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JAZZTRAX FES TIVAL October 12-15 - October 19-22, 2017

Official Program

3 Decades • 1987 - 2017 • 30 Years 26 Miles Across the Sea .. tiny seaport village of Avalon Avalon Ballroom on Top 1929 Wrigley Casino... looking out to sea at Entrance to Avalon Harbor Photo by




Michael McDonald*

Boney James

Mindi Abair

CHARGE BY PHONE AT 1-877-987-6487 Meet the artists, get multi-day passes, attend fun after parties, jazz cruises, and much more!

Brian Culbertson

Jonathan Butler

Gerald Albright


Performance Schedule Saturd ay, Oct. 14

Friday, Oct. 13 Evening



Thursday Shows are Outdoors at Descanso Beach Club.





Debut Saxophonist

Japanese Guitarist

Doors Open with Dinner and Full Bar Service at 6 pm.  

Featuring William Aura and Craig Dobbin



Arrive for Ocean Views at 6. Full Daylight lasts an hour.

with full darkness at 7:30 pm





Legendary Guitarist

Performing Together





Sund ay, Oct. 15

Saturd ay Oct. 14 JazzTrax After-Party




10:45pm - 1am


Dancing on the Beach with DJ Jonathan Phillips No Ticket Required • Full Food & Bar Service

Photo by

Thursday, Oct. 19

Evening 9pm

7pm Singer


WEST COAST JAM with Richard Elliot, Norman Brown and Rick Braun


2pm/approx. JAZZ IN PINK Featuring Althea Rene, Mariea Antoinette, Gail Jhonson, Robin Bramlett, Dee Simone, Darlene Moreno and Tomoka

Saturd ay, Oct. 21

Friday, Oct. 20

Unplugged Under the Stars




Thursday Shows are Outdoors at Descanso Beach Club.





Debut Keyboardist




Doors Open with Dinner and Full Bar Service at 6 pm.   Arrive for Ocean Views at 6. Full Daylight lasts an hour.

with full darkness at 7:30 pm



Young Sax Phenom

Legendary Saxophonist




GUITAR TANGO with Peter White and Marc Antoine on sale in the JazzTrax Store


Sund ay, Oct. 22

Saturd ay Oct. 21 JazzTrax After-Party




10:45pm - 1am


Dancing on the Beach with DJ Jonathan Phillips No Ticket Required • Full Food & Bar Service

Photo by


The JazzTrax ‘All EURO’ Closing Evening 7pm

PEET PROJECT from Budapest, Hungary Featuring Violinist/Singer Peter “Peet” Ferencz

2pm/approx. Legendary Keyboardist/ Composer/Producer



Featuring Jean Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick



Thursday, Oct. 12

Unplugged Under the Stars


All Weekend Performances are held at the Historic 1929 Avalon Ballroom, inside Wrigley Casino. Doors Open 30 Minutes Prior to each Session’s Start Time. 6:30 pm Evenings. 11:30 am Afternoons.

You’re Here. It’s October. Back on Catalina Island. Back within the Avalon Ballroom... looking out to Sea. The Producer’s Notes

by JazzTrax Creator, Art Good Been ‘Dreamin’ About It All Year Long’ .. right? Your 2nd time? 5th time? 10th straight? 20th? All 31 Octobers since 1987? Who could have thunk that 1st “on a wing and a prayer’ we’d still be sitting in this historic old ballroom .. after 3 decades. This year what astounds me most is how “from all over America” you come and how many 1st Timers there continue to be and ever more so. As Jan. 2016 began, Blue Pay who processes your ticket dollars began sending me an e-mail for every ticket purchase. For the 1st time I actually began paying attention to every order and your ‘history of purchasing’ and where the purchaser lived. Information that had pretty much flown over my head for years. Just in the week I’m writing this you purchased from … Cleveland, Illinois, Durango CO, Herndon, VA, Fond du Lac WI, (always LOTS from Wisconsin,) Nashville, TX (always LOTS from Texas,) Olympia WA, Michigan, Wichita, Ontario Canada, England! Of course L.A., San Diego, Orange County and Northern Calif. Many buying and coming for years, decades, but so striking how many coming to this festival for the 1st time. As if JazzTrax has been on your bucket list for a long long time. Likely your kids always had something scheduled that kept you from coming. Then they grew up. Or the money wasn’t there. Or your work interfered. Then suddenly more and more of you began retiring. And whereas we thought that concept would KILL this event, instead it is SURGING ours and many other jazz festivals and certainly the smooth jazz cruises. You worked very hard all your life. You put your money away wisely for retirement. Now you have time. You saved all your life to enjoy your later years. You love smooth jazz and by god, time to really enjoy life and come to a jazz festival on an Island you’ve been bucket listing for years. Nothing quite matches the very 1st time Photo by


Festival Poster and Program Cover by

Photo by

on the boat approaching the Island as the Casino (never a real casino) built by Wrigley Chewing Gum money comes into view. Mine was Oct. 1982 sent over by KIFM in San Diego. As it’s young program director, to set up a “win a weekend every day in November” promotion. Nothing matches the 1st time you climb the ramps, designed by the same ‘ramp guy’ who designed the ones in Chicago’s Wrigley Field and walk into this 1929 Avalon Ballroom. Almost like stepping back in time. And the Music Begins. The 1st band on stage for the 1st ever JazzTrax Festival, Oct. ’87 was Uncle Festive. (Barry Manilow’s band guys literally). Their drummer, Bud Harner, now Personal Artist Manager of Keiko Matsui, formerly Mindi Abair, David Benoit, Euge Groove, Lindsey Webster and more. His son Andrew Harner designed this year’s JazzTrax Mermaid Merchandise Logo. Andrew a graphic designer for Patagonia. I had seen one of his designs coming through the Seattle airport. So the original William Wrigley bought this entire Island in 1919. Bought it sight unseen sitting in his office in Chicago. Casino with it’s then still “silent era” movie theater below and ballroom above opening 10 years later. 90th anniversary in just 2 years. He brought the Biggest Names of the Big Band Era to perform in this ballroom (in fact broadcast LIVE on CBS Radio) 30’s, 40’s, a bit into the 50’s. He’d bought the Chicago Cubs a few years before buying the Island and he even brought the Cubs here for Spring Training during that same time period, or the 2nd Wrigley, Phillip did. So finally last October with the Average White Band on stage, the current Wrigley’s, Geoff and Alison Rusack Wrigley surprised me, popping into the ballroom. Suddenly sitting down either side of me at my Table. Alison gave me a hug and only later that night did it strike me that I had hugged a Wrigley on the night the Cubs won the National League Pennant 1st time since 1945. 2 days after the festival ended we told the cable company to bring back the BOX. After all JazzTrax has to pay for it for a Month. Me and Johnny who lives in an apartment above the ballroom pulled down the gigantic wide screen hidden above our stage. Had pizza delivered up the elevator, popped some wine. With all the chairs completely cleared, ballroom floor completely empty, we put a High Top JazzTrax Table right in the middle and .. of course, watched the Cubs in the World Series. Just the 2 of us watching the World Series in the Avalon Ballroom. Smooth Jazz has now owned this ballroom for 31 October’s. Longer than the Big Band Era’s quarter century. Thanks to YOU. I used to kind of give a Report Card on the ‘State of Smooth Jazz’ in this space every year. My negative review in 1999 literally cost me my job as host of Lites Out San Diego which I had created in 1982 which led to The Wave in L.A. in ’87 (I know because their consultant years later at lunch told me.) Lites Out radio shows sprang up all over the country and before we knew it, which certainly helped establish this Festival, smooth jazz radio stations had popped up in nearly every major city. They became the Highest Sales Grossing radio stations because Smoothers had money and bought things like expensive cars! Then we all aged to 55 plus and

Photo by

almost overnight smooth jazz radio FLIPPED to other genres. Radio just doesn’t like us “oldsters.” Despite all that FLIPPING, this genre was not killed. Along came Watercolors and streaming ala Pandora and Spotify.JazzTrax syndicated radio show, longest running in America, since ’85, streams constantly at You can listen from anywhere, in the world. Now there’s Apple Music for $14.99 a month. Virtually every smooth jazz song you can imagine, YOURS for as long as you keep paying that monthly fee. Whereas we thought the end of Smooth Jazz Radio Stations, then RETIREMENTS, would kill this event and others, instead, Jazz Festivals, including ours AND Smooth Jazz Cruises began SURGING. We had a post recession record Oct. last year and the Dave Koz Cruise which I sailed on this year, sells out “a year and a half in advance.” And no slow-down in great New Smooth Jazz Releases checking our New Releases page regularly at JazzTrax. com. Most amazingly our aging audience has NOT slowed down the young, new, fresh smooth jazz talent from debuting. This year we’re struggling to choose the JazzTrax Debut Artist of 2017 between 3. Keyboardist Kayla Waters, Keyboardist Skinny Hightower or Violinist Damien Escobar. What was YOUR 1st year here. Mine .. Oct. 1982. And now off that, 30 years .. 3 Decades, of THIS. This was never just a Southern California Smooth Jazz Festival. Because JazzTrax aired in up to 50 cities across America at one point you’ve always come from everywhere. Amazingly because the concert ticket is the least of your costs. Many of you have spent on Airfares. Virtually all of you on Boat Tickets. On Gas, driving in from Arizona, Las Vegas, San Diego, Up North. The Majority of JazzTrax Festival Goers staying ‘On The Island All Weekend.’ Paying hotel or rental house costs Friday to Monday. Actually a Third of you Thursday to Monday. Now a growing Minority arriving ahead of Opening Weekend and never leaving the Island until the Closing Notes of Closing Weekend. The 10 Day Club who know weeknight hotel costs drop dramatically. Using Mon, Tues and Wed nights to do non jazz Avalon and the Island. You’ve been darn good for the Fall economy of Avalon for 3 Decades. So .. how long will this festival last? I certainly want my son to have his Own Career, he’s thinking FILM, but as he turned 18 this past Summer, (just in case a Martian steals me away) I put his name onto all the company bank accounts and made him an officer of the corporation. (I named him “Vice President of .. Moving Forward”) even as he’s busy filling out college applications here his Senior Year at Palm Springs High School. 5 years more for this festival? 10 years would be beautiful. I’m up for that. Longer? I do believe It will continue, “As Long As You Keep Coming.” If this is your 1st time finally to JazzTrax, may it be as magical as so many of the rest have found it the past 30 years. To the rest of you … how are you staying “looking so Smooth Jazz GOOD.” 3 Decades … care to go for 4? —Art Good

Festival Merchandise Mermaid Image by Andrew Harner


October’s Island Performers

Saturday Evening Oct. 14


The Manhattan Transfer with Take 6 Can’t possibly get more Legendary and Incredulous than THIS. These 2 so renowned vocal groups “HARMONIZING the HECK” out of the last bunch of decades. “6” and “Transfer” Vocalizing TOGETHER .. Same Time, Same Stage, Same Night … On an Island. One Group .. A Legend. The Other Group .. A Legend. One with 10 Grammy’s. The Other also with 10 Grammy’s. 20 Total Grammy’s on this stage, on This Island Night. Take 6 already booked, 1st time ever at JazzTrax, when Producer Art Good went to see their show in Palm Springs in February. But the Evening also included The Manhattan Transfer. So who was the lead-on and who was the headliner? Nobody seemed to know. Not the promoter. Not even the stage manager. Art was hoping Take 6, so he could see the band he’d booked but never seen live before, then head for El Paseo for drinks and dinner. Till the Show began he still couldn’t figure out Which Group Would Come on First. So The Show Begins and … BOTH BANDS are on stage. All 10 Singers. 4-Transfer, 6-obviously Take 6. They mixed and matched throughout the 90 minutes. Together … Separate … Together again. Then Take 6 trying to “OUT TRANSFER” the Transfer on Manhattan Transfer songs … then The Manhattan Transfer trying to “OUT 6” Take 6 on Take 6 songs. Mesmerized Art came home and BEGGED to have his booking changed to both, to This Show. Both Bands, together, as The Summit. Singing, Singing, Singing, remember 20 Grammy’s, but Transfer has a music director keyboardist, also bass and drums thus there Is instrumentation. How’d it happen? Both groups have same Boston manager. After Manhattan Transfer founder Tim Hauser passed away 3 years ago, Ed Keane said “Hey, why don’t we put ALL of you together into one Out of This World SHOW.” These 2 So Honored, So Revered Vocalizing Groups so fantastically Choreographed. You wanted a Show. This Opening Saturday Night you are getting … A SHOW! Buckle In. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Manhattan Transfer

Take 6

Recent CD: The Best of the Best of The Manhattan Transfer’ 2013 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Transfer Songs

Recent CD: ‘Believe’ 2016 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Take 6 Songs

1. Birdland 2. Operator 3. Boy from New York City 4. Route 66 5. Shaker Song


1. Moody’s Mood for Love 2. Biggest Part of Me 3. U-Turn on Joe Sample’s ‘Spellbound’ 4. Star Spangled Banner 5. White Christmas

Streaming JazzTrax Radio Show 24/7 Heard Anywhere in the World at .. streaming since 2000

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JazzTrax Creator/ Producer: Art Good Production Manager/ Stage Director: Gregg Hudson Box Office Manager: Tracy Larsen Assistant to the Producer: Mary Gruber Director of Security: Jack Tofelogo Merchandise Manager: Mary Tofelogo

Ballroom Lighting: Pacific Coast Entertainment Ballroom/ Stage Audio: U.S. Audio Festival Photographer: Festival Program Graphic Designer: Gina Mancini Mermaid Merchandise Image Graphic Designer: Andrew Harner

Video Graphics: Austin Good Man Who Keeps Elevator Running: Johnny Mandaro Ticketing: Long Beach, CA Festival Ushers Provided by Catalina CHOICES Donate at www.CatalinaChoices.Org

Box Office Opens Fridays at 3 PM Casino Entrance Right Side Please Keep Ballroom Conversations to a Minimum During Performance No Flash Please During Performance .. No Professional Camera’s or Video Allowed .. Smart Phones Okay

Thursdays Food and Bar Service Begin at 6 pm when Venue Opens .. Hour of Daylight .. Have Dinner on the Beach All Chaise Lounge and Cabana’s Sold Out Way Earlier in the Year

JazzTrax is Always All Reserved Seating .. Please Sit in Your Ticketed Seat

There is Re-Admittance to Venues as long as you are Stamped when Leaving and Have Ticket Too ***only exception is Fire Marshal on Sold Out Evenings May Demand No Re-Admittance

Anyone Seated at Table or Club Seat they did not Purchase Will Be Moved

Do Not Move Any Chair, Table, Chaise. Fire Marshall Decree.

Opening Weekend Tables Expected to be Sold Out

No Smoking Inside Either Venue. Smoking Section in Ballroom is on Far Eastern Tip of Verandah Behind Stage

No Outside Food or Drink .. Except $25 Corkage Fee All Sales are Final .. No Refunds or Exchanges Will be Made by

You can Upgrade to any Session Available Table at Box Office No Ticket Required at Saturday Night JazzTrax Descanso Beach After-Party Food Available to Purchase and Full No-Host Bar

There is NO SMOKING, including NO CIGARS, on Verandah Outside French Doors .. Only in Smoking Section. Please Do Not Take Glass Bottles or Glasses onto Deck Especially Do Not Place on Verandah Ledge. There are Humans below.

DAYTRIPPERS: Catalina Express Late Boat Departs Avalon only to downtown Long Beach Landing at approximately 11:45pm after final performance band. Late Boats on BOTH Saturday and Sunday Evenings (no late boat on Thurs. or Fri’s)

October’s Island Performers

Sunday Evening Oct. 15


Richard El liot, Rick Braun, Norman Brown Perhaps Arguably but especially through the 1990’s when Smooth Jazz cemented itself across America it really was largely coming from.. The West Coast. It’s epicenter The San Fernando Valley just north of Hollywood. Renamed by some radio folk ‘Smooth Jazz Valley.’ Richard Elliot post age 3 after his family moved from Scotland brewed an Angelino even as he has since slipped southward to San Diego County. Rick Braun migrating out from Pennsylvania but try and take his Lakers away from this now forever L.A. transplant. Norman Brown who’d come West from Kansas City even though he’s since eclipsed back across America to Atlanta. Through the 90’s these 3 Star Instrumentalists represented that Smooth Jazz was being hotly forged right outa Southern California. The West Coast Sound. San Diego the radio springboard, but when The Wave in L.A. took notice of the Mid 80’s Smooth Jazz Ripple down the coastline South of them, in 1987 they turned it into a Riptide of melodic instrumentation with City after City across the land establishing Smooth Jazz Radio Stations. San Francisco to Chicago. Washington D.C. up to New York and Boston. Miami to Cleveland and across the lake to Milwaukee. Denver and Phoenix, Seattle and Sacramento in the West. Those Smooth Jazz Big Market Stations at one point the Highest Sales Grossing Radio Stations in America. Representing the PRIMO target audience. Middle Age Americans making really GOOD money. Instrumentalists (beyond Kenny G) were becoming SuperStars. Smooth Jazz Artists were Breaking all over the place. Smooth Jazz Festivals and Concert Series were springing up nation-wide. Until we the audience aged “it” was the hip sound of the 90’s into the 00’s. No 3 instrumentalists and Super Stars of this genre represent it any better than these 3 who each have Complete Classic Album Catalogs stretching back exactly 3 decades (1987) for Richard. Elliot was just departing his tours with Tower of Power. Stretching back 25 years for Norman (1992). The guitar man and scatter from K.C. was for the 1st couple decades of his solo career just kind’ve ‘West Coast Coolin’ and ‘Just Chillin’ his way towards a Grammy Award “West Coast Style.” Before he slipped his living back to Atlanta a few years ago. Rick Braun recording solo now 23 years (1994.) Off a decade of touring in the bands of Sade and Rod Stewart. With 1995’s ‘Beat Street’ followed by 1997’s ‘Body and Soul’ Rick was On Fire, winning consecutive Smooth Jazz National Artist of the Year honors. What better way to musically celebrate what ‘Exploded in the 90’s’ then with a WEST COAST JAM .. 26 miles beyond .. the West Coast. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Richard Elliot Saxophonist

Norman Brown Guitarist

Rick Braun Trumpet

Recent CD: ’Summer Madness’ 2016 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Richard Songs

Recent CD: ‘Let It Go’ 2017 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Norman Songs

Recent CD: ‘Around the Horn’ 2017 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Rick Songs

1. Europa 2. Island Style 3. The Power of Suggestion 4. Crush 5. Inside Out


1. Up N At Em 2. Lydian 3. Out’a Nowhere 4. Just Chillin’ 5. Pop’s Cool Groove

1. Cadillac Slim 2. Notorious 3. Club Harlem 4. Fat Jack & Domino 5. Can You Feel It

The ‘Concerts from October on Catalina Island Radio Special’ begins Streaming at at Thanksgiving

October’s Island Performers

Saturday Evening Oct. 21

Sunday Evening Oct. 22

Photo by



Marc Antoine and Peter White

British Band Led by Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick

A long time ago at Sun River, Oregon, at the personal request of JazzTrax Producer Art Good, a JazzTrax Winter Music Festival, (remember those?) concluded on a Sunday Afternoon with just these 2 totally unplugged, on guitar together, “in the bar.” Peter and Marc. Casual, intimate, and such a cool way to end a powerful weekend of winter time live smooth jazz and lots of Mt. Bachelor downhill skiing! Think maybe Art’s idea came from Peter’s 1996 ‘Caravan of Dreams’ album and the song he and Marc recorded together, “Cafe Mystique.” Eventually we got to 2016 and Art asked, “Now that Marc and family have moved back from a decade plus living in Madrid, to Laguna Beach where he wrote last fall’s No. #1 Billboard chart topping song of that name. Any chance Marc and Peter would consider doing another Unplugged performance together like, way back when in Oregon?” Thus the Oct 2016 Unplugged show on Descanso Beach that Sold Out In June, 4 months in advance and that evolved into this year’s full band ‘Guitar Tango’ featuring these 2 famed European guitarists. Peter from outside London. Marc from Paris. Does anybody remember BOTH their individual involvements with BASIA? Marc her original touring guitarist when she first hit American stages in 1987 while HE was living in London. Art Good hosted that 1st ever Basia show in America, at Humphrey’s in San Diego. But it was Peter who laid down her album guitar parts, (always before she even has a melody or words for her songs), as his younger brother Danny, is Basia’s long time musical partner. Peter then became her touring guitarist, replacing Marc, in 1990. Claims he’s already laid down guitar parts for her “next one” whatever century that comes. But of highest compliments to this Island Festival, both Peter and Marc have told Art separately that the Avalon Ballroom at JazzTrax was Each of Their Individual Big Stage Solo Debuts. Peter 1991. Marc in 1995 after being named the JazzTrax 1994 Debut Artist of the Year. An honor Peter had earned 4 years previous, 1990. __________________________________________________________________

Peter White

Marc Antoine Recent CD: Laguna Beach’ 2016

Recent CD: ‘Groovin’ 2016 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Peter Songs

JazzTrax Favorite 5 Antoine Songs

1. Caravan of Dreams 2. Everything off 1990’s Reivellez-vous 3. Everything off 1991’s Excusez-moi 4. Ramon’s Revenge 5. Head Over Heels

1. Latin Quarter 2. Unity 3. Sunland 4. Fuego 5. Palm Strings


Marc and David Benoit released the Collaboration Album ‘So Nice’ July 2017

Despite this British Group having been in existence since 1979 (yikes that’s 38 years ago), never have they come to Catalina Island. This Band and Show are BIG. 15 people traveling on board Catalina Express. Still led by Creator/Singer/Guitarist Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick. Born in Mauritius, son of a Mauritian poet. Mauritius an African Island in the Indian Ocean, 805 km east of Madagascar. The family moved to the U.K. when Bluey was 10. This band has released 16 studio albums, LIVE albums, remix albums, while touring nonstop all over the world. They fly straight from our date to Wisemans Ferry, Australia. Bluey’s production work includes with the likes of Benson, Duke, Chaka, Jarreau, Stevie Wonder. This show is LOTS of Horns. LOTS OF Instrumentation. LOTS of Vocals. BIG !!! BIG SHOW ! You’ll need Dollars, not Euro’s, but do take home Incognito’s Newest CD. JazzTrax named it 6th Best of 2016 while naming “Selfishly” sung by Maysa, Best Smooth Jazz Vocal Song of Last Year. The BIG ALL EURO CLOSING EVENING FINISH to this October’s JazzTrax Festival!!! Incognito flying over almost everything, from London. While the evening’s 1st on Peet Project, flying even further, from Budapest, Hungary. The only thing missing that Finale Evening will be that we don’t take Euro’s in the JazzTrax Store. But Bluey’s country is trying to get out of those anyway. Get Seated and Belted In, for a Global Soul Jazz-Funk Closing Night, Closing Show LIFT-OFF … ________________________________________________


Recent CD: ‘In Search of Better Days’ 2016 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Incognito Songs 1. Selfishly featuring Maysa 2. A Shade of Blue 3. Still A Friend of Mine 4. Colibri 5. Echoes of Utopia

Next Year’s 2018 JazzTrax Festival Dates - Opening Weekend Oct 11 - 14 - Closing Weekend Oct 18 - 21, 2018

(Above) The Glorious 1929 Wrigley Casino and Avalon Ballroom during October’s annual JazzTrax Festival. Photo by Pat Benter. (Below) How Much Closer to an Ocean Can a Concert Get ………… October Thursday Evenings Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach. Photos by

October’s Island Performers

Saturday Afternoon Oct. 21

Saturday Afternoon Oct. 14



He didn’t have “to come” to Los Angeles as so many other musicians did, like Joe Sample in a car with all those other future Crusaders, age 19 in a car driving west from Houston in 1959, or a very young Ray Parker Jr. in a car headed to L.A. from Detroit listening to David Gates and Bread’s “The Guitar Man” as he crossed the Rockies. Cause Gerald was born in the “very heart of L.A.” Course he and wife Glynis have now been gone awhile,having escaped the L.A. gridlock for a most docile suburb of Denver. Oddly this “famed of famed” SAXOPHONIST, left his college days on the Eastern L.A. sprawl at University of Redlands. Only to do an abrupt “right-turn’ to the BASS guitar when he joined Patrice Rushen on tour. But already saxophone polished, (sessions with The Temptations, Atlantic Starr, Maurice White, Anita Baker. Still it was BASS for which he spent much of his playing tour time with Anita Baker latter 80’s. Also doing tour-time with Quincy Jones and Whitney Houston.

Know anybody else who incognito-y rides a bicycle around the bluffs of Santa Monica with headphones on, coming up with his songs. Even titled one of his better ones “L.A. by Bike.” Where do you start with Lee. They called him Captain Fingers because of his blazing style on guitar as a 70’s Los Angeles studio sessionist. Being asked in for Pink Floyd sessions on ‘The Wall’ and Steely Dan ‘Aja’ sessions. A child of the Los Angeles 1960’s as Southern California was beginning to and then BOOMING including becoming the richest music scene perhaps in the world. One of his 1st sessions .. with the Mamas and Papas. He shared the same guitar teacher with Larry Carlton. They passed one day, one leaving his lesson, the other arriving. Already accompanying Lena Horne and Tony Bennett at age 18. His Grammy coming with his 1986 ‘Harlequin’ collaboration with his forever friend he still sometimes tours with .. Dave Grusin (now age 83). On top of 17 Grammy Nominations and such a distinguished solo career, one of the Top Solo Draws of the 80’s, came his 90’s stint as a founding member and guitarist of the most famed smooth jazz all star group of them all, ‘Fourplay.’ From his legendary Tuesday Night appearances at Hollywood’s famed Baked Potato in the 70’s to sessions with Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dizzy Gillespie, Barbra Streisand, Simon & Garfunkel and so many more. Not to forget his ‘Twist of’ albums. Marley .. Motown .. Jobim .. Wes Montgomery ‘Wes Bound,’ and even his own of himself, his most recent, ‘A Twist of Rit.’ Festival creator/producer Art Good doing a JazzTrax interview with Lee, mere weeks after this event’s 1987 debut, told the famed guitarist how the very 1st annual had just gone as they stood together on the front porch steps of Rit’s then Malibu home, staring right across the ocean at Catalina and by Oct. 1988, the 2nd annual, Rit was performing on our Island himself. His 2003 ‘Twist of Motown’ show selling out in September. A month in advance. This event’s earliest Ballroom Sell-Out ever. Lo and Behold his Afternoon Session this October all Summer into Fall has been this 31st annual’s Top Selling Session too. ________________________________________________________

Famed Saxophonist

Then his sax did that amazing instrumental touch to Luther Vandross “So Amazing” and the brand new radio genre of Smooth Jazz “swept him in.” His own solo career ready to roar then into the 90’s after garnering Grammy Nominations in 1989 and 1990. By 1998 Phil Collins had him as a Featured Instrumentalist fronting Phil’s Big Band on World Tours. More Grammy Nominations following in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, and 2012 for his ’24/7’ collaboration with Norman Brown. His daughter Selina, a singer, also now a recording artist. They appeared together here on the Island for a 2012 Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach Evening. Even as HIS sales have passed a Million he has appeared on nearly 200 albums by other artists. Just Ain’t Nobody Like Gerald. _________________________________________________________

Gerald Albright

Recent CD: ‘G’ 2016 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Gerald Songs 1. So Amazing 2. My, My, My 3. G & Lee 4. I Found the Klugh 5. Cheaper to Keep Her


Legendary Guitarist

Lee Ritenour, Recent CD: ‘A Twist of Rit’ 2015

JazzTrax Favorite 5 Rit Songs 1. Countdown Captain Fingers 2. Malibu with Phil Perry 3. San Ysidro with Dave Grusin 4. If I’m Dreaming Don’t Wake Me with Phil Perry 5. Soaring

2018 Pre Ticket Order Forms Must Be Postmarked No Later Than Nov 1, 2017 to keep same seats


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October’s Island Performers

Sunday Afternoon Oct. 22


Legendary Keyboardist/Composer Somewhere around 1983 Producer Art Good, just barely before he would create the JazzTrax Syndicated Radio Show in ’85, one night wandered into The Belly-Up Tavern, in Solana Beach in San Diego’s North County. There to see the 1st modern instrumentalist who’d turned him on in his early 70’s college days, Flutist Tim Weisberg. After show meeting Tim as the band broke down, Tim introduced Art to his keyboardist. Tim was The Star, the keyboardist was nobody. But they had gone to college together and stuck together as musicians and forever friends. Little did Art know and only remembered years later that young keyboardist would rise within a few short years to Smooth Jazz Superstardom himself. It was David Benoit. Few remember that as 1987 began David was the very first Rippingtons keyboardist. Art knows because he was the host of The Ripps first ever live performance at The Catamaran in Pacific Beach in San Diego spring or early summer ’87. But by the time the Rippingtons arrived for that fall’s 1987 debut of the JazzTrax Festival, Greg Karukas was on keys and David Benoit was headlining himself having just been released by The Record Label to be on. The GRP Recording Company, noticed by Dave Grusin himself. Like an actor not wanting to be known primarily for just 1 role, David has taken his dimensions widely. This past May releasing ‘The Music of Montalvo’ (not smooth jazz). Then in July a 1st collaboration with french classical guitarist Marc Antoine. He’s done 2 of those with his good friend Russ Freeman of the Rippingtons. An orchestral collaboration in 2006 with singer Jane Monheit. His famous “Peanuts” projects and lots of Christmases on the Koz tours (maybe this year.) He’s got film scores including 1 produced by Clint Eastwood and another by Sally Field. He’s conducted Philarmonic’s and Symphony’s and these days even hosts a morning radio show on KKJZ 88.l outa Long Beach, where you boarded your boat to the Island. __________________________________________________________________


ALTHEA RENE, Flute • MARIEA ANTOINETTE, Harp GAIL JHONSON, Keys • DEE SIMONE, Drums ROBIN BRAMLETT, Bass • DARLENE MORENO, Guitar TOMOKA, Sax A most colorish group, themed PINK, and all ladies. Together 9 years now. This is an all star female ensemble of musical Women in Jazz, projecting Talent .. Beauty .. Power .. and Femininity as they embrace their stage together. The Jazz in Pink Motto: To Promote Women in Jazz, by providing live performance opportunities showcasing each other’s music. Endeavoring to provide educational opportunities and mentorship to upcoming Rising Stars. Led by Keyboardist Gail Jhonson. Philly native. You’ve seen in the past with Norman Brown, in fact serving as Norman’s Music Director. Flutist Althea Renee has the band’s current string of solo hits having just charted this past summer on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts with “Gypsy Soul” off her newest CD. Althea a former Deputy Sheriff in Detroit. San Diego based Mariea Antoinette describes herself as an Urban- Jazz Harpist. Earned her Master Classes in harp performance at University of Arizona and has performed at The White House for the President and First Lady Michelle Obama. “Pink” Bassist Robin Bramlett learned her music theory at Bakersfield College and has performed with Pete Escobedo, Miki Howard and Donnie McClurkin. _________________________________________________

Most Recent CD’s Althea Rene

David Benoit, Recent CD: 2017 Collaboration with Marc Antoine ‘So Nice’

‘Unstoppable’ 2017

JazzTrax Favorite 5 Benoit Songs (hard to stop at just 5 !!)

Gail Jhonson

1. Kei’s Song 2. Penthouse in Copacabana with Marc Antoine 3. Reunion with Russ Freeman 4. When She Believed in Me with Kenny Loggins & Russ Freeman 5. Something You Said


Sunday Afternoon Oct. 15

‘Her Story’ 2011 Jazz in Pink

‘1st Collection’ 2014

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Avalon Bay on Catalina Island .. Southern California’s Yachtsmen Destination with JazzTrax each October Since 1987. Photo by

October’s Island Performers

Friday Evening Oct. 20

Thursday Evening Oct. 12 Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach


The running joke back before his extensive TV work began. Paul would drive up in front of an L.A. recording studio, and just leave his car running. Lay down his guitar part and be back in the car headed for next session and do the same. Absolutely one of the most On Call Guitar Sessionists in L.A. through the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Simply go to and ask for Paul Jackson Jr. credits and start scrolling downwards/ backwards. You’ll see him listed in 2017 on recording sessions with Kirk Whalum, Nathan East, Joan Baez. Keep scrolling, but have a full cup or glass of something next to you cause you’ll be scrolling for awhile…through recording sessions he’s done the past 20 years with Bette Midler, Janet Jackson, Donna Summer, George Duke, James Brown, Herb Alpert, Luther Vandross (multiple times), Daft Punk, Aretha Franklin, George Benson, Leonard Cohen, Smokey Robinson, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson (multiple times), Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Barry Manilow, The Four Seasons, Natalie Cole, MIchael McDonald, Anita Baker, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Herbie Hancock, Carole King, Kenny Rogers, Steely Dan. Then as you get DIZZY from scrolling you’ll realize you’ve only gotten back to the late 90’s as the list goes on … The Spinners, Nancy Wilson, Chaka Khan, Madonna, Randy Newman, Lou Rawls, Boz Scaggs, Jeffrey Osborne, Jarreau, Patrice Rushen, Gladys Knight, Cher, Elton John, Ricky Martin, Teddy Pendergrass, The Whispers. Finally, seems like hours, you’ve scrolled back into the 80’s … Dr. John, Booker T. & the MG’s, The Isley Brothers, more Luther more Manilow, Brenda Russell, Julio Iglesias, Glenn Frey, Barbra Streisand, Pointer Sisters (multiple times), Ella Fitzgerald, Tom Jones. When you get down to the 1970’s … B.B. King, The Whispers, and we’re not even repeating names from above, clear back to one of his earliest session dates putting his guitar down on Herbie Hancock’s 1973 ‘Head Hunters.’ And if born in 1959, that means Paul was already Session-ing with some of L.A.’s biggest names … at age 14! Not even named here are the Hundreds of Sessions Paul’s guitar was in helping record the Stars of Smooth Jazz .. Boney, Braun, Euge, Benoit, Rit, Sanborn and so many more. Then to his work on Television. His guitar a constant in the Rickey Minor Band throughout the Huge Run on ‘American Idol.’ Also within that same band as Ricky was the leader of the final rendition of Jay Leno’s Show, Paul Jr. in that Final Leno Tonight Show Band from 2010 - 2014. With Leno and “Idol” done and retired Paul Paul Jackson Jr., released his 8th solo album Recent CD: ’Stories From Stompin’ Willie’ 2016 his 1st came in the late 80’s, and watched it’s 1st single JazzTrax Favorite 5 Paul Jr. Songs “B.F.A.M.” soar to the very 1. Two for Ten Thousand top of the Billboard Charts 2. B.F.A.M (brothers from another mother) in 2016. When he hits our 3. L.A. Express Yourself intimate stage on the beach 4. It’s A Shame here on Smooth Jazz Island 5. Easy Like Sunday Morning …. simply, Bow.



Trumpet and Horns, Horns, Horns You Serve 20 Years Internship with TOWER OF POWER as the Music Director of their Famous HORNS SECTION. Then Mid 90’s strike out on your own, Trumpet in Hand. Writing Pen in Hand, to do it for Yourself. Long time good friends with Paul Schaefer of the long-time David Letterman Late Show Band .. thus similar tastings and linear musicality. Tower of Power originating out of East Bay San Francisco …. Greg it’s theming HORNS director for 2 decades. In 2009 he finally concepts out for himself from all that experience and 15 years solo songs and cd’s, what he calls EAST BAY SOUL. And Nails It. Similar sound, full horn section. Hey he forged the horns for T.O.P. through a couple decades. Taken now as His Style, His Compositions, HIS East Bay Soul .. (even though he lives in L.A.) L.A. & S.F. have always been the West Coast “Twins” anyway. Although don’t tell that to any Giants or Dodgers fan. ________________________________________________

Greg Adams

Recent CD: ‘That’s Life’ 2015 JazzTrax Favorite 5 East Bay Soul Songs 1. Brassilicious 2. Survival of the Hippest 3. Always Take Two 4. Roadhouse 5. Bongo Baby

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2nd Annual San Diego Smooth Jazz Festival

October’s Island Performers

Friday Evening Oct. 13

Friday Evening Oct. 13



This is the type of GROUP that comes outa nowhere and you are So Happy They Did. Emerging in 1994 a totally “In Studio” creation of keyboardist William Aura & Craig Dobbin. Taking their so melodically flowing songs almost like COOKING, then adding in spice .. occasional guests like.. Rick Braun on Trumpet, Peter White on Guitar, Paul Taylor on Sax, Marc Antoine or Craig Chaquico on Guitar. These big names sometimes, not even credited in the liner notes (another story) but you can tell. It’s THEM.

Doesn’t get more visual than being seen on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Arsenio Hall and more. When you’ve been the Sax man especially for Prince and then CeeLo Green, you end up on stages in Big Sheds, your playing exposed to well, MILLIONS live in concert and on TV. Traveling with Prince especially exposed and expanded this Raleigh, North Carolina regioned musician To The World and from his traditional smooth jazz roots to infuse as well R&B, Pop, Rock, Latin and Funky Grooves.

William and Craig musically “painting” .. brushing in extra special colors with their special guests. Musical pictures. Some while listening mistaking it as a Peter White song, or a Rick Braun song, unable to peg it if not pre or back announced because it was instead a 3rd Force song with a very strong and meaningful extra special guest. Through 2 decades they “snuck in” some well known instrumentalists without saying so, almost secret musical guests like Dave Koz, Boney James, Euge Groove, Jeff Lorber, Greg Adams, Brian Hughes…. Want their “mellower side?” Try their 5th project ‘Gentle Force.’ Want their funkier livelier side? Try their 2005 ‘Driving Force’ CD.

Having studied with Branford Marsalis and Gospel saxophonist Donald Hayes. Having performed before President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson. Having also toured with Judith Hill, Sheila E., Live Warfield and Anthony Hamilton. Now just past his 10th anniversary of performing and recording as a solo act. Most recent radio hit “A Cup of Joe” from his coffee flavored ‘And Coffee’ cd gained him a #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart. Not just Coffee flavored SONGS but his company created 6 blends of coffee TO DRINK. Passion Blend .. Cup of Joe .. Jamaica Me Wanna .. Morning Inspiration .. Hazelnut .. Cappuccino Strut. With a song to Match each Blend. In fact, “Hazelnut” was Number #16 on the JazzTrax Top 40 Songs of 2016. Listen to it .. then Taste it as Marcus brings his ‘Limited Edition Tour’ to Avalon. His 6th Island visit. “Music has never tasted so good and coffee has never sounded so relaxing.” ________________________________________________________

Led by Craig Dobbin and Wi l l iam Aura

So they were never Live. Only an In Studio recording project until JazzTrax Producer Art Good kept workin’ on them .. “You guys are so good .. You NEED to do a Live Show” . And they finally did… October 2003 on Catalina Island at the 15th annual. Then disappearing after 2005 for a Decade. We thought DONE, but NOT … re-appearing January 2016 with the CD ‘Global Force.’ Like a long desired but never expected back again guest. Appearing unannounced at the door. It’s 1st Single “Big Shot” shooting to Number #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts. Folks … 3rd Force is BACK. _________________________________________________________

3rd Force, Recent CD: 2016 ‘Global Force’



Marcus Anderson

JazzTrax Favorite 5 3rd Force Songs

Recent CD: ‘Limited Edition’ 2017 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Marcus Songs

1. Breakout 2. Here Comes the Night with Peter White 3. In the Full Moonlight with Rick Braun 4. You Gotta Be Real with Peter White 5. Revelation of the Heart with Paul Taylor

1. Hazelnut 2. M-Powered 3. Willpower 4. No Time To Waste 5. Cup of Joe

Saturday Night JazzTrax After Parties on Descanso Beach NO TICKET REQUIRED • Food Service & Full Bar 10:45 pm - 1 am

Saturday Afternoon Oct. 24 October’s Island Performers

Friday Evening Oct. 20


Thursday Evening Oct. 19 Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach


Saxophonist/Multi Instrumentalist

Nouveau Flamenco Guitarists

How’d JazzTrax miss This Guy? We were kind’ve late “jumping on this guy’s boat.” But we’ve since been making up for it. A young Italian Vintage Hot-Shot who broke onto the smooth jazz scene while still in his teens. Age 17 at the infamously known San Diego Lemonade Weekend in 2011. A Smooth Jazz Awards Show gone awry by promoter default but folks having flown in from across America including Vincent from his still growing up teen days in Connecticut. So “a show” went on at the Hard Rock in the S.D. Gaslamp Quarter and Vincent invited up on stage by famed guitarist Peter White. You can’t steal any show from Peter, but Vincent stole enough of a portion to be on his way. And still a teen, 17, when he made his 2010 solo album debut.

2 Nouveau Flamenco Guitar playing BROTHERS, Josh and Noah (Thompson) .. 2 more ‘Other Brothers’ on bass and drums when they appeared in our Ballroom last October. Add in a brilliant beautiful young female violinist, nobody’s sister at least here .. with a dash of Dad Thompson popping up on stage on Harmonica for the Encore here in the ballroom a few years back. You have what blew in from coastal Alabama across America and over to Smooth Jazz Island. Remarkably outselling even the biggest stars every time they come, in our CD store. This festival can’t get enough of this fresh young band and sound from the Coastal South. But break it down they must for the JazzTrax more intimate Thursday Evening Outdoors Under the Stars on the Beach. We specifically do not make our stage very big, just so’s the artist can’t bring too many and must stay “towards unplugged” and intimate On the Sand, with people in private Cabana’s and romantically doubled up Chaises, drinking wine as ocean waves roll in behind them.

Just barely having escaped his teens when named the 2012 Billboard Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year. How many Multi-Instrumentalists can you name in Smooth Jazzdom? On his latest ‘Coast to Coast’ Vincent plays almost all the instruments, from sax to guitar to piano. After a year in L.A. hosting the Dave Koz Spaghettini Sunday Brunches he got East Coast homesick and returned to his Connecticut hometown but hardly staying there. Doing’ Koz Italy Cruises and Earl Klugh Weekend of Jazz in Hawaii and Rick Braun River Cruises in Europe, and Pizza Express in London. This still such a young man who climbed to Number #14 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart with “It Is What It Is” while still in high school is … gettin’ around. Oh .. the song he brought in DW3’s Eric and Billy Mondragon to sing in 2015 “Baby I’m Hooked (Right Into Your Love) named the JazzTrax Best Smooth Jazz Vocal of the Year. Released CD ‘Christmas’ last December. _________________________________________________________

Vincent Ingala

Recent CD: 2015 ‘Coast to Coast’ JazzTrax Favorite 5 Vincent Songs 1. Baby I’m Hooked (Right Into Your Love) with DW3 2. Can’t Stop Now 3. If I Could Fly 4. Groovin’ U 5. Wish I Was There


Set to be a DUO only for this occasion with the waves of the Pacific Ocean lapping up behind the stage, we specifically requested their violinist too. Not the same as last fall but Leah is also a young violinist. As they step up, or climb up on our only weekend outdoor stage give them a round of immediate applause as the Honorees of the most recent, 2016 JazzTrax Best CD of the Year, ‘Bohemia.’ 2 Brothers .. jamming together since college days, who named their band for an old Roman Street in the Alps. Using Classical, Gypsy, Contemporary Jazz, Latin and Nuevo Flamenco off the cool breezes of Coastal Alabama to the cool ocean breezes of our Pacific. ________________________________________________________

Roman Street

Recent CD: 2016 JazzTrax Album of the Year ‘Bohemia’ JazzTrax Favorite 5 Roman Street Songs 1. Island Time 2. Mr. Morris 3. Elizabeth 4. Caravan 5. Serenade

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Avalon Bay CR

















Catalina Express Dock

October’s Island Performers

Saturday Evening Oct. 21

Sunday Evening Oct. 22


She floated in .. from the blue. Actually from Woodstock. Truly as 2016 dawned, just a year ago, nobody nobody knew of her. Where does one find these unknowns? Well, in this case JazzTrax Producer Art Good and Bud Harner, a Manager with a pretty renowned flock (Euge, Benoit, Keiko, Lorber, now Vincent and previously Golub and Mindi) and notably long ago he was Barry Manilow’s drummer in the 80’s. Art and Bud go to the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens every March for the Men’s and Women’s Finals together. Just down (Coachella) Valley from JazzTrax in Palm Springs. In those stands watching Federer or Serena or Novak or Rafael or Andy, Bud casually mentioned March 2016, hey, think I’m gonna manage this new Singer from “of all places” Woodstock. And lo and behold a few weeks later, Lindsey’s 1st ever Radio Single and Hit “Fool Me Once” shot to the very top. Number #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts 4 consecutive weeks. Then her 2nd single “Open Up” soared up those same charts, peaking at Number #3. Next as she arrived on Catalina Island in Oct. she sold on the Island before it’s Nov. release her new 2nd CD. It’s title track and 1st Single, “Back to Your Heart” reaching #3 on Billboard. Not a Number #1 but that song amazingly sat 13 consecutive weeks between Dec. ’16 and Feb. ’17 in Billboard’s Top 5. Next .. “Where Do You Want To Go” gave Lindsey ANOTHER Number #1 on Billboard as this past Summer Began. Spending 12 weeks Top #10. As this is being written another Single “Next to Me” is inches from Billboard’s Top 10. Simply and amazingly put … this lady NOBODY knew about, who first hit the Billboard charts January 2016, between then and well NOW, she has been on the Billboard charts Every Single Month, except for September 2016. We repeat .. Every Single Month (cept Sept. ’16) Since January 2016 when No One Had Ever Heard of Her with 5 Straight Radio Hits. 4 Top #3 Hits, (5 Top #10 Hits), including 2 Number #1’s … in her Debut 1st Year and a Half. And get this. First female singer to chart Number #1 TWICE, EVER, in Billboard Chart history, topping even Sade’s one time !!! Last year’s Biggest Smooth Jazz Break-Out Artist of the Year. And She Sings !!!! Singing for a 2nd straight October in our Ballroom looking out to Sea. Sky’s the Limit at this point for Lindsey. _________________________________________________________________

Lindsey Webster, Recent CD:Late 2016 ‘Back to Your Heart’

JazzTrax Favorite 5 Lindsey Songs 1. Open Up (#3 on Billboard chart) 2. Fool Me Once (#1) 3. Back to Your Heart (#3) 4. Where Do You Want To Go (#1) 5. Next To Me (#3 at press time)



Budapest Band Led by Violinist/Singer


Remember our way back when .. Smooth Jazz Days .. when young and exciting and fresh plus unique meant well Spyro Gyra in the early 80’s .. or The Rippingtons late 80’s .. or Jesse Cook and Rick Braun mid 90’s .. or the Mindi Abair early 00’s. Okay WE AGE as has the Smooth Jazz Audience Demo, and yet the young, exciting, fresh here in the 2000 teens keeps coming and isn’t that enough to keep all us Smoothers still young too? These guys remind us of The Above as they were breaking onto the scene. Not just Young. Not just Fresh as they album debuted in 2011 and on this Island in 2013. Named JazzTrax Debut Artist of that Year. Excitingly led by a Violinist/Vocalist. Unique? How bout based in Budapest. That’d be HUNGARY. That’d be Europe. Koz has now had them on his Cruise and this year they’ve got HIM on their Brand New Summer 2017 Cd. He didn’t just MP3 his session sax work through the internet Hollywood to Budapest. Dave literally made an impromptu stop in Budapest on a European trip before Peet Project leader/ violinist/ vocalist Peter “Peet” Ferencz flew the masters from Budapest to Smooth Jazz Super Producer Paul Brown’s L.A. Studio to remix it. Paul liberally sprinkling his “stardust” all over the track including pieces of his own guitar work. They will come/ fly the furthest this October to get to the Island. From Hungary. Even further than London’s Incognito, who will follow them to wrap our Closing October evening. An All Euro Closing Night in the Avalon Ballroom. Peter Ferencz (Peet) - violin & vocals, Attila Závodi sax, Olivér Magán - keys, Martin Gudics - bass, Marcell Gudics - drums _____________________________________________________

Peet Project

Recent CD: ‘The Bad Boys Of Budapest’ 2017 JazzTrax Favorite 5 Peet Songs 1. 24 Hours 2. Downtown Therapy 3. Does the Music Turn You On 4. Jazz and Wine 5. Got This Feeling

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Casino .. Avalon Ballroom .. Pacific Ocean .. from Above Photo by

October’s Island Performers

Saturday Afternoon Oct. 21

Saturday Evening Oct. 14



Can musical genius be passed down hereditarily? You judge. Dad is Saxophonist Kim Waters and rumors are he’s pretty together too on the keys. Daughter Kayla, a pianist singer and composer having wrapped a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Howard University in Washington D.C. where she still resides. Dad or Mom, or both had her studying classical piano since age 6. Dad had her ‘session in’ on several of his recent albums even as she served as Director of Music and Worship at Mount Vernon Place in D.C. and currently holding position as Music Director as well of the Howard University Early Learning Program.

Joe Sample used to wonder “where He got His Particular Take to Notes & Songs” from. He thinks from his ancestors who came to Houston from New Orleans before he was born. Sometimes it’s as simple as .. ‘The Roads You Travel’ often the ones “Less Traveled’ or the “Paths Only You Take.” Kay-Ta’s path began in Osaka, Japan. Then he crossed an Ocean and a Continent or a Continent and then an Ocean , to Boston, to study in America at renowned Berklee College of Music at age 20. Along that route picking up stylings of Gospel, R&B, Country, Jazz and Rock.



Making her solo debut this past late winter, at age 25, with the CD, ‘Apogee’ on Trippin’ N Rhythm Records. Watching as her very 1st radio single, “I Am,” shot it’s way all Kayla Waters, 2017 Solo Debut ‘Apogee’ the way, to the Very Top of the Billboard JazzTrax Favorite 5 Kayla Songs Smooth Jazz Charts. 1. I Am 2. Apogee A nation-wide 3. Elevation Bop Number #1 on her 4. Spirit Awakening very first try. 5. Freedom March

Sunday Afternoon Oct. 15

DOTSERO Denver Band


He followed “his path” then West to where he still resides, Los Angeles and began a Session Guitar career here on the “Left Coast”. List of credits include Keiko Matsui, Baby Face, Natalie Cole, David Foster, Lalah Hathaway, Chante Moore, Amerie, Steve Porcaro, Jody Watley. Also top Japanese artists Chikuzen Satoh, Junko Yagami, Marlene. He co-wrote Australian Pop Star Cody Kay-Ta,, 2016 Solo Debut ‘Arrival’ Simpson’s single “Be The One.” He may also return JazzTrax JazzTrax Favorite 5 Kay-Ta Songs Closing Weekend in Greg Ad1. Gotta Bounce 2. Call It Even ams East Bay Soul. His crossover 3. Karate Chopin group “Quattrosound” nominated 4. Sweet Child O’ Mine for a 2013 Latin Grammy in Best 5. One For Him New Artist category.

Who names their band after a small mountain town, with an exit sign off I-70, crossing through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado? Well, a Mile High band from Denver does. DOTSERO meaning ‘something unique’ according to Ute Native American legend. Or … DOTSERO as ‘dot-zero’ on the earliest geographical railroad maps crossing through the Rockies. Bound together by 2 brothers, David and Stephen Watts. As much fun to watch as to listen to, but listening to for a Dotsero, Recent CD: ‘Retro 2017’ 2017 couple decades have been their fans at their JazzTrax Favorite 5 Dotsero Songs own jazz club in Denver, ‘Jazz @ Jacks.’ A 1. Westchester Lady ‘No-Nonsense sax and guitar driven Thrill 2. Kansas Ballet Song Ride’ played out by these 2 brothers and full 3. Green Lantern band. DOTSERO has crisscrossed the nation 4. Sweetness #34 performing their exciting brand 5. Steppin’ Outa Th’ Boat of “Jazz Outa the Rockies.”

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October’s Island Performers

Sunday Evening Oct. 15

Saturday Afternoon Oct. 14



This time, This artist, came to our attention via one of YOU. An e-mail to JazzTrax by a festival goer who had just seen this young singer at ‘The Mint’ in Hollywood. The person must have included a You Tube LINK. Sitting back checking out a new performer on You Tube is often how we do it. After all, we now provide you, You Tube links on our Festival Performance Schedule at www.JazzTrax. com. So you can preview acts you aren’t aware of in choosing your Island Weekend or Weekend Sessions. Catie recently moved her home base from Dallas to get within the L.A. music scene, but having grown up in a small town in Northern Arkansas.

He’s been eat, sleep, breathing Saxophone all the way through High School in the Coachella Valley near the JazzTrax Palm Springs studio. Those of us living here going out for an evening to catch Slim Man singing in Old La Quinta or Will Donato in the bar at the Hyatt Grand Champions, school night or NOT, chances are Chase was there sitting in audience, sax ready. Ready to get called up on stage to sit in on a song. Any smooth jazz star like Mindi Abair at the Westin Rancho Mirage in April, there was Chase taking it all in in the audience. Lapping up every spare inch of smooth jazz live performance he could find and especially if he could participate in it. All through his teen-age years.



Blending Jazz and Soul and Undertones of R&B and Funk. Dark, Enchanting, Soulful, Haunting. Solo Freshman Debut, ‘Stone Child’ released 4 years ago. Now working on a new EP set to be released this Fall, as well as numerous projects in music, film, and TV. What equally caught our eye and ear … her very cool (and young) horn section. That horn crew being or having been Front Men for .. Erykah Badu, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Marcus Miller, Tamela Mann, Snarky Puppy, and … Prince. _________________________________________________________

Catie Waters,

Recent CD: ‘Stone Child’ 2013

Sunday Afternoon Oct. 22

JAZMIN GHENT Saxophonist


So mere months before he would graduate from Palm Desert High School, January this year releasing his Solo Debut. Lo and behold produced by guitarist Steve Oliver who lives in nearby Banning CA with Steve also lending some guitar and scat on Chase solo debut. And “Why Wait.” Soon as he had an actual published album JazzTrax decided to Introduce Chase to YOU. Cause .. “That’s what we do .. (break artists on Catalina Island.) Last winter Art Good literally ran into Chase at one of Palm Chase Huna Springs best music night spots, “Shanghai ‘On The Chase’ 2017 solo debut Reds” in the Village. Chase was “on a date.” Art asked what his plans were after his high JazzTrax Favorite 3 Chase Songs 1. On the Chase school graduation, college in mind? Chase 2. Pure replied, “I just want to play, man. It’s all 3. Mirage about the Saxophone.”

Who was this young lady on sax when first heard with her new touch to Les McCann and Eddie Harris “Compared to What” from her 2015 solo debut, as it crossed the airwaves of ‘Sirius/XM’s “Watercolors.” Also got her some “Pandora” and “Spotify” airplay which is the New Indication of MAKING IT in these modern times. A graduate of Florida State with a Master’s Degree in Music from Tennessee State. The 2014 Smooth Jazz Cruise in the Caribbean spotted her first. She came inches from being booked on our island last fall just as her sophJazmin Ghent omore release, ‘Chocolate Sunshine’ was being Recent CD: ‘‘Chocolate Sunshine’ 2016 released. She snagged some pretty special guests JazzTrax Favorite 5 Jazmin Songs on that one, Jonathan Fritzen, Nelson Rangel, 1. Walk With Me Adam Hawley, Julian Vaughn. Now having made 2. Compared to What Main Stage appearances across America this year 3. Chocolate Sunshine at Seabreeze in Florida, Low Country .. Newport 4. Eyo Beach .. Rehoboth .. and now Catalina Island. 5. Games

You Wouldn’t Miss 32nd Annual Would You? Opening Weekend Oct 11 - 14 - Closing Weekend Oct 18 - 21, 2018

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