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JAZZTRAX FESTIVAL October 13-16 - October 20-23, 201 6

-Official Program -

AVALON BALLROOM .. LOOKING “OUT” TO SEA .. WITHIN 1929 WRIGLEY CASINO 26 miles off Southern California coastline ~ “above” Descanso Beach 

Music is the Medicine of the Mind. Catalina Island is the Remedy for the Soul.

O 6pm

Unplu Stars t


Peter and

Frenc Class Guita

Marc A

*this show

O 6pm


Guitar under


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Santa Catalina Isl and Company




October 13 6pm doors open  Unplugged Under the Stars together

Friday Evening

October 14 7pm Group-Singer

British Guitarist

The L.A. Collective



Peter White French Classical Guitarist

Marc Antoine *this show SOLD OUT in JUNE

featuring Singer Ashling Cole


Mindi Abair &

Saturday Afternoon Saturday Evening October 15 October 15


Debut Singer with a No. #1

Lindsey Webster All Stars Show SaxSinger-Keys


Coastal Alabama Flamenco

Roman Street 9pm

2pm Legendary Michael Lington, Kenny Saxophonist Lattimore, Jonathan Fritzen Boney James

The Boneshakers

Sunday Afternoon October 16

Sunday Evening October 16



Javier Colon 2pm

Cecil Ramirez 9pm


Grover Discovered Philly Band

Pieces of a Dream


Keys-TrombonistFunk Band

Brian Culbertson

featuring Singer Sweet Pea Anderson

SATURDAY EVENING OCTOBER 15 • 10:45 pm - 1 am JAZZTRAX AFTER-PARTY Descanso Beach Club Dancing on the Beach.. DJ Jonathan Phillips..NO TICKET REQUIRED

CLOSING WEEKEND • OCTOBER 20, 21, 22, 23 Thursday

October 20 6pm doors open 

Chicago’s Big Windy Cat

Guitarist Unplugged under the Stars

Nick Colionne

Friday Evening

October 21 7pm Japanese Keyboardist

Keiko Matsui 9pm

Coastal L.A.’s Favorite Band


Saturday Afternoon Saturday Evening October 22 October 22





Eric Darius 2pm

London’s Nylon/ Steel Guitar Legends

Acoustic Alchemy

Grace Kelly 9pm

Legendary 70’s/80’s Band

Average White Band

Sunday Afternoon October 23


KeyboardistPreacherReality TV Star

Ben Tankard 2pm

Mr. Ghostbusters Guitarist-Singer

Ray Parker Jr.

Sunday Evening October 23

7pm Debut Guitarist Already with a No. #1

Adam Hawley

All Stars Show Guitar-Sax-Sax

9pm Peter White, Paul Taylor, Euge Groove

SATURDAY EVENING OCTO OCTOBER BER 22 • 10:45 pm - 1 am JAZZTRAX AFTER-PARTY Descanso Beach Club Dancing on the Beach.. DJ Jonathan Phillips..NO TICKET REQUIRED PLEASE BE DISCREET RESPECT THOSE AROUND YOU KEEP CONVERSATION IN BALLROOM TO MINIMUM DURING PERFORMANCES iPhone Camera’s Allowed **No Flash During Performance Please .. Professional Camera’s And All Video & Recording Equipment NOT ALLOWED Thursday Evenings Unplugged Under the Stars Rain or Shine on Descanso Beach Seats, Chaises, Cabana’s YOURS for Entire Evening 6 pm on “no host” Full Bar & Food. Come at 6 pm for Ocean Viewing as Concert Begins with Darkness at 7:30 pm                   All Weekend Performances in 1929 Avalon Ballroom Top of Wrigley Casino. Ballroom Opens 30 Minutes Prior to each Session Start .. JazzTrax is Always All Reserved Seating   Ballroom Tables are ALL Owned by Someone. Please Do Not Sit at Tables not Purchased, You Will Be Moved Saturday Night JazzTrax AfterParty 10:45 pm to 1 am.  Full No Host Bar & Food. NO TICKET REQUIRED







(Above left to right) Austin Good, Don Knabe, Los Angeles County Supervisor and Art Good, JazzTrax Producer/Creator. Tip of our Hat to Don Knabe, retiring end of this year after serving Los Angeles County for 20 Years on the County Board of Supervisors. Avalon and Catalina Island are in his District even as Don has been a faithful JazzTrax Festival Goer for ALL of those 20 years .. each October . Thank You Don Knabe and good luck trying to act “retired”.. And watch out for Austin, his new interest is Film and Editing .. you’ll see him capturing You Tube Video’s around the stage throughout these 2 weekends Little did I know when in October 1999 I held him up on stage here as a 2 month old little baby .. now so long ago ..



that’s half a decade, after the major market Smooth Jazz Radio Stations that had been “smooth jazz rockin” for 2 decades started dropping like flies when national advertisers and knee jerkin’ General Managers decided us Smoothers had gotten TOO OLD for them. Suddenly Summer of 2016 Smooth Jazz has returned in San Diego as KIFM has brought back their legendary Smooth Jazz format (that I began as PD in 1982) on their HD Radio sub channel and Philadelphia has done the same and both stations and cities put the JazzTrax syndicated radio show that I debuted in 1985 .. so long ago .. back on in those Major U.S. cities. We still have just as many Brand New Young Smooth Jazz Artists each year entering the scene. 2016 one of the finest .. guitarist Adam Hawley in

4 • JazzTrax Syndicated Radio Show with Art Good ‘since 1985’

March, keyboardist Mark Etheredge in February, Kay-Ta Matsuno in July, singer Lindsey Webster back in the Spring. There has been NO shortage of Smooth Jazz Debut Artists through the past few years .. still an eternal spring of young eager smooth jazz talent. Sirius/Xm’s Watercolors is listened to in cars across America and it’s Program Director is expected somewhere in the Ballroom crowd this weekend. And Jazz Festivals are not only packed across America this Summer (this one selling to a post recession record) but new ones are springing up everywhere. Seabreeze in Florida drawing thousands to begin the season each April while Catalina Island drawing thousands ends the season each October. 30 and 45 were big numbers for me this year. A 45th high school reunion back in my hometown of Marion, Indiana this Summer, so far .. SO VERY FAR back in time now, from this Island. And this the 30th annual of this the longest running ‘All Smooth Jazz Festival’ in America. In that hometown as a small boy, like 4 years old, I remember hearing The Four Preps, probably comin’ off my older brothers transistor radio singing “26 Miles Across the Sea .. Santa Catalina is waiting for me.” Little did I know.

Arriving in Los Angeles for college Fall of 1971 hearing what seemed like a pirate radio station broadcasting from Catalina Island. It sounded so magical, but alas, no gal, no money to be able to come here yet. Then October 1982, the General Manager of KIFM in San Diego, sent me, the PD of the station, to the Island to come up with a radio promotion. Little did I know. In January 1984 I threw my 30th birthday party on Catalina Island talking over to the Island 40 FRIENDS .. I couldn’t believe 40 people were going to an Island to celebrate with ME. The detail was almost overwhelming. Think about it .. the detail for 40 people was almost overwhelming. Little did I know. Repeated that birthday party here again in Jan. ’85, ’86, ’87 before Jan. 12, 1987 FINALLY coming into the Ballroom for the very first time. I “instantly” just knew. No more birthday parties, the bell had rung. Time to do a Jazz Festival here which we barely pulled off that Opening Year. Some of you .. were here. Little did we know … Back in Indiana this past July I spent a night in Indianapolis upon flying in before driving up to my hometown. I am a HUGE Indy 500 fan. But never got to go as a kid, even while growing up 1 hour from it. So waking up, I say to the concierge “how close are we to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?” 15 minutes. On a dime over I go and for $30 bucks .. they could have charged me $100 .. a 90 minute tour. Literally around the 2 1/2 mile oval in a bus. Standing on the Bricks, the Start and Finish Line, getting on my hands and knees and KISSING THEM .. YEP. I was over the top In 7th Heaven. Point being they had just celebrated their 100th annual with the winner, Alexander Rossi, a rookie, amazingly taking a chance and not pitting for his final splash of gas as

everyone else did. Coasting just enough (on fumes) to stay ahead of everyone, WINNING the Indianapolis 500 on his 1st try, and then Running Out of Gas on the Victory Lap. Had to be towed into Victory Lane .. HEY THAT’S HOW I WANT TO GO OUT! Point being Indy surged in attendance on it’s 100th annual. For the 1st time they put up extra grandstands and they were already drawing 350,000 persons a race, larger than any event I think in the world. Now on our 30th annual YOU surged us to our highest attendance

Welcome Back to Catalina Island. Welcome Back to this tiny seaport village called Avalon. “post 2007 economic bubble” previous record. One of my favorite books this year, I was reading on the Oregon coastline this past summer, the ‘Shoe Dog’ biography by Nike Founder Phil Knight. His dad told him he was crazy to try and start up a ‘Running Shoe Company.’ Then I read that Arnold Palmer’s dad tried to talk HIM out of being a professional golfer. “There’s nothing there” he said. Can’t make a living .. PLAYING GOLF. I was told in 1987 I was nuts to try and do a jazz festival on an Island where you had to take a boat (and pay for it) an hour across the sea. Where you couldn’t “just drive to the festival venue like on the mainland” and drive back home afterward. One of my best most caring friends said “if you want to throw a jazz festival on an

Island why not do it at the Hotel Del on Coronado Island in San Diego.” Well .. not quite the same.

NOTHING EVER HAPPENS UNLESS 1ST OF ALL .. A DREAM. Before we consolidated this festival back to 2 weekends 2 years ago, which pure and simple saved it, I thought as “Retirement” hit the Smooth Jazz Lovers of America .. that would be this event’s death knell. Instead it is SURGING it. This “Magic of October” on an Island, 26 miles across the sea .. had obviously been on the Bucket List of thousands across America for decades. Dreaming of the day they didn’t have to answer the work alarm clock and would be freed up for things .. like a jazz festival on Catalina Island. Or as one long time festival goer put it this Summer Catalina Island is their “REPEAT BUCKET LIST annually.” 26 miles across the sea and such an annual treat now for so long for so many of you. You wouldn’t miss it for the world .. would you? 3 decades and ready to work starting a 4th. This IS Our Sound .. These ARE Our Artists .. This IS Our Music .. and THIS IS OUR ISLAND. Welcome Back to Catalina Island. Welcome Back to this tiny seaport village called Avalon, 26 miles across the sea. Welcome Back to this oh so classic 1929 Avalon Ballroom generated off Wrigley Chewing Gum money so long ago. I don’t need to tell you … but have yet another so smooth jazz island weekend ….BLAST. …and FACEBOOK IT .. and YOU TUBE SOME VIDEO’S on your smart phone. AND TWEET IT .. and all that other you know what ….and Bring Another Couple with You Next October. That’s what keeps this thing goin’ .. and…

..I I thank you .. from the bottom of what’s left of my heart ..

Longest Running Smooth Jazz Syndicated Show in America • 5

October’s Island Performers


4-time GRAMMY nominee and Multi-Platinum selling Super Star Sax-Man. His latest cd ‘future soul,’ a year and a half old had ALL 3 of it’s Radio Singles go Number #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart. “Drumline” then “Vinyl” then “A Little Attitude.” He has long been one of the biggest names in the genre. Born in Lowell, Mass. while raised in New Rochelle, NY. James Oppenheim, nicknamed “Boney” when in his mid 20’s his meager touring per diem saw him growing thinner while jamming in basements and garages. Sideman in his earlier days saw him with Morris Day, The Isley Brothers, Randy Crawford and Teena Marie. He first showed up on Catalina Island late 80’s in Bobby Caldwell’s band. Debuting solo in 1992 with ‘Trust.’ Since then racking up sales of more than 3 million records, 4 RIAA GOLD albums, the 4 GRAMMY nominations, a Soul Train Award, 10 CD’s atop the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart. Named by Billboard Magazine in 2009 the # 3 Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Decade, trailing just Kenny G and Norah Jones). _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite BONEY JAMES Songs East Bay - ’97 Into the Blue with bob james - ’99 Let It Go - ’06 A Little Attitude - ’15 Drumline - ’15



As of the past year after just shy of 2 decades in the Woodland Hills suburb of Los Angeles, Brian and Michelle are back in his home state of Illinois. Grow up was in Decatur. College was in Chicago where he penned his first album in 1994 (redoing that entire 1st album with a star studded cast in 2014, 20 years later ‘Another Long Night Out’). The Culbertson’s have now made Chicago their permanent home. Now in a townhouse looking out over the City. His keys and trombone and now souped up HORNS FUNK show making him perhaps the best Live Smooth Jazz Act currently out there. And now even a concert promoter himself. Founding the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway in 2012, a 5-day festival of wine, food, art and music set in Northern California’s world famous wine region. Each June. Brian’s newest is literally Dripping Brand New. FUNK! released in Mid September, 8 years after his “Bringing Back The Funk”. Song’s like Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” and Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music.” However the majority of cuts are new original BC material more in line with old school Parliament Funkadelic meets PRINCE.!!! “Some Rock, Some Roll…We Funk!” bootsy collins 16 albums and counting ….. _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite BRIAN CULBERTSON Songs Dreaming of You - ’05 That’s Life - ’10 Fullerton Ave. - ’14 City Lights - ’14 Hollywood Swinging - ’15

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Michael McDonald*

Boney James

Mindi Abair

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Brian Culbertson

Jonathan Butler

Gerald Albright


October’s Island Performers


Chicago’s Big Windy seemingly takes his Guitar to new Unexpected Places every time he warms it up. He came Outa Nowhere a Decade ago and now is one of the Best Showmen in all Smooth Jazzdom. With Style & Energy to Spare .. Unparalleled Musicianship.. a Natural Comedic Flair. Simply Put ..”one of a kind.” Nick is a Palate of Moods and Flavors, Born of Life Experiences and a Lifetime of Challenges that Pour and Filter through his Guitar. And undoubtably Absolutely the Best Dressed Man in JAZZ !!! Then there’s his Rich Baritone Vocals. How’d Barry White get “in the house.” Honored with the JazzTrax Best LIVE Performance of the Year in consecutive years, 2010 and 2011. When he’s not Jazzing .. his passion is mentoring children. He’s in his 18th year of that at the St. Laurence K-8 School in suburban Elgin, IL. His current CD ‘The Journey’ was released in April. It’s title track obtained Number #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart for 2 consecutive weeks in May. _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite NICK COLIONNE Songs High Flyin’ - ’04 Always Thinkin’ Of You - ’06 Can You Feel It - ’06 The Big Windy Cat - ’08 Morning Call - ’16



Resides in the Manhattan Beach area of Southern California easy walking distance of the ocean and view across the channel to Santa Catalina Island. First coming to the Island for performance at the 3rd annual (1989) JazzTrax Festival. In the 90’s she and former husband/producer would often sail their boat to Avalon with their 2 young daughters, Maya, now a Dance Producer/ Instructor in Tokyo, Mako who is considering college in Seattle. Catalina Island is one of Keiko’s favorite personal getaway destinations. Not only staying often the ENTIRE JazzTrax Weekend when she is performing, but also frequenting Avalon during the off season. JazzTrax this past winter arranged for her to play and write on the festival piano in the Casino Theater, alone within, on the stage, no one else there. That’s where she began writing her brand new cd early this year. ‘Journey to the Heart’ was released in August. Born in Tokyo. Her first piano lesson at age 5. In Junior High her interest in jazz began and she began composing her own music. The Yamaha Music Education System selecting her at age 17 to be a recording artist for them. Recording 7 albums with the Japanese jazz fusion group Cosmos. At age 19 they sent her to America to record an album where the producer became her husband and father of their 2 children. Her solo debut came in 1987. Honored as Best Female Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year 1999 and again in 2000. Finally gaining her 1st Number #1 on Billboard’s Top Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart in 2001 with ‘Deep Blue.’ She IS East meets West. Her newJazzTrax 5 Favorite KEIKO MATSUI Songs est musical presentation “acoustic” reMover with vocalist Greg Walker - ’90 places saxophone with a stand-up Bridge Over the Stars - ’96 bass player from Cuba, a percussionist Black River with Paul Taylor - ’07 rather than drummer and a bassist in When I Close My Eyes - ’07 acoustic form. Bohemian Concerto - ’11


8 • Hear the Concerts from October Again on Thanksgiving Weekend’s ‘Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival Radio Special’

October’s Island Performers



JazzTrax 5 Favorite PETER WHITE Songs Play Your Guitar for Me with singer Skipper Wise - ’90 Dreamwalk - ’91 Autumn Day - ’98 Caravan of Dreams - ’96 Head Over Heels - ’14

Born 1954 in the small ‘north of London’ town, Luton while raised in nearby Letchworth. His 1st guitar (axe) “electric” destroyed in a fire accidentally started by his Basia-partner brother Danny although not admitted to by Danny for at least twenty-five years. It is what first pushed Peter towards “acoustic” guitar. First professional gig at a holiday resort in England at age 19. Barely a year later invited to join famed singer Al Stewart’s band. But ON KEYBOARDS at first, not guitar! Working in studio with Al through 1976 on the huge hit “Year of the Cat.” That began a 20 year association between the 2. Peter co-wrote numerous songs including Stewart’s 1978 hit, “Time Passages.” The whole gang had relocated to Los Angeles by the beginning of the 80’s. Brother Danny meanwhile splintered off to start his then girlfriend Basia’s solo career. Her debut 1987’s ‘Time and Tide’ featured Peter on guitar parts. Danny told JazzTrax Producer Art Good about his older brother Peter’s about to debut solo career while on a promotional tour in San Diego with Basia early 1990. Peter credits Catalina Island with being his Solo Big Stage Debut when he first appeared here on our first consecutive weekends in 1991. Peter toured the very first JazzTrax Christmas Tours across America. Was part of the original ‘Guitars and Saxes’ tours and eventually established his own “Peter White Christmas Tour.” In a career that spans nearly four decades, over a dozen solo recordings, countless live performances, including in front of Clint Eastwood many December’s ago on the JazzTrax Christmas Tour in The Barn at Clint’s Mission Ranch in Carmel. His most recent project 2014’s ‘Smile’ spawned one of his biggest radio hits ever. “Head over Heels” spending 9 consecutive weeks at Number #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts.


JazzTrax 5 Favorite EUGE GROOVE Songs Slow Jam - ’07 Religify - ’07 Baby If You Only Knew What I Could Do with Jeffrey Osborne - ’07 God Bless You with Kate Miner - ’12 Rain Down on Me with Peter White - ’14

Since naming him the JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year (2000) while he was still on one of his many Tina Turner World Tours, as her premiere saxophonist, JazzTrax has long called Euge, Mr. Hitmaker. He just “has the touch” for Smooth Jazz Hit Making. Real name .. Steven Eugene Grove. Hails from Hagerstown, Maryland. Got his gospel roots from mom who played piano and taught the Cherub choir at Christ Lutheran Church. Graduate of University of Miami’s School of Music. Playing in salsa bands, before moving to L.A. in 1987. His rarified resume lists him on sax through his younger years for Tina Turner, Luther Vandross, Joe Cocker, Richard Marx, Tower of Power Horns, Huey Lewis and the News. But he’s a total family man although the kids are now grown. Cooking, swimming, running, playing with the animals and gardening in the L.A. suburb of Thousand Oaks. 2007 brought him the JazzTrax honor for Album of the Year ‘Born 2 Groove’.2012 the honor of JazzTrax Best Song of the Year “God Bless You” sung by contemporary Christian Singer Kate Miner. Mr. Groove brings a Brand Spankin’ New CD to the Island. Late Summer’s ‘Still Euge.’ It’s title track reached Number #1 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts Mid-Summer, just as the album was being released. Yep .. yet ANOTHER Number #1 for Mr. Hit Maker.




JazzTrax 5 Favorite EUGE GROOVE Songs Ladies Choice Burnin’ Supernova featuring Swiss Keyboardist Jonathan Fritzen Push to Start I Want to Be Loved By You featuring Singer Latoya London

Few know but Art Good does where this Las Vegas Saxman (originally from Denver) got his Big Break. Hired by Jeff Lorber for a show October 1994 at this Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival. Keiko Matsui and former husband producer Kazu having sailed their boat over to the Island from Huntington Harbor that weekend were simply “festival goers” that year, standing in the back with Art when Keiko turned to Art and whispered, “do you know who’s on sax up there with Jeff?” Keiko from that “spotting” .. their courses having crossed by pure divine luck, hired Paul into her band for some of the sweetest sounds of the 90’s. From that he propelled into his own solo career with 1995’s ‘On the Horn.’No one has Paul’s “sax soft spot.” He long ago toured America in the 90’s on the JazzTrax Christmas Concert Tours where he first worked with guitarist Peter White. Part of “Gentlemen of the Night” which morphed into “Sax and the City.” Returning this October in All Star configuration with Peter White and Euge Groove.

10 • Plan Ahead Next Year 31st annual JazzTrax Festival 2017 Opening Weekend Oct 12 - 15, Closing Weekend Oct 19-22

Avalon Bay and 1929 Wrigley Casino Viewed from Inn at Mt Ada Bed & Breakfast (Wrigley Mansion) Photo by Dennis Bentson

October’s Island Performers




She widened her impressive smooth jazz base appearing as the mystery saxophonist on American Idol. Widened it still further as the only saxophonist to ever tour with rock legends Aerosmith since 1973.Ever WIDER when seen joining Paul Shaffer’s band on the Late Show with David Letterman. Next incredibly WIDER this Spring when she sat in with The Roots playing bits and pieces of “her” songs going in and coming out of breaks on NBC’s Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon holding up Mindi’a album cover on National TV, and raving about her new ’Live in Seattle’ for the nation’s late nighters to see. Art Good 1st spotted Mindi playing in a jazz band in La Jolla early 90’s so JazzTrax festival goer’s got their 1st look when he invited Mindi to sit in for a Catalina Island Sunday Afternoon All Star Session in 1994. She re-appeared inside Jonathan Butler’s band on the Island late 90’s. Art gave her a headlining slot finally October 2002, mere months before her solo CD debut which included the smash single “Lucy’s” putting her immediately Front and Full Center on the thriving Smooth Jazz Stage. Ten #1 Radio Hits .. Two #1 spots on Billboards Contemporary Jazz album chart. A 2014 GRAMMY nomination in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category (with Dave Koz Summer Horns). A 2015 GRAMMY nomination herself for her solo cd ‘Wild Heart.’ Named the 2003 JazzTrax Debut Artist of the Year. A Floridian (Tampa) now residing on the Southern California Coastline. 2016’s ‘Live in Seattle’ with The Boneshakers, her newest. _______________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite Mindi Abair Songs Lucy’s - ’03 Bloom Long Ride Home - ’06 Be Beautiful - ’10 Amazing Game featuring Trombone Shorty - ’14


It was Bonnie Raitt who inadvertently gave them their name “Boneshakers” while they were working on her ‘Longing in Our Hearts’ CD in 1996. The Boneshakers later went on the road with Lyle Lovett. Led by Bassist Randy Jacobs from Dave Koz Band and part of this summer’s Koz/ Sanborn ‘Side by Side’ Tour. Also making appearances this year with Don Was from which singer SweetPea Atkinson emerged from 1981-1990. Mindi teamed up with the Boneshakers at the 2014 Newport Beach Jazz Festival. She and her manager Bud Harner said, “Hey, let’s team this thing up in 2015 and now 2016.


12 • 2017 Pre Ticket Order Forms Must Be Postmarked No Later Than Nov 1, 2016 to keep same seats


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October’s Island Performers


In the music world Artists can be at the TOP and be history by the end of next month. Longevity is rare in the record world. For “Pieces’ it’s been decade after decade since being discovered in their mid teen-age years by none other than the late great Grover Washington Jr. in their shared hometown of Philadelphia. Emerging out of Philly’s music scene in 1976. Original Keyboardist James Lloyd and Drummer Curtis Harmon still run the show and their most recent CD title track released just before last Thanksgiving, “All In” produced a Number #1 song on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart. Their name comes from a cover tune by Stanley Turrentine that the group performed. As teen-agers Count Basie declared them “a tough act to follow.” Grover spotted them at the Bijou (where Grover had recorded his ‘Live at the Bijou’ album). Lloyd was only a senior in high school when Grover signed them to start his new production company. Just out of high school Pieces was going all over the world touring and performing with Grover. Now long time grandfathers themselves, as Curtis continues working from Philly, James long ago (due to meeting his wife) works from Youngstown, Ohio. _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite PIECES OF A DREAM Songs Fo Fi Fo On Her Wings Mt. Airy Groove Play It Forward on James Lloyd solo album ‘Here We Go’ - ’14 All In - ’15



Born near Paris, this Classically trained French Guitarist studied at the Edouard Paiteron College and International School of Classical Guitar. Finding himself in London he was on guitar for Basia’s very first U.S. concert tour in 1987. The host of her very 1st LIVE U.S. show (at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego) that summer, none other than JazzTrax Producer Art Good. Coincidentally Marc’s unplugged partner on the Island this October, Peter White, followed Marc as Basia’s live guitarist !! Marc also played for Sting, Selena, rappers like Guru’s Razzmatazz project and Queen Latifah. Also acid jazz hipsters the Solsonics and DJ Greyboy. Big solo break came when signed to the prestigious GRP Recording Company debuting with ‘Classical Soul’ in 1994 and it’s radio hit “Unity.” Living through the 90’s in Los Angeles Marc’s ‘Madrid’ got the JazzTrax nod for 1998 Best Smooth Jazz Album of the Year. From that loaded project “Sunland” got the nod for JazzTrax Best Song of 1998. Early 00’s Marc with new wife Rebecah and then little boy (now teen-ager) Alessandro escaped L.A. moving for over a decade to Madrid, his wife’s hometown. Now recently having returned to L.A. (Orange County) the Antoine’s are loving life in Laguna Beach.Son Alessandro just starting his Freshman Year of High School, looking right across the channel at Catalina Island and thus his Brand New CD released in September is titled, ‘Laguna Beach.’ _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite MARC ANTOINE Songs Unity - ’94 Latin Quarter - ’95 Sunland - ’98 Palm Strings - ’00 Can You Feel It - ’05

14 • 2017 JazzTrax ‘Full Weekend Series Tickets’ Go On Sale at Thanksgiving (& Thurs. Unplugged)


The Glorious 1929 Avalon Ballroom and “original chandelier” annually so fabulously lit up by Pacific Coast Entertainment Lighting Photo by Pat Benter

October’s Island Performers



Scottish FUNK . . R&B .. formed in 1972 .. their basic series of Soul & Disco Hits came between 1974 and 1980. They are the 15th most sampled act in history. Their most popular albums ‘AWB’ (better known as ‘The White Album’) and ‘Cut the Cake.’ From the Original Band .. Singer/Bassist Alan Gorrie, Guitarists Hamish Stuart and Onnie McIntyre, Tenor Saxophonist Malcolm Duncan, Keyboardist/Saxophonist Roger Ball and Drummer Robbie McIntosh. AWB’s breakthrough came in a support slot at Eric Clapton’s comeback concert in 1973 even as their debut album ‘Show Your Hand” was selling poorly. Clapton’s tour manager liked them and agreed to manage AWB. Borrowing money to take them to the U.S. and promote them. He got them signed to Atlantic Records and they relocated to Los Angeles. September 23, 1974 original drummer Robbie McIntosh died of a heroin overdose. Alan Gorrie also overdosed but CHER kept him conscious until medical help arrived.


In 1975, “Pick Up the Pieces” reached No. #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Selling over one million copies. Awarded GOLD in March. That promoted The J.B.’s, the back up band of James Brown, to record a song in reply, “Pick Up the Pieces, One by One,” under the name AABB, (Above Average Black Band.) Both a tribute to AWB’s knowledge of funk and a tongue in cheek play on the Scottish band’s name. Disbanding in 1983 but reuniting in 1989 for another album. Gore and McIntyre are the only remaining original members of the band. AWB the 1st Brits to simultaneously TOP the USA Top 100 Singles, Albums, and R&B Singles Charts, before taking similar international and UK honors. The 2016 version of AWB still with Scotts originals Alan Gorrie and Onnie McIntyre.. alongside US musicians Rocky Bryant (drums), Freddy V. (tenor sax), Rob Aries (keys), Brent Carter (vocals), Cliff Lyons (sax). Pleasing Multi-Generational Audiences .. EVERYWHERE .. __________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite AVERAGE WHITE BAND Songs Pick Up the Pieces Cut the Cake Work to Do A Love of Your Own Got the Love

JazzTrax 5 Favorite RAY PARKER JR. Songs You Can’t Change That with Raydio The Other Woman with Raydio Two Places at the Same Time with Raydio Ghostbusters Theme - ’84 Glass of Wine - ’06

Hometown .. Motown .. DETROIT. In his teens as a member of the Bohannon’s house band at the legendary 20 Grand nightclub. Spotted and picked zenlisted by Lamont Dozier to appear on his first 2 albums. Ray remembers driving West to try and make it in L.A. listening to David Gates and Bread’s ‘Guitar Man’ on the car radio, doing his own touch in 2006. Arriving in L.A. Ray was guest guitarist on Stevie Wonder’s “Maybe Your Baby” on ‘Talking Book’ then serving as Wonder’s lead guitarist when Stevie opened up on the 1972 Rolling Stones tour. Next a sideman in Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra before creating Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio in 1977. 1st bona fide hit as a writer .. “You Got the Love” co-written with Chaka Khan and recorded with Rufus. Song went #1 on R&B charts, #11 on pop charts at Christmas 1974. Raydio’s first hit “Jack and Jill,” came in 1978. Reaching #8 on the Billboard Hot 100, earning a million-selling GOLD single AND album. “You Can’t Change That,” 1979 another Billboard Top 10 hit .. also selling a MILLION copies. 2 more GOLD albums and more hits before their last but BIGGEST hit, “A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)”. In 1981 that song went to #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and #1 on the R&B Chart. Raydio broke up then as Ray’s solo career went on to score Six “Top 40 Hits” including “The Other Woman” in 1982. But his biggest score came when chosen to write and record the theme song for the monster movie “Ghostbusters” in 1984. The movie’s theme song went Number #1 for 3 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Every kid knows it TO THIS DAY. Thanks to slick last second demands by his lawyer, the movie company gave Ray the song-writing Royalty Rights at the last second which Ray enjoys to this day. The song “Ghostbusters” nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1984 but lost to Steve Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” But “Ghostbusters” scored Ray a 1984 Grammy for ‘Best Pop Instrumental Performance.’ His “Ghostbusters” video was one of the first movie-themed videos to find success on MTV. He has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He did not Sing the theme on this Summer’s Newest “Ghostbusters III” but it’s his name as composer all over the Closing Credits and it is HIS composed song throughout and thus let the ROYALTIES begin all over again!

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JazzTrax 5 Favorite MICHAEL LINGTON Songs In the Shade - ’02 Chuva - ’08 Twice in a Lifetime - ’00 Apasionada - ’04 On A Sunday Morning - ’16



Feeling as though he has arrived in his own ‘sacred space’ with the release of a 9th solo project this Spring. ‘Second Nature’ refers to being “at one’ with his instrument and his music. A project vision combining “RetroModern’ with an original vibe of the Memphis sound and soul. Music and sound that inspired him to move to America from his native Copenhagen, Denmark. To prepare for this latest recording, Michael immersed himself in the classic Memphis sessions (Sam Cooke, King Curtis, Jr. Walker) .. even journeying to the STAX Records Museum in Memphis. He enlisted none other than Booker T. Jones and The Dap Kings, but also Ray Parker Jr. and chart topping vocalist Taylor Dane. Even Brian Culbertson, but on TROMBONE and The Memphis Horns. First single to radio, none other than “Beale Street.” Beyond saxophone and composing and performing Michael still keeps entertained with his own non musical company’s. “Michael Lington Cigars” and “Lington Wines,” partnering with Solana Cellars in Paso Robles. He became a U.S. citizen in 2008 but still performs for the Danish Royal Family, including the wedding reception of Crown Prince Frederik, the country’s future king.


JazzTrax 5 Favorite KENNY LATTIMORE Songs For You Never Too Busy When I Said I Do with Chanté Moore Love Me Back With You I’m Born Again with Chanté Moore

Grammy Award Winning “modern soul man” as described by the New York Times. This October expect a mesmerizing “skill set” of vocals and penetrating honest lyrics. a 21st century Perspective of Love & Relationships is how he described his Current Release ‘Anatomy of a Love Song’ his 7th solo album. Describing his ‘musical purpose’ as “speaking to the hearts of women .. and the minds of men.” Actually staged informal focus groups, playing demos of his songs under consideration before beginning to record, so as to “find out what’s translating.” Native of Washington D.C. Raised on gospel music and R&B/pop icons. As a solo act he relocated to NYC and was signed to Columbia Records in 1995. Debut solo album in 1996, self-titled went Gold Certified with two Top 20 hits: “Never Too Busy” and “For You,” the latter which peaked at No. 6 on the R&B charts. And was Grammy nominated. His critically acclaimed work included 2 Top 10 charting duet albums with singer Chante Mooré with whom they shared a 9 year marriage and 1 son. His last solo project…2008 covers album ‘Timeless.’ Kanye West sampled his “Lately” for the track “I’m in It” from West’s No. 1 album ‘Yeezus.’




JazzTrax 5 Favorite JONATHAN FRITZEN Songs Stockholm Nights - ’10 Can’t Get You Out of My Mind - ’12 Nordic Night - ’12 Euphoria with Paul Taylor - ’ 15 A New Beginning - ’15

Hometown (still lives there half the time) Stockholm, Sweden and still homebase unless he’s touring America as extensively as possible through Summers the past half decade. Often touching on Catalina Island for JazzTrax in Octobers before heading back to his native Scandinavia. Actually Swedish/American. Dad American, Mom Swedish. He is the son of Pianist Steve Dobrogosz. Jonathan’s formal music education came from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. 2008 his debut on which he played all 8 different instruments. Noticed by his 3rd album 2010’s ‘Diamonds’. 1st single went to No. 1. 2nd single went to No. 2. Most recent, his 5th, early 2015’s ‘Fritzenized’ garnering him not only THE HIGHEST JazzTrax honor of the Year, for what we considered that year’s BEST ALBUM, but DOUBLE HONORED as we also named “Euphoria” featuring sax work by Paul Taylor the ‘Best Song of the Year.’ Something that rarely happens if ever. Last Year he teamed up with saxophonist Vincent Ingala for his October Island appearance. This October he teams up with both Saxophonist Michael Lington and R&B Singer Kenny Lattimore.

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Formed mid 80’s as 2 British guitarists, Nick Webb and Simon James, one Nylon, other Steel Stringed.Simon was soon replaced by Greg Carmichael as the new duo originally worked for Virgin Airlines, recording in-flight music for their trans-Atlantic flights before being signed to the super cool late 80’s Nashville based, MCA Master Series. Releasing their debut ‘Red Dust & Spanish Lace’ in 1987. JazzTrax Producer Art Good gets credit for being the very 1st U.S. promoter to call London asking for a Live Performance in America. They arrived for that the next year, appearing at the 2nd annual JazzTrax Festival in 1988. Moving to the renowned GRP Recording Company for 1990’s ‘Reference Point.’ Nominated for a Grammy, Nick, Greg, forever manager

(deceased last Oct) Stewart Coxhead, accepted a personal invitation from Art and spent a long “drinking” weekend before the Grammy’s (in New York that year) in Bodega Bay, couple hours above San Francisco. Where Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ was filmed and Stewart DID rent the movie for all to watch that weekend. Another Grammy nomination followed for 2001’s ‘Aart’. Art Good penned the Liner Notes to their 2002 ‘Best of’ CD. Most recent recording is 2014’s ’Live in London’ double album. Nick was lost to pancreatic cancer February 1998 which almost spelled the end to AA. Greg however brought in guitarist Miles Gilderdale and now the lads from London have extended this band to over 30 amazing years. ____________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY Songs Catalina Kiss - ’89 Flamoco Loco - ’01 Caravan of Dreams - ’90 Casino - ’88 Reference Point - ’90


Recording her 1st album at age 12 as she grew up outside Boston. At that earliest teen age showing her future ‘eclecticism’ and that she loves jazz, pop AND blues AND is a Broadway kid. At age 14 invited to perform with the Boston Pops writing a full orchestral arrang ment. At age 18 collaborating with 80 year old alto sax legend Phil Woods. Last August filming an appearance on the Emmy nominated Amazon Prime television detective series, ‘BOSCH’ . Actually in the show being depicted on stage at the Catalina Bar & Grille Jazz Club in Hollywood performing her theme “Blues for Harry Bosch,” and then actually written into one of the books by the Author Michael Connelly. All these years later even though only 24, having already contributed to at least six films, she is ‘Trying to Figure It Out,’ the name of her 2016 cd release. Did we mention … an 8 time winner of the Downbeat Critics Poll in the category of Rising Alto Sax Star. Her national TV exposure expanded last December when invited into the Jon Batiste Stay Human Band nightly into the Spring on the Stephen Colbert CBS Late Show. Before that could continue though she was invited into the band behind the new Summer NBC comedy variety show ‘Maya & Martin’ starring Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live and comedian Martin Short. She invites ALL of you to come get Gracei-fied. _________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax 5 Favorite GRACE KELLY Songs Working for the Dreamers - ’14 One of a Kind on Brian Simpson’s ‘Out of a Dream’ - ’15 Blues for Harry Bosch - ’16 Lemons Make Lemonade - ’16 Trying to Figure It Out - ’16

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JazzTrax 5 Favorite BEN TANKARD Songs

KEYS / MINISTRY / REALITY TV STAR as The Tankard Family on Bravo’s ‘Thicker Than Water


Sunday Drive - ’90 All Keyed Up - ’90 Remind Me - ’07 Rainy Sunday - ’15 Right Turn Ahead - ’15

“But now bring me a minstrel …And it came to pass, when the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him.” 2 Kings 3:15 And thus it might just happen as we’ve placed Ben in a Noon position on an October Sunday. Kind’ve a gospel-ish brunch opportunity and told him to have at it with his music and his message. His ‘You Tube’ sermons one of the more entertaining moments we’ve had of late. Coming to the national scene in 1990 this the Quincy Jones of Gospel or perhaps the Father of GospelJazz. Or simply “The Minstrel.” He is considered one of the best selling gospel/jazz artists of all time. Producing as well for Yolanda Adams and collaborating with Take-6. An ordained minister, his flock the Destiny Center Missions. A 6’6” former professional basketball player but now with 21 gold and platinum records earned to date. He and wife Jewel donate their time as non-salary senior pastors at the church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is also a motivational speaker for the NBA’s D-League and has his own reality television show on the Bravo Channel. “Thicker Than Water” stars the entire Tankard clan and premiered November 2013. Season three premiered this past March. His arrangement of the Lionel Richie song “Jesus Is Love” has been one of the most played songs on Sirius XM Radio’s Gospel channel for 10 years running. Flying to most of his concerts on his own fleet of airplanes. Making over 100 special appearances and concerts each year. He is a pilot/broker/consultant. His current release “Ben Tankard/Full Tank 2.0” was released in 2015. It’s Radio Single reaching Top #5 on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart.


FLAMENCO GUITAR GROUP The sound of Coastal Alabama, brothers Noah and Josh Thompson put their guitars together to form this band in their college days. Band’s name from an old roman street in the Alps. They are internationally trained specializing in improvisational fusion of Classical, Gypsy and Contemporary Jazz, Latin and Nuevo Flamenco. Keeping it simple they have come just as a duo to past JazzTrax Festivals but coming last fall to the Island, with Full Band. Barely getting in an encore as the show was running late but just before the stage director got to them to say No Mas, they retook the stage. Their dad in attendance making an impromptu appearance with them on Harmonica,

ROMANSTREET.COM brought the house down. Art Good sitting at that moment with Patti, their mom, in the ballroom back, simply said, “Didn’t you say something bout a lady Violinist if I paid you a little more?” How could you not immediately bring them back. Full Band with Violin for the first time on the Island .. who knows if Dad will make it back with Harmonica … Their Newest CD ‘Bohemia’ released in September just before their Island arrival.



JazzTrax 5 Favorite ROMAN STREET Songs Elizabeth - ’14 Caravan - ’14 Prima Vista - ’14 Royal Street Espresso - ’14 Cortado - ’16

JazzTrax 5 Favorite ERIC DARIUS Songs It’s Alright With Me - ’06 Goin’ All Out - ’08 Uptown Swagger - ’10 Butterfly with Rick Braun - ’10 Retro Forward - ’14

Born in New Jersey. Father of Haitian descent .. Mother of Jamaican descent. Hailing from a musical family with rich traditions in Caribbean music. But hometown Tampa, Florida. Exploded onto the Recording Scene at age 17 with his major label debut in 2004 when he was named Debut Artist of the Year by Smooth Jazz News. He immediately played his first Catalina Island festival. Hometown again is Wesley Chapel, Florida after a brief stint in Los Angeles. 6 Albums already under his belt. Most recent release, 2014’s ‘Retro Forward.’

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JazzTrax 5 Favorite ADAM HAWLEY Songs Dance with Me with Gerald Albright - ’16 35th Street with Eric Darius - ’16 Cruising’ with Brian Culbertson - ’16 Old School Jam - ’16 East Lake - ’16

Owns a most ‘Rarified Resume’. On the road for years with Brian Culbertson, Jenifer Lopez .. the past 6 months with Dave Koz on the Final Barry Manilow World Tour. Has been playing in the Ricky Minor ‘American Idol’ Band on Fox. From Portland, Oregon originally, but Southern California since 2002. Has also recorded and/ or performed with The Backstreet Boys, Joss Stone, Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, Sheila E, Peabo Bryson, Mario, Monica, The Manhattan Transfer, Marc Anthony, Pit Bull, Michael McDonald. In the Smooth Jazz World with Culbertson and Koz above, with Euge Groove, Gerald Albright, Take 6, Kirk Whalum, Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, and this “rarified resume list” goes on and on and on. Finally stepping out this past March with ‘Just the Beginning’ his solo debut. First ever radio single, “35th Street.’ became a Radio Hit then rose All the Way to the Top. Reaching No. #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts in Summer and staying at Number 1 for 5 consecutive weeks. Huge blast-off into his own solo career.


Famous hometown is Woodstock, NY. Who had heard of her as 2016 began and even until almost Spring. A completely unknown 25 year old singer who would emerge nationally on Smooth Jazz Radio. Taking her first ever radio hit “Fool Me Once” to four consecutive weeks at the very top of Billboard’s National Smooth Jazz Chart. To Number #1. Only to be followed up 2 months later by a 2nd Top 3 Billboard Hit, “Open Up” which soared close to the very top in June and July. Spotted by Sting in a NYC club a few summer’s ago. Lindsey’s soulful “Fool Me Once” is the first fully vocals-driven Number # l on Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Songs chart since 2010’s Sade “Soldier of Love.” In fact these are the ONLY all-out vocals fueled entries to hit the Top Spot in the 11 year history of Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Chart. Only 2 albums deep into her young career. The song was propelled by her Producer, Keyboardist, Co-Writer and about to turn Husband .. Keith Slattery. Further discovered by Bud Harner, former Mindi Abair manager, current manager of Euge Groove, Keiko Matsui, Jeff Lorber, David Benoit .. who tracked her down after hearing “Fool Me Once” and going out of his way to find and meet her and push interest of her towards JazzTrax Producer Art Good. ______________________________________________________________________________________

JazzTrax Favorite LINDSEY WEBSTER Songs Open Up Fool Me Once

Nov 4th Forthcoming Brand New Lindsey Webster CD ‘Back to Your Heart‘ may be available at JazzTrax Festival Store




JazzTrax 4 Favorite JAVIER COLON Songs Gravity - ’16 For A Reason - ’16 Close To You - ’16 Hallelujah - ’16

Introduced to MILLIONS of TV viewers as the WINNER of the inaugural season of NBC Television’s ’The Voice’ in 2011. Son of a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, soon after his educational years he became lead singer for the neo-funk group EmCQ. Then lead singer for the Derek Trucks Band. He appeared on the 2012 Dave Koz Christmas Tour along with Sheila E and David Benoit (and Dave). Also appearing on this past winter’s Dave Koz Smooth Jazz Cruise in the Caribbean. Also did a series of concerts opening for Maroon 5 (whose frontman Adam Levine was Javier’s coach on ‘The Voice.” ‘Gravity’ is his 4th album, his 1st for the renowned Concord Records was released this past March. It’s title track, the project’s Single to Radio soared up Billboard’s Smooth Jazz Charts, entering the Top 20 in June.

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PROUD SPONSORS OF 30th Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival

How much Closer to an Ocean can a Concert GET? October JazzTrax Thursday Evening’s Unplugged Under the Stars on Descanso Beach Photo by Pat Benter

JazzTrax Creator/ Producer: Art Good Production Manager/ Stage Director: Gregg Hudson Box Office Manager: Briana Moreau Box Office Ticketing: Tracy Larsen Director of Security: Jack Tofelogo

Merchandise Store Manager: Mary Tofelogo Ballroom Lighting: Pacific Coast Entertainment Ballroom/ Stage Audio: U.S. Audio Festival Poster/ Program Cover: Dennis Bentson/

•No Outside Food or Beverage except Wine with $25 Corkage Fee •No Glass or Bottle Allowed on Outside Veranda’s .. There are People Walking Below •Smoking Only Allowed in Designated Smoking Area •You Can Be Arrested Driving Golf Carts in Avalon for Drunk Driving .. same CA penalty applies •Open Alcohol Containers on Avalon Streets & in town Beaches are Illegal •Ballroom EXITS .. Back of Ballroom BOTH Ramps Exit to the Bottom and Outside •Front of Ballroom BOTH Stage Right and Stage Left Doors Stairwell Exists to Bottom and Outside •Ballroom French Doors Whether OPEN or CLOSED is the Discretion of Those Seated at Tables Nearest Them .. not those on Verandah

Festival Photographer: Festival Video Graphics: Austin Good Program Graphic Designer: Gina Mancini The Man who Keeps Elevator Running: Johnny Mandaro

•Dancing is encouraged but NOT in Front of Paid Seating and Not in Front of Front Row Patrons .. That Area is Restricted. Dancing Bill is gone but still alive •Please make your Autograph and Picture Brief .. Security Must Move the Autograph Lines .. Artist has a Boat to Catch and Others are Waiting their Turn •Please Respect our Security Staff .. we are very loyal to these Guys and Gal .. they’ve been the same Security Persons for Lots and Lots of Octobers and we Thank Them •Give Johnny Mandaro a Kiss or Buy him a Beer for it is HE who Keeps this Ancient Elevator Running (and he LIVES INSIDE the CASINO .. rockin’ apartment ABOVE the BALLROOM) •DO NOT WAIT TO PURCHASE SPECIFIC ARTIST CD’S .. ONCE PERFORMANCE IS OVER THAT ARTIST TAKES THEIR CD SUPPLY OFF ISLAND WITH THEM •IF USING RAMPS RATHER THAN ELEVATOR YOU ARE ACCEPTING PERSONAL LIABILITY .. PLEASE USE HAND RAILS AT ALL TIMES

October’s Island Performers


4 Guys and a “musical persona that galvanizes the stage.” High powered energy turned into palpable synergy. 4 Accomplished Musicians. ADAM HAWLEY, the guitarist with the “rarified resume, see his own bio above, who made his solo debut in Spring and in Summer SOARED to the very top of the Charts. “35th Street” reaching and maintaining for over a month, at Number #1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Charts. TONY MOORE on drums, GREG MANNING (who has done his own solo show at JazzTrax) on keys, DARRYL WILLIAMS (on the JazzTrax Stage SOO MANY times with other artists, on bass. Coming together as a backup band for different artists on the 2014 Dave Koz Cruise to Alaska. Now a permanent fixture in the Southern California contemporary jazz music scene. A COLLECTIVE Energy from the different directions each has come from. From Jazz to Funk to Latin to Soul they shift seamlessly. The LA Collective .. just happens. On the Island they will feature long time Larry Graham Singer Ashling Cole, also known as “Biscuit” on vocals. _________________________________________________________

JazzTrax Favorites THE LA COLLECTIVE Songs Dance With Me by Guitarist Adam Hawley -’16 Sugar & Spice by keyboardist Gregg Manning - ’16



JazzTrax 5 Favorite DW3 Songs On the Floor - ’13 I Got You with Gerald Albright - ’13 Let the Music - ’14 California Dreaming - ’14 Baby I’m Hooked Right Into Your Love on Vincent Ingala’s ‘Coast to Coast’ cd -’15


Hailing from the old Southern California town of La Puente … Led by brothers Eric and Billy Mondragon, along with Damon Reel, DW3 is L.A. Coastal’s hottest/ coolest smooth jazz singing band. Or more aptly described as Southern California’s premiere R&B, funk, and contemporary urban jazz powerhouse. They’ve sailed the sea’s with all the Smooth Jazz Cruises including most recently the Koz Cruise in the Caribbean and been lighting up Smooth Jazz Festivals coast to coast. But find yourself in coastal Orange County, just outside L.A. any given Thursday Evening or Sunday Afternoon, you’ll often find them on their “home stage’ at Spaghettini Jazz Club in Seal Beach. Most recent release is 2015’s ’Vintage Truth.’ Eric and Billy were the guest singers on the JazzTrax honored 2015 ‘Best Smooth Jazz Vocal of the Year,’ “Baby I’m Hooked (Right Into Your Love)” found on Vincent Ingala’s ‘Coast to Coast’ cd.



DW3MUSIC.COM JazzTrax 5 Favorite CECIL RAMIREZ Songs Party in the Back - ’15 Georgy Porgy - ’15 Talk to the Hand - ’15 On the One - ’15 J Street - ’15

A rare smooth jazz artist still based in Sacramento, CA. JazzTrax noticed he kept appearing at Brian Culbertson’s Napa Valley Smooth Jazz Getaway. Art Good called Brian who suggested, “Hey, why not have Cecil and Band lead off for ME in October on the Island.” Playing the keys since Age 5. His high school days were in Puerto Rico seeing live concerts in San Juan. Often going backstage to talk to the keyboardists from those bands. College took him to Stockton, CA and ‘University of the Pacific,” which boasts as an alumnus Dave Brubeck. Meeting ‘the master’ Cecil asked Dave for advice. “Two things. Always keep writing. And don’t listen to what they tell you here.” Legend had it that Mr. Brubeck’s faculty advisor had told him he should consider getting a teaching credential, because he probably wouldn’t amount to much as a composer.! Talk about fitting your “day job” in with your “night job.” Cecil is National Sales Manager for Mason & Hamlin Piano Company, since 1998. Working days around the world’s best piano’s, in the factory as they are being built, evaluating their finish. Then performing on them and recording his own music with them. Of course .. he’s a Mason & Hamlin artist. At home it’s a Mason & Hamlin Model BB 7’ grand.

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Virtually EVERY Star of Smooth Jazz has Played the JazzTrax Live Performance Stage in the Avalon Ballroom over the Past 30 Years (Top) ‘Bob James Trio’, (Middle) ‘The Three Tenors’ Euge Groove, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot, (Bottom) Jesse Cook Photo by Pat Benter


1 3 20 -

2 0, 2 7,

2 0 1 8 2 0 1 8

Denmark • Sweden • Estonia • Russia • Finland

Catalina Jazz Trax 2016  
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