Kundalini Gong Bliss Class – 10-11:15am. Join Soraya Faris Applegate, of Soulistic Holistics Hawaii, every Sunday for Kundalini Gong Bliss. Experience this dynamic form of yoga to awaken awareness and stimulate energy flow. Breath, movement, meditation and focus help energize and support the body. Appropriate for all abilities. This class will also be taught with the gong and end with a gong relaxation. $18 (drop-in single class, packages available). Open Space Yoga, Diamond Head Studio, 3106 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu. For more information or to register, visit See ad, page 24. Angel Card Readings – 1-4pm. Hana Hō’ola is offering Past, Present, Future card readings by Wehilani. Call to schedule your 30-minute session. Come see what the angles have to say. $50. Manoa Valley location (address provided when scheduling). For more information or to schedule a session, call 808-450-8813 or visit



Student Massage – 10am, 11:30am and 1pm. Come experience a massage by one of the Quantum Massage School students. $35. Parking validated. Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health, University Plaza, 931 University Ave, Ste 208, Honolulu. Individuals can now book massages, lomilomi, reflexology and Reiki directly on For more information, call 808988-4440. MAE-3065. See ad, page 23.

Tao Healing Session – 9:45-11am. Join this group healing session and enhance self-healing through a mind/body training activity that enhances selfhealing through meridian exercises, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Participants leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. Love donations. Parking validated. Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health, University Plaza, 931 University Ave, Ste 207, Honolulu. For more information or to reserve a spot, call 808-626-5087. See ad, page 23.

Kaʻiwi Scenic Shoreline Cleanup – 4-6pm. Join 808 Cleanups to clean up debris along the beach. Invasive plant and fishing line removal is also tackled as time permits. All cleanup supplies will be provided. Wear sturdy, fully enclosed shoes to protect your feet. Meet in the Kaʻiwi parking lot by 4pm (past Sandy Beach, before Makapu’u Lighthouse). For more information, call Michael Loftin at 808-892-3464. If you haven’t already, please fill out an insurance waiver form before attending this event at Vegetarian Cooking Class – 4:30-5:30pm, first Tues of the month. Learn how to prepare easy and delicious vegetarian meals. Down to Earth, 201 Hamakua Dr, Kailua. 808-262-3838. Down



Meet Nita for Coffee – Noon-4pm. Join Nita for coffee and get your questions answered. She does Angel/Fairy card readings and is a Life Guidance consultant. Donations appreciated. Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge, 3424 Waialae Ave, Honolulu. For more information, call Nita at 808-741-0811. See ad, page 31.

Keiki Day – 9am-5pm. Waimea Valley hosts Keiki Day with free admission for kama`aina keiki 12 years old and younger. Special activities include Hawaiian games, keiki hikes and crafts, music, art and more. 59-864 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa. For more information, call 808-638-7766 or visit See news brief, page 8, and ad, page 16.

Automatic Writing with Nita – 2pm. Nita will host an automatic writing session. Donations welcome. Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge, 3424 Waialae Ave, Honolulu. For more information, call Nita at 808-741-0811. See ad, page 31. Tasty Thursdays – 5-7pm. Sample the items from all departments and see why our products are so special. Whole Foods Kailua, 629 Kailua Rd, Ste 100, Kailua. 808-263-6800. WholeFoodsMarket. com/stores/Kailua.

friday Student Massage – 2pm, 3:30pm and 5pm. Come experience a massage by one of the Quantum Massage School students. $35. Parking validated. Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health, University Plaza, 931 University Ave, Ste 208, Honolulu. Individuals can now book massages, lomilomi, reflexology and Reiki directly on For more information, call 808988-4440. MAE-3065. See ad, page 23. Pau Hana Healing – 7-8:30pm. Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health is starting a regular series of classes on the 2nd and 4th Fri of the month.

HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY Welcome to Our Center 35 Years

of Combined Experience Dr. Evelyne Raposo Psy. D. and Dr. Dhira DiBiase, Psy.D. We offer individuals, couples & families: *Traditional and alternative therapies such as: *Solution-Focused *Stress Management *Communication Skills *Hypnosis *Tapping *Guided Meditation *Acu-Psy *Psy-Yoga *Positive Psychology *Eye Movement *Women's Group *Children's Social Skills Groups TEL (808) 373-2667 - Aina Haina - TEXT (808) 425-2962 All insurances accepted (except QUEST)


Hawaiʻi Edition

Pau Hana is the time after work that is considered a time for relaxation, informal socializing with friends and family, and enjoyment. Quantum is going to combine that with discussion of a variety of topics. $5, $2 parking. University Plaza, 931 Quantum University 1/2 pg vert ad Ave, Ste 207, Honolulu. For information about scheduled topics and to register, call 808-988-4440 or visit See ad, page 23.

saturday Free Breakfast at Ryoin on Eames – 10am1:30pm. Join Julia Estrella and the folks at Ryoin on Eames for a free breakfast every Saturday. After breakfast, the group will have the opportunity to hear about healthy farming techniques that go beyond organic practices. Learn more about this community outreach group and see how you can participate. Free. 1777 Eames St, Wahiawa. For more information, call 808-852-1892. Self-Healing – 10:30am-2pm. It’s vitally important that each person takes the time to focus on healing themselves. Quantum Institute International for Holistic Health is starting a regular series of classes on the 1st and 3rd Sat of the month to discuss self-healing. A variety of discussion topics will be covered. $5, $2 parking. University Plaza, 931 University Ave, Ste 207, Honolulu. For more information about scheduled topics and to register, call 808-988-4440 or visit See ad, page 23.

Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge – 1-5pm. Join the Saturday festivities at Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge. Starting at 1pm, Nita Jean will channel messages for Life Guidance. At 2pm, Ling will channel messages from loved ones that have passed. At 3:30pm, Grant Ito will channel messages and answers from trance. $15 per person/ reading. 3424 Waialae Ave, Honolulu. For more information or to make an appointment, call 808397-3174. See ad, page 31. Waimanalo Hobbit House: Vegetarian Feast, Yoga Philosophy and Kirtan – 4-7pm. Visit this storybook wonderland replete with meticulously landscaped waterfalls, koi ponds, arched bridges, fruit trees and other exotic botanicals. Step inside the amazing Hobbit House and hear a talk on the ancient philosophy of yoga by a Vedic scholar, Narahari; experience kirtan (chanting of holy mantras); and enjoy a celestial vegetarian feast. $10 donation suggested. This gathering is scheduled at least one Saturday each month. For dates and more information, call Narahari at 808-225-2425 or email Also visit and click on tabs “Peek Inside” and “Meet Narahari.” Call for specific dates this month. Private tours and meetings available. Doctor Health – Radio’s Original Health News Magazine, KHNR AM 690 – 9-11am live (9-11pm re-broadcast). Join host David Snow to hear the latest on medicine, fitness, nutrition and wellness from national medical experts, best-selling authors and Hollywood health celebrities; plus hear from local guest experts on ways to keep healthy! For more information, call 808-875-1115 or visit See ad, page 5.

Ditch the Glitch & Excel In Life

With Dr. Loretta Chen Offering Expert Help In

Ÿ Chronic Pain Ÿ Anxiety Ÿ Family Conflicts Ÿ Codependency Ÿ Grief Ÿ LGBTQIA Issues Ÿ Infidelity Ÿ Divorce Ÿ Empty Nest

Through: Ÿ Art Therapy Ÿ Interpersonal Skills Ÿ Creative Expression Ÿ Psychodynamic Therapy Ÿ Family & Marital Counseling Interactive face-to-face and remote sessions available

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808-990-8300 natural awakenings

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communityresourceguide To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, visit or call 808-927-3435 for details. ACUPUNCTURE/ NATUROPATHIC SOULISTIC HOLISTICS HAWAII

45-696 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe 808-721-3083 Soraya Faris Applegate, licensed acupuncturist and owner of Soulistic Holistics Hawaii, offers a wide range of holistic therapies, including Oriental Medicine and Quantum Biofeedback Therapy. Her treatments focus on the prevention of illness, treating acute and chronic health challenges, and promoting longevity and vitality. Soraya gives each patient personal one-to-one care and is committed to empowering you to reach your health and happiness goals. Call for a consultation. See ad, page 24.


1245 Young St, Ste 102 Honolulu 808-596-2555 Hano Naka is a family-owned retail business that offers the TRIM alkaline, antioxidant filtered water system that generates water known as Kangen. The best way to fully appreciate the benefits of this system is to attend a no-obligation demonstration that shows how it improves the quality of water and supports a healthy life. See community spotlight, page 13, and ad, page 48.

BRAIN DIAGNOSIS & HEALING HONOLULU NEUROSCIENCE CLINIC Michael B. Russo, MD Honolulu - 250 Ward Ave, Ste 170 Hilo - 1335 Kalanianaole Ave Kailua-Kona - West Hawaii Community Health Center 74-5214 Keanalehu Dr 808-294-3332

Dr. Michael Russo is a graduate of Princeton University and Chicago Medical School, with a prestigious military career. He is a neurologist who uses the most sophisticated and technologically advanced neurodiagnostic equipment available to determine a correct diagnosis. He then supports the body’s own ability to heal. He helps people that suffer from a wide range of brain ailments, including traumatic brain injury and concussions, military PTSD, memory problems, dementia, headaches, seizures, ADHD and sleep disorders. Natural medications, herbal supplements and the power of vitamins are administered where appropriate. Adjunctive pharmaceuticals will only be used when called for. See ads, pages 4 and 7.


Hawaii Natural Healing Center Honolulu Office – 1141 Koko Head, Ste 201 808-421-7753 Dr. Allison Gandre is a licensed Naturopathic Physician who received her doctorate from Bastyr University, an internationally renowned integrative naturo-pathic medical school in Seattle, Washington. She has two locations on Oahu where she treats patients who have a wide range of conditions ranging from allergies and immune dysfunction to hormone imbalance and digestive disorders. Dr. Allison offers complementary cancer care, including high-dose vitamin C IVs according to University of Kansas Hospital protocol. See ad, page 25.

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Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge 3424 Waialae Ave (Between 8th & 9th) Honolulu Grant: 808-383-3832 Ling: 808-392-8857 Facebook/Crystal Cave & Kyanite Lounge Join Grant Ito and Ling in a group setting. On Mondays, from 3-6pm; Tu e s d a y s , f r o m 1 - 5 p m ; Wednesdays, from 1-5pm; and Saturdays at 2pm, Ling offers messages from loved ones that have passed. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm, Grant provides answers and profound messages from a trance. $15 per person. Also available for private readings. Call for additional information. See ad, page 31.


Brandi provides holistic health coaching on diet and nutrition, relationships and communication, and career and spirituality. Her m e t h o d s i n c l u d e in tu itiv e counseling, guided meditation, writing exercises and art therapy. Her coaching is individually tailored to achieve results. Call for a consultation or sign up online. See ad, page 17.


PO Box 8811, Honolulu, HI 96830 808-639-1845 (text only) We are bombarded by chemicals that wreak havoc on our lives. Jeani learned that the hard way, facing near death from the toxins she was exposed to. Through prayer, Jeani was given the formula for GreenMaxPro. This amazing organic cleaner will replace all the cleaners you currently have. It can be purchased online, by email or by contacting Jeani for locations and events Island Wide and Mainland. See ad, page 37.

DENTISTRY HAWAII CENTER FOR COSMETIC & LASER DENTISTRY 1520 Liliha St, Ste 703, Honolulu 808-526-0670 •

See ad, page 3.

Dr. Dennis Nagata specializes in the safe removal of silver amalgam fillings using specialized technology and equipment to ensure the best result for your overall health. Call for more info or to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Ready to get crystal clear, wake up to your calling, make a bigger impact doing what you love and live out your life’s purpose? Spiritual Solutions’ owner Yoshie Miakoda Chihara, an award-holding medium and certified high-performance coach, will guide you to trust your spiritual guidance, step into your calling, and live a spirit-inspired, purposeful life. Wake up to your calling and release confusion forever. See ad, page 35.


The Quantum School of Holistic Health offers a robust series of classes designed to teach students a full-range of holistic healing information, tools and skills. See ad, page 23.



Wehilani La’a Muller’s goal in establishing Hana Hō’ola is to serve as a conduit, bringing in the universal life-force energy, which permeates all things in life, to balance, harmonize and restore our energy systems. Wehilani is a Reiki master, and certified Angel Medicine and Chakra Clearing Practitioner who offers personalized counseling and energy healing rejuvenation sessions. She also offers a variety of workshops, moon rituals, and angel card readings in an inspiring, nurturing and fun environment in picturesque Manoa Valley.





Kat Mierswa is a life-long seeker of abundance, wealth, personal growth and spirituality. In addition to working on the senior level for 25 years in business banking, and working as a financial adviser (registered investment adviser), she is currently a profitable stock, options and futures trader. She coaches others to create wealth without getting in their way. “Wealth is not what ‘they’ say it is—it’s what your dreams say it is and how you act upon them that creates your wealth,” says Kat. Most of her clients have big money blocks and huge money leaks, so she provides proven, simple and highly effective tools to create their wealth. Email Kat for monthly newsletter and get this month’s special! See ad, page 32.

Mr. Hemp CBD believes in natural treatments using Cannabidiol (CBD). Their vision is to offer quality-infused products that are safe, effective alternatives to painkillers and other toxic drugs for patients looking for a natural remedy. Mr. Hemp’s CBD product line is continuously expanding with overthe-counter products that are carefully selected from distributors that manufacture in a ISO6 Clean Room using all-natural ingredients, and the purest and richest form of Cannabidiol, ensuring their customers the Highest-Quality CBD products on the market. See therapy brief, page 12, and ad, page 23.

Kat Mierswa, MA 808-375-3605

286 N School St, Ste B Honolulu - Inside Mr. Ink Plus 808-526-2465


45-696 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe 808-721-3083


New York Life Insurance Company 841 Bishop St, Ste 1900, Honolulu 808-529-6386 Cell: 808-388-6103 Tania is a Financial Services Professional with New York Life Insurance Company and NYLIFE Securities LLC (Member FINRA/ SIPC). She has a passion for holistic living and helping you incorporate holistic strategies into your financial plan. She speaks English, French and Japanese. Contact her anytime to discuss planning for your future. See ad, page 36.

Optimize your mind and body with the highest-quality Hemp Oil. Prime My Body nanoenhanced Hemp oil uses a unique pharmaceutical-grade liposomal  cannabidiol delivery system.  This ensures  97-100% absorption of CBD into your system within minutes. Each measured dose contains 16mg of CBD from European Industrial Hemp, making it the most effective Hemp nutritional supplement available. For more information, to purchase, or to become a customer or an affiliate, please contact Soraya. See ad, page 24.



Drs. Evelyne Raposo and Dhira DiBiase 569 Hao St, Honolulu 808-373-2667


320 Ward Ave, Ste 101 Honolulu 808-675-8399 MAE-3171 Hawaii Health Hub is located in the heart of Kaka’ako, and wants to help anyone looking to live a happier and healthier life. They offer two float tanks, cryotherapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic services and are open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. Become a member or purchase individual services. Appointments can be scheduled online or on the phone. See article, page 32, and ad, page 5.

Holistic Psychology, as practiced by Dr. Evelyne Raposo, Psy.D., and Dr. Dhira DiBiase, Psy.D., integrates evidence-based treatment and alternative therapy modalities to help transform one’s desired life. At Holistic Psych Center, along with talk therapies, they practice “Acu-Psy”—an integration of hypnosis and guided meditation co-facilitated with an Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist—for deeper healing of depression, anxiety and trauma. They are committed to supporting you with empowerment tools, nonjudgmental energy, radical acknowledgement and acceptance, and practical and realistic solutions. They Love their Mission! See therapy brief, page 10, and ad, page 40.

natural awakenings

October 2017



844-GO-PONO-1 (844-467-6661) Pono Home provides comprehensive home diagnosis and remediation services to improve energy efficiency and save money. Contact them today for a free estimate and get started on your path to healthier and greener living. See news brief, page 8, and ad, page 31.

LIFE COACH CREATING YOUR CALLING Lani Kwon, MA Honolulu 808-594-7950

Lani Kwon is a Newfield Network Graduate Life Coach, published author and professional keynote speaker. She can help bring clarity to your life goals and provide step-by-step guidance on fulfilling your dreams. See ad, page 35.

HYPNOTHERAPY HAWAII HYPNOSIS CENTER 765 Amana St, Ste 503 808-221-7353

Since 2006, the Hawaii Hypnosis Center has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives through personalized one-on-one hypnosis sessions to stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence, improve sales success and finances, enhance sports performance, and improve overall health and well-being by eliminating bad habits, addictions, stress, fears, anxiety and phobias. Call for a free phone consultation. Also available for group presentations and motivational seminars. See article, page 21, and ad, page 28.


Julia Estrella is a multicultural woman who tells an inspirational story about her diverse life in Being Local in Hawaiʻi. Her book is available at Native Books, the Ward Center, and the Okinawan Cultural Center as well as online at Book


Estelle Small and Patrick Kilhenny 1-888-248-4843 Estelle Small has been sharing about increasing your intuitive abilities and having a clear, consistent communication with angels for a few decades. A Canadian, she and her husband, Patrick Kilhenny, travel throughout North America and Europe sharing how the techniques they have learned work for them in their lives and help them feel more inspired and confident in their decisions and choices. They believe in giving people practical tools and techniques so they can make their changes and fulfill their dreams. See therapy brief, page 12, and ad, page 33.


Hawaiʻi Edition


808-386-2834 Life Coach Roanne Abe is a Strategic Intervention Coach who is devoted to empowering clients to take action each day or week to achieve the life they want. Take the first step toward your goals and sign up for your free clarity session today. See ad, page 31.


Dr. Loretta Chen 555 Hahaione St, Ste 12C, Honolulu 808-990-8300 Dr. Loretta Chen has helped thousands of people achieve their therapeutic, personal development, career and leadership goals. She understands people and believes anything is possible if we set and condition our minds systematically. She is adept at creating and providing customized programs for individuals that need a breakthrough in communication, career, personal life or overall well-being. See news brief, page 7, and ad, page 41.


Dr. Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD, LLC Hilo: 136A Ululani St Honolulu: 928 Nuuanu Ave, Ste 210 808-933-3444 Dr. Liza Maniquis-Smigel specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as Physiatry. She practices patientcentered medicine that focuses on illness from the patient’s perspective to help him/her improve his/her quality of life. She will find relief of your chronic pain through nonsurgical approaches while restoring health and function. She has a special interest in Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell and Perineural Injection Therapies—natural regenerative processes that jumpstart your body to heal naturally. Dr. ManiquisSmigel is an expert in diagnosing neurological conditions with nerve conduction velocity studies and electromyelogram and MSK and nerve Ultrasound Diagnostics. See ad, page 30.

NATURAL FOODS ABUNDANT LIFE NATURAL FOODS 292 Kamehameha Ave, Hilo 808-935-7411

Abundant Life Natural Foods, in the heart of Hilo, offers a wide selection of the highestquality natural and organic foods, dietary supplements, natural herbs, and homeopathic remedies.Their kitchen features fresh selections daily. Pick up your copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi while you are there.


66-443 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa 808-637-6729 Great health food store in the heart of Haleiwa that offers organic produce, natural foods, supplements, natural body and personal care, organic bulk foods and bulk herbs, environmentally friendly household products, and more! Pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi here on North Shore.

Celestial Natural Foods

Everything works together. Please support our advertisers.


Wehi Hana

Wehil Hawa Hawa


FOODLAND You will find lots of local fresh produce, baked goods and deli selections at your local Foodland. You can pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi at the courtesy counter at these convenient Foodland locations near you.

59-720 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa 808-638-8081 55-510 Kamehameha Hwy, Laie 808-293-4443 95-221 Kipapa Dr, Mililani 808-623-3974


Parker Ranch Center 67-1185 Mamalahoa Hwy, Ste F-37 Kamuela 808-885-6775 Healthways II provides the Waimea community with the finest-quality fresh, natural and organic whole foods, nutritional supplements, body care products, and health information. They offer sandwiches, salads and smoothies as well as specials. Ask about kamaʻaina and senior discounts. Pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi while you are there.


Hilo - 1221 Kilauea Ave 808-935-5533 Kailua-Kona - 74-5487 Kaiwi St 808-326-1122 Pahoa - 15-1870 Akeakamai Loop 808-965-8322 Island Naturals offers an extensive selection of local and organic foods. Their natural, whole organic foods, deli and grocery items cover everything on your shopping list, whether you’re just getting lunch or stocking your pantry.


32 Kainehe St, Kailua 808-262-5604 Owners Damian & Karen share 43 years in the natural foods industry. Be sure to stop in and see their store when you are in Kailua. They are a wealth of info and will gladly share it with you. Pick up your copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi while you are there.


PACIFIC INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE 1481 S King St, Ste 501, Honolulu 808-955-9556

Dr. Kevin Gibson is a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Registered Environmental Specialist with 32 years of public health/medical experience. His specialties are cancer care, gastrointestinal illness, cardiovascular disease, sports medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and chronic fatigue. See ad, page 41.


Century Center – 1750 Kalakaua Ave Ste. 405, Honolulu 808-468-2461


Lic#: RS-79585 Coldwell Banker, Pacific Properties 808-983-9273 Angelika is an exceptionally sincere real estate agent who thinks outside the box and will work hard on your behalf. She can help you buy your first home, downsize to a smaller place or get that investment property. She has 20 years’ experience working with the senior community; she owns investment property; and she has gone through the experience of buying that first home in Hawai’i. If you are looking to sell or buy, contact Angelika for a free no-obligation consultation. See article, page 28, and ad, page 27.


Dr. Mike Quirk, DO, is a family practitioner that specializes in treating pain and other medical conditions. His approach is complementary and holistic, and his work supports mainstream treatments. The focus of his treatment plans includes Osteopathic manipulation, nutrition, herbs and exercise. He specializes in resolving longterm conditions and pain; he has especially good results with back, pelvic, bone and joint pain issues. See ad, page 32.


Hawaii Natural Healing Center Honolulu Office – 1141 Koko Head, Ste 201 808-421-7753 Dr. Allison Gandre is a licensed Naturopathic Physician who received her doctorate from Bastyr University, an internationally renowned integrative naturopathic medical school in Seattle, Washington. She has two locations on Oahu where she treats patients that have a wide range of conditions ranging from allergies and immune system dysfunctions to hormonal imbalances and digestive disorders. She has a special emphasis in resolving pain conditions using neural prolotherapy and nutritional protocols. See ad, page 25.

HAWAII RELATIONSHIP COACHING 765 Amana St, Ste 503, Honolulu 808-202-7727

Randy Hampton and Beverly Craddock are the married team behind Hawaii Relationship Coaching and the renowned Hawaii Hypnosis Center. Hawaii Relationship Coaching offers affordable sessions and works with partners separately to avoid the “he-said, she-said” mediation style of traditional relationship counseling. By applying the concepts outlined in their e-book, The Heart and The Head, they are helping couples rediscover the reasons they got together in the first place. Visit their website for a copy of their e-book. See article, page 21, and ad, page 28.


Adria Wind Horse Estribou 808-291-6865 Shamanic transformation calls forth communication, blessings and healing energies from other dimensions. Channeled messages come from a collective supportive of our spiritual evolution. In-person, phone and group sessions are available. See ad, page 41.

natural awakenings

October 2017


SHOPPING CENTER MCCULLY SHOPPING CENTER 1960 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu 808-955-7377 Conveniently located in the McCully-Moiliili neighborhood between Pumehana and McCully streets, this shopping center has what you are looking for. Pick up your copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi in the center’s handy outdoor rack.

SLEEP MEDICINE DENTAL SLEEP MEDICINE HAWAII 1520 Liliha St, Ste 703, Honolulu 808-526-0670

Dr. Dennis Nagata has extensive training in treating sleep breathing disorders such as sleep apnea. He uses noninvasive treatments such as laser therapy and custom-fitted dental appliances that have proven to be effective in treating chronic snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Contact Dr. Nagata’s office for a complimentary consultation. See ad, page 2.

HONOLULU NEUROSCIENCE CLINIC Michael B. Russo, MD Honolulu - 250 Ward Ave, Ste 170 Hilo - 1335 Kalanianaole Ave Kailua-Kona - West Hawaii Community Health Center 74-5214 Keanalehu Dr 808-294-3332

Dr. Michael Russo is a graduate of Princeton University and Chicago Medical School, with a prestigious career in the military. He is a neurologist who is an expert in fixing sleep problems. He specializes in the treatment of snoring, memory problems, excess sleepiness, insomnia, nightmares and sleep walking. See ads, pages 4 and 7.



808-551-0900 Join Kahu Angela Pohakuola for a reading to clarify thoughts or achieve enlightenment on the way to making a decision. Angela’s session will take the journey to a new and heightened level. If you are called to listen, contact Angela for a reading. Workshops and guided sacred experiences are also available. See ad, page 35.


735 Bishop St, Ste 200 Honolulu 1-877-888-8970 Earn a Degree in Holistic, Natural and Integrative Medicine through Quantum University. Work with renowned faculty members on courses based on quantum physics, the science that provides a model to understand our universe and, therefore, a model to understand healing. Transform your passion into action through online self-paced courses. Call to talk to an admissions advisor. See community spotlight, page 14, and ad, page 17.

Hawaiʻi Edition


59-864 Kamehameha Hwy Haleʻiwa 808-638-7766 The Waimea Valley is a committed and active partner in the conservation and management of natural resources and provides a sanctuary of human, cultural and natural resources. In addition to being a destination for family outings amid the beautiful North Shore valley, Waimea Valley offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities and cultural events. See news brief, page 8, and ad, page 16..


Enter the tranquil setting of your own private linen room and embrace all that is f e m i n i n e . Yo n i S t e a m provides a hand-blended organic mixture of herbs, chosen just for you, to create a unique, empowering experience that will purify the core and release energy and emotions that are no longer beneficial. See article, page 29, and ad, page 9.


There are four convenient, well-stocked locations of the Vitamin Shoppe on Oahu. Stop in and talk with them about what you’re looking for; they will be very helpful. While you’re there, pick up a copy of Natural Awakenings Hawaiʻi.

1555 Kapiolani Blvd, Bldg 1509, Honolulu 808-949-5424 4480 Kapolei Pkwy, Unit 601, Kapolei 808-674-9629 98-199 Kamehameha Hwy, Aiea 808-487-6180 46-047 Kamehameha Hwy, Kaneohe 808-235-8705

Yoshie Miakoda, an awardholding, tested and certified medium, helps people find joy and transform their lives through hypnosis, evidential mediumship and spiritual healing. Experience the spiritual journey to renewed happiness. See ad, page 35.



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Natural Awakenings Hawaii October 2017  
Natural Awakenings Hawaii October 2017